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Igniseri Family Dinner XXI

House Igniseri invites you to attend an informal family dinner, hosted by Marquessa Quenia Igniseri and the Igniseri Family. Family members are encouraged to invite at least 1 guest they wish to introduce to the family or enjoy at the dinner. This dinner is also open to any who wish to attend and want to learn more about House Igniseri.

OOC: Please note this event is open to drop ins, no matter what class.


Oct. 2, 2020, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Quenia Lucita Yelana


Valencia Alis Ian Zoey Catalana Medeia Haakon Oskar Norah Kastelon


Igniseri Kennex Rubino-Zaffria Saik


Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Great Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Lucita has joined the an unfretted clavichord.

Over to the side of the room sits a clavichord and at that instrument sits Lucita. She is running her fingers over the keys such that it makes a musical scale then positions her hands so as people start to gather, she is providing soft music at a level that is background for conversations. The music is light, airy and cheerful in tone, occasionally segueing into gentle romantic songs and then back through some that are popular ballads. She does not sing, just play as she listens to others.

Lucita checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Ian comes in with Zoey, more or less, walking, as per usual, with most of his attention on his feet in such a way that, even though he's side by side with his wife, he projects a sense of being on his own.

Zoey flutters her fingers in Lucita's direction and smiles warmly as they pass her. She finds them seats at the table and sees their glasses filled for a little bit of social lubricant as other guests arrive.

Quenia is settled already within the great hall, seated by the fire. Servers are all about the room ready to parcel out bits of dinner when people are ready, and wine and other drinks are flowing. When the guests start arriving, she picks up her wine glass and stands offering each person a greeting. "Good evening, good evening. Welcome to Domus Igniseri. Be well and make yourselves comfortable."join 3

Quenia has joined the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

Ian has joined the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

Catalana arrives a little behind the other Kennexs. Her mood quiet and a little melencholy without Wash by her side. However a warm smile crosses her lips once noticing Quenia. "Marquessa. Thank you so much for once again inviting us for dinner." She gladly takes a glass of offered wine before sweeping herself into a seat and settling the layers of honeysilk around her legs so that no one trips over her tonight.

2 House Velenosa Guards have been dismissed.

2 Eswynd shieldbearers arrives, following Norah.

5 Eswynd shieldbearers, Valkyrie, a blue-eyed crow arrive, following Oskar.

Norah, Oskar arrive, following Haakon.

Lucita says, "Is seated at the clavichord playing pleasant, soft music as a background for the dinner, the level of sound muted to allow easy conversation. The music itself varies from popular ballads to softly romantic to some of the songs Lucita has written over the years. With her just playing and not singing, she can manage to keep up somewhat with conversations. "Good evening everyone." A glance over toward Quenia is given as she says. "See, told you I would occasionally play for your dinners. This is one of those occasions.""

3 Scarlet Phoenix Guard arrives, following Yelana.

Medeia is hurrying to get into the hall, followed closely by her assistant, both with their arms full - Medeia carrying a carefully budled not-quite-7-month-old Lady Arsenia Malvici and Fortescue carrying the things a tiny Lady might need to have her needs met. She's also late. She sweeps in and motions her assistant off after managing to get her cloak and gloves off. With Nia tucked back in the crook of her arm, she sweeps over to Lucita at the clavichord to kiss her on the cheek. "Hello, Luc, lovely song." Then she's moving to greet the others. "Marquessa Quenia, a pleasaure as always. Lord Ian, Lady Zoey, you're well? Lady Catalana, hello!" She looks down at the baby. "I hope this s okay, she's quiet, and the Malvicis were in need of a hand."

Quenia smiles warmly at Catalana, inclining her head to the other woman. She waves to Ian and Zoey as well and offers Lucita a warm smile. "You are quite welcome, Lady Catalana. It's always a pleasure having members of the Kennex family at our table for these dinners. One day, hopefully, I'll get to a Kennex dinner in turn," she says, blushing ever so slightly at having missed them all thus far. With that she retakes her seat and notices Ian's decided to accompany her. She nods to him as she settles. "Dinner tonight has many choices. They are all available presently and can be eaten in any order; a bit of a change from how I usually do things... I've decided to start off with cream puffs," she says with a bit of a grin.

"Quite well, thank you, Lady Medeia," Zoey replies brightly, then looks down at the baby. "Is that me niece, the Southport Screamer?"

"Kennex's dinners usually turn out to be pretty chaotic." Ian has just taken a seat beside Zoey, drink in hand, and now apparently it's time for the crazy understatements. "We haven't had one in a while."

Catalana promises Quenia, "When Wash returns I will plan a big party. Giant. With all sorts of mischief." She eyes Quenia's cream puff and decides on one herself before looking at Medeia flurrying with a baby and aid. "Lady Medeia. You certainly have your hands full."

