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Grave Unrest

Deep within the Gray Forest, the village of Sutterbrook heard a great and terrible crashing sound. Not three days later they were attacked by bone-wearing savages. Really *weird* looking bones too. The call comes, a request for those willing to patrol out past Sutterbrook to investigate the source of that sound and to route out those brutes.

Gray Forest Patrol Adventure. One shot. 4 of 6 slots are filled, contact Reese and myself if you want to participate.


Nov. 24, 2019, 7 p.m.

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Alexis Reese Arcadia(RIP) Narcissa Rosalind Adalyn Kaia



Outside Arx - Bastion - The Gray Forest

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Comments and Log

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Reese before departing.

Alexis wields The Dragon's Daughter, an Alaricite Greatsword.

Arcadia wields sleek, detailed, wooden crossbow.

Adalyn wields sweetness and lightning rubicund longsword.

Reese gets A shiny orchid overbust corset from a willow woven basket lined with petal pink wool.

Reese gets Warm pink leather cap with fur trim from a willow woven basket lined with petal pink wool.

Reese gets A hibiscus pink fur-lined cloak from a willow woven basket lined with petal pink wool.

Reese gets Two-toned low boots with shiny buckles from a willow woven basket lined with petal pink wool.

It's a good two days ride to the village of Sutterbrook, deep within the Gray Forest. With Spring come to the land, the snows are gone, leaving a dark, loamy earth behind. The trees are starting to bud, their bare branches knobby with bits of green starting to unfurl along their skeletal lengths. Along the ground, slender shoots of grass are emerging, the underbrush turning green once more. The first night on the road is spent in a roadside Inn, and on the second day, as the daylight begins to fade, the village of Sutterbrook appears. A cluster of some thirty homes, a tavern and a civic building, surrounded by a shortish wall. Guards are posted at the main entrances, with torches set along the perimeter.

When the party comes into sight, the pair of guards posted at the roadside entrance calls out, "Hail travelers! Announce yourselves if you seek entry!"

Alexis is riding her proud destrier, and has her sword strapped to his side, wearing her alaricite mixed with steel, and her tabard proud. Clearing her throat, to announce them, she then glances to the rest of the group, and seemingly thinks better of it. Or worse.

Reese is leading a patrol of the Gray Forest. She is openly dressed like a Princess of a Grayson with her griffins on full display. She also has a war hores with her. Reese looks over to the guards and then starts to guide her horse in that direction. "Greetings, I am Princess Reese Grayson, the Crownlands General out on patrols with my companions." She says politely, but with a bit of formalness. Her weapon is seathed. She then smiles briefly over to Alexis. "We would like to make a stop in your village, get some food." She says, she leaves out /check things out/ but it might be assumed.

Arcadia bounces along on her horse, almost quivering with excitement. It's so nice to be somewhere with trees! She beams at the guards, her eyes crinkling in untamed delight. "Please? I'm starving and your town is so lovely looking."

It is an odd sight to see a woman in naught but an embroidered gown and a few pieces of borrowed leather armor atop a black horse, its saddle and reins bearing the clear marks of Fidante. Three guards accompany Narcissa as well, keeping close and in the livery of the house they serve. Throughout the journey the poet has been polite, quick with a witty joke here and there when the opportunity presented itself, but introverted for the most part.

Rosalind is actually on a horse today. Her red hair stands out amongst the others. She is all smiles this day. Seeing the guards, she greets them with a quick grin, her hazel green eyes friendly,"Hello! I bet your town is lovely!"

Adalyn pulls her mount up, slowing alongside the group. Despite her perch in the saddle and the weight of her armor, she is in constant motion, full of energy and eager to get things underway. "What a quaint little town," she notes aloud, eyes scanning the surroundings carefully.

Kaia would be riding on a horse as well, alongside the group. Her eyes moving around the area with a neutral expression.

The pair of guards look to Reese as she declares herself a Princess of Grayson, their eyes widen and they confer among themselves, taking little looks back to Reese as they do. They seem to be in disagreement with one another, though, after a few hissed back and forth words, the younger of the two steps forward and performs an overly elaborate bow that is, frankly, adorably ridiculous. "Your highness, Princess Reese! Sutterbrook opens its arms in welcome to you and your party! We pray thee enter our village and bless us with your presence. Our hospitality is offered to you and your party and we are honored to host one of the Grayson line and her exquisite companions!" The elder, rolls his eyes, "Graylo get off your damn knees, son. Have some diginity!" The elder leans on a long staff and peers at Reese, saying, "I've heard about the Princess of Ribbons. Nice of you to come y'self when we made a call for aid. C'mon in. I'll take you to Rosy, she'll sort y'all out."

