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Bisland Dinner, Because its Dinner Day

A low key Bisland Dinner, with time to discuss current events and strategy.


June 6, 2019, 8:30 p.m.

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Kaia Peri Sparte Eshken Rymarr Gawain Kaldur Jophiel



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Bisland Manor - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

Michael Bisland Peri Seliki are sitting, talking about...uhh? Someone. In hushed whispers, but nobody alive. Clearly. This is not gossip.

"Jonathan Baseborn. Baron Norwood seems to think is related Knights of the Hive, which he thinks is related to the Knight of the Breach." Michael seems to be explaining to Peri now. In the deadset middle of the explanation.

Kaia would simply be walking here and there across the dinning room instructing the servants.

The tables have been properly set, with the finest and most expensive porcelain. Dishes and desserts of ALL sorts have been expertely prepared by the culinary masters of House Bisland; although, some are indeed treats plainly bought at Lottie's. For a last minute low key dinner to discuss strategy and events...the Bisland's seem to be awfully well prepared.

"Hive... hmmm. Anything to do with centipedes? That suonsd like an insect theme. We haven't seen any centipede markings have we? Maybe that'sj ust in Ashford lands" Peri is grasping at straws.

Sparte has been invited, and has shown up with that invitation in hand and looking slightly confused. He is dressed in his guard uniform still, which is arguably proper attire if you expect a meeting to be about war things. He shows the invitation to the servants at the entrance, getting himself pointed in the right direction to come join the Bislands.

Erasyl, a sharp-eyed thick-billed raven arrives, following Eshken.

"I am not quite sure about...centipedes. Or much more than what I've..../SPARTE/. Come here." The circle of couches set off to the side in the Great Hall is occupied by himself and Peri Seliki at the moment. Kaia doing whatever she is doing. Probably being upset that Michael told her he was going to have the manor host a dinner some hour before it was to begin. "We're talking about the Knight of the Breach right now."

Sparte makes his way over when his name is called out like that. Small nods all around and an awkward smile before he looks to Michael. "Oh! Neat." Yes, that is his contribution.

"Peri, this is Sparte. Sparte, Lady Peri Seliki." Hand waves, back and forth, with narry a single slosh of liquid.

Eshken swiftly moves into the hall, giving a soft shudder as the door is closed behind him, sealing off the cold. He begins to scan the room, adjusting the cuffs of his garment as he gives a few respectful bows to the various members, "My apologies, I hope I'm not too late to the dinner."

Sir Struttington, Esquire Messenger Peacock arrives, delivering a message to Eshken before departing.

Peri says wryly, "Nice to meet you Sparte. Join us." Her lips purse is amusement. Her amusement is soon dimmed as she moves back to the topic at hand. "Did Baron Norwood have theories on the Knight of the Breach?"

Peri does not recognize this knew Bislander, and she greats him with an introduction, "Hello, you are not late," She stares at Michael to make that so.

Kaia having finished bossing around the servants over by the dining hall, for ALMOST an entire hour, to ensure all would be perfect and delicious! FINALLY makes her way over to the couches and takes a seat right next to her cousin. A bit of a stink-eye for him. Yes, he knew what he had done. No need to say it. "Dinner is ready." She says, to Michael, before allowing herself to relax a bit and listen to whatever it was they were discussing. A smile being offered to the guests as they continued to arrive.

"Oh! A pleasure." Sparte grins wryly back at Peri, before turning to look to the new arrival. Eshken is given a friendly smile and a small finger-wave from the hip, before Sparte's attention is drawn by Kaia. "Wonderful to see you Lady Kaia. How have your archery lessons been going?"

Dauntless, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Patsy, Garen, the Iron Hound arrive, following Rymarr.

Dauntless have been dismissed.

3 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

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"Oh....I'm sure we haven't yet begun, it'll be some time before the dinner..." Kaia interrupts Michael and he settles his drink done again. Because Michael is wrong. The large tables were not going to be used today. Just smaller tables for a closer gathering. "I take it you're Eshken, then? Eshken Greenblood? Eshken, this is Sparte Grayfellow, Lady Peri Seliki, Lady Kaia Bisland. I am Lord Michael Bisland, Voice of...Sword of. Heir to Bisland."

