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Cornerstone Laying: Recrafting the Shrine of Jayus

Every New Year, the Shrine of Jayus is torn down and rebuilt. Join Brother Tomwell for a cornerstone laying ceremony to bless the year's shrine, and stick around to help destroy or create something new for the coming year. It'll be a party! Crafters and artists are invited to come add to the new structure, and everyone is invited to come add their own mark, skilled or not. Recommended to wear something old or washable.


Oct. 22, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Merek Lucita Josephine(RIP) Sirius Aureth Mimi Sabella Hamish Hana Behtuk Karina Sorrel


Faith of the Pantheon


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Jayus

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Comments and Log

It's January. It is snowing. The structure that was just recently the Shrine of Jayus has been largely torn town, with only a few segments of wall remaining. Sounds like the perfect place for a party! Not to worry, the Faith isn't going to let the faithful freeze to death in Jayus's name: big tents have been set up, with a plentitude of firepits scattered through the area to keep fingers warm and nimble enough to craft. Throughout the tents there are also scattered Disciples of Jayus, patiently standing by. Under the biggest, center tent - located near where the front wall of last year's shrine would have stood - are piles of crafting materials. Wood, cloth, canvas, paint, metal. And in front of them, in aeterna robes that frankly do not look quite warm enough for the setting, is Brother Tomwell. "Hello!" he calls out, voice loud to carry in the open air. "Welcome, and thank you for braving the cold and snow to celebrate inspiration and creation in this new year. I will give everyone a few more minutes to arrive and get settled before we start with our ceremony."

Merek makes his way into the place to observe, his alchemy longcoat upon him while he has his belt wrapped about it. He is checking upon things while he settles about also.

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Lucita steps into the shrine area and glances around. Her cloak and gloves are drawn snuggly around her, a hood overlaying her head but positioned so that she can easily see her suroundings. At the entry she has her guard dogs wait with a house guard overseeing them, kept out of the way of those attending the laying of the cornerstone. A warm smile is given any she recognizes as she moves to find a spot to sit.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

Greguin, an organized priest, 3 Templar Knight guards, Binky, an asshole crow arrive, following Aureth.

"There is nothing good, in the least, about snow. Just frozen water coming from the sky." Josephine is grousing on Demetria's arm and raises her cane toward the sky to angrily shake it at the falling flakes before under the tents, safe from the accursed snow and to the warmth of braziers. But there's animals here and Demetria's nose start to rankle as if promising a spectacular sneeze and she's shoo'd away by Josephine who steps further in, an approving nod for the yearly ritual of tearing down the shrine.

Sirius enters at a slow, but steady pace. He's cradling a little, wooden boat in his hand, taped and glued with wood-pitch together. It must've been whittled by hand, judging by the recent, but fading white scars on each of his palms. Once within the Shrine's threshold proper, Sirius diagonals into a slanted rock found in a corner nearby for him to sit on, happy with it being both sequestering and uncompromising.

In so far as it is possible for a legate to arrive without fanfare, Aureth does so. His boots crunch but quietly and he stands with his hands folded into a clasp behind his back, his expression thoughtful as his pale gaze sweeps the tents and the crafting materials and the assembled faithful.

Mimi is wrapped in a sensible wool cloak and looks rather concerned at Brother Tomwell's lack of weather-appropriate attire, but holds her peace for the moment as she waits for the ceremony to begin.

There's a lump covered with a bit of cloth sitting at the front of the center tent, which is not particularly noticeable given that it's a block not much more than two feet by one. But as everyone trickles in through the snow, Tomwell moves toward it. "Welcome again," he says with a broad smile. "Since nothing pleases Jayus more than to witness our art, I won't take up too much of our time with ritual before we move on to creation." He sweeps his arm toward where the Shrine's building stood just a couple of weeks ago. "We're here tonight to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of a new year's shrine." He reaches down to pull the cloth off the block beside him, revealing a stone engraved with the year and decorated with gemstones. "If you'll join me in prayer," he says, offering a pause before continuing, "We pray that Jayus will bless us in this coming year with an abundance of inspiration and creativity. May our hands be guided to build with strength and passion in all things."

Tomwell drops decorated cornerstone of the 1012 Shrine of Jayus.

Octavian, a silken spaniel leaves, following Zoey.

"Amen," murmurs Aureth with an encompassing warmth following the close of the brief but heartfelt prayer. As the winter daylight sparkles off the gems inset across the newly revealed cornerstone, he smiles.

