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Contestants! Lend me your arms!

The contest put on by the Princess Consort of Thrax to design her new arms is coming to a close and the Queensrest is where the winners will be announced and all the designs on display. Prize money will be passed out and an excuse to drink and eat at the queenrest, no matter ones rank.


Nov. 16, 2019, 5 p.m.

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Zoey Skye Leola Mimi Rinel Otto



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Queensrest Inn - Main Room

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Comments and Log

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

The designs are on display in the Queensrest, people coming and going to look at the sketches and suggested lists of materials. Drinks flow at the expense of the High Lords wife who is present and in attendance, talking with people clustered in small groups, sparkling wine in hand. From more modernish mechanical marvels to the artistic designs with interchangeable plates, even one design that comes with ways to attach jewelry to the straps that would keep the arm bound to her and covered in an opera length glove. An excuse to mingle to be had by all, and in the Queenrest, one of the favoured places of the nobility.

Zoey enters the Queensrest with the flow of attendees and looks carefully over the entries. She doesn't drink, only studies.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Zoey before departing.

Skye is a vision of blue silk, standing next to her patron to attend Princess Alarissa's needs. She has her dredlocks tied back into an elaborate updo with her hairpins keeping them in place. Her pink lips have a touch of sheen from strawberry beeswax. Her elegant gloved hand holding a glass of white wine. She looks over the designs with interest, giving particular interest to Jyri and Apollo's designs.

Leola makes her way in, coat tightly buttoned and flexing her hands in new gloves. She trails her fingers across the doorframe as she enters, lips moving silently, and dips a quick, polite curtsy to Alarissa, smiling and not approaching, as she browses the designs carefully.

"Ahhh here's another one of our designers." Alarissa lifts her wine encumbered hand up in Zoey's direction and then glances to Leola, brightening up. 'And here is Dame Leola" Alarissa introduces the knight to Skye at her side. "She taught me how to braid my own hair, lent me her beloved Brier for my pilgrimage and taught me everything I would need to know, to endure and thrive."

Zoey lifts her head when she hears her name and approaches Alarissa. "Good day to you, your Highness," she greets her with a curtsey. "Many wonderful entrants here! Was it a terribly difficult decision to make?"

Mimi is here to support her patron! She grins when Zoey's name is called.

"I met Dame Leola quite some time ago when I was first tackling the issues around the old Keep's destruction," Skye tells Alarissa with a smile, giving a sweet greeting to her old friend." She then greets Zoey who just arrived, "M'lady, your design was inspired." She offers a curious look to see if Alarissa has decided.

Leola smiles at the mention of her name; carefully unbuttoning her long coat, letting it rest open over the green gown with the splash of white. Formalwear, it seems, for the event. She glances Alarissa over, and Skye in turn, giving a demure, farmgirl bob of a curtsy that's quite at odds with her attire, and a brief impish grin "Your highness. Baroness. I trust Blackshore thrives?" She asks politely, smoothing her gloves and then holding her hands together at waist height.

'To say it wasn't, Lady Zoey, would do a disservice to everyone who entered." There's a wink from the petite blonde with all that hair done up in an elaborate style that Thraxian nobles tend to favor. She looks to the designs and after dipping her head to Leola's bow she turns to a server to ensure there's plenty to drink. "I have made my choice though. I'll have to work my gown for the garden gala around it but I can."

Thank you, Baroness," Zoey replies to Skye with a smile. "I admit, I was rather proud of it. And yours was brilliant with those lovely interchangeable panels!"

Skye takes a sip of her wine, wetting her lips before answering Leola, "Oh yes, we're doing quite well. We added a fishery last year which has added another industry to the isle to go with our shipbuilding." Skye gives a hopeful look towards her patron when Alarissa announces that she's chosen a winner. She does make a point of telling Alarissa, "All of the designs are lovely. I'm sure it's been a hard choice." She gives a wink to Zoey because they're both waiting to hear the high lady's opinion.

