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Bioluminary Garden Party

The imposing wrought iron gates have been transformed by tiny fairy lights with tea candles lighting the way into the spring garden. The walls of the courtyard have small globes hanging from the branches, holding bioluminescence algae within. The shades of green and blue cast an ethereal glow to the roses, lilies and lavender that are now budding.

Blackshore servants move about the party, carrying trays of champagne. An open bar has been set aside for any that want something harder. A string quartet is placed under the giant elms, the dangling fairy lights feature the four men who coax sweet melodies from their instruments. The open path allows for couples to dance under the stars, getting transported by this new glowing world.


Dec. 15, 2019, 2 p.m.

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Martino Ember Alarissa Thea Cassandra Jules Amari Rosalie



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Blackshore Manor - Courtyard

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The imposing wrought iron gates have been transformed by tiny fairy lights with tea candles lighting the way into the spring garden. The walls of the courtyard have small globes hanging from the branches, holding bioluminescence algae within. The shades of green and blue cast an ethereal glow to the roses, lilies and lavender that are now budding.

Johannes, A tall and red cloaked gentleman, A slightly embarrassed courier called Guido arrive, following Martino.

The imposing wrought iron gates have been transformed by tiny fairy lights with tea candles lighting the way into the spring garden. The walls of the courtyard have small globes hanging from the branches, holding bioluminescence algae within. The shades of green and blue cast an ethereal glow to the roses, lilies and lavender that are now budding.

Blackshore servants move about the party, carrying trays of champagne. An open bar has been set aside for any that want something harder. A string quartet is placed under the giant elms, the dangling fairy lights feature the four men who coax sweet melodies from their instruments. The open path allows for couples to dance under the stars, getting transported by this new glowing world.

Baroness Skye Blackshore stands by the entrance, offering bright smiles to those attending as her servants hand out small charms so those attending can remember the event.

Leading himself in after a guard announces his arrival, the Lord Martino Malvici steps through the courtyard with his hands looped behind his lower back. A faint smile brushes across his lips to the guard, to a nearby servant, before Martino's sharp green eyes make contact with the host Baroness Skye Blackshore. "Ah Baroness. A fine day to you and truly my thanks for hosting such a delight." Bowing his head low, Martino rolls forth his left hand to Skye's own.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid arrives, following Alarissa.

Skye motions to the pools of the glowing algae, lightly placing a gloved hand over her heart, "Oh it is such a beauty, what nature can bring us. I am only grateful that these plants are thriving and sharing their light with us." She glances over at the servants holding small velvet bags with jars of algae that have been turned into charms, "Luckily, I had the help of Guildmaster Josephine to create a container." She shows the glowing orbs on her own bracelet.

Baronesses must support one another, after all. Ember is an early arrival to the party, in large part because she really only had to walk across the Thrax Ward to get there. Dressed in a seasilk-and-lace gown that seems at odds with her perpetually stern expression, Ember approaches Skye and Martino. "Indeed, my Lady, it looks gorgeous. And Lord Martino, I understand... mm. I'm not sure whether to congratulate you on your union or to offer my empathy for its... circumstances."

Alarissa only had to walk across the ground too, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't arrive slightly late. Or that she lingers for a moment at the gates to the Barony's Arx presence and holds her breathe for a moment. 'Is that... that's not fire." Alarissa looks to Pellinor, poor tired Pellinor who looks puzzled. 'That's not fire..."

1 Templar Initiates, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Cassandra.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, following Thea.

With a crease of his sharp green eyes, the Lord Martino rests his left hand upon his heart and turns his head to a servant guided by Baroness Skye. "Oh these are so truly beautiful Baroness. Mine thanks truly for the gift." With a faint smile drawing further over his lips, Martino turns to green to Baroness Ember with a dip of his chin. "Oh both does... suit. It is truly quite fine to be married now. But, also, well. Lady Kaia recovers. Limerence blessed us both."

Skye gives a sympathetic look to Martino, not commenting on the recent events around his nuptials. She turns her gentle smile to Ember, "Oh thank you. We were delayed a week while working out a few last minute details but I'm glad we put it off so everything was just where it needed to be." At the arrival of her patron, Skye stifles a giggle and lets her know, "No, the globes don't contain fire, rather a clever little plant that only truly comes alive in the dark."

