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Consecration of the Intrepid

Prior to her maiden voyage, the Legate Aureth Greyhope will be overseeing the consecration ceremony of Lord Dycard Blackshore's new caravel, The Intrepid, in the spirit of the First Choice. Transportation will be provided from the docks to get aboard the ship and all are welcome to attend. Food and drink will be provided if any wish to linger aboard though it is to be noted that the ship will still be undergoing her initial fitting and after the ceremony the crew will be hard at work ensuring she is ready to sail toward the Saffron Chain.


Oct. 19, 2020, 4:30 p.m.

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Rowynna Evaristo Merek Ian Hamish Romulius Korka Wash Emberly Aedric Domonico Camilla



Arx - The Intrepid - Main Deck

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Jayne, Burly Sailor, Oakshed, an aged and white haired valet arrive, following Wash.

Striding about the deck of The Intrepid in full regalia, Dycard doesn't seem particularly focused on greeting any one person - instead, he drifts from one clump of sailors to the other, laughing and joking with his crew in celebration of the ships consecration. Were it not for his ridiculously peacockish hat and the cloak and overcoat draped from his shoulders, he may have been indistinguishable from any other crewmen due to the uniform he seems to have enforced. Making his way toward the gangplank, he begins to greet people just arriving in a jovial manner, a mug of ale in his free hand as he shakes hands and claps shoulders.

Frogshield, the Oathlander battle turtle, Lady Astraea, a provincial Oathlander arrive, following Damiana.

Rowynna has already intalled herself where people are boarding, and she smiles at Dycard when he comes over. "It's going so well," she smiles. "You ought to be proud. I know that I am." She wears a thick cloak of white fox fur that, if anything, makes her look more fragile than she actually is, with strands of black and white hair that have escaped from the depths of her hood dance capriciously about her head. She does well to deftly trap the majority of them with the nimble fingers of one hand, and directs people onwards with the others. "Welcome aboard. Thank you for coming. Enjoy the food, and help yourselves to whichever drink is your preference." The usually reluctant bookworm has eased herself out of her shell, if only a little, for today's consecration.

Evaristo filters in with some other people, already taken in by the cheerful, festive atmosphere. He pauses and takes a wide-eyed stare around the caravel, looking nothing less than covetous for a moment before he smiles brightly, giving Dycard a wave. "Lord Dycar! What a SHIP! I... might never leave," he jokes, and then bows to him and to Rowynna, before he shamelessly grabs a large heap of food and a drink.

Merek was Admiral of the Iron Guard, which means the man would like to see the procession for the new ship. He wears dark attire along with a belt, as well as a cloak about him for the weather. In light snow it seems like he's enjoying himself, keeping to himself.

Ian isn't the most steady on his feet on the shifting deck of a ship, despite his clear familiarity with the environment. He keeps one hand on a rail, or a taut line, or some other item with whick he can keep himself steady -- and feel the motion of the deck -- at all times.

"...sure there's going to be plenty to drink," says Blessed Hamish Farmer, who walks up o nto the deck of the Intrepid to his companion and plus one, Korka Glynn. "Mangata blesses ships and alcohol, so the two are linked. Also storms, but let's hope for none of those today. It's cold enough as it is." On seeing Evaristo he pauses to give the First Harlequin of Endings a friendly nod and comments, "Nice boots."

Striding his way aboard the Intrepid, the elder Blackshore brother seems to have escaped dressing himself in anything approaching the crew's strange attire, preferring his usual leather outerwear. At his side is Lady Emberly Farshaw, the Oathlander's fair skin, fiery hair, and bright attire a stark contrast to Romulius. Clapping his brother on the shoulder, he leans forward to whisper something into his ear before offering a smile and a nod to his cousin. He exchanges familiar greetings with the crew, making a course for Orrick at the chef's station, Lady Farshaw in tow.

"What about sharks?" Korka asks, looking around with the expression of someone that doesn't often find herself on the deck of a ship, "Wasn't Lady Medeia talking about some sharks that someone married or something? I was pretty drunk."

Rowynna stands on the tips of her toes to dot a kiss to Romulius' cheek. "Cousin. Lady Farshaw. It's so exciting, don't you think?" Perhaps one of the reasons that she's installed herself as one of the greeters is that it forestalls her actually having to get into deep conversation with anyone too quickly, and smiles are bestowed upon Evaristo and Hamish as they alight and move through.

