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Apothecary College Fundraiser

Come Dunk A Pravus, every attempt requires a donation of Econimic Writs. A master woodworker has provided a booth that holds water and a ledge that retracts when a target is struck. Bring your best archers, throwers to buy a chance to dunk a Pravus. There is a whisper that Nobility might be offering themselves up for a dunking! Come take part in this amazing fundraiser that will support the Alchemest's in aiding the war efforts.


Oct. 28, 2020, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Emberly Patrizio


Valencia Merek Orick Leena Gerrick Esme Rowenova Tarik Grimgar Noah



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - Main Hall

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Comments and Log

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: A dunking barrel is in the center of the room, the barrel is large enough for a person to stand within. A small ledge for the person to sit on and a target to be struck. There are sandbags near the booth for people to pick up.

Emberly stands near the barrel and she smiles to Patrizio "alright are you in whatever clothes you want to get all wet?" she asks him her eyes twinkling slightly "come one come all get in line to attempt to dunk a Pravus!" she calls out.. "Master Orick is here running a silent auction for masks...

Patrizio lurks to one side of the room, his hand curled about the cup of a wine glass by the bar, drinking as he's warily for a few minutes casting his gaze towards the dunk tank. There's an air of both amusement and inevitability about the thing as he's staring at his soon-to-be nemesis... and then the green eyes stray over the assembling crowd, who also clearly are included in the matter of 'nemesis'. At least for this evening.

Patrizio's brows bob to Emberly as he hears her. "You're assuming any of them will do it," he says with a bit of play to his tone. "I think I'm going home dry." A boast from the prince, clearly, but when his free hand rises to brush through his hair, it's clear it's all for show - he's aware of his role in this.

The Hart's main hall buzzes with anticipation. Even the Hart's staff cannot keep their eyes off the action as the oversized barrel is set up, now filled with water of questioning temperature. Vaelncia's eyes glimmer with good humour as she oversees her staff to ensure that all goes wll for Emberly, Orick and Patrizio's event.

Merek looks around while he enters the place, dark attire on along with the cloak which he takes off, then hands to the secretary he brought with him. There's a nod while he adjusts his beltcape, then finds a place to settle in.

Orick and his apprentice Gorty are standing near rear of the room beside a large booth painted in bright purples and pinks, "Come one and all, see what we have left before the Blood Moon rises." He gestures to the display case of masks and as a merry smile for anyone that wanders over to hand him a bid. "All proceeds go toward funding the college and get all us all supplied for the war efforts in the coming months."

Gorty, apprentice in bright yellow, whines out a thank you as he takes a sip of paper from Leena and places it in the auction box.

Leena mingles into the event wearing a fine purple gown wearing a silver necklace, and a couple of silver bangles. She meanders over to the mask display, writing down a number as the wolf seems to tickle her fancy. She hands over her bid to Orick "Good luck with your efforts, Professor." Looking to the dunk tank "I think your event is going to be quite successful. I hope you have a place to store all the money."

Maggie, a really fuzzy raccoon, Princess Fluffy Tube, a ferret, Lucky Wagglesworth Von Greathound, a mastiff pup arrive, following Gerrick.

Patrizio seems to be considering the crowd as they flow in, watching the milling about the auction stand as he's taking a breath, and... is he stretching? Of course the Pravus prince is stretching, not that he's going to be doing any dodging today. "You /have/ tested the booth before this, right?" he asks Emberly.

A bright smile is offered to Merek and Leena as they arrive and another to Orick, her dark eyes looking at the masks with utter delight. "Lovely," Valenic says to herself as if considering a bid or two. Turning back she gives Emberly a little wink if she can happen to catch the lady's eye as she sets up for the prince's dunking.

"The College appreciates your donation." Orick intones to Leena and he decides not to comment on the quip about money, only inclining his head in a modest and silent agreement.

Emberly smiles to Patrizio "it was made by a master carpenter but yes its holding the water fine and the shelf moves when the target moves, see?" she brings him over so he can get a feel for how it works. "you should also be able to stand up in it.."

