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Spirit Walkers Open Hours

The Spirit Walkers are opening the doors to their Hall for public questions. Bring your questions about shamanism or about the Spirit Walkers themselves, share your experiences with the spirits, and receive answers or counsel from the shamans of the Spirit Walkers.


Dec. 10, 2019, 6:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Mirk Khanne


Merek Acantha Rysen Petra Rosalind Ras Magnus Lenne Brianna Volcica Gaston Aksel Arcadia(RIP) Mikani Hamish Llyr Korka


Spirit Walkers


Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Spirit Walkers Hall - Great Room

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Connal, a Northern Wolfhound arrives, following Rosalind.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, following Rysen.

Serenity, Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Khanne.

As people begin to trickle in, Mirk is standing near the altar in the front, dressed in his traveling leathers, every inch the shaman. "Welcome to Spirit Walkers Hall. There is seating for all," he gestures to the fireplace, to the tables, "though please avoid disturbing anything that's already laid out. It can be a little cluttered in here at times." He doesn't sound particularly apologetic about it.

"I am Mirk Halfshav, Elder of the Spirit Walkers, and this is my cousin, Khanne, who is Vala of the Northlands and one of the only founding Spirit Walkers still remaining in Arx. Today, we'd like to give you all the chance to get to know the Spirit Walkers a little - both ourselves and others who might attend - and ask whatever questions come to mind regarding shamanism. I know it's a topic that inspires a great deal of confusion, this far south. This entire affair will be rather information, so that's all I have for the speech. Anything you'd like to add?" He gestures to Vala Khanne, at that last question.

"Informal," Mirk amends. "Informational, too, hopefully."

2 Rivenshari Clansman, Lila, the stoic apprentice arrive, following Petra.

Merek makes his way into the Great Room, while he looks about, finding a nice place to settle in. He has on his dark attire, having come to learn more while he watches and listens.

Acantha is in attendance tonight, Benny is with her per the usual. The Baroness of Clearlake Hold is settled in a seat off to the side of the room with a glass of wine and just here to watch her fellow Spirit Walkers it would appear.

Rysen and Lygeia make their way into the hall, as Mirk is speaking. The Crovane lord is dressed in his fur-trimmed mantle and Northlands wool, while Lygeia wears her typical charcoal linen dress. Rysen bow his head to Mirk and Khanne, though he comes to take a seat as they speak, and his raven-haired retainer sits down beside him.

Disa, the white Bonespire mare, Eira arrive, following Volcica.

2 Halfshav skilled veteran guards arrives, following Brianna.

First, there's the soft tinkling of bells, and following the sound comes a woman, dark of hair and eye, dressed in saffron linen. Bells are twined through her hair, and more bells adorn the golden torc gracing her slender throat. Her footsteps are light, more bells jingling at her ankles as she finds her way to the Spirit Walker's hall, as if blown here by the wind. She pauses just within, glancing around briefly, before tentatively moving to find a place to sit. Settling her skirts about her, she tucks herself into a corner to quietly observe, and learn what she can about these Spirit Walkers as they gather.

Rosalind makes her way into the hall, all arms and legs. The tall redhead arrives as look promised, as she gives a smile to Mirk and Khanne. Oh wait. Proper greetings! Rosalind bows her head and ventures on over to a seat, her big dog at her side. Definitely avoiding the fire. Nope, nope, and nope!

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Khanne stands beside Mirk at the altar. Where he is dressed in leathers, she is dressed like SPRING! From head to toe, the colors of a crocus blooming from underneath the snow adorns her. She looks to Mirk and then out to those who are gathering, offering them all a smile. "Just a welcome from me as well. I hope you have come prepared with questions. We'll get a line set up here shortly."

Ras trickles in with others, ducking his head and glancing around with an air of guarded lack of familiarity. He discretely finds a spot near the fireplace and lowers himself to sit cross-legged on one far side of the hearth stones while observing. Both hands are empty, and emerge from pockets to rest in his lap as he slouches in silence.

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Magnus is already settled off to the side of a table in the Hall once the meeting commences, angled forward with his forearms resting atop his knees and watching the procession of people and offering smiles or nods to any that might look in his direction.

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Lenne enters in a bit of a rush. Nearly late! Likely she's barely recognizable to those that know her, since she, for once, isn't entirely covered, head to toe, in aeterna. She's only mostly in white, with an embroidered dress that only reaches her knees, and only covers her arms partially, with ribbons of green. So much coloured, and so much revealed. It's very UnLenne. She makes her way past the chairs, and toward the Mirk, to speak to him quietly, if brightly, once he has finishes his speech. She bows, of course, deeply and respectfully. "Made it. I have arrived to add confusion to our little event, Elder, as promised."

Brianna sits near the altar, watching her cousins intently. She sits tall and silent, intent to watch and learn.

"It is good to see you again, My Lady, Count Magnus," says Rysen softly to Rosalind and Magnus as he finds himself sitting in close proximity. He chuckles to see Lenne arrive, and seems pleased that she made it.

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"Go ahead and start forming a queue on questions, if you would, to keep things manageable. If you come up with more questions after asking some, you're welcome to join the queue more than once. But first, if any of the other Spirit Walkers would like to introduce yourselves..." Mirk suggests, glancing to a few faces in the crowd in particular. "Those in the Spirit Walkers are also welcome to help answer questions. There may very well be things that some of you know that neither myself nor Vala Khanne do. Such is the nature of shamanism." He chuckles at Lenne's comments and says, "I think we have a volunteer for introductions."

Volcica is present, of course! She's probably settled in somewhere near her brother, silently watching the hall fill. Little nods are given to those that she knows, but otherwise? She's fairly stoney in demeanor.

