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Ex Marium Trans Mere: Lucidity 2

Some of the patients are starting to have periods of lucidity. The time to speak to them is likely now.

OOC: This is the first of a couple events that are going to be run in general for those who want to come and talk to the patients. It is available IC knowledge that these guys do not speak Arvani and relatively easy to find out that they do speak Eurusi. If you do not speak the language there are PCs who have volunteered to be translators. If none of them are available, we can discuss alternatives. If this time is one that you can't make, worry not! I'll be having one or two more of these over the course of the next week, and I might be able to accommodate smaller sessions if you schedule something specific.


June 3, 2019, 6:54 p.m.

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Rysen Rukhnis Emily Thea Merek Estelle Arcadia Ahmar Corbit Mikani Eshken Sophie Rinel Jacali



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Saving Grace Hospital - Lobby

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Rysen smiles beneath his mask at Emily's words. "Deal," he says, "I'm looking forward to it," and chuckles at her desire to drag Ahmar to town. He continues to laugh softly when Ahmar mentions how the Eurusi might react to the cold. "That's a good point, My Lord. I'm sure they'd be happier in a warmer climate, but they'd be welcome with us, and I'll at least make the offer."

Merek checked stamina + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 8 lower.

Rukhnis comes trudging through the snow, cloak dusted heavily with snow. She looks absolutely exhausted, but here she is anyway, apparently back to check on the condition of the patients who are also her fellow conuntrymen. Her gaze passes across the room, taking in the sick and well alike, and a faintly pained expression crosses her face. But she offers a formal bow to all those present, a quiet "Lord Rysen" to that man, and then begins to make the rounds checking over the Eurusi and others who have fallen ill.

Merek checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

The hospital is quiet, somber. The windows have been opened to allow a cool breeze to roll through and keep the air from growing stale and stagnant. The entire floor of the lobby has changed, all the patient beds moved to the center of the room, though there is a screened off area for Ahmar and Arcadia. Since the young girl died, the tension has only risen and three more patients have grown weaker. None are out of the woods yet, though one or two show signs of approaching stable. A few of the patients have woken up, and they are all attempting to drink some broth. Reigna is sitting at her desk, fighting fatigue.

Emily offers Rysen one of her hands in order to shake one of his and looks at him in the eyes, saying, "Deal, I am looking forward to it as well." Her bright blue eyes are sparkling with excitement and she only lingers a moment before going back to fidgeting in place. "It's getting awefully crowded in her is it not," she questions, looking around

Thea has been here for a bit, checking on all the patients. She gives a brief bow to those that entered, her body properly covered.

Merek has on his longcoat, and his gloves, while he makes his way into the Saving Grace. He does his best to put on his face, and has taken to cleaning him self up while he is followed by Meeka at a respectable distance. He looks around a bit and nods, while he smooths back his hair. "I... Have come to assist in researching the cure," he says, while he offers a smile to others also.

He smells like he has on some nice perfume, as he takes a moment to find a place where the people are, and takes some of his scrolls to scribe on while he works also.

Estelle steps in quietly, dusting some of the snow off her coat. She frowns a bit as she takes note of the many ill, and moves closer to start taking notes of the various symptoms on display.

Arcadia lets her face fall in disappointment at the thought of the missed camping trip. As usual, her stupid stubborn streak comes out, and she hauls her feet out of bed. "It's just sniffles. No need to cancel."

Reigna looks up as Merek makes his announcement and she lifts a brow briefly before smoothing her features and saying, "That is quite the offer, Sir Black. All help is welcome. Have you experience in treating disease?"

2 Leary House Guards, Lite, a little blue canary, Leesa arrive, following Corbit.

Rysen nods to Rukhnis when she enters, and his eyes follow in her wake as she moves over to check on her patients. When Emily puts out her hand, Rysen shakes it - his own rough but warm. "Then I shall have to put extra effort into making mine exciting," he says, and the excitement in Emily's eyes is mirrored in Rysen's. When Arcadia starts to get out of bed, Rysen's eyes shift towards her with concern, but his attention is drawn to Merek as he enters and mentions working towards a cure. "I'm glad to see you're working on it as well, Sir Merek. I've heard that some people suspect the Eursui were sent here infected on purpose." His brow sinking into a dark frown.

Leesa have been dismissed.

Rukhnis also eyes Reigna with some concern as she crosses the room, and the guildmistress gets a particularly respectful and empathetic nod of the head as she begins to make her rounds through the patients. She seems to be here to offer the comfort of a familiar face and language to the sick men and women from the shipwreck as much as to provide more strictly medical care, and she pauses to speak a few words of Eurusi to most of the patients there, even those who are clearly feverish and too ill to hear her. To one patient who appears a little more alert than the others, she asks a few questioning words after taking her pulse.