Gerrick wanders into the Hart, more seeking a drink, completely oblivious to that there might be an event being held tonight.

"You make it sound like I'm going to be dancing for the crowd," Patrizio quips as he's briefly considering the booth. "That'd require far larger donations. And alcohol for me. And a band. And for my arch-duchess not to potentially catch me doing that, because I rather like having my cushy rooms to sleep in."

Noting that Leena has her eye on the wolf mask, Valencia frowns and draws in a breath. She turns to eye the other pieces again. A glance to the action in the center of the room draws he attention back again. "I would never wish to disrespect a prince of Pravus, but I will happily offer a donation in honour of his bravery in taking up the challenge of charity," she calls out. "Are throws made by donation, my lady?" she asks with a look to Emberly for direction.

Emberly laughs a little as she looks over to Patrizio then she looks around her eyes alight. "Thank you for coming to support the college. For a donation of your choosing you get three chances to dunk our esteemed prince." she says her eyes flickering happily. "Where is your family?" she asks as she laughs deeply. "it is to no disrespect if you try!"

Gerrick has joined the shadowy alcove.

Orick is paying attention to the conversation about the dunking booth while he multitasks donations and he asides pointedly to his apprentice, "If the Prince doesn't want be dunked, you're going in there."

Gorty squirms and looks upset about the development, going so far as to whine out a put upon, "Oh geeze, Orick..."

Patrizio turns his jade eyes towards Orick when he hears the matter of suggesting that the apothecary college's representative's about to send his aide in there, and... there's a huff from him. "Are you impugning my honour?" Asks he, in a voice that's two-fifths offended, and three-fifths bad-play-acting, as he puffs himself up. And with that, the prince takes off his boots, moves directly and distinctly to mount the booth - with a wary glance at that arm with the target once more - and climbs up onto the seat.

Valencia looks to see who is lining up, but it would seem that many feel shy about the dipping of the Prince so early. She smiles a little to herself and calls out. "The work the college does in remarkable and their efforts I'm sure will help many. I will pledge 50,000 silver to help without giving the poor Prince a soaking, for as gracious as he is to offer, I haven't the arm for it," she smiles to Patrizio, Orick and Emberly. "Who will take my silver, please?"

Orick has a special lock box for the donations and he accepts the silver from Valencia with a gracious smile as he states, "We're most gracious, it is our hope that these donations can help turn the tide of the coming war, it will be good to have our Compact's fleets stocked with all the amenities they need for success. Every thousand silver is another ship better prepared to survive the war."

The Professor and his apprentice both applaud when the Prince takes his boots off and moves to the booth.

Leena grabs a wine from one of the servers passing by, taking a sip as she wanders over to the dunking tank, looking over the construction as she moves around it. Hmmn. "I've never considered such a contraption before..." she muses to herself. "Is this kind of thing used by the military somehow to interrogate prisoners? I don't see any other practical use for this..whole apparatus."

Patrizio wriggles where he's seated atop the dunk-bench, his hands straying for a few moments to make sure of where he's situated, and where the action of the device is so that he's not going to get his fingers caught, as the expression on his face says it all - he came home from Pieros in one piece, and he's not going to get a war story out of losing a finger in a dunk tank. "Interrogating would imply there's something you want out of me, my lady," he says to Leena as she's contemplating it. "And I've seen the horrors of war, so I think I can handle a few dousings, not that I think I'm going in."

"The more prepared the better," Valencia smiles to Orick and nods before instructing the little buxom brunette barmaid known as Lizette to secure the donation for him. "I will take another little look at your masks as well, sir. I have feeling my purse and heart will be a little lighter for helping this and the many causes to come with regard to the war. Thank you for your work on this, truly, sir."