Sirius sets his little boat down, by his feet. Not entirely on grass alone, he lets it float and drift on a little patch of mudwater before standing. With propriety, Sirius approaches Tomwell while unbuttoning a few of his tailcoat's stitching studs. His cadence's undimmed, and there's a calm, centered smile on his face when he mutters, "Amen," once the culmination's reached.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Josephine looks to the block, a smile on her face as Tomwell takes off that snow covered cloth and when it's revealed, that bejeweled cornerstone and tucking her cane under there arm, claps her hands when the song she hears is a little louder. There's a prayer and she of course bows her head, joining in. When it's finished, there's a "Hear hear!" From the Guildmaster and a nod.

Merek finds a place to place a thing, while he smiles with a nod to the offered prayer!

With a nod, and a bright smile, Tomwell spreads his arms wide. "Thank you," he tells those gathered. "Now it's time to get our hands dirty," he declares, clapping his hands and rubbing them together (either in preparation or to warm them up, who's to say). "The Faith has provided both materials for your works of art, as well as talented hands to help anyone who would like an expert guide. Please create as you feel inspired, whether that be something to add to this year's Shrine, or for any other purpose that calls to you."

Merek checked dexterity + smithing at difficulty 9, rolling 29 higher.

Sabella slips through the crowd in the center tent, tiptoeing up over someone's shoulder to see what's going on and giving bright smiles to anyone that happens to look her way, "Oooooh, is this like the stones event from last year?" She asks excitedly, "What are we building? A wall? I should likely not be given any tools as I tend to make holes in things that shouldn't have them."

Aureth cracks his knuckles and moves to claim a perch. He binds his hair into a loose tail to keep it out of his way. "All right," he says, spreading his hands wide. He looks about. "Disciples, guide me to an act of creation," he says, and smiles. "I believe most of the artistic acumen in the family went elsewhere."

Aureth cracks his knuckles and moves to claim a perch. He binds his hair into a loose tail to keep it out of his way. "All right," he says, spreading his hands wide. He looks about. "Disciples, guide me to an act of creation," he says, and smiles. "Give me some fluff. I need fluff. I think."

Hamish walks in just in time to overhear Tomwell's explanation, looks around, gives a nod and grabs up a handful of various materials, then stares at them with all the determination of someone who is not exactly burdened with creativity. "Well." He sits on that well for a bit, then adds, "I'm sure it will come to me in a second." He takes a few wires, sticks them into a cotton ball and says, "I made a spider. This doesn't feel like my best possible effort."

Mimi speaks up softly. "I'm not a disciple, but I'm happy to help put to canvas ideas that people might not have the skills to make themselves."

The Disciple Leader of Jayus hurries into the shrine, rather belatedly; though Hana Grayhope has changed into nicer clothes than her forge-wear, she clearly has come straight from a project as there is visibly soot still smudged along the side of her nose where she rubbed her face while working. "Sorry! I was working on--" The smith cuts off abruptly as it quite visibly occurs to her that the nature of her project likely doesn't matter. "I lost track of time, Brother Tomwell."

Merek drops A Sparkling Semi-Sweet Honey Mead.

Merek gets A Sparkling Semi-Sweet Honey Mead.

Merek puts A Sparkling Semi-Sweet Honey Mead in Jayus' Artistic Collection.

Behtuk is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon.

Merek takes a bit of mead with him he made to place into the offering, with a nod while he settles about with a yawn.

Behtuk is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon.

Behtuk is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon.

Merek is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon.

Merek is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon.

Merek is overheard praising Tomwell.

Merek is overheard praising Aureth.

Aureth is overheard praising Tomwell: What a creative approach to a longstanding tradition.

Aureth is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon: Sponsoring Brother Tomwell to do this shows great wisdom.

Aureth is overheard praising Hamish: Spiders are nice!

Sirius approaches the assortment of supplies at the center of the hall, having pushed the sleeves of his coat up to the elbows in tight folds that squeeze into his limbs. Careful, spindly fingers assert themselves on some planks and wood laid about, as well as glue. Sparing a glance to his dinghy by where he once sat, Sirius goes about silently putting together through serrated knife and pious toiling a better, bigger and wider little boat.

Now that the formal portion of the celebration is finished, with the cornerstone set in place, Tomwell is reaching for a warmer cloak to wrap around himself over his priest's robes. "I think it's exceedingly unlikely that Jayus will take it as an insult," he says as he gives Hana a bright smile. "I suspect that getting lost in artistic creation is the highest form of prayer we could offer him."

Behtuk arrives with a wagonload of sawdust. He isn't the carter, just a passenger, but it is clearly his shipment and whatever is under the sawdust is clearly very heavy. The wagon barely creaks when he removes his own four hundre pounds from the tail of it. He casts about for an empty space and marks it for his construction.

Hamish is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon: The Faith of the Pantheon is pretty cool, guys! Check it out!

Aureth definitely also appears to be making a spider, but it's apparently going to be a spider impossible in nature, because the cloth he is sheathing his cottonball fluff in appears to be vivid purple. He's also humming. "Hey, kiddo!" he calls, waving a piece of fluff in Hana's direction.

