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A Field of Ice

The group hunt for "A blossom blue birthed in a field of ice beneath the griffons shadow" in order to finish gathering the ingredients required for Rodal's cure.


Nov. 15, 2020, 2 p.m.

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Akamos Caprice Drake Haakon Neilda Thea Valerius Desma Medeia



Outside Arx - Lyceum near Nilanza - Small Islands off the East Coast of the Lyceum

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Comments and Log

A Field of Ice has started at Outside Arx - Lyceum near Nilanza - Small Islands off the East Coast of the Lyceum.

A pack of giggling and gossiping Redreef handmaidens arrives, delivering a message to Haakon before departing.

Aphrodisia arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Valerius takes a rubicund breastplate embossed with a sea serpent from a leather backpack with Thrax insignia on the flap.

Valerius takes a pair of rubicund arm guards from a leather backpack with Thrax insignia on the flap.

Last Episode the group explored a blue hole on the Seawell island in search of a branch of coral needed to complete the potion that Rodal Seawell claims is necessary to remove the Redbeech Curse. This episode you begin as you prepare to head off in search of another ingredient 'A blossom blue birthed in a field of ice beneath the griffons shadow'.

As supplies are gathered the spear wielding Seawell warrior that you met briefly in the last two episodes approaches. Before you can ask him why he is there he begins to talk. "The griffons shadow is on Gruffshade Island." His accent reminds of Setarco. "I can show you the way."

Medeia has prepared as much as she can, clad in her leathers and cuirass, carrying her medic supplies and a few bits of basic survival gear in a satchel. A pair of hairpins is held between her teeth as her hands deftly twist and cil her hair up, then take the pins and secure the hair in place. She watches the approach of the Seawell man curiously, but her eyes avert to Haakon, who is more suited to navigating waters and - potentially - misleading shavs.

Valerius puts has some armor along this time out and about, and has it one. Is not /at all whistling/ and is /completely under his own influences./ He listens intently to their guide? and then clasps his hands together. "Right then. so, we're going up?"

Dressed still in her leathers, Thea watches the warrior as he makes his way to them. She checks to make sure she too as her medical supplies and then some. "Right--I think I'm good to go,"she concludes with a nod of her head.

Haakon mutters, "Some body remind me why we're listening to the Seawell on this bloody chase? Coral and a single flower and all the rest," the Prodigal grumbles, before turning his eye to the Shav warrior. "Aye, let's get this done. Show us the course."

Drake is following along with the group, but, looking forward to this, as a good rock climb makes him feel like he's back at home in Blancbier. He's also in leathers, excited to take part in this and getting rope ready. "Bit easier than a swim at any rate. Just don't look down."

The Seawell warrior gives Haakon a toothy smile and says "Good question." before hopping up onto the ship and makes his way across to the steering oar with the easy familiarity of a man who's spent more than a few years at sea. He points off towards the horizon for the benefit of the helmsman. "Out to sea in that direction." Its only when the Seawell island is starting to slide off into the distance that he says "Rodal already sent my brother after these flowers and he's not come back. Thats why I'm helping."

Neilda too loves a climb - it may be among her favorite things. She draws her axe as they go; not because a shav needs it in the face, but because this is how it's done. Ideally you don't -get- to the bottom of the rope, having arrested any fall long before it becomes terminal. The rope or otherwise. That latest - about his brother - sends her thinking, a few seconds of consideration yielding to a "-Huh-."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thea before departing.

Haakon nods aside to Valerius, "Aye, so we do." Medeia earns a dry look. "Mayhap later." Their guide draws his eye back, and Haakon's head slips to an appraising angle. "Why were your brother seeking the flowers?"

The mention of the brother makes Medeia pay closer attention. "Why?" SHe echoes Haakon, then adds, "How long ago? When should he have returned?"

Thea lifts her eyebrow at the Seawell. Gesturing to Haakon and Medeia, she agrees,"How long ago, yes? What exactly is this---what all should we REALLY be prepareed for?"

Valerius nods to Haakon's answer before looking out to the horizon. Then looking back to their guide for a moment.