Catalana has joined the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

A further trio of Mourning Islanders arrive, unlooked for by some (hide the good silverware!): The elegant Norah alongside the proud and stately Marquis Oskar. Refined and poised in calling on the Igniseri household for dinner. ...Also with them is Haakon. At least he didn't wear armor to the table.

With a grin to Zoey, Medeia says, "Well, your niece, certainly, but she never screams around me." The grin melts into a laugh at Catalana's words. "Oh, no, I still have one hand," she waves her right hand. "A cream puff sounds perfect, though." She plucks one up just as she sees the Eswynd trio. "Marqis Oskar, Marquessa Norah, Lord Haakon. Hello."

Ian perks up a little bit at the arrival of the Eswynds, and probably not just because now he's not the only man in a room full of socially adept women. Probably. "Lord Haakon. Marquis. Marquessa."

Oskar follows the rest of his family as they lead him through the yet unknown areas of the city. The Marquis of the Eswynd is dressed in his usual formal attire, braids kept in a well behaved fashion to look more presentable to both prodigal and Compact eyes. Almost immediately, he searches for the host, bowing in her direction to make sure proper etiquette is observed. Then a smile is spared to those he knows already, "Lady Medeia, Lord Ian, Lady Zoey. It's good to see you again."

Zoey gets up from her seat and goes to Medeia, arms outstretched in a silent request for the baby. When more guests arrive she looks up. "Good evening, Eswynds! Lovely to see you here."

"Cream puffs for dinner is about as chaotic as it gets here." Quenia quips back to Ian, then pauses as she considers that comment. "Although, there was that one dinner King Alaric attempted to steal our cutlery."

Norah is trying very hard not to be self-conscious in her "daring" new gown. Daring for her, anyway -- it shows the tiniest bit of midriff, the scandal! She enters on her husband's arm, greeting the Igniseris, then the familiar faces.

Catalana slowly looks to the Eswynd pile and can't help but notice Norah's belly revealing gown. There may be the slightest hint of disapproval in her features before she stands and smiles to them. "Marquis. Marquessa. I heard of your arrival. I am sorry I have not been able to meet you until now." She extends a delicate looking hand. "I'm Lady Catalana Kennex. One of the voices of the house and good friend to Duchess Margot."

The Igniseri ranks are boosted by one as Yelana slips through the still closing door behind the Eswynds. She makes a long orbit around the room and finds herself before the creampuffs. One is delicately selected and placed on a plate.

Ian takes a sip of his drink, which is hopefully not the only thing he plans to have for dinner tonight. "If the King wants your cutlery, that probably makes it his cutlery," he remarks to Quenia.

Noting the look on Oskar's face, Medeia gently passes off Nia to Zoey and steps up to make introductions. "Marquessa Quenia Igniseri, allow me to introduce you to Marquis Oskar Eswynd, his wife Marquessa Norah Eswynd, and his cousin, Lord Haakon Eswynd." She then motions at Lucita. "Marquis, this is my sister-in-law, Baroness Regent Lucita Saik." Her eyes catch Yalana slipping in and she gives the woman a polite wave.

Haakon is first greeted by Medeia, and the Saik is this the first to be greeted, "Lady," with a short dip of his head and shoulders. "I see you've stolen a Malvici. Well done," he jokes (?) evenly. Ian, Zoey, and Quenia in turn, repeating the short bow to each. When Catalana approaches, she too is greeted, a d be supplies the helpful context to Oskar and Norah, "She's the one who tried to kill her cousin over a beard." It's spoken with mixed approval, and humor.

Norah catches Catalana's look and bows her head graciously. "My lady, it is good to meet you. I had tea with Duchess Margot just this afternoon. This dress was a gift from her, as a matter of fact," she says airily.

Lucita laughs softly. "That was Lady Monique that started that attempt." She looks toward the cream puffs and then back at the keyboard, at the creampuffs again and abandons the clavichord. "Too much temptation to keep playing now." As she is introduced, she dips her head respectfully as by now her hands are full with a plate holding cream puff and a drink. "A pleasure to meet you. Marquessa Quenia is both my patron and my cousin. I served as her Voice a few years before marrying out to Saik. Saik married someone into Igniseri so it all balanced out amicably and profitably. " The explanation is given as she explains why she is present at the family dinner.

"A pleasure to meet you both, Marquessa, Baroness." Oskar leans into a bow twice, "A beard? Interesting. If I ever see you or Branimir sporting some sort of ugly hairstyle or beard, I'll make sure to hire the finest painter so that it won't be forgotten anytime soon."

Zoey cradles Nia in her arms, cooing and smiling to her as she walks around. Look out, Ian! "There are many fine painters in Arx, Marquis. One born to House Thrax even. She does glitter portraits if you ask for them."

Catalana is clearly surprised by Norah's statement and gown. "Oh? The duchess has changed her fashion tastes since we last spoke." She plucks at the buttons on the sleeves of her own gown before laughing at Haakon's words softly. "It was the insult that my husband could not grow a beard. Unfortunately he was born a Grayson prince and they just can not grow more than a few whisps. Thankfully he made up for it by being the most brilliant sailor in all of the compact."