Leola nods at the comments of th two Thrax nobles "I won't delay the announcement" She murmurs with a smile, settling back and away, watching with interest and that same, demure stance, thoughtfully looking over each of the pieces

"His Grace and I looked over them all. He was fascinated with some of them. The panels and plates of the Baroness and of Lord Jyri's. lady Zoey's offering included things we spoke about. The ability to wear my ring again. It was hard. But it is Lord Jyri that will be taking the cake, so to speak. And then the Baroness will be taking second. Master Apollo third, Lady Zoey fourth and Master Otto fifth. It was hard to choose."

Zoey politely applauds the winners.

Skye holds her breath as Alarissa announces the winners. She flushes as she realizes that she came second. She looks to Zoey in surprise, clearly the young lady expected others to take place above her. She then turns to Alarissa, "Your highness, it is my honor to design that arm for you. Thank you for your consideration and I am pleased to have placed in second." She looks around to see if the winner, Jyri is present.

Alarissa looks to zoey though, after t he clapping has died down. 'Where'd the inspiration come from, for the articulation? I know nothing about... engineering of that sort. I did not realize that you did."

"I attended a concert of sorts a few months back," Zoey begins. "I saw one of the performers twisting the pegs and increasing the tension on the strings of her lute to adjust the sound. It clearly made an impact."

Leola lends a small applause in turn, speaking quietly "There's some true ingenuinity in many of these designs" She offers in her soft, melodic voice "And they speak wonders about the creativity of those who crafted such. I am certain that they will all be of use, in one fashion or another"

Skye gasps at the cleverness of Zoey, "I just thought of joints that are used in armor, it didn't even occur to me to use music as an inspiration." She does have to admit, "I am fond of wood, if I had thought of it, I might have put my woodworking skills to use."

"The wood will make it lighter, less weight on my upper arm for when it is strapped around the bicep versus in a halter. Allowed for a versatility in what I wear as well." Alarissa nods to the tuning method. "I admit, that is an arm likely better suited to when I am aboard a ship or some place where I will want to grasp, but not need to constantly adjust the grip." a pause. 'Or when holding a wine glass."

"I appreciate your consideration of my design, your highness," Zoey says. "It was an interesting challenge, and my first time that I can recall crossing over from fashion to invention."

Leola smiles a touch as she listens, still considering the designs, before turning back to those speaking "Those are all fine features, your highness" She murmurs, and then nods to Zoey "The two are apparently more alike than folk admit. Practicality means more than just being useful day to day - even creating an impression on people is useful. Or so I'm being taught"

Skye shake her head, "I've never tried much with strings. Mainly my joints use a locking mechanism that requires a few notches where the pin sets. It's not as elegant as the string that she..." She motions to Zoey, "implemented for movement."

"String will require constant replacement," says Rinel Tern, who has entered the Queensrest and is limping her way to where all are gathered. "Her Highness rules a land of sea and salt. A series of articulated steel rods would be far preferable."

People stop and regard the entries on display, all sketches and diagrams, lists of materials. Alaricite featured heavily in a great deal of them. But the five prominant choices are pulled forward and rearranged in order of whom has been declared the top five. Jyri in furst, Skye in second then Apollo, Zoey and Zotto. “There were many ways, far more than I imagined there would be, in methods to allow movement”

"Strings may," says Zoey to Rinel, "But wires? Not so much."

There is a raise of brows at Rinels declaration and Zoey’s rebuttal.

Skye looks between the two and then tries to smile brightly through the disagreement. She leans over and murmurs to Alarissa, asking her patron a question as others continue to talk.

Leola glances to Rinel, before considering "It depends on the form. Leather can be treated to resist water - and I don't think most musical instruments use string, precisely. Certainly I've seen instruments carried aboard ships before" She pauses, and shoots Alarissa a faintly uncertain glance

Skye mutters, "... ... be ... offended ... ... pulled ... Leola ... ... talk about my lands? When the Spring comes, I hope I'm able ... try ... to remove ... poison ... ... the old ... destruction."