Drake has his sword, and the knife, and a rope, and gloves, and he seems like he's ready to go based on just that. His eyes follow the horizon for now, as he listens to the tale about the previous attempt. Might have something useful to learn from that.

The warrior gives the helmsman some new directions and the ship heels into the waves as it turns. "For the cure." The warrior says before looking around at the group. "Same as you right?" He looks to Medeia and says "Six days now.""

The warriors eyes skim the group "Gruffshade is like someone chopped the top off a mountain and stuck it in the middle of the sea. Visibility is terrible and this time of year I expect there will still be snow up there. I'm not much of a climber." he taps the side of a greave. "But I'm hoping you'll keep an eye out for him whilst you're up there."

"Brother get on well with your Chief?" Haakon wonders, after nodding to the search for a cure. Following the query, he nods to the description of Gruffshade, and a second time at keeping an eye out for the missing.

(At this point its 12 days since the Redbeech first noticed their livestock was becoming ill.)

"Brother get on well with the Redbeech?" Neilda asks, a droll sort of casualness to the question, a play on Haakon's.

"Why, exactly, was your brother sent to find this flower, for the cure, for a tribe your chief hates, which he seemed intent not to help?" Medeia stares at the man, expression as stern as she can set it.

Drake is just listening in, for the most part, but eager to attack this climb. "If we do find him, we'll do our best to help. The least I could do."

Valerius appears to be very interested in both the climb and the story of people missing. Though more the climb.

Thea glances at Medeia, as well as the others before she says,"Desma had mentioned that the chief and the elder from the other tribe you know,"her voice growing quieter,"Were in love. Maybe there's--something we're missing." But there's a nod of her, agreeing with Drake. "Yes, we might as well get this climb done before it gets too late."

The warrior snorts at Haakon's question. "Nobody gets along with Rodal. Nobody except his sister." Neilda's question and that of Medeia make caution ghost across his face. "You would have to ask Rodal." And after that he really doesn't seem to want to talk except to offer thanks for Drakes promise and to give what directions still remain.

Neilda snorts right back, a grin slicing across her features, dimple dimpling, head shaking. "Yeah, alright," she says, having drawn whatever conclusion. A murmur to Thea: "You have whatever you treated the Redbeech villagers with?"

With a furrowed brow, Medeia looks at the Seawell man again. She forces her expressio to soften into one of open concern. "Rodal's sister? Must be an interesting woman to be the only one to get along with him." Then, she picks up on that caution, and she presses, "He's not here, and it is /your/ brother we might be saving in this moment, no? Anything you can tell us might help us find him /and/ this flower. What is his name and why was he on this search?"

Valerius takes a barbaric war axe with a crescent shaped edge from a leather satchel with Malespero sigil on the flap.

*** Pasquale has called for an opposing check with Medeia. ***
Pasquale checks willpower and empathy at easy. Pasquale is successful.
Medeia checks charm and empathy at easy. Medeia is successful.
*** Medeia is the winner. ***

Thea nods aside to Neilda,"I do, yeah." Though she pauses a moment, thoughtful. Shaking her head, she starts to get herself ready for the climbing.

The Seawell Warrior looks even more cautious when Medeia speaks of Rodal's sister. "Arri's always been good at this sort of thing so it was no surprise that Rodal asked him for the flower. I just dont know what the Redbeech have to do with it. The flower Arri went after is for medicine. For Rodal's sister. I heard you talking though. Its the same one. The blue one from the Griffons Shadow right?"

Whilst this is going on Gruffshade island comes into view. As the warrior said it looks a lot like the top of a mountain sticking up out of the surrounding waters. There aren't any beaches. There isnt a harbour. But there are a couple of places where you think you could get ashore without too much trouble. And once ashore it looks like there is nothing but goat trails and rock leading up into the clouds with a far off glint of white to indicate the top. The ship anchors close by and the crew remains to make sure it doesn't smash itself into kindling whilst you're distracted. From here its just a short swim to an outcrop that wont take to much effort to climb up.

Drake tugs on one of his gloves. There's always room to be overconfident, but... he doesn't look too concerned. "Highhill has cliffs liek these. Right up to the water. That's where we constructed the port," he adds, mostly aside to Thea. He ends up taking his leather vest off, just to make the swimming part a bit easier. "So much water, though."