"I have practiced a bit of medicine," Merek admits, while he looks to Reigna, "I've learned quite a bit amongst being at war before," he says, while he makes a motion and smiles then also. He then looks to Rysen, "Actually, it was a slave cargo ship," he adds, seeming to know about why it was there in a way. He then makes his way to begin speaking to Reigna, "Have any notes that I can look at also?" he asks.

"That is the spirit Cady! Adventure awaits! I am sure we shall cure this aliment in no time and then it will be back to the real fun," Emily chatters, fidgeting in her place. "So many people, here," Emily looks around. "I am not sure how I can help but if I need to venture to places unknown to find this cure I shall go," Emily offers

Merek mutters, "Hmm."

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari - Cinder Kitten, 1 Obsidian Order, 4 Byrne Mountain Men arrive, following Mikani.

Ahmar coughs a bit and drinks his tea, "S-some one want to find out if I am g-going to have the D-dune Emperor hunting m-me down over these chests?"

Estelle murmurs soft prayers to Lagoma while wrapping her lower-face, all the better to protect against evil vapors. Her brow furrows as she tries to listen to some of the refugees, but seems unable to follow their words." She tends to some of the obvious fevers as best she can, before eventually spying Reigna and Rukhnis. With a grateful smile to each, the Mercy offers. "Is there something specific I can help with, or are we still managing symptoms?"

|The sound of coughing fills the air as one of the patients begins hacking. It's a brutal sort of thing that has the spine bowing, his entire thin frame wracked by deep, congested coughing. Blood spatters his pillow, and when he finally can stop, he is out of breath and panting.

Corbit walks into the hospital, he quickly puts on a robe and mask, before making his way further in, he walks over to Arcadia, "How are you feeling?" he asks her and glances at the patient coughing blood.

Reigna watches Merek with her tired eyes for a singularly long moment and she says, "I do have notes, yes. We have documented the symptoms thus far." She moves things around her desk and hands Merek a bit of parchment. She looks to Estelle and smiles as she approaches, "Sister Estelle, we are glad to have you as well! Some of my physicians have begun to fall ill. So reinforcements are certainly welcome." The smile tries to be reassuring, but the guildmistress is clearly worried.

Rysen comes to stand beside Rukhnis, careful to stay out of her way as she works. "Do you think you could translate a few questions for me, to those who are healthy enough?" he asks her, watching the blood coughing patient nearby.

Spurred on by Emily, Arcadia continues to climb out of her bed, gathering her cloak and the odds and ends that were by the bed. "Yes. Adventure and camping await." Her eyes gleam with that feverish pitch that makes this seem like a brilliant idea.

Corbit notices Arcadia getting out of bed and getting her stuff, he stands in front of his sister, "Where do you think you're going?" he asks.

Mikani enters back and picks up the mask to put it on. With all the people around, Mikani stays quiet and watches for a moment.

Thea sighs at Arcadia, stepping over to her and handing her her tea,"I'm sorry Arcadia---"almost dropping the cup as she moves to get up.

"Seems we will have to wait, the boring police are here," Emily tell Arcadia. "So what kinds of things shall I go look for, are there mysterious unknown plants in unexplored places to find," Emily questions

Rysen stifles a laugh by turning it into a throat clearing noise when Emily mentions the boring police.

Merek takes a moment to look at a scroll which he keeps with him, then he looks to some of the others thoughtfully, while he then places that back to his belt, as he looks to Reigna, to Rysen, to Rukhnis. Something in his gaze seems to be hurt, and he then rubs his face a bit, nodding to the woman also, "I'll look at the list, and see what I can come up with also."

Estelle reaches out to gently squeeze Reigna's shoulder in a bid at reassurance. "Of course! I shall do everything in my power to help, the Mercies will bring all the supplies and expertise to bear that we can. Please let me know." She lowers her arm, and hearing the hacking coughs, brings over a pitcher of fresh snowmelt water to offer to the loudly-afflicted.

Erasyl, a sharp-eyed thick-billed raven arrives, following Eshken.

Rukhnis nods to the woman she's speaking with, soberly but calmly, and says something else to her, quiet and matter-of-fact. She then gives a small nod to Rysen, and after that looks between him and the Eurusi woman, gesturing to him with one hand and saying his name, along with a few other sentences.

Arcadia turns her gaze to Corbit, sure he'll understand, "I need to go. It was just the sniffles. It'll do me good to be outside." Her skin shines with a damp sweat as she pulls her cloak about her. In an attempt to strengthen her argument, she adds "Plus Carrots misses me."

Eshken steps inside, hurridly rubbing his arms as he shakes off the cold, his gaze glancing about the room as he regains his composure.

Estelle's water is taken with gratitude by the young man. His thin hand wraps around it and he drinks, leaving faint pink sworls in the water. He murmurs something to Estelle in Eurusi and closes his eyes as he takes another sip.

Mikani moves to where Reigna, Rysen, Rukhnis and Merek are standing. "Anything I can do?" She asks.

"Thank you," Rysen says softly to Rukhnis, and then says, "Can you ask her how the slaves came to take control of the ship? And whether anyone was sick before they began the voyage from Eurus?"

