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End of Winter Party

Winter is about to end. Lady Videl Igniseri wishes to welcome the impending return of warmer weather, and invites others to join her. A modest social occasion that will also see a small fundraiser for a project she's helping her family work on.


June 6, 2019, 3:30 p.m.

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Alarissa Mabelle Selene Lethe Brianna




Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Atrium

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2 Laurent trained guards arrives, following Mabelle.

Sure, it's still winter. But the winter is about to come to an end, and the glass ceiling of the Igniseri Atrium has been carefully cleaned of any trace of snow. The inside itself has already been decorated to match the spring season, and there's servers walking around offering food and drink to any guests who'd like some.

Videl is at the entrance, ready to greet any guests as they arrive. Despite the winter's toll being clear on her, she's pale even by her own standards, she's in a good mood.

Mabelle walks into the atrium quietly, still wearing a very heavy coat as it snows outside. She smiles to the host and introduces herself, "Greeting. I am Lady Mabelle Laurent. I heard there's a party!" she seems chipper

Still winter, not that the Radiant Emeritus would ever know. She carries not a scrap of fur and that dress of hers is meant for frolicking in the springtime. Flowers grace her feet in an act of defiance and sheer frivolity, though how she managed to coax irises into suiting her is a hard guess to make. The weight of her cloak is whisked away by her Lenosian apprentice, Athenais veiled and happy to promote the idea of springtime with a wealth of hyacinths and bluebells in her hair. No telling where they acquired grape hyacinth but it's likely a greenhouse somewhere was involved. With her hands clasped together, the petite brunette enters with a lively step that sends her pale gown spiralling around her in a charming spin. "This is absolutely delightful. Who could possibly resist forgetting that anything was chilly and miserable these past weeks?" she murmurs, a smile warming her mouth. Videl coming into focus brings her curtsying, that dip perfectly measured and exquisitely deep. "Lady Videl, it has been /distressingly/ too long since last we crossed paths. Forgive me my trespasses against good taste." A pause and another moment, she curtsies again to Mabelle. "Lady Laurent, how good to see you again."

Videl smiles brightly at seeing Selene, "I'm always glad to see you, and yes it's been far too long." A pause, "Your outfit is very well-chosen for the occasion sometimes that's a good choice." Technically Videl didn't say it was this time, "I appreciate what you've done with it." Of course there's Mabelle, "A pleasure, Lady Mabelle. I am Lady Videl Igniseri, your hostess for today. Always glad to get to know more people."

3 Tyde Houseguard, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Lethe.

Mabelle flashes a warm smile to both hostess and guest, "Hello Mistress Whisper, looking lovely today!" she turns to Videl and notes, "Its a pleasure to meet you Lady Videl, I'm happy to be here. I heard this is some sort of a fundraiser? I'd love to hear about that".

"This is, unfortunately, what I consider to be the darkest day of the year. That slog up to when the flowers appear," sighs Selene. She shakes her head. "I shall have to acquire myself a fan and soon enough hope flowers spring up in our footsteps." The corner of her lips lifts the higher, and then she easily turns, sketching a smooth course. "Quite, the fundraiser sounds like a lovely pastime and this makes a celebration all the better." Her gaze moves around the room with distinct interest.

Lethe takes a curious look around with a smile for the host. "Hello, I had some time and I thought I would stop by."

Videl smiles towards Lethe, "Welcome. I'm afraid we're not acquainted, yet. Lady Videl Igniseri." Then she turns back towards Mabelle and Selene, "There's some work being done on a grand agricultural center, my cousin, the Marquessam could tell you more of the details, and I wanted to help her. So any contributions you can make will go straight to that project."