There's a pause from Medeia as she listens, and looks like she might ask a follow-up question, but instead she tucks it away mentally.

Valerius looks at the climb then at his clothing. nope. good. He pulls out an axe from his satchel. "This should help secure some spots." He says more to himself than anyone around him.

From this point you can make out a trail that stretches up into the hills. It has steep edges, so some precautions would be good, but seems a relatively easy hike. Its a long way though, it will take a few hours before your ready for the next challenge.

Neilda checks stamina and athletics at hard. Neilda is marginally successful.

Valerius checks stamina and athletics at normal. Valerius is successful.

Neilda turns her attention to the cliff, gestures at Drake, as he has advertised understanding cliffs. There's a bit of negotiation about the layout, and then she sets to work.

Drake checks stamina and athletics at hard. Drake is marginally successful.

Thea checks stamina and athletics at hard. Thea is marginally successful.

Valerius clasps his hands together then looks at the climb. Making sure that the axe is easily accesible if needed, then in spotting a couple of hand holds to get a good way up, looks over to Drake and Neilda and mentions a direction to take. Waiting to see if they agree.

Drake nods, and gestures to Valerius to lead the way. He's got a plan in mind himself, but... he's not being pushy. He gets his climbing hook ready, and makes ready to set up the rock. He does want to make things easier for the less dedicated climbers, so he's careful about his approach.

Haakon checks stamina and athletics at normal. Haakon is marginally successful.

Medeia checks stamina and athletics at easy. Medeia is successful.

Jogging over to Neilda, and Valerius, Thea looks up. And up. And up. "So---assuming I fall or whatever, who wants Finn?" She's joking of course as she too gets out her rope and such. Tightening her satchel and belt, she nods,"I'm ready when everyone else is."

Valerius nods to Drake and Neilda, then taking point starts climbing up the rock face. He's able to find hand holds and easily climb, placing clips on his way up, getting about half way up the face before looking for a good spot to secure the ropes more than a simple clip.

After a long trudge up the mountain side you reach a point where the mist starts to obscure your vision. The trail, which was already hard to pick out, becomes near invisible to see. You know that there will be places before you where a single step can spell your doom and pause to tie safety lines between each person and pick the person who's direction sense will be responsible for you all.

Drake checks perception and survival at hard. Drake is marginally successful.

Drake takes the lead, for the most part. He's not a scout by nature, but he has been on enough adventures in the wilds now that he's developed good instincts for how to blaze a trail. He had a lot of climbing when he was growing up in a mountainous region, memories that serve him well now as he scales this foggy climb. If people want to be behind him in this process, of course, he's more than flattered by any reason they'd choose for that.

In a change of events, Thea is for once BEHIND Drake. This is totally rarely the case. "So--this is what this is like. I get it,"she calls up. There's a slight grin on her lips as she looks down for the briefest of moments to check on the others. "Doing alright?"

Medeia checks perception and survival at easy. Medeia marginally fails.

Neilda checks perception and survival at easy. Neilda is successful.

Haakon checks perception and survival at easy. Haakon is successful.

Medeia checks perception at easy. Medeia is successful.

Thea checks perception and survival at easy. Thea is marginally successful.

Neilda is a scout by nature, but that doesn't mean there aren't people with way more experience than her. Particularly with this sort of climbing, the mist making her just a little less certain, glad for insights. "I'm good," she confirms, checks on behind her. Teamwork. Rallied around the common good. She stills her feet to do that, though; when moving, it's a dance. Check Drake, look down, step. Check Drake, look down, step.

Haakon checks strength at easy. Haakon is spectacularly successful.

Medeia is Bad At This. Which is why she is basically at the end of the line, with Haakon unluckily (or luckily, if he's as into butt staring as Thea is right now) behind her on Catch a Deia Duty. You know, just in case. Like at this precise moment.