Emberly looks to Leena "there is no practical use Lady Leena." she shrugs "just a game of amusement, would you like to try?" she pauses and she smiles a little looking over to Patrizio "too bad Princess Ophelia could not make it" she laughs deeply

"Ah, I often rely on my students in the peerage to bring attention to important causes with fundraisers such as this, Lady Emberly has been an exemplary student and a very reliable donator... we're all honored to have in the College. Its her expertise that could arrange so fun an evening and she has a sharp mind for the future too." Orick slow nods and watches the dunking booth from afar with an effervescent smile on as his face as he muses, "It does look fun." He glances back down when Valencia asks him about the masks and politely gestures to the opening bids list, "We're looking for opening bid near retail value but I will accept any numbers for consideration."

"Ah, if that is so, then I will withdraw and leave it to others then. My apologizes for misunderstanding the rules of the procedure," Valencia blushes and steps back again. "If you will pardon me. Must see to my staff."

Joy, the advisor of roses arrives, following Esme.

"Not too bad for me, if she's skilled in the way that you're implying," Patrizio quips back at Emberly. His feet swing beneath the seat, skimming the water as if he's almost checking the temperature, before there's a chuckle and a shake of his head. "I think I'm going home dry. I genuinely do."

Gerrick has left the shadowy alcove.

Maggie, a really fuzzy raccoon have been dismissed.

Princess Fluffy Tube, a ferret have been dismissed.

Lucky Wagglesworth Von Greathound, a mastiff pup have been dismissed.

Emberly calls out "welcome to the event!" she calls out, please get in line to attempt to dunk a prince, he is all ready and wiling for the dunking to occur." she says as she looks to Patrizio "I think that everyone is scared M'prince." she says giggling.

Esme saunters into the area with a bright smile. "We have time to stop in for a few moments." This is offered to her advisor, Joy. Esme's emerald eyes light up as she looks around. It's clear she's trying to determine who all is running it. "There is a dunking of a prince?" A smile curves up her features as Joy hands her a missive. It is quickly skimmed.

Leena raises a brow at Patrizio "Oh? Perhaps I do want something from you? It would be a shame to wet down that lovely dapper hair of yours." Her attention is drawn by Emberly with a soft chuckle "Oh, I can draft, build, design, all manner of things. I cannot however, throw something into that target. I am far more likely to hit you by accident. Besides.." She inclines her hand out towards Patrazio "The hair, how could we ruin that hair? It would be quite the shame would it not?"

From the shadowy alcove, Nova leans back from her writing supplies as well as a broad spread of various foods. Sir Flop sits beside her, chinning her lap whilst they watch the goings on. Though, he moves when Nova begins to do the same, and they make their way to the line after Emberly's call for game participants.

"Someone bring that very dry Prince some ale or brandy!" Orick calls out from his position by the auction booth, laughing easily after and then giving his apprentice (who is also laughing) a gruff little shove, saying more softly, "You. I meant you, go get that Prince a drink."

Promptly, Gorty scurries off to get within calling distance of the booth (but out of target range) as he croaks out in his nasal voice, "Can I get you a drink, Your Highness?"

Rowenova has joined the line.

Tarik finishes up his watch and rushes to the Golden Hart to support his favorite alchemist. Upon entering the Golden Hart, he heads over to Sir Floppington.

Tarik has joined the wildcard table.

It's not just the hair - it's also the well-trimmed beard and the fabulously plucked eyebrows, and the stunningly jade eyes that Patrizio has to turn to Leena when she's protesting that she'd daren't do it. "I've had worse things thrown at me in my life, my lady," he says back with that million-watt smile of his, even as he's shifting more comfortably back on the seat - he's confident he's not going in, indeed. "But it's alright. Hair such as mine /is/ quite the burden to bear, and perhaps Lady Farshaw ought be auctioning off more the chance for others to gaze upon its perfection." If he can't raise money for people throwing at the target, he'll find another tact - it's what a knight does, find a way to pluck victory from the jaws of defeat.

Sir Floppington happily greets Tarik, doing so with his soulful eyes showing that he is meeting someone he loves. Nova veers from the game line to go and give Tarik a quick hug and a cheek kiss. "Gonna try the game. Are you?"

Emberly checks Dexterity and archery at hard. Emberly is marginally successful.