Martino takes a tiny glass latch lidded jar hanging off a charm inscribed with waves from a simple velvet bag.

Thea takes a tiny glass latch lidded jar hanging off a charm inscribed with waves from a simple velvet bag.

Ember takes a tiny glass latch lidded jar hanging off a charm inscribed with waves from a simple velvet bag.

Jules takes a tiny glass latch lidded jar hanging off a charm inscribed with waves from a simple velvet bag.

Thea comes stepping into the party, late but better than never. She bows her head with small but brief greeting to Sky, because hostess you know,"Baroness, hello. I haven't seen you in sometime. You've been well?"

The soft tones of the string quartet can be heard as the guests arrive. Blackshore servants with glasses of champaigne are mingling among the guests, bringing them other drinks upon request.

Ember gives Martino a solemn nod. "Indeed. I sincerely hope that you continue to be blessed, and that your marriage... becomes less eventful, shall we say." There's a quirk of Ember's eyebrow as if that's the only clue she'll give to any feeling of mirth. She doesn't smile, she doesn't put any warmth in her voice. Just that little subtle motion of her eyebrow. As Alarissa approaches, Ember takes one of the jars and lifts it up to examine it. "Quite intriguing, Baroness. This must be a quite rare sort of plant, otherwise our forests would be blinding once the sun goes down..."

Legates need to be more visible. Or so says Cassandra, who has tried to take more efforts to be out and about rather than sequestered in the Rectory. Appearing with her usual Templar entourage, she gives a vague militaristic hand gesture suggesting they take some time to relax upon arriving. The woman herself is sporting a new gash on the side of her cheek that's in the midst of scabbed over and healing. Moving forward, she takes a moment to admire the garden before approaching Skye. "Baroness Blackshore, I may not have the most green of thumbs. Likely more black than brown when it comes to plants, but this is quite lovely if I may give a compliment towards it."

Jules enters into the courtyard with his usual flowing flair. His shirt flutters in the breeze and has something of a Fabio look to it. He stops inside with his broad smile to take in the sight of the little fairy lights. He then turns to scan across the scene and looking at the glowing algae and he says, "I say!" His eyes lit up with an appearance of wonder.

"I wonder if Victus has ever seen this." Alarissa reaches up to tap at one of the hanging balls then curiosity satisfied with the answer, peering at the one that Ember has. "I wonder if anyone thinks it to be magic... a pool of this in the forest?" There's a soft bit of laugher from the Thrax Princess. Cassandra's entrance warrants a deep incline of her head to the Legate before taking up a glass of champagne from a passing tray, dips of her head to Martino and Thea and leans over for a quick kiss to Skye's cheek. "I am astounded and blown away. Ingenious my dear. I wonder what this could be used for." A look back to ember. 'What does it say on your bottle?"

"As do I... for the most part Baroness Ember." Lord Martino's lips curl upwards ever-so-slightly to Ember, a faint laugh following as if he knows it will remain eventful for years to come. "Legate Cassandra. Princess Alarissa. A fine day to you both." Martino bows his head low to them both before making his way further into the courtyard in search for a strong drink while seeking to bask in the planty glow.

Skye smiles brightly at Thea as she arrives, "Oh yes, I'm doing quite well." She motions to the globes containing the glowing algae, "As you can see my recent forays into agriculture has uncovered a most interesting species of algae." She nods as Ember remarks on the forest glowing, "Actually, we found this in caves near Blackshore Isle. It seems as though they thrive in darkness." She turns to Cassandra as she arrives, giving a deep curtesy to the Legate, "Thank you. I do hope you enjoy the event." She looks at the group and lets them know, "I am hoping in the future we'll be able to experiment with using them on boats so there is less of a need of open fires at night." She shakes her head at the remark of people thinking it might be magic, "Maybe...but really, it's more based on science." She leans into the kiss given on her cheek from Alarissa. Then lets people know, "There are four different types of charms. Each meant to speak to you're own way of finding relaxation."

2 Keaton Huntsmen, Barf, the Bog Dog arrive, following Amari.

Alarissa takes a tiny glass latch lidded jar hanging off a charm inscribed with waves from a simple velvet bag.

Cassandra gets a tiny glass latch lidded jar hanging off a charm inscribed with waves from a simple velvet bag.