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Acantha gives a nod to Magnus when she sees him, "It is good to see you returned to Arx, Count Stahlben." she tells the man. Then she looks up to Mirk again when he starts to speak and there's a moment taken to scoop Benny up into her lap before he tries to rush up and beg twigs off of the Elder of the Spirit Walkers.

Gaston enters the hall with an air of some reservation, pausing before he crosses the threshhold; muscles in his jaw work for a moment, and then his chin tilts up and those gold-flecked green eyes flash, and he strides in at the restless pace he's best known for. He offers Mirk and Khanne a rigid bow when he reaches the altar, and then moves to lean against one of the wooden support columns, waiting for the queue to start properly forming before he makes his way to join it.

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a huge spotted dog named Fury arrives, following Aksel.

Magnus settles a smile in Rysen's direction, inclining his head in reply before speaking in his usual drawling bass with "Same, Lord Rysen.", even at lower volume. To Acantha he returns a loose wave and another not-quite whispered, "Pleasure seeing you again too, Baroness Clearlake.", before shifting his green gaze back to the larger discussion at hand.

Rysen has joined the line.

Lenne gives Mirk a long-suffering look when he volunteers her. She doesn't feel so confident in crowds, in this unconservative outfit! But, she's committed now. So she turns to the growing group of people in the hall. "Well, I'm Lady Lenne Crovane. I like to think of myself as a non-traditional shaman for a modern world, I suppose. I expect you won't see me answering many questions about traditional practices in shamanism, but I may chime in to muse on the nature of the spirits, how they think, and how they fit into our world."

She spots Gaston sneak in, and subtly waves a hand at her side toward him, before going back to introduction. "Take what I say with a grain of salt, as our newest and possibly youngest member here, however!"

"Gods and spirits," mutters Rysen when Lenne introduces herself. "You have your work cut out for you," he sighs in the direction of Mirk, with a rueful grin.

For now, Petra remains seated in that little spot she found, quietly observing for now. If she has questions, she won't voice them yet, until she gets a sense of what's going on. Her dark eyes skim over each person as they speak. Eventually, her eyes settle on Lenne as she is the first to stand up and say something. Folding her hands in her lap with a jingle of bells where she sits cross-legged near the fire, she settles in to listen.

After Lenne, Volcica actually speaks up. "Lady Volcica Stahlben. I'm a shaman from the Bonespire, on the edge of the Everwinter." It's not much of an introduction, but it might be more than expected.

Khanne smiles aside to Mirk. "Been awhile since I have seen such a slow trickle to get in line to ask us questions. Maybe we've answered them all!" But then Gaston makes his way to be the first. "Good man." And then Rysen is next, and she smiles. Tilting her head though, she asks Lenne, "what exactly is a non-traditional shaman for a modern world? Shaman, by are very nature, come from a long tradition of many paths and are, traditionally, a rabble rousing group of rag tag people with different practices and such depending on where we came from." She pauses then asks Mirk, "does that mean I asked the first question?"

Aksel slips into the great room of the Spirit Walkers Hall. Or has he been here the whole time? Standing off to the side and leaning against the wall his arms crossed over his chest as he does his best to help support it. "I think you just did, Vala." He pipes from where he stands a slow grin forming on his lips.

Mirk raises an eyebrow at Lenne, and adds as an afterthought, "Spirit Walkers asking questions is welcome, also. Perhaps we can all learn from each other." In response to Khanne's question, he responds in his best deadpan: "Yes. We have already descended into anarchy, the likes of which we shall never recover from. Truly, we are a herd of cats." He waves a hand to Gaston. "You can go ahead and ask your question, as well, while Lady Lenne answers hers."

Turn in line: Gaston

Acantha takes a sip of her wine and nods her head to Magnus after he returns her greeting, "Hopefully things are still going well over in Stahlben." she dips her head to that. Then she goes back to quietly sitting with Benny. The beaver has curled up in the Baroness' lap and is watching Mirk talk intently.

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Thork, the bone wearing warrior from the far north, Puff, a dainty yellow-green canary arrive, following Arcadia.

Admittedly, it's difficult /not/ to spot Gaston, no matter how unobtrusive he wants to be by lingering on the edges of the crowd; still, he smiles a little wryly despite the tense set of his shoulders when Lenne offers him a small wave, and he lifts a fang-marred hand to wave back as he joins the queue. The contrast between her introduction and Volcica's laconic one can't help but earn a chuckle from the big man, and some more of the tension seems to ease from the Oathlander's shoulders -- even though he is now the very first in the line, something most sensible people often seek to avoid.

He bows again gratefully to the assembled Spirit Walkers when Mirk motions him forward, and he steps up with his expression clouded, as if seeking how best to ask a question. "It is as much a request as anything, I suppose," He begins, and then takes a steadying breath. "Are there any among you who are learned in bargaining a geas from the spirits, and might be willing to aid me in taking one on?"

A messenger makes her way to Lygeia, who reads the note, and hands it to Rysen. The lord frowns, and rises to his feet as quietly as may be. He leans to Brianna, and whispers something to her, before offering a brief bow to Mirk and Khanne, and, with Lygeia in his wake, makes his way out of the Spirit Walker's Hall.

"I thought I would be the first one to ask a question, in truth, Vala. I never have a shortage of them. Which is part of what I mean. We live in a skeptical society. Too much so, I admit, but it is what it is. And I am far more a scholar than I am a mystic," Lenne says, to Khanne. "I had an affinity for the practice since my youth. I spoke to my first spirit at six, I suspect. But I didn't dare to fully believe until my teenage years. After clawing through enough of the traditions to mention to find a method that works for me, to enter the Spirit World with mind unclouded. To me the spirits are other occupants of this world, and not objects of veneration, as in older Paths, that predate the Elders. They are simply beings to be learned from, and treated with, and lived beside. The study of them, and how they interact with this side of our world, is more my aim."

