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Painted Faces: On the Streets

A group of inquisitive souls in search of more information about those missing persons.


May 10, 2019, 12:05 p.m.

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Quintin Merek Jyri Olivia Ailith Leta



Arx - Upper Boroughs - Seawatch Gate

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Faustus, the feisty, fluffy, three legged kitten arrives, following Olivia.

Dame Marra, a limping fennec fox, Disciple Ismay, Disciple Fulgence, 2 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Ailith.

After the last encounter on the rooftop after the search for Ol' Sam, things were quiet for a while. Over the course of the next few days, however, each of those who were present on the hunt for Ol' Sam receive a message. Tacked crudely against the front door of Leta's and Merek's respective residence, on the door to the Whitehawk charity shop and places the nobles are known to frequent. The handwriting is crude, rough. It simply reads: "Stop looking. Danger. Let go."

There is an odor to the scraps used to carry this message. Old fish and salt, and the stamp of a warehouse near the Seawatch Gate.

As it happens, there is a small children's festival being held at Seawatch Gate this day. Parents linger at the periphery as their children gambol about and lob snowballs at one another. There are little stalls featuring whimsical stuffed animals, painting supplies, wooden toys. There are a ton of children all playing various games.

Quintin has come to Seawatch gate with his cousin Olivia; he's munching on an apple. "That note was super creepy and I think this is a trap and now there's a bunch of little kids around here. This is... not good," he's telling her. His brow furrows as he takes in the scene.

Merek has pulled on his cloak for the weather, while he pulls up the hood. He has a hand upon the hilt of his weapon, while he makes his way to the Seawatch Gate. He has come with his secretary taking time to move into the crowds to listen to folk. He looks around to see if anyone else is about while she moves on her way.

Jyri doesn't take well to threats and is way too stubborn to let it go. Besides, this is a crime and he's an Iron Guard - what kind of guard would he be if he dropped a thing like THIS? He's back around the Seawatch Gate today, watching the festival and the children but taking no part; he and his dogs stand near that ominous shadow on the wall, watching it going on. Seeing approcahing familiar faces, he raises a hand in greeting.

Olivia nods to Quintin, "We need to get everyone out of here I think."

Winter's crisp kiss brightens cheeks to ruddy apples -- and the Legate of Concepts is no exception. Ailith merrily chuckles in the company of the children randomly passing from stall to stall. Her fennec fox, Dame Marra, plays a game of dodge as she easily darts around the more toddler aged children. Ailith accepts a stick of hot maple syrup drizzled on a slice of chilled apple. She breaks pieces to share with the children and points out the passing Iron Guards. "Have care to avoid snowballs tossed in their direction," she teases with the children.

"Maybe," Quintin tells Olivia. Spying Jyri, he starts that way. "C'mon. Let's talk to the Iron Guard there. Whether or not to clear people out of an area is more his jurisdiction. Particularly when it can cause panic."

Leta is out about for a stroll. It's well within strolling distance of her home, after all, for her to stroll over and have a look at the warehouse nearby. As one does, the burly woman comes wrapped in a fancy mantlet over her padded jacket underneath, with a very large sword over one shoulder. As one does. At least it's sheathed. She looks around at the festival, then wanders over to the stalls selling stuffed animals and toys to study the goods and chat with the merchants with professional interest.

There is a snowball that arcs up high, too far overhead to hit anyone -- and yet. It hits a shelf of snow on an awning, which provides the momentum needed to dump the pile onto the head of a woman standing near. In the wake of this unexpected attack, there is a pocket of amused silence, broken by the lone giggle and the darting flight of the young man responsible. "HENRY CARVER," The woman sputters in an outraged voice, "I'M SENDING YOU TO THE MOTHER OF MONSTERS FOR THIS!"

Jyri doesn't look like he's thought of clearing away the market here. He's leaning on his spear and is watching the children with mild amusement, but scowls at any that come too close. The dogs wait patiently in a cemicircle around him. He upnods and gives a small smile at QUintin and Olivia however. The outcry from the angry woman has him sharply looking that way though; clearly he's sort of expecting something to happen. "Mother of monsters?" he murmurs.

Olivia raises an eyebrow as the woman yells that. "Mistress... What do you mean by that?." She says approaching her. Hoping a friendly face will elicit an answer.

Merek seems to think about the place, looking from person to person, then he shifts his cloak about him while he makes his way to Jyri. It would seem that people using children's stories on kids doesn't draw his attention much. He looks up at the snow while he takes a drink from the flask with him also.

Quintin shakes his head at Jyri's question. "Dunno it. Reminds me of that rhyme we heard the kids chanting the time me met, though. 'Mother says, don't talk back, if you do you'll