Ember listens to Skye speak with a slight furrow to her brows, as if to broadcast to the room: 'I am paying attention.' She does turn and give a strong nod towards Cassandra upon spotting her. Ember's own cheek offers a fine example of what CAN happen with a gash across the face. When Alarissa comes in close, Ember turns the tiny jar in her fingers, and says, "I don't think it says anything, my Lady. An etching of waves."

Marchande arrives, following Rosalie.

Jules continues on in after having assessed the situation, his big broad smile ever present. He makes his way towards the assembly. He makes a quick bow towards Alarissa first, and then to Sky, Ember, and then he pauses part way through his bows as he spots Martino and he covers his mouth and tears up and says softly, "Dear me." He clears his throat having gotten off his rhythm and says, "Good day your highness, lords and ladies."

Clusters of nobles stand around, enjoying the champaigne and soft strings of the instruments. Those that touch the globes notice that interacting with them cause them to glow brighter and they dim in areas where people have walked away. Almost as if it reacts to those around them.

Thea spies Martino and decides to make a beeline to her brother, but first--inspecting her tiny jar closer, Thea smiles a little,"It says HOPE." Seeing others enter the party, she dips her chin,"Hello."

Making her way to Martino, Thea touches his arm briefly,"Brother. Hello. How are you?"

"Lovely none the less." Alarissa murmurs. "How are you Baroness Ember?" There's a Jules. There's a -tearing- up Jules and Alarissa trades off a drink to Pellinor in exchange for a fine cotton handkerchief drawn from the pocket hidden in the folds of her saffron and charcoal dress and it's passed over discreetly. The wine glass is taken back and Alarissa takes a sip.

Amari strolls in, looking as one does when they've been lead somewhere by their curiosity more than anything else. All eyes. When champagne is offered she eschews it with a polite little shake of her head, and onward she goes to look at glowing stuff. Oh, and Barf follows her. He's a bit too gigantic to be a subtle shadower.

Rosalie enters almost hesitantly, glancing around before spotting a familiar figure in Alarissa. She moves towards the High Princess and dips a curtsy before seeking out where Skye is located and offering a smile and curtsy to her as well. Fiddling lightly with the fan, she gathers up a glass of champagne and tries to look like she's not severely out of practice with socializing.

There are respected nods Alarissa, Skye, Ember, and Martino, the latter of which she focuses on initially. "Lord Malvici, I hope your new wife is on the mend. I promise that the woman who orchestrated the assault on your ceremony will not stay on the run forever." Clearly, the idea of any violence in a shrine is beyond offensive to her. Taking one of the charms, she looks it over in an armored hand(yes, she is always armored, ardorned in s teelsilk and rubicund). "I don't have many charms in my life, but this. This will go in a place of...." she pauses turning in mid sip from her champagne, taking note of the brightness changing on dependent of music and presence. "Fascinating. How does this work?"

"Oh I am well sister, I am well." Martino's voice is hushed with Lady Thea as she makes her way straight to her. Murmuring low tones before glancing off to get a drink brought to him. "And truly, thank you ever so much for the swift care yesterday. Kaia is recovering in our new suite with her maids." Lifting his chin, Martino's sharp greens once more crease towards Jules as he bows, a returned nod of his chin. As a few others enter in, Martino greets each with another tilt of his chin. "Oh Legate Cassandra your focus is much appreciated. Let us speak another time... but I know one who would also wish to aid you on such a quest."

Skye motions to where the etching shows what the charm is for Ember, "It's there..." She gives a curious look between Jules and Alarissa but instead focuses on the arrival of Rosalie and Amari, "Good evening. Please...take a charm. Make sure to look at what the etchings say." She does let the group know, "The colors of the algae have a correlation with their phrase. Because there are some that believe that certain colors hold certain meanings. Taking on characteristics."

Amari gets a tiny glass latch lidded jar hanging off a charm inscribed with waves from a simple velvet bag.

Skye looks over at Cassandra and answers her question, "I'm not sure really...the light literally comes from the body of the algae, reacting to the darkness. In the light, you'll see them grow quite dormant and seem to absorb the sun, as in that's the feeding time. The only time I've observed them glowing is when light is not totally present."