To Gaston, Lenne merely shakes her head. "Not I, I'm afraid, Marquis. I've never been brave enough to do more than make small offerings. Nor have I had the need. I hope you aren't having trouble with your wolf. Or being a wolf. Whichever it was."

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Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist leaves, following Rysen.

Rosalind hears Gaston and her interest is obvious. Her hazel green eyes look at him and she curious. Rosa fidgets a bit and chews her lower lip in thought. Hearing Aksel, she looks over and waves!

Brianna has joined the line.

When Lord Rysen whispers to Brianna, she nods, getting up and taking a place in line.

Arcadia quietly slips in and stands towards the back. She glances at the exit as Rysen leaves and her shoulders slump the tiniest bit. Instead, she tries to focus on the conversation.

Once she gets a sense for what this meeting is about, Petra nods to herself after hearing Lenne speak. Finally, she rises to her feet, and finds a place in the line of people, bells tinkling softly like a constant offering to the wind. Her sandaled feet come to a stop behind the person in front of her, and saffron linen settles about her as she waits her turn. She idly toys with a bangle on her slender wrist while she waits.

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Ras is very quiet in his hunched seat at the corner of the fireplace, gaze passing from one speaker to the next under a furrowed brow. Although he doesn't appear to be participating, at least he is listening intently.

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Volcica listens closely to both Lenne and Gaston, and then shakes her head to the latter. "I haven't had occasion to learn the proper rites and rituals for a geas. I could look into it."

Mirk glances aside at Khanne, at the question, and says, "Some of us are learned about geasa, but I don't think any of us have ever personally bargained for one. There might be a shaman willing to support you in that endeavor, and that might be best discussed in depth privately. But since this is about answering questions, and I can sense this one coming: A geas is a formal oath sworn to the spirits, in exchange for some boon from them. It's an ancient practice, seldom seen in this day and age, steeped in rituals that few remember. But rest assured, this oath is no binding of writs: You can break your oath at any time, but the boon of the spirits will be withdrawn, replaced by a curse." He glances towards Lenne, as she speaks, and whether he approves of her answer or not is hard to tell. "Thank you for answering, Lady Lenne. A very unique answer, I think."

Mikani slips in quietly and stands near the back.

1 Templar Knight guards arrives, following Hamish.

Khanne listens to Lenne thoughtfully, her left brow arched just so. Curious. In the end, she offers a 'hmm' and a small nod before turning to Gaston. "I myself am quite learned on them, which, is why, I generally will not agree to do them. They are far too often more dangerous than that which people are asking for a geas to help them with in the first place."

Aksel listens to the question posed by Gaston then looks towards the shamans response. His eyes catch Rosalind's wave and he gives a wave back before listening to the responses.

Khanne nods as well to Mirk's explanation of what a geas is. "Yes, generally that. But they might also ask of you to do something in order to receive the boon in the first place, not just as punishment."

"The terms of the oath are up to the spirits. If your oath is to fulfill some quest, and you fail, then..." Mirk trails off, letting the rest remain unsaid. He nods to Khanne. "I'm a little more open to the idea than Vala Khanne, I think, but it'll depend on the shaman and the situation."

Acantha listens to the question that is posed by Gaston and there is a soft quirk of an eyebrow, interesting to say the least. She doesn't say anything given she's not anywhere near the level of Khanne and Mirk.

Lenne can only nod at what the others two are speaking of. "Never turn to the left. Lest you go blind," she offers, as the traditional example. "I rather like things on the left side. I'd not be quick to swear a geas. Unless the need was dire, and there was absolutely no other choice."

His expression softens a little at Lenne's answer, and Gaston chuckles roughly as he shakes his head. "I admire wolves greatly, Lady Lenne. Their instincts, especially in regard to family, are a powerful example to us. But as I insisted before when we met, I am no wolf, nor am I particularly troubled by any. My need for such a bargain is...dire, however," He adds, bowing his head to Khanne. "I have tried to avoid the issue for some time, but with our troubles in the Compact such as they grows more difficult and more dangerous for me to leave this be." He trails off, mouth setting a little grimly, but he bows his head to Volcica. "Thank you, my lady. I would appreciate any help you and any other shaman might be able to offer, and will certainly be glad to discuss the matter in further depth." He bows again to all of the Spirit Walkers, and then steps aside, apparently satisfied for now.

Turn in line: Aksel

Khanne bows her head towards Gaston. "Then perhaps we shall speak another time, in private, as Mirk suggested."

When he's called, Aksel takes a step forward from the wall and speaks loudly and clearly, "Mine isn't as deep as Marquis Gaston's was, but here goes, how do you know it's spirits that are speaking to you and not something else? And.. what would someone being referenced as a Child of Skald be refering too.?" He pauses, rubbing his chin a second. "I guess that's two questions." He looks behind him, "I'm not going to get back in line, though."

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As Gaston speaks about his need for something called a 'geas', Petra tilts her head slightly, studying the man curiously, and then watching the others as they respond to his question. She does not seem to have much to add to the conversation however as she waits her turn to ask a question. When it's Aksel's turn to speak up, the Rivenshari prodigal turns her gaze to him, studying him rather intently for a moment as he asks his question. It's only for a moment, but her eyes seem to glimmer knowingly, before she glances down at her bare toes poking out of her flimsy sandals.