Arcadia giggles at the adorable show and quickly covers her mouth. She winks in her most flirtatious manner at Graylo, "Would you be able to tend to the horses for us? They could use a break and some food." She slides off her horse and lands nimbly on her toes. She extends the reigns to Graylo without waiting for an answer.

Reese is still perched on her white war horse even as she looks to the guards. She watches the younger guard, seemingly a bit amused and gives him a smile that reaches her blue eyes and brings her dimples to briefly bloom. "Thank you." She says softly to him. "I appreciate the welcome. With me are Lady Rosalind of Ravenseye, Countess Arcadia of Stahlben, Lady Narcissa of Fidante, Lady Adalyn of Clement, Lady Kaid of Bisland and Dame Alexis of house Wyrmguard." She says introducing everyone. She then pauses for a moment. "We are trying to keep the forest safe. What has happened?"

Adalyn attempts to quiet the laughter that threatens to bubble forth as she watches the younger guard's obsequious greeting. She turns it into a quiet cough instead, recovering quickly and flashing a cheerful smile. "What a kind and warm welcome!" She quiets as Reese offers introductions, bowing her head politely to the guards as her name is spoken. Her manner turns serious as she waits to be debriefed on what has been going on in the forest of late.

Alexis gives a bob of greeting but mostly she's keeping herself the stoic Oathlander knight. She's gotten some practice in, but she still offers an encouraging smile to Graylo. "Never let anyone tell you that you're being -too- courteous," She points out. Patting Sir Betenoir. "You could learn from him," She points out to the horse, who gives a dismissive snort.

Rosalind grins at the guards. As Reese introduces her, the northerner waves, her demeanor friendly,"Nice to meet you."

Narcissa's expression remains wholly neutral, albeit polite when warranted, as nods of greeting are given wordlessly to the guards as introductions are made. "It may seem that Rosy will provide more information?" she says quietly in an aside to Reese as her own mare canters a few paces forward.

Just like most of the party, there's a small smile playing over Kaia's lips at the lad's display. A nod given in greeting when her name is spoken. "Well met."

Graylo turns a flustered look to Arcadia, stepping forward to eagerly accept the reins of her horse, "Yes, of course milady! I shall ensure your horse receives only the choicest of oats! I will handpick them myself, and carrots and a bit of honeycomb... some apples! Yes." The elder squints at Graylo and shakes his head, he coughs into his elbow and says, "I'm Grenson. I can tell you the bare facts. Rosy might be able to give you better intel." He nods to Narcissa and says, "Aye."

Reese looks over to Narcissa, nodding in response to her. She then turns her attention to the guards. She gives the younder one another smile and then turns to Grenson. "You could escort us to Rosy?" She says toward him.

Arcadia beams sunnily at the young man, "You're so sweet. Thank you." And then she's bouncing on after the older guard with an inexhaustible amount of energy in her step.

"It seems any creature would flourish under your fine care. Thank you for your assistance," Adalyn remarks appreciatively to Graylo, apparently deciding that one so eager to please could use some words of praise. Her head swivels forward as she awaits the older guard's escort. "To Rosy, then."

Alexis says, "Behave," Alexis tells Sir Betenoir as she slips off her horse, retrieving her blade to carry across her back. She looks to Graylo. "He's a bully, but you can bribe him with whatever winter-fruit you have to get him to at least pretend to do what you says. Don't be afraid of him, he knows who he's allowed to hurt and who he has to leave alone.""

Rosalind slides off her horse silently, handing over the reigns,"Hes harmless,"she explains. "He loves apples!"the tall redhead says pleasantly.

Graylo is accepting the reins from the horses as they are offered him, actively seeking the reins even beyond the point that he can actually hold all the horses. He's too eager to please. As Alexis gives him that advice, he bows to her, clearly star-struck. "Yes, of course my lady, Dame my lady, yes!" He bows repeatedly, causing Grenson to roll his eyes again. The elder nods to Reese and offers her a perfunctory but respectful bow, "Of course your Highness. Follow me." With that he calls for the gate to be opened, and once it is, he leads the party into the village. He leads them over to the Limestone Lamb, the Inn, once inside, there are a number of adults at the bar, including a tall matron with chestnut and silver hair, holding a tankard of ale.