As Skye points it out, and Thea reads hers, Ember lifts her brows in recognition. "Ah! 'Hope.' So it does. I must have had my finger over it while turning it. My apologies." She turns to face Alarissa, "Quite well, actually. I hope the same can be said of yourself and Prince Victus. I was able to hide from the end of winter at Redreef Shores, and springtime is much more agreeable."

Thea smiles briefly at Martino,"I dont need thanks. I wouldn't have had been anywhere else. You know that." She plucks a drink and exhales, sipping it. Looking at those attending, Thea watches and listens. More like people watching today I guess.

"How neat!" Amari enthuses quietly as she takes a charm seemingly at random. "Faith." She reads aloud before giving a gracious dip of her head to Skye. "Thank you, Baroness... or are you a countess now? I missed the Assembly but I heard there were some elevations."

Jules locks his eyes on Cassandra and says, "Dear me legate, I was so thankful for the presence of so many valorous defenders." He turns to Martino and firms his lip up and nods, "Prayers my lord ... prayers." He then takes a step back though so as to not interfere with the actual event and wipes at his eyes with his head turned away and says, "So beautiful." This is started largely to himself and he turns back towards the crowd and listens to the conversation of the algae and brings a weaker but warmer smile.

'Well enough." Alarissa lifts her right hand, showing fingertips with healing scratches and gouges. Broken nails. Or one presumes they've been broken as they've been trimmed short now. So short. "War wounds. They were so lovely in shape and I had the lacquer just how I liked it." There's a mournful look to Ember. An expression not wholy insincere. Broken nails are battle wounds.

Skye shakes her head at Amari's question on whether or not she was elevated, "Oh no, I was not one of the ones that were lucky enough to be elevated." She motions to herself, "We're still a rather small isle and still recovering from the destruction of the port and old Keep." She does admit to her, "We've seen some interest in our shipyards. Creating a modest income."

Murmuring hushed with Thea for a moment, Lord Martino rests his hands on his sister's wrists as he speaks with a low nod. "Mmm true. True. Who is the Messere there?" Lord Martino's gaze indicates from his sister to Jules as there is a slight tilt of his head to them. "Mine thanks Messere. Mine thanks."

Ember actually gives Alarissa a gentle upturn of one of the corners of her mouth, as close to a smile as the Bloody Baroness is liable to offer anyone all night. She holds her arm out at an angle to Alarissa's, offering to link arms. "Allow me to be your protector, then, Your Highness, at least for this party. I shall see to it that no further indignity befalls you, in this dangerously bright wilderness."

"Then we should speak at some point." Cassandra replies to Martino. The explanation by Skye has her looking at the plants a big more closely, leaning in a bit further. It's at that point that she looks at the charm she picked up. "Harmony." she says quietly. There's something pensive that crosses her features, fingers wrapping around the charm before it's tucked away. Jules acknowledgement earns a nod. "There are many who value the meaning behind what it means to break sanctuary. It was a group effort. But thank you."

Slinking from the darkness, a few dancers make their way from the darkness, their bodies painted in the algae to give them an etherial glow. They make their way through the garden, crawling, flipping and twirling as if they are fairies brought to life in this magical forest. The tone of the strings change, giving a mysterious vibe.

"His Otter is in love with me." Carefully, very carefully right arm is entwined with Ember's. "It's running around with a Grayson pendant and we have no idea how it came by it. I'll have to discreetly make an inquery to if any family are missing jewelry. Are you a good protector? Are you good at heaving open stone doors?" There's a glance to the algae that's around them. "I wonder what you could do on Redreef with this. I wonder if you could fish in the eep sea with it as bait, would fish come to it like moths to flame?" And then there's algae painted dancers.

"I'll have to have words with that market gossip for feeding me lies then." Amari softly tuts, but she's not probably going to, really. She's smiling actually. "I knew you'd been hard at work recovering and building, and it wouldn't have surprised me in the least, Baroness Skye." She takes a breath and looks about again, spying some familiar faces. "Oh, there's another baroness and Princess Alarissa." She waves to both, "Lord Cookiepile. Legate Cassandra, hello." Then back to Skye, with a brow lifted, "Where is all this glowing algae from?"

Thea looks to Jules and nods her head and offers him a brief smile. But then--dancers! That glow. That's a bit neat really.

