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Archscholar Office Hours

The Archscholar is opening the doors to her office in the Vellichorian Academy with the arrival of spring, to meet with any who may wish to speak with her. Tea and snacks will be available. Have questions about, well, anything? Feel free to stop by!


May 14, 2020, 11:45 p.m.

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Ailith Cadern Sorrel Tolv Zoey Rinel



Arx - Ward of The Compact - Vellichorian Academy - Archscholar's Chambers

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It's spring at last, and with the spring, the Archscholar is working to clear the workload from her desk. So many messages, and so many people to talk to. She opens the doors to her offices, and the windows to let in the fresh air, and ensures there are plenty of drinks and snacks to go around, including a box of chocolates. Most of the goodies are from Lottie's, arrayed on a sideboard beneath the windows. Jacinthe is on hand to serve ginger-peach tea, or other drinks if preferred. The young Archscholar is seated in a chair near the fireplace, stacks of folios on the floor at her feet, which she has been organizing. She's reading through one of them now while sipping tea, wearing her aeterna robes over a lovely oceanic blue-green gown, her black hair twined in a long braid, and accented with a silvery hair ornament with dangling opals. There are three Templars present, two at the door, and another lurking off near the door to her more private study, where the door is closed. The sitting room is where she will meet with those who may wish to speak with her. The double doors are open, ready to receive guests.

The Legate slips in very unannounced and seriously attempting to avoid notice -- but her height tends to prevent such a wish. To a comfy corner and chair she beers and accepts a cup of the delicious tea to sip. Her eyes warm when greeting friends and largely maintains a silence as to encourage folks to see -- Archscholar is leading today. Legate is a mere observer and friend. Mm. Ymmuntea.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, an aid in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Cadern apparently heard there was office events and so he picks his way in. He makes his way for a chair looking interested. He smiles brightly waving at Sina as he smiles, "How are you, Archscholar?" He says brightly.

Sorrel takes her cup of tea and sneaks over as well as a tall woman clad all in red possibly can to sit quietly by the Legate, presumably so that the two can whisper amongst themselves.

Sina glances up from her reading as Ailith arrives, and she gives the Legate a warm smile, and a dip of the head. "Ailith, good to see you again so soon," she says with a smile, and a sparkle in her pale gray eyes. She glances to Cadern as he arrives then, and gives him a warm smile. "Lord Cadern," she greets pleasantly. "It's been some time since we have spoken. Please, come in! Help yourself to the snacks, and there is tea and wine as well. I trust you've been well?" she asks him. She dips her head toward Sorrel in greeting as well.

Ailith twitches her nose before chuckling. The glimmer in her eyes dances. "One day, I'll learn how to sneak and be less the bear in the room?" She dips her head to the arriving nobleman before beckoning Sorrel over. She jests with the Thraxian Princess.

Tolv ambles into the room behind Cadern, just late enough, and somehow awkwardly enough, that it's clear the two didn't actually arrive together. The man makes a small turn once he's inside, a little pivot to take the whole room in, and then he turns to where everyone else seems to be headed, fingers tapping a repetitive beat against one leg that seems to consist of three taps, a pause, and then three more taps. Repeat. "Ah, hello."

Atreke, a severe-looking scribe, Morgan, a sturdy discreet man following Rinel arrive, following Rinel.

Cadern drops himself into a seat and he smiles, "So it has. Lots of things afoot. I imagine they've been keeping you busy. But the latest rumors were pretty interesting in the last few days. Any particular topics for tonight?" He says as he settles into the seat. He glances up and over to the others, "Evening." He grins at Ailith, "There are worse things than being noticeable."

Zoey arrives quietly, surveying who arrived before her and listening to the conversation.

Rinel slips in through the door and waits patiently. Atreke and a man follow her. She glares at the man. He seems unaffected.

