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Sanna's Family Dinner II

The next installment of the Sanna Family Dinner is scheduled for January 3rd, 2021! Sanna House members are of course welcome, as are any allies or anyone somehow connected to the family. It's just a way for everyone to all get in the same room and catch each other up on what's going on. Attendance is not required, but strongly encouraged and Marquessa Sasha Sanna is great at guilting those for not showing their lovely faces. As always Cakes and Tea will be available, might want to wear something comfortable. By order of the Marquessa tables are not shields.


Jan. 3, 2021, 5 p.m.

Hosted By

Cirroch Sasha


Gwenna Neve Medeia Kiera Kritr Raven Teague Ciro Emberly Cristoph Calla Clarisse Orland Angelica



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Sanna Manor - Giant Hall

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Comments and Log

The pitter-patter of small feet come running from the library with a small thud as a child runs into the doors and flops out as they gently swing open. A plushie flies overhead, which Cirroch takes a small step backwards from his position of standing nearly in front of the stone hearth in the middle of the room. He waits for the plushie to continue past him before bowing to the guests as they arrive. Welcoming each individually.

A giggle comes from the child pushing themselves up from the floor, as another steps over their brother with a small whine towards Cirroch. Cirroch simply smiles to the girl and picks her up, "We have guests coming over, and what did we say about the plushie wars for when we have guests, Atoli?" She shrugs a little then rests her head on his shoulder as he continues to greet the guests. Cirroch then looks over to the boy, who has pushed themselves up to a sitting position. "Entreri, are we going to behave tonight?"

Kane arrives, following Reagan.

Reagan arrives, following Teague.

A beautiful songbird arrives, following Emberly.

Swiftly the red fox, 1 Greenmarch Guard arrive, following Neve.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Alarissa.

Kane have been dismissed.

The Lord Teague Charon is coming now dressed in his black shiny leather. His hand is resting on the center of his leather belt as he sighs softly with a happy sound. His eyes moving along it all, as he nods towards Cirroch and Sasha."Marquis Cirroch Sanna and Marquessa Sasha Sanna, thank you for hosting once more. I will try to avoid a cake war this time. If it starts by another hand, I'm not to blame." The voice is teasing as he walks with Regan over to pour himself a rum, slowly into a large mug. His eyes are watching them all as he chuckles once more, his eyes lighting up with mischief, as he seeks the trouble-making youths to start on their work.

Rupert, the Laurent Archivist, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Cristoph.

Sasha is curently in the process of wondering about something but seems to leave her collection of plushies and figurines in the children's nursery for the time being. She laughs softly as she fondly remind Cirroch, "I am sure they will be on their best behaviour. Though that all depends upon if there is another cake war tonight." Mirth clearly playing in the Marquessa's eyes, clearly SOMEONE has plans for cake fighting! Why else would she be wearing an all aeterna outfit!

Finally a break from preperations was allowed and meetings were put to rest and with them being put to the side for another day a trio make their way into the Sanna Manor in the form of Neve, Calla and last but not least Ciro. The man laughing at something that had been said as he holds in one hand a box from Lottie's and in another a bottle of liquor to add to the Sanna coffers of liquor and indulgence. The man brought to stop just within the hall as he murmurs, "Ya know I think there may be a misunderstanding in the south about northern halls.."

Gwenna can't help but notice the flying plushie, a fond smile tugging up the corner of her lips. She dips her head politely to the Marquis and Marquessa as she makes her way to offer a proper greeting. "Thank you so kindly for inviting me. I may have to slip out before it ends, but I'm so glad to spend some time with everyone. And between us all, I have a plushie in my backpack, in case reinforcements are needed." Her gaze is /of course/ drawn to the carts and the goodies offered upon them. "Everything looks amazing," she declares and starts to move aside so others can greet the hosts as well.

Emberly has come for the cake sure she has, and she has a small sigil of crovane on her belt. She looks over to the others as she notices the plushie and she smiles "oooh how adoreable." she says as she moves further within.

There was an invitation extended, that Cristoph may have initially turned down. But it looks like he's changed his mind! Who's to say why, really? He strolls into the Sanna Manor and nods politely to those at the door. "May I be pointed in the direction of Marquis Cirroch, please?" Once he's been helped by a useful servant, he turns in that direction, approaching the man an offering a respectful bow at the waist. "Thank you for your the invitation, Marquis Sanna. Duke Cristoph Laurent of Artshall- and ah, my cousin!" A smile breaks wide across his face when he spots Gwenna. "We're running into each other everywhere, aren't we?"

Raven arrives with Orland, admiring the colorful repast and more colorful guests. She queues to greet the host and turns when she hears a familiar name, offering Lady Clarisse a fingerwave. To Orland, "I am full just looking at those confections."

Calla arrives alongside Ciro and Neve, her cheeks a bit pink from laughing. Her hand is tucked into the crook of Ciro's arm since his hands are full, as she moves easily into the hall of the manor, amber eyes widening appreciatively as she looks around. "Wow." She declares softly. "What do you mean by that? Are they not supposed to be this grand?" She asks her companion, not quite catching his meaning.

Cirroch is standing just in front of the hearth, Atoli in his arms. He bends forwards a little as each guest comes into the hall. The mini bosses, Esben and Dado, stand on either side of the Giant Hall's double doors. Atoli giggles each time her father bends a little, she clings to his arm and cheerfully chims in a hello to each guest as he introduces himself and her. "Weclome to House Sanna, I'm Marquis Cirroch Sanna, of Giant's Reach. And this is Atoli Sanna. The lad over by the doors is Entreri, and the Marquessa-" He looks behind him, "Marquessa Sasha Sanna is over there."

Clarisse has arrived this evening, though slightly behind Lady Reagan and Her Brother. She has met the Marquis and Marquessa on seperate occassions, tonight she has ofted for a dress in soft blues but it is not silk. She has heard warnings of possible cakefights and the warnings not to be quite so formal tonight, but despite her intentions, it still looks formal, in her gown, her hair pulled back by a simple ribbon that matches her gown. As she steps in following others though, she offers a warm smile to the familar face of Raven, and offers a curteous curtsey to the Princess and to the Marquis and Marquessa she is famialr with. She does look perhaps a little wobbly tonight however, but is attempting to be as much as a picture of grace as she can be. "Good evening Miss Raven, it is good to see you this evening."

Orland is walking in with his hands shoved in his pockets, looking casual in a gray silk shirt with the collar open and black fitted pants stuffed into knee-high stylish boots. He looks as casual as a noble stuffed into bad boy clothing. He has the expression to go with it, aloof as any absent minded teenager might be. Stepping along with Raven, Orland looks toward the arrangements set up, "Could feed a small starving village..." He remarks with a faint sniff, before he rolls his head toward the cakes, "I hope you came hungry." His eyes consider Calla, Ciro, and Neve, giving them a brief nod, while Clarisse gets a raised hand. He leans to Raven and murmurs something.

Gwenna's smile broadens at the sound of Cristoph's familiar voice. "Cousin! It seems were are crossing paths at no few places these days," is remarked in an amused tone. "One of these times it will be within our own halls, hopefully. Did you see the cakes? I have heard stories. I wore armor." While the Redrain tries to sound grave, the ticks at the corners of her mouth betray her. Espying Clarisse, Gwenna lifts her hand to offer a quick wave to the Charon noblewoman.

A beautiful songbird have been dismissed.

"I know, but look-" Cristoph gives a gesture to their location. "I'm practically inside of your own halls already. With every visit to the Redrain Ward, I'll get closer and closer until I'm at your table." At mention of the cakes, he laughs once and ducks his head. "I've seen them and heard stories. I'm hopeful to leave this evening without any of it on me. I wasn't wise enough to wear armor, very foolish of me. I'm going to find a seat, will you sit with me?"

Neve holds her hands up excitedly as they arrive. "Eeee, It's Ciroch! The man who grew too big because it couldn't hold his heart! Eeeeee! There's Sasha, his lovely, fun, amazingly pretty and fun wife! They have the absolutely most adorable children!" She leans in to kiss Calla's cheek, then Ciro's. "There's that Duke Laurent guy!" She lowers her voice to point at Cristoph "He ran a jousting competition lately. He didn't want to wear my favor, which is okay because I wasn't fancy enough in dress. I looked frumpy! Um..I don't know who that pretty lady is." She points at Gwenna the Unknown. "Oh, It's Clarisse Charon!" She waves to Clarisse "Hey Sister!" She explains softer for her trio "I'm a sort of unofficial Charon family member." She smiles "They have a lot of the greatest people here! Exciting!"

