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Annointing Ceremony

The Dominus welcomes new life into the Faith by inducting at least one new member of the Godsworn.


Feb. 28, 2017, 7:30 p.m.

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Armel(RIP) Alistair Sophie Ferrando Dominique Orazio Rymarr Jasher Branan Mathias(RIP) Duarte Lailah Ford(RIP) Fortunato Sylvie Merek Bianca Freja(RIP) Desiree



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Great Cathedral of the Pantheon

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I have known Lady Bianca since I came to Arx and joined the Scholars. She is one of the best friends a person can have, and very refined. I am happy for her, with her new decision to be a Godsworn, and I am confident she will do her best.

The cold of a winter's evening stops at the door to the grand Cathedral. Inside the many lights hanging on the walls cast the room in the warm glow of numerous small (contained) fires. Along the periphery of the room and down the central aisle, Templars in shiny armor and white and gold tabards stand at attention, each nearly still as a statue.

Seated behind the altar in a rather large and uncomfortable looking chair is the Dominus. Aldwin holds his staff in one hand while the other fidgets with the plain iron ring on the other. When the time comes, a smaller bell in the bell tower begins to peel, loud enough to be heard for a block aruond the Cathedral and certainly calling to order those who have gathered inside. Aldwin pushes up to his feet and walks to the altar.

"Across Arvum, whether Shav'Arvani or Arvani, it is a joyous occasion to bring a new life into a family. Be it birth or wedding, these events are often celebrated," Aldwin's voice carries through the Cathedral. "This evening, the Faith of the Pantheon asks you to all celebrate with us as we bring a new life in our family."

At this, all the Templars standing in the central aisle turn to face the doorway at the back, signalling time for a certain personage to approach down a white and gold carpet.

The rear doors opened, spilling a few drifting snowflakes inwards as the woman of white stepped beyond the threshold. Her chin was held aloft and pace confident and while she wore the meager pickings of a linen gown it seemed the cold had had no affect. At least not today.

Bianca continued her procession, unable to manage away her small smile on such an occasion even if she attempted to remain stoic.

The Duchess Sylvie Zaffria arrived well before the appointed hour, of course, so that she is settled in a pew before any such announcements are made. She is polite, courteous. Humble? Perhaps not, wrapped as she is in sapphire silk that bares her back entirely, an expanse of sunkissed skin down which silver feathers and chains cascade. Her smoky gaze lifts to the Dominus as he begins to speak, tipping her chin along as if in agreement, before her gaze sweeps towards the aisle as the Templars signal the approach.

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While Alistair glares, Duarte just offers a smile before unfolding his arms and leaning forward just a bit as Bianca starts to make her way in at the commencement of the ceremony. The smile on his face only widens at the sight of Bianca in that white dress.

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Armel turns himself slightly where he sits next to Edain and Mathias, his dark eyes alighting on the approaching Bianca with a warm smile on his scarred face, seeming at ease and perhaps a touch excited by the unfolding of this new addition to the Godsworn Family. He glances at a couple people in the pews around him as they murmur, but in curiosity, not in annoyance.

Branan stands off to the side, in an alcove, a notepad in one hand as he scratchs down notations on the proceedings. His features are held in the cast of a slight smile.

Alistair gazes lifts and finally focuses on someone who doesn't draw a scowl, glare or a simple stare. Bianca is watched closely as she proceeds along, the light of the Cathedral and the Templars providing guidance. The Inquisitor watches her, perhaps trying to determine what god she will pledge herself to as she joins the Godsworn.

Freja remains in her alcove, sharp eyes watching the procession with rapt attention. Her heavy fur cloak, sun-bleached white, covers her tall frame and keeps away any bite of the cold that would threaten.

Jasher arrived a little early, not too much, just enough to get a good look around to see who else may have arrived and greeting those people nearby he knows. As things get started, he moves over to join the other nobles in the pews, nodding to Ford when he spots the man.

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"Bianca Wyrmguard has petitioned the Faith to join the ranks of the Godsworn," Aldwin says while Bianca approaches the altar. "To do so is to remove herself from the bonds of her previous fealty, her responsibilities to her house, and no longer to provide them succor or shelter save as the Faith might provide succor and shelter to any other." Looking around at the pews, Aldwin asks, "Who is here to speak for Wyrmguard?"

As soon as Rymarr's seated in a pew, an armored hand shifts the direction of the blade at his side in order to permit ease and comfort in his seat. He shifts around to view the soon-to-be Godsworn, while his armored fingers idly drum atop the helmet which resides atop his left knee. For the moment his attention is maintained on Bianca and not those who share the pews with himself. Chin inclined, stern blue eyes track the progress of Bianca, until they move to regard Aldwin with the former's arrival at the altar.