Tomwell is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon: With the Blessings of Jayus!

Josephine is digging something out of a pocket, a small box that bears the mark of her shop. She limps toward a table, looking through the pils of ribbons and other fabric till a length of purple is found and a smile on her face as she finds a place to sit so she can work the bead in the box, onto that length of purple ribbon. The symbol of Jayus dangling off the. Bead that's engraved along t he surface with the trio of interlocking rings of the faith.

Tomwell is overheard praising Fortunato: For excellent preparation assistance to honor Jayus in the new year.

Fortunato checked luck + artwork at difficulty 9, rolling 32 higher.

Josephine checked luck + smithing at difficulty 29, rolling 72 higher.

Word from the Great Archive is numerous bookcases in The Stacks were knocked over like dominos, causing immense damage with the area cordoned off by Knights of the Library. The exact cause of the disaster is unclear, but it's said an army of scholars is descending upon the Great Archive to repair the damage and sort through tens of thousands of unsorted books, manuscripts and journals, and the demand for alcohol among the scholars has multiplied ten fold.

"True! But even if it honors the god, it's not so polite to the /mortals/ involved to be late." The warm smile Hana offers Tomwell lightens the words somewhat, however. "Even if it /is/ a pretty common problem for the artistically inclined. I know I missed the ceremony, but if there's anything else you think I can help with, just let me know" Hearing Aureth call out, she turns to offer a broad wave in the legate's direction. "Hi, dad!"

Once paced out, Behtuk procures a broom and sweeps the area clean of detritus. Only then does he use a shovel to carefully spoon sawdust out from the cart into a neat tidy circle. He is precise, and measured, careful to get a nearly perfect circle by using a string to measure from the center.

Hamish sets his spider down, which prompty falls apart, the puffball rolling away. "Oof. You don't like to see that. Cephalothorax rot is no joke." When one comes available the (new) Archlector of Death gets the attention of one of the disciples and wrangles her into helping him create something somewhat sturdier and a little less shitty looking. "This is going to be a stuffy, so we'll need some stuff. And then... whatever you put the stuff into. Leather? Oh, no, felt. Some of that gossamer stuff there, and, oh, that length of sharpened wood." He gives the disciple a snappy glare of yes I do mean a sharp thing don't you give me that look no one's gonna ask you to hug it kid.

Aided by coordination of craftsmen and apprentices, Sirius comes out of the woodworks covered in sawdust and grime. On his hand's a boat; a little boat, the wood kindly sheened and polished. The sail's full of minuscule, written litany, without enough space to comprise the whole prayer it still highlights words such as 'wisdom' and 'all-creation' amongst others. With a self-effacing smile, Sirius offers his little item in silence. He looks not for smiles nor looks, happy with standing in ponderous silence in the vicinity of the congregation.

Sirius drops a miniature dinghy with pantheonic sails.

Sabella checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Sabella follows suit to find a place at a table and very quickly sets to work with a small, flat board, lots of glue, and basically anything she can get her hands on that sparkles. There might even be some string on there. She appears to be concentrating very hard on it and in a burst of inspiration puts two pebbles that she picks up from the ground on there just slathering them with glue. When she's finished she beams and holds it up, "Should we sign them?" she asks, looking around at what everyone else is doing. She sees Sirius' boat with a sail and Behtuk's perfect wooden circle, "...maybe Jayus can just guess whose is whose."

Josephine drops a gold bead with interlocking circles and Jayus' symbol hanging off it.

"Blessed Hamish," Aureth calls, from his rock, as he carefully cuts out a small wooden circle from a larger piece of wood with the aid of the disciple beside him, "I don't know what you just said or how to spell it, but it does sound _very_ serious. Do you have a great deal of spider medical knowledge?"

Lucita watches each of the others as they craft and contribute to the shrine. For her part, she looks a little uncomfortable and finally takes out her mandolin. Strumming it she says. "Not all Jayus works are physical things, but include music and dance. And like this shrine, this song is not yet complete, but what I have of it, I will sing for those who are working." And with that she starts to sing for those gathered and for Jayus.

Will it be a vast vista or a scene neat and quaint
When you take brush in hand and swirl it thru paint?
With blank canvas before you, what will you choose?
Which Jayus' inspiration will it be that you use?

Bolts of wool, silks, and fine linen await you today
Beside spools of sleek threads in a colorful array
There's feathers and ribbons, buttons and beads,
And Jayus' blessings that fill any tailor's needs.