Corbit sighs at Arcadia, "You know, you'd be doing me a huge favor if you stayed here and in bed." he tells her, "Regardless of what you think it is, it would make me feel a lot better. I'd owe you a big favor." he tells her, "Imagine what you could get out of me if I owed you." he says.

Thea just shakes her head, handing the tea completely to Arcadia. She steps to each patient, giving what they need. If their groans and cries bothered her, one would never be able to tell.

Reigna smiles appreciatively to Estelle and says, "You are very kind." When Mikani arrives, Reigna says, "I can spare another copy of the notes on the symptoms. If you would like to tend to them for a time, my healers and I would appreciate the break."

Arcadia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 12 lower.

"Does anyone have any ideas of things to do that don't require standing or sitting around," Emily chatters along again, fidgeting in place. "I never knew a hospital could hold so many people," she says, looking around again

"Does anyone have any ideas of things to do that don't require standing or sitting around," Emily chatters along again, fidgeting in place. "I never knew a hospital could hold so many people," she says, looking around again

Rukhnis says something to the woman in a tone of warm approval, nodding to her. She then looks back to Rysen, saying, "She says that she is willing to answer any questions that she can. What would you like to ask her first?"

Mikani nods to Reigna. "I May not have medical skill but I have been trained to wipe any brow that needs it." Mikani offers.

Erasyl, a sharp-eyed thick-billed raven leaves, following Eshken.

"I am sorry, I don't understand." Estelle tells the young man softly, not seeming to place too much value on her own words and instead offering an encouraging smile. She stands then, letting him drink at is own pace, and dips her head graciously towards Reigna, "Thank you, I just do what I can. And of course, please take a break for as long as you can! A well-rested physician is better for everyone." Seeing the influx of additional helpers, the red-haired woman offers each a warm smile as she starts to focus on the more critical cases, doing what she can to help nudge them towards stability.

Merek checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 25, rolling 9 lower.

Merek checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 35, rolling 8 lower.

Arcadia pushes past Corbit in more of a stumble than a walk. "You'd just outsmart me and end up stealing my whiskey Corgi." Pushing towards the door the guards look at Arcadia warily. She likely gets further than she would if Jesmond was here and not so scared of needles. Thankfully, halfway to the door Arcadia stood and begins to cough. A hacking, breathless cough.

Estelle checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 25, rolling 42 higher.

Emily checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 25, rolling 11 higher.

Estelle checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 35, rolling 24 higher.

Emily checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 35, rolling 7 lower.

Thea checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 25, rolling 53 higher.

Thea checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 35, rolling 34 higher.

Corbit checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 25, rolling 27 higher.

Corbit checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 35, rolling 2 lower.

Rysen glances at Arcadia with great concern and leaves Rukhnis's side to stand beside her. "Can we help you back to your bed - just to recover for a while?" he asks, glancing at Corbit, and offering Arcadia an aeterna wrapped arm to help her back to a place of rest.

Corbit walks over to Arcadia and puts an arm around her, he glances to Rysen, "I got her." he says, "Come on Arcadia, why don't you come back to your bed?" he asks.

"I promise I will take you on the best adventure when this is all over Cady if you let the boring police win just this once," Emily tries to offer helpfully. She herself looks like she rather be any place else

Rysen nods to Corbit, and grits his teeth to keep from laughing at Emily's words. He makes his way back to Rukhnis, and turns his attention to the Eurusi woman with whom she was speaking.

Rukhnis looks intently at the Eurusi woman as she speaks quietly to her, her voice rising in the familiar intonation of a query more than once. Her brow is furrowed slightly in thought, but otherwise she both looks and sounds entirely serene, despite how tired she looks.

Arcadia mostly collapses into Corbit's side when the coughing subsides. Still muttering protests she lets herself be delivered back to bed. Like a petulant child, she mumbles once more. "No sick. Just sniffles....I'm fine."

Merek checked willpower at difficulty 25, rolling 7 higher.

Mikani moves to wipe brows of patients. She smiles at them and murmurs to them in Eurusi telling them they will be taken care of. She even sings softly to help calm the patients.

Merek seems to be making little progress, while he takes some scrolls from his belt, and looks at them. Then he smooths his hands back through his hair. "No, not now, not now," he mantras to him self, fighting some kind of invisible personal fight with him self, while he looks up in thought, and rubs at his face.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sophie before departing.

Rysen glances at Mikani with obvious admiration when he hears her speaking fluent Eurusi, though murmured. "You taught her well," Rysen says to Rukhnis quietly. At Merek's words, Rysen glances in his direction with some concern. "Everything alright, Sir Merek?" he asks cautiously.