"Did you invite Sparte and Eshken here to speak on the Grayreeve matter?" Peri pulls out multiple journals, one of which is titled "Grayreeve Report - Publicish". She looks askance at Michael to see which she should share.

Eshken gives a respectful bow to the room before handing his cloak off to a servant, straightening out his clothes as he speaks, "It's a pleasure to make your acquintance everyone. Good to see you again as well, Lady Bisland. I humbly thank you for the invitation Lord Bisland, voice sword and heir to Bisland," He speaks with a soft grin, moving further into the hall as he's introduced.

Kaia says, "Oh! Master Sparte! Welcome, and likewise.~" she chimes, her annoyance at Michael pretty much gone. "They've been going well! Better than my swordfighting." she admits with a giggle, remembering that god-awful day. "How are you?" she asks in return. Then glances over to Eshken, "Ah, Master Eshken, so nice to see you again, and, so soon!" she says quite animatedly. Yes, they had already met."

Peri drops Map of Lands Affected by the Grayreeve Crisis.

Peri drops Map of Bisland Demesne.

Somewhere outside a small entourage is left to attend to their own business. That leaves Marquis Rymarr Deepwood to enter the Great Hall of House Bisland at a brisk march, one arm swinging at his right with an armored grip on the helm within his grasp, all while the left holds itself perched atop the simple pommel of the blade sheathed at his side. The rattle of plate precedes him as Rymarr approaches the gathering of Bislands and their guests. The rich gold of the cape that he wears spills out from over his shoulders, swaying and shifting like dancing flame. He comes to an abrupt halt as he draws in ever closer and his chin lowers in silent acknowledgment of the many familiar faces. Briefly his intense blue eyes pass over to Michael, then to the other attendees. Finally he breaks his silence with a simple statement, "I have come to enjoy House Bisland's hospitality, if it is open to me. I have also come to make with the talking of small."

"I trust you to know whom might know what." Peri gets a sidelong glance though....does Michael trust her for that? "I don't know to trouble Eshken, Sparte would probably be very helpful if he knew what to be helpful about." Michael stands though when Rymarr gets clattering in. (He doesn't clatter, Rymarr's armor is very well fitted.) "Marquis Rymarr. Lets...sit you down next to me." With Peri on the other side, its a defensive attempt. Peri is a talker and Rymarr is not. Not muchly.

"Perhaps some water for the Marquis. I wouldn't want to assault his palette overly so." That is to Kaia, the Party Hostess with the mostest. "We've some maps. And Sparte is here."

Sparte smiles and dips his head to Eshken when his name is mentioned. "Very nice to meet you Lord Eshken." Sparte glances over to Michael again as he starts to illustrate why, well, he is here. "Oh. Well, yes, I do have a knack with maps. Lots of experience there."

Kaia nods to Michael, and leans in to whisper something, before standing up once more and heading for the dining room after getting a response.

"Very well. Thank you," Rymarr offers back at Michael's offer to sit at the side of the Bisland heir. He does however spare a glance toward Sparte, a brief flicker of surprise flashing across the Marquis' typically severe features. As the surprise fades promptly, Rymarr offers a nod toward Sparte. He then begins to move to the offered seat, though he comments back at Michael, "It's not that it bothers my tongue," he advises dryly, "it's that I have more self-control that the vast majority of nobles in this city who behave as lushes or children whose parents have left them unsupervised for two or three days". Rymarr moves to stand behind the seat which has been slotted for his use, though his attention drifts back to the gathering as a whole, "Oh, Lord Michael. You should write to Radiant Bliss of the Whisper House. Consult with her perhaps about that letter to House Twinstone? The Whisper House has agreed to offering further aid to Deepwood's matters."

Kaia mutters, "... I ... the servants begin ... bring some ... the dishes and ... for all ... ... to ... ... you talk, cousin dear?"

A mild look of dejection crosses Eshken as his name is mentioned by Lord Bisland and quickly dismissed, though it's not long before his expression returns to that of a neutral, albeit curious gaze as he moves about the room. He settles his view on Rymarr for a moment before dipping his head in a bow. "Trouble me with what? If my asking does not intrude." Eshken looks to Michael for an answer, shifting closer to the table.