Then back in the forges where the hot metals glow
The rhythmic pounding of hammers is enough to show
Jayus' inspiration to crafters of metal things
He's the well from which their creativity springs

And those who work in leathers and fine wood
With carving and tooling certainly understood
The joy and fulfillment that Jayus can bring
With inspiration and blessings on these things

And with this song celebrating Jayus anew
Singers and muscians proclaim that its true
Without Jayus t'would be a quite dismal place
His inspiration gives joy we can't replace.

Lucita checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

"Oh, well." Tomwell flickers his fingers, sweeping the potential slight away. "Certainly no offense taken by me," he assures. "Did you see the cornerstone?" He shifts to the side so he can point to it, sitting there waiting to be built upon. "I think it turned out quite well." He admires it another moment before looking back to Hana. "No, nothing in particular. Please make something if you feel so moved, or perhaps those of us with less artistic talent might use some help." Though as he looks around, he seems pleased with everyone's work. "Beautiful, Your Highness," he calls out to Sabella with a crooked smile. "Anything made with such dedicated intent is beautiful in Jayus's eyes, I'm sure."

Behtuk finally brushes aside the sawdust in the cart and with a large pair of tongs, and the help of the carter, even massive Behtuk is no match for the first of the blocks removed, pulls an enormous block of ice from the cart and together they stagger over to the circle and set it in place. Returning for a second. And a third, to create a ring of ice, cut and imported from one of the mountain lakes no doubt.

Josephine's taking some thread, working the ribbon and embroidering simple small circles along the ribbon in a yellow thread. There's a glance to others who are hevering away, a smile as they do and a bigger smile for Sabella's. "I would imagine, dear Princess, that Jayus will appreciate anything and everything done in his name. No matter the skill, so long as there is sincerity behind it."

Fortunato checked luck + artwork at difficulty 5, rolling 46 higher.

Aureth drops a ridiculous purple spider with anatomically incorrect wooden button eyes.

Sirius wipes his hands together, against the worn, faded leggings around the thighs, and even against a soft, but cool surface of stone beside him. He wipes them everywhere. And eventually, they're cleared of dusty nonsense. "Jayus will know," he assures Sabella, mustering enough a prompt to bob his head affirmatively; convinced. "Besides, putting names and signatures on things feels a bit vainglorious--hollow."

"I wouldn't say I have a great degree of spider medical knowledge, but mostly because I'd have no idea how to treat a spider with problems. Except with dignity, I suppose. I have certainly seen more than my fair share of spiders with serious issues, though. Joint pain, thorax bloat, bedwetting, sort of a depression most humans can't fully grasp due to how few of them eat their own mothers." Hamish directs his conscripted disciple in the general shape he's after and then he does that old guy thing of being crotchety and correcting things she's doing that are perfectly valid ways of doing them and also she's the one with a few levels of artwork so maybe he should can it. "No, that goes there. Yes, I see you have scissors, why do you keep commenting on how sharp they are?" But they come to accord and eventually start creating something ... that's weird. And not very huggable.

Sabella pauses when Lucita starts singing, "...what a much better idea than what I'm doing with this," she gives her sparkly glue block a bit of a frown, then brightens when Tomwell calls to her and then Josephine offers her encouragement, "I hope so! I mean, it is very sparkly and thus quite beautiful. At least to me. And probably some large birds. But I think perhaps I shall leave this sort of artwork to those who are better with their hands. I've heard it said that artwork is just poetry set down in material things, which might explain why I'm so bad at it. I'm terrible at poetry!"

"If the act of creation is what we celebrate, then the journey is what matters, not the destination," Aureth says, and then "Ow. No, you better do this needle bit," and hands off the sewing implement to the disciple who has been assisting him. "Huzzah for sparkles. _Bedwetting spiders_ sounds very unique to me as a complaint."

With a nod and a bow towards Tomwell, Hana begins to drift around the shrine looking at the various projects to see where she can lend a helping hand. Sure, it's not likely anyone's making weaponry or armor, but a bit of handmade jewelry from twisted wire and pretty stones? That sort of thing's easy enough to lend a hand with.

With a nod and a bow towards Tomwell, Hana begins to drift around the shrine looking at the various projects to see where she can lend a helping hand. Sure, it's not likely anyone's making weaponry or armor, but a bit of handmade jewelry from twisted wire and pretty stones? That sort of thing's easy enough to lend a hand with.

Brother Chester arrives, following Jeffeth.

Lucita gives a little smile and tucks the mandolin away. "Sometimes I think my three year olds can do better painting and crafting than I do, but music is hopefully something I could offer.. and craft here though it may not last except in memory."

