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Glamping with the Learys.

It may still be winter, but it doesn't mean we should stay indoors. Join us at Leary house for drinks, food and a warm fire.


June 9, 2019, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Arcadia Corbit


Fairen Haven Iliana Ilmia Thea Tomwell Elloise Emily Rysen Mikani Salvador



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Leary House - Garden

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Arcadia is off in the corner briefly finalizing plans with staff. As she finishes up, she let's Carrots down onto the ground and straightens her gown. A slight nervous flutter to her hands as she awaits her guests.

Emily enters the garden and is already looking all about. "Wow Cady! This looks amazing," Emily says excitedly, chattering away. "Do you need any help with anything else," she questions as she looks about

Rysen and Mikani arrive at the Leary Garden with Lygeia, and some cats close behind. Rysen is leading Bandit, a chestnut brown Crovane war horse by the reins. Attached to its saddle are a boar and two rabbits which seem to have been freshly dressed from a hunt. Rysen ties of bandit to a tree not far from the fire, patting his neck reassuringly. He turns and makes his way over to Arcadia, and says, "Gods and spirits, Cady, you look wonderful - and so does the garden." Glancing over his shoulder towards Bandit, Rysen says, "Mika and I went hunting earlier, if anyone's up for some roast boar or rabbit." He grins and says, "Is that whiskey?" and without him uttering another word, Lygeia makes her way over and pours him a glass, along with a glass of dream wine for herself. "My Lady," says Lygeia as she returns, with a curtsy to Arcadia. "You look beautiful," she adds in her Northlands accent.

Thea comes stepping in, Finn per always comes running forward. She lifts her eyebrow a bit, noticing the fire and things. She bows her head, as is her way,"Afternoon.."a slight smile on her lips. Gods she feels awkward without her armour. Meh.

Mikani walks with Bandit and Rysen. They are happy from their outing. "First time hunting and I got a boar." Mika grins at Cady and the others. Her eyes move about the area. "Cady this is beautiful. Very dream inducing." Mika nods her approval as Damien brings a glass of rum to her. Damien ever silent looks to be impressed as well.

Corbit walks into the garden shortly behind Thea, he nods to her before making his way over to his sister, "Well don't you look beautiful?" he says with a smile before huggging her with a kiss on the cheek, "A dress and washing your hair does wonders eh?" he teases nudging her.

Into the Glampgrounds comes Salvador Costello, he has his coat on, drawn in, and the prosthetic hand that is the exposed part of his left arm peeks out from the sleeve. He takes a few moments to look over the decorations before making his way further in.

Arcadia amusedly shifts her eyes. "I bathe! Regularly too." Her eyes bright and excited she ushers people in, "Come make yourself comfortable. There's plenty of food and drinks. Please help yourself." She congratulates Mikani, "A boar? Really? I've never gotten one myself." Gathering a glass of mulled wine, she teases Rysen. "You didn't bring Deor?"

"Wow, very impressive Mikani, that is what I should do, go on a hunt some time," Emily says as she continues to look about, helping herself to drinks and food

Emily gets A very yummy and gooey looking smore from A rustic wooden chest engraved with the Leary Eagle.

Rysen grins at Mikani. "She did get a boar. It was an amazing spear throw - one of the cleanest I've ever seen." He laughs when Arcadia mentions Deor. "It seems I forgot to invite him." He narrows his eyes at Arcadia. "But maybe he's in penitent prayer before the shrine of the Thirteenth for that time he betrayed me and allowed a dangerous young woman to shoot an arrow in the door of the lord he's sword to protect." Rysen tries his best to sound serious, but fails utterly. Rysen raises his glass to Emily and to Corbit, and says, "Greeings Salvador," he he notices the shipwright come in. Rysen takes a step towards Thea and bows, saying, "Its' an honor to meet you, My La -" When he raises his eyes, he blushes furiously. "Lady Thea!? Er... I mean, Lady Thea." He clears his throat and laughs softly with embarrassment. "It is good to see you again. You look fantastic." He takes a long drink of whiskey as Lygeia subtly shakes her head in exasperation.

Thea already accepts a glass of whiskey as someone walks on by before venturing over to a seat,"It looks nice Arcadia," before turning to Mikani,"Congratulations on the boar. I have yet to go hunting....probably should try it sometime." Flicking her golden flecked green eyes towards Rysen, she subtly smirks,"Are you alright, Lord Rysen? You look like you swallowed a bug..."