Peri hands off a folder to Sparte that is a report on the Grayreeve situation. She looks very concerned when Rymarr makes a statement about smalltalk. Maybe it is because she came today with no smalltalk, but as he talks she sees that the Grayreeve crisis can be a topic of discussion. "Lord Rymarr." She dips her head. She then suggests, "The Lady Mia Riven would be a master diplomat to work with whisper house on the matter and would also have regional expertise unavailable to Whisper house."

Sparte takes off his helmet, resting it down on the floor beside his seat as he settles in at the table. The folder is accepted from Peri, a friendly smile and nod to the surprised Rymarr before Sparte lowers his attention to begin reading.

"Noted," Rymarr answers back at Peri with a brief glance, then back to Michael his focus returns.

Peri takes some drink and avails herself of the food. She leans over to Sparte and talks quickly, and then chuckles.

Moments later, a steady flow of servants from the kitchen begin to filter through carrying trays and platters of food and desserts and setting them carefully by the table where the gathered are at. Pig, fish, beef, duck and pupkin pie, along with some drinks...mostly Michael's lemonade and rum, and water.

Kaia takes Lemonade and Rum, Michael Bisland Special from a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

Kaia drops Lemonade and Rum, Michael Bisland Special.

"Could the Whispers beseech one of the houses, and Countess Mia the other? Ratherford and Twinstone. I do believe the Rivens had somewhat of a working relationship with Ratherford." Michael nods towards Rymarr as he settles in. And does his very level best not to smirk towards Eshken. Bait dangled, and his hook was taken sinker and all by Eshken. "A bit of a diplomatic matter, Master Eshken. With decidedly unseemly undertones. I don't know that I would put you in any sort of danger."

"Knight of the Breach is one of the two prongs of the matter. I speak with Baron Norwood and he seems to believe that the Knights of the Hive might have a relation to the Knight of the Breach." He is leaning towards Rymarr specifically at that notion. "Jonathan Baseborn tangled with Duke Grimthog, wielder of Sunderfall. Have I managed to send a missive to this regard to you yet, Marquis?"

Gawain comes in and looks about, the Oathlands male having decided to come visit given the invitation. He looks about as he enters, figuring out where folks seem to be sitting and what part of the party he's interrupted. "There was the promise of food," he says with a grin, as he enters giving a polite bow to all. He wears his typical wide smile, a warm, and playful look on his features that is a mix of mischief and amusement.

"Well, if you are involving this Lord he should have the overview of events so far." And with that, Peri gives Eshken a folder.

Sparte closes the folder once he finishes his review, passing it back in Peri's direction. "Thank you." Sparte looks to the food that comes out, his eyebrows slightly climbing higher as he becomes more and more impressed at the array.

Eshken raises a brow, finally settling by the edge of the table as he listens to the discussion, "I... appreciate the concern Lord Bisland, though I'm willing to take the risk, if I could be of aid." The curious tone seems to drip from Eshken as he speaks, his lips cracking into a light grin as he accepts the folder, cracking it open without pause.

"That will suffice," Rymarr answers back with a faint nod before he adds, "the only hitch is that the Whisper House has proven themselves immensely capable in this situation already. They have established inroads with the situation and those involved in it on the other side. I've no issues with House Riven and House Ratherford, if they have an established rapport, working toward the common goal. I will be watching, because I know how involvement will unfold. Then I will do what must be done". Rymarr chuckles quietly, such a foreign sound, "I still intend to have the honor of the Whisper House's aid, however". Then Rymarr turns his attention back to his glass of water, then aside to Michael, and then back to the water, "My hope is that when we rally, that those we may face will reduce in number by a great deal and our force increases considerably".

"Lord Gawain Blanchard. Welcome to the Bisland Manor." Michael plays host, at least, he invited Gawain. "Kaia, this is Lord Gawain. My protege and the knight I will be sponsoring into the next Grand Melee."