Rinel shakes her head. "Not wires. Rods. And instruments tend to use gut, Dame Allenatore, but even it must be replaced--especially when damp. The issue..." She places a large scroll on the table and unrolls it carefully, making sure that it does not cover up any design. It is a detailed drawing of a dissected human arm and hand, suitable for Physicians and rather gauche at a table where meals might be had. " that there is no true replacement for what the Dream has created." She points to the depiction of a human bicep. "This muscle contracts to pull in the arm. And this one..." She points to the tricep. "This one contracts when the arm is relaxed. You cannot operate the basic mechanism of flexion and extension without two operators. A single one will not suffice."

Uppity commoners.

Alarissa blinks as the limpy-est scholar sudden drops drawing, detailed drawings on the table, for a moment, mouth opening, then closing.... then opening and abruptly closing again before murmuring to Skye. Even as a servant from Thrax is coming through with a long box in their own arms, looking for the Princess.

Zoey rolls her eyes and does not respond. "Anyway, I left my husband unsupervised in a social situation. I had best get back to him." She curtseys to Alarissa one last time before taking her leave.

Leola keeps her polite smile, dipping a small curtsy "Certainly, that's true. Given the Dream has not furnished me with the ability to spit venom as a snake, or fly as my hawk, I find a bow a useful substitute in those matters" Her eyes flick to Rinel's cane, and linger there a moment "I do not think her highness seeks a true replacement, merely an aid. Any functionality is better than none, after all. It is not, though, my place to question her motives, wouldn't you say?"

Octavian, a silken spaniel leaves, following Zoey.

Skye shakes her head to Alarissa as if to indicate something and then smiles brightly at Rinel, "I never thought of rods, another clever suggestion." She shows the looking mechnism on the design that she did to show how it could be done one handed, "I think that the way it was designed, it should be easy enough." She looks to Leola, "I agree. I think this is merely an aid. A fashionable option to what has been given before."

"Certainly, Dame," Rinel replies courteously. "But just as I may achieve /some/ functionality by walking with my cane--it /is/ quite beautiful, is it not?--on the side of my injured leg..." Rinel switches the cane to her right side and awkwardly takes a few steps. "...I may achieve /greater/ functionality by recognizing the utility of balance." She switches the cane back to the appropriate side and takes a single, deliberate step. Cane taps down with wounded leg, carrying her through the motion much more smoothly. "Perhaps, if Her Highness wishes, distinctions could be made between aesthetic and functional choices. Or perhaps one might be able to mask more... utilitarian methods of holding objects?" She tilts her head to the side. "I do not mean to offend. Your designs are all quite beautiful. But there are difficulties which I think must be surmounted."

Otto steps into the Inn, looking around just a touch nervously. The smith has done his best to clean himself up for the occasion, though the time spent in the forge has left it's mark on both his clothes and his person. The soot and metal filaments in the air having clung tightly to cloth and skin. Still, he has scrubbed himself the best he can. Though certainly the staff will give him no small amount of judgemental looks. He fidgets slightly, until he notices the designs on display which pulls his attention.

Alarissa dips her head to Zoey at she departs, looking to Leola and then Skye then back to Rinel. The group gathered at a table that holds the designs and now where Rinel has laid out that sketching and diagram of a human arm, dissected and explaining. There's a very odd look on her face though.

"barely anyone read what I asked for." It's quietly spoken.

'To a person, everyone has striven to state that they have gifted to me a design that will make me forget, and that it will be as if I never lost my arm." Alarissa looks to Rinel. "I don't want functional." She looks to Leola then to the designs on the table. "I asked, for art. I didn't ask for marvel of engineering. I asked for art. I wanted great rubicund sea serpents climbing my limb with just the ability to bend it at the elbow, the creature having devoured the arm. Or like a cage from a around a rapier, all thing strands of metal and inside, a tiny ship sailing sapphire strewn sea's. Or a wooden cage with moss, and flowers within, fresh and still retaining a smell. Lord Jyri gave me a scaffolding upon which to place art. Scales one day, alaricite another. The Baroness has gifted me art in a frame." There's a deep breath, held for a moment then released. "I've lost the ability to hold and touch my daughters and my son. I am less than whole, I am, in my husbands words, mutilated. I don't want functional. I want beautiful." She says. The wine glass put down so she can scratching at an eyebrow. "I want something to cover the ugly with."