Corbit takes a seat next to Thea he puts an arm around her and takes her whiskey glass taking a drink of it with a grin at her, "Any chance I get to steal your whiskey I'm totally going for." he says and kisses her, "Cady did a really great job didn't she?"

"My Lord, how are you doing this evening?" Salvador says in greeting to Rysen as he nears, his attention shifting slightly across the crowd, "Lady Arcadia, I hadn't heard you were released from the hospital yet. You are feeling better, yes?"

Mikani takes a draw of her rum and bows her head at the congrats. "He just has a hard time with beautiful women in dresses. He just can't speak." She laughs teasing Rysen playfully before she gets some of the food to munch on. "I don't think we have met Lord Salvador ... I am Countess Mikani Byrne." She smiles at the man.

Arcadia snorts at Rysen, "I have no idea what you're talking about. A crazy woman shooting arrows at your door?" She apologizes to Salvador too, "I've been trying to catch you at the inn, but haven't seen you. I was wondering if such an intense first week in the city you may of fled."

Rysen pounds his chest with his fist. "A bug, yes," he says to Thea, with no relief to the flush of his cheeks. He squints at Mikani, but smiles and turning to Thea, says, "I am often in the presence of beautiful women in dresses, just not this beautiful woman in a dress. I sincerely apologize, My Lady," he says, and towards Bandit and Mikani. He finds a spit log he found in the forest, and begins to prepare the boar for roasting. He turns to Corbit, and says, "Good to see you as well, Lord Corbit, and thank you for your help in the Hospital." He glances towards Arcadia, and there is some relief in his expression to see her moving and talking and teasing him relentlessly again. When Arcadia speaks of arrows in doors, he scoffs. "Perhaps the last thing to recover from your illness will be your memory," he says with a grin.

Corbit nods to Rysen, "I can sympathize, I still have a crossbow bolt in my bedroom door." he says, then he gets himself a stick and starts loading it up with various meets and anything else he deems as edible and won't fall off, "Want one?" he asks, offering his stick to Thea.

"Oh not at all." Salvador says to Arcadia with a chuckle, "I was actually approached by Lady Celeste about overseeing a construction project building a Shrine to Gloria, so I've been a bit sidetracked with that, My Lady." he then shifts his attention to Mikani, "Countess Byrne, a pleasure to meet you. I am Salvador Costello, Chief Shipwright and Engineer of House Seraceni." He offers a slight bow to the woman before looking back Arcadia's direction, "Though, if you don't find me about the Inn, you can send a message. I was also introduced to the fine baths at the Grotto where I've wasted away some of the worst of the final days of winter."

Emily is busy exploring about the garden, looking and getting into everything as she eats bits of food and drinks some of the drinks. "Why hello Salvador, You can call me Emily, Lady Emily Deepwood is so bothersomely boring," Emily says smiling at the nee guest as she moves about the garden

Mikani grins at Rysen and nudges him playfully as she helps him with the spit after setting her food plate down. "A Shipwright?! Oh I love ships." Mika says with her warm and calm voice as her eyes twinkle at the memory of ships. "I haven't been on a ship in a long time. I will have to take a jaunt around Thrax bay. Maybe a day trip or something." Mika looks towards the ocean as if it calls to her before she shakes her head and after spitting the boar she spits the rabbits.

Thea reaches for her drink back from Corbit,"Why are you stealing?"Amusement crosses her face, a face that has resumed its color, at Mikani and Rysen,"Well--thank you I think,"turning to Salvador,"Now that I'm feeling better, I hope to begin going over ideas. I'm sorry it took so long." Meanwhile, she accepts a stick from Corbit, taking a long drink of her whiskey.

Corbit makes a second stick for himself and waves at Salvador, "Salvador! Good to see you again!" he says genuinely, he glances to Thea, finishing up his stick, "Ideas?" he asks.

Arcadia shares with Mikani, "Salvador was able to estimate where the ship would hit the dock the other week and was able to help get most people off the dock before it hit. We would of had many more casualties if not for him." She then shushes Corbit, "Well, I can't get that arrow out. Must of hit a knot or something." Finding a seat by the fire, she carefully pulls her skirts around her so she doesn't burn the fabric. "Emily, you're welcome to go in the tents or play on the swing."

Rysen smiles at Mikani and says, "I wouldn't mind coming with you around Thrax Bay if you wouldn't mind the company." He and Mikani lift the boar on the pegs over one side of the fire. Rysen takes a drink of whiskey and nods to Corbit. "Honestly, My Lord, I can't imagine what it must have been like growing up with Cady. I'm very happy to hear that she's been made Minister of War though. Lord Pharamond was just speaking earlier about how one's responsibilities can shape us."