Peri checked intellect + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Peri checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Giving another bow towards Kaia then as he's introduced, before settling down, he waves a gentle hand. "I'm pleased to be invited though fairly sure you're talking about more important things than my doing my best to give a good showing." Still, he seems pleased, "Any of the dishes you recommend over the others? I don't know, perhaps I will have to take a little bit of all just to make sure the chef knows I wasn't favoring one over the others." Looking over to Rymarr though he purses his lips thoughtfully at the discussion of the Whispers and their work.

Peri raises an eyebrow. "You read me wrong if you think I would advice you to turn away the help of Whisper House. I hope their forces are greatly divided a well." She turns to the newcomer and nods a hello. She attempts small talk by indicating the maps to Sparte. "I have attempted to sketch out the situation in our lands." She scrutinizes the maps with a judgemental eye. they do not pass her muster.

Kaia with a glass of lemonade and rum of her own takes a sit once again next to her cousin. "Ah!" she says, before directing a glance, a smile and a nod, towards Gawain. "Lord Blanchard." she greets amicably. "Welcome.~ You must be thrilled, to be sponsored by my cousin." she says, and then adds. "Certainly, you heard right! Do, please, help yourself to the food and drinks. There's plenty." she says, and then glances around to the others who have barely made an attempt to try the food. "All of you as well. Dig in!~" she says with a grin. "Don't be shy. Certainly you can all both enjoy a meal while you discuss.~" she insists.

Sparte accepts the map from Peri, pulling his attention off of eyeballing the food. "Oh, right. Thank you Lady Peri." He looks over the map, a flickered glance up at Michael after a few seconds before looking back to down.

Rymarr raises an eyebrow back at Peri as he gestures to Michael, "I'm sorry, I didn't read you wrong or misunderstand you. I was answering Lord Michael's question about the situation and how to handle it". Then Rymarr's attention turns back to the glass of water, he takes it up, and takes a long drink from the drink. When the glass departs his lips, an audible sigh of contentment escapes him.

Peri looks happy, "Oh, excellent."

"Brother!" Peri makes room.

"Sister!" Kaldur takes room.

"No." Michael turns suddenly to Lyros, a retainer nearby. "Vodka is not better in lemonade. I should have you exiled entirely."

"Lord Seliki, good to see you! It's been quite some time.~ Welcome! Please make yourself comfortable. Take a plate of food, perhaps a drink..." she invites, as Peri's brother arrives.

Eshken scratches his chin as he lowers the file, giving a few short nods to nobody in particular. After a moment he straightens up, glancing over to the maps laid out. "Interesting..." He softly speaks to himself.

Michael glances between Peri, and maps, then back to Rymarr to give a slow wink. "Lady Peri Seliki is well versed in cartography, thankfully. And has kept track of the more recent goings on." Michael points down at the map, towards Grayreeve, for Eshken and Sparte's benefit. "House Grayreeve is against the ennobling of commoners, feels it dilutes the nobility too much. Hence they're in near open rebellion. Gathering forces. I need another man who can poke his nose into things, decipher some books and the sort." Because Eshken was reverse psychologyed right into volunteering. "Sparte." Because nobody is safe at this dinner party. "Do /you/ know much about the Knight of the Breach? Knights of the Hive?...Uhh...Am I missing something, Lady Peri?"

Kaldur enters the manor house, brisk knight in from the brisk night, his eyes bright with the cold. He offers a bow to Kaia on her greeting, smiling, a hand pressed to his belly, "I will, thank you. Likewise, Lady Kaia." He helps himself to a mug of spiced wine and will just graze off of Peri's plate - a younger brother's prerogative. "Sister mine," voice pitched low and rumbling. Seliki bellowing reserved for festive occasions.

Leaning over to Kaia he whispers, so as not to talk over the more important conversation, "I am, though don't let him know that. He's a very...confident...fellow as is. I don't think he needs my praise heaped upon that. The effects could be...disastrous." It's clear though he's teasing, his tone far too playful and fond to mean any actual offense as he goes and grabs a bit of the duck and a slice of pumpkin pie, settling down then with it, a glance at the work Peri is doing, and then he settles back to listen to the topics at hand. Probably a good thing for him to keep up on and learn about from those closer to the situation.