The Voice of Fidante dismounts her horse with the help of one of her guards, all four of their horses passed off for care along with the rest of the retinue's. Narcissa sticks close to them as they go, but her golden eyes widen just a touch as they venture deeper into the settlement. "Thank you, you are too kind." she extends to Graylo before they slip into the inn.

Reese follows along with Grenson. She did give her horse over to be tended to as well. "She does love apples." She murmurs softly. Reese then continues and steps into the Inn. She gives the room a quick study, trying to quickly gage if anytihng seems off. "Rosy is here?" She asks of the Guard. Reese also quickly looks over her party, making sure everyone is still here.

Arcadia is already enveloping herself into the crowds at the inn. She's ordered drinks and food and is laughing and chatting to locals. She claps one man on the back before moving back to the group, "So. Rosy is a brunette and often behind the bar." She scratches her hair after, "Not that helpful in the scheme of things."

Adalyn slides gracefully off of her horse, giving him a fond pat before handing over the reins. As the group is escorted into the village, she strides energetically alongside her companions, her gaze flickering this way and that as if to take it all in - the sights, the people, the inn itself once inside. Considering Arcadia's words, she scans the interior for someone meeting the description. "Sounds as though she works here. Surely she can't be far."

Leaving her horse behind, likely also in the care of Graylo, Kaia proceeds to follow in quietly along with the group.

Alexis plays bodyguard, stepping along and following close to reese. She relaxes when they reach the inn, though, lowering her shoulders. "Do you think they serve milk? Or should I go for cider?" She asks of Reese - then offers a nod of agreement with Adalyn. "Absolutely," She agrees. "I wager we'll be introduced soon enough."

Rosalind ventures in the Inn and watches Arcadia,"So we go to the bar and ask for her?"a grin on her face.

Arcadia having no patience whatsoever, sticks two fingers in her mouth and gives a shrill whistle, loud enough it causes the inn to go silence. She shouts loudly, "Oi. Anyone know where Rosy is?"

When the door opens and the party arrives, those by the bar all turn around, including the chestnut haired woman. She sets her tankard down after a drink and moves over towards the group being led by Grenson. Her gown is a mix of wool and linen, with satin ribbons, a dusky green and brown that is flattering to her. Her green eyes take in the look of the group and she focuses on Reese, and after a moment, recognition settles into her gaze. She offers a curtsy, saying, "Princess Reese Grayson, you honor us with your attention. I am Rosy Belenia, Matron of this village. May I get refreshments for your group?"

Reese looks upon Rosy, giving her a smile of greeting. "Thank you for the welcome. I very much like you ribbons." She says, adds. "We would love refreshments, thank you very much." Reese then after a thoughtful pause, continues to speak. "We heard your village is in need of aid?" She asks.

For the greeting given, one in kind is reciprocated; Narcissa dips a small but genuine curtsy to the Matron. "Anything warm would be a delight. I fear I am not accustomed to long rides, but the curious nature of things is what drew me."

Rosalind is quick to say,"Whisky please,"her northern accent thick.

Alexis sketches a small, clanking bow. "Dame Alexis Wyrmfang. Milk if you have it, would be lovely, but I'm not adverse to cider either." She glances to the otehrs. "...I could eat, while we talk," She ventures, hopefully.

"Anything warm would be much appreciated." Adalyn's remark joins the chorus of responses from the group. She's glad for refreshments and a chance to stretch her muscles after their journey on horseback, bowing her head respectfully to Rosy and casting another curious glance around the establishment.

Arcadia waves off the offer of food. She already has taken care of that. Instead, she focuses her full attention on Rosy.

Kaia eyes the Matron's attire with interest and offers a smile when their eyes meet. "Some cider and bread would be lovely." she says, with a nod.

Rosalind grins at Rosey,"Hi Rosey. I'm Lady Rosalind Ravenseye. Most call me Ros or Rosa, but since you're Rosey, we can stick with Rosalind."

Rosy turns towards the bar and calls out, "Kray! I'll need three of the lemon-thyme chickens, a small cauldron of the rabbit-kale stew, a leg of lamb, a platter of wild rice and mushrooms, three pitchers of the honey-ale, a tankard of the sweet milk, a bottle of the Lenosian rose and a hot cider, quick as you can, dear." She turns back to the group and gestures to the largest table. "Make yourselfs comfortable. If you have any belongings to stow, just give them to Kendra." She claps and a young girl with ruddy hair arrives, offering a shaky curtsy. "She'll get your rooms ready. And we can talk while we wait for dinner."