Hearing the words from Calla there is a small shake of the Seraceni Lord's head, Ciro leaning in to tell her in a softer tone. "That's what I mean, I always heard they were..not this." The man sounding pleasantly surpised before he is dipping his head to Cirroch hearing the man offering the greeting, "Ah lovely to meet you Marquis Sanna, Lord Ciro Seraceni. But don't worry no need to hide the good silver. I am not here to plunder." The words leaving Ciro with that distinct Lycene accent and a playful tone before his focus is stolen away by a rather excited Neve. The man's smile growing at the kiss as he tries to follow her motions pointing out people. "He did tell me he was protective and family, Lord Teague that is.. After he bear hugged me."

Orland and Raven are rudely conspiring in whispers and looks of amusement that fold around most of the younger audience.

Raven smiles politely to Clarisse, "Good evening, Lady Clarisse, you're looking lovely." She shoots Orland a sidelong look complete with a ticking of a muscle at the corner of her jaw. That look summed up: behave! As their turn comes up she offers a smile, "Good evening Marquis Sanna, I was honored to receive your invitation. Have you met Lord Orland Amadeo?"

Laughing a bit, Gwenna bobs her head to Cristoph. "Of course I'll sit with you. Really, I say this all the time and have yet to do it, but an extended family dinner is so very long overdue," is remarked with a roll of her eyes at herself. "It's a shame I wasn't better with the shield growing up in Farhaven, or I might have been able to keep you safe should such a fight break out. Mostly, I'm hoping to just get to eat cake. If it's half as good as their whiskey, we're in for a treat."

Clarisse smiles warmly at the Princess and offers her a gracefull curtsey as well, Princess Gwenna, I just received your gift, it is truly perfect. Thank yoU!" She offers a warm smile and wave to Orland as well, before she moves over towards the Marquessa. "Thank you for extending me the invite to join the family dinner tonight, Marquessa. Everything looks perfect this evening, you have done an amazing job." She also smiles at Neve as she greets her and can't help but let her eyes look over all the unfamilar faces she has not met before and the children are all so adorable, she has only heard about them, but tonight she gets to meet them. She does smile as she hears about her brother bear hugging Ciro and she tilts her head curiously. She does wink though at the direction of Raven and Orland.

Atoli looks over to Sasha, and at Cirroch's ear level cries out to her. "Mama! Daddy caughtsed- capturesed me! Halp!"

Cirroch shifts his hold on Atoli a little then puts her down. Instead of running to Sasha, she makes a mad dash directly to Raven.

"Haaaaaaaaaaaaaalp! Me! Hey!"

Orland gives a big roll of his eyes toward antics on the otherside of the room, though the sidelong look from Raven has him square up, as if okay, he can be nice and not conspiring to poke fun. "Lady Clarisse, always good to see you again." He moves with Raven, giving a gracious bow to the Marquis Sanna when introduced, "We have not met, Marquis, but it is good to do so now. Thank you for the invitation." He straightens up.

Sasha easily make her way to the group with that easy bright and welcoming smile that most successful diplomats have, "Yes, please do take your seat so we can get started on dinner. I believe everything is nearly almost finished. Including tonight's featured cake, which happens to be one of my favorites!" She gracefully slips into her seat, her light blue eyes looking over where all her children seem to be running off towards. She looks pleased when they begin to take their seats. "You flatter me so Lady Clarisse, thank you." She was about to say more but Atoli is calling out for her and she just begins to burst out laughing as Atoli is 'captured' by her father. "Atoli! It is time to sit down for dinner silly girl!" She looks to Raven and stage-whispers, "Help capture!"

"Hmmm, interesting." Calla responds softly to Ciro before giggling softly at Neve's kiss her excitment infectious. When moving over to greet the host, the Baroness dips into a deep curtsy. "Marquis Cirroch, nice to see you once more. Your home is beautiful and what a wonderful spread you've offered. I hope you don't mind that Lady Neve invited us along." She adds with a smile. Scanning the room, she catches sight of Orland and offers a little wave of her fingers in his direction if she can catch his eye.

While the words may be spoken low, Cristoph is often on the alert for things like 'Cristoph' and 'Laurent' being spoken. He turns slowly when he hears himself referenced, looking in Neve's direction. He catches just enough to blink slowly a few times and then turn back to Gwenna, a smile on his face as he continues the conversation. "I know, me as well. All these plans and then I haven't followed through! But soon. Before everyone sails off to war." When the call for dinner is given, he begins moving to some seats. "No? Well, not everyone can be a shield. Expert, still. I hear that plates can be useful! As impromptu food shields. I wouldn't know. Food fights were forbidden at my mother's table growing up."

Orland side steps that crotchfruit creature, "Ugh.. all you-" he points to Raven and keeps his hands in his pocket, rolling his shoulder. At that point he spots Calla's finger wave, which he nods too. I seee you.

Raven's eyes widen and she goes freezes like she's startled a foraging bear in the forest or something. Wide jade eyes flick to Orland trying to telegraph something to Orland before realizing he's unlikely to be of any help and looking to Clarisse. Halp! Tiny person! Halp!

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"You got this Raven, just what you always wanted, crotchfruit cling ons." Orland whispers this to Raven in a sort of mockery, at her current position.

Clarisse is herself trying to keep up with all the new faces she is unfamilar with, and she has herself never been at one of the famous Sanna Dinners, to truly know the children yet, though she has stories of them from the Marquessa, she does wait until they are all called to dinner, and those of higher position take their seat first, before she woul think of sitting. Clarisse does move closer to Raven and Orland though to take a seat near them, and offers a gentle hand to the little one to see if they may come set by her. "I won't bite I promise." She offers reassuringly to the adorable little beasty.

Gwenna clasps her hands together and grins to Clarisse. "I'm so glad! Honestly, it's like it was just waiting for the perfect person to need it," she tells the other woman warmly. "Same. Saaaame," she draws out to Cristoph and chuckles while finding a place to sit. "Though I really should do something before everyone sails off. Myself possibly included," is noted with a quick shrug. "Oh, plates," she echoes and looks at the fine dinnerware. "They /would/ make excellent shields. As for food fights, there were no few of them in Farhaven, of course. My mother never participated and I'm sure wrote to yours about it all, but few actually thought to shield themselves. I always hid under the table." A laugh follows the words as she does finally take a seat.

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Ciro nods as he hears Calla's words, not seeming to notice the look that Clarisse gives him at his mention of her brother bear hugging him. When he notices Raven giving that uncertain look over the young Atoli he tells Calla looking to her, "Find us all a seat? Blackheart's out of her depths in this fight." And with that the man moves, swiftly slipping away to move over to Atoli his hands moving out to try and capture the girls own only to lift her up so her feet rest upon his own before moving along as if dancing to a song only he could hear with the young Sanna until he is at the table and lifting her to place her into a chair beside her mother. The Seraceni Lod's head dipping down to the Marquessa, "Marquessa Sanna, A lovely home and a fine dancer your daughter is. You must save me one as well, yes we must dance sometime to see if she take after her mother.." And as quick as he moved in to deposit the errant Sanna child he was off moving to find Neve and Calla and a seat.

Sasha grins as she mentions, "/Should/ a cake war happen to erupt, I have hand a sign of rules posted here within the hall." Her hand moves to point over to Rules of Cake Wars with a bright smile curling her lips. Though as Orland and Raven seem to be freezing up which the toddler, Sasha just giggles a bit more and begins to start to move towards her daughter though stops herself as Ciro seems to come in with the interception of Atoli and dances her to her seat. A fond smile curling the Marquessa's lips. "Thank you and also thank you for acquiring Atoli, she is indeed quite gifted." She looks to Cirroch as she inquires, "Think dinner is ready yet, the cake should be arriving shortly."

Cirroch watches as both Raven and Orland get wide eyed and freeze as Atoli charges at them. There's a small nod to the corner and Windi is coming over to collect Atoli who is now stomping her feet as her supposed helpers have denied her request for help. Windi is pretty quick and calming the child and is then over to the library doors to get Entreri and bring them both to the table for dinner.