Quenia rises from her seat once more, though this time she puts down her wine glass. She offers Haakon, Norah, and Oskar the warmest of smiles. "Welcome to Domus Igniseri. Do please make yourselves comfortable. Dinner is a bit informal this evening. Feel free to partake any of the dishes in any order. I started with a cream puff," she notes, motioning to the said puff, her eyes glimmering with mischief as she notes that. She gives Medeia a thankful look for her introductions. "Lady Medeia. Thank you for the introductions." She glances back to Lucita and says, "Our Lucita is quite the performer, is she not? Every so often our cousin returns to her home of birth and graces us with her musical talents," she winks teasingly in Lucita's direction.

Medeia finally eats that cream puff she had in hand while casting her attention towards Zoey to make sure Nia is okay. When Quenia thanks her, she inclines her head in acknowledgement. She goes to get a glass of wine before telling Zoey, "When you need your hands back..." She takes a seat at the table, not bothering with a plate of food.

Yelana offers a return wave to Medeia along with a crooked smile. She takes a bite of the cream puff as she watches the meetings of all the other lords and ladies. A glass of wine is poured for herself.

"Who would that be? A glitter Haakon sounds interesting." Oskar asks Zoey with mild interest, nodding slowly to Quenia and finding himself a piece of sea bass to get started with dinner, "Informal is good, I still have a long way before I can understand how to use all this cutlery." He admits, following with a sigh.

Blissfully ignorant to the inevitable result of Zoey carrying a baby around all evening, Ian leans over to select whatever bit of food is nearby while he listens to the conversation.

Zoey nods to Medeia, but continues walking around with the baby. "I quite agree, Marquessa," she says to Quenia. To Oskar she replies, "Princess Denica. She did a fantastic portrait that hangs in our home now. I would be happy to have you by to see it sometime in the near future."

Lucita finishes the cream puff, desert first! She gives Quenia a quick smile as moves on to another course of the meal, taking time to murmur. "Who Might Branimir be I don't think have met him." A finger wave is given another of her cousins as Yelana joins the group.

"What makes the portraits glitter?" Norah asks curiously, helping herself to small tastes of everything, one dish at a time, methodically.

Haakon gives a small smile to the grounds behind the long-ago honor duel over the growing of beards. "It were fine sport, to be sure, Lady." The invitation to dine draws his eye from Quenia to the fine fare, the tell tale cream puffs and melted chocolate causing his head to affect a curious angle. He's only brought out of his curiosity by mention of, "Hrm? Glitter?" He missed something. "Branimir One-Eye. Favored of the Spirits, iluncke to the Eswynd. You'll hear him before you see him," he adds, dryly.

"Crushed rocks, mica..." Medeia offers in answer to Norah.

"Glitter does," Ian adds with a resigned sigh. "I don't know where it all comes from, but the damned stuff is everywhere in Arx."

Catalana admits with ease, "I prefer the one Prince Sebastian did for us. The one of the Kennex brothers fighting with toy swords but under the water is a kraken. It's one I can look at for hours." Her attention returns to Haakon and asks, "Did... what's his name ever hold up his end of the agreement? To learn to duel or so forth?"

"Powdered mica, I think," Zoey says, then nods when Medeia says the same. "There have been occasional glitter outbreaks ever since the first prank war with the late Duchess Arcadia, Queen of Endings rest her soul."

Lucita receives a bright smile from Yelana, "Cousin." She nods as she takes a sip of that wine.

"Ah," comes Norah's response to all of the answers about glitter. She raises her glass. "May all of our future wars be prank wars," she toasts.

"A gargantuan," Ian corrects Catalana. "The scene at the top was of a spar between Aethan and Wash that took place when we were celebrating Aethan being made admiral of the navy. That's why he's got that big purple hat. The scene on the bottom was from when Aethan and I faced a gargantuan. Prince Sebastian was there for that one."

Quenia glances over at Oskar with a mischievous grin. "I do believe I could potentially convince Prince Sebastian Pravus or my cousin Lady Videl Igniseri to be one of those artists. They both paint. One of Sebastian's works is in my library." She chuckles faintly at Ian. "You only say that because Porter keeps throwing at all of you. Domus Igniseri has blissfully remained glitter free, aside from the specs that came in on Aethan's clothing that one dinner."

Catalana thanks Ian with a bob of her head. "A gargantuan. I still do love it and how it grows from whimsy to horror. Though, I think I love most is the unspoken bond it shows between the lot of you. Both the whimsical and scary parts of life."

"Blissfully glitter free *so far*," Zoey says, grinning at Quenia as she returns to her seat beside Ian and reaches for her wine.

Quenia pardons herself a moment. "I'll be right back." Quenia rises from her seat, giving Zoey a warning look, before leaving.

Quenia has left the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira leave, following Quenia.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira arrive, following Quenia.