Haakon answers Thea from the very back of the line, utterly deadpan, "View's fair." Yes, he and Thea have much in common. As Medeia's grip slips and gravity seizes the Saik, Haakon keeps grip of the rope with his right hand and shifts to free his left. A falling human is a significant weight whatever their size, but the Prodigal reaches deftly to catch Medeia around the waist with one arm, grunting briefly with exertion, he mutters, "We're betrothed, you need not throw yourself at me," with a brief near-smile. He rather casually hoists Deia back up ahead of him, holding her steady through the ascent.

Valerius is fine in the position that they are in finding their way up the mountain. Not at all the sheer rock face that they were expecting. There's a bit of a /view/ both away from the trail and in front of them that is /nice/. Then there is another view of the couple behind him, it could be flirting, it could be the two are simply having a little discussion.

"Gross," Neilda say, but she's grinning and dimpling, even if she can barely see. She'll keep on. Check, look, step. Sometimes it doesn't have to be flashy motion; just perpetual motion.

The misty clouds soon change the world into a cocoon of muted quiet where the only things you can be certain about are the rope around your waist and the yard or so of rock underfoot. You pick you way through the clouds, trusting in Drake's ability not to lead you off a cliff to your death, and eventually reach a point where you can't go any further. The mist is still thick about you, making it difficult to plan or see, but you know one thing: The Griffons Shadow is near the top so the only way is up. A few experimental test climbs demonstrate that this would be a tricky climb even if you could see as the rock is often wet with icy water or, as you get higher up, actual ice. Luckily though you brought ropes and know how to use them. If some of you go up first you can set ropes for the others to climb.

Pasquale has called for a check of strength and athletics at hard.
Drake is successful.
Thea is marginally successful.
TIE: Valerius is marginally successful. Neilda is marginally successful.

Drake keeps steady in his climb up. As the difficulty of the climb increases... he keeps confident. This is because he knows the people following him are also counting on him. The little echo of Haakon's quip reaches him, and gives him a chuckle, but a bit of levity goes well with a tense situation. He pulls himself up by pure strength, and sets a rope that helps for others to follow behind him. This isn't easy, but it's the kind of challenge he relishes.

Pasquale has called for a check of strength and athletics at hard.
Neilda is marginally successful.
Valerius is marginally successful.
Thea fails.

Haakon checks strength and athletics at easy. Haakon is marginally successful.

Drake checks strength at hard. Drake is marginally successful.

Medeia checks strength and athletics at easy. Medeia is marginally successful.

Neilda checks strength at normal. Neilda is marginally successful.

About three quarters of the way up the climb Thea picks a bad handhold. She pulls herself up on it, risking it with almost her entire weight for just a moment, and the entire section of the cliff just falls away. She falls and the worst thing of all is that nobody else actually sees it. Its just an impression of sounds in the fog. Drake up on the ledge is just starting to wonder if he was imagining it when the rope about his waist suddenly snaps taut with Thea's entire bodyweight and the surprise and force of it drags him into a precarious spot on the edge of the ledge. Luckily this all happens at roughly the same time that Neilda and Valerius reach the ledge themselves..

Valerius checks strength at normal. Valerius is marginally successful.

Slammed against a cliff. 25 inflicted and Thea is harmed for minor damage.

"Shit shit shit shit," Neilda says, not otherwise known for her poetry. She drops low, hugging the cliff with toes, knees, hips, shoulders, a position unprettily evocative of a splayed frog. Only hazards a glance when the weight on her stops its motion, steadies. "Everyone okay down there?" she calls. "We gotta set this rope," she tells Valerius. "Not optimal is fine, anything is better than nothing."

Drake holds fast. He feels the rope shift. A bit of fear strangles in his stomach as he feels the slip... but he hold as tightly as he can as things get a little rough beneath him and he feels Thea miss a hand-hold. It's not as if this is an easy climb, but at least she hasn't fallen further. "...You all right down there?" he calls down, but it's beneath him in the fog. He feels things get steady around his waist again, and knows that hesitation is the worst thing to do now. He sets the rope at the top, and clambors the rest of the way over the cliff to a steady spot.

"Ugh oof! No. got it. oh shit. ugh." Valerius feels the rope go tight and tries to pull up on the rope before it cuts him in half. Looking down, not seeing much other than cloud, but once he is able to grab at the rope and give a little slack to it and keep his handhold, life feels a little better.