Rysen takes a seat near the boar, and nods as Arcadia recounts how Salvador predicted the ships point of impact.

"I also corrected some of the errors that the Kennex Lords had in their hasty attempt to raise the Caravel as well, likely saved them many crew, and perhaps one of their galleys." Salvador adds to Arcadia's account, "Though, that was after you had caught ill I believe." he says, attention shifting to Thea, "Of course, I spoke with Hana some about the proposal and we have a few ideas, but we are hoping someone with medical knowledge might provide some grand insight onto building a better prosthesis." He says, "Lady Emily, or just Emily I suppose, it is quite nice to meet you, Salvador Costello, as you've probably heard." he offers a slight bow to the woman, followed by a wave of his prosthetic hand towards Corbit.

Thea nods to Salvador,"Just send me the ideas that you have, and I will go over them,"watching a moment as Rysen and Mikani cook the boar."

Thea has joined the a large stone-ringed campfire set up with several wooden benches.

Corbit has joined the a large stone-ringed campfire set up with several wooden benches.

Corbit puts his stick over the fire, he nods to Salvador, "I've actually been thinking about that since the day you and I met." he says, "Been thinking about a mechanism where you could attach different ends to the same prosthetic, allowing you to attach different tools or a hand to it as needed." he says, something on the end of his stick catching fire, he shakes it frantically and it flies off into the distance, he looks around, hoping no one noticed before casually putting his stick over the fire again, "Also been considering on how to give the end a bit of movement, something that can be controlled and can be adapted across tools."

Rysen leans back, listening to boar sizzle on the spit. He takes another sip of whiskey and gazes thoughtfully into the fire. He turns to Thea and says softly, "Do you mind if I ask, Lady Thea, how you became a warrior and a physician? Where your interests drawn there from an early age? Or was it something you took to through some defining experience?"

Arcadia assures Rysen, "I was /very/ easy to grow up with. Calm, even tempered, quiet. The easiest child my parents had." As the conversation turns to more scholarly things, Cady's knee begins to jingle and she fidgets with her drink.

Mikani sips her rum as she leans against the apple tree. Her ears listen to the conversations around her as she smiles softly at the flames.

"Hey, do not forget, compared to me that is very true," Emily tells Arcadia as she moves all about. Emily is the definition of energy, unable to stay still or in one place very long. "I should learn a bit more about medicine with all the scouting I do. Maybe I shall look into sometime," she chatters on.

"That's a feature of the one I currently have, My Lord." salvador says to Corbit with a nod of his head, "An articulated hand with locking fingers, or perhaps a sort of rigging that will allow some limited control otherwise had been discussed by the smith Hana and I, how to best accomplish that is what we need to decide." He says with a chuckle, "And perhaps eventually some manner of clockwork replacements can be developed, of course that is probably quite a ways off."

Thea smirks at Arcadia,"I doubt this...fully." Sipping her whiskey, carefully setting her stick over the fire, she says,"In Southport, we -all- are for war. Every single citizen. We are all required a two year compulsory service..,she watches the fire, rotating the stick,"During my time, my unit were attacked by Shav raiders. They died from injuries that, had they have been treated on time, wouldn't have." Thea shrugs then,"I decided that I can learn that too. I can keep my men alive and fight. More able bodies, so to speak. Before my father died, he got my mother to allow me to go to the Physicians Guild." She smiles a bit,"Aunt Eirene may be proud while telling me not to be stupid."

Rysen's grey eyes remain on Thea as she speaks. He nods, and says, "Though my opinion is no kind of authority, I would say you've done your people very proud, even in my short experience with you in the field." He sits forward, and rotates the boar a bit, and then leans back, and takes a sip of whiskey, giving Arcadia a skeptical look. "You were probably the wildest, dirtiest, bittiest child that grew up a Leary," he says laughingly.

Corbit nods, "Arcadia wasn't that bad. Endless energy and she of course had a proprensity for getting into trouble but she was always good natured." he says, "But she never developed that mean streak a lot of children do. I used to go out with her 'exploring' the woods for hours on end because she was too little to go herself and she would beg me to go. It was mostly replanted forest waiting to be chopped down again, but she thought it was the most mysterious place ever rather than a tree farm." he says smiling to himself, "Of course not many of us knew what to do with a kid who didn't spend all day inside reading, but we managed."