Ian eyes Quenia, watching her leave. "Someone should make sure Lady Thea knows that the Domus is deficient in glitter."

"Ahh, another name to add to my ever growing list of faces that I have to meet." Oskar mentions to Zoey, "And I appreciate the invite, one of the things I enjoyed the most about this change of airs is the amount of art and texts I'm able to experience now."

Norah looks at Ian curiously. "What, then, is a gargantuan?" She asks, settling down in a seat by the fire.

"So far," Haakon echoes with a knowing tone to Zoey's addendum. "Any piece of good fortune can only be claimed 'so far", in truth." He's chosen a bit of bass, and a dollop of peas.

Yelana comments, "As someone who actually lives here, and although I am personally neutral towards glitter, I feel like it is my duty to defend this house from an invasion of such." She nods, takes another bite of creampuff.

Medeia sips her wine, eyes flitting around the group and taking in the conversation. There's an amused shake of her head at Norah's suggestion that future wars be prank wars. "Thea hardly needs the encouragement," she murmurs. She looks around again, seeing Zoey sit. "Switch?"

Catalana warns Ian as an afterthought, "I heard from Lord Martino the other day that Thea now has a pet octopus and is planning all sorts of mischief."

Ian eyes Norah and clears his throat. "It's, uh... it's a... it's really big. A, uh, really big... thing." He pauses, then adds: "There's a painting of one in the Kay. Or part of one, anyway."

With a nod Zoey hands Nia back to Medeia so that she can put something solid on her plate before Ian sneaks something on it for her. "Oh, have you spent much time in the Great Archive, Marquis? If not I would be happy to take you there as well. I have lost many hours in that place these last couple of years."

When Quenia returns, there are two servants who are following her, carefully bearing a painting into the room. They set it down very carefully so that its in full view of the room, then leave. The painting is a night full of starts, with a dragon observing a pulsating heart. "When the Metallic known as Copper died, I had a dream about her soon after. One of the first to dream about her death, I think. For I was the only one I knew who'd had the dream until others started saying they were having it weeks later. In the dream, I could see all the various important places of the world, like Platinum's private office, the Pyramids of Nefer'khat, or the Black Spire of Cardia. It is the latter that Sebastian painted for me. The Chamber of the Heart in the Black Spire of Cardia, watched over by the Guardian of the Heart, the oldest known dragon in the world. In that moment, in the dream, when Copper died, the heart stopped for the briefest of moments before it started beating again."

Quenia drops A World Full of Stars, a painting.

Quenia is overheard praising Sebastian: Thank you again for the wonderful painting of the dragon you did for me. I've ever so enjoyed it!

Haakon eyes Catalana. "An octopus. What mischief could a body get into with a common little octopus?" Sidelong, he glances at Medeia, the ghost of a smile tugging at his lip. Then Quenia arrives with a great painting a d a fantastic story.

"Ah. A big thing. Thank you, Lord Ian." Norah looks over at Haakon. "Lady Medeia told me about her octopus. Is there a story there?"

"Oh, I have one, too," Medeia notes to Catalana, with a grin passed from Catalana to Haakon as she settles Nia against her chest. Once the baby is settled she rolls back her left sleeve, exposing some fading bruises. "They don't like being caught bare-handed much." She rolls the sleeve back down and settles into her seat again.

Zoey listens attentively to Quenia as she tells of the dream, then looks at the painting. "Every time I see one of his works I find myself forgetting to breathe," she says.

Catalana looks sideways to Haakon, "Have you met Thea? She has released bunnies in our house. Painted it with glitter multiple times. Almost poisoned us with her brand of vodka, manage to sneak like 30 huge crab sculptures around the Kay and when I mentioned Wash and I had been married for ten years, she sent us a box of ropes and oils. She sails. Doesn't she know not to get the ropes oily?"

Lucita says, "He does have a remarkable talent. Prince Sebastian is the one who created the ice sculptures standing in Saik Garden, my children delighted that he portrayed them amid the children in them. Lady Norah, if you noticed during our visit, the painting and sculpture of me in the Verdant Hall are also some of his work. I don't know who the other children are and keep hoping someone visiting the tower will recognize one and let me know." She goes quiet to hear if there is an octopus story to be had."

"I'd appreciate if our common hall was invaded by glitter." Oskar turns to Norah, an impish smirk already forming on his lips, "It would make for a good decoration, don't you think? Whoever dislikes the idea might find themselves private quarters." The Marquis turns more serious as he turns back to examine the painting, "I like how the dragon is barely visible from an angle, but rather obvious once you find it. I know nearly nothing about them, but I suppose now it's the best time to learn about them." He suggests, nodding a couple times to Zoey, "I did, but I don't think one trip is enough. It will be a long time before I grow bored of the texts I've found there."

Catalana is overheard praising Sebastian: He creates the most thought provoking paintings.