"I knew of a man who swore to never eat the fruit of a tree. Went blind after eating a meal glazed with apple," Mirk comments to Lenne, idly. He nods his head once to Gaston. "We will hear you out, and offer what support we can, at the very least, whether that is to guide you towards a geas or otherwise." With that promise, he turns towards Aksel, thoughtfully. THere's a laugh, at his last comments, and he says, "That's fine. And as for how you know...You intuit that, usually. There's no hard and fast answer. Sometimes they have a message meant for another. Sometimes they speak to all. But generally, if they're taking the trouble to make themselves heard, they mean you to heed it." Vague, perhaps, but he shrugs. "As to a Child of Skald, that could be literal - Skald has had many children, over the millennia - or perhaps allegorical. Humans, as a whole, have been referred to as Children of the First Choice before, as we are born of his choice and his freedom, but that might be a topic better suited for the Godsworn. As to which of them the spirits might mean, look into your bloodlines, your past, in this life or perhaps in others. The title will have some significance, for the spirits to have bothered using it for you - or someone else, that's possible - but what it is...Hard to say, in the abstract."

Rosalind listens to Aksel's question too, a bit curious. Ohhhhh questions. She shifts over to Gaston too, because--well--questions!

Hamish walks into the hall, followed shortly thereafter by his assigned Templar. The Oathlander kid looks around warily, as if this were his first time north of the Ward of the Compact. He glances around at those present, eyebrow raising as he overhears the subject at hand, then starts over to the fireplace, offering Khanne a nod as he passes.

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"How do I know?" Khanne smiles. Mirk speaks first though, and she nods. "Some people may never hear or speak to a Spirit. Even shamans. Others might and not know it. There are some, like myself, skilled in sensing Spirit energy above all else. Like there are some that can sense other sorts of energy more than others. When I am speaking with a Shamanic Spirit, they stand before me in their manifested shape, and I have no reason to doubt what they are." Seeing Hamish's nod to her in greeting, she gives him one in return.

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Arcadia quietly steps back, while interested, this is going above what she understands.

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Acantha gives a look to the newcomer that is Hamish and there is a dip of her head to the man in greeting. Benny gives a slap of his tail lightly against the chair, then his little beady eyes close as he relaxes in the Baroness' lap.

Lenne herself gives a shrug of her shoulders. "That's one of my reasons for spending so much of my life seeking a way to walks the paths unintoxicated. When every sight and sound is already confusing, how can you trust what you see and hear, when you are even more unbalanced?" The girl bites her lip, and is quiet for a moment. "I don't have the experience with sinister entities that some may have. But I would suspect it would be obvious. Spirits may be placid, or angry, or fierce, or fleeting, or deadly, or any number of things, but they don't generally /feel/ malign. They are amoral, I would say, or ruled by rules and drives not ours, but also not evil." She laughs softly, and makes a brushing away gesture. "But I suspect that something mimicking a spirit would be suspiciously understandable, most of all."

"I hear them, more than I ever see them. There tends to be.. a quality to their voice. A tone, or an echo. Something indescribable, that resonates within me. For me, it's unmistakable." Volcica gives a one-shouldered shrug. "All their voices are different, but that one trait threads through them all."

Lenne supplies, on the other topic. "I've seen references to the Child of a god in recent days. In that case, it was speaking of a very literal entity, of great spiritual power, aligned toward the 'parents' sphere. If gods can have children, as we have children, who can say? I wouldn't think so. But they were clearly some sort of progeny."

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Petra oddly finds herself nodding along with some of the things that are being said, particularly something in Volcica's words. Still, she keeps her own counsel, though she does lift her dark eyes to study the woman curiously. She shuffles up in the line behind Brianna, awaiting her turn to speak, having left poor Ras to the company of the Archlector of Death.

Ras has turned the majority of his focus on Hamish and the templar by the fireplace, and it doesn't seem to be a very positive sort of focus. He's leaning slightly away from the Archlector, features grit into a dark grimace.

Aksel doesn't see the stare from Petra, his gaze up to the shaman's. His brow quirks a bit at Mirk's answer, "Why a god.." he shakes his head, allowing for the man to continue. His gaze turns to Khanne and listens to her answer. He listens to Lenne then Volcica, then.. "This is Skaldfucked, I need a drink," he mutters before drawing in a breath and letting it out slowly, "Thank you. Most of that went way over my head, I'll contact one of you if I have any more questions, though." He bows his head respectfully to the grouping and goes back to holding up the wall his arms crossing over his chest.

Turn in line: Brianna

Khanne looks to Lenne and tilts her head again. "When you say unintoxicated, what exactly do you mean? Because that is not so untraditional. I do not imbibe intoxicants for my rituals..." She then says with a nod. "Yes, the Gods were and likely are able to have children. As are the Heralds and Reflections."

Mikani continues to just listen. Mika knew that listening often lead to knowledge or at least another avenue of questions. With another quiet move she goes to sit by Lenne.

"I've known a great many shamans that rely on intoxicants to open themselves to the spirits," Mirk says, nodding his head in agreement. "Hopefully, it does help, even if not immediately." He raises an eyebrow at Khanne, at something she says, but instead waves to Brianna. "You're up, Cousin."

Rosalind squirms on her seat, an indication she's getting fidgety. Rosa stays however, because gods and spirits--shes learning.

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Brianna is about to speak, then what Khanne says hits her like a sack of bricks. "Surely you jest," she says, blinking hard. She clears her throat. The wtf weird can wait. "Lord Rysen had to attend to a matter, so I am delivering this question on his behalf. He wished to know about the current status of the restoration of the Stone Grove and wanted to know if there was anything people could do to assist with these efforts."

