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Vellichor's Renewal - Vellichor

Within the halls of the Shrine of Vellichor, Vellichor's Renewal is slated to start.

The purpose of Vellichor's Renewal is threefold

First, those who have old texts in their personal collections are invited to bring them in for restoration. Spines mended, pages re-inked, the careful care of scholars and scribes put forth to give those old books new life.

Second, to offer texts to those who seek to expand their collections. Religious books will be on hand related to the god being recognized, in addition to other texts fitting the theme given to the particular event.

Last, Vellichor's Renewal is about strengthening our community in our faith. By letting us come together around the books we are passionate about and find others who share those passions, we spread knowledge. In doing so we honor Vellichor along the way.

The Renewal to Vellichor has been given the theme of History and Bookmaking

Texts pertaining to Vellichor, history, creating books, and maintaining books, are encouraged at this event. There will be other events dedicated to other gods and themes throughout the year.

For those who wish to better maintain their own books in the future, a guide on basic book maintenance has been assembled by the Scholars and will be one of the provided texts at the event.


June 16, 2019, 1:30 p.m.

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Peri Quintin Ilmia Zara Lisebet Alessia Rinel Rowenova Monique Amari




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Vellichor

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Comments and Log

As people begin to gather for the first event of Vellichor's Renewal, helpful disciples and volunteers gather them into groups. Akin to an ice breaker, people are being asked to introduce themselves to the others in their small groups and share what brought them to Vellichor's Renewal today. No one is forced to participate, but it is clearly encouraged. A young man in Iron Guard colors but without weapons and armor is the volunteer leading your group, he introduces himself first. "Hello everyone, thank you for coming. My name is Wilhelm, and I recognize some of the faces here today. We're doing these breakout groups to give the scribes time to record all of the books brought in properly. We just don't want people bored as they wait in line. There will be refreshments for everyone waiting outside of the shrine, as a thank you for your patience." He gestures to his left, where as fate would have it Peri is standing. "If you would introduce yourself and speak a bit about what brought you today?"

Alette, a discreet lady's maid, Elena, a solemn knight attache, Isabel, a calm diplomatic aide arrive, following Zara.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

Peri is here today with Eina and they both are carrying books worn and tattered in all the ways that books get battered over time. Spines are broken, leaves are falling out, some books are foxed, and some are badgered.

Peri introduces herself and Eina. She faces the group, "Hello, I'm Lady Peri Seliki and this is Eina. We've brought books gathered up from our people here in our ward and in Pearlspire. These contain histories and folktales from our people. Pearlspire is settled from people all over the compact. Our house was born as our ancestors reached the shores of Pearlspire haven won their freedome from thralldom. We do not always have written history, but have oral traditions of people that we are slowly recording."

Quintin has a battered book tucked under one arm. "Lord Quintin Ashford. I've had a passion for history and books for some time now. I'm especially interested in lost or forgotten lore, which is sometimes found in damaged tomes. I'd like to be able to restore them."

Ilmia is in attendance and she dismisses her guards and hands Aurous off to them as well, telling them to go get a drink and she'd be along after. The tall woman gives a smile to the others in her group after Peri and Quintin have spoken, "I'm Lady Ilmia Leary and I'm a member of the Scholars. My interests include ruins and things of that nature." she tells the group.

Carrying only a single slim volume, Zara joins her group. She listens closely to each introduction, giving each person the courtesy due their rank as they speak. "Good day," she begins when it is her turn. "I am Princess Zara Valardin." Just in case the dragon clasp on her cloak, dragon hairpins, Valardin signet ring didn't give it away. "Sanctum holds so much of the Faith's history, yet it's easy for these things to fall into memory if they aren't maintained." She opens her hand, revealing the sad and tattered book in her hand. It does not seem rare or treasured. It looks like a volume meant for children, a child's prayer book. "I believe it is important to maintain the traditions of our faith."

Lisebet slips in behind her cousin by marriage, the duchess of Ashford looking somewhat rounded, though still as short as ever. She doesn't have any books, instead slipping to one side to listen quietly. She inclines her head to those who speak, and offers a small wave and nod to Sparte who is running this event.

When it's her turn, Alessia offers the group a warm smile. "Good day, all. My name is Lady Alessia Mazetti and I'm a student in the Scholars of Vellichor. I can not miss an opportunity to expand my knowledge."

Spying Lisebet, Quintin offers the second-newest Ashford a brief smile and moves thataway to join her, murmuring something.