"Do you know what we need, Marquis Oskar? Proper for

Ian eyes Oskar, and then looks at Haakon and raises his eyebrows. He mouths a few words.

"Do you know what we need, Marquis Oskar? Proper formal portraits of the family. Perhaps we can wait until you have an heir for a full family portrait, but individual portraits would be lovely in our new library," Norah suggests.

Quenia grins a bit over at Norah at her suggestion and nods her head to Oskar. "Now is a good time to learn about them all really. Lucita knows a fair bit about dragons," she offers her cousin's knowledge forward.

Haakon sniffs in amusement to Cat. "Trying to think how q body might do mischief with such. Asking for a friend." He narrows his eyes at Oskar. "You'd dare.. but you'd regret it, near-brother." Something in the playful banter of glitter and libraries drives the small smile from his expression and the Prodigal warrior takes on a more stern manner. Ian gets a short nod, but he holds his tongue, preferring to eat.

Medeia winces at the talk of dragons, falling quiet. Having found a comfortable position to sit and hold Nia, she picks up her wine and finds that very interesting for a while.

"That's it, I am having you both over so you can see our library as well," Zoey declares to Oskar and Norah. When the conversation turns to dragons she focuses on her meal while she listens.

Lucita is snickering a little to the side at Catalana's comment about ropes and oils as a gift. Amusement sparkles in her gaze. A glance is given to Quenia as she mentions the Dragons. "Learned as much about them as I could .... as a matter of self defense, or an attempt at it.

Catalana glances over to Quenia with the talk of dragons however she answers Haakon, "I suggest sending her a pot and a recipe for octopus pie."

Norah widens her eyes and looks at Lucita. "I think the Marquis and I are both very interested in learning what you have to share on a variety of fascinating topics." She nods with sympathy when the Baroness explains that it is for self defense.

"A nice idea, I believe I had one done once when I was crowned king." Oskar recalls, "It'd be nice to see how much I've changed after I've turned into a Marquis." He picks a second piece of bass, as his eyes shift to Quenia and Lucita, in sequence. "Self defense?" His eyes open wide, revealing both admiration and mild skepticism, "So you got to face one of them?"

Ian was just chewing on a piece of dried fruit when Zoey says something to him that makes him sit up straight and very nearly inhale it. He coughs and takes a drink of wine. "What? Now?" Inside voice, Ian.

There's a bit of confusion that crosses Quenia's features when Oskar mentions being crowned king. "Crowned king?" she doesn't know much about the Eswynd family, other than they hail from Thrax. She turns that confused look on Ian, Zoey, and Catalana a moment.

The confusion in Quenia's voice draw Medeia back to the conversation. "They're Prodigals, Marquessa." It's said matter-of-factly.

Norah looks at Oskar, doing her best not to beam at him, but reins it in to a polite smile. "Is that so? Where are you keeping it? I'd love to see it." She leans in to whisper something to her husband and replies to Quenia, "My husband was from a long line of Abandoned kings. One of the few such communities in the Isles not to fall to the Thrax."

"Aye, now. In front of everyone," Haakon deadpans to Ian at his volume control, unaware of whatever the more discreet Zoey had suggested. Quenia's confusion draws his attention back. "Aye. Eswynds had been Kings for hundreds of years among the Abandoned, before the Marin's madness." A small nod to Medeia and Norah in turn. "Never conquered."

2 House Velenosa Guards, Kastelon arrive, following Valencia.

Catalana purses her lips very faintly at the mention of being king. Nothing said, but another glass of wine grabbed. "I imagine it is much the same in the lyceum? Abandoned tribes and their own ruling classes."

Zoey says something to Ian in a low voice, having missed Quenia's questioning look. Thankfully others have it handled. She looks at Haakon and shakes her head with a small laugh.

"The threat of the Gyre made me realize how much we could gain by cooperating with the Compact." Oskar explains to Quenia, turning and rolling his eyes as something is whispered to him.

Ian just stares at Zoey while she talks to him. And then for a good count of five after she finishes. He leans over and says something in a low voice, between small coughs left over from the 'I almost inhaled fruit' incident just a minute ago.

Lucita says, "No, One of the tainted black skylords took a notion to eliminate the Saik family, don't know why. He killed Baron Eos, incinerated him on the beach at Saikland after Baron Eos rode out to face some hostile abandoned in the location. It was a trap, the abandoned group loyal to the Skylord. The Baron, the Saik army were... all gone and a two mile circle of black corrupted glass marred the beach poisoning the land and bay near it, warping the animals in bay and on land that it did not outright kill. Took a few years of research and gathering help and ... I will be a lifetime paying back the favors given House Saik for all the assistance. But a combination of faith beseeching and cleansing, blessing, spellsinging, and shaman rituals combined shattered it and removed the poison and taint. We had to have groups of hunters, army to deal with the animals." She nods toward Ian as she says that. "He can tell you of some of it.""