Corbit nods at Arcadia, "If that's true, then I have a job for you as Minister Of Warfare." he tells her, he points to the guards by the entrance, "See those guards over there?" he asks, "They need someone of your talents in here in case something comes up." he tells her, "They're just grunts." he says then mouths the words sorry to both of them out of Cady's view before continuing, "They might have questions and stuff they need from someone with experience at handling people." he tells her, "You need to stay here and do that. You can sleep so you stay well rested, they can wake you if they need something."

Thea doesn't notice the large group that's gathered, not really. She does hear Corbit however and smiles briefly. Lifting the water to the gentleman's lips, she waits as he drinks.

Sophie, who has been sleeping soundly even through all the activity stirs, turning her head toward those gathered, and then sitting up on the cot she's been sleeping in, with the covers pulled nearly over her head. It takes a minute for her eyes to focus, and she looks around the room slowly while they do.

Arcadia snorts at Corbit, her ill-temper coming out the sicker she is. "You're so full of crap Corgi." To weak to really protest, she just lays in the bed, plotting.

"That really was stretching," Emily says. "Don't worry Cady in no time we shall plot your escape, just give them a little more time to see the sniffles go away so the boring police won't have too big of a hissy fit," she tell Arcadia.

Corbit chuckles at her and shrugs with a sigh, "You used to be easier when you were a kid." he tells her, "Thought maybe you were too out of it to notice how full of crap I am." he tells her, "Seriously though, can you just do me a solid and stay here until the healers say you can leave?" he asks, "I'm not telling you to, I'm asking you to just to make me feel better if nothing else. I'm taking care of Carrots, he's fine, I haven't gotten rosemary anywhere near him." he teases.

Rukhnis can't quite suppress a grimace, followed by a handful of words in a dark tone. She then turns and tells Rysen, "She confirmed what another patient said the other day, that the captain was first to fall ill, while they were at sea. We were also told that the slaves were able to overpower their captors once the latter became ill, as this happened before the slaves were taken sick themselves. They were being brought to Skal'daja, the City of Chains." Looking back to the patient she frowns slightly, and gives a shake of her head that looks like self-reproval. She then says something in an apologetic sounding tone, followed shortly after by what sounds like her own name. Another few words in a questioning tone follow.

Estelle rinses her hands with a murmured prayer to Magnata, and makes her way over to Sophie with a warm smile. "Hello there, how are you feeling today? Is there anything I can get you? There is water," she offers a small cup of fresh water to the sleepy woman.

Rinel limps closer to Rukhnis and the ill patients. "Where were they coming /from/? Petrioch?"

Sophie grabs onto whatever guard is nearest, hers or someone else's and she uses that armor clad individual to pull herself to her feet. She takes a moment for her balance to kick in, and then she looks at Estelle. "Water, hmm... yes. Water sounds good. I think." Sophie straightens her shoulders in an attempt to at least appear that she's in control of herself.

Thea glances at Arcadia,"I haven't let Finn eat him either..."she sees Sophie as well and nods her head lightly,"I hope you are feeling alright..."

Rysen frowns, and nods to Rukhnis. "Can you please ask her if she knows anything about the ship's other cargo, and whether it was to make any other stops, besides the City of Chains."

Reigna has, at some point, passed out on her desc. It's rather undignified for a Marquessa, but somewhat typical of the average healer. Gigi takes a moment to fetch a blanket to drape over Reigna's back and tuck a pillow under her face.

Having finished with whatever it was she was asking the woman herself, Rukhnis looks to Rysen again with a nod. "I will do so," she promises.

Arcadia coughs into her hand a few times and mutters to them both. "If Carrots dies, then I'm getting a horse sized spider next."

Estelle readily passes over the water to Sophie, looking her over while otherwise making no attempts to undermine the image of control. The stubbornness on the part of the Mother Mercy however, does have the corners of the Voice's lips curving mirthfully. "You do us all credit, Sister."

Merek seems to be managing whatever is bothering him, then he looks to Reigna, "I won't sleep or eat, only work, until I make more progress with this," he offers, then he nods a bit, "If I have to scour through all to find what I must, I will, no more, no more of this, none of this. I can't, I have to succeed, we have to succeed," he shifts up his palm to rub at his face. He doesn't explain what it is he means.

Corbit nods, "Deal, as long as you agree to stay here until the healers say otherwise." he tells her.

Ahmar coughs in a fit, nearly choking on the coughs while he tries to listen. He finally grunts angry that he is interrupting.

Rukhnis furrows her brow at Rinel-- apparently she's only just noticed the other woman. "They were coming from Yaqut'azraq in Glor'ruus." She says this, without further elaboration, as if anyone ought to know /just/ where and what that is, but then she seems to catch herself and explains, "It is a village in that kingdom, of no extraordinary renown, but producing very fine dates, it is said."

Mikani moves from who she is tending to help Ahmar. Softly she holds to him a glass of water. "Hey, better out than in." She says softly and moves to help make Ahmar more comfortable.