Gaston has moved to join one of the tables, and now that his request is over and done with he seems almost positively cheery in comparison to when he first arrived. He nods respectfully to others at the walnut table and flashes them a wolfish grin that stretches the scars over his eye, and then glances back to the altar and the questions at hand. Like some of the others, his brows rise a little at Khanne's answer, but he doesn't look quite so surprised by it -- he even nods a little, as if hearing something confirmed.

Khanne looks to Brianna and lifts her hands up in a shrug. "What? It's like the only time I don't drink..." An exaggeration, but still. "Mirk worked more directly with the restoration of the Stone Grove this go around. I have helped it in the past... so I will let him speak on that."

"We're still conducting rituals in the Stone Grove, and waiting to see if the spirits will bless our efforts. We haven't seen any substantial change yet, but: Offerings are welcome, and every small gesture helps. I recommend something natural, something from the deep places in nature, or some small herb or flower that can be planted in the Stone Grove," Mirk suggests, nodding his head to Brianna. "Apart from that, we're waiting to see whether anything more drastic might be warranted. I think Lady Volcica was working on finding a rare herb that she thinks might help? I'll refer Lord Rysen to her, on that, because it's her project and I can't speak on the details."

Stepping in quietly, Llyr stays not far from the entrance. He looks curious, but unobtrusively so, perhaps just stepping in to listen.

Lenne gives Khanne a little shake of her head. "Then I wish I had studied under you, Vala! It would have saved me a great deal of learning. But, on the other hand, I also am, who I am. And that is a very stubborn girl, which was doubly true as a child. It was important for me to find a way that resonated with me. That I could cobble together, from bits I trusted, and understood, to reach a state of sufficient..." She pauses to hunt down an appropriate word. "...depth. Without that, any connection seems far too tenuous, and I begin to fear I'm imagining what I would see or hear." She takes a very physical step back, at the question of the Stone Grove. The practical parts of things here isn't something she's been briefed on, yet.

Brianna clears her throat again. "Actually, I meant the part about gods having children, Vala Khanne." She looks like she's about to crack up, but she's managing to keep a lid on it. She nods appreciatively at their answers. "I'll be sure to let him know. Thank you," she says, sitting back down.

Turn in line: Petra

Volcica nods as Mirk points her project out. "There are few things that grow as far North as we live, but among those is a flower often referred to as a cure-all. We're hoping that if we can find some, we can transplant it into the Grove."

When it is her turn to speak, Petra steps forward with the soft jingling of bells, and addresses Khanne and Mirk in particularly. "I am Petra of the Rivenshari Clan," she says in her quiet manner of speaking, her Arvani somewhat halting. "I admit, I am here mostly in curiosity, and find myself interested in what I have seen and heard this day. My curiosity is this - do the Spirit Walkers allow people of other fealties of the Compact to study among them? If so, I would petition to become a student of the Spirit Walkers. I, too, hear the spirits. I wish to learn more." She clears her throat, then glances between the pair of Shamans. "I believe one of my nephews, Vano, may associate with you on occasion," she adds, before falling silent, looking between the Shamans.

Mirk nods his head to Volcica. "Any questions concerning the cure-all are to be directed to Lady Volcica, because what I know about that herb is that it exists." He chuckles, self-deprecating, and then turns his attention to Petra. "Yes, we do. The traditions of shamanism have been preserved in the Northlands, but we do not have full claim to it; there are shamans in every fealty, and we have welcomed members from outside the Northlands before. I've met Lord Vano, briefly, I think and..." He glances aside at Khanne. "What do you think, Vala Khanne? Regarding her petition?"

"Oh, well... they have," Khanne says with a one-shouldered shrug and an innocent look at Brianna before she turns to Petra. "Pleasure to meet you, Petra. Yes, the Spirit Walkers are not limited to those of Redrain fealty. It is simply more common that there are shamans in the northlands than anywhere else. We have had a few students. One I was close to, a Greenmarch, I had hoped would join us, but she passed away before she could. Her cousin... Rowan Greenmarch, was one of the founding members of the Spirit Walkers though." Nodding, she smiles. "I do know Vano, yes." She nods again, this time to Mirk. "I see no harm in her becoming a student amongst us."

Hamish looks to the presentation, the askers and the answerers, but for the most part his attention is always drawn back to the seats at the fireplace and the discussion he appears to be having with Ras.

Rosalind is listening and learning. Talking quietly and well--do one would be surprised. She likes people.

As Mirk and Khanne consider her petition, Petra listens to them both, patient and watchful. She nods to Mirk, then looks to Khanne. She bows her head at the mention of the Greenmarch who came before. "This is good to hear," she says, allowing a small smile of her own. "The Greenmarch are our lieges, so it is good." She tilts her head as Khanne mentions knowing Vano, and nods. She looks back to Mirk, then back to Khanne. "It would be a great honor, to learn from the Spirit Walkers, if you will have me," she says, with a bow of her head toward Khanne. "I am not so old yet as to think that I know everything, and you will find me a quick pupil, I am sure." She doesn't seem to be boasting, just calmly stating facts.

When Vano is mentioned, Acantha gives a bit of a sigh. She then gives a look around to see if the man might have snuck in while she wasn't looking. She then goes back to listening and petting Benny.

Mirk nods, once Khanne gives her approval. "It's settled, then. Feel free to use the opportunity to get to know your fellow Spirit Walkers." He indicates a few with a one handed gesture: Magnus, Volcica, Lenne, Acantha, Mikani. "I think we're at the end of our queue," he comments to Khanne. "Unless anyone else wants to step up."

Khanne looks over to Mirk and nods. "Seems that way." She casts a mist-grey eyed gaze over the crowd. "What? No further questions?"