Ailith sighs a little in response to Sorrel. Forlorn. The moment dissipates as she sheepishly, with a blush to her cheeks, says to Cadern, "I could name an incredible amount of worse things. Simply though, I do not wish for my position as Legate to deter from our good Archscholar's leadership. This is her meeting and there are times my presence alone can cause . . well it is akin to say if His Majesty would appear, the attention may be on him."

Sina smiles toward Ailith, and murmurs, "Were the room more crowded, I am sure you would have achieved it, Mother Ailith!" she says with a grin, before turning her attention back to Tolv as she notices him. She tilts her head and smiles warmly. "Good day," she greets. "Please, come in and make yourself comfortable! Nothing formal going on here. I just wanted to open my doors and see who would show up." She sets her tea aside. A nod of familiarity is given to Zoey as well when she arrives, before her attention turns back to Cadern. "Yes, there were quite a lot of interesting rumors about the city yesterday, weren't there?" she muses. "And of course, there is that whirlpool. I hadn't any particular topics in mind for today, though. I just wanted to give people who needed or wanted to speak with me about anything the opportunity to come and do so. I know I have been somewhat of a recluse of late."

Octavian, a silken spaniel have been dismissed.

"Good day," Tolv returns, and then drops bonelessly onto one of those comfortable seats. He has a little smile that's not particularly directed at anyone. Warm and relaxed. There are no volunteered topics from this corner of the room.

"I have a small petition, Blessed," Rinel says quietly and respectfully, "but I do not wish to interrupt the Mother Ailith or any of your distinguished guests."

Zoey smiles and returns Sina's nod. "I just wanted to say hello," she says. "It appears that there are many here with more urgent business though, so I will see myself out."

Cadern chuckles, "Worth making a list eh?" He suggests to Ailith and he stretches out, "Whirlpool's, beasts in the north, memories coming back to people. All interesting signs. Most of my time has been going towards the beast attacks." He turns and looks curious and interested at Rinel's petition looking intrigued.

Sina nods to Cadern as he mentions the beast attacks in the north, looking troubled. "Yes, I had heard about those. I will admit, I know next to nothing beyond rumors. Did you find anything of interest?" she asks curiously, before she turns her head and smiles to Zoey, and gives a slight shake of her head. "You are welcome to stay if you like, Lady Zoey. It's been some time since we have chatted. Or, if you would prefer to have tea some other time, we could do that," she offers. Her attention turns to Rinel then, her features serene as she gives a nod to the former Scholar. "What can I help you with, Rinel?" she asks. "If you want to ask your question here, that is?"

Ailith motions, "I am here for the good company and less for any urgent matters. And this tea. Sina mentioned it before and I had to try." Sip.

Rinel makes her way forward, Reminder tapping on the floor. She bows. "It has been some time since I depar... since I was removed from the honour of serving Lord Vellichor. In this period, I have endeavoured to avoid causing difficulty for the discipleship. I believe that I have done so. I hope that I have done so. I would ask, Blessed, that you lift the chastisement placed upon me. I have requested such from the Faith, and had the request granted. I believe this indicates that, if my actions have not met with outright approval, neither have they been deemed censorious."

Cadern waves to Zoey and smiles. Then he shrugs his shoulders, "Reports from people that fought the creatures." He glances to Zoey at that pausing and then he shrugs, "Unsurprisingly agents of the Horned One. I'm trying to decipher their exact nature but I suspect their story is intertwined with the Su'tavi and Mor'ral. But... I'm still piecing it together. I'm sure I'll come bring it by you and Delilah when I've got a cohesive portion of it." He says simply and quiets then looking to Rinel and he looks interested to see how people react to that.

Zoey waves back to Cadern and opens her mouth to respond to Sina, but at Rinel's petition she closes it again and looks to see what the Archscholar will say.

Ailith peers with a faint eyebrow arch when Cadern speaks, near moving to reply until Rinel speaks. The Legate does as she stated, remains an observer and sips her tea momentarily.