Wash hangs out by Ian, because he has no other obligations at the moment, he's just here to give his respects to the ship.

Offering the Grand Admiral a slight bow at his arrival, and then ensuring he provides other guests with their due diligence, Dycard grins as he offers Lord Ian a steadying hand and a murmur. At Evaristo's comment he lets out a laugh, taking a swig from his own mug as the man shuffles off, "Careful, First Harlequin - you might find yourself First Mate!" he calls after him, before his grin widens at his elder brother's comment. "Father Hamish, welcome - I assure you, there -will- be plenty to drink, and hopefully an absence of shark, unless it's on Orrick's skewer,"

Emberly smiles a bit as she walks beside the eldest Blackshore, her dress billows in the wind and she takes a deep intake of the salty air as she looks about. Her fingers take only enough that she can balance on one plate in one hand. "I hope there is some good hot drinks, its mighty cold out here." she smiles then as Rowynna kisses cheeks and she smiles brightly.. "I am happy for Blackshores fine ship."

"Wash." Ian doesn't exactly brighten when Wash joins him, but he briefly straightens out of his comfortable slouch, and that's basically the same thing, right? "Glad you could make it. Did you ever get a chance to meet Lord Dycard?" Lord Dycard, who fortunately comes over right about now to keep a slight shifting of the deck from tilting Ian off his feet.

"Yeah?" Evaristo replies, and makes sure to stand so his boots are very visible. "They're amazing, yes," he says without any humble bone in his body. He winks at Korka, maybe cause he hopes it will annoy her, then replies to Dycard; "If Archlector Hamish gets tired of me, maybe I'll end up here as first mate!" He turns bows upon other nobility arriving, smiling charming and happy.

"We're acquainted." Wash says. "He told me about the Intrepid's launch. I figured the least I could do was show up and drink his alcohol."

"Exciting times, indeed. The First Choice will be a fine guardian of the vessel." He is quick to return Rowynna's greeting with a kiss to her forehead, making his way away from the busy gankplank. Navigating the crowd with all the grace of a captain well-used to a busy deck, he is careful not to leave Emberly too far behind as he approaches Ian and Wash, giving the pair a polite bow. "Lords Kennex - good to see you, as always." He gently pulls his companion forward. "Might I introduce Lady Emberly Farshaw?"

"... Drink his alcohol and spend some time on a ship." Ian knows Wash too well. Brother from another mother and all. He nods to Romulius and Emberly. "I think we've met. At Lord Dycard's gathering? I think I have that coin in my pocket somewhere."

Grimacing to himself, Dycard begins to pad toward the bow of the ship, the first signs of disquiet growing on his person as he swept about from one clump of guest to the next on a course toward the figurehead. Despite his growing focus on the task at hand, he manages to stop near Orrick to refill his mug from a keg, stealing a skewer of squid and offering his bosun a quiet thanks.

"There might be sharks," says Hamish helpfully. "But if so they probably won't be on deck, and unless something goes very wrong you shouldn't be going in the water." Hamish offers a nod to Rowynna. "My lady." And then to Dycard, "Of course, my lord. I'll direct the Inquisitor to seek out the skewers momentarily. There is probably some novelty to eating a shark rather than it eating you." When Evaristo mentions leaving to become the first mate he brightens. "I didn't even know that was an option!"

Emberly tries to keep up with Romulius as she carries her food, and she smiles to the Kennex lord. her blue orbs glittering and she nods her head to Ian. "Indeed, indeed, you are the one with the fine drink." she grins to Ian as she looks over to Romulius "the Kennex always have great drink." she says to him happily as she picks a bit of food off her plate.

Frogshield, the Oathlander battle turtle have been dismissed.

Lady Astraea, a provincial Oathlander have been dismissed.

"My pleasure to be formally introduced." Wash says, bowing to Emberly politely. "Farshaw is halfway around the world or I would have visited it. I have been impressed regularly by it's sailors and leaders."

"Oh no, you're not getting rid of me THAT easy," Evaristo says, shooting Hamish a mock-glare. He washes down some food with a large gulp of his drink, curiously gazing around at the gathered crowd, constantly with a mischievous smirk and eyes that glitter. "Maybe if the Harlequins get their OWN caravel and I captain it?" he says. "Can we get a caravel? Can we?" he asks of Hamish.