Jules takes the moment to look over towards Skye and his eyes light up a bit and says, "Were you improving your shipyards or how do you hope to improve the island after the destruction? I always" but then he's distracted at the glowing algae he claps his hands lightly and says, "Dear me!" Clapping again and then growing silent to watch them.

Skye smiles at Amari as she gives her sympathy and then answers her question about the algae, "We discovered them in a cave at our Isle. They appear to thrive in dark places." She pauses as Jules asks his question, "We relocated the Keep to the otherside of the isle. And rebuilt the port town starting to bring industry back."

Another figure enters the garden, his body in ash and red paint, bringing with him a dark air as his threatening presence causes the other dancers to scatter. A deep, harsh laugh rolls from his lips as he reaches out with black nailed hands to try to grab one of the other dancers that's painted so brightly.

The light bringers scatter and try to get away from the dark creature, while most are able to run from the darkness. One young fairy is caught in the dark hands of the darkness by the pool of one of the algae.

Ember just as carefully links arms with Alarissa, and her free hand drifts over to secure the bond, patting Alarissa's arm gently. "Stone doors...? I haven't waged too many battles against them, but I also am not keen on forfeiting any battle I find myself in." Ember quirks a brow gently and gives Alarissa a sidelong glance. "...and that would indeed be a worthy experiment. Baroness Blackshore, have you tried anything of the sort -- glowing algae as deep-water bait?" When spotted by Amari, Ember nods, looking dignified to a fault on the arm of the Princess.

"We shall indeed Legate." Martino's head dips once more to Cassandra while a servant brings a glass to Martino. "Ah Messere." Martino's voice clears across to Jules as he goes to meet the man. "Lord Martino Malvici, and you?" Martino's voice cuts off then as there seems to be some sounds and activity off by the entrance.

Rosalie takes a tiny glass latch lidded jar hanging off a charm inscribed with waves from a simple velvet bag.

There's a nod to Amari from Cassandra, before moving in the direction of Alarissa. "Princess Thrax, hello. How are you faring these days. Your absence has been noted in the Rectory of late." She takes a pause to drink, before curiously lifting a brow. "What's this about stone doors?"

"They're fascinating..." Amari decides of the algae, but her attention goes to the dancers, and strange laughing menace that's appeared. A brow rises. She's going to ask the obvious question: "...this is part of the show?"

Jules breaks his gaze from the dancers as Martino addresses him and he seems quite flattered by the attention and gives a bow again and says, "Jules Fabron, your servant my lord!" His words emphatic rather than loud. He gives a weak smile, "I attended the wedding but did not realize I knew your bride's sister until after the fact. She looked so very lovely." His lips pressed together in his smile as though he were trying to keep it together, "Of course, if there is any way I may be of service, I do not mean it simply as politeness."

Skye shakes her head at Ember, "Oh no, I haven't tried to bait my hooks with the algae. I've been more keen on trying to see what applications we could have on the surface." She does get a curious look on her face at the idea as if perhaps for a future experiment. She does assure Amari, "Oh yes, a show of sorts. To highlight the light against the darkness."

"Many are not so keen on forfeiting said battles, if any battle." Alarissa smiles back, diverting her attention to the incoming new dancer and a brow raised. There's a Legate approaching and Cassandra's note of her absence brings a tilt of her head. "Oh, I'm around. Gathering the opening chords so to speak of the auction for the fortresses. Tending to matters of the House and assisting my dear husband. You look lovely, Legate Cassandra, meet the Baroness Ember Redreef. I think you should woo her into Gloria's service or at least a discipleship. She'd be worthy, I think." She keeps an eye on the dance though.\

The actor playing the darkness lifts her in the air, putting his ash on her and seemingly putting out her darkness. She gasps as if in pain, the lights take on an eery glow as the two are locked in mortal battle.

It seems as if all hope is lost until the other light bringers come to the aid of their captured fairy. They dip their hands in bowels and then spread the algae on the darkness, breaking through the ash as the darkness cries out.

Ember's amber eyes (say it ten times fast) turn towards the display of the dancers, and her arm tenses around Alarissa's slightly for a moment, as though she's ready for a confrontation... but as Skye assures that it's all part of the show, and the dance continues in its routine, Ember relaxes. Well... as much as Ember ever relaxes. Her gaze turns toward the Legate, and a deep nod is given. "An honor," Ember says. "The Princess speaks too highly of me, but I cannot find it within myself to stop her." She says that all deadpan, like it's not even really clear if she's joking or being modest or being totally serious or what.