Petra inclines her head one last time, and then steps away to allow anyone else to step up if they want. She gives a smile to those gestured to, and moves a little closer to them so that she can get to know them better.

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Ras sits silently at the corner of the fireplace, face lowered into one hand. Who knows if he had a question or not? He's probably not even paying attention now.

Lenne does take a step toward the seats, then turns to her fellow members. "If I may, I would like to ask how all of you experience the spirit world? Or Shining Lands. Or what have you. How do you personally free yourselves to speak with those hidden on the other side, and what form does it take? Some of it has been touched on, already. But each of us seems to walk the ways, and experiences it differently. I find it endlessly fascinating to hear personal accounts."

Aksel pushes his way from the wall and takes a step forward. He pauses before giving a shake of his head and heading for the exit.

Llyr maintains his spot at the back of the hall, attentively listening to what details he can hear around the questions and those who speak on them. There is no effort to either come forward or leave by the young man.

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Acantha gives a dip of her head to Mirk and Khanne, then the woman rises from her seat off towards the side of the room, lowering Benny to the ground as she does. The beaver then waddles after her as they make their way out.

a huge spotted dog named Fury arrives, following Aksel.

Benny The Beaver leaves, following Acantha.

Aksel has joined the line.

Yes, Aksel left, but apparently he thought of a question when he left so he comes back and motions he has another question to ask. Mostly it consists of him pointing with one hand and mimeing talking with the other.

Khanne looks to Lenne again. "Actually, the Spirits and spirits in the shining lands are two entirely different topics. The shining lands is where souls reside, and has nothing to do with Shamanism, in a matter of speaking. It is, i would say, equal opportunity for pantheon and shamans. It is also exceptionally rare that someone can see into the Shining Lands. Even more so for them to walk it. And those spirits, are ghosts." Khanne is a bit learned on the topic, it seems. "As in all things, if they are able, each shaman may have their own way of approaching it, to see into the Shine. Spirits of shaman lore are not souls or ghosts... they are energy, magic, nature itself manifested. Some might be called the soul of a forest or some such, but they are not souls in the Shining Lands. Ghosts..." she holds one hand out, "and Spirits..." she holds the other out. "Two separate entities."

Mirk entertains the questino, thoughtful for a moment, and then admits, "I feel the spirits, more than see them. I don't deal directly with the Shining Lands, for that is not my field." He shakes his head. "Instead, I feel a presence, something intangible in the air. I can almost always tell if a spirit's eyes are on us, if we have attracted their notice, and I can hear their whispers when they choose to speak, but I've seldom seen them manifest openly, the way some have. Perhaps that's better in some ways, than other peoples' perception. Perhaps it's worse. Do our other shamans care to chime in? Lady Volcica, Lord Magnus?"

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Hamish looks up from his conversation long enough to call out, "If anyone has any questions about the Shining Lands, the transmigration of the soul, the goddess Death or, oh, fun spider facts, one can generally find me at the Shrine of the Queen of Endings."

"I almost never see them-- not our spirits, and not the ghosts, either. Instead, I hear them both. I've been able to hear them since I was little, though ghosts tend to be far more demanding than spirits. I can feel when they're around, usually, but it's rare that I truly see them." Volcica speaks up as Mirk gestures towards her and Magnus, offering a bit of insight. She nods her head towards Hamish, too.

Khanne is overheard praising Spirit walkers: A source of camaraderie that I am happy to see thrive.

The newest Spirit Walker apprentice looks to Lenne, and listens to the answers that she hears from Kanne and Mirk. After a moment, she adds, "When the spirits speak to me, they sound like the voices of my ancestors, but I know they are not. I hear them in the wind. Rarely, they may tell me things, if I ask. More, I cannot say here. But I, too, have heard them all my life."

Volcica is overheard praising Spirit walkers.

Brianna is uncharacteristically quiet, still opting to sit quietly and listen.

Khanne smiles brightly and gestures with a hand to Hamish.

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Turn in line: Aksel

"Myself... I can see, and hear, both. I have walked the Shining Lands looking for lost souls, and I have walked with a tree who held my hand." Khanne smiles. "Both abilities are special to me."

Aksel stops with his miming and pointing thing and waits to be called, when he does, he steps forward speaking loudly and clearly, but not yelling "Thought of another only one this time, though. Wth that asshole up north stealing peoples names and setting them upon us, is the Spirit Walkers looking into ways to release those nameless so that they can once again have choice again?" Aksel asks looking between the shaman's present. "Or is a way already known, and it's being kept secret because of super secret sort of reasons that people shouldn't know about?" He pauses and he frowns, "Shit. That's two again, isn't it. I need to learn to count better."

Lenne's lip curls down into a small half-frown at some part of Khanne's speech, though at least seems mollified her addition, in some way. She listens to each in turn, saying nothing, and just entering it all into the mental catalogues of Lenne. At the end, she bows to those in front. "Thank you, all. I do rather wish I had that same knowledge of attention, Elder Mirk!" She turns to Petra, then, and smiles at her. "Ahh, another account to the earlier question, of that ineffable 'knowing' that a spirit, is a spirit, and not something else."

"Of course we are... and have released some souls, particularly when the gargantuans were killed." Khanne looks to the others. "If there are known, tried and true ways that do not include death... I am not privy to the information myself. So far, we have guesses, but nothing sure, and so far, everything I have even heard rumor of is exceedingly dangerous to all involved. But then, so is killing a gargantuan."

Petra turns her attention back to Aksel as he returns with his question, her gaze curious as her attention shifts to Khanne and Mirk, to hear their answers. Her features betray little in the way of emotion other than curiosity, and a faint tug of a frown at the corners of her lips.