Sparte is still reviewing Peri's map, trying to make himself useful. Only after he passes them back to Peri are the new arrivals given smiles and a short wave of recognition. "Oh, hello Lord Kaldur." Sparte must've missed Gawain's name, because there is an awkward second delay before he smiles and nods and puts his waving hand back on the table and turns his attention towards Michael. "I know only what Peri shared with me tonight, Lord Michael. Though I understand the general gist of the hive matter. Nasty business that ilk, I've fought similar threats before. Did not care for the bug guts left behind." A pause. "Buuut maybe not a topic for dinner conversation."

Rymarr takes the time to finish his glass of water, then promptly rises up from his seat. A hand reaches out with an attempt to pat atop Michael's shoulder before the Marquis comments at the Bisland heir, "I must be going. I've a patrol tonight. We need to speak in private sometime in the next few days. A development that we need to discuss". That said, Rymarr excuses himself with a bow at his shoulders. Then Rymarr begins the march away and back out into the cold, his golden cape draw around him as he goes out the face the winter again.

Patsy leaves, following Rymarr.

Eshken continues to look the maps over, occasionally glancing down to the file with a soft hum. After a moment he glances up, seemingly realizing that Michael has been talking this whole time, "Oh uh... Yes of course Lord Bisland, it'd be my pleasure to help look into matters further. In fact, I'm sure it's no surprise that my curiosity is quite peaked." He says, giving a brief smile, though his attention quickly returns to the papers.

Kaia quietly pokes at her food, all the while lsitening and eyeing the documents and reports being passed around.

Sparte looks after Rymarr's exit, glancing briefly around the table. A furrow of his brow, followed by a relaxation of features and a shrug. He grins as he reaches out, picking up some food to add to his plate. Waste not want not.

Kaldur rises when his liege lord leaves, bowing to Rymarr before settling again to mug and musing over the documents shifting about. "I'm curious about this development." He purses his lips, flipping through the folio for about the thousandth time. He leans aside to Peri.

Eshken takes a deep breath, settling the papers down as he seems to slowly snap back to reality, "These documents, is this truly all we know of this Knight of the Breach?" He asks curiously, glancing between Michael and Peri.

The guards bow respectfully to the arriving member of House Bisland.

Orvis arrives, following Jophiel.

"Thank you for your visit, Marquis! Kaldur!" Michael seems to have a mixed reaction to Kaldur's arrival. Granted, he is necessary, sword of Pearlspire and all. But now Michael isn't the most handsome in the room. It is difficult for the man to deal with. "I thought the entirety of Arvum's knowledge lay within your mind, Sparte." It is said teasingly. But the man doesn't think too far away from that. "Good, Eshken. And...unfortunately, yes. The Knight of the Breach is what is rumored to be manipulating Count Augustus Grayreeve's opinions and actions." Crap. Jophiel is here to be handsome too now.

Jophiel is very handsome. Darker than his cousin and less bombastic, but still a knockout. And very late to the family dinner. "My sincere apologies," he says as he takes a seat, deep voice rich and gentle. "I was reading and time got away from me."

Peri gives Kaldur more food from her plate and ribs him playfully. "Lord Michael said something about Jonathan Baseborn and Knights of the Hive that may be related." Peri then gives her brother a quick recap.

Erasyl, a sharp-eyed thick-billed raven have been dismissed.

Erasyl, a sharp-eyed thick-billed raven have been dismissed.

Gawain looks over, as he takes another bit of his pumpkin pie, having apparently decided to do meals the right way today and start with dessert, though admittedly he's letting the duck cool just slightly as he enjoys a little bit of the sweet treat and he looks to the others present. "I did not get to hear the whole story as of yet. So without trying to take up too much time, who is this fellow and why must he be dealt with?" Of course, the clue will be fully attended to later but for now, Gawain finally delves briefly into the conversation

"Hive?" This is news to Kaldur. "Is this the business with the centipedes?" His brow furrows. "Lord Bisland," Kaldur rises to acknowledge Bisland's heir and settles again, remaining enough up to likewise bow for Jophiel. "My Lord." He looks around the table, absorbing the faces of those present for the first time, brows lifting and a bright smile breaking like waves ashore for Sparte, "Grayfellow, you flatterer." Dimples drive deep, "Aye," he looks to Michael, "I've wondered about that, too. Do we know enough about this... influence? The banners rally, but I'd rather not shed blood if there's any avoiding it." His face is grave, well-settled into the notion that blood will be shed, and soon.