Gorty comes back over to stand near Orick dejectedly when he doesn't get a response from the Prince about ale. Orick asides to Gorty, "Yes, well, I would tune you out too if your mother didn't pay me so well.." As it was all to be expected.

Orick turns his attention back on the room calling out about the masks, "One of a kind masks, all proceeds from tonight will help supply Arvani Fleets with Apothecary College supplies."

Emberly tosses a sandbag at the target because she can and its her event, and ... the Prince was talking about keeping his hair dry. The bag.. wizzes through the air and she laughs dropping her other two bags. The lever is hit just enough to cause the Pravus princ's shelf to drop him into the barrel below

"I am terrible at throwing things." Tarik laughs, "But, how can I refuse you, my love." Tarik stops petting Sir Floppington and gets in line to throw.

Tarik has joined the line.

Nova gives Sir Flop a pet, too, and then they both move alongside Tarik to go to where the line is. "Who knows. You might get lucky cause you hugged me today." Then, she wolfishly grins before picking up a sand bag and lightly bouncing that in the palm of her gloved hand.

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Patrizio is clearly in the midst of doing some more trash-talk when there's that sound of the bag hitting the target, and... not even enough time, indeed, for the prince to look to see who'd thrown the bag at the target, before the seat's dropping out from beneath him. A loud whooOOOOOPP!! slides from his throat before he's dropping, before his body hits the water with a large splash. And moments later, he's cresting the water again, both hands coming up to brush back that gorgeous mane of his, before he's resetting the seat and hopping back up. And another drag of both hands through it to squeeze the water out, before there's a cocky smirk at Emberly. "Takes more than one dousing for me to look like some drowned rat," he shoots back. "Not that any of these others'll do it."

Though he does cast a look to Orick and Gorty. Maybe he should've gotten that drink before getting dropped in.

Turn in line: Rowenova

Esme watches Patrizio go down in the water and then she laughs fully. The sound is full of joy, but her attention is taken by Sir Flop. It is that critter that Esme moves over to and drops down to attempt to pet. "Greetings, Nova." That is given to the woman but focus on the dog.

Emberly grins a little and she looks back to the line slowly forming "oh good!" she says "please hand your donation over, you get three chances, but the first to hit forfits the others." she laughs

Leena gasps loudly "The hair! The beautiful, wonderful hair!" She smiles, taking a long sip of wine. "My my. He survives..but that hair..oh, how it won't be quite the same till after another good styling." tsk tsk. "A shame really."

Valencia is overheard praising Patrizio: A generous man with an even more generous mane! Impressed to see a man give so much of himself to raise silver for charity.

Emberly is overheard praising Patrizio.

With her free hand, Nova pulls a coin purse from her inner cloak pocket before gently tossing that to the table where the mix of donations seem to be. Then, Nova does a bit of a spin as she says, "Hello, Lady Esme." Then, on the E of what she says, she lets the sand bag she had been holding fly toward the dunking target! Meanwhile, Sir Flop happily greets the devotion, so soulfully!

Rowenova checks dexterity and archery at hard. Critical Success! Rowenova is spectacularly successful.

Emberly is overheard praising Patrizio: For allowing himself to be dunked for charity

Orick cheers the dunking from over by his Silent Auction booth and he seems more than content to watch the show and casually attend to the bidding on the side.

Esme is overheard praising Emberly.

Esme is overheard praising Rowenova.

There is a soft gasp and then a cheer as Patrizio meets the water. Toasts from the Harts' staff are called out to the Prince of Pravus, apparently impressed when his magnficient hair meets the wet. The room cheers as well and here are playful smiles and little jests tossed about as Rowenova rises to take up the cause with a beanbag herself. Valencia smiles and raises a glass to the man in the tank, who seems to be taking this all with remarkable good cheer and grace.

Esme is overheard praising Patrizio.

Patrizio drips - liberally - from where he's sitting on the bench over the tank, and while there's a hint of colour that's touching his cheeks, he's clearly still determined to have a good time as his feet swing beneath him. When he does see that Rowenova's come to the fore to take her turn in trying to douse him, he's rising to the bait, his fingers curled at the front of the bench. "And what are you going to...."