"I defer to the Vala's expertise," Mirk says, bowing his head to khanne. "I have no special connection to the Shining Lands, beyond some affinity for spirits, and the occasional affinity for ghosts, as well." Vague, that. Then he turns to Aksel, as the man returns, amused for a moment, though that fades as he listens to the man's question. "I know of one way, though unfortunately it is a power since lost to us, which might be reclaimed in time, or might not be: In the Elven War, there were some in the North who came to be known as Callers of Names, who could speak the names to those enslaved and force them to recognize their own identity. Such people had some connection to the spirits, but the details are lost in the destruction of that war, I'm afraid." He clears his throat. "I also know of others, working on finding options to free the Nameless, including some in our own traditions. But I will not name them, nor their endeavors, not in public, for fear that our enemy may get wind of it and move in response."

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A messenger in black-and-white livery arrives, looking quite out of place and even a little nervous as he ducks through the crowd and stops at Gaston's side, bowing his head to murmur something to him. Gaston sighs, smiles warmly at those sitting around his table, and then rises to stride out.

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With the end of the questions, Llyr turns as quietly as he arrived to step out of the hall.

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"Unfortunately, I don't know any more than Mirk or Khanne-- probably less," Volcica comments.

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Lenne simply shakes her head when Aksel looks in her direction, and holds out her hands in a warding gesture. "I've been in the city for all of a month. And nobody is so foolish as to trust Lenne with dread knowledge. I'm afraid all the dire goings-on are new to me."

Aksel eyes narrow a bit looking to Khanne, and he says tightly. "A gargantuan is just one part of thing, Vala. A no small feat in bringing one down, certainly one taking courage and sacrifice I wouldn't begin to understanding. What I am talking about are whole tribes being wiped out. Of them simply ceasing to be." He shakes his head before his eyes turn to Mirk, listening to him. He nods his head, relaxing some and says, "Then you and I need to speak at some point." He nods his head politely to Volcica and Lenne. Before stepping back indicating that he's done.

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Khanne nods to Aksel. "Which is why I said what I did. We are working on it. Perpetually. Until we find the way... as are friends who are not shamans."

Rosalind curiously listens, head tilted looking at Aksel

"Shamans have no corner on this effort, nor against this enemy," Mirk confirms, nodding his head. "Write us privately, at some point, perhaps," he suggests to Aksel. "Though I'm not certain if we'll have the answers you're looking for. Shamans have no corner on this struggle, nor exclusive grievances against this enemy."

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Aksel tilts his head to look at Mirk, "No. That you do not. But as my da used to say, there's more then one way to skin a cat. And if the Spirit Walkers know of a way and other groups know of a way, then I am going to make it my business to find out those ways. I may not be able to do what needs to be done, but I'd sooner let Skald kick me in the ass then not do what I can to make sure those I protect can breath freely."

"They always say there's more than one way to skin a cat, but that's never been my experience," Brianna delivers dryly. "If you want the pelt to come off in one piece, that is." She rises. "In all seriousness, is this about the business up near Cascade Springs?"

"Probably not," Mirk replies to Brianna, shaking his head. "There's a bunch of different cultists out there, unfortunately. Though, if the two of you want to compare notes..." He gestures to Brianna and Aksel.

Khanne has said what she could on the topic and moves to listen more than speak at this time.

Aksel tilts his head to look at Brianna, "Like most of my da sayings I never understood them. If you want clarification, I can point you to the mine shaft that he was killed in." He gives a shake of his head, "I know nothing of the going on at Cascade Springs," he grins slightly to Mirk before looking back to Brianna. "So unfortunately I won't be able to share any notes."

Rosalind slides to her feet, well more hops,"I need to be off, but thank you for all this,"she says with sincere enthusiasm. She looks near the fire--how are they sitting there?! Waving, she heads out, her bright red hair flying behind her.

Petra listens, watching and learning and following along as she can. It's clear that some of the things being said are way over the Rivenshari woman's head, but she does not inquire aloud, but rather, among those at the table she has joined. Every once in a while, bells jingle as she turns her head this way or that, silvery and lightly musical in her hair.

There's some sudden scuffle that has happened near the fireplace, with Ras lunging at Hamish and Korka nearly tripping him with her boot.

Brianna moves faster than she has any right to in a gown, moving to try and grab Ras and restrain him.

Petra turns her head, staring toward the scuffle near the fireplace. Her hand drops to idly wrap around the hilt of the dagger at her waist, beneath the table, a light frown touching her lips.

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And look at that, scuffle over at the fireplace, and with that Aksel is gone. For real this time. No coming backsies.

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Volcica dark gaze swings over to the fireplace, but with Korka trying to intercede and Brianna's fast movements, Volcica stays seated. She doesn't speak, either! Mirk and Khanne are both here, and hold more authority over the hall.

Brianna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Hamish stays seated where he is, expression very much that of a person who thinks maybe more gatherings should offer free drinks, watching Ras curiously as the man lunges at him. When Korka's attempted trip gives Ras pause, Hamish drawls, "Once again, this is an inappropriate venue for this sort of behavior."

Benny The Beaver arrives, following Acantha.

"It's fine," Korka holds up a hand to Brianna as she stands, keeping an eye on Ras as she does so, "He does not need to be restrained. Just reminded. Would you like to go for a walk, Master Ras?"

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Lenne blinks in surprise, at the sudden activity to one side of the room. "Well, we definitely are a Northlands organization now. Why is there always a brawl?" the young shaman says in despair. She does head in the direction of the scuffle, however, looking curiously at the young man, and the Godsworn. "Archlector? Are you all right?"