Alexis is more than pleased with that, happy to settle (and with her sword beside her). Giving word of her saddlebags, and the kit stowed there. "Whatever we can do for you, goodwoman, and your village, we shall be glad to. The Gold Order intends to aid where it can." She concludes. Shooting a smile to Reese. "Happy to lend our blade to Princess Reese's efforts."

Reese goes to take a seat. She smiles as all the food is ordered. "That sounds so good and I am feeling very hungry. I will have the honeyed ale myself." She murmurs. "Let us pay for that meal." She then adds, reaching into her pouch of silver. Reese peeks over to Alexis, having a smile for her that touches her blue eyes. "We are eager to be of help." She then echoes.

The long list of food selections has Adalyn's mouth watering. "It all sounds delicious. We thank you for your hospitality," she remarks warmly to Rosy, a nod offered in agreement with Alexis's words. "I think we're all eager to hear more about how we might assist."

Lively eyes move around the Inn, taking in the various faces of the people gathered, as Kaia takes a seat by the table chosen by the group. "That does sound quite mouthwatering." she agrees, with a smile. A nod given in agreement to the others as they speak of their eagerness to provide the village with help.

Narcissa takes a seat, certain to smooth out the laps of her skirt. The leathers may be borrowed in the few pieces of armor she wears, but the poet has a way of moving gracefully in them regardless. "Payment surely paid, but another form may come in the assistance we may help. You do not have guards at your low stone walls for nothing." she muses to Rosy as food is brought to their table.

Rosy shakes her head and holds up her hands, "No, no thank you, Princess Reese. It is our honor to host you. You are our guests, and are here to help besides. Room and board are the least we can provide." Once everyone is seated and Rosy joins them and nods. "My thanks. About six days ago, we heard a noise. It was... impossible to describe. The closest I can come to is thunder, but sharper and closer and, somehow... louder. It came from the west. We were considering sending some out to explore, but not even two full days after, we were attacked. At first... we had no idea what they were. They looked like creatures made of bone, with large round skulls with curved beaks. Skeletal wings. Large taloned claws. But they ran upright, like men. They attacked with their natural weapons, killing five of us, one of which was a child no older than eight."

Rosalind is drinking and eating, listening closely to Rosey,"Like giant birds!"

Narcissa checked intellect + occult at difficulty 25, rolling 15 higher.

Arcadia frowns, "A child? Interesting." She asks, "were the families related that died? Or was it random?

Reese is sitting and has a mug of honey mead now. She drops her hand away from her purse, seeming to accept the offer of hospitality. "Thank you." She says and then listens to the situation, sucking in a soft breath and looking concerned. "I am sorry to hear that and sorry for your lose." She murmurs before, adding. "How long did this all happen from how? We could try and track them depending on when."

"It was about four days ago. We sent a messsenger, asking for a patrol right after it happened." Rosy answers Reese first, then looks to Arcadia, "We're a small village, my lady. Most everyone that lives here is related some way."

A glass of some hearty ale is held delicately between Narcissa's pale hands, long fingers perpetually stained with ink. She listens closely, quirking a singular brow as she imbibes. With a single nod she points one finger towards Reese's armor. "No skull would ever be that big on a bird we have in known memory. This is the makings of legends, of hybrids, perhaps of griffons. "

The tale of the village's tragedy has Alexis sober, and she glances to her blade. "Well. Hopefully we can figure out what happened and remove the source of this." She concludes. "I'm... I'm sorry for your loss." She isn't particularly schooled in mythical beast, however, so Narcissa's words are accepted with a single nod. "I expect we'll need to put them down, but keeping this from happening again is the most important, or so it seems to me, at least."

Adalyn's eyes are narrowed in thought as she listens attentively, her body held tense and upright in her seat. "Four days ago," she repeats with a frown. She falls quiet to listen to the others' line of questions as well, mulling over the information given and awaiting further answers. She takes a swig of her drink, then sets the glass down and taps her fingertips upon the tabletop. She nods to Narcissa's comment, brows furrowed in thought. "I only wish we knew more about them and their habits. But we'll see what we can find."

Reese looks over to Rosy, nodding to her. "Four days okay, we can give tracking a try. Giant bird prints might really stand out too and could have sunken deep into spring mud in places." Reese then turns her attention to Narcissa, looking troubled at the mention of griffons being possible, but she doesn't deny it is possible and even nods. "My vote is that we start where the attack happened and try to track out from there."