Mabelle mentions to Videl with a bright smile on her face, "Oh I'd love to support Agriculture, its important, we have our own projects in our family for it. Writs? Silver? Who recieves the donations?" she asks a lot of questions, mainly because she's eager to find the cake

Selene dips her head. "Indeed, she inquired of Whisper House for assistance. I regret that the ongoing process of diplomacy around the Great Road prohibited me from direct involvement in a timely manner. This, however, I can help with, and offer a gesture of goodwill to further her aims. The agricultural college stands to benefit a great many people. We all hold the fruits of the earth in common." She nods and turns to admire Lethe's stellar motif, almost sighing. Not quite. "My lady, that color looks ravishing upon you. I admire anyone who uses that time for inspiration. I have half a mind to sketch you in it later. Selene Whisper," she explains.

Lethe continues to smile as she looks to Videl. "I'm Lady Lethe Tyde. An agricultural center sounds interesting and important. I'll see what I can donate." She looks to Selene with a grin. "Thank you. You're very kind. I love your outfit too. It's very nice to meet you."

"Writs would likely be preferred, but we make silver work just fine. Just give them to me, and I will make sure they end up in the right location, and speak well of your generosity while I'm at it." Videl answers Mabelle, and she nods to Selene, "And a better understanding of agriculture benefits the whole compact, as all will literally reap the fruits of such labour in time." She then nods to Lethe, "A pleasure to meet you."

Mabelle realizes the connection all of the sudden, it eluded her, "Marquessa Quenia, right? She is holding a gown ruffle, I gave her writs for that. I'm afraid I'm a little low on those, but I will help with silver". She smiles easily, peeking at Lethe she bids her, "Good afternoon. Beautiful gown". She says before she finds a few cookies on the table and engages in them

Selene's smile widens to something very much incandescent. "I won't lie to tell you in confidence, I am on the cusp of releasing a whole collection of gowns based on the hours of the day. A few finishing touches necessary and I best get the matching shoes figured out." Fingers brush over her mouth. "How troubling otherwise to be mismatched on that." To Videl, she says, "We easily underestimate food until a storm or its production is disrupted. No strawberries in June, we all perish of sorrow."

Ondine, a red-breasted sparrowhawk arrives, following Brianna.

Lethe smiles as she looks at Mabelle and her gown. "Yours is very nice too. Good afternoon." She looks to Selene with amusement. "That's a really creative idea. I'm sure the gowns will be beautiful and the shoes too."

Mabelle interestedly hears Selene, "Mistress Selene, you design clothes? Well that is a clever idea indeed", she agrees with Lethe, "I bet the one for dawn will look gorgeous", she then turns fully to Lethe, "It is lovely to meet you Lady Lethe", she says as she locates a cookie, a moment after she gives an envelope to Videl.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mabelle before departing.

Sure, it's still winter. But the winter is about to come to an end, and the glass ceiling of the Igniseri Atrium has been carefully cleaned of any trace of snow. The inside itself has already been decorated to match the spring season, and there's servers walking around offering food and drink to any guests who'd like some.

Near the entrance the group is talking, Videl hands the envelope she's given to her assistance. "Yes, that's her. She's done a lot for me, and this is a good project that I'm glad to help with in the ways I can." She pauses and glances to Selene, "The discussion of new outfits reminds me, would you be willing to spend an afternoon sometime sitting relatively still in a couple poses? I'm working on an idea and some of this could really benefit from a live model."

Brianna is late to the party. Fashionably late? Probably not. In any case, she hears talk of clothing design and sashays over. "Did you make this gown?" she asks Selene, clearly impressed. "And you've made a lovely party, Lady Videl."

Lethe gives a little something to Videl. "I hope this will be enough to help." She looks to Brianna and grins. "We've all been admiring each other's outfits. I really like yours. The colors are very pretty."

Selene laughs warmly. "I have much work to do. Dawn's is a bit softer than my usual tastes, but it isn't about me," she says to Mabelle. There may be food, but she has yet to partake of it. A meal can be found among the conversation at time. "I have a great deal of respect for Marquessa Quenia's efforts. She is tireless in all those directions." With Brianna entering, the petite Whisper executes a pitch-perfect curtsy. She will do this many times over in a day. "My lady Halfshav." Her nod is welcome and she nods. "I made most of it, though the better weight of my garments will be out in Whispering Words by tonight. Tomorrow if I become overly taken with shoes, but I hope not to. And you can consider yourself informed ahead of time." She turns to Videl and her eyes light up. Someone hit the spot. "I remember the calibre of work you did for Messire Thayne. I consider it a high honor. But only if you agree to let me sweep you up in seasilk or aeterna and let me unleash my creativity. I see how it looks on you like this, but springtime is different."