Arcadia shushes Corbit, still hating the idea of the replanted forest, "It's not. You go far enough in and the wood has it's own feel. Mystery and how it talks to you." Having her own energy to deal with, Cady then moves off to the table and gets a marshmallow to cook in the fire.

"I agree with Cady, quite right, oh the fun adventures to be had scouting about and the trees, like they have their own spirits and stories if you stay there long enough," Emily says in her chattering manner, she is still moving about the gardens, getting into everything as she eats and drinks along the way

Mikani looks around the group. She had a very different childhood. But she did love the memories they were sharing.

Thea snorts,"My cousin Inigo will tell you different childhood stories, as would my brothers,"but she dips her dips her chin to Rysen, bringing her stick back from the fire,"but thank you."Listening about children, she mentions,"Domonico's wife is due soon and I'm sure after Martino and Kaia are married, she'll be close behind. If those children are like we were, I feel for their mothers....."Is she really though? Not at all...That's called pay backs. Eating her marshmellow, she admits,"I enjoy the woods but there is more peace for me at the ocean."

Corbit grins at Thea, "I get violently ill on water. Give me a nice quiet library on land." he says.

Rysen nods to Emily. "In the North, most believe the forests and other natural places are the dwelling places of sacred spirits. I think now more than ever you should certainly make your way there when you have the chance, Emily." When Thea speaks of Martino and Kaia, Rysen's eyes open in surprise. "They are to be wed?" he asks. He sits forward, and, receiving a knife from Mikani, shaves off a slice of roast boar and hands it to Lygeia, who puts it on a plate and offers it to any who might wish to try it. He shaves off another slice as he grins at Corbit. He tries a bit himself and grins at Mikani. "Your boar is perfect," he says to the countess, and he continues to cut a series of slices of pork which Lygeia piles onto a plate and sets near the fire.

Mikani agrees somewhat with both Thea and Corbit. "If I could get a library on a ship ... I think I would be the happiest woman ever." She states wistfully. Mika laughs softly. "You were the one the found the boar. I just had a lucky throw." She blushes a bit before her skin cools quickly. She takes a bite of the boar and smiles. "Very well cooked."

"I would love to go as we have discussed Rysen, you just let me know when you are free and we shall get to getting lost," Emily says, chattering away. She tries a bit of all the food and drink as she moves about

Back over to the fire, from getting something to drink, comes Salvador, moving to take himself a seat and generally listen in on the conversations at hand, for the moment.

Arcadia agrees with Emily, "Ry has offered to show me Stormwall too. Though, I have been waiting for weeks for a promised dance at the Bard's college." Teasing Rysen, "Perhaps I will get to see the wonders of your home when I am a tiny old woman." Including Salvador in the conversation, "What was it like where you grew up?"

Thea shrugs,"I enjoy the beach. Just as long as there's water--,"nudging Corbit, she reminds him,"Or my War room...."Thea nods to Rysen,"They will be. At this rate, food will be all cake,"muttering,"I'm supposed to supply all the alcohol."Taking a slice of boar, she takes a bite,"This isn't--bad."

Mikani laughs softly into her rum at the mention of forgotten promised dances. "Redreef wasn't known for forests. We spent most of our time on the water. The waters of the south are much more blue than they are up here." Mika says softly before munching on more of her boar.

Corbit nods, "Back in Leaholdt the water we have is a river that goes down into a waterfall off the cliff the fortress stands on. When you climb the steps to get up to it, if it's the right time it feels like you're walking through a rainbow."

"Me?" Salvador asks, glancing towards Arcadia, "Well, for starters I grew up on a Southern Island with a grand history of Piracy dating back before the reckoning." He says, "So life was always focused on Seafaring. My family specifically has a long history of building and engineering for the the Seraceni family. The city itself is built atop a massive dormant volcano, with an impressive saltwater cove, and sheer cliffs protecting it all. The environment was warm, the women weared little, as you might expect from Velenosan fashions, and the waters were beautiful. Of course there was farming, forests, and all that you might expect to go along with that. I spent my time learning the trade, carpentry, woodworking, shipbuilding, engineering. I was quite the sailor in my youth as well, if I must say so."

Rysen laughs warmly when Thea mentions all the food being cake. He nods to Emily and says, "Now that the weather's changed, I think you'll enjoy it even more." Rysen squints at Arcadia. "I promised to show you Stormwall, did I? Don't recall that - but then again I drink /a lot/ in your presence, but I'm still assuming you're adding to my crimes." He grins and drinks the last of his whiskey, before Lygeia takes it from him to refill it. "I feel bad about the dance though - to be fair, when I asked you most recently, you said you needed more time to recover." Rysen eats another slice of boar and says thoughtfully, "You know, Cady, now that I think of it, was the only time we ever danced in the Great Gray Hall? That time we got interrupted?" he asks.