"Well, I'd recommend starting first thing in the morning. It'll be dark here real soon and you won't be able to see much. No moon tonight." Rosy points out in a maternal sort of tone. The food arrives shortly after, and while it is not as fancy as some Arxian dishes, it is good, honest food, full of flavor and made with love. There are a few musicians that set up and play tunes, while half the village seems to arrive to gawk at the Ladies from Arx. Clearly there aren't that many nobles that come through these parts.

Alexis is hardly a noble, and quick to argue whenever it's brought up, but in a place like this, wearing silk and alaricite, the difference is mostly academical. She is happy to bury herself in the meal, and listen to music and conversation, answering questions as best she is able, but happy to leave the talking to greater minds than hers.

Rosalind is still eating and drinking, listening to the conversation. And because it's Rosalind, she is also chattering away to the locals, a smile on her face,"Really? That's so interesting! "

All in all it has the makings of a very pleasant evening. Folks are respectful and friendly by and large, the music and food are all excellent and the rooms are quite comfy. There is a knock on each door not long after dawn, and after a hearty breakfast, and fresh provisions foisted on each person, their horses are ready and are shown to the point where the attack started. The day is gearing up to be a pretty one. The wood is dewy as the sun rises behind them.

Reese checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 20 higher.

Rosalind checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 26 higher.

Kaia checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 30 higher.

Alexis checked perception + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

Reese is thankful for everything provided. The warrior princess seems to be aware she is representing the Graysons and is careful not to get drunk or to say anything foolish. So while friendly, she keeps a certain wall up, having a touch of formal politeness. At dawn she goes to join the others in tracking.

Alexis is an Oathlander, so reacts with a stiff formality as well - and the next day, well, she's certainly happy to walk alongside Sir Betenoir rather than ride him, to ensure that she can keep an eye out for tracks and other interesting sights.

Arcadia is trailing along behind for now. Her gaze sweeps over the woods and now and then cocks her head as if trying to listen to something.

Reese studies the tracks with close attention even as she looks to the others who have noticed the same tracks. She points them out to those who haven't seened to notice them. "Like boot prints with claws." She says. The then princess then starts of following the tracks,but she makes sure that everyone is nearby.

Adalyn's outgoing demeanor serves her well at dinner as she cheerily converses with her companions as well as the villagers. When morning comes, she is up and ready without fuss, eager to get going on their mission. Lacking in any sort of tracking skills, she hangs off to the side and allows her more skillful companions to take over, although her green eyes sweep over the area watchfully while she waits.

Rosalind is wide awake. The sun is out and Rosa is out in the woods, her favorite place! She follows the prints with Reese, toward what appears to be a rock wall,"Look at these char marks,"ponlinting further,"there's a crack..."

Kaia takes a careful look at the thin path beyond the cracked wall they just came across. "We'll have to leave the horses behind." she notes.

Indeed, the trail leads the group towards a massive stone wall. Char marks line the crack that has broken the wall, indicating that lightning might be responsible for the break. The gap is big enough for people to move through it, however, the horses will have to be left behind. A well worn path - a dirt road, really, leads further on, towards a massive cliff face from the foothills that rise along the northwest.

There isn't much that Narcissa can do but keep an aureate gaze upwards and scanning the trees while others scout the paths and tracks that may remain. She furrows her delicate brow, wary of even the smallest snapping of twigs in spring's first winds. "Is it possible they fashioned, or looted these bones, and it is only men that wear them? After all, imagination left to run wild is good defense as any.."

Alexis nods, stepping off her horse. Looking to the wall, rubbing a gauntleted hand. "Lightning strike tore it open, looks like. Could just be an unhappy coincidence they got free and not... Active evil." She looks to her horse. "Sir Betenoir, you'll do your duty as a sworn knight and look after the rest, right?" She suggests. Because Alexis does in fact talk to her horse.

Arcadia glances to Alexis, "Active evil?" She too then glances to the gap. "Want me to scout ahead before we all rush in?"

Reese dismounts from her war horse, leaving such behind. "This is one wild looking rock." She says, looking over the cracked and lightening struck wall before them. "Onwards, the more daylight we have the better." She muses and then looks over to Arcadia. "You can look ahead, but be careful and make noise if you run into any trouble, so we know to rush to you."

Arcadia checked perception + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 14 higher.

Arcadia checked perception + stealth at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

Adalyn gestures to Narcissa, still actively scanning the surroundings for any sign of movement or anything out of the ordinary. "I wonder that too, since they look like boot marks with claws. Unless we're dealing with something faintly human mixed with... something else." She shrugs her shoulders slightly, clearly grasping for answers.