"Nothing wrong with taking credit for your work," Tomwell tells Sirius with a nod of assurance. "It is your own work that goes into making it, after all. Jayus may offer us inspiration but he cannot create the works himself; it requires our time and effort. Sometimes sweat and tears." He tucks his hands behind his back to listen to Lucita with a tilt of his head in concentration. "Thank you," he tells her. "That was beautiful. I'm more musically inclined than artistically myself, and I love the idea of offering unfinished works to bless the new Shrine." Then, "I'm sorry, did you say /bedwetting spiders/?" he asks, deadpan, turning toward Aureth and Hamish.

Karina has wasted no time getting to work, tucked back to allow her a wide view of the various crafters assembled at the shrine. Whatever inspiration has taken hold, her frequent glances at what everyone else is doing seems to have become her subject. Soft bristles swirl and mix pigments on a wooden palette before she fervently brings her vision to life.

"I didn't realize spiders wetted, or had beds," Mimi pipes up from behind her canvas.

Sabella gives Sirius a brilliant smile, "Putting names and signatures on things is hardly hollow! How else could anyone know it was you that did something glorious and commend you for it? Or something terrible, I suppose, but perhaps then they could seek you out and offer you instruction on how to make it better or some kindly words to suggest something different to spend your time on so as not to waste it. Though I'm not one to talk, I love hearing that people know my name and are talking about the things I've done recently," she looks back down to the board and adds rather quickly, "Perhaps we can all not talk about this particular one though."

'Archlector, do you talk to spiders

Sirius sits once Lucita's tune is finished, somewhere not too far, but not too near either. It's why once Tomwell approaches him he's staring back with a bit of a quizzical look, confounded to make sense of the half-lesson and half-garble. Still, Sirius hazards an answer, tactful in his tone. "I never thought it to be wrong, it's merely how I feel about it. It's humbling to create, so that others may witness; it's not humbling, or certainly waters down the experience, to feel the need to besmirch the workpiece with a stamp, for me. If others don't feel that way, that's okay."

"Archlector, do you talk to spiders?" Josephine asks from where she is embroidering.

Lucita lowers her glance modestly. "Thank you. When I get it polished up and a musical score made, I'll leave a finished copy here as an offering." She smiles softly and then spends time glancing over the work the others are doing, admiration for their efforts showing clearly.

"He does. They just don't -- usually -- talk back." Hana's tone is almost too cheerful as she calls this out towards Josephine. Because honestly, if you can't take a little joy in needling your own father, what's the point?

"Not for some years," says Hamish in response to Josephine, sounding just a little wistful. Aureth gets a distracted nod. "They fall right through the webs. Honestly, it's very embarrassing and you have to feel for them." He nods to the disciple, "Ah, that's perfect. Now for the stuffing."

Behtuk's circle of ice blocks gets slightly smaller on the second row. Each has been precut to fit next to the other tightly. These smaller blocks can be handled by Behtuk alone with the cast iron tongs, and the carter contents himself with uncovering each block as Behtuk needs it.

"I'm a rubbish poet myself. Which hasn't aways stopped me, more's the pity," Aureth says, and leans back, scouring his hands loosely together as he cranes his neck. "Hana," he says, and opens one arm in a wide open gesture that suggests that the help he is seeking is not with bits of wire and gems and artwork, but with a hug shortage. "Poor spiders. Really, it would be kind of rude to say nothing, they're around all the time."

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Behtuk checked luck + smithing at difficulty 9, rolling 66 higher.

Behtuk drops A slightly melted icehouse.

"I'm certainly not going to tell an artist how to create," Tomwell tells Sirius. "Either choice is perfectly valid, I merely offer assurance that Jayus doesn't require humbleness. Pride in work well done is no sin." In an easy change of subject, he turns toward Aureth. "I'm a prolific poet," he comments. "Volumes of it. Which no one will ever see, because it's entirely terrible. Jayus and I will enjoy the process in private, which is good enough for me." Speaking of spiders, "Aureth, if you wanted to make another one of those purple ones, we could add it to the next performance of my passion play. Really jazz up the chorus." He's drawn toward Behtuk's circle of ice, hands tucked into his cloak to keep them warm. "Is this... an ice statue, of some kind?" he hazards.

Fortunato checked luck + artwork at difficulty 9, rolling 26 higher.

Brother Chester leaves, following Jeffeth.

The request for a hug is readily honored, Hana stepping lightly among the crowd to join Aureth and greet him with a warm embrace. "It really is good to see you, dad. It feels like we only see each other at Faith events and the rare family dinner, these days." Stepping back, she cocks her head very slightly to one side as she studies her father's... spider? Vaguely-arachnid craft project, at least. "That's as much my fault as anyone's though; I've been letting myself get buried in a couple of different projects."

"There we go, that's perfect." Hamish lets the disciple finish up a couple of stitches, nodding enthusiastically, then sits back as she presents his very colorful creation. "You've honored many gods here today, my child. Thank you."

Hamish drops an extremely accurate and authentic bat stuffy.