Why wouldn't Thea let out some sort of scream of horror? Probably because she was so in shock, she swallowed it. After slamming into the side of the mountain, she starts to readjust her grip and her footing. Catching her breath, allowing her heart to reach her chest again, Thea forces a smile on her lips, quipping back,"I'm fine. Bet you're glad I don't weigh a lot, yeah?" There's a call up to Neilda as well, her voice a bit shaky,"Yes. I'm fine!"

Being slow and sort of steady, Medeia is kind of holding things up by being... slow. So when Thea slips, she's not really close enough to be affected or to do anything about it. And it's hard to see, so really she's just bracing for a person to land on her head as the sounds of scuffle above her float down. All seems to be fine, though, so she keeps climbing, grateful for Haakon existing to save her from herself.

Haakon adds helpfully from the depths of fog at the back of the line, "No dying."

The next part of the climb is comparatively simple despite the snow that lies in the crooks and crevices. You follow Drake's path until you finally emerge from the clouds and into a landscape of glittering white. The rock that you were looking for is across on the other side of the ice field and the weird griffon shaped shadow distinct upon the ground. Amongst that snow in little fragments of vivid blue are alpine plants in full bloom. Some are yellow, some are white and some are blue. There are also deep tracks in the snow that have only been partially filled in with the snow that look a lot like the ones you yourself are leaving which head for an area with clipped flowers before circling back to where they started. Oh and the view from here over the ocean are really something.

"I'll carry you if I have to!" Drake calls back down to Thea, as he hears she's fine. It's not an idle threat... but he often uses humor to mask any real fear, and this time is no exception. He gets to the flat surface, at least... and, getting back to his feet, takes a moment to take in the view that's in front of him. The shadows, the snow, the plants, and the sea... He waits at the edge, for Thea and the others to arrive, helping people as necessary, but Thea in particular. He checks to make sure she's fine before taking her under one arm, and gesturing to what's in front of them. "...Worth it, I'd say."

Medeia checks intellect at daunting. Medeia marginally fails.

Even Neilda, as it turns out, can take a moment to pause, breathing, eyes casting about the surround. When Thea emerges, she looks her friend over - laughs. "You're not supposed to get hurt, that's my job," she says, eyes blazing with the ocean they see. Her happy place. She turns, looks at the snow. "Let's follow the tracks. None of them look like he suddenly plummeted through a crevasse. Bodes well." The brains emerge.

Thea checks intellect and agriculture at daunting. Thea marginally fails.

Valerius checks intellect at daunting. Valerius fails.

Thea tightly grips Drake as he helps her up, grunting,"Carry me and I swear to Gods,"she threatens. Though a small smile appears regardlessly. Straigening, she brushes off whatever on her leathers, her face covered in scratches. "Sorry Nel. I thought we would switch things up a bit,"flashing her a wink as she too takes a moment to take in the view. "This is beautiful,"she exhales as she jogs over to the plants. Kneeling, she examines them with curiousness. "I don't---I don't know what they are. But they're not common, that's for sure. Have you ever seen them,"Thea asks Medeia.

The snow is only three or so foot deep at most up here. No risk of crevasse.

Haakon advises loudly, "Keep your fucking gloves on while cutting the blooms. Just in case this is where the Seawell sends folk he dislikes to pick poison plants, or some shit." That said, he steps to follow the tracks that preceded their arrival.

Haakon checks perception and survival at normal. Haakon marginally fails.

So. Much. Fucking. Snow. Medeia is struggling with this whole... movement thing. Getting to the flowers is kind of an ordeal, but she does get to them. Sadly, she shakes her head as she looks at Thea. "Never seen 'em in my life." She stares at the blue ones curiously. "We should take more than one blue one, just to be sure." There's a handkerchief in her bag she intends to roll the flowers in.

Valerius looks at the plants and is suddenly in a moment of /must collect all of them/ digging through his satchel. He comes across a bottle of wine and the paralyzer. both bottles. both could hold the flowers in one piece. He takes a moment looking at the two. "Anyone fancy a drink?" he calls out to noone in particular.