"Y'know," Alexis offers to Arcadia. "Demons, or those sworn to them. Might be the lightning strike was natural." She notes. Giving a nod of agreement with Reese's word at the former's suggestion. "Aye. Anyone will know I'm coming a mile-off, so having someone stealthier out to scout will be helpful." She notes, with a little smile. Giving a small nod to Adalyn. "I mean, we're obviously dealing with some sort of evil, the question is whether they were freed with malice or by happenstance."

Reese looks over to Alexis. "I am pretty loud myself." She says softly to her. Reese then turns to Adalyn. "Maybe some what human or maybe big heels. We will see soon enoughly, probably." She says. Reese hmms softly. "Hopefully not demon, but you make a point it could be or there could be one involved. It could lead into a shardhaven too."

The woods are quiet, though there are several mockingbirds in a competition as to which can shrill the most piercingly. As Arcadia moves forward silently, passing through the trees, she is able to hear echoes of a conversation from a pair of men up in a tree. They are stationed in a blind, a platform built to give them more stability as they survey the path along the cliff wall, though at this point they are more invested in their own conversation rather than actually standing guard.

Arcadia is quiet and light on her feet as she sneaks through the canyon. Eventually she comes to an abandoned post. Cocking her head yet again, she looks up and spots the faintest of movements in the tree. Without a word, she lifts her crossbow and takes aim at the flutter of leaves.

Arcadia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 25, rolling 45 higher.

"Hopefully not demon," Adalyn echoes Reese's sentiments with a firm nod before casting Alexis a grim smile. "I guess we'll find out soon enough." She awaits Arcadia's scouting report, hand resting on the hilt of her sword, poised and ready for anything that might come her way.

Narcissa has dismounted her horse and keeps close to the Fidante guards - that and Reese, she seems to know what she is doing. At the very least she seems to think so, given how she has stepped behind Reese in such a fashion that she is bodily between her and the rock.

Cady's quarrel flies true with a soft thwip of sound as it is released from the crossbow. It hits one of the watchmen square in the throat, piercing the aorta, releasing a high pressure splash of blood across his buddy's face. Or, actually the skull he has perched on his head. There is a scream, high and frightened from his companion, even as the one struck in the throat teeters over and falls out of the tree, crashing to the ground. The other guy is in shock for a few long seconds before he remembers himself and starts looking around for the warning bell he's supposed to ring.

"Right, I'm saying I'm -hoping- it isn't a demon." Alexis points out, with a rueful smile. Carrying the Dragon's Daughter over her shoulder. Moving as quietly as she can, which, let's face it, is not all that quiet.

Rosalind blinks as the man falls out of the tree. "Timber?"the tall northerner suggests? She looks up to the tree and calls with a friendly voice,"Hello!"

As more of the party comes into view, the watcher panics and finally finds the bell, ringing it loudly, the sound echoing around the tall rock walls. He cups his hands around his mouth and starts shouting, "THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE! ARMED PEOPLE!"

Narcissa checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 6 higher.

Adalyn checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 24 higher.

Kaia checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 2 higher.

Reese checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 17 higher.

Alexis checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 12 higher.

Reigna GM Roll checked dexterity(4) at difficulty 10, rolling 11 higher.

Rosalind checked dexterity at difficulty 10, rolling 13 higher.

Reigna GM Roll checked dexterity(4) at difficulty 10, rolling 19 higher.

Reigna GM Roll checked dexterity(4) at difficulty 10, rolling 17 higher.

Reigna GM Roll checked dexterity(4) at difficulty 10, rolling 4 higher.

Adalyn checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 32 higher.

Reigna GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + athletics(3) at difficulty 35, rolling 6 higher.

Hearing the commotion ahead, Adalyn launches into action and runs up to the area where the two men were positioned above in the trees. As the remaining man begins sounding the alarm, she pulls her dagger and flings it hard - straight toward him. The blade goes spiraling through the air and lands lodged in the man's back, around his kidney. Lacking any back armor, he stiffens and falls from his perch. The alarm has already been sounded, but at least he hopefully won't be continuing on with his shouted warnings. "I think we're about to have company, friends," she calls to the group, drawing her sword.

There is an odd buzzing sound that is growing louder, though the directionality of the sound is hard to pinpoint.

Reigna GM Roll checked dexterity(4) + athletics(3) at difficulty 35, rolling 10 higher.

A second note is added to the buzzing sound.

Reese draws her silvery pink blade and goes starting toward the crack, trying to slip past such and see what is behind the rock. She looks ready to trya and fight her way if need be.

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