Sophie takes the water, and gives a small sip first, letting the water settle into her stomach before she hazards a large swallow. She smiles weakly to Estelle and she says, "I think you are the one doing us credit, Sister Estelle. I hear things are being handled well in my abscence. I should take vacations more often., hmm?" Sophie decides it's safe to try another sip of water then, and she seems to relax slightly as she does. She is, however, not moving much.

Thea steps over to Ahmar, offering him a glass of water as well. She peers at Arcadia, lifting an eyebrow,"horsesized spider?"

"I just wish there was more to be done then standing or sitting around here," Emily say fidgeting and casting a sympathetic look to Arcadia and Ahmar. Emily begins to pace back and forth growing more and more restless. "Dreadfully stuffy in here is it not," she chatters. "I need something to do, someone give me something to do," she says

Ahmar smiles weakly up to Mikani and Thea, "T-t-thank you. Don't worry about me... T-they need the help more than me. I prefer they stay alive or I got sick for nothing." He nods.

Hearing Sophie's voice, Rysen blinks, and makes his way over to the Mother Mercy's side. "Gods and spirits," he mutters under his breath. He glances at Estelle with concern, and says to Sophie, "Is there anything else I can get you, Sister Sophie? Some broth, perhaps?" He looks very troubled to see Sophie in the state she's in.

"Slaves from the Dune Emperor's own territory, being brought to his slaving city. So it is neither Petrioch nor Mangaldissi," Rinel mutters. "Well, that's not great, but it isn't /horrifying/."

Merek stares at Rinel's words.

Arcadia finishes coughing and wipes her mouth on the back of her hand. A small amount of blood is visible on the corner of her mouth. Taking a sip of water she tells Thea. "I met a Nox who had a horse sized spider called Charlotte who wore a party hat. Said when I visit the twilight court I could learn to ride one. Only seventy percent chance of being eaten."

Sophie gives Rysen a weak little smile and she shakes her head. "We'll see how I handle the water. If it stays down I'll try some broth in a little bit." Sophie reaches a hand up to her neck and massages it lightly, pulling the braid over one shoulder. "We might have gotten the nausea and the fever handled, at least a little bit. It's helping, somewhat."

Corbit sighs and shakes his head at Arcadia, "Leave it to you to befriend a Nox." he says with a laugh, "Do you need anything?" he asks, "I'll come back but I want to assist with some of these other people after I make sure you're staying here and have everything you need." he tells her.

Sophie's words do not do much allay Rysen's concerns, but he nods, and makes his way back over to Rukhnis, listening to her speak to the Eurusi woman.

Estelle peers at Sophie, eyes narrowing in playful warning. "Now now, let's not get carried away. In fact, as acting leader of the Mercies-" Her lips curve again mischeviously, "I forbid you from taking any more vacations that aren't actually enjoyable." She gives Rysen a smile, "Glad for the help taking care of her and the others. I remember seeing you at the docks, you were among one of the many heroes that day."

Arcadia mumbles to Corbit, her eyelids fluttering over her eyes. "I'll be good. Just gonna sleep now Corgi."

Rukhnis furrows her brow again at something the woman says, looking for a moment not a little taken aback, and then no less bemused. She blinks, clears her throat, and says a few words that have something of her expression in then, before she seems to get back to her unflappable mien and tone.

Thea spots the blood on Arcadia's hand. Her eyes flit to Arcadia's face,"Arcadia, have you felt anything new---?"

The young man that was coughing earlier is at it again. The glass he'd been holding hits the bed, rolls off the cot to break on the marble floor. He is struggling to breathe, the effort leaving him blue in the face, even as blood begins dripping out of his nose.

Mikani goes to the man on the floor. She may not know medicine but she tries to help the man how she can.

Emily checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 25, rolling 9 higher.

Emily checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 25, rolling 2 lower.

Emily checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 35, rolling 12 higher.

Sophie looks over as the man starts to cough again, and she walks closer to him carefully, swaying a little as she does. "No no no no, nobody else dies of this damn illness. No." She glances toward Ahmar and gives him a little glare, as if daring him to say a word about dying. "We're all going to be JUST FINE." Ok, so Sophie might be a little cranky... she's not her usual bundle of warmth and sunshine.

Ahmar grunts, "Unless we are already dead. Th-th-that is my theory."

"Well I think you would not still be sick if you where dead Ahmar," Emily offers helpfully

Rukhnis shakes her head a little before translating whatever the woman had said to her before, "I asked her about the ship, and she said that it is called the Blight, and that it has carried slaves beyond counting to Skal'daja, besides being manned by the wickedest crew imaginable."

Estelle frowns as she looks over at the fallen man, starting to rise up but Sophie is already there. Blinking, the tall Mercy reaches up to try and support Sophie subtly to help her stay upright, letting her and Mikani help him.

Ahmar grunts, "Do the chests belong to the crew or do w-we need to worry about Eurus declaring war over th-these things."

Merek stands up a moment, while he takes a moment to hand his papers to Reigna. As useless as they might be, perhaps someone else can use it to learn something more, while he takes his time to make his way from the place, "I have to... Be on my way, I'll be back, likely," he says.