Lailah moving to join the other nobles in the pews, the scholar settles herself in, eyeing Bianca with a quiet smile.

Dominique arrived not to long before just to be able to see Bianca's enterance. She smiles soberly. She is dressed in her lily adorned attire. She stands when she is called. "I speak for the House Wyrmguard." She takes a step forward. She looks back for a moment and then to the beautifully dressed Bianca.

Bianca paused her pace just before Aldwin, a reverent bow of her head to the man before she turned slightly toward the rising voice of Dominique. Another bow of her head was given only this one was for her cousin, appreciation residing within it.

The Dominus uses his staff to walk a step or two, standing just behind Bianca and putting his hand on her shoulder. "Marquessa Dominique," Aldwin says, finding the woman that spoke up. "Do you release Bianca Wyrmguard from her oaths of service? Do you release your kin to the Faith, acknowledging here before these witnesses," with the solemn question being asked, Aldwin looks out across the Cathedral, "that her responsibility to Wyrmguard has ended, and she may take up the yoke of the gods?"

Merek steps into the event just a few minutes within the time frame of whatever was happening, to settle off to the side at a pew and watch, his gaze curious.

...Say what? Hearing Bianca's name, Jasher sits up a little straighter and looks over, brows rising as it turns out it's her who's becoming Godsworn. Obviously, a surprise as she didn't say a word, despite having the opportunity to do so.

From near the entrance, dressed as she is in pristine white tabard of her Mercy vocation worn over winter coat of Valardin blue, Sophie beams with delight and pride as she regards the events surrounding her beloved Wyrmguard cousins.

Dominique eyes close for a moment catching Bianca's gaze. She takes an inhale, opens her intense blue eyes and speaks. She has a commanding presence at times like these. "I, Marquessa Dominique Wyrmguard, hereby release Bianca Wyrmguard from our bonds of blood, for a higher calling of family and to the responsibiility of the gods. By my blessing." She calls out clear in a sure voice.

Another gracious bow of the scholar-knight's head was granted toward her cousin as the words of release echoed throughout the belly of the cathedral. Ink-stained hands folded forward against the front of Bianca's robes, pallid gaze drifting aside to Aldwin to await his lead.

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Merek, realizing what is happening, settles upwards with interest. He has chosen a quieter place, not wishing to interrupt the ceremony, but happy to watch it in his curiosity.

There is a gentle smile given from Aldwin to Dominique. "Thank you, Marquessa Wyrmguard," he says with all respect due the sacrifice the family is making for the gods. His head bows low towards Dominique.

"Kneel," Aldwin says to Bianca, taking his hand from her shoulder. "For those entering the Faith, there are oaths to be taken. For Gild, do you, Bianca, swear to leave behind no wealth in your passing, save to the Faith itself? To support none as a spouse or daughter might, but only through works of charity? For Limerance, do you freely devote yourself to the gods and put these oaths you take tonight above all others? For the Sentinel do you swear to always seek the truth in the grace of the gods?

Bianca settled to her knees, remaining aloft atop them so as not to take a pose of laze but instead reverence. Arms remained free at her side, hanging prone in her supplication. "To Gild I promise in all things no wealth shall be left. To Limerance I promise my heart and that none of mortal blood and flesh shall claim it otherwise. To the Sentinel I promise a clarity of mind and words and that no pursuit shall be met of my own interests, but only that of the divine."

With the acceptance of the first triad, Aldwin continues. "For Gloria, do you swear to act with honor in all your dealings as a priest of the Pantheon? For Jayus, do you vow to always seek the inspiration of the gods and let them color your life? In Vellichor's name, will you, above all other duties, take up the burden of safekeeping of knowledge and the tending of the Great Archive and its contents?"

"To Gloria, I promise to behave as a living inspiration unto her in act and effort. To Jayus, I promise to open my eyes beyond the mundane and see the truth in all things. To Vellichor, I promise my life and spirit in protecting the knowledge of the ages." Bianca mirrored the questions with replies in definitive cadence, though... Vellichor was clearly her favored as she could not hide away the bold grin as she made that promise.

"As Petrichor grants dominion, do you, Bianca, swear to uphold his ideals and enforce the traditions of Sanctuary to those granted it? To Mangata, do you pledge yourself to the waters, your ministry knowing no boundaries of land? And for Lagoma, do you swear to always be open to change?" Aldwin goes on.

"To Petrichor, I promise to defend the tradition of Sanctuary with unending ferocity. To Mangata, I promise my trust in carrying the ministry abroad no matter the destination. To Lagoma, I promise an open mind and accepting heart." Bianca confirmed the third triad!