Neilda flashes a smile at Haakon, taps her nose. She's not picking plants - she's looking at the loop of the tracks, sorting out the comings and goings. "I wonder if he fell off the cliff," she says, which is a morale-booster. "Hmm." She follows Haakon, scans the water for signs of unusual tides, breaking, stuff that would indicate particular hazards.

Or flashes of debris. Clothing.

Medeia checks dexterity and agriculture at easy. Medeia is marginally successful.

Neilda checks perception and survival at normal. Neilda is marginally successful.

Thea agrees as she too starts to help dig. "No thanks,"she calls to Valerius. "Busy."

Drake takes a moment, as he's admiring the view, where he almost forgets what they're here to do. Medeia reminds him... blue flowers. "Ah. Right." Valerius is collecting a lot of different ones, but as soon as Medeia is at the point of getting a few, Drake trusts her to get the ones they are here to gather. He takes a moment, and sits. "I wouldn't turn a nip down," he says to Valerius, "But remember, we have to get back down in one piece, too. So let's not celebrate too much yet."

with no one responding to split the drink he drinks a good portion of the wine down, then is trying to clean the bottle with the towel as much as possible before grabbing at the flowers and stuffing them into the bottle.

Valerius takes a cotton towel embroidered with the Saik crest from a leather satchel with Malespero sigil on the flap.

It takes a while to track the route Arri took on his return back down apart from the rocks and snow around you but eventually Neilda manages to pick out traces of a recent rockfall and when she tracks it downwards she sees cloth - no a tent.

Medeia and Valerius' efforts to collect plants result in several specimens tucked away in empty wine bottles and padded backpacks. You wont know how well they have survived until you try to plant them.

And enough blue flowers for a potion or two. Probably.

Neilda pat-pat-pats Haakon's shoulder, leaning close to align her eyeline with his better, aim her arm so he can see what she sees. "Why's he still here?" she wonders. Then, brow drawing: "Where's his boat?" With a sudden concern, she starts walking, scanning the coast. Where's /their/ boat? Is their boat still there?

Thea glances at Valerius and Medeia, more worried about Valerius. "Don't--squish them. Be really careful!" She checks Deia too and exhales,"Right. Back down..."

Drake has somewhat lost sight of the fact that they were following behind someone, at least until Neilda reminds him of this fact. He takes a nip of wine offered to him by Valerius...but not enough that it would make him tipsy for the return trip. "Ah, right," he says as Neilda jogs his memory. He looks at Thea, and at Valerius. "I'm ready to head back down any time, unless ... we want to trail this other mystery first."

You cant see your ship from here but you left it under the command of its crew. Surely its fine. His boat was in sight when you anchored your own so surely its still there.. unless it was full of Seawell agents and you're now stranded up here forever with nothing to eat but gulls eggs, shellfish, and each other.

Getting to the top of the rockfall is again relatively easy with only a few slips and worries to make it lively. Getting down the rockfall will be more complicated but you can make it easier with rope. Now that you are closer you can see a (expired) fire by the tent and a booted foot poking out of the canvas.

On the other side of the rockslide there is a route neatly picked out with stakes and ropes, presumably Arri's work, which will make getting back down much easier.

Haakon peers where Nel points. "Hrm. Good eye.. Let's find out." A deep breath drawn, and the Prodigal booms, "Arri!" in the direction of the tent.

The boot moves! Withdrawing into the tent and then being replaced a while later with the head end of a rather unwell looking young man. He clearly opens his mouth to say something but you cant hear what it is.

Medeia checks strength and athletics at normal. Medeia fails.

Haakon looks back at Nel. "Well, he's not dead, yet." Looking back between Thea and Medeia, he wonders, "Which of you feels like a climb? Sick fucker down hill, over here."

Neilda checks strength and athletics at normal. Neilda is successful.

Haakon checks strength and athletics at normal. Haakon is marginally successful.

Drake checks strength and athletics at normal. Drake is successful.

"Both," Neilda suggests. "I don't want anyone with him alone. Not because he's an asshole, but - I don't know he's not an asshole." Even if he's a sick asshole.

"Can't we just tie the fuck off and lower them?" Valerius asks as he winces at pouring the rest of the wine out before taking a towel to it.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valerius before departing.