Medeia stands and moves to the side of the room to pace slowly, rocking baby Nia (not hers, she's borrowing it) as the little Lady Malvici fusses slightly. Her face is turned to the girl, but her ears are definitely tuned to the conversation, her expression flickers from calm to pained a few times as Lucita speaks.

"I haven't ever heard of any of the Abandoned claiming to be royalty, no." Quenia responds to Catalana, giving a small shake of her head. She looks back to Oskar and Norah, still offering them the warmth of a smile and says. "However, it's always good to learn about different cultures." She grows quiet when Lucita starts explaining Saik history a bit.

Ian seems to have become distracted by his conversation with Zoey. He doesn't look like he really understands what she's saying to him, but he nods to her anyway, before belatedly realizing that someone said his name. "Huh?"

Norah rises from her seat, heading over to Medeia. "Let me take the child so you can have a bite to eat," she says gently, holding her arms out for the baby.

Haakon's eyes are on Lucita throughout the tale. "There is a fate on your house," he decides aloud. A slow nod. "This is a worthy tale, however bloody. I thank you for its telling." Briefly he glances aside to Medeia before his eye is pulled back to Quenia. "What else would you call a ruler with no overlord, if not a king or queen, Lady?"

Catalana shrugs to Quenia before quietly excusing herself from the party and showing herself out.

Oskar listens attentively to every detail of the story, eyes fixed in Lucita as she goes about it. "Cunning creature, to set up a trap like that." He comments, "But turning a whole beach into glass and corrupting so much of natural... That shows just how powerful they are."

"Some refer to themselves simply as tribal leaders," Quenia addresses Haakon's question. "Or, Elders, or High Priests. Depending on the group you encounter. The latter were who ruled the group of Abandoned over on the unclaimed lands of Caer Morien."

The doors open and Valencia arrives upon the arm of one Lord Kastelon of Keaton. A hint breathless but smiling brightly, her eyes lit up as she takes in the company that she will be keeping tonight. "Oh, how beautiful," she breaths, a fond look for Quenia and Lucita are offered.

"I hope you will pardon me, Marquessa Quenia. I am afraid I made us late," Valencia explains with a wince of earnest apology."Lady Emberly of Farshaw was just hosting her very first fundraiser for the Hart and I did not wish to feel abandoned. Though, she did so beautifully. She is quiet a talent," she smiles to Medeia with a happy nod to indicate the lady's own formidable prowess as a hostess. "I'm so glad I was able to join you. Again, I see you have the best of company," she beams a little more. "If I may add to that score, my friends, please meet Lord Kastelon of Keaton, the poor soul who offered me escort to your event."

Yelana has found herself in front of the fire. A bit of wine in her hand, and a plate with a creampuff set at her side. She is watching the flames as she listens to all the stories and discussions being told.

When Norah approaches her, Medeia bites her lip and leans in to whisper something to the Eswynd marquessa. She's distracted by the arrival of Valencia and Kastelon. "Princess Valencia, Lord Keaton, good evening." Her eyebrows rise slightly, but she dips her head back to Nia and relents in handing the baby over to Norah. She goes back to the table, but doesn't take any food.

Catalana has left the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

There's a blush beneath the beard of the Keaton lord when he's being introduced by Valencia. Though it helps quite a bit that he's familiar with more than a few faces present besides the woman he's accompanying which definitely is something to help ease him into his appearance, as he's escorting Valencia upon his arm. "A pleasure," he says, in his low voice, when his hand briefly brushes against Valencia's arm where it's tucked through his own. "And hardly. Her highness makes it sound as if she's needed pity taken upon her. I'd otherwise perhaps be climbing one of her trees."

Haakon nods slowly to Quenia's information on the far south-western Abandoned titles. "Mmm. I take interest in that, as well. The Mourning Isles Abandoned keep many of the same titles but not for rulers." The minute of rank among Shav'arvani has seemingly restored his mood to something more pleasant than the prior sternness. His eye is drawn to the door as new entrants arrive.

As information gets shared around, Zoey takes a leather notebook from her satchel and writes down the new knowledge she acquires. When Valencia comes in she gives the princess a small wave.

"Princess Valencia." Ian sounds a little bit distracted as he greets Valencia with a bowed head. He refills his glass of wine and takes a long drink.

Norah presses a comforting cheek to Medeia's temple as she takes baby Nia, absolutely charmed by the infant. "Oskar," she call across the room. "Can I keep her?"

Quenia rises from her seat once more when Valencia arrives. A bright smile easily touches her lips. "Princess Valencia! How wonderful you could make it." She glances over to Kastelon and inclines her head. "Lord Kastelon. Do please be welcome in House Igniseri. We are fond of Keatons here."

"That is my niece and my sister will want her back," Zoey tells Norah, her expression warming again.

"We don't steal from our allies," Haakon 'scolds' Norah as she jokes about stealing Nia. A dry half-smile goes aside to Oskar.

Ian gives the baby a suspicious look.

The baby looks at Ian and farts.