"If I had designed such, it would be hollow wood, treated and stained, to allow her highness to carry something within. I have no talent for design, however" Leola gestures with a gloved hand, smiling slightly "I do, though, recognise the sturdiness of materials such as shadowmeld or cardian snakeskin. I've never heard of either decaying under salt winds; certainly the former, I'd be shocked if it did." She shakes her head, and nods to Alarissa, speaking quietly a moment "Some of the Lodge who were injured in the Silent War tattoed where they had been injured. Not to cover the scar, but to make it their own." Her voice is quiet "I think you have phrased it in a way that makes me understand why, something I never quite did before."

Skye looks pained as Alarissa describes her loss, almost putting out a hand to comfort her but stops herself just in time. She gives a thoughtful look and then adds softly, "You could never be ugly in a million years." She motions to the lost piece of her arm, "It's a loss, that I will grant you but you are still beautiful as the day I met you even more so because you have sacrificed so much for us. Each scar is a badge of honor that shows how much you do for us."

Rinel looks at Alarissa. Looks at what is in front of her. Wordlessly, she rolls the medical diagram up, tucks it under her arm, and limps to the fireplace, where she unceremoniously tosses it into the flames. There's a hiss of outrage from the nearby attendants of the Queensrest Inn.

"Shut up," Rinel says mildly to the closest one. She limps back under the glares of the staff, supremely unconcerned. "No," she says, softly to Alarissa. "His Grace is right. You are mutilated. I understand what you want. I have dreamt of such things for myself. I will do my best to provide you with the beauty that you deserve, Your Highness." Wholly uninvited, she takes a chair and sits down. "But I should like to hear you speak more. I have been a woman of practicality all my life. To design beauty is... a new concept for me."

Otto shifts uncomfortably for a moment, running his hand over his head. Clearly struggling with what to say before he speaks up softly. "I'm a simple man, and so I find beauty in simplicity. I do not think one could ever forget that they were missing an arm, but it needn't be a mutilation or without worth. I knew plenty of Smith's who lost a limb and kept working." His face screws up slightly before he sighs. "Beggin your pardon Highness, for not providing what you asked for."

Alarissa looks to Otto, flushing with embarassment. 'no, no. What you designed is perfection for when I must ride out with the Templars on matters of dimplomacy. It is simple, and streamlined. It has it's place and purpose. I will be seeing it made. All the entries in their time will be made. You are a smith, an armorsmith and I-" Alarissa straightens. "Some of my favourite dresses have been simple, and clean and no adornments. I assure you, your design is beautiful, everyones was." And Rinel's burning the sketches and eyes widen. Leola and Skye's words aren't lost on her though she stares as Rinel takes a chair and sits in front of her. "Speak more? What more do you need? Perhaps etched glass, and a forefinger stopper, so that when his grace wants rum during an assembly of the peers, one merely brings him his wife's arm. Or... leather, cream colored as the parchment we write upon in Vellichor's ahrine, and a canticle tooled across it's surface. Wood so light and designs carved upon it's surface, flowers or a pastrol scene. Silk, stretched across a frame, and ambroidered upon it, Maelstrom." Alrissa offers, looking to Otto. "Engraved with the motto's of the houses I was born or married into. Secretly sheathing a dagger. Everything is presented beautifully. Lady zoey gave me dawnstones for fingernails. Master apollo bestowed matching gloves."

Skye takes a sip of her wine, doing her best to hide her emotions in the wake of this intense conversation. She quietly slips away, leaving others to handle matters. Rather than slip off her polite mask, the young lady makes her way to the bathroom to freshen up.