Tolv's smile has faded, and he outright frowns in Cadern's direction. No words from this scholar, though. He's just returned to repeatedly tapping his leg while he listens.

Sina nods thoughtfully to Cadern, her gaze studying him a moment. "Su'tavi and "Mor'ral?" she asks curiously. She turns her gaze then, and listens to Rinel's petition with a patient expression on her face, though there's a hint of a dark glimmer in her pale gray eyes, a hint of a memory of a storm long passed. "It has been quite some time," she says slowly after a time, "And I have not heard your name come up in any controversies of late. Still, the trust I once placed in you has been severely eroded, and that will take time to mend. I cannot welcome you back into the Scholars a third time, but... I will consider reassessing the situation. Perhaps we might discuss it in a more private setting soon?" she suggests.

Rinel bows. "I do not seek readmission into the discipleship, Blessed," she says. "The Gods no longer wish me to serve Them, and I have begun to walk a different path. I am grateful for the consideration." Her tone is polite and reserved. She bows again, to Ailith. "Mother." With that, she limps out of the room, business concluded.

Atreke, a severe-looking scribe, Morgan, a sturdy discreet man following Rinel leave, following Rinel.

Cadern nods his head as Sina mentions the names and he looks back and he tilts his head at Ailith's response. But at Rinel's comments he blinks slowly at that, "Is anyone else terrified that someone else who was once so adamant on the path. Is now 'no longer walking that path'?" He asks with a worried brow.

"Lord Cadern, I find it much more troubling that you have a tendency to just name-drop things that could be quite dangerous in the wrong hands," Sorrel notes with a bit of a frown. "Theologian Rinel's biggest problem is that she knows quite a bit about the gods, but she doesn't seem to understand it. Do not be like the theologian."

Tolv considers this question deeply before he responds, "I've never met her, so I suppose I'm not. Should I be?" He looks at Cadern, but someone else is addressing Cadern, and so he looks at Sorrel. A little warily.

Ailith solemnly nods at Rinel. "More or less I think she was seeking trust rebuilt with you, Archscholar. I've known her path that's being taken and certain reasons though she maintains a respect toward the pantheon. She confers with the other Legates from time to time." The remark by Sorrel does have her somewhat saying, "We must be careful when in public and among many when discussing perfectly normal and not in any way subjects that are in fairy tales."

Ailith sips tea.

Sina tilts her head, watching as Rinel goes, then looks back to Cadern. She looks only mildly uncomfortable, and says, "Sometimes we must change, in order to play our part," she says gently. "Rinel's path is no less worthy than her previous aspirations. She has chosen a different path, and it isn't for me to judge her choices, now that she is no longer in the Discipleship." She doesn't speak more of it, however, and turns her gaze back to Cadern. "I will look forward to hearing more of your research. It sounds like something we should be keeping an eye on." She glances toward Sorrel, and nods slightly. "Knowledge doesn't always equal understanding." She glances to Ailith then, and nods. "I will speak with her on it further in private. Rinel's choices are probably not the best topic for discussion, and I loathe speaking of someone behind their back," she adds after a moment.

"No such thing as knowing too much, only not know when and how to properly share or use it," Zoey says more to herself than not as she finds herself a cup of tea.

Ailith mhms quietly in agreement with Sina. "I wanted to clarify for any in the room who might misjudge her remarks to suggest not respecting the pantheon. She does." Any other remarks are reserved. "Speaking of wisdom, that is the secondary part of the paths to Vellichor. People tend to focus on the first being the protection of knowledge.L

Cadern glances up and over to Sorrel's response. He considers that for a moment and he inclines his head, "Perhaps, I am doing my best to be more careful of where I discuss things, and how given recent actions. Still, from my view there are a lot of people who need to know more than they do, and education is important to me. But I do appreciate that I need to reconsider to some degree." He shrugs his shoulders though and he smiles nodding to Sina, "I'll be sure to keep you informed." He says and then glances to Ailith looking curious at that but nodding slowly if looking thoughtful.