Mabelle politely finishes her cookie and looks down onto the message she has received. A brief frown upon her lips and she rolls it and hands it back to him before he leaves. She apologizes to Videl, "Forgive me, Lady Videl. Something came up and I must depart. Thank you for the lovely event and raising awareness to something as important". She flashes a smile to Selene, "I'd love to see the designs and make purchases if such is an option. Write me if you will when will be a good time?", she does not linger long and wiggles her fingers as she departs

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mabelle before departing.

"I would be pleased to have a custom outfit of yours to wear." Videl answers Selene, "So that is hardly an issue." In fact, she calls over her assistant and whispers something. "Sufficient fabric for a complete outfit should be delivered to the whisper house soon." She informs Selene, "Let me know if you need anything else. Payment, measurements, anything." She nods to Mabelle, "Thank you for coming, and I'm sure you will." Then she notices Brianna arrives and turns that way, "Thank you for coming, Lady Brianna. It's good to see you again."

2 Laurent trained guards leaves, following Mabelle.

"May I submit myself to your sartorial genius when you are finished with Lady Videl?" Brianna asks Selene, batting her eyelashes. Videl gets an easy smile. "The pleasure is mine, Lady Videl. I do apologize for coming so late."

Lethe gets a drink and listens to the others while she enjoys it. "I'm glad I came. I've had a really good time. I do hope that your project goes well Lady Videl."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Selene before departing.

"I absolutely shall. In large part, I prefer to know a woman's tastes and preferences. I can fashion someone into an image, but it hardly matters if they are uncomfortable." Selene shakes her head and her loose chestnut locks tease along her neck, tracing across her shoulders. "This Tournament of Thorns I am lamentably drawn to, and my contacts need to set forth when I can expect to engage such opportunities. Would that it were predictable somewhat." She laughs softly behind her bangs falling over her brow. "Imagine, winning steelsilk. It's quite the rage." To Brianna, she nods. "I would be delighted. Like fire, ice, and our lady starry night." She sounds very satisfied. "I hope that this project takes off well. Have you been pursuing any such involvement, Lady Lethe? With infrastructure or the like?"

"Eminently sensible." Videl answers, considering. "Perhaps we could discuss such options while I work on my art, or would you prefer some other way?" She ponders the tournament. "I'm afraid that I've been distracted of late, some urgent matters. I sparsely had time to organize this, much less look into this tournament."

Brianna beams. "I'll be in touch then." Curious, she peers between Selene and Lethe. "So what is this project?" She snags a flute of something white and sparkly from a nearby table, using it as much as a prop as a beverage.

Lethe condisers as she looks to Selene. "Right now I have been helping with a project a friend is working on. It's something we're doing back home. I do have a few ideas I may do in the future, but I'm just happy to be helping my friend right now." She takes a sip of her drink. "I heard a little about that tournament. It sounds like fun for those participating."

"Now will you forgive my unmerited dash? Lady Videl, send me the particulars of how much you wish for a contribution. I will be pleased to speak as you paint; I am more than happy to assist you and if something significant is required..." She slides her hand side to side, in order to leave that there. She flashes a smile for them all and a curtsy. Athenais looks particularly untroubled, but whispers in the brunette's ear. "Is it that time already? Darling, next time, a bit more forewarning." With a smile for the others, she says, "I am afraid I have an appointment to see to. Thank you for the hospitality of the house, as ever."

Selene is overheard praising Videl.

Selene is overheard praising Igniseri: 2

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Videl is overheard praising Lethe: Such generosity

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