Ian gives an amused huff of air at Emberly's observation. "I guess everyone has to be known for something."

As the influx of guests dies to a trickle, Rowynna drifts towards the food and the drink. "Thank you," This to Orrick who's saved her one of the choicest of skewers. She's presented it on a plate with some strange-looking sauce poured over it, and she holds it carefully in her hand as she makes her way over to join some of the others. "Lady Rowynna Blackshore," she makes her introduction to both Hamish and Evaristo, standing in the lee of them both so the wind doesn't tug at her cloak.

"There are no more impressive sailors than you, Lord Wash, if Lord Ian is to be believed." Romulius gives a playful grin at that, continuing, "And fine drink is as noble a banner to raise as any."

"Ian is not known to lie." Wash points out. "But in this case he is probably being modest."

Casting a glance across the crowd, Dycard finally makes his way toward the forecastle, mounting the steps and turning toward the assembled masses. His crew begin to grow quiet - sailors shushing bawdy wenches - and pad toward the front of the ship as their captain removes his hat and bows low over the stair, "Ladies and gentlemen, assembled members of the peerage! Thank you for joining us in this momentous occasion as we have the opportunity to pledge The Intrepid to service in the name of Thrax, the Compact, and the First Choice! I welcome you all to join me in reverence to Skald as Blessed Hamish Farmer leads us in prayer and dedication to permit this vessel - built by the hard work of all Islanders - a chance to serve the ideas of freedom and egalitarianism on the high seas!"

Ian looks like he's about to dispute Wash's assertion about his modesty, but Dycard starts talking, so he turns to listen to the Blackshore Lord instead.

"Maybe you could be first in the water as well," Korka replies helpfully to Evaristo, giving him a wink as well but somehow hers is less flirty and maybe a threat? Luckily she's then moving on, gaze sweeping over the crowd that's assembled and attention turning to Dycard as he starts his speech.

Evaristo looks delighted as Rowynna approaches and introduces herself; he bows deeply once more. "Lady Rowynna Blackshore, you look amazing," he tells her with open admiration. "A pleasure to meet you. I am First Harlequin Evaristo Arterius, also captain of my own little ship, a cog called The Webbed Wheel," he explains. "I-" He stops and quiets, turning towards Dycard but making sure to not block Rowynna's view, giving her an apologetic smile as he focuses on Dycard.

A faint wash of colour paints its way across Rowynna's pale complexion at the compliment Evaristo pays her. "Oh. I... Thank you..." she smiles, awkward in the extreme. But attention is snagged by Dycard's announcement and so with one hand pressed to the top of her hood to prevent it blowing from her head in the stiff offshore breeze, she turns to watch her cousin.

Aedric arrives as Dycard begins his introductions, content to remain faceless amongst the crowd of assembled sailors, merchants, lords, and emissaries of the Faith. Right wrist is clasped casually by left gauntlet behind his cloak, cold cerulean gaze fixed upon the forecastle.

Nyx arrives, following Camilla.

Hamish grabs himself a glass of wine as he walks up to the head of the crowd. He waits for the chatter to die down a bit, then speaks. "It is through Jayus that this ship was built. The Prince of Craft guided the hands of the Isles artisan to keep those who would sail on her safe. They worked trees that had been given unto them by the grace of Petrichor, the Lord of the Deep Woods, from whose shores this ship will sail and gods willing to whose shore it will return. In sailing this Intrepid and its crew will know the favor of Mangata and see the breadth of her works. She will bring the favorable wind and the kind waters and when neither are possible we pray that she will do what she can to keep those aboard alive. So today we thank all of the gods whose presence was felt or will be felt during the life of this ship, from the first dreamer who looked at a log and saw what could be to the coffers that will be filled by the grace of Gild. And bless its crew, who have chosen to dedicate their service to the freedom of the First Choice. By the grace of those gods, we dedicate the purpose of this ship and its voyages to Skald." He takes a sip of his wine, then dumps the rest over the side, then says to Dycard. "That should do you. You go out on Mangata's sea you need to butter her up a bit. Now do a good job or I'll have to come back and do my other job, and I'm even worse at eulogies."