"There are a lot of people who do not want their secrets shared, however, and you should respect that," Sorrel says seriously to Cadern, shifting a bit in her chair.

Sina nods to Sorrel, and then settles back in her own chair, picking up her tea again. "Shall we move on to other topics?" she suggests. "this tea really is quite good. I can't remember where I got it, but the ginger goes so perfectly with the peach." She sips the tea, and then glances to Tolv, and says, "Yours is the only face in the room I do not recognize. Did any particular reason bring you here?" she asks curiously, studying the man.

Tolv sits up and touches three fingers lightly to his forehead, in a gesture that manages to give the vague impression of respect, despite being one that's utterly unfamiliar. "Tolv Mora," he says, while a bright smile returns to his face. "I'm a scholar, technically. Well, technically isn't quite right, I *am* a scholar, just not a very usual scholar. I like to travel, so I'm new to the city. New...ish. Mostly new. I guess it has been a bit of a while now."

Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Sorrel.

Dame Marra, a limping fennec fox have been dismissed.

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Cadern places his hands up and he lowers his head, "I don't argue the point. I did not mean t..." He trails off though as Sorrel goes. He shrugs his shoulders and he glances to Tolva nd he smiles, "Still new but we all start somewhere." He says brightly.

Zoey sips her own tea and says, "Ginger peach. Is this a Mercier blend?"

Sina dips her head to Ailith and Sorrel as they take their leave, then turns her attention back to Tolv, smiling as he introduces himself. "Ahh, well you are welcome," she says warmly. "Welcome to the city. I hope you are finding your stay in Arx to be... interesting. We have many Scholars who travel, and do field research throughout the Compact, so it is not so unusual," she adds. "If there is anything I can do to help you find your way, please let me know. I'm Archscholar Sina, by the way," she adds by way of introduction. She glances to Zoey then, and shakes her head slightly. "I'm not sure. I found it in my stash of teas. It could be something Delilah snuck in there when I wasn't looking. She does come up with the best teas," she says with a smile.

"Very good to meet you, Archscholar Sina." Tolv brings his fingers down, and he smiles. It looks a little strained for the space of an eyeblink, and then he recovers from whatever caused it, and that smile warms again. "Field research, well. Yes, I do field research, although perhaps it's a little less formal than other scholars. For right now, however, I think I'm very well situated. It's easy to get lost in Arx, but I am very good about asking directions."

Cadern smiles, "I think the way you described it is you jumped into a lot of holes?" He says of Tolv in amusement. He glances to Sina, "How have you been otherwise? Any particular areas you are planning to look into going forward? I imagine... you've had a bunch of requests swirling about the whirlpool?"

Sina tilts her head thoughtfully, nodding in response to Tolv's words. "If you enjoy traveling," she suggests, "I recommend perhaps reaching out to the Explorers as well. They are always going to fascinating places. I am a member of the Society myself, and have traveled a number of places with them. The Suthryn Wastes, the Isle of Storms, places in the gray forest, and elsewhere. Currently, we are planning another trip to Whitepeak. I've never been there, but I will look forward to seeing it with my own eyes. It was a great city of learning, long ago. A place where all manner of people could go to learn all manner of things. It was a place of great buildings, singing fountains, glorious murals, libraries and repositories of knowledge. They called it the City of Miracles," she says with a wistful expression. "Now, it is all ash and ruin, fallen to the forces of Lorwroth Kinsbane when his forces sacked the city. If you like traveling, perhaps you might find it of interest," she muses.

Her gaze turns to Cadern, then, when he asks about how she has been. She smiles wearily. "I have been quite busy," she agrees, with a little nod. "I've recently returned to the city from a journey with Duke Aiden and some others. But yes, I have heard about the whirlpool from many sources," she agrees. "I have no answers yet, however, and have not yet ventured to the shore to view it myself. My attention is divided in so many different directions these days, it's difficult to focus on just one thing. There's always some new thing that pops up."