Drake assists in getting people down the rockslide, watching for Thea as she gets to the point of climbing down.

Medeia checks strength and medicine at hard. Medeia is marginally successful.

Thea checks strength and medicine at hard. Thea is marginally successful.

As Medeia and Thea work on the injured man it quickly becomes obvious that he isnt getting down the mountain, even with the ropes and such he left, without help. Someone is going to have to carry him.

Someone or someones, if you can work out a way to share the burden.

Thea checks wits and medicine at hard. Thea is successful.

Medeia is climbing again? Sure. At least she trusts the folks helping her. A lot. They're good folks. So down she goes, with Thea, to attend to Arri the Broken of Gruffshade Island. Turns out? Fella has a broken arm. But she has all the stuff needed to fix that! There's a scream. Not from, from Arri. It's okay though, his arm is reset and secured.

Valerius looks to Drake and then to the ropes, "Any ropes left? We can setup a drop, lift pulley to lower them?"

Haakon looks between Valerius and Drake, with a grimace. "You lot figure out what can be figured. I'll just lift and pull what you bid me aye?

Valerius checks strength at daunting. Valerius is marginally successful.

Neilda checks strength and athletics at normal. Neilda is marginally successful.

Drake is still up at the top, minding the rope here. "We'll see how they do first. I can always give a hand-up," he adds. "Then, we're on our way down." He checks the ropes to make sure they're sturdy.

Thea looks down and nods. "More climbing,"conforming. Getting ready, she shoots a thumbs up before she descends. Reaching the poor man, Thea gets to work on stitching and making sure he has what he needs, getting him ready to go up while Deia splints him.

Neilda checks stamina and athletics at normal. Critical Success! Neilda is spectacularly successful.

Valerius checks stamina and athleticis at hard. Valerius fails.

Valerius checks stamina and athletics at hard. Valerius is marginally successful.

Drake checks stamina and athletics at easy. Drake is successful.

Neilda - though perfectly confident in Haakon's ability - knows that the climb down is often harder than the climb back up. So she ties off to Haakon - hard work, but provides steady surety to his carry.

Haakon checks stamina and athletics at normal. Haakon is successful.

Haakon does his part in hauling weight, though the Prodigal looks with clear surprise at the muscle supplied to the endeavor by Valerius. "Damnation," the Eswynd mutters. "What did any body need me for? Who knew that wasting wine made the fop stronger than a fucking ox."

Drake chuckles at Haakon's quip. "Every strong arm helps, but... enjoy the view. It's a long trip back to the city, and you won't have sights like this there," he says. Though he does look, a second later, at the ladies. "Still lovely things to see, though, of course." Then he begins to sturdy himself for the trip back... "And some dinner awaiting us certainly."

Drake checks stamina and athletics at easy. Drake is successful.

Medeia checks stamina and athletics at easy. Medeia is successful.

Thea checks stamina and athletics at easy. Thea is successful.

Haakon checks stamina and athletics at easy. Haakon is successful.

The ropes you used to lower Thea and Medeia become extra useful when Valerius hauls an injured Arri up to the top of the rockslide and a little bit later Thea and Medeia. Theres nothing in the campsite that Arri cares about so that gets left behind.

After deciding that Haakon is going to carry Arri, with Neilda's assistance, down the marked out path. With ropes and pitons already set its a much easier descent than it was a climb even when the path once more descends into the clouds. It takes a long time, and the sun is starting to go down, by the time you reach the shore and manage to flag down your ship. Transferring to the ship comes next, something that the sensible resolve with rope ladders, (and the rest resolve by diving off the edge and swimming the distance) but you manage it and end up safely on board once more.

Armed with all the ingredients, all you need to do now, is get back to the Seawell settlement, brew the potion, and complete whatever ritual Rodal has in mind.

Thea listens to the men and snorts. "Are you guys done yet,"glancing at Haakon. "Guess all those muscles don't REALLY matter, do they..,"making her way back with the others, with only a SLIGHT limp.

Medeia makes it to the boat somehow, probably not by diving off of anything.

Valerius laughs at Haakon's comment, while lowering the sick one down. "You should try drinking with me sometime."

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