Karina checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 9, rolling 63 higher.

Lucita watches Behtuk building the ice house, her head tilted as she gives a little grin. "You worked hard to get that done Master Behtuk."

Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

Lucita gets The Layperson's Songs of Faith, Part One from a subtly textured sturdy yet lightweight trail pack.

Sirius mutely agrees with Tomwell, regarding his opinion with a lopsided smirk. Pure acknowledgment, even if some things remain unsaid from the Prince's part. For Sabella's familiar face, he straightens the smile; a more docile, less-flagrant smile, cordial. "No, no, oh no, no--I think you're right; you both, mhm, it's only but how I feel. If others feel elevated by the act, then yes. By all means," he adds, plaintively put. There's even a subtle brush of his chest to clear some sawdust. "I for one am terrible at all manner of artistic things."

Mimi checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 19, rolling 62 higher.

Mimi checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 14, rolling 61 higher.

Mimi checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 13, rolling 109 higher. Mimi rolled a critical!

Mimi checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 12, rolling 44 higher.

Mimi looks seriously at her painting, decides it is sufficient unto the day, and removes it from her easel, leaning it against a wall to dry.

Mimi drops a whimsical painting of a devout spider.

Behtuk is sweating as he moves the blocks around. He pauses long enough to say: "Yes Baroness." In his usual terse, almost mechanical politeness. The third row of ice blocks are more carefully stacked, if any of them slide too far, too soon, they will crash down inside instead of create a self-sustaining ring that starts to close off the top.

Arriving late, Sorrel pauses to inspect the whimsical painting of the spider. The devout spider. "Is this Legate Aureth as a spider?" she wonders aloud, studying the painting curiously.

Mimi's cheeks flush. "It's no one in particular. It just... the conversation made me think... Oh gods, did I offend someone important?"

"Not I," Aureth says amiably from his rock.

"If it weren't made for Jayus," Tomwell tells Mimi, his eyes sparkling with delight, "I would buy it on the spot."

Sorrel glances to Mimi and grins pleasantly. "I think it's a very good likeness, don't you?" she suggests, motioning in the direction of the Legate who just piped up.

"Probably," says Hamish, adjusting the talons on his bat, "but I wouldn't worry about it."

"Personally I'm very glad to se that purple spiders are the new vogue," Aureth adds gravely.

Karina checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 14, rolling 35 higher.

Karina checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 13, rolling 119 higher. Karina rolled a critical!

Sabella looks around at all the beautiful things people are making, "Am I the only one that made a unicorn instead of a spider?" She asks, then looks to Hamish's creation, "Oh, what a lovely pelican!"

Aureth is overheard praising Sabella: What a lovely unicorn.

Karina surveys her finished work with contemplative tap of brush stem against chin. A few final highlights are made, but she doesn't spend a great deal of time perfecting it. Even as she takes it off her easel, she's still dabbing at it with a small detail brush, quite unable to help herself before she presents it before the shrine with an easy smile.

Karina drops Builder's Reverie.

Josephine takes a gold bead with interlocking circles and Jayus' symbol hanging off it.

Demetria Arcuri leaves, following Josephine.

Hamish looks around. "What the hell is a pelican?"

Demetria Arcuri arrives, following Josephine.

Josephine drops a gold bead with interlocking circles and Jayus' symbol hanging off it.

With a nod at Behtuk, Tomwell leaves him to continue his work and drifts back toward a firepit. "I made a big rock," he tells Sabella - voice solemn, but eyes still laughing. He points to the cornerstone. "Art can't always be directed. And your unicorn is lovely." He turns to Hamish. Ohh, he knows this one! "It's a kind of bird, with a big beak." He gestures with his hand near his face, sketching an invisible scooped beak.

Mimi looks relieved. "I can try to make another for you, if you'd like, Brother Tomwell."

Sirius appraises Mimi's painting in shook silence, his face constantly shifting between awe and shock.

Behtuk is mostly out of breath, heaving ice blocks around as he is. For the fourth and final tier, he carries the cubes of ice in gloved hands, shifting them into place, and bracing them one against each other. The massive blocks, precut for this assembly rather than sawn on site, begin to slide together at Behtuk's last nudge and then, rather than crash together, they slide together with a click. "Home." He says. Explaining himself to all an sundry. Not that the opening in front is large enough for Behtuk to enter. He's almost as wide as the interior by himself. If it's a home, it's a home for children.

"No, you're thinking of a stork," says Hamish grumpily. To Sabella he says, "It's a bat." Like anyone with eyes can plainly see. The 'duh' is not vocalized, but it's definitely there. He leans over to look at Mimi's painting, glances back to Aureth, then nods and sits back.