"Is anyone not looking into the whirlpool to some degree?" Zoey asks. "There will be many a grateful sailor to whomever figures out how to resolve that issue.

Tolv lifts his right index finger. "Fall," he corrects. "I *fall* into holes, and not *that* many. A little too 'many' to be comfortable, I admit. Do you know what happens when you fall onto shavs while they're eating dinner? You end up running away from very angry shavs and their very, very angry dogs." When he drops his hand again and next regards Sina, his smile has drifted away again, but there's thoughtfulness to replace it. "Whitepeak. Is it all ruins then? Nothing left of any of those wonders? if there's no trace, that sounds like an utter tragedy. But...yes, that does sound like something I'd like to be a part of. Lady Ashford talked about testing me for the Explorers several weeks ago, but I seem to have made her angry at me for not wanting to go on her very long ship trip to a dangerous island. A dangerous island sounds very interesting, but that long on a ship? I think I would die of boredom."

Cadern ahs and nods, "You went with the Duke for that? I'd love to hear your first person account." He says eagerly and clealry with interest at this. He glances to Zoey at that and he tilts his head, "It's always the trouble with things you never know how many things are interrelated." He says and then he grins at Tolv, "I was trying to make it seem more on purpose." HE says brightly. He blinks at that and nods, "Brightshore? Yeah the trip seems long but I hope to read a number of the accounts."

As Tolv speaks of falling into holes, Sina smiles a little bit. "That doesn't sound like very pleasant travel," she notes, before sipping her tea again. "Yes, it's all ruins now... but I've heard that there is the remnant of a library, somewhere up high. I'm hoping to fashion some mechanism to help us get up there, and get the books down safely, if any can be salvaged. It should be interesting." She blinks then as Tolv speaks about Lady Ashford being angry with him, and then shakes her head slightly. "Oh, I don't think anyone could fault you for not wanting to go on such a long voyage. Though, I grew up on a ship. I do miss the open sea sometimes. But I'm not going on that voyage either, for reasons. It wouldn't do for the Archscholar to end up lost at sea, in any case. I am fascinated by the stories of Brightshore, though. I will be curious to learn what is discovered there, myself."

She glances to Cadern then, and nods slightly. "Yes, that would definitely be a discussion for another time. Perhaps sometime soon, we can discuss it, along with your own research," she says with a faint smile. Does she give a circumspect little glance around the room? It's just a flicker of her eyes, and then her attention is on Zoey. "Have you heard anything interesting about the whirlpool?" she asks of the Lady.

"Only that it is very powerful, and decidedly *not* abyssal," Zoey answers Sina. "Beyond that, all we saw when we got close was a hole in the water. Thankfully we did not get so close as to be pulled in."

Tolv shakes his head a little roughly, and taps a nervous little beat on the armrest of his chair. One, two, three. "Oh, no, not Brightshore. Everyone else was talking about going there, but Sunaia Ashford wanted to go to the other one. I'm not entirely sure why, but she seemed eager to." He looks a little disappointed when Sina mentions that Whitepeak is all ruins. "Oh, well...a library does sound very interesting though. Maybe it's a *magical* library." The man grins, clearly joking at least a little.

Cadern smiles faintly and then he inclines his head to Sina as she suggests it for a different time, "Of course. At your convenience. I've been conducting a few different investigations that might interest." He looks to Zoey at the discussion and looks with interest, "Oh? Clearly I need to speak a bit more with Mikani." He glances to Tolv and grins, "AT a certain level aren't all library's magical places?" He offers with a grin.