Cirroch nods to both Raven and Orland, "Thank you for coming Raven. And it is a pleasure to meet you Orland. Shall we be seated?"

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Orland watches Ciro take the kid and he shrugs to Raven. If anything else is to be said, it's what Cirroch implies that he doesn't. He finds a place to sit with Raven and hopefully near by Clarisse as well. If not, definitely away from the kids.

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Raven gives Ciro a quick grateful dip of her chin before she offers a warm smile smile to Cirroch, "Adorable children, you have a beautiful home and family..." she looks up as Sasha speaks her eyebrows lift "I was not aware confectionary warfare had rules." She looks to Orland, "You learn something new everyday, eh?" She moves to be seated making VERY sure not to let Orland wander too far.

"The dinners in my father's house were often somber. He was- well. You know, quite the Oathlands Orthodox. But that's not entirely surprising, I'm sure." He takes the seat next to to Gwenna's, quieting some as Sasha begins to speak about on the possibility of a cake war. He pauses mid conversation with his cousin to leeeean just so and get a good look at what the details might actually be. "Well the rules don't say that we can't use other people as shields. So I'm afraid cousin that I may need to sacrifice you if comes down to it."

Calla giggles softly when Ciro is off to save Raven from the child, a soft smile to her lips as she watches the interaction. Slipping her arm through Neve's she makes her way over to the table as well to find them a trio of seats, settling herself in between the two when they get there.

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Neve smiles brightly to Ciro "That is a great big accomplishment from Lord Teague! That's good news! That means he likes you! I do too..if he likes you, that means I have excellent choices in men. Hee." She hugs Marquis Cirroch on the way by, and then settles in to sit with Calla and Ciro. "Did you know that Cirroch wore a cakebeard in the last epic battle of cakes? I tried to save a cake, I slipped on frosting and I'm afraid I becaked him with a crown befitting a...uuuuh...erm...A cakeprince. He was King of Cakery for a moment. The King of Cakes? The Cakemaster? Hmm. Not good with titles here. He wore a lot of cake."

"War with rules? Who knew..." Orland states flatly back to Raven, with a faint scowl that she's watching him so well. He could've slipped away, already. But he puts on a very FAKE smile for her, teeth and all. Then it disappears and he minds his dinner table manners.

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Before Cirroch takes his seat at the table he stands next to Sasha with his hand on her shoulder. "Thank you all for coming. Tonight is really just a little reprive from whatever is occuring outside of the front gates." He then makes the proper introductions to each of their guests that were distrupted earlier as Atoli and Entreri were playing. He touches his heart with his right hand, and with a little bow to the entire table, "Marquis Cirroch Sanna, of Giant's Reach. Welcome to our manor. If anyone wishes to speak business we can do so after dinner. Poppet prefers that we keep business separate from our dinners, as the meal is time to get to know our neighbors."

Gwenna looks over the Rules of Cake Wars and laughs. "It seems we may not use the fine dinnerware as shields, as is the true northern way," she agrees, glancing back to Cristoph and shaking her head. "I think I have a book in my backpack that /might/ work, though it has some important notes in it. We may have to employ the hiding under the table method that served me well in Farhaven. Or, well. I could serve as a sacrificial shield. For family." As people settle as well in to seats, she then says to her cousin, "Have you met Lady Clarisse Charon yet? Lady Clarisse, this is my cousin and the Duke of Artshall, Duke Cristoph Laurent. Our mothers are sisters." That noted, her lips wrinkle a little. "I do remember a dinner or two mother brought us to in Artshall. I think my mother was always so happy to see her family that they felt like such joyous banquets, even with the somberness."

Ciro grins hearing the words from Sasha, "She is and I imagine you are as well, Unless of course she gets her grace from her father that is." The man offering by way of compliment before slipping back off to seek out those he had come with. When he notices the saved seat he moves to settle in beside Neve and Calla laughing at Neve's telling of the last cake battle, his head giving a little shake as he murmurs. "And here I thought I might stay clean for a night."

Clarisse offers a nod of appreciation to Neve at a quiet whisper her way, "Thank you Lady Neve," She does look a bit overwhelmed, quiet, listening and learning, as this is her first dinner party with so many people, and a few faces she doesn't know, and she is trying her best to be a proper lady with her hands folded in her lap, a gentle mile to those she knows, and those who might look her way.

Sasha blushes at the compliment from Ciro, "I suppose she does get her grace from me. I do oft dance and do with her sometimes. And staying clean is /boring/." She grins after her words before picking up her tea cup to sip from it. "And my husband is correct, I only desire talks of pleasantries." She brightens as she sees the cake begin delivered, gesturing for it to be placed nearby in front of her. To which it is indeed! "Perhaps it is indeed cake before dinner? I am of course always most fond of this option."

Sasha drops a high, narrow cream cake with chocolate cookies.

Cristoph laughs when Gwenna goes along with his joke of using family members as human shields. He leans forward, careful not to put his elbows on the table or anything else as gauche as that. He reaches for a fork and begins to work at the food on his plate. He looks between Gwenna and Clarisse, a fainting lifting of his eyebrows before he shakes his head. "I'm afraid that I haven't had the pleasure." He reaches across to offer a small and light shake of her hand if she'll allow it. "Are you recently arrived to the city," he wonders of the newly introduced woman.

Calla settles into her chair, her hands smoothing the seasilk gown over her legs as she does. Once settled, she is set off in more giggling as Neve tells the story of the king of cakes. "I'm sorry I missed that. Sounds like it was a whole lot of fun." Then to Ciro's comment, she shoots a sidelong glance in his direction. "Where's the fun in that?" she asks.

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Raven settles into seat, her gaze sweeping across those gathered and making note of those who're here. She tilts her head to Ciro, "One wonders what other confectionary battles you wind up in that just this one night would be the one you'd pin your hopes on keeping clean."

Clarisse takes the advise that Orland gives her, before she gently offers her hand to Cristoph, as well, and bows her head respectfully, unfamilar with the man, "Lady Clarisse Charon, Sir, I am Lord Teague Charon's little sister. A healer newly arrived within the last few weeks from the countryside. It is a pleasure to meet you." She can't help but offer warm miles between her friends though grateful for their support.

Orland shares a look to Raven as the cake is brought out first, but otherwise he's sipping on a glass of rum mixed with some sort of lemon papaya juice. He's keeping rather quiet since no one is addressing him. Rules of a good table manners!

Cirroch takes a gulp of a very clear whiskey that sits in front of him, then looks over to Neve with a faint smile. "I believe that Lady Neve left out how she then climbed to get to said cake that was on my head and attempted to redistribute it as Poppet was building a cake beard upon my face." He has a quick glance to Sasha, where the smile broadens, then looks up to the rafters. "There's still some in the ceiling from the first battle."

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Gwenna can't help but turn her attention to Sasha and the confectioneries. "Marquessa, I am quite fond of cake before dinner. I was always told, as a child, that if I wanted to have dessert before dinner, I was welcome to do so when I was a grown adult. Until that point, however, it was not to be. Well. Now I'm an adult," she says with the hints of a smirk at the corners of her mouth. "Everything, including our hosts, looks divine. Thank you again for sharing your home with us all." Looking back to Cristoph and Clarisse, she looks in good spirits. "A wonderful leatherworker suggested aeterna be worked in with my armor, so at least I won't stain protecting you should the worst break out. I can only imagine Lorenzo's face when I burst in to his naval preparations as a cake hero." That said, her eyes follow where Cirroch's do and she squints. "Well, snowballs. That certainly sounds like quite the skirmish indeed."

The comment from Calla has Ciro grinning as he looks to her, "None at all Siren, none at all in it." A quick wink given as a smile edged in mischief briefly shows before he is looking over the others in attendance as if seeking out some familiar faces in the group of visitors for the dinner and likely war of confections. When he hears Raven's comment there is a wicked grin that settles along his lips as he tells the woman, "Who sai anything about confections being the reason?" His brow lifting for only a moment before falling back into place. When Neve introduces him and Calla to Clarisse he gives a softer yet warm smile, "Lady Clarisse, A pleasure to meet you. Neve speaks very highly of you." Moments later he does look to Neve smirking, "Just needed to see the good side of flirting and me eh?"

Raven's nose wrinkles in a look of mild disgust at Ciro's commentary. Polite company so she keeps the commentary to herself and lets the 'ew' stamped across her face speak for itself.