Mikani helps Estelle get the man back into the bed. "He can't breathe ... I can't fix that." She looks at Estelle with an almost helpless look in her eyes.

Jacali has been somewhat lurk-heavy the last while, and despite her rather loud fashion choices, she's been largely silent in her observations of the events taking place. When the man begins coughing again, her attentions shift that way, her brows furrowing as Mikani goes to assist the best as one can when untrained in medicine, her face contorting slightly as blood begins to drip out his nose. "Ho, don't panic the people, diddums," She allows toward Ahmar, before glancing to Sophie, her steps taking her closer to the coughing fellow without getting herself in the way, especially now that Sophie has made her way closer to him. "Can I help, chickadee, ey? Sure I can, me, bet I could, if'n you'd permit." She offers.

Sophie says to Estelle, "Tell him if he keeps saying we're going to die I'm going to smother him with his pillow tonight when he falls asleep." Sophie wraps her arm around Estelle's waist, out of fondness, of course, not out of the fact that she can barely remain standing. Then she smiles ever-so-sweetly at Ahmar.

Though it is only visible in his eyes because of the mask, Rysen smiles warmly at Estelle. "I remember you as well, Sister, but you are far too kind. The true heroes are here searching for a cure to this horrid affliction, and I am most grateful for all you've done and continue to to do."

Hearing Rukhnis's translation, Rysen frowns. "I wonder if they were pirates too. Can you ask her if there were any other passengers on board the ship besides the crew and the slaves?" he asks his dark haired retainer.

A dark presence stalks the hallways of Saving Grace Hospital. Pale face, dark robes, and eyes of hard flint move ever towards--oh. It's just Atreke, that oddly creepy scribe Rinel keeps around. The woman murmurs in Rinel's ear, and the ex-scholar pales slightly. "I... have to go," she announces. "I'm sorry. I'll--Gods keep you all." Then she's moving at a rapid pace, cane clacking loudly on the hospital floor, trailed by Atreke as she leaves the building.


Thea steps after Estelle and Sophie, glancing over her shoulder and speaking to Ahmar, her voice hard,"No one is dying." She leans down to help the man also.

Merek checked willpower at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

Sometimes the gods listen and by sheer force of will, things get better. Sometimes it seems as though those same gods are deaf. The boy is put back up on his cot, struggling to breathe, bloody froth bubbling against his lips, the blood seeping from his eyes and his ears.

Corbit walks over to help with the man, leaving his sister to sleep, he gives Thea a brief worried look and glances to Arcadia as they get the man back onto his cot.

Mikani looks at the physicians and mercies standing around. "Help!" She calls out motioning to the man on the cot.

Estelle checked command + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

"It's probably an imbalance of humors in his lungs," Estelle hazards a guess to Mikani, keeping back and deferring to Thea when she steps up while giving Sophie a learning post. The tall Mercy looks down at Ahmar rather sternly, and says in a calm but firm voice. "We'll have no one giving into despair here. You have some of the best healers in all the land working together in concert to banish this blight. Now have some faith, please." As she addresses him, Estelle also moves Sophie a little closer to the ailing man while providing something of a distraction.

Arcadia lists for Thea, "No. I just feel cold and then hot. So tired. My tummy still aches but there's nothing in there and now I cough.See. Just sniffles."

Emily has no idea what to do for the poor young man how looks to be bleeding out from everywhere. "I know let us distract ourselves with happy stories. Cady remember the last time you took me camping and we where out for days hoping we would wind up lost but I managed to find our way back," Emily chatters as she paces

Mikani checked intellect + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 0 higher.

Merek turns around to face Rinel, and he narrows his gaze a bit in thought, but before he speaks he sees the man, then he hears of Estelle's words. He turns then to be on his way, making his way as fast as possible, not looking back.

When Estelle speaks to Ahmar her footing seems to slip, her arm slides from Estelle's waist, and she falls forward, catching herself on the leg of the man who seems to be dying before their eyes. She ends up in a heap at his feet, on the floor, but she's still watching him to see if she can help him.

Rukhnis presses her lips together so hard they go white around the edges for a moment, and her eyes light with the same dark smouldering look from the day before. Nevertheless, her voice is soft when she speaks again, though tinged with a note of of both sadness and anger. She reaches out and takes one of the woman's hands in both of her own, and squeezes them gently as she speaks.

Mikani goes to clear the gunk from his mouth with her fingers. Mikani may not know medicine but she knows that one needs their breathing clear. She rolls him to his side to help him breathe better. He is doing better, yet still struggling. She keeps murmuring to him in Eurusi.

Ahmar grins a bit at Jacali, "Despair c-c-can be a powerful tool though. A w-wolf in a corner is f-far more dangerous than one in th-the open."

Corbit looks at the man in horror and is decides that anything can be done for him is way past Corbit's own abilities, he does however notice Sophie and kneels next to her, "You're almost as bad as my sister." he tells her, "Why don't you let me take you to a cot?" he tells her, "If people have climb over you then you can't really help." he explains.