It's nearing the end of the oaths. "Tehom, the Reflection, requires of you a vow to channel your passions and not allow yourself to be ruled by them. Do you swear this as well?" Aldwin asks. Tehom, outside of the Triad, is called out on his own.

"In determination, I swear this will be true." And unlike the Triad, he got a little bit of a different response as well. Bianca bowed her head under the weight of the final oath.

Aldwin checked composure against difficulty 7, resulting in 22, 15 higher than the difficulty.

Managing not to make a face as he does so, Aldwin holds his hand out to Bianca, the ring of stariron and dragonweep held out to her. He waits for a kiss before regarding the assembled. "This night the Faith welcomes Bianca Wyrmguard as one of the Godsworn. And having found favor in the eyes of Vellichor..." He looks back at Bianca, turning his hand in an offer to help her up, "I bid you rise, Archscholar Bianca."

Scholar Neve moves forward now, having been standing in the wings, bringing with her a robe of white silk and gold embroidery, ready to slide it onto Bianca.

Bianca of course leaned forward to kiss the ring offered toward her, eyes flicking upward to Aldwin as the edge of a smirk touched her lips in some secret humor. It faded back to a soft smile as she rose up to her feet, hand in Aldwin's, then turned to extend her arms as Neve began draping the robe about her.

Sylvie's gaze hasn't left the ceremony, only the slightest twitches of her brow upwards in places in curious gestures, but her smoky eyes linger on the Dominus and the newly appointed Archscholar both. And as Bianca rises, she claps.

Armel begins to clap himself, armored hands making the sound rather more metallic and clanging than usual, but the enthusiasm is very much present as another member is welcome into the ranks of the Godsworn, his smile slight by genuine.

Alistair's expression never changes from the dour passive mask he wears, but as the final oath is offered... and the ring of the Dominus is kissed, the man steps forward to offer a small and tame clap of his hands to join the chorus of the others.

Ford lifts his hand from the pew, "Dominus, Archscholar. If I may? I'd like to say a few words."

Duarte is also clapping when it's time to do so, a smile and a soft chuckle at everything that's happened, a small nod of his head toward the new minted Archscholar.

A bit out of her element, the Shaman in her alcove still applauds. Freja's lips twitch as if she may dare a smile for the woman, but the expression is softened as her applause ceases along with the rest.

Orazio smiles, warmly, as the new Godsworn is inducted, and then he claps, along with the other Legates and Archlectors in attendance. "Blessed Bianca, we bid you welcome," he says, with what seems like genuine warmth and welcome.

Ferrando is overheard praising Bianca for: The new Archscholar! Congratulations, a honor well deserved.

Aldwin claps Bianca on the shoulder, his final bit of welcome for the new godsworn. There ceremony seems over, by and large. He does turn a curious eye to Ford.

Jasher has been watching the ceremony with interest and as Bianca rises at the end of it, he claps along with the others. Though as Ford speaks up, he turns to look at the man.

Mathias claps from his seat in the commoners' pew, but pauses when he hears Ford's voice, arching a brow but saying nothing.

Merek takes a moment to make a small applause for Bianca, but he is soon back to his quiet self. He stands up and pulls his cloak about him, hood up, and seems about to leave after the main ceremony, but pauses to listen to what's going on.

Fortunato threads his wire through thumb and forefinger to clap fervidly, if quietly.

Dominique applauds with the rest and makes her way to the back to seemingly disappear in the crowd gathered.

Ferrando applauds politely, sneaking another peek at Fortunato's sketch.

Bianca's brows lifted in unison and she turned to the Dominus to y'know, let him answer the asked question. Otherwise she was wearing a gracious smile and was nearly glowing with enthusiasm!

Desiree applauds along with the others who came to watch.

Edain is overheard praising Bianca for: A exemplary choice to the the new Archscholar

Clapping with gauntlets isn't really a success endeavor. A bit of clanking, clanging, and scraping rings out for a brief moment while Rymarr attempts to clap. Then he just stops and goes still in order to watch on in silence.

Sylvie is overheard praising Bianca for: A worthwhile path.

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Fortunato ducks his head to finish something in his sketch, then, with one long look toward the altar, slips on out.

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Lailah appleauses Bianca with a big smile for her formerly fellow prelate. She looks pleased with the decision and nods in approval, perhaps even shoots Bianca a grin if she were to happen to look her way.

Lailah is overheard praising Bianca for: She will make a fine Archscholar. Always the natural choice in my book.

Beaming with pride and delight, Sophie applauds until her palms are reddened and a little sore. Then, having duties of her own, unassumingly makes her way out of the Cathedral.

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Orazio is overheard praising Bianca for: Devotion to the gods is a difficult path, but I believe she can handle it.

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Dangerfloof, the Bearded Vulture leaves, following Freja.

Alistair is overheard praising Bianca.

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