Emberly is overheard praising Hamish: Great blessing for the Blackshore ship

Domonico appears along the boarding plank, the stern Southport Admiral giving the Intrepid a thorough examination, no doubt comparing it to his own caravel. He pauses from his thoughts as Dycard then Hamish begins to speak and he plays with his prayer beads, kissing them at the mention of Mangata's name.

Evaristo listens with rapt attention, and his expression has shifted to something much more serious and serene; he nods along to what HAmish is saying and when the priest ends with that joke, he laughs and he lets out a cheer and applauds - cause you do that, right?

Grinning wildly at Hamish, Dycard tosses the rest of his drink overboard, directed toward the siren adorning his figurehead before lifting his empty mug toward the crowd, "May all the gods watch over my poor crew as we venture forth into battle and the unknown. While the First Choice may allow us to roam free, it's surely Mangata who grants us passage!" he calls out, bowing toward the Archlector before sweeping down the stairs to refill his mug and rejoin the roaring crew.

Ian doesn't let go of whatever railing he's currently hanging onto in order to applaud, but he calls out Mangata's name once; his voice blends with the roaring crowd and crew, and is lost easily enough.

Wash says, "Hear hear!" Wash salutes, having found a drink to use as a prop."

Romulius gives a quiet smirk of amusement at Hamish's joke, remaining silent as his brother beseeches the gods for their favor. He raises his drink in a toast before lifting the mug to his lips.

Emberly nods her head as she prays softly to the Gods her eyes close a moment before she offers a light clap of her hands and she smiles softly to Romulius, she praises Hamish for his joke and she raises her glass to drink from "Hear hear!" she joins the crew

Dycard is overheard praising Hamish: Thanks be to Blessed Hamish Farmer for assisting in allowing The Intrepid to venture forth in search of war and the unknown.

Rowynna laughs at the blessing's conclusion. "Hear, hear!" she joins in with the good-natured commentary, and wiggles her fingers towards one of the sailors that circulates with drinks. A cup is snagged and she thereafter threads her way through the gathered guests and crew towards the ship's bow. "Iseulet, cousin, you're looking more beautiful than ever. Look after The Intrepid and my Lord Cousin okay?" She tosses the contents of her cup muc in the fashion that Dycard had done: in the direction of the figurehead, and smiles when a portion of it catches the mermaid's long flowing hair.

Rowynna is overheard praising Hamish.

Rowynna is overheard praising Dycard.

Evaristo is overheard praising Dycard: Great event!

Evaristo is overheard praising Hamish.

Emberly is overheard praising Dycard.

Korka listens to the prayer, giving a nod to Hamish then following suit and throwing her drink overboard. Only she throws the whole thing, mug and all, overboard. Hopefully hitting some lucky shark.

Domonico gets a wine flask with a Mangata sigil embossed from A smooth red belt with a square black buckle.

Boarding the Intrepid is a bit new to Camilla who happened to be just a bit late to the main festivities and celebrating the ship. "I'm not often on these things, I don't believe I have sea legs yet.", perhaps a bit afraid the large vessel might just take off with any wave of the sea. She's never far from a handrail or other built in support, slowly exploring the ship. Biting her bottom lip a bit timidly but trying to build confidence watching others walk about so freely. Eventually she does take a few steps, to get her own wine glass and solid her nerves as the courtier begins to become more social and friendly. Mingling with strangers.

Aedric is overheard praising Hamish.

Aedric is overheard praising Dycard.

Evaristo follows suit, moving up to throw his drink towards the figurehead - he blinks a little when he realises who it looks like, and laughs out loud. "Amazing," he breathes and looks quite impressed, before he turns around to go mingle. "Great speech, Hamish! You're good at this, despite everything," he says, dead pan. Seems he and the Archlector enjoys bantering with each other. "So, Marquessa Iseulet, eh?" he notes to Rowynna. "She is fierce - a good choice for model."

Domonico rests his hand on the pommel of Riptide in a comfortable stance as he moves to the side of the ship, turning his back on the main crowd as he looks out to sea, closing his eyes as he withdraws his Mangata sigiled wine flask and quietly poursa small amount on the handrail and into the sea. He is silent, seemingly listening to/for... something.