Jophiel nods his greetings, a puzzled look washing over his face. He clearly can't make head nor tail of this conversation, so he leans back in his chair, helping himself to a bold red wine and some meat.

Kaia says, "Can happen to any of us, cousin." says Kaia to Jophiel with a sweet smile. "We are simply glad you could join us. Do take some food and a drink, get comfortable..." she offers as well. A smile offered to Gawain and the others enjoying their meals, before focusing her attention once more on the briefing on a... Jonathan Baseborn?"

Peri is in the midst of making sure her brother sees the latest attempt at a map of the situation when she's struck by a stray moment of propriety, very city manners, actually. Not as much Seliki. "Lord Gawain blanchard! Master Eshken Greenblood! Meet my brother!" She nudges said brother. "Lord Kaldur Seliki. Best brother." She is weary and punchy. She takes a moment to enjoy a dessert and surveys everyone.

Eshken gives a short nod to Michael's words, closing his eyes a brief moment before returning to the papers, remaining silent for the time being.

Peri takes a slice of rich pumpkin spice pie from a rich pumpkin spice pie.

Michael glances towards Kaia, then Jophiel. "It doesn't happen to allll of us." Because Michael doesn't like books. His family knows. "Count Augustus Grayreeve is a count within Bisland, under the March Deepwood. He does not like neonobles, we believe an entity known as the Knight of the Breach is twisting his intentions, words and actions somehow, and may have done so to Jonathan Baseborn, who put down...House..Durand...Well. Thats a different set of ancient history." Recapping for the newly assembled. Kaldur gets waved towards the couch if he is coming to sit and eat, talk. "As it stands, Marquis Rymarr has the Whisper House pushing to make inroads with Ratherford and Twinstone to get them to stand down their banners so it would only be Grayreeve and Shavsbane. A far smaller force and easier to deal with."

Sparte laughs as Kaldur calls him a flatterer, grinning at Kaldur. "You reap what you sow, so I hope my words were fair as flowers." He is getting into the meal now. Not entirely uncouth, but certainly using the wrong fork for something. He looks to Jophiel, giving them a nod in turn before looking to Michael to listen curiously.

"Only because I have no direct siblings, otherwise, clearly I would be the bestest of best brothers." As with teasing Michael earlier, Gawain's tone is amused and though it's probably just fine to wave, he gets up then since th eintroductoin was demanded and he bows to the brother who took the room that was made. "A pleasure," he says, more quietly now as he turns, plate of pie still in hand, to listen to Michael. "I wouldn't mind a cool nickname like that some day. Though there is a certain ominousness to the name Knight of the Brach. For that alone, I believe I don't like him and will be happy to help in whatever way I can." Gawain...making informed decisions.

"Which breach is he knight of, exactly?" Jophiel mulls this all over.

Gawain takes a slice of rich pumpkin spice pie from a rich pumpkin spice pie.

Gawain takes a small portion of mouthwatering roasted duck with fresh green salad and fruits from a medium sized platter of mouthwatering roasted duck embellished with fresh green salad and fruits.

Kaldur and Peri are both their mirror selves at the moment, the flipside of the Seliki's carefree ease is this hard focus and they switch back and forth like the crash and flow of waves. From serious perusal of maps and folios, to greetings for friends, to a nod for the recap of events. He rises and bows to Gawain and Eshken, "A best sister can be forgiven her biases," he gives Peri who has found pumpkin pie! WHAT. To Gawain, "Eh, well, I thought it was 'Knight of the Beach' and turned up for a wholly different affair." He nods at Jophiel's question, he wants to know that, too. "And are we certain of this... it seems too late." He settles onto the couch as bid, sinking rather farther back into the cushions than he means to in full plate, lips pressing flat.

Kaldur leans to Peri, murmuring thanks for the introduction.

"A night at the beach sounds far more pleasant," Jophiel agrees.