Someone, along the line, clearly did not teach Patrizio about the consequences of his actions. Or, perhaps based on the grin on his features, he's learned the lesson quite, quite well indeed. The goading is silenced quickly enough because the chair drops out from beneath him, and with a loud - overloud, perhaps - shriek, the Pravus prince disappears once more into the not-so-deep drink beneath him with a great splash. And up he comes again to toss his head back and let those gorgeous tresses of his fly about before he's squeezing the water from them. "See, that's how it's done," he calls out, as if to get the others to hop in line too.

Turn in line: Tarik

Esme watches the magical bobbing Pravus Prince. There is a laugh again as he goes under the water. "Oh, his poor hair." She smiles in an illuminating way towards Nova but she's taken with the soulful cuddling of Sir Flop currently. There is a clap to those that participate though.

Emberly laughs a little as she listens to those exclaim such about the princes hair, she chuckles "step up step up for a donation you may attempt to dunk the Pravus prince!.. grab a sandbag and toss it at the target!"

Tarik checks dexterity and archery at hard. Tarik marginally fails.

As that shriek escapes Patrizio, Nova lets out a hearty laugh of the North as she follows through with the spin she used to pitch the sandbag. Afterwards, she looks to Sir Flop and gives him a pattening on his back as he enjoys the attention from Esme. You can bet that so many wags are happening right now. Though, she lifts her cobalt-blue eyes within the shade of her wolfy pelt, so she can take in the view of Tarik and his throw.

Tarik checks dexterity and archery at hard. Tarik is successful.

Esme is overheard praising Tarik.

Grimgar wanders in having heard something was happening here. The giant blonde prince strolls in casually peering about with a look of mild curiousity. He blinks as he sees people apparently trying to dunk a prince?! He chuckles in amusement.

Valencia sends something warm and tasty from the bar to keep Patrizio's spirits high, despite there being no sign that he will dry out anytime soon with the sharp shooting tossers in the room. Large dark eyes drift to the newly arrived Grimgar and she offers a smile and a graceful incline of head to welcome him warmly to the chartitable event.

Leena thanks those running the event and makes her way out for another engagement, it was great fun!

After whistling admiration for Rowenova's throw followed by a wink, "And that is why I love you!" Tarik bounces the bean bag in his left hand before tossing it towards the target, when it goes over the target, he lets out a nervous laugh. "Obviously, you do not love me for the same reasons... Tarik picks up another bean bag, deciding to throw with his right hand this time at the target. When the bean bag hits the target, he smiles again at Rowenova, "That is only because I hugged you.

Joy, the advisor of roses leaves, following Esme.

That he's dripping has not apparently soaked any of the enthusiasm Patrizio's putting out. His feet are swinging - those bare toes skimming the rippling water - when he's watching Tarik step up to the line with the bags. "Gonna try to get me in the drink, good sir?" He says with a voice that's verging into sing-song, as if he's not already twice ended up heading down to not-so-briny deep beneath him. The first one sails by the target and he lets out a laugh, but when the second hits and the seat drops, this time there's no shout, but a splash that has the water spattering all around the tank as the prince disappears into it.

"A good throw, indeed," chirps the prince, before he's setting the seat back in place, and hopping up onto it as springily as before. His head thrashes for a moment as he's shaking out some of the water, and then he's looking ready for the next comer.

Merek seems to wait along for his turn while he watches people succeed.

Turn in line: Merek


Grimgar stands off to one side observing the wet form of Patrizio with a good natured smile. His eyes wander to the others after a while watching those throwing with a tilt of his head.

After what all Tarik says, Nova smiles softly. "I do love you, though, and beyond what I can articulate most of the time. Sometimes, I get lucky after hugging you, and then I can speak some things, but you are definitely better than I am at that sorta thing." She ultimately explained how they both have their different strengths. "That was a good throw, Tarik." She gives him a squeeze to his shoulder in congratulations!