After the initial introductions are exchanged, Cristoph reaches for his glass. He tips the drink back to his lips briefly and takes a small, moderate sip of the wine it contains. Clarisse's mention of her occupation aside from being a member of nobility is met with open curiosity. "A healer? Do you work with the Physicians or the Mercies, perhaps both? My cousin Lady Mabelle is considered a master physician within the guild. If you haven't met her yet, I'm sure that you will eventually. She's unstoppable force of social interactions." The wine is given another sip before he turns to his cousin, a quick smile offered to Gwenna. "Thank goodness. Was your armor down by Master Apollo or another leatherworker within the city? I hear that a few new ones have arrived recently."

Orland looks wholly unimpressed and that unimpressed look is thrown at Ciro. He leans in toward Raven and clearly has a comment about that one, which wasn't polite enough to share.

Sasha lifts up her hands innocently as she declares, "I can not be held to blame for that cake that ended up there from the first cake fight. We both know I /can't/ through anything up that high even when I try." She grins and offers her husband a wink before she looks to the cake, seeming to be pondering something. She begins to slice up the cake and hands some to poor Sir Rodrick to hand out. Though while Sasha isn't looking and both Atoli and Entreri are grabbing some of those slices and throwing them up high into the air! No telling who it will land upon! As Sasha turns back she is shouting out, "Atoli! Entreri! Noooo!" But it is far too late to stop the flying cake now!

Calla smiles back at that wink directed her way by Ciro, her eyes dancing briefly. Then she's getting introduced to Clarisse and her smile broadens as she offers a dip of her head in the woman's direction. "Yes of course. Neve has talked about you before. So nice to finally meet you. I'm sorry to hear you were ill, I wish you a speedy recovery." She adds with a sympathetic look her way.

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Neve laughs as Cirroch outs her "This is true! I made a risky move, thowing caution to the wind I did end up falling off the giant's highest peak right onto my hind-end." She looks to Ciro with a smile "Oh? do have redeeming traits. You make me feel pretty and have good tastes in treats. I will give you that." She smiles happily "I was ready to tell you off you know, I'm kind of glad I didn't. Well..fairly, mostly. But you did give me treats with your missives..and..well. Treats don't get you preferencial treatment..but they do give me something to eat while reading your missives, and if they do that, you need to give the respect for the snack to eat don't you? And it was tasty, so..I gave things another chance! And I'm very happy I didn't punch you in the face, because I'm very fond of you. And a swollen cheek would make it harder to eat those tasty treats you make."

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Clarisse smiles at Cristoph, as he speaks of Mabelle, "She is indeed a great healer, Sir. I had the pleasure to meet her, not long after entering the city. She recommended that I speak with Lady Eirene and Lady Thea, and I have since gained permission to aid at the hospital and signed contract to help on the Hospital ship. A request from Sister Giada to gather Suncatchers has also been keeping me rather busy, that is how I met Princess Gwenna. She has graciously offered to help me in my quest. You see healing is my lifes calling M'lord and I could not imagine doing anything else." She does offer a soft laugh though at Sasha, as she tries to stop the anklebiters from starting the next cake war from beginning.

Ciro checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Ciro fails.

If Ciro is bothered by the looks he is given by Orland and Raven it doesn't show, the Seraceni Lord already done with the momentary exchange and having moved on or simply uncaring of what the commoner and Lord thought of his answer to the Blackheart. With the words cried out by Sasha he is quickly looking her way noticing only far too late the cake that is heading his way and smacking him right smack in the face. His right hand lifting up to wipe the cake away sending bits of it and frosting down onto his clothes before he reaches out to grab a slice of his own. The wicked grin returning as he looks around the table as if seeking the target of his confectionary rage.

Clarisse checks perception and dodge at normal. Botch! Clarisse is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

Cirroch checks dexterity and etiquette at normal. Cirroch is successful.

Orland looks terribly aloof of everything going on, bored really. That might just be the way he normally looks though.

Cirroch turns from the ceiling in Sasha yelling at the two eldest of their children as cake is sent into the air. The children are both still toddlers so the cake to the air doesn't go horribly far, though just enough to land on some guests. Both children are giggling as the cake goes into the air, then are caught in their mother's line of sight. Entreri dives under the table while Atoli stares back at her mother.
Cirroch slides a little to the side to miss having cake land on him then takes a piece of cake and flings it at Atoli.


Atoli is still trying to stare at her mother, though now has cake across her face. The kid is stubborn.

Gwenna checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Gwenna is marginally successful.

Raven watches the cake sail overhead and winces before it even hits Clarisse, an apologetic glance sent towards the other woman as Raven realizes the logistics of keeping her earlier promise are impossible. A Handkerchief is discretely offered the besplatted healer.

Calla checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Calla is marginally successful.

Ciro checks dexterity and etiquette at normal. Ciro is marginally successful.

Sasha sighs softly as Atoli is just staring and she stares right back at her child. That stern upset slips away the moment Sasha picks up a slice of cake and hurls it at her own daughter! "Since you started this muffin." Sasha starts laughing as she wonders if Atoli will duck before it hits her or not.

Neve blinks as suddenly Ciro is covered in cake in the face. She talked about hitting his face, and he's caked. If that was a thing, she'd do it more! Free cake! She leans over Calla to lick Ciro's cheek, looking thoughtful "Oh, that's one of Lottie's cakes I think, it's very good." She looks at Calla "Try some!" Before sitting back in her chair.

Sasha checks dexterity and etiquette at normal. Sasha fails.

Cristoph checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Cristoph marginally fails.

"Oh, Lady Clarisse, isn't Lady Mabelle lovely," Gwenna wonders to the other woman with a wide smile. "Quite a social force with an incredible eye for fashion, along with being an exceptional healer. I think you two will be fast friends." Turning again to Cristoph, she shakes her head. "I drew out a design that I liked and had it made at Lowers Leathers before Master Apollo was in the city. It seemed a wise thing to do, considering various endeavors I ended up on," she tells him. Perhaps she was going to add more to that, but then cake is being tossed in the air, but the Redrain manages to come out unscathed. There's a guard in Redrain colors near the entrance making those 'psst psst' sounds in Gwenna's direction. This, of course, leads her to sigh a little heavily. "It seems as though duties call sooner than I had hoped. Marquis Cirroch, Marquessa Sasha, my sincere thanks again for the invitation along with my apologies that I may not stay longer," she offers sincerely. "Cristoph, I suspect I will see you again at some event, seeing as we surely now have a pattern of it. Lady Clarisse, be well and I will surely see you soon as well." She then stands and dips her head politely at the others gathered. "Have a wonderful evening everyone."

Clarisse thanks Ciro and Calla for their support, "Thank you Baroness Calla." She is shortly cutoff as the piece of cake hits her atop of her head, and into that mass of curls that is her hair and she cringes. "I am feeling much better thank you." She looks down at the piece of cake in front of her though and just looks at Orland and then Atoli thoughtfully before she tries a bite of the cake that is all over her, she should at least enjoy the cake she has not had a chance to try yet. She then waits until orland is not watching, and throws her piece at him. "She is a very lovely lady Princess Gwenna." She tosses a piece at Orland trying to aim squarely for his face.

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Calla catches some of the whispering going on between Orland and Raven and she shoots the young man a slightly puzzled look, lips parted to say something when there is suddenly cake flying in their direction and Ciro gets hit. Luckily, the baroness' reflexes are good and she jumps out of the way without getting any on her teal seasilk dress, though her arm and cheek do get a light spattering of frosting. When Neve tells her to try it, she giggles, but instead of further licking poor Ciro, she takes a dollop from her arm and tastes it. "Mmmm, that is good."

There is a chuckle from Ciro when Neve leans over Calla to lick his cheek, The man turning his head leaning into the woman to smear cake and frosting across the side of her face before those grey eyes narrow on Orland, the smile not for a moment fading as he suddenly flings that piece of cake in his hand at the man only to wait with a breath held in to see if he actually manages to hit the man.