Kaia has not much to say, or anything at all, on the current matter, not because it didn't matter to her, it did! She just didn't really knew much in regards to it; so, instead of attempting to comment, she simply observed and listened quietly to both the men and the lady.

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Gawain grins to Kaldur, laughing genuinely, loudly, at his joke about the beach, or at least he assumes so. "Ahhh, that would be nice. It is so cold, some time at the beach would hopefully be towards the south. Not that I have anything against the north but I do not believe the beaches near Pearlspire would be the same as those near Southport," he offers with a smile. "At least not temperature wise this time of year."

"Don't flatter Kaldur, Sparte. That is an order." Lieutenant Michael huffs and gruffs at Sparte being nice to /that/ man. "We haven't even the foggiest idea, Jophiel. Not at all. There is some hints that they were part of the Knights of Hive? Perhaps. But we are investigating thoroughly now. Trying to, to catch up." Michael resists sneering at Kaldur. And his cuteness. "Lord Jophiel Bisland." Michael suddenly gets all formal. "I hereby charge ye to stand as Minister of Loyalty for House Bisland."

Peri talks with Kaldur about the disposition of House Seliki's navies. She tugs her hair and frowns.

Jophiel stands and pulls himself to his full height, clasping his hands behind his back. "Lord Michael, it would be my proudest honor," he says sincerely.

Gawain is overheard praising Jophiel: Loyalty!

Sparte sets down his food, clapping for Jophiel. At least briefly. I mean. He can't be the only one who clapped. ... ... ... Right?

Sparte is overheard praising Jophiel.

Gawain cheers Jophiel then, a smile on his features as he lets out a bit of a hip-hip...before clapping a bit. "Congratulations!" He stands up then and looks over to Michael. "I need to get back and get a bit of work done for the house now that the Count has made his triumphant return to the city. I promised I'd get a few things done before doing so," he offers and smiles to everyone else. "Thanks so much for having me."

Peri claps for Jophiel, and then stops to give the departing Gawain a "Fare the well, Lord Gawain."

Peri is overheard praising Jophiel: applause

Jophiel holds his hands out. "Really, this isn't grounds for applause. Wait until I've actually done something, hm?" He takes his seat again.

Peri remembers something and digs around in her satchel to give a scrolls to Soot.

Eshken eventually looks up from the papers, setting down a journal which he was busily writing in. He glances to Kaldur a moment before giving a deep bow of the head, his reaction to the greeting quite delayed indeed. His attention is once again brought back by sudden clapping, of which he joins in though, judging by his face he might not know what exactly he's clapping for.

Kaldur rises to his feet at Michael's offer and Jophiel's acceptance. It takes some doing and some scrabbling of feet, sunk deep into cushions as he is. Michael must have invited him to the couch for just this reason. He manages, at last, to extricate himself from the grasp of upholstery and adds his congratulations, "May I suggest, Minister Jophiel, an announcement of calling the banners to face Grayreeve, answer to his rebellion and refusal to treat?" His brows lift, expression solemn, eyes slewing to Michael. "That is our footing, yes?"

Kaia stands from her seat, after setting her small plate of food down, along with her drink. She glances over to Jophiel, "Congratulations, cousin.~" she chimes, and then glances over to Michael and leaning in to whisper something.

Eshken after another brief moment, Eshken slides the papers from his lap, mimicing the others and dipping a bow to Jophiel, "Congratulations My Lord." He proclaims simply, though unsure what is being congratulated. He was far too absorbed in his own bubble.

OH RIGHT! Michael hup-hup-hups to his feet as well. Because that seems to be the proper thing to be doing right now. He'll reach out quick to clap Jophiel upon the shoulder. "Welcome to the busywork, cousin. I would welcome the call of banners from Stonewood, and Longwood to stand ready to defend Bisland from enemies within and without. I do not know that calling Deepwood's banners, to defend Deepwood would sit very well."

Peri observes, "Maybe if you call Longwood's banners they'll stop warring upon Warwynd."