"We have masks for every taste, are you looking for something fearsome? Why not try The Wicked Imp or The Departed Bull!" Orick is a narrow shouldered fellow standing near a booth with prices and information about a silent auction. "One of a kind masks, be prepared for the Blood Moon. Make a bid tonight, have your mask by morning!"

Noah strides into the building as if he owns it and then he stops. Noah just stops as he sees the people. One brow sketches up above his left eye for a second before he moves towards Valencia. A baritone comment of, "Why are so many people here?"

Emberly laughs a little as she smiles deeply as she watches her line, "come one and come all to try your hand at dunking the prince Pravus!" she calls out and she laughs deeply her eyes shifting as she looks onto the next thrower. "Dont forget we have an auction going on as well!"

Merek checks dexterity and archery at hard. Merek fails.

Merek checks dexterity and archery at hard. Merek marginally fails.

Merek checks dexterity and archery at hard. Merek is marginally successful.

Rowenova says, "We are fighting for our right to party, that's why."

Merek walks forward while he finds the bags which he needs to dunk with, then he aims while he waits, nodding a bit. Then he tries to dunk Patrizio. It takes all three of the tries to succeed, but eventually he would manage!

At Noah's approach, the little vixen glances up and her smile breaks and curls her lips again. Even so, Emberly starts her call to invite all to try their luck at sending the Prince of Pravus for another dip in the oversized barrel upon the staging. "Ah, my dearest Prince Noah, how lovely to see you," Valencia smiles offering the man a warm greeitng and a delicate hand. "It is a charity event to help Professor Orick and the Apothecary College prepare our ships for the coming battles. Would you care to make a donation and show of support?"

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Valencia has joined the a handsome wooden bar with steel footrest and swivel barstools.

Patrizio looks over for a moment towards the bar, towards its fabulous liquor cabinet and the promise of some of that heated, mulled wine that he's enjoyed over the winter while in the stone pools further back in the recesses of the Golden Hart. And then that head comes forward to consider Merek as he's lobbing the first of the bags past his target. "Come now, good sir. You can do far better than that," chides the prince as he's clearly enjoying his turn as a heel for the moment. But when the second goes past, there's a lift of those immaculate - if wet - brows of his, and the green eyes watch him. "Perhaps not."

Which is clearly speaking too soon, as the third one does find the target, and he's on his way water-wards again with another of those loud yelps that all but echoes off the rafters before it's silenced by his entry into the liquid world beneath him. And the splash that comes free when he's popping through the surface again, before those hands put his hair back into a mostly-still-beautiful state atop his head, and he's setting back up on the chair. "A good toss, indeed."

Noah drops his blue eyes towards Valencia's hand and then takes it. There is a moment as if he's not certain what to do, so he pats it lightly and lets it go. "Oh. We are raising funds. How much have we raised so far?" He looks over at the masks and then towards the dunk tank. His lips curve up in a slight smirk before he nods his head. "Perhaps."

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, delivering a message to Noah before departing.

Emberly looks over to Noah and she looks to the Masks "there is an auction and you can donate to attempt to dunk the prince if youve got the nerve, or the hand... or one of your guards has a hand to do so."

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, delivering a message to Noah before departing.

A little Lycene princess looks up at Noah with another grin. "A am not sure of the current total, but certainly more is better, yes? The masks are very beautiful as well," Valencia notes nodding to Orick's display. "Remarkable art. You should take a look. Especially if you are wishing to go to the masquerade." Another smile is offered to Emberly. "She is doing a lovely job, isn't she. As is the Prince of Pravus. He is a remarkable man I think to do this. No many would I suspect."

Emberly smiles a little as she smiles at everyone "thank you for showing up... this is the last call on the Masks and for dunking, or for donations! We will come up with the total sum we have raised soon!" she looks to Patrizio "thank you for allowing people to toss the sandbags at you dearest prince!"

Noah looks over at the masks. "They seem so --" The words trail off. "Happy. Well done though." He agrees before he looks at the others in the room. His blue eyes sweep over Emberly and then back to Valencia. A shake of his head. "So this is what you find remarkable?" He nods his head. "Women." The messenger seems to come to him and a smirk fills his features again. "I think I need a drink."