Fetching a new mug of lager from a keg, Dycard spun about on his heels with a laugh, "I'm sure you all have heard the rumors or seen the resemblance born in the figurehead, and as it turns out it's all true! My dear cousin Iseulet helped to construct The Intrepid, and all she asked in return was to be permitted to make her figurehead! And so the Marquessa Iseulet, in the guise this siren, adorns the prow of my ship. Best someone of Blackshore blood guide us into the hazardous waters I intend to venture!"

Rowynna smiles at Evaristo as Dycard confirms the model's identity. "Indeed yes. Very fierce. The Intrepid will do well with her as its figurehead. Enemies will flee at the very sight of her." She lifts her now empty glass in a bit of a toast to all that's been said, then slips off to set it down somewhere out of the way.

"I... just remembered something," Evaristo says suddenly, setting his drink down and moving with long, purposeful strides towards the plank - he tends to lazily saunter, so he is clearly on a mission now. "I will be back soon!" he calls to Dycard. "I'm just gonna go get something!"

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider, 1 Harlequin jongleur, Midnight Sea, an Ostrian gelding leave, following Evaristo.

Drifting through the throng aboard the deck, Dycard drifted toward Camilla as his head listed to the side and his brow furrowed curiously, "My lady, i'm afraid I don't know you - though I feel I should. Are you some member of the peerage i've overlooked in my capacity as obedient servant of the Baroness Skye?" he offered, bowing low before tucking his hat under one arm, "Dycard Blackshore - whether it's lord, or captain, or just Dycard, is completely at your discretion."

Hamish wanders back over to Korka, then looks over the side of the ship. "I think you killed a baby dolphin." After a moment of studying the figurehead he shakes his head and says, "I can't let you be a first mate here, Evaristo. You'd fall in love with her and unless the crew is _very_ liberal you'd probably get kicked off. And splinters. Lots of splinters."

Jayne, Burly Sailor have been dismissed.

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Korka gives Rowynna an amused look, tilting her head just a bit, "Is that a compliment for sailors, I wonder?" As Hamish approaches she finds another mug that's full of alcohol she won't throw overboard, "Do you mean the ship or me?" She asks, voice full of that amusement from before at Hamish's comments to Evaristo.

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider, 1 Harlequin jongleur, Midnight Sea, an Ostrian gelding arrive, following Evaristo.

Emberly laughs a little as she looks over to Hamish as he says that back to Evaristo, her eyes look onto the figurehead and she smiles gently "is that your cousin M'lord?' she asks to the Blackshore beside her, "I do not think I have ever met her." she looks over the features of the figurehead a moment, her eyes turn back to Dycard with pride within her blue orbs "you have done a great job with her."

Rowynna catches Korka's comment to her, and halts in her steps. "Is what a compliment?" Genuine confusion shows briefly, and she nibbles on the skewer of squid that she's claimed.

Snorts in laughter, overhearing Hamish's comment. "I'm fairly certain killing dolphins is bad for all of us - I pray you're wrong," he quipped, as his attention turned to Emberly, "Lady Farshaw - I assure you, i've done -nothing- but direct the concert. It was the collected efforts of the Mourning Isles that bore this ship to completion. High Lord Victus is due more credit than I for his supervision of Thrax."

Domonico stays by the rail, looking out of the corner of his eye at the figurehead, a small smile forming on his features before he looks back to the sea, lost in thought.

Raising a brow, that soon turned into a Cheshire Cat like smile, Camilla have a little bow to Dycard. "Camilla Baseborn, bastard of House Pravus.", she says with a soft wink towards him. "I got lost in the ward, but tried to make it here on time. How lovely a thing. Ships can be... very romantic. I wanted to see one and stand on it. Some novel experience to indulge in... humoring my curiosity, mainly.", explaining her reasoning for being here. "Congratulations, Captain?", she wasn't sure if Dycard was a Captain or not.

Evaristo comes jogging back - he has clearly been running somewhere but he's not gone for more than a few minutes. "It'd be worth it," he retorts to Hamish in passing as he beelines for Dycard, and when reaching him, holds out a small simple linen pouch. "A little thing that might come in handy. May Mangata look after us out there," he says simply, grinning lopsidedly.

Ian has found an out of he way place where he can lean against something and have a drink, which is what he is now doing, allowing the events on the ship to happen around him. From time to time, he looks out to sea.