Having excused herself first to her most important cousin, she glances around to the rest and makes a proper courtesy. "My lords; cousins." and then a smile to her dear friend, "Peri." she says endearingly, and then adds. "It has been, truly, both a pleasure and an honor to share this time with you all. These matters are truly quite worrisome; and, I am of course at your dispossal to aid with any diplomatic matters whenever needed. Still, I'm afraid I must regretfully take my leave for the time being as it has been quite a long day for me. So, please, do excuse me. I do hope the meal is to all of your enjoyment. Until a later time, yes?" she says, and then prepares to depart.

Sparte keeps eating and keeping his head down, looking between the lords and ladies making tactical decisions. Above his paygrade really, but it'd be a shame to waste the meal.

Jophiel nods firmly. "I'll work on that in the morning," he says, seriously. "Tonight, I overeat and enjoy the company."

Peri rises and offers a departing hug to her friend.

Eshken gives a respectful bow to Kaia, smiling warmly as he speaks, "It has been an honor My Lady, please do take care. I do believe I should be making my departure as well. Thank you all, and thank you Lord Bisland for trusting me enough to bring me into this operation. I'll do my best to gather up what information I might on this Knight and the surrounding issues." He finishes with a light bow to the room, moving to gather his cloak.

"Expect a missive from myself or Lord Jophiel, Eshken. Your offer to assist will not be easily forgotten." All ominous like. To Jophiel. "We'll sit over it together and make sure it gets posted and sent out in the right amount of time." Michael promises Jophiel, then moves to plop himself back down onto the couch. "Now....does anyone have anything that isn't deeply troubling. Sparte? Have you gotten married yet? Do I need to find you a wife?"

Kaia hugs Peri, and smiles in return to Eshken, before soon after making her departure up the stairs to the Atrium.

Kaia takes Chocolate Coated Honeycomb.

Kaia takes Candied Orange Wedge Dipped in Chocolate.

Kaia takes Molten Lava Chocolate Cake.

"Aren't you the one we ought to worry about marrying off, Lord Heir?" Jophiel needles his cousin.

Kaia takes a box of twelve Chocolate Truffles.

Sparte waves off Michael's interest as he chews with one hand, washing down the food with a sip of water before speaking. "Hard pass."

Kaldur likewise bows to Kaia, "It's all very good, thank you, Lady Kaia." He turns to Jophiel, "I will follow your proclamation with Pearlspire's. My father will want to review it, of course, but we will stand with Deepwood and Bisland." And, with the leavetaking beginning, Kaldur - a good Seliki - can read the tide. And then Michael rather announces it. Talk of marriage, though, makes his expression flicker and he clears his throat, ears coloring. "Peri, fly our flag proud, Sistermine. I've got a proclamation to draft and you know how slow I am at writing." He leans down to kiss his sister on the cheek. "Grayfellow. My lords," he nods to each and bows in turn by station, ending with Michael. "Gods be with you. And be sure to try those chocolate-covered honeycombs, they're-" They're gone! ALAS. He makes a rueful face and smiles solemn before departing.

Peri gets up and bearhugs a hulking mass of armor who is her bother as best she can before he is off. "Oof."

She looks for Soot and sees him playing around one of the tables and goes to shoo him. "Little on!" Peri encourages the messenger to deliver his message already. She returns to her seat. "Have you heard of a language called Halcyon, Sparte?" Of all the people she knows, he is the most likely to have heard of any odd thing.

Sparte waves as Kaldur heads out, attention shifting to Peri as she speaks "Hrmm..." He thinks for a little while then smiles at Peri. "Nope, never heard of it, but given what the word usually means, I'm guessing it is really old."

Soot, a frenetic ferret arrives, delivering a message to Sparte before departing.

"I'm doing /just fine thank you/." Jophiel gets scoffed and grumped at. Michael already regrets his decision. "I think it would be gooood, Sparte. Hold you down a bit, let the rest of us catch up." Michael turns to watch Kaldur closely. "If you weren't so....." But thankfully does follow it up quite yet. More talk of....A furrowed gaze flits from Peri to Soot to Sparte. "Oi, can't just say it out loud, can we?"

"I know you do well with the ladies. I'm asking if you've found a potential wife. You and I both know the difference," Jophiel says smoothly.

"Jophiel, I have never even /kissed/ a woman." Michael scoffs quickly.

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