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, delivering a message to Noah before departing.

Noah has joined the a handsome wooden bar with steel footrest and swivel barstools.

Patrizio looks quite hopeful that he's not going in again, even as he's laughing a bit once more. "C'mon, you lords and ladies can't be holding your fear of missing the target away from helping the apothecary college," he chides out loudly, looking about the room. "Think of how it'll help with the war effort and beyond.'

Orick nods to Noah as he explains easily, "Yes, well, this is some of my left over stock and some student work, I will admit... I had made a fox for the auction tonight but the poor mask never made it out of my shop. Bought in seconds."

Noah offers a bit under his breath, but audibly, "A fox will try to charm you out of silver."

The last tosser has stood to throw at their target and Valencia smiles."That he would do this to help, is rather remarkable, yes. That he should try to make a difference, most certainly so," Valencia smile again to Noah before turning she politely excuses herself from his side to bring Patrizio some large warm, fluffy towels as he escape the barrel. "Thank you for doing this, Prince Patrizio. It was a kind thing. Many will benefit thanks to your work and that of Lady Embery and Professor Orick. Thank you so much," she smiles as she offers him the warm dry towels.

Valencia is overheard praising Emberly: Making the Hart proud by supporting good causes.

Valencia is overheard praising Orick: A talented professor in many ways. This important work will most certainly make a difference to the war effort.

Patrizio looks to see that there's no one waiting in line there, and there's a laugh that slides from him, while there's the discussion going on at the booth about the masks. His jade eyes shift to Emberly where she's collecting those bids for the chance to throw, and the Pravus prince is already hoisting himself off the bench, swinging his feet carefully to the outside so that he's coming feet-first down into one of the puddles rather than making more of a mess. "You're very gracious to bring me a towel," he says to Valencia with a laugh. And a mischievous smile finds him, before he's wrapping his arms about her, and there's a playful murmur. "If I can't get you to get wet in the pool save for wagers or whatnot, this will have to suffice for now."

As others are starting to collect their things, Orick hails to the room, "Any pieces that sold tonight will be shipped out first thing in the morning and all unsold pieces can be found on the shelf at A Taste of Tor." Then he gestures to Emberly and Valencia, "The Apothecary College would like to thank everyone who donated this evening we raised close to 450,000 silver and a few thousand writs. It will all be put to good use and will fund the war effort."

Silent Auction Booth - Win, One of a Kind Masks is now unlocked.

Orick takes A Wolf Mask from Silent Auction Booth - Win, One of a Kind Masks.

Merek nods a bit to Patrizio, "Thank you!" he states, clearly he meant to make it upon third try.

Noah nods to the amount raised and looks at the masks and then towards the booth with an thoughtful scan. He seems easily reclined for now against the bar as his blue eyes scan the area.

Emberly nods her head a little as she smiles to Orick, "thank you all for coming! everyone will get a partygift lateron!"

A soft squeak and wide eyes meet the prince's unexpected embrace. "Oh no! Please! My dress!" she begins to back away, but is swept up into Patrizio's wet arms with a laugh. There's a little wriggle as she tries to break free at first, but soon she settles and hugs the prince back seeming happy for his, Emberly and Orick's success. "You, my prince, are all wet," she laughs and hugs him back. "Congratulations, sir. But do not think this stands for our bet, highness. I intended to win our wager, sir. But truly, thank you for this and all that you will do. It was kind."

Patrizio laughs good-naturedly when he's letting the hostess of the Hart slide free from him, if only also in the service of lifting the fluffy warmed towel to wrap it about himself. His lips easily turning to a smile as he's making a sound. "Though I shall stay respectable, I assure you on my honour as a Sin." He laughs again, and then there's the slight shuffle over to Emberly and Orick. "Four hundred fifty thousand is quite the sum, my lady, my lord. I hope it does a great deal of good in the dark days to come, and for years beyond that still."

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