Mirk rises to his feet, at the scuffle, a scowl on his face that makes the lines much more severe. "See to it that he walks with you. This is not the place for such behavior," he says, once Korka intervenes. But his eyes never leave Ras, waiting to see what he will do next.

Merek blinks a bit from whatever he was doing, and looks then to Ras with his brows lifting a bit, "What...?"

Ras checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 51, rolling 6 lower.

Benny The Beaver arrives, following Acantha.

Merek stalks up to where the people are at, noticing that one of them looks to be Archlector, "Do you need any assistance?" he asks.

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Petra stays seated at the table, keeping well clear of the kerfuffle unfolding near the fireplace. Her demeanor remains calm, her eyes studying the situation carefully. At the same time, however, she seems ready to move and get out of the way if it gets out of hand.

Benny apparently forgot something, because he comes skittering back in with Acantha on his tail. Not really on his tail, but, you get it.

Ras notes Brianna's movement and attempts to swiftly duck back, but bumps into a chair by the fire. He's still standing, right fist clenched, but the way his tearstruck gaze casts wildly around might indicate he's having some sort of mild flashback, and the fury begins to take a backseat. His focus fixes on Korka.

A crowd around a scuffle usually only makes a bigger scuffle, so Khanne simply stays where she is, eyeing the goings on with a critical expression.

Hamish holds up a hand to the others. "I am fine. Goodman Ras is in mourning. I know more than most that people in mourning make questionable decisions." He pushes himself to his feet and looks to the others. "I apologize for the brief spectacle. It was an interesting discussion."

Merek's features draw up into understanding, while he looks to Ras, "Ras... Ras, you're alright." He motions to a few people, "Make space for him to get away from here," he offers, then he places both hands to sight, then back away while he wiggles his nose a bit, "You'll be alright. You're fine." He nods a bit to Hamish.

Merek checked charm + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Benny stops when he realizes that there's a scuffle and he lets his tail slap the stone floor as he regards Ras.

Brianna gently but firmly grips Ras by the upper arms. "Mind where you are. Let's get you out with your friends before you do something else you might regret." She releases him, but her words are very clearly not a suggestion.

"It's fine," Korka repeats a little louder for the crowd, "Master Ras here just tripped. On his words and other things. Nothing a little fresh air won't cure." When Brianna releases him she offers him her hand, "I'll take him out."

Ras cringes away from Brianna's grip, peculiarly from the left side, and his breath stops hard for a moment. When she lets him go, he ducks his head and doesn't look at her, or at Merek. Instead, he looks at Hamish, and then through the hall. There's a pained few instants of delay before he slowly shifts to take Korka's hand.

Lenne's hand was undoing the clasp on the medical satchel at her side, when the Archlector waves off the crowd. She seems to take his word for it. She sees no blood, and he seems able enough. Ras' expression is rather more of a worry, though, with that wild manner of it. The scholar does walk closer to him, Korka and Brianna. Her voice is soft, clearly trying not to startle, and her hands are disarmingly open. "I'd like to come with you, if I may. The young Master seems out of sorts. I may be able to offer him something that will help him find calm."

Merek nods a bit while he begins to make space for Korka and Ras, taking a moment to look to the crowd with a nod also, then he's settling back to watch while giving him all the space he needs.

Korka tilts her head to Lenne as if to say they're going that way and then they go that way!

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Ras, Lenne leave, following Korka.

Acantha moves forward to scoop up Benny, "You're not going to get into the middle of things." she tells the beaver. He gets settled over her shoulder and then she is watching the group leave.

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Once Ras departs, Mirk goes to sit down again. He's still scowling at the interruption, but he recovers after a few moments. "Thank you for attending, Archlector. The fault is not yours," he says with a nod to Hamish. "I think this is a good time to begin winding the night down, all the same. We ran out of questions, and the excitement will continue to distract peoples' focus, regardless. Nonetheless, I thank each and every one of you that chose to visit us for the occasion."

Brianna sits next to Mirk. "I really shouldn't make a habit of manhandling people who misbehave. They might count that as a reward."

"It was a wonderful learning experience, I apologize that I didn't ask anything," Merek says, with a nod to the folk also. Then he inclines to Mirk.

Petra rises to her feet, and seems to think this is indeed a good time to go, once Ras has left. She bows her head to Mirk and Khanne. "Thank you for welcoming me into the Spirit Walkers. I look forward to learning more of what was spoken here today." With that, she turns then to take her leave, bells jingling as she goes. Her assistant Lila, and two Rivenshari clansmen, soon follow in her wake, where they were waiting outside.

Distractedly looking towards the door Ras left through, Khanne eventually nods. "Yes. Thank you all very much."

Khanne mutters, "Well, ... was ... first. A ... ... ... ..."

Hamish offers Mirk a nod. "I owe you a message, Lord Mirk. I haven't forgotten. But Death is patient, so I am leisurely by nature. My apologies." He looks to Khanne and gives her a half bow. "Vala." Then he heads for the exit. After making certain Korka, Ras and Lenne are well gone.

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"Thank you for the prompt reaction anyways, Cousin. I'm afraid that by the time I could've intervened, it would've escalated," Mirk says with a dip of his head towards Brianna.

Khanne nods and says, "I, for one, am appreciative of your nature. Keeps me safer." She smiles.

"The boy strikes archlectors and cavorts with heretics. Normally that would make him an interesting dinner partner, but he has no sense of /timing/ and I didn't want the Spirit Walkers to deal with the consequences of whatever fool thing he had a mind to do tonight," Brianna says with a sigh. "Drinks?"

Khanne says, "Thank you, Bri Bri."

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