Sabella had been about to point at someone randomly and probably try to convince Hamish that the painting of Alaric over there was a pelican, which everyone knows is a king that does a really good job, but luckily Tomwell gives the proper explanation and she looks a little relieved, saying to Tomwell and Aureth, "Thank you, but I know it's not all that wonderful. I'm good at singing and acting and dancing and causing public uproar, but I'm not very good with my hands when it comes to art like this. But I still try, which I hope is good enough."

Lucita says, "Prince Sirius, We meet again in snowy circumstances. How are you, Your highness?" Sorel gets a friendly wave when in turning she spots her. Each of the Aritsans gets an admiring nod of approval and Josephine's a delighted smile. "You always have such nice things!""

"As it happens, since bats are extinct, most people have no idea what they look like," Aureth says. He smiles at Sabella and picks up his rather silly spider, which he waves in the air. "In this particular case, I'm sure it is the _thought_ that counts."

"You're too kind dear." The embroidery on the ribbon is done, Josephine's rising so she can go find some place to hang it, that symbol of the god of this shrine gleaming.

Sirius, is, still, caught in Mimi's painting. So much so that Lucita's greeting seems to go right past him, not that he doesn't hear her- not that he doesn't turn, here, to look at her. His looks, however, remain dubiously put. "Where can I get one of those?" He asks Lucita, with his right hand drifting up to point at the spider's snazzy hat.

"Oh." Tomwell scratches at his jawline. "Yes, that might be right," he tells Hamish with a frown. "A stork. Maybe they don't have any pelicans in the Menagerie. But it's definitely a bird. I'm pretty sure." He walks past Sabella, giving her a nod and a smile. "Definitely good enough," he says, before moving on to stand and admire Karina's painting. He does so in silence for a long while. "It's beautiful," he says. "So many layers of meaning within it, I think it would take a long while to pick them all out."

"I have a hat that was woven for me by a Nox'Alfar's spider," Sorrel volunteers helpfully to Sirius, offering Lucita a smile and a cheery little wave. "I didn't think to wear it, though."

Karina eyes Tomwell with a gracious dip of her head. "Thank you. I'll be leaving it here, so time will be in your favor." The artist flashes a smile. "This is my first time being in the city during this ceremony." Straying eyes admire the works of others both in progress and complete as she tucks her detail brush behind an ear. If a little paint gets on her face, she doesn't much care. "It's been enlightening."

Lucita says, "One of the tailors might create one for you or a leatherworker if you show them what it is you wish made." She says with a vague little gesture of the hand. "I'm not sure where else to recommend trying to attain one.""

Behtuk gets out a wooden mallet and taps the igloo pensively. The blocks settle somewhat, but mostly they retain their position. The rest of the cart full of sawdust is heaped around the igloo's base. The insulation from the ground will reduce the speed at which it melts and contain some of the water as it runs off.

Hamish reads over something Lucita hands him before giving her a smile and a dip of his head. "Thank you. It's quite lovely." He glances sidelong at Sorrel before turning to thank his disciple and getting back to his feet.

Mimi checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 19, rolling 45 higher.

Mimi checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 14, rolling 41 higher.

Mimi checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 13, rolling 43 higher.

Mimi checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 12, rolling 53 higher.

Mimi is already inspired by the conversation around her, hard at work on another small painting. She chews her lip while she works, listening and creating.

Sabella leaves her unsigned masterpiece on the table and starts wandering around lookin gat everyone else's pieces, stopping to give Mimi's a bright smile, "I love it! A spider in clothing! I've heard of one wearing a hat but never actually seen it myself," then it's on to Karina's, where like Tomwell she also stops and takes in all the little details of everything, "What imagination," she breathes, "And detail! How do you make your hands actually put out what you see in your head?"

Sirius nods solemnly, to both Sorrel and Lucita's input. He drags in his lower lip, chewing on it thoughtfully, considering. But not for long--"Wait,"--he looks at Lucita, his brows undulating in shifting moods of amusement and doubt alike, "Anything I want? You don't want that. I'd put feathers on it. And like, a swann. A swann, with feathers, laurels. A swann with /blue/ feathers, silver laurels surrounded by blue cloth. Oh Gods. I'll have a hat soon."

Mimi looks up from her work. "Part natural gifts, I suppose, but mostly lots of practice, your highness," she says softly to Sabella.

The bead hung, Josephine stops by that cornerstone block, reaching out to touch it and the gems on it with a smile, a hum coming to her throat then pats the block with a nod. Gathering up her cane, the jeweler starts to make her way out.

Mimi drops a painting of a very regal pelican.

Merek finds a place to settle in with a drink, looking to people. He notes Mimi, and also some of the others making things, with a nod, while he settles about. Hamish, Sirius, he seems to be seeing what folk are doing, "So many crafters, wonder what you all make."