"I don't know, Zoey," Medeia smiles faintly, "She seemed pretty eager to pass her off to me... Though, I really should make sure she gets returned." She looks up at Norah. "You wouldn't want to get me into /more/ trouble, would you?" She finishes her wine in one large gulp.

Lucita rises and moves over to give Valencia a hug and cheek kisses as she arrives then goes back to passing copies of her notes related to why she delved into information about Cardia and how it related to the house she oversees as regent.

"More trouble? What trouble are you in already, my lady?" Norah asks playfully, rocking and bouncing the baby, almost dancing.

Ian looks even MORE suspicious. He drinks wine. Suspiciously.

Haakon guesses deadpan, "Octopus trouble," on the heels of Norah's question to Medeia.

"Yes. Octopus trouble." Medeia agrees, eagerly.

Slipping free of Kastelon's steady arm, she smiles her thanks to him and moves with a soft rustle of silk to greet the rising Quenia with a warm but gentle embrace if it is welcomed. "I'm so glad to be at your table again. Thank you so much for having me. It is always so lovely," she nods again warmly. "My beautiful Barroness! I'm so happy to see you as well," she offers returing Lucita's embrace and kiss upon the cheek with genuine happiness."You as well, my lovely Lady Medeia. It's so good to see you. And what a sweet baby. You will be a wonderful mother, I think. You look so at ease," she notes before turning to greet the others in turn. Another bright smile is offered with a return of a wave to Zoey and Ian, " My dearest Lady Zoey, Lord Ian, I did not know we would be keeping company with some of the best of the Kennexes," she nods with equal delight before bowing her head gracefully to Lady Catalana as well. Returning to Kastelon's side, she nods so they might take their seats, smile and offerin warm welcome to Norah, Haakon, Oskar and Yelana.

Quenia hugs Valencia back, then rises from her seat again. "It was lovely to see everyone. I do have another matter attend, buy do please stay and enjoy yourselves. I leave my cousins Yelana and Lucita in charge of ordering the servants to cleaning things up when this is all over."

Haakon rises from his seat when the Lady of the House announces her withdrawal. Another short bow of head a d shoulders given in parting and he'll retake his seat to take a small drink.

Lucita quietly listens to the flow of conversation, the topic about which she shared her notes having made her rather somber for a little while. A smile finally returns to her lips. "I've run out of note copies but Medeia, will you have time to share copies with the Marquis and his family once we get more scribed for them? There was need for more than I had prepared.

"You only say that because we are your favorites," Zoey says brightly to Valencia before leaning over to say something to Ian again.

"Mmmm," Ian says neutrally to Zoey, capping off a whispered discussion they'd been having.

Blushing to a color nearly the same shade as her tunic, Medeia opens her mouth to say something in response to Valencia but closes her mouth and looks down into her lap, shaking her head. "Octopus trouble," she mutters. She manages to bid farewell to Quenia, recovering her composure. Her gaze travels to Norah and Nia. "I should... Get her to sleep. At a place that isn't here." Lucita catches her attention and she nods. "Of course, Luc, I'll have Fortescue work on it this weekend. It'll take some time," she says the last, looking from Oskar to Norah to Haakon. "I'll come by early next week."

Kastelon is clearly taking his lead from Valencia as he's not having any real lay of the land, as if this is a very unfamiliar forest to him and.. he's smiling as the lass he's escorting flits from his side and returns to him. But there are nods still for those whom he recognizes amongst the group at the dinner, as he's trying get a good footing. And still, the cock of his head when he's listening, as if perhaps figuring out where he might jump in.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira leave, following Quenia.

A gracious bow of head is offered to Quenia and another thank you for the invitation offered and wishes for sweet dreams are made as the Marquessa bids her guests good night. A look of worry is leveled at Lucita and a look exchanged. To Zoey another smile, "Well, to be true I am rather fond of those who call the House of Kennex home. It is true. I confess it. As I do the ladies of Saik. Truly remarkable people in all the best ways," Valencia nods agreeable.

"Mmm," Haakon dips his head to the VERY RED FACED Medeia. "Fair winds, until then," he wishes evenly. Looking back to his kin, he mutters a word.

Zoey flutters her fingers to Medeia and Nia as the pair depart, then takes another drink of her wine.

Lucita glances back and forth between Haakon and Medeia, a brow lifting slightly as she gives a tiny, amused shake of the head. "Lord Kastelon, if you have not heard about Saikland, Princess Valencia can tell you of it. She has visited and spent some time there, and eventually when and if we manage to get things organized, will be going again. Every time I think we are ready, something else urgent comes up. That whirlpool delayed us till recently and now we await warmer weather to return.

"I shall be happy to share with your leave, Barroness. And would happily accompany you again should my skills be helpful to you," Valencia nods gently to Lucita and back to Kastelon. As Medeia announces her departure a little look of worry flits in her large dark eyes. "I did not mean to offend, my friend," she says softly. "If I did, please accept my apology."