"Have you had the opportunity to speak Marquessa Reigna? She's another that's high within the ranks of the Physician's Guild and a longtime friend of House Laurent, considering her long marriage to Marquis Keaton. I'm sure that Lady Mabelle has probably offered this already, but if you find yourself far enough south, you're welcome to visit our College of Agriculture and investigate the various gardens we have there. There's also a lovely hospital that my cousin established." In the midst of speaking to Clarisse, Cristoph doesn't notice a piece of cake coming in his direction. He attempts to move out of the way but doesn't quite make it and it ends up hitting his tunic, gently crumbling down. "I'm going to have to get faster if I want to duck behind you," he remarks to Gwenna with a short laugh. There's of cake on his cast and into the sling that holds it, so he carefully brings brushing the crumbs away.

Clarisse checks composure and etiquette at normal. Clarisse is successful.

Orland checks composure at hard. Botch! Orland is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

Orland checks composure at normal. Orland is marginally successful.

Some might notice it and others might not, that little silvery hand reaching up from beneath the table near Calla, Ciro and Neve. And those that don't see the initial movement likely see the follow through as suddenly Misschief takes to the table dashing across in the middle of sugary flying doom only to be taken down by an errant slice of thrown cake. The little marmoset now covered in frosting going to seek a nice high spot in the hall leaving marmoset prints leading to her eventual perch above.

Not one, but two people are aiming for him. What the hell! For a moment Clarisse is wearing a lovely smile, but he's not really paying attention. That might have been the reason for it. He was sipping his rum, wholly ignoring the chaos going on around him like it didn't exist. Clearly that means he isn't dodging or ducking. SPLAT. Clarisse's cake hits his face, icing side up... before Ciro's throw likewise makes a hit and goes down that open V-neck loose gray silk tops he's wearing. A hand turns up to wipe off the cake that smears down his cheek and flick it gracefully onto the table in front of him. The other has him looking down to notice the cake has gone down his shirt. RUINING a good shirt! "Whoever threw that, is buying me a new shirt, otherwise you can be I'll be hiring a Champion..." His tone is serious. So Serious.

Neve stares with her mouth open catching Clarisse being cake'd. "Oh dear!" Then she tastes, and whips at Orland and she starts laughing "That's the oooff!" She has a cheek full of cake from Ciro from his sneaky attack, figures from a pirate! She takes her slice of cake, and with her tongue sticking out the side of her mouth (the caked side) she picks up her cake, taking a bite out of it, before throwing her slice at Sasha. Chewing after retrieving her tongue. "War!"

As Cirroch is watching the others at the table dodge or get hit by the flying cake he graps his whiskey and puts his free hand over top of the glass to protect it /this time,/ then looks over to Cristoph. "I believe that a regrouping to a better location might be needed if we're to escape!" He nods towards the cabinet with colorful bottles, "At the very least we'll have good drink to protect."

Not one, but two people are aiming for him. What the hell! For a moment Clarisse is wearing a lovely smile, but Orland's not really paying attention. That might have been the reason for it. He was sipping his rum, wholly ignoring the chaos going on around him like it didn't exist. Clearly that means he isn't dodging or ducking. SPLAT. Clarisse's cake hits his face, icing side up... before Ciro's throw likewise makes a hit and goes down that open V-neck loose gray silk tops he's wearing. A hand turns up to wipe off the cake that smears down his cheek and flick it gracefully onto the table in front of him. The other has him looking down to notice the cake has gone down his shirt. RUINING a good shirt! "Whoever threw that, is buying me a new shirt, otherwise you can bet I'll be hiring a Champion..." His tone is serious. So Serious. (FIXED)

Neve checks dexterity and etiquette at normal. Neve is marginally successful.

Raven leaaaaaans out of the way, keeping a wary eye on the guests and the cake but not seeing particular need to fling cake or stop anyone's fun. Seeing Orland become a target she leans away and watches him very closely as if sitting next to a pot that might overboil at any moment. "I brought you here, it's my fault, I'll buy you a new shirt."

Ciro checks charm and manipulation at normal. Ciro is successful.

When he hears Orland's calls for a new shirt or he would hire a champion there is a moment of pause and little hesitation before Ciro jumps up onto his seat grabbing up a fistful of cake. "It was her, I saw it with my own eyes. The vicious little vixen of fur and tail is to blame." The man pointing above as the words leave him with a great conviction as he points to the money above only to upend his hand of cake right..over..Calla's..head.

Of course, Cristoph would have said all those things to Gwenna if she were still seated next to him! Which is maybe why the dodging did not quite work out all that well. It's hard to hide behind someone who literally isn't there anymore! There's a faint hmpft, of surprise for that. And as cake continues to fly around the table, he looks around with mild amusement. "They really weren't joking," he remarks to himself. When Cirroch indicates that the drink cabinet is a better location to avoid getting hit by cake, "I have to agree." And he really does, he grabs his wine glass with his one hand and moves to his feet, getting out of the way of direct fire. From there, he'll quietly observe the chaos.

Clarisse giggles and looks to be in better spirit nows, but she offers up herself, "I'll pay to replace the shirt Lord Orland. It was my fault for taking advantage of you not paying attention, and retribution for you walking away yesterday. I am sorry it was not very lady like but it did make me feel better for a moment. Please accept my apologies." As she holds another piece of cake plotting where it may go next.

Sasha grabs another piece of cake and attempts to throw it at Clarisse with giggles emitting from her lips. Hopefully her throw doesn't fumble again!

Sasha checks dexterity and etiquette at normal. Sasha is marginally successful.

Clarisse checks perception and dodge at normal. Clarisse is successful.

Orland stood up from his chair, to flick his shirt up. YES, he was FLASHING everyone at the table, nips and all. Mind the various scars that suggestions he's had a lot worse than cake thrown at him before. The cake falls out of the shirt and he rubs his flat abs down with a faint grimace, trying not to smear himself all over with that chocolate cream. Someone might have to lick it off! The excuses from both Ciro and Clarisse have him nod, as if withdrawing his threat of a Champion, since replacement shirts have been offered. "You might have to kiss the cake off my cheek, to make it up to me Lady Clarisse."

Cirroch checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Cirroch is successful.

Calla gasps softly when she watches the cake flying and Orland's reaction to being hit from not one but two seperate sources, she's more than a little distracted when she half-hears what Ciro says, her eyes lifting with a little huh? when the cake is brought down on her head and the baroness lets out a surprised squeal, before giving Ciro the most shocked and betrayed look ever as she reaches up to feel the cake in her hair, her lovely, perfectly messy toussled mane of saffron hair. "I can't believe you did that!" She pouts as she tries to pick pieces of cake and frosting out of her hair with little whimpers as she tries to get it out.

Raven looks up at Orland and liiiiiifts an eyebrow. Checking her wine for cake she peers into the goblet and then nurses it, rising and retreating out of cake launching, or cheek-licking range.

Neve stands up at Orland's crys, pointing at Ciro and yells "Lord Amadeo, it was him! It was Ciro that threw cake too! I saw him do it! It wasn't Calla, it was Ciro! He's a swashbuckly flirty cake thrower! I saw him do it!" She reaches over to grab some cake on the table, deflectioncake and whips it at Ciro. "I get you Pirate! Aaaaarugh, Booty, Treasure, PirateyWords I don't really understand!"

Cirroch gets up from his seat and is quickly drinking the whiskey as the glass is then put down to free a hand for throwing cake. He is seen ducking under the table for a moment, then comes back up with Entreri who is smushing his cake covered hands into his fathers face as the child tries to climb onto Cirroch's back. Cirroch had a hand free, though is now trying to hold Entreri still upon his back until the child gets a better grip around his neck versus his face. There's a broad smile on his face as he makes his way over to the drink cabinent, with the child on his back, and cake covering his face.

There's a nod to Cristoph, "Ah, you made it."

Clarisse checks composure at hard. Clarisse marginally fails.

Neve checks dexterity and etiquette at normal. Neve is successful.

When Calla gives him that look of betrayl as her hands lift to begin to pick out those pieces of cake the man leans down and whispers something in her ear as both hands move into her hair to take the biggest clumps in hand giving him two fistfuls of mangled cake and frosting. When he leans back he smiles softly looking to the woman before giving a wink. The first handfull delivered into his own hair before he is flinging that other handfull down the table angling it towards Cirroch seeing the Marquis as being far to clean for such warfare and heading to potential safety. Only to be hit ith the cake from the nearby Neve having one glob his him upside the head as the other lands against the duskweave tunic he wore.

Ciro checks dexterity and etiquette at normal. Ciro fails.