Romulius nods an affirmation to Emberly, clarifying. "The Marquessa Iseulet Seryn. The eyes are the giveaway." At his brother's modesty, he laughs and gives a mocking flourish with a bow. "Captain Blackshore, obedient servant of the Leviathan." He steps aside, pulling Emberly along with him to allow Dycard to address Camilla. He leads her towards where Rowynna and Korka stand, the confused look on his cousin's face enough to draw his interest.

"That people will run away at the sight of the Marquessa," Korka replies to Rowynna, "It must make it a little difficult to go to parties and it seems like Marquessas would be into that sort of thing."

Domonico puts a wine flask with a Mangata sigil embossed in A smooth red belt with a square black buckle.

"I know a few members of House Baseborn," says Hamish before biting a shark kabob in half. The shark part. Not the kabob part. That's another way to get splinters. He looks to Romulius, momentarily alarmed, then says, "Oh. Right. You'd think that after the Gyre his grace might have renamed the fleet. The Very Large Whale of Thrax or somesuch."

Turning as if to address Camilla before Evaristo's return, Dycard took the pouch and fished around in side, a wry smile spreading across his face, "Thank you, First Harlequin. I'm honored - I only hope it isn't in Her plans to claim The Intrepid too soon," he remarked, bowing his head, "Miss Camilla - i'm not sure i'm willing to believe even a bastard of House Pravus would claim The Intrepid to be her -first- ship to stand upon. Did you sail to Arx on the backs of sea turtles?" he quipped, grinning in a shark-like manner, "You're welcome to all the novelty you'd like, whether you're genuine or not in your claims. The Intrepid belongs to the Compact and the First Choice tonight, before I turn her to Thrax's service,"

Emberly easily allows Romulius to guide her along the ship and her eyes find Rowynna as she is taken back in that direction "would you like a drink Lady Rowynna? I seem to have gotten two" she says as she holds one out in her direction.

"Oh..." Rowynna's expression clears and her left cheek dimples with her smile. "Oh goodness, no... I meant as a /figurehead/ only. There's a certain presence to her that lends itself to such. Have you viewed it? If not, perhaps you should." A glance to Romulius as she spots his approach, together with Emberly. "Oh. Oh thank you," she nods her gratitude to the Farshaw lady, and lifts it quickly to her lips to take a quick mouthful.

"Having spent the majority of the last half year of my life at sea with His Grace's fleet, hunting and searching for sign and spoor of the Eurusi, I can honestly..." Wash trails off. "What was I saying? I seem to have lost my train of thought."

Domonico turns away from the sea, reluctantly it would appear before he turns to consider the rest, eyes sweeping across the crowd before he moves up to Dycard, thr Count offering Dycard his hand, not in a handshake but a warrior's forearm grip. "Congratulations on the Intrepid. So know there is a caravel dedicated to Mangata and now to the First Choice. I hope the Intrepid serves you well."

Camilla smirks, "I never said it was my first ship. I merely said I wanted to see one and stand on it. My experience traveling to the Arx was mostly horizontal, in bed; completely sick for the entire duration. I really didn't get to enjoy any of it or leave my cabin much. It was horrible.", looking to the sea. "But maybe, the waters will be nice ... or my stomach not so weak, if I ever try again.", smiling to Hamish as he ate that shark kabob. "Oh that looks tasty.", apparently quite happy the shipping wasn't moving at the moment.

Turning to Domonico, Dycard offers a polite bow of his head, "Thank you, my lord. I'm sure she will - these caravels are to be the future of maritime action, I think. A pity we're late on the draw where it comes to building them in comparison to those Eurusi dogs," he replied, grasping the man's forearm, "Dycard Blackshore - Captain, if you must insist on forcing formalities upon me," he quipped with a grin. He turned back toward Camilla and quirked an eyebrow at the beginning of her narrative, before his grin widened, "Well, my lady - I assure you, at least for now, The Intrepid won't see to toss your stomach about. Too many guests to take to the seas,"

"Come now, a ship this size, you can host three hundred or more. Surely a trip around the harbor would hurt no one and nothing." Wash urges. He'd much rather be at sea than drinking or eating.

Alena Sparks, unamused first mate, Silk, the Seafaring Spider, 1 Harlequin jongleur, Midnight Sea, an Ostrian gelding leave, following Evaristo.

Dycard is overheard praising Evaristo.

Dycard is overheard praising Ian.

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