Wilhelm listens to each person intently as they go from person to person in his circle. Sparte, arguably the one organizing and running the event, can be seen assisting with the reassembly of a text that fell apart completely during the hand over to the scholars. It seems at least a few of the books hadn't been touched in so long that they're barely holding together, and he is doing his best to keep that from turning into a literary tragedy. Wilhelm, meanwhile, has full focus for the the ground. "I am already hearing how a few of you may have overlapping interests." A quick glance over his shoulder, before Wilhelm returns his attention to the ground. "Let's continue around the circle."

Rinel clickety clacks her way into the shrine, bowing deeply and murmuring a quick prayer to Vellichor. "I'm sorry! Sorry. I lost track of time. Sorry."

Lisebet tilts her head at Quintin's whisper and replies back ever so softly, as he does come join her. She settles into a seat, smoothing her skirts and glancing around. "Good day, everyone. I'm Duchess-Consort Lisebet Ashford, and I am a member of the Scholars. I thought I would come offer my assistance, if needed."

An tawny hound with greying features and a soulful gaze happily wags, doing so whilst he stays seatuated next to a snow-white Northern woman (decked out in protective leathers as well as a fancy coat worn open and a fluffy headdress from a wolf pelt which distinctly frames her). Her cobalt-blue/khol-lined gaze slowly pans the entire room, whilst her left hand rests up on stacked books (which are carefully arranged inside a rickshaw-style cart). She pipes up, "Scout Rowenova of the Ranging Wolves, an outriding party -- which is one part of the Halfshav Military -- under direct command of Lord Arik Halshav. Also, besides serving and scouting for my ducal House, I do scribing, messengering, and researching, too. I am the esteemed protege of Baroness Lucita Saik, too. Within my own home, I currently maintain a personal library as well as an alchemy laboratory, too, and just restarted the modest garden out back, too. Today, I have brought books from the Lower Boroughs to be mended before being taken back to those who own them." (Many are in bad shape.) "I feel like any maintenance knowledge for keeping books in good repair might help me to be a better asset for my daily duties and my home life, too. Also, the hound nearby is Sir Floppington. I have his favorite book in here, too."

Wilhelm beckons the late arrival of Rinel over. "We're doing introductions, please join us. I saw your name alongside some of the others here with us as a volunteer. This group will be heading up next." In the background, Sparte has finally gotten the fallen apart book in order and things are once again proceeding at an orderly pace. Hopefully no other restoration projects brought in today spontaniously explode into loose leaf.

Rinel makes her way over awkwardly. "Oh. We're introducing ourselves? I'm, er, well, I'm not a scholar. I used to be, but then, well, erm. Anyway. It's not important. I mean it is important but it's not relevant. To this. I'm Rinel Tern. I, er, like books. And serving Lord Vellichor. Which I still try to do even though I'm not a scholar anymore." She pauses, a flush of embarrassment creeping up her neck. "Can I start working now, please?" she asks Wilhelm in a tiny voice.

Quintin nods at every name revealed during the introductions, including that of Sir Floppington. The Ashford lord's posture is loose, casual.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog arrive, following Amari.

Sir Floppington opens up his hound-dog maw and softly pants then soon swivels his soulful gaze toward Quintin, doing so with an accelerated wagging for several swishes before he looks up to Nova once more.

Monique is there, has totally been there the whole time. She introduces herself as if she needs no introduction, all bravado and ego, as per usual. "Lady Monique Greenmarch. I'm here to shamelessly flirt with Wilhelm and source new books for the Gilded Page. Authors are damnably hard bunch to find."

Amari is probably very late, so she makes her way in quietly and lingers back in the periphery to see what's happening and where she might insinuate herself smoothly enough. She's brought a book! It's held close to her body protectively.

Quintin offers a nod and a little wave Amari's way, casting a curious glance at her book.

Lisebet smiles from where she's sitting, spying Amari and waving her way. She nods towards Quintin, with a bit of amusement, eyes gleaming. She grins at Nova and Sir Flop, and Lady Monique and - well, most everyone. Even Rinel. Because she does know most everyone here, social butterfly that she is.

That gets Wilhelm to stand up a bit straighter and abruptly clap his hands together. "Thank you all. I hope you heard someone here that had interests you'd like to share in. Please proceed to the table ahead where they're accepting texts for restoration, and turning over a sample of new books."