Jacali should also note she's got one hand holding a cloth over her mouth and nose as the others continue to speak back and forth, green eyes flicking from person to person, though she doesn't interrupt to offer help again. When Sophie goes down, she jerks forward, but stops herself, heaving a sigh. It's so very crowded. There's so much noise. So many people. Her attentions instead shift to Rukhnis as she speaks with the woman, very interested indeed. When Ahmar speaks, there's a hesitation before the response comes, "Aren't despair what makes the wolf dangerous, diddums. It's fear, that is. It's desperation. S'a different thing, just as different as bravery'n the stupidity oft confused for it."

Rukhnis draws in and releases a long, deep breath, then after a long pause translates the woman's words. "Her name is Nadja al-Fentir. She does not know what was in the chests, only that the crew were very protective of them. One of them, she says, hid the keys to the chests from the others, and then he was attacked by the others when they realized what he had done. She says he was laughing as he died." She furrows her brow, and then her expression darkens again. "They killed her husband, and chained his headless body next to her where she would see it on awakening," she says flatly.

The man on the cot's coughing seems better, maybe he is distracted by the falling Mother Mercy at his feet, but Sophie touch makes him jump and when Corbit leans down to help Sophie she starts to cough again. Her arm wraps around his neck as he leans and she manages to croak out between coughs. "Yes please, my bed. Thank you." Sophie's eyes are watering as she tries to catch her breath between coughing.

Ahmar laughs a bit at Jacali, which causes more coughing, which in turn leaves his hand and sleeve covered in blood. He looks down and grunts, "Well then... Any questions on my dying status yet?" He holds up his bloody arm.

Thea steps briefly to Arcadia, lowering her mask a moment,"Did you need anything else?" her eyes scanning the room making sure the patients are---attended to.

Rysen glances from Mikani to Rukhnis as she translates Nadja's words. He unconsciously crushes his left hand into a fist, and his jaw tightens visibly. "Merek found her husband's head in one of the chests," says Rysen sadly. "Don't translate that," he says to Rukhnis, pointlessly, "but please tell her I'm sorry." He pauses a moment, rubbing his left forearm and says, "I'm guessing she doesn't know what was in the chests which the keys corresponded to... Can you ask her why the man hid the keys? Why he was laughing?"

Estelle nods in agreement with Jacali, noting further to Ahmar. "Fear is different, and does little to help someone resting in a bed anyway." She frowns at the sight of his blood, "More water?" She gives Corbit a grateful smile as he assists Sophie in regaining her feet.

When the young man looks like he's dying, the woman Rukhnis is talking to cries out, tears on her face, a hand outstretched and grabbing for him. When it seems he is getting better, she falls back onto the bed, hands over her face. Though after a moment she looks up at Ruknis and nods.

Since Sophie's arms are already around his neck, Corbit simply puts an arm behind her back and one under her legs and very gently stands up, picking Sophie up as he does so trying to not jostle her too much, he waits a moment with her in his arms for her cough to die down before he makes his way to her cot, leaning down he places her on the cot gently, "You should really stay laying down." he tells her, "I'm sure you're a more skilled healther than me, but at this point, it's common sense, don't you agree?" he asks Sophie.

Arcadia begins coughing again. Hacking and gasping for air. The coughing continues until Arcadia leans over and deposits her tea all over Thea's gown. Sinking back exhausted on the bed, Cady gasps "I'm sorry. I'm sorry!"

Sophie nods weakly and lets Corbit put her back in her bed. Once she's settled there she lifts her hand to cover her mouth and when it comes away with tiny droplets of blood she hides her hand quickly, giving Corbit a weak smile. "Yes, I'll lie down, I think." Sophie's eyes drift closed and she rolls over, with her back to the others present.

Jacali allows her attentions to settle more on Ahmar as he speaks, her head tilting to one side at his question, considering the blood on his arm. "Aye," She begins, "Can I have yer things?" Given the man appears to be using humour to deal with her situation, she'll play his game for his immediate benefit, her shoulders bobbing in a soft scoff. When Estelle asks about water, the woman in red turns to locate something to drink, making herself useful by providing fresh drinks to those that have been suffering from ... various expulsions. When Arcadia makes her deposit on Thea's gown, she does her level best not to laugh, turning away from the two of them as she makes her attempts at regaining her composure before offering over her shoulder, "S'alright, chickadee, that is ... comes out, I promise. Sure as sure I've had my share of drunkards heave their leftovers on every article of clothin' I've ever owned, bettin' she's had her share of catastrophe as well, bet she has."

Corbit sighs and rubs Sophie's back a moment caringly and whispers something to her before raising back up.

the one time Thea isn't masked. However, schooling her face she reacts as she normally would and simply tells Arcadia,"It's alright. It's just tea--i think when we first met it was--wine, yes?" Thea attempts to joke with Arcadia.