Initially unsure, Lord Martino's right hand rests against his chest as he is caught off guard by the actors. Still a touch nervous, he leans to Thea to murmur. "I am not sure I am too ready for... sudden scenes with loud noises." A faint smile touches Martino's lips as he attempts to fake a smile before dipping his chin once again to Jules. "Ah a pleasure. You are a dear friend of Lady Zoey then? Well. A pleasure to meet a Messere of such esteem."

Thea murmurs to Martino understandably,"I have you,"her eyes affectionate of her brother. "Our Duchess gave me a stern talking to for tripping that drunk man,"still looking not guilty. She watches the people dance, a bit amazed.

Rosalie watches the dancers curiously as she sips from the champagne. Her eyes dart here and there, occasionally glancing towards one of the other party-goers if they happen to near. Her gaze drops to the tiny charm in her hand, reading the small inscription as her lips twitch into a faint smile. Reaching up, she attaches it to the necklace she wears, the glow of the algae complimenting the necklace nicely.

"I don't like the look of him." Amari says to Skye, even if she's been assured he's not a scary murder hobo who has happened to randomly wander onto the grounds to cause havoc. With a sharp nod, she walks right over to one of the bowls of algae and tosses a little bit at the ash demon man. With that she sticks her chin out and stares at him like 'what?'. Yes, the 5'4" twig is challenging the darkness. She's helping. Barf looks on, head cocked.

"Lovely? Yes, I suppose the new scar will do much for my complexion." the Legate remarks, expecially with the newly healing slice on her cheek. "But perhaps I'm much more busy than I suspect." Cassandra considers. "The number of problems approaching the Faith, and more specifically the Templars is grows by the day. But again, that might just be how I view it. The Assembly of Peers did not help that." A sigh follows, but a quick one. "Oh?" she tilts her chin up a little to take in the measure of Ember. "Gloria calls many to serve, as she did me, in a different life when I was Duchess Laurent. But that said, I have heard stories of the Baroness Redreef. It is a good to see image depicted in the flesh. But a pleasure, Baroness. Legate Cassandra Laurent. But I should ask, since the Princess speaks highly of you. Have you considered a stronger role with the Faith Militant?"

"I bet you could both compare war wounds. I wonder who would have the most..." Alarisaa sotto voce's to the two of them, eyes drifting to Rosalie. There's a motion with her chin that may or may not mean come on over, depending on how well you can interpret and or read chin language. Her arm and hand being firmly in Ember's grasp and she's not that adept at using the more simple driftwood false one on her other side. "And yes, there's many matters facing the faith, but I am confidant in the ability of our Legates to see us through these troubling, so troubling times and do my best to assist."

"Dear me, not a close friend." Jules states a bit red in the cheek, "I've just been fortunate to do a little work for her." He clears his throat, seeming awkward and giving a smile and nod to Thea." He continues to watch the show and then his jaw drops, "Laurent?" His face whitens a bit at this and his eyes dart about briefly and he locks eyes on Rosalie and gives a distracted, "I say." He then gives a waggle of his fingers in a wave.

A low laugh folows from Martino to Thea as she murmurs about their Duchess. "Well... it was a Shrine my darling sister. He didn't seem to like Domonico did he?" A slight crease of those sharp green eyes follows before he sips back onto his drink. Bowing his head to the newly arrived Lady Rosalie he greets her before turning his chin to Jules once more. "Ah. You are one that works the market or... merely other pleasures you do bring?"

{45 The light bringers cover the darkness completely, their bodies wrapping around their would-be attacker. The bodies move to the music, the soft growls of the man in ash and red dies and then as the music becomes something more uplifting they move way to reveal a prince underneath, now of light of the algae. His red paint glows with the white algae. The ash has been removed to reveal his blues. There is a celebration of the other dancers as they celebrate the recovery of one of their own.

Skye smiles as the dancers go into their final number and steps forward to tell all attending the point of the dance, "So with the darkness, there is always a chance to redeem." She motions to the lights around them, "Just as there is beauty to be found, even in the darkest of caves. While this algae is not much to look at in the light of day. It shows how sometimes all of us can shine under adversity."