At that table are some scholars working to track the information on who brought in which text, with Sparte standing amongst them. He gives a bright smile and a wave, beckoning the group forward. "Hello, welcome. Everyone here to bring a book, please step into the left line. Everyone here just to acquire a book or meet new people, please into the right line. As promised there are holy texts about Vellichor, a sampling of history books, and a text on the maintenance and restoration process for those who want to be able to do this work in the future. When you're done follow the hall on your left towards a space outside the shrine with refreshments and some room to sit and speak. Volunteers, please head down the hall to the right and we will put you to work."

Rinel dutifully clickety-clacks her way down the path of the volunteers, humming an old Oathlands hymn to Vellichor.

Nova lifts up a greeting gesture with one hand to the newest arrivals before sending back a wolfish grin Lisebet's way. That lifted hand soon drops to repeatedly ruffle Sir Floppington upon his flop-eared noggin. He stands up and happily wags, but then Nova steps away. She carefully maneuvers her book cart, doing so to somewhere offsides from the table ahead before she speaks up, "Inside every book, I wrote down the owner's name on a new paper as well as my own name at the very bottom of the same paper as well as my home address, too, since I mean to return all these." (So they do not have to go to more work.) Setting down the cart handles, she queues up for book acquisition, too. Meanwhile, Sir Floppington moves closer to Lisebet and gives her a little nosing along with a happy wag.

Having missed the bulk of introductions, apparently, Amari drifts towards the left line but is happy to tarry and greet people she already knows with tired, but amiable little smiles. "Hello, Lady Monique." Nod. "Lady-" She begins when she's nearer Lisebet and catches her slip with a soft laugh, "Duchess Lisebet. I hope everything is well. Are you responsible for dragging Lord Quintin out?" He gets a wiggle of her fingers. The book he's so curious about is a slim thing bound in green leather that looks badly in need of some care. "It was my mother's. Collected songs of the North."

Unhurried, Zara drifts toward that left line, but with a detour along the way: it's Amari that catches her attention, late arrival that she is. Her gaze lingers on the cloak -- helpful identifier! -- as she says, "House Keaton, yes? I'm Princess Zara." The Valardin is left off, but there are more than one dragon-y telltales about her to fill out the rest. "Recently returned from Sanctum, and I find every time I travel and return there are new faces -- and new names." There's apology implicit in her words if she's _forgotten_ that name, but it turns to greeting and bright appraisal as she regards the others nearby.

Peri brightens as everyone introduces themselves. She waves at people she knows and friendly acquaintances. Those she has not met get polite and curious nods. At Sparte's instrunction, Peri and Eina make their way to the left line with their books. She cranes her neck and tilts her head every which way to try and spy the books people carry. Peri strikes up a conversation with lady Ilmia, "Lady Ilmia, I am interested in ruins too." She turns to Eina, "Eina has a book of journals going back to her great great grandmother who wrote journals about /her/ grandmother whose merchant ship sank when she were captured. We've had interest in finding it ever since. We think it's in the Saffron Sea." By this it becomes obvious that Peri counts sunken ships as ruins.

Ilmia receieves a messenger right about the time things are starting to pick up and there's a dip of her head to the others, "Apologies, I need to step out for a bit." she frowns. There's a smile to Peri, "I'll send you a messenger about it." she tells her.

2 Leary House Guards leaves, following Ilmia.

Quintin eyes the left line, and the right line. He is here to repair a book, but also to claim new books. Whichever line lets him do both, he queues up in. Or queues up in one and then the other. "No, I actually came out all on my own," he tells Amari. There's a nod to Zara when she introduces herself; he offers, "Lord Quintin Ashford, at your service."

Lisebet chuckles softly at Quintin and Amari's banter. "I see you two have met," she puts in, leaving that amusement to show. "Lady Amari, it has been a while." She mostly is listening quietly, pleased to be out and about, and to at least see new faces.

Rinel is dutifully working. "Have you ever wondered why bookworms like paper?" she muses. "I mean, there have to be better things to eat. I'm sure there are. Most worms eat dirt. Paper is made from trees. How many worms eat trees?" She pauses. "I suppose worms eat dead trees, and paper is made from dead trees... still."

Monique dips her flame-tressed head to Amari in greeting, pairing it with a smile. Silently, she watches the others, and then joins the line for those receiving books. "Anyone who wishes it, I would be honored to host your titles in the Gilded Page, that all may enjoy them. I've been writing a book of my own, for the Tournament of Thorns, as it happens. In six different languages. It's a bit of an experiment," she adds with a wry smile.