Norah reluctantly relinquishes Nia, going back to sit at her husband's side. She helps herself to some of the desserts, quietly speaking to Oskar, then Haakon.

Medeia stops on her way to get going to whisper something to Haakon, looks like she's about to leave, then leans in and whispers something else. "Fair winds, Eswynds. Farewell, all." Once done, she summons her assistant and collects Nia from Norah before bundling up and leaving.

Kastelon inclines his head briefly to Medeia at the mention of having to take her leave. "It was good in seeing you, even in passing," he offers quietly. "I hope to see you soon - we've clearly need to catch up." Though he does nod to Lucita at her mention of maters, and there's a serious look that passes his features, even as it's hard to perhaps distinguish otherwise. ""I've not had opportunity to ask of her in passing. Though I'll admit that I won't be loathe to see the whirlpool gone."

Yelana has moved to busy herself with helping things get put away, and put out.

Haakon gives a short nod to Medeia's parting words, and turns back to the table. Catching Lucita's eye if he can, her head shake is answered with a small shrug. "Well that makes no sort of sense," he informs Norah, plainly.

Zoey glances toward the Eswynds, her expression amused. "Was that meant to be so loud, Lord Haakon?"

Oskar wraps a hand around Norah's waist as she comes close, bringing her even closer for his quiet reply, turning to wave at Medeia as she is about to leave, "Fair winds."

1 Saik Guard, Fortescue, a snooty and disinterested Lycene coxcomb, Fluffy, the wary wildcat leave, following Medeia.

Ian has sunk into silence, mostly listening now. He's switched from wine to whiskey.

A smile is offered, perhaps not one quite as bright upon arrival, but Valencia again offers Medeia a good night. Dark eyes dip a moment before seeking to find that of her companion and she gives him another smile. "I am so sorry. I fear we missed much of the party and the conversation," she offers in apology. "I am grateful you were able to meet everyone, though. The company here, well, you know so many, but they are truly wonderful people. But thank you for being so gallant as to join me."

Haakon looks back at Zoey. "Not knowing what you heard, a body can't say. Though I've been told I'm too damned loud, so that would be a fair wager, if you were putting silvers on a guess."

"You? Too loud? Perish the thought," Zoey says with a grin.

There's scarcely a shake of Kastelon's head at Valencia's comment about having missed so much of the fete. "Please. You've nothing to apologize for." It's more than that shadow-of-a-smile for which he's known that he offers up for her as he shakes his head. "Not counting being with you at Lady Emberly's poetry event this evening, so." He lingers close, perhaps familiarly so, as he's contemplating the other voices in the room, both those with whom he's been acquainted and otherwise.

Lucita glances back and forth amid those remaining and says to Valencia. You missed Quenia having fun with her guests. She did something sneaky, she set foods out and said to eat anything in any order and then ate desert first in front of me, right there, eating a creampuff. That meant I had to have one too, before the meat and vegetables. It was like being a child again and sneaking into the kitchen to sample desert before dinner.

Another smile finds the little vixen's lips as Lucita explains what has gone on before her arrival. "That sound wonderful. The Marquessa has a kiss of mischief in her, I think. I like that very much," Valencia beams back across the table. "Such whimsy and fun is a wonderful thing to see," she nods with a little smile to Haakon, his words brings a gentle smile again, her expression seeming to indicate that his volume seems fine to her.

"Aye. Perish the thought," Haakon echoes with a sniff. A knowing glance aside to Norah. "I'll remind you of that next time you say I'm too damned loud: perish the bloody thought." The ghost of a smile curls his mouth as he notes Valencia's approval.

Oskar leans in to whisper something else at Norah's ear before leaning into a short bow to the guests still present at the party. "I feel like it's my time to retreat back into my quarters, it was nice to finally get to know more about the Igniseri and the Saik." He tells them, "Fair winds." A final commentary is spared to Haakon as the Marquis is already finding his way out, "Loud winds are the strongest, but they might also announce a storm. Balance, near brother, balance."

A sigh passes Kastelon's lips as he's gently pressing his hand to Valencia's wrist. "I hate to say it," he murmurs softly, "but with the weather, perhaps I ought see you home before it gets much worse. As much as it has been a delightful evening."

2 Eswynd shieldbearers leaves, following Norah.

A soft sigh and a smile, Valencia nods to Kastelon. "I would be very grateful for the escort home," she replies to the Lord of Keaton. Turning, she offers Lucita a warm hug. "I need to be going, but find me in my Hart soon. I should love to catch up with you. You as well," she nods to the Kennex clan and Haakon. "Please pardon us, and thank you for a beautiful night. Do come to the Hart so I might return the hospitality, yes?" she invites as she gracefully rises to take Kastelon's arm once more.

Ian has left the cozy seating by a stone fireplace.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana, an aide in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs leave, following Zoey.

Zoey leaves, following Ian.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Kastelon leave, following Valencia.

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