Merek also inclines to Aureth, and to Sorrel.

Karina appraises her hands with mirth in her eyes at Sabella's question. "Pure luck," she replies playfully. "I close my eyes and hope for the best." A chuckle follows the whimsical comment, but then she nods more sincerely as Mimi answers. "A /lot/ of practice, my lady. Since I was about old enough to hold a brush, really."

"I'll certainly put the time to use," Tomwell tells Karina, glancing away from the painting just long enough to smile at her. Studying it further he says, "It's my first time hosting the ceremony, in fact. The tradition is long standing, of course, but I'm not certain there's ever been a specific event. But I like the symbolism, of coming together to bless the new year with inspiration." He nods at the painting. "I like that you included the snow. It feels appropriate, somehow." He glances to Sabella with a grin. "I don't even have such beautiful images in my head to begin with," he confesses. Josephine catches his eye as she approaches the stone, and he dips his head to her in a respectful nod of appreciation as she leaves.

Demetria Arcuri leaves, following Josephine.

Mimi fusses with the details on her second painting. "I didn't mean to give him eyebrows," she frowns.

Lucita's eyes widen with each of the details Sirius mentions as being added to a hat. She is silent for a long moment and finally grins. "Oh, that sounds remarkable. When you have it made, may I see you model it?" To Sorrel she says. "Wonder if come spring something different would be a Hat show or hat event, everyone wearing a hat they got as plain and added embelishments themselves.

Merek notices Lucita and waves to her, while he takes a moment to begin working wih a few things.

Sirius motions at the "miniature dinghy with a pantheonic sail," made to nestle amongst other goods on a poorly put together shelf for Merek. "That one," he informs him, before turning towards Lucita again, smilingly, "Absolutely not." He laughs, the gaunt length of his cheeks sinking with a curve of dimples. "Much like the wise only sing in the tub, I too will only wear it indoors."

Hamish puts The Layperson's Songs of Faith, Part One in the mysterious backpack of DEATH.

Karina hums thoughtfully as Mimi's next painting is presented. The bird elicits a fondness from the woman's eyes, and a respectful nod given to the woman who'd painted it. "Cute images and extremely skilled brushwork, Mimi. I love it!" Focusing on Tomwell, she tilts her head and smiles up at him. "Well thank you dearly for the compliments. Though I think you'd surprise yourself with the nature of the images in your head. It's all around us, really. Some of us, perhaps, have more time and reason to give it a long, hard look." There's sudden realization before she adds, "Ah, I'm Karina, by the way." Nodding to the painting's hasty signature. "The K is for Karina."

Behtuk is finally content with his igloo house. He lights a torch and begins melting it. Just enough to close the seams between the ice blocks. This involves him sticking his front half inside the igloo to melt the inside, leaving his ample rear half hanging out. Fortunately, he wears thick hide pants.

Mimi glows with pride at the compliment from Karina. "Thank you, my lady. It is my livelihood, after all!"

Lucita returns Merek's wave and says to him. "Blessed Wylla will be sorry to have missed this. She would be proud of the job Brother Tomwell has done, wouldn't she?" To Sirius she speaks aside. "You could model it indoors though!" A teasing note is in her voice.

"Karina, you've done beautiful work, as always," Sorrel says brightly to the woman with a charming smile, then looks back to Mimi curiously. "Are you much of an artist by trade, miss? Or is it somewhere else that you're talented?"

Karina's smile grows at the sight of Mimi's visible pride, but when she's called 'my lady', the woman snerks and holds up a hand. "Not quite! A lady by not a Lady, right? Please just keep calling me Karina, Mimi." She regards her fellow artist warmly, and the whimsy captures in her painting with the same, before clapping hands together and straightening. "Well, I should be off. Thank you for bringing us together tonight, sir," that last spoken to Tomwell.

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Tomwell wiggles his fingers in the air, almost like one might finger a flute. "My mind tends more toward music. I think in notes and melodies. /Those/ I can put to paper, or at least put to strings and then eventually translate into written composition. Though sometimes even music can take on it's own sort of shape and image." He turns to follow Karina's gaze to Mimi's art and his eyes light up. "A bird!" Okay, maybe he doesn't know what a pelican is. "I'm never allowed to enter your gallery," he tells her. "I might leave without a silver left in my bank account." Back to Karina he nods with a warm smile. "Thank you for coming. May Jayus inspire you the whole year round."

After surveying the rest of the creations, Sabella quietly says her goodbyes and slips out from the crowd without making too much of a fuss.

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Behtuk is content with the interior of his igloo and he exits, extinguishes his torch and sits outside the entrance, taking in the sights of the temple's reconstruction.

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Hamish is overheard praising Tomwell: Good Jayusing!

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