Sparte looks between the people with a friendly smile as they self organize themselves into the proper lines, or move off to get started doing their work. "Thank you again for all taking part. We will have the books ready for return by the end of the year, with an event specifically to see them returned. If you arn't able to make that, I will have a registry of all the unreturned books at the Stacks. We'll make sure your books are kept safe in the stacks waiting to be reclaimed." Sparte clears his throat. "I've been asked to make all groups aware that a donation in the sum of ten thousand silver per renewal event is being given to the scholars and scribes who have volunteered to be part of this. That is just the donation on behalf of the scholars. Other organizations and individuals have agreed to give donations for specific events through the year. There will be an additional donation of one hundred silver for this event, to help motivate those seeking to give sponsorship to give their all throughout the year."

Sparte is overheard praising Scholars: Hosting Vellichor's Renewal

After Amari's words, Nova softly smiles about the Collected Songs of the North. "After it is fixed up, may I copy down those songs, My Lady?" Then to others, especially Quintin, "I like digging up lost knowledge, too." Then, to Peri, "Lovely to see you again, and I am also interested in ruins, old mines, and forgotten places. Certain stormy Isles, too." Rinel's words attract attention from not only Nova who looks over there but also Sir Flop who pads over to her and looks up at Rinel with those expressive eyes as well as a greeting wag.

Monique is overheard praising Scholars.

Monique is overheard praising Sparte.

Rinel is overheard praising Sparte.

"How do you do, Lord Quintin." Zara nods to him in greeting, her features sweeping his face with a moment's thoughtful pause. "You mentioned an interest in lost and forgotten lore? Have you come across anything of particular interest that keyed your fascination?" Something Monique says catches her attention, and she glances to the side with an expression all surprise, eyebrows lifted: "Six languages -- you speak them all? And well enough to write? My lady, that's no small accomplishment."

"Hello, your Highness. Lady Amari Keaton, yes." Amari replies with a quick, precise little curtsey. She's somewhat amused, and agrees with the sentiment, "That tends to be the way of things. The tide comes in and washes new faces up, and old ones away. Then some of us linger indefinitely... like beacons, to stretch the analogy." She nods then to Lisebet, "It has been a long while. I just assumed you were enjoying your new life as an Ashford. Is Quintin behaving? Actually, have either of you been to Sanctum? How is it these days, Princess Zara?"

Amari spies Rowenova and Sir Flop over there and flashes her a quick grin.

Lisebet gives Sir Flop a smile,and holds out one hand his way. He's nearly bigger than she is, but she knows he's friendly. Nova gets a smile, though Lisebet is not apparently looking/giving books. She does listen quietly, and then she laughs softly and adds, "I have been, yes. Enjoying my new family and learning about them. Lord Quintin has been exemplary, to the best of my knowledge. And no, I've not been to Sanctum."

Rinel looks down. "Hello! /You/ don't eat books, do you?" she asks Sir Flop. "You are a most /excellent/ hound." And so Sir Flop receives many a pat.

Monique grins sidelong to Zara. "Thank you, Your Highness. I speak and write in nine languages, if one includes Arvani, but I'm limiting myself to six because no one wants to read quite so much, I think, and I'd have to do far more research than I've time for. You see," she elaborates, "I'm profiling some of the most prolific historical scholars and courtiers. I'm still looking for information on Queen Triscali, as it happens, and hoping I'll find more before I need to start binding the books. And," the Greenmarch adds, "I'm happy to give language lessons, if anyone should want to learn."

Quintin's eyebrows go up; he swings his attention to Monique and says, "Nine languages? Damn. You're good." He is quite clearly impressed. A nod for Rowenova, and a brief shake of his head for Zara. "Some ghost stories, really, but I don't know how forgotten they are." After a moment's hestitation - this is a lot to keep track of - he tells Amari, "Not for a very long time."

Rinel blinks and looks up at Monique. "Language lessons? I might take you up on that offer, my lady."

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Sirra, a very quiet maid leave, following Alessia.

"Sanctum prospers," Zara says, like there was ever another answer. It's an easy reply, reflexive, and there's a wry cast to her expression as she glances to Amari. There's a more genuine warmth in her words as she says, "The new shrine to Mangata is truly incredible. If you haven't been, you should be sure to see it," she adds to Quintin and Lisebet. "It's worth the travel." Having sung Sanctum's praises ever so dutifully, she glances back to Monique. "I was just in the archives reading on her before this, as it happens. Nothing that I'm sure would be new to you: old volumes. She was a remarkable figure."

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