As the party carries on from a safe distance, Cristoph partakes in his wine. There's still a bit of cake on the front of his tunic, but that can't really be helped and he doesn't seem overly concerned about his. There's a faint expression of good natured amusement that graces his otherwise outlook. When Cirroch approaches, covered in cake and with a child clinging to him, the Oathlands duke can't do anything other than laugh. "You're making me regret having my children stay in Artshall, Marquis Sanna. And yes, I did. It was a long day and seemed something like this would be better than where I was."

Clarisse has a bright blush cross her cheeks as she looks at Orland and looks back at the cake that the Marquessa threw at her and she bites her lip, a lady trying to maintain her composure failing miserably. Orland is clearly not being fair. "You will have to make me Lord Orland!" She wonders if she throws that piece at him, how much more she might ruin an already ruined blouse. "I think not Lord Orland!"

Sasha is already pretty covered in cake (cause she missed a few times she was targetted in poses!!!), she can't dodge much of anything most days! But she doesn't seem to mind at all either. She looks amused at the banter between Orland and Clarisse.

*** Orland has called for an opposing check with Clarisse. ***
Orland checks dexterity and etiquette at easy. Orland marginally fails.
Clarisse checks perception and dodge at easy. Clarisse is marginally successful.
*** Clarisse is the winner. ***

Raven smiles wryly at Clarisse, discretely gesturing to the other woman to tone down her indignation as if trying to wordlessly coax the other woman to play it cool.

The Nipple Show was going away as Orland dusted his hand down and flicked out the last bits of cake, dragging his shirt back down and looking terribly disappointed by Clarisse's decision. "Use your tongue," his finger tap taps his cheek where the icing has left a war paint smear mark down it, "Lick it off." Taunting her and when she says make me, he shrugs his shoulders, "Okay." He looks up at Neve from across the way but presently is trying to smear his icing cheek against Clarisse... rawr! ICING CHEEK. Watch Out! He tries to grab her but clearly she's ducking!

Clarisse does tone it down a bit, lowering the cake for a moment as she smiles sweetly at Orland, trying to lull him into a false sense of security and winks at Raven, as that hand full of cake comes up to hit him in the face as she ducks beneath his advances. Clearly she is more slippery than he might expect when she is trying to get away. "Nice try Lord Orland." She then moves behind Raven to keep her between her and Orland.

Kane leaves, following Reagan.

Calla shoots Ciro a thankful look when he starts to help her pick the cake out of her hair, leaning in to catch his whisper, and her cheeks going a bit pink in response to whatever's said before she leans in to say something in return. When she pulls back, she giggles at Neve's ratting out of Ciro as the worst of the cake is liberated from her hair, giving herself a little shake to get rid of the crumbs. Of coruse it's at this point that a missive arrives for the Baroness and she starts to pout again. "Thank you so much for your hospitality Marquis, Marquessa, but I need to take my leave. I'm sure I'll hear all about the rest of the evening from these two." She says, squeezing Ciro and Neve's shoulders respectively before leaning over to give them each a chaste kiss on the cheek, and then taking her leave.

Neve returns the kiss to Calla's cheek "I love you, Cakey-love!" She decides to hit up the source, running over to Sasha, wrapping her arms out to hug the woman in a bearhug, squshing her dress against hers, and fully caking herself with giggly laughter. "I'll be your cakesister over here!" Then she'll let go, looking down "We match!"

Raven's lips twist and her nose bunches and this time the look of disgust is wholly unabashed as she just shakes her head at Orland not even bothering to hiding what she thinks of his proposition towards Clarisse. She tilts her goblet against her lips to drain it, "OH, don't hide behind me. Lord Orland is not even a little afraid of me." though daggers she stares towards the young lord suggest remedying that MIGHT be on her todo list.

There is a smile when he is given that kiss to his cheek, Ciro giving a nod as he tells Calla. "See you once things wind down here and that message is dealt with." A quick kiss given to her cheek befoer he is looking off after Neve as she runs up to hug Sasha. A louder laugh spilling from Ciro's lips as he shakes his head only to settle in and reach for some cake to take an actual bite of it.

Orland gets another face full of cake for his efforts. This time he doesn't pursue. He simply turns back to his chair and sits down, FACE FULL of cake. He might even be blinking crumbs and icing out of his eyelashes. Face caked, wearing it with an aloofness that suggests nothing could bother him, he takes a sip of his rum, cake pieces falling into his class as he does so. "Lovely dinner..." he remarks, through all the cake fighting.

It seems that Clarisse is on her own tonight against the cake forces of Orland and she backs away from him, but not without grabbing another piece of a cake, she does offer a warm smile towards Calla as she is about to depart though, "It was a pleasure to meet you Baroness Calla. I have heard many good things about you as well. Hopefully we will meet again soon." She is not taking her eyes off of Orland though, watching for his advances.

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Cirroch gets a better handle on Entreri with a little bouce and the child is giggling, as he wipes his face some with his free hand. "The children are wherever we are. When they are a little older they will be given a choice of their lodging between here or Giant's Reach depending upon their required training and duties." He expertly starts to pour more of the clear whiskey with one hand, taking what he believes to be a small sip, (it's a gulp by anyone else's standards.)

Sasha laughs softly as Neve comes to hug her, her arms moving to hug Neve back as she begins to lose her balance. "Cake sisters is... is fine but... I think there is icing on the bottom of my slippers?!" She is tightly clinging upon Neve as her feet slip and slide in various places. She looks over to Cirroch as she calls out, "They will also foster in the Oathlands as well my love. Not forget!"

Orland looks slowly over at Clarisse, not bothering to remove all the cake hanging onto his face by her hand, he simply looks at her. Expectant. Brows lifted. And a less shameful look at Raven, with a shrug.

Clarisse does try to find a cloth that she can use in order to help clean the cake from Orlands face, as he just sits there, and she can't help but move closer to undo what she has done. "Please forgive me Lord Orland." She does offer a light kiss to his cheek. "We are friends and I took advantage of that. You deserve a better friend, who would give their last piece of cake to protect you from such treachery." Her hands are empty aside from the cloth, showing she is unarmed this time truly.

Neve helps keep Sasha upward "We're fashionably caked. It's the fashionable thing to be! Look, everyone is doing it!" She offers to bring Sasha to the table "Come, sit a spell, and we'll uncake your slippers. It will be good to introduce my favorite people. Come meet my flirty cakethrowing boyfriend with a messy Marmoset, and my sister from another family. I'd also like to meet Lord Orland more properly when he settles down."

"Normally mine are here in the city. But I had a flash of protectiveness when- well. Perhaps it's time for them to come back." Cristoph would converse with Cirroch longer, but a messenger arrives and hands off a missive to him. "Thank you for inviting me to spend the evening with your family. They're very lovely. I should make haste home again, business that I need to take care of." He finishes his wine, placing the glass somewhere appropriate. Cirroch is offered a bow and then the man is departing.

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Ciro sits in his seat and looks the table over, a rather nice sized piece of cake taken up in his hand and not suspiciously at all drawn beneath and out of sight. Yep nothing to see here, no ambush in waiting to be found. A small smile forms along his lips as he looks to he departing duke, "Well he wasn't hardly wearing any cake.."

Raven snorts at that commentary, "Oh please. Really?" She jerks a thumb at Orland, "Him. Really?" she gives a lofty sniff and cedes to Orland apparently out of the blue, "I did get exactly what I asked for." though that doesn't mean she's impressed with it. She makes a face and wughs when she catches Orland's expectant look. She seeks out the host and hostess to thank them for the invitation.

Orland remains straight faced, saying with a tone that outlines his comedic relief, if someone reads deadpan sarcasm, "I simply have to believe I'm the best slice of cake at this table. You're free to eat as you desire." An impish look to Clarisse, trying to rattle her, especially after she gives him that kiss on his cheek, "Oh, I think you missed a spot." He lifts his hand to suggest he wasn't going to do anything harmful to her, though his eyes suggest differently. He's up to something!

Sasha easily moves with Neve and gracefully slip/falls into a chair. "So you and he are courting then? And I have met Lady Clarisse before, I have been helping her with her brother's wedding plans."

Cirroch watches the commotion at the table with his fresh whiskey then nods to Petroc who then reaches into a small black leather pouch taking something small from the pouch and heads over towards Orland. The Marquis turns back to his conversation with Cristoph who then suddenly has to leave due to a rude messenger getting past the Sanna guards. The Marquis shoots a glance over to the mini bosses, who seem to be enjoying some cake by the door.