Sina looks thoughtful as Zoey describes the whirlpool, and nods slightly. "It could be an entirely natural phenomenon, for all we know. I am curious to learn what is discovered. I'm glad you didn't get sucked in," she adds to Zoey with a smile. "I'd miss you!" She turns her gaze back to Tolv then, watching as he taps that nervous beat. "Oh, you mean the Isle of Echoes," she says with a slight nod of the head. "Another interesting place. Personally, I don't know that I would want to go there, myself. I'm not particularly fond of ghost stories." She grins then as he jokes about a 'magical' library. "Well it's bound to be interesting. Knowledge long forgotten, at the very least, which is always fascinating to me." She leaves the subject of 'magical' libraries very well alone. The Archscholar turns her gaze back to Cadern then, and nods thoughtfully. "Yes, I had heard she was doing some more research into it. I suppose I should speak with her too." She gives a soft laugh at his words about all libraries being magical. "Knowledge is power, as they say," she adds with a bright smile. She finishes her tea, setting the cup aside.

"Oh, it is not natural," Zoey says with a shake of her head. "It just is not abyssal." She turns to Cadern. "It would not hurt, however I was the witness that told her. There is not much to tell as of yet."

Tolv spreads his hands. "Certainly, but there's libraries being magical, and then there's *magical libraries*. You don't see the latter very often, by which, I mean, at all. Unless this happens to be one." A sudden snap and point at Sina, "Yes! Island of Echoes, that's the one. Obsessed with going there, and she kept insisting I go with her, so I continued to say how boring I would find it...and then she turned cold. Said she wouldn't let me come along even if I begged." The man shrugs, and with that shrug, he seems to let it go. "Where...*is* Whitepeak?" he wonders, in Sina's direction. "I'm not sure I've even heard of it before tonight."

Cadern ohs at Zoey and smiles, "Well then i'd love to hear more details if not abyssal what theories do you have. Sorry I figured you all went together she's been centralizing many things." He smiles at Sina, "More and more is coming back to us which is fun. It's an exciting time to live." He admits and he glances to Tolv, "In the north we've forgotten a lot more than they have down here. I can guide you to some books on it."

Sina tilts her head, listening to Tolv as he speaks about his exchange with Sunaia, and nods slightly. "I see," she says with a little frown. "That doesn't seem like the Sunaia I know. She does have a lot on her mind these days, though. Hopefully she will not stay angry for long," she says sympathetically. "Regardless, there are other Explorers who can test you, if you're still interested," she adds with a smile. "As for where Whitepeak is..." she looks thoughtful, "I'm not quite sure, to be honest. I suppose I'll know when I get there." She gives a little smirk, then rises from her chair. "Princess Lou knows. She has been there, and can tell you better than I could." The Archscholar glances at Zoey thoughtfully, then nods. "Perhaps I shall have to have a look at it myself, one of these days." She says it, however, with some trepidation. She doesn't at all seem eager to do so. "A Scholar's duty is to seek knowledge, after all," she says with a faint smile. She glances between them all then, and smiles. "Thank you all for coming. But, I'm afraid I have an appointment soon that I cannot miss. Hopefully we will have a chance to speak again soon."

"Tea soon?" Zoey asks as she rises and heads for the door. "Write me! We can talk about visiting the whirlpool."

Tolv more or less springs up from his seat. "Oh, yes, I'd love to see it. But even if not, I think I will send Princess Lou a message. Thank you, Archscholar Sina, it has been a very good meeting, I have enjoyed meeting all of you. You two twice, I suppose," he says, with a brief point toward Cadern and Zoey.

Cadern rises as well as he smiles, "Always happy to chat with seekers of knowledge." He says to Tolv. He beams, "And again look forward to your help on research." He smiles, "Thank you for having us Archscholar. See you soon I hope."

Sina smiles to Zoey, and inclines her head. "Of course. You know where to find me, my lady," she says with a pleasant smile. "I'll look forward to another of our chats." She inclines her head to Tolv. "It's been a pleasure meeting you, Tolv. And Lord Cadern, always a pleasure," she says with a smile. She'll remain standing, and walk them to the door, chatting amiably all the way.

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