Rukhnis nods soberly back to Nadja, her own shoulders untensing the least bit as the sounds of the young man's suffering subside. All this time, though, and even now, she doesn't look anywhere but at Nadja's face, her eyes clear and dark and full of a subdued compassion. She begins to speak again, reassuringly at first, and then back to an inquiring tone.

Estelle gives Jacali an appreciative smile when she notes the volunteering to keep the patients well-watered. Corbit gets a similarly grateful expression as Sophie is returned to the cot to rest. The red-haired woman brings her hands together pensively, looking around for the next bout of medical peril.

Mikani rubs the man's back as he relaxes. After a bit she cleans up the linens around him to take the blood away. Softly she washes his face. She continues to murmur to him in Eurusi as she does. Explaining everything she is doing.

Sophie can't help but smile as she hears Corbit's words, and she looks over her shoulder at him, giving him a weak little smile before another fit of coughing hits. Sophie turns from him again to cough in private.

Emily is still pacing and rambling off various stories of adventure, who knows if this is helpful or just a way to keep herself distracted. Emily has no clue how else to help so she just continues on.

Jacali checked perception + occult at difficulty 30, rolling 44 higher.

Emily checked perception + occult at difficulty 30, rolling 14 lower.

Rysen glances from Mikani and her patient, to Arcadia to Sophie. His expression is grim, as he turns back to Rukhnis and Nadja, saying under his breath "Watch over them, Lagoma."

Arcadia wipes at her mouth, "Yes. Red wine. After Donato..." Another cough and another sip of water is taken.

Corbit checked perception + occult at difficulty 30, rolling 43 higher.

Mikani smiles as her patient speaks to her. She laughs softly as she helps him up enough to get a drink of water if he is able. She speaks to him more in Eurusi and shakes her head. She can be heard saying Lagoma to the man and calling him Gannel.

Corbit walks around to different patients, asking them questions in Eurusi, giving them water when they need it, wiping sweat out of eyes, whatever he can do to help make them more comfortable.

Thea goes over and strips from soiled gown and mask. Tossing them in a bag, she reaches for new ones. Putting them on, she makes more rounds and attends to the other patients.

Ahmar grins at Jacali, "What stuff... You can't have my dog.... I don't think she would have that..." He glances down at Niki, who looks up at him wiggling her little but.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sophie before departing.

Jacali asides to Ahmar, "You dunno. Animals love me, them do." A beat, "... prob'ly on account of them not understandin' what I'm sayin'." Another quick pause, green eyes squinting as she peers at the man over the edge of her makeshift mask, "... Then again, by that right, thinkin' most folk should love me, too." She reflects upon this briefly, attentions not shifting from him in those long and ponderous moments. "Which they do, 'course." It's almost conspiratory, the way she leans toward him, "I'm everyone's favourite." She whispers in assurance, a quick wink gifted there before she straightens herself and returns to watching all those around her engaging back and forth. She pays particular attention to Mikani and the gentleman she's speaking in hushed tones to, the gloved fingers of her free hand resting against her abdomen, tapping out a steady pattern again and again as she engages in some internal debate with herself.

When Sophie receives the message from the messenger and she opens it to read it a little exclamation of "What the..." can be heard, but that just makes her start coughing again. She pulls the covers up over her head as she does, muffling the sound of her coughs.

Rukhnis frowns faintly as she listens to Nadja's answers, nodding her head at some points, thinly suppressed anger and pain flickering through her eyes at others. Finally she touches the woman's hand once more, clasping it in a comforting grip before letting it go again, and speaking a few phrases that end in a note of finality.

Corbit notices Sophie coughing again and makes his way over to her cot as he makes his rounds to the various patients, he pours a glass of the cold water and takes a knee next to the cot, "Would you like some water?" he asks her, "It's very cold and will probably feel fantastic on your throat."

Estelle moves over to join Jacali and Ahmar, giving them a bright smile. "I don't think we've yet met, I am Sister Estelle, it is nice to meet you."

Sophie lets her head peek out from under the blanket and she looks to Corbit. She nods her head and extends her hand for the water, croaking out hoarsely, "Mistress Jacali brought honey earlier... can you ask her if she has more? It might sooth the coughing." Sophie takes a sip of the water, trying not to cough long enough to swallow it.

Rukhnis sighs quietly, then rises from the bedside to relay the last of the woman's answers. "She said that she believes the man who stole the keys was gloating, but she does not know about what. There were a man and a woman aboard whom the slavers talked about, and evidently they would laugh and make jokes among themselves when the woman would sleep in her own quarters." She shakes her head slightly. "This woman is also, evidently, the one responsible for the safe. It was she who demanded that such a thing be installed in her room. Nadja knows nothing more about it, and now," she finishes firmly, "she must rest."

Ahmar smiles weakly up to Estelle, "L-lord Ahmar N-Nightgold. Sorry you had t-to meet me in my coffin..."

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