"Raven," Orland asks gently. Just that.

Neve settles into a chair next to Sasha. "Oh! Really? That's wonderful!" She smiles looking delighted. To the question of courting, she shakes her head, leaning in to cup a hand to the woman's ear and whisper.

Raven ignores Orland and turns to smile at Cirroh, "Marquis Sannah, Thank you for the invitation to join your lovely family for this dinner and allowing me to introduce Lord Orland around, I am again humbled by your generosity. I am afraid that I must return to my ship to prepare for night drills. You and your lovely wife should expect an invitation from me soon so that I might meet her without the burdens of hostessing duties."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Orland before departing.

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Clarisse just sits down beside Orland and looks up before she looks up at the cake still smeared in her hair and attempts to pull a piece full to take a bite, without giving into Orland trying to convince her to do something completely unladylike, with a clear blush on her cheek. "You are trouble Orland." she tsks at him. She too looks to Raven and leans over to her. "Marquis and Marquessa Sanna,, this cake is quite delicious, it has been quite a pleasure joining your family for dinner tonight, you are so delightful and a pleasure to be with."

Sasha listens to the whisper but simply nods, seeming mildly confused. "Sure, we can talk about it later I suppose. But only if you wish." She turns to those taking their leaves, "Thank you all for coming. I do greatly appreciate it."

Cirroch is sitting back down to the table, fresh whiskey, free of cake. Most of the cake on his face wipped away. Entreri has been handed off to Windi who is now starring at the cake covered child. The Marquis looks over to the kitchen, waving them to bring out the full meal, as he's actually hungry now.

Neve whispers briefly again to Sasha, running her finger across some frosting on the table, reaching over to wipe it on the tip of Sasha's nose. She giggles softly "I'm going to clean a little, just a little. But I officially now owe you a tickle, and I don't let anyone tickle me, because I'm ticklish and hate being tickled. But you - your special. Very special to me. So you get one. Just one tickle though okay? Not two tickles." She stands, sticking her tounge out at Ciro "Thbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt!" then slips off to the washroom

Orland watches Raven trying to escape out of the party and Clarisse completely ignoring his taunts, as she should. Though he soon as assistants speaking quietly with him and handing him something. He nods his thanks and quickly tucks away what was certainly precious, into his belt and securing the pouch there. "I am," he agrees to Clarisse, though he notes, "It appears that we'll be leaving though. It'd be rude of me to stay when the one who invited me has decided to leave." He nods to Raven, "I'll see you again Lady Clarisse. I won't forget that I owe you a little cake." He offers her a bit of a nod as he excuses himself from the table. He catches up with Raven who was leaving on grounds of doing something with her ship and drills and.. he nudges her as he catches up, murmuring quietly.

Kiera enters quite late-she couldn't possibly have know that a cake fight was just ending could she have "Good evening Marquis and Marquessa Sanna. I apologize once again for my tardiness"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Orland before departing.

Cirroch waves to Kiera from the table, "Not at all, please come sit. Have some cake, or a meal with us. You've managed to come out unscathed it looks from this one!"

Raven swats Orland's hand and gives him LOOK suggesting he's very close to loosing an limb before again bowing to the host and hostess and excusing themselves. Clarisse gets an apologetic glance.

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Sasha smiles at Neve's whispered words, "Alright, and please not be too long." She watches as some of the guests take their leave before she focuses on those still present, "Now then, who is hungry for actual dinner?" she happily laughs softly.

Clarisse seems to grow quiet and thoughtful but offers a nod of reassurance to Raven before they leave. She looks perhaps a bit confused, tired and unsure and perhaps a bit distant as well, before she offers a warm smile to Sasha and tries to focus on the family meal, something she scarecely knows except with her own brothers. "I am actually quite famished Marquessa. This evening has been quite different. Happier than I have known most family dinners to be. It is genuinely a pleasure to be a part of something so beautiful."

The kitchen staff brings out a lavish spread of several platters covered with both grilled and boiled venison, cow, and pig, honey glazed vegetables, and various bread rolls. One of the staff stops to look to the ceiling first, then has a little sigh as no cake is immediately spotted in the rafters. They then nearly slide to the table as their food catches some frosting on the floor. Stopping just in time to be able to place the tray of meats directly in front of the Marquis, who simply looks up to them with a laugh and a smile. "Ansgar, most of the cake ended on the floor or bodies this time. No need to look to the rafters. Ah, the meats look good. Though please offer them to our guests first."

Kiera sits "People often tease me about my small frame but no one has ever had to mention a good meal to me twice" She says as she sits

Sasha blushes softly, "Thank you for the kind words Lady Clarisse. I am happy to welcome others to our warm dinners. Though I feel that most should know to wear umbra or aeterna as it is much harder to stain." She fondly smiles as she says to Kiera, "No matter how much I eat, I swear I barely ever gain weight, atleast when I am not expecting." She happily giggles.

With that arrival of the lavish spread the piece of cake is set down in Neve's seat before Ciro moves to gather himself up a plate. the man looking between Sasha and Kiera as he offers up, "Just need to dance a bit and all you eat will slip away. It's what I do.." The man giving a little shrug before offering as he looks to Kiera, "Lord Ciro Seraceni."

Clarisse bows her head respectfully to the lady who arrives as dinner does, and admires her impeccable timing, and clean hair. "Good evening Miss, Lady Clarisse Charon." She offers but as the Marquis guides his staff to offer them dinner first, she does accept a piece of grilled venison with the the honey glazed vegetables and a roll. It seems having been sick, her appetite is slowly returning.

Neve steps back in "I had cake in places that cake is not supposed to be! I'm feeling much less becaked. In a way." She pulls her seat and SPLAT. SQUISH. Her eyes widen so completely with surprised. "AAAAAAAAAH I POOPED!!!!" Her hands go to her bottom and her cheeks redden so completely with embarassment, the look on her face just screams it. She blinks "Wait..." and pulls up her hands, covered in fresh cake. "Whaa...waaaait a minute, this is cake! Cake!" She narrows her eyes and looks to Ciro "CIRO SERACENI you will pay for that! Not now, sometime. Your not going to know when it's coming, you wont be expecting it. But I shall have my vengance!"

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Sasha tries to not snicker at Neve's words to Ciro, she tries and somewhat manages to not but a few DO slip out. "I feel the lady might be owed a new gown Lord Ciro." She looks back to Neve as she inquires, "Do you want to borrow some of my aeterna?"

After all of the guests, and Sasha have been able to take their fill of the foods the Marquis nods to have the platters left on the table. Then and only then does he take some food to eat. He looks over to Kiera, "It's good to see you again Lady Kiera. Has the Library been treating you well?" He sits back to drink some of his whiskey and then is turning to Neve exploding about sitting in what? Poop?! He's looking over his shoulder to Windi, then to the kitchen staff, maybe a guard? He simply stares at Neve, then as she's declaring that it is cake, there's a relaxed sigh.

There is now way that clarisse is maintaining her composure after Neve's outburst and burst into a fit of giggles, that is until the Marquis makes mention of a library and that has her sobering from the giggles rather quickly. She looks focused now, curious about the library. An elusive place she has been searching all over the city for.

Kiera smiles as she helps herself to some boiled pork, vegetables and bread "Lady Kiera Wyvernheart " she offers both ciro and Clarisse "I am glad to finally be able to greet you properly. I did not get the chance at your party. Then to Clarissa "I had the peasure of meeting Marquis Teague and his intended. How are you related" As neve returns she smiles until the poor woman sits in cake "I hope you and lord ciro sacerini are relatives, sweethearts or dear friends for his sake

It is hard. Very hard for Ciro to keep a straight face as there is that squish when Neve returns sitting down on the large piece of cake he had left in her seat. Even harder still is keeping it together as she cries out about pooping herself, A mischievous smile showing along his lips that blossoms into a grin when she draws her hands out from beneath her with cake coating them, The Seraceni Lord looking to Neve as he is called out. "Nevey, I await your revenge ever curious what sweet vengance you might devise for me." A wink given to the woman before he looks to Sasha hearing her words, a chuckle finally spilling from his lips. "In my defense, She threw herself onto the cake. But..perhaps your right." Seeing the look on Cirroch's face has that chuckle shifting to a laugh as his head shakes slightly, "Sorry Marquis, Last confectionary attack on my part for the night." After a moment he does look down to Clarisse telling the woman, "We will have to meet and talk sometime soon, About your dress and another matter." What the other matter might be Ciro doesn't say instead staying tight lipped for now. When Kiera offers her greeting he gives a dip of his head, "Ah yes there was plenty at the party I got lost to it myself a bit."