Thea introduces her Rosalie with a slight smile,"I am Lady Thea Malvici. Pleasure to meet you,"giving her brother a look,"I didn't hit him or anything." With those words, a note is delivered. Thea unfortunately says,"I'm afraid I must be off,"bowing her head to Skye, she says,"I will have so many questions about this. Thank you so much." To her Martino,"I will check on Kais as well. See you soon."

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes leaves, following Thea.

Rosalie flickers a smile towards Martino and Jules, dipping her head into a sedate nod before moving to approach Alarissa and Ember. Curtseying once more, she murmurs, "Your Highness.. Baroness. A pleasure." Straightening, she looks towardds THea and smiles lightly in return. "The pleasure is mine, Lady Malvici. I am Lady Rosalie Redtyde." Then her gaze is drawn towards the dancers, a smile lighting up her face at the surprise ending, setting her glass aside that she can applaud the performers.

"Matching scars to the cheek thankfully aren't as much cause for embarrassment as if we attended in the same gown," Ember deadpans to Alarissa. Ember's focus stays on Cassandra for the most part, and the question is given the apparently grave consideration it deserves. "I have indeed. However, as much as it pains me to admit this weakness... there's no room for it, at present. Perhaps when the affairs of my Barony do not command so much hands-on attention, we shall discuss this further, Legate. As it stands, I cannot promise myself to the Faith in good conscience, knowing that I will not be able to give enough of myself to satisfy basic needs."

After saying that, Ember gives a nod to Rosalie. "A pleasure," she echoes.

Jules gives a hesitant nod to Martino as the conversation moves a more positive direction and replies, "Yes, I do some little help for her in the market at times. I hope my work helps those who receive it."

"Lady Rosalie Redtyde." Lord Martino's head bows once more to her before Thea murmurs to him about checking on Kaia. "Mm... I shall come by shortly." Sipping once more onto his wine before a fleeting smile touches his lips to Jules. "Oh you are a good man then to assist. Always those talents in good need." Martino watches the dancers before paying his respects to the host, Baroness Skye and making his way from the courtyard.

Martino is overheard praising Skye: Delightful host for a lovely party

Johannes, A tall and red cloaked gentleman, A slightly embarrassed courier called Guido leave, following Martino.

"And people wonder why I wear armor everywhere." Cassandra replies to note about scars. "I can count the times I've worn formal clothes on two hands. I'm surprised the Princess here was able to get me into something akin to that recently. I did like the pants, I'll admit." Setting her glass down, nodding. "Fear not, no offense, Baroness. I fully admit that devotion is not always for those with a great deal on their plate, unless you are the sort that enjoys juggling ten different things at once." A pointed look is given to Alarissa, though respected one. "I don't claim to understand how the Princess Thrax is able to do it. But, being service to Gloria does not require a discipleship. Keeping her ideals at heart is all I truly ask for. However, should time free up for you, my doors are always open."

Amari claps her hands together and stands back, looking pleased with how things have turned out now that the darkness has been brought back to the light. "If algae is this effective against evil, we'll have to ask the Baroness for some, Barf. We'll need some caves though..." She says to her dog before the pair wander off to go poke around and listen to the music.

Amari is overheard praising Skye: Very curious algae and unique garden party entertainment.

Skye claps politely a the dancers finish up their efforts, giving a bright smile to others, "Oh that was lovely..." She gives a look at her patron and admits to her, "I'm a bit of a romantic, always wanting good to triumph over evil." She motions to the dancers that exit quietly as they came, "But this algae, the idea of bringing something to light really captured my imagination."

Jules takes the moment to return to the conclusion of the dangers and applauds along with the rest and gives a smile and a nod of his head in his own approval. At this point he sneaks around in closer to where Alarissa is and whispers something quietly to her...

"Oh, maxene. Without her I admit I would likely be juggling and failing so badly." Alarissa gives credit where it is due. "It used to be the Archscholar's job, now she juggles the scholars. I always told her that. if she could handle me, she could hand that task." Skye rises to speak and Alarissa stops her conversation to listen to her Protege, a nod for the words. "Hear hear Baroness!" Rosalie's curtsy accepted. "And another reason why I can handle so many proverbial and literal irons in the fire. Lady Rosalie has returned to me. I shall keep her so very busy. She'll regret returning. So if you ever need anything from me, you can reach out to the Lady as well and she will see it done if it's within my purview to give." Oh, there's a Jules and she shifts away from Ember but doesn't pull her arm away so she can listen.