"I am sure I would have enjoyed it either way Rysen but again it is all around your busy schedule for as of now I am fairly free to set forth on any expedition. Maybe you should give her that dance now," Emily chatters away as she moves about the garden still, not really focusing on one thing or another in general

Mikani looks at Rysen and at the others. "You know we could use some music. It is a party." Mika's eyes look back at the fire before she moves to get another serving of boar and going back to her spot by the tree. Damien brings her another glass of rum and Mika smiles to the man for it before murmuring to Damien in Isles Shav.

Arcadia takes some boat and mmmhms in appreciation, "This is amazing." Glancing between Mikani and Salvador, "So you both basically grew up on boats?" She then answers Rysen, "And yes. You did. I said I wanted to go explore the north and you offered to show me your home. You said it would be an honor to host me." Reaching for her wine, she then admits, "This was before the arrow in your door and corrupting Deor." Agreeing with Mikani, "Music or a story. Fires are great for stories."

"I suppose so, though I grew up building them as well." Salvador says with a chuckle as he answers Arcadia's question, "When you live on a small island, you have to generally have some experience with ships and boats."

Rysen checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Rysen nods to Mikani and Lygeia brings him a cup of whiskey, but then turns to get a blackwood lyre from one of Bandit's saddle bags and brings it to Rysen. "It's true, Cady," he says as his fingers glide over the strings of the lyre. "I would be honored to host you in Stormwall, and Deor and Jesmond could fight each other over who gets to be your 'First Protector' on the journey." He listens to Salvador speak of living on islands and boats, and smiles, letting his music take on a soothing, wondrous quality that somehow always feels more so when in firelight.

"I have more experience with forests then the ocean but as a memeber of the explorers I have had my share of various adventures," Emily says, chattering away as she takes bites of the varrious food options and sips of drink. Emily listens to the music as she moves about

Corbit has left the a large stone-ringed campfire set up with several wooden benches.

2 Leary House Guards, Lite, a little blue canary, Leesa leave, following Corbit.

Thea eats her food,"The island sounds interesting..."listening to everyone describing their homes.

Arcadia promises Rysen, "I am ready to travel whenever you are. I could use a change from the city."

"One of my pet projects that I've not yet really begun to fully work on are designs for a new grand ship that would make distant voyages far easier than even our Caravels can." Salvador says with a nod of his head towards Emily, "I want to build ships that can cross the seas to Eursus, or other distant lands with relative ease."

Mikani smiles as Rysen plays. "There are lands beyond Eurus. Have you heard of of the Brass Ship?"

"That sounds amazing Salvandor, I will want to buy one of these ships when they are made," Emily says excitedly. "I am in agreement with Cady, we must do this venture as soon as we can," Emily continues chattering away. She is in constant motion about the gardens

Thea suggests to Salvador,"My brother Domonico knows ships--perhaps he could have ideas,"the youngest Malvici offers.

Arcadia admits, "I don't know anything about boats, but we have three. I'm not even sure what I'm meant to do with them."

Mikani looks at Arcadia, "You put soldiers on them and use them to attack enemies ...."

Rysen nods to Arcadia and Emily. "I'm actually very excited to show you my homeland. There may be danger on the Great Road, but something tells me that it won't dissuade you from the journey." His fingers continue to glide over the strings of his lyre, and his grey eyes come to rest on Mikani as she watches him play. Finally his song comes to an end. He sets his lyre down beside him and drinks the last of his whiskey. "I should probably be on my way back to the Hall," he says, passing his lyre to Lygeia. He rises to his feet. "Thank you very much for your hospitality, Cady," he says warmly.

"I have heard of a grand ship, I believe attributed to the Artifice of Brass, though I don't believe it was refered to as the Brass Ship however." Salvador says to Mikani's question, and he nods his head to Emily, "I have designs, and ideas, though funding to actually construct something like this is still missing, but I hope to begin work in earnest soon."

Mikani takes A very yummy and gooey looking smore from A rustic wooden chest engraved with the Leary Eagle.

Thea lifts her eyebrow at Rysen,"Arent you supposed to sleep in a tent?" She peers at the tents anyway,"I'll do it. Do I just pick one or close my eyes and and hope it's the right one."

Thea takes A very yummy and gooey looking smore from A rustic wooden chest engraved with the Leary Eagle.

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