Cirroch checks perception at normal. Cirroch is marginally successful.

Neve reaches over to hug Sasha, her eyes softening "Yes. You owe me a dress, you flirty pirate!" She hmms, bouncing up and down a few times. Each time strange squishy sounds and cakebits fly out from her bottom. "Well that's a sensation I haven't ever had before. That's one squishy tushy." Her anger, annoyedness is gone. She shakes her head "I'm afraid I've become the cakier sister, dearest Sasha! I've outcaked the hostess. I feel rather rude." A smile coming to her lips "OOooh, dinner." Food! Makes it all better. The vegetables look amazing." Looking to Kiera she nods "We're lovers. I wear his ribbon in honor of him. See, it's this one..." She pulls out the long black and gold ribbon, 4 feet long, 1/3rd of it completely covered in cake from her ass, and fleckles of cake spatter all over. "Well..normally you can see it. Oh, cake." She slips it into her mouth a moment, eating a touch of the frosting. "I wonder if buttcake is what they mean by bundtcake? Hmm. Probably not. Probably."

"I must clear up the misunderstanding Lady Kiera, It is Lord Teague Charon, he is my eldest brother, and his intended Lady Reagan Laveer. She is much like a sister to me." She nods to Ciro and tilts her head to him, "My Brother and Neve have told me much about you, and that you may be able to help me with what I seek? I hope it is the case. I truly do wish to find a couple of dresses for various occassions. But we can talk about it later. When you have a moment free." She does take a bite of the venison though, not arguing with her stomach this time, as she is hungry, but her bites are small, and she chews properly for a lady, even if she is cake covered and trying her best not to further laugh at Neve's silliness.

Cirroch was about to clear up the confusion with Teague's title, though Clarisse got to it first. He nods towards Clarisse with a mouthfull of venison, slowly chewing the bites. Then after a swallow points a little with the fork to Kiera then Clarisse, "Lady Kiera rescued me from being lost in the city's archives, and has a many of times convinced me to not set fire to the libraries. After dinner, we should show you both to Poppet's library." He points again with the fork in the rough direction of the library in the manor. Then leans over for a quiet word with Sasha

Ciro's right hand moves behind Neve touching lightly against her back when she offers that answer on him, a warmth and affection showing in his eyes as he glances to the woman beside him. "We will get it cleaned of the cake later Nevey." With that said he looks to Clarisse hearing her words on needing a few outfits, The man's head dipping and raising. "We can meet tomorrow or the next day about it and discuss what your wanting and what I can arrange." With that said Ciro is looking down to Cirroch drawn by the mention of burning down the libraries, a little smirk given as he nods. "Sure you aren't the first nor the last to give that one thought. My own research having drawn near the point even."

Emberly looks just to be enjoying the cake and other things that are on the table. She sits not really near anyone and she seems respectful of everyone, as she listens to the conversation for the moment. "the ceke is good." she says as she tries a little of it. Those blue orbs are drawn to Ciro, "what are you researching M'Lord?"

Neve looks rather concerned. She holds her hand up to Sasha's ear to whisper to her, eyes moving to hers to make sure she understands. There's a soft not frown..but she's pensive. She looks to Ciro afterwards and leans over to hug him, nuzzling into his neck where it meets his shoulder, staying there, nuzzling a few moments that's awkward (and caking him at the same time). Then sits as she begins to eat without a word, trying those delicious vegitiables.

Kiera hms "I am always available for offering guidance, research assistence and moral support regarding the archive or research matters in general "she offers brightly "You should not dangle a library tour in front of me Marqus I'll hold you to it

Clarisse smiles to Cirroch as he seems to know the way to her heart by offering her a chance to see the library. "I would love to see it, and to know if there are any other libraries in your fair city, Marquis. I have a weakness when it comes to books, and if you know of any furniture makers for some bookshelves to house my own collection?" She nods understandingly to Kiera understanding truly how the lady feels. She also offers a smile to Emberly, seeming to be even quieter than her.

The soft running of little feet can be heard faintly from the residence wing, the doors being pushed open slowly with a little grunt, then a freshly washed Atoli in a nightgown emerges from the otherside of the doors. "Mama! Mama!" comes from the heir of Sanna. Windi is following along behind her smock is wet from the waist down, she looks as if the children continued their fight in their bath. Jacquline is nestled into Windi's arm her head resting on the woman's shoulder. "Sorry Marquessa, the girls wanted to say good night." She stops a little from the table as Atolis runs up to Sasha, though slows down a little staring at Neve's seat. "Mama! That ladsyie madesa messes!"

Cirroch smiles to Ciro, "It's more of a running gag these days, it would be my way of explaining to Poppet why she was being carried home when she was researching." He looks down to Atoli with a smile. "Yes, Lady Neve did make a mess, didn't she?" He wipes his hand off a little before placing it on top of her head with a little pat, to which the child smiles then giggles to.

When Neve gives that pensive look and comes over to hug him Ciro's arms wrap tightly around the woman, one hand moving to her hair tracing over braid and ribbon as the other sweeps across her back. The man looking to her briefly as he leans back only to press a light kiss against her brow before she is sitting once more beside him. The question from Emberly has Ciro looking to the woman, "A particularly troublesome blonde.." The man's head giving a little shake as he mutters under his breath in Eurusi moments later only to look to Kiera, "I'll keep it in mind but truth be told you are far more likely to encounter my darling sister within. Though most seem to avoid her for some reason.." A sigh leaving him as he adds moments later, "Sad really Appolonia is such a lovely woman." When he hears Cirroch's words he nods looking to the man, "Ah yes well a good excuse and joke that."

Spirit, the Sleepy Brown Fox arrives, delivering a message to Angelica before departing.

Clarisse checks stamina at normal. Clarisse is marginally successful.

Emberly mmms a little before she looks to Neve and she laughs softly she stays un-caked for now somehow having been able to avoid it, she looks around though her eyes flicker amused as she looks quiet still as she watches those Lords and Ladies donned in cake, she laughs softly her eyes gently searching though she stands after a time "thanks for letting me come join you" she bows to Clarisse and then to the others

From one of the wings of the manor strides Angelica, the woman rotating her wrist and looking a lot more refreshed since Cirroch welcomed her. Wearing a sleeveless shirt and well-fitting trousers, and decent leather boots that look to have seen a lot of use but holding up well, Angelica looks both formidable and confident as she quietly enters the main hall. Eyebrows raise in surprise. "Ah. I thought I'd missed it," she remarks.

A beautiful songbird leaves, following Emberly.

"Ah! Angelica, cousin! Please, come sit with us. Plenty of food yet." Cirroch stands little from his seat at the large table in the Giant Hall. The table is a little messy, remenants of cake are strewn about the top, frosting on the floor, some cake is still smeared over Cirroch's face, in Neve's hair, on her chair. The only others in the room not covered in some amount of cake are Kiera, Emberly, then Atolia and Jacquline who just came from their bath. Atoli is yelling about Lady Neve being covered in cake in areas that might be inappropriate to speak of, though it doesn't stop the toddler from yelling "Mama! She's gots cakes on hersy butts!"

Clarisse checks composure at normal. Clarisse is marginally successful.

Clarisse seems to be doing much better with the bit of food in her that she has eaten, giving her more strength than she came with, and she can't help but smile at the children coming to say good night to their parents. She closes her eyes though for a moment before opening them again. Definite sadness in those brown eyes of hers as she watches the love they are given. It is not fatigue or the illness bothering Clarisse but something else, "I must apologize Marquis and Marquessa, I think I should begin to head home, but I do truly look forward to seeing your beautiful library soon." She is doing her best to remain composed before taking her leave.

Kiera looks to Ciro "I hold appolonia in high esteem though I understand some might be intimidated by her extensive knowledge and skills. I am quite close to the blanchard's in general

Angelica nods to Cirroch and moves to find a cleanish seat. Her serious expression cracks a little at the sight of the children, a small smile that's there and then gone. "The room is very comfortable," she says, nodding to Sasha. "Thank you. I rested for most of the day."

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