Ember allows Alarissa as much latitude as the Princess likes in moving around. After all, Alarissa is the Princess, between the two of them. Her own attention is on Cassandra for the moment, and there does seem to be something rather grim in her already-grim-anyway expression. "Indeed. With my sister and my cousin so often attending to affairs outside of Arx, much is left on the shoulders of myself and my staff. I am not merely being polite, however, when I say we will discuss this more in the future." The Bloody Baroness turns her eyes towards Jules as she approaches to whisper, and she gives him a nod as well. Then her eyes drift to the dancers heading off on their way.

Rosalie flushes under the high praise but doesn't demur, instead smiling towards the others and dipping her head into a nod, "I am most pleased to be back in Her Highness' service. Truly, at present I have nothing but time on my hands and I am oddly enamored of administrative duties. I will look forward to hearing from everyone sooner or later." The delivery is perhaps a little rough, but the natural charm is there, and she follows protocols well. Glancing to Alarissa, she chuckles softly, "If anything, retaking these duties will give me something to look forward to."

Skye takes a glass of champaigne and mingles with her guests. There's a soft smile of pride as she observes how much fun everyone is having. She does look a little contrite at Martino's leaving and murmurs softly, "I hope my entertainment didn't unnerve anyone." She looks to Alarissa for confirmation.

Jules looks utterly shocked at something Alarissa whispers to him, he looks honestly offended. He leans in and whispers something to the princess and clears his throat and he then gives a triumphant smirk, which very likely will be gone soon given who he spoke to. He then gives a very broad smile to Ember and a bow and then turns his attention to Rosalie and gives her a broad smile, "There is nothing like being in service. I am so very glad to know she will be cared for." Here he seems truly cheerful for that potentially brief moment, "Perhaps I shall see you about my lady."

"Completely understandable. I know I left a great deal on Cristoph's plate another life ago when I handed him the reigns to Laurent." Cassandra nods. "So I can only imagine what that must be like bearing that on your own when your siblings are away." She watches the dance and display finally come to an end. "You did surprised me, Baroness Blackshore. It would've been a shame to strike down the black and red one by mistake." Then again, she was jumped in a shrine, being jumpy may be somewhat understated. "It was lovely all the same."

Jules checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Jules checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

2 Keaton Huntsmen, Barf, the Bog Dog leave, following Amari.

Whatever is said, the look on Jule's face, Alarissa remains composed. Though the chin lifts, just a fraction before there's a tilt of her head to Jules and then to Skye. Composed. So composed. "No, I have no doubt that other obligations to hearth and home draw them away and they bring your little sliver of light with them to spread across the city. This is lovely Baroness. Very lovely. I am sorrowful that his Grace was unable to pull himself away, though I am sure that Scarf will find his otter self here soon enough and will be glowing."

Skye gives a curtesy to Cassandra, "Well on behalf of my entertainment, I am glad that no one was attacked by mistake." She stifles a giggle at the thought of a glowing otter getting algae all over Victus' clothing. She composes herself and nods, "Well, I'll ask my people to try to keep his otter self out of the algae."

Ember does give the expression Jules makes an askance look of her own, but doesn't call attention to it. She shifts her grip on Alarissa's arm to reaffirm it slightly, and then says to Skye: "Compared to some performances that could be made out of old cultural tales and legends... I was surprised, yes, but not at all upset." The mention of the otter gives Ember pause for a moment. "Ah. So you may yet need a protector longer..."

"Almost certainly, sir," Rosalie offers to Jules, glancing towards Skye and smiling. "You never know, he might secretly enjoy the break from the tedium. His Grace has never struck me as a man that enjoys the monotony of administrating, even if he does well with the task."

Jules seems unaware of any looks, he is joyfully enjoying the opportunity to relish the lighting and bouncing a bit on his feet. He gives a smile and nod to Rosalie as she speaks to him and says, "Delightfully looking forward to it." He looks over the algae again so very happy. He turns his attention over towards Alarissa and has an almost adoring look to her.

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