Leola smiles, as Alarissa begins to speak, and then steps back, nodding gracefully and buttoning her long coat. Her voice is soft, and she murmurs to Skye "Baroness. I might be visiting Blackshore soon. If I do, I will let you know beforehand" She looks back to Alarissa as she begins discusing, drops a brief curtsy, and makes her way for the door

Skye has left the Orazio's Table Nearest the Fire.

2 watchful Blackshore guards leaves, following Skye.

Rinel watches Alarissa quietly. "Interesting," she says. "I am wholly unsure whether my creativity is up to the task. I shall make many visits to the shrine of Lord Jayus, then."

Otto considers Alarissa's words and lets out a small breath of releif. "Ah, I see. Well, I am glad the design was still found worthwhile." He offers a small smile and laughs softly. "I admit that my own abilities towards fine art art limited. I tend to favor function over form."

'It would seem that I did not word what I wanted, properly enough." Alarissa regards the sketches on the table. "None the less, it is all a far sight more functional than what Astrid created. Which was a stick, with bits of glass stuck to it, and five grapefruit spoons at the end." She shakes her head. "Of which I shall have to endeavor to find some place to wear it."

Rinel shakes her head. "The wording was clear enough. We imposed our desires on you. To see you whole. Rather than listening to what /you/ desired, Your Highness. The fault was mine. I am sorry."

Otto nods his head slightly. "I think it was less the wording and my own understanding of it." He chuckles softly and shrugs

Rinel is off to do Rinel, and Alarissa regards Otto. "I fear, we have not met in person. You are Master Otto Grayhope?"

Otto flushes slightly, dropping into an unrefined brow. "Aplogoies, Your Highness. But yes I am Otto Grayhope."

"Ap leasure to meet the one who designed that gauntlet. That is a gauntlet yes? Would it be possible to adapt it to hold a reign do you think?" Alarissa inquires, moving over to the parchment, studying it. "I haven't tried riding again, the cold weather and lack of balance these days. But, it would look beautiful and perfect when riding with the Templars."

Otto nods his head. "Yes, it is based on a gauntlet design. Though modified of course." He runs his hand over his design before nodding his head. "But yes, it should have enough control over the ratchet system to be able to hold something like reins of a horse. Actual control would take some getting used too of course."

"It would take practice." Alarissa agree's. "Re-learning." she's looking at it. "I apologize for earlier, I did not mean to disparage your work. It is beautiful. There truly is beauty in simplicity. The clean sharp lines. Thrax does enjoy those things. But I was not born to Thrax, but Grayson. Then time in valardin, so there is appreciation for the bits of armor to be worn with ones dresses."

Otto nods his head slightly. "You have no reason to apologize, Your Highness. My first Master always told me that the one putting in the order is the final boss of things. I take that to heart. It is my job to take your vision and bring it to reality. I apologise for not following through. If ya like, I could try and design another one more closely fitting your intent. Though..." He turns his head to look over the other options available. "One of these others may have the better eye for it then I."

"Oh no, we can work with this. Perhaps engraved with the words of the faith upon it. A canticle. Besides, this is why there were designs. So much easier to adapt, than to look at something already made. Better to fit to what remains. You work in Alaricite?"

Otto nods his head. "Aye, I can work in Alacrite. We can also improve on the design easily enough. If Alacrite is a bit more then what you were intending then we can change the material. Just.." He laughs softly and shrugs. "I figured a Princess would want the best available."

"I own no alaricite, but I do have diamondplate armor. I save the alaricite for my husband, and his armor. Far more important that he is protected and carries on his work. But you are not far off. Everyone it seems, turned to Alaricite. So I know what I will be having to procure at the market." There's a smile there. "Master Otto, please, go and enjoy yourself. Everything is on Thrax's silver this day and none shall sneer at you, lest they get my displeasure."

Otto beams slightly. "Well Diamondplate will work well enough for the design as well." He looks around for a moment and then nods. "But more expensive sort of taste then what I am used too, but I'll not say no to taking you up on your hospitality."

"Then I will be in touch." There's others to go look to and Alarissa dips her head to Otto, moving off to leave him to the mercy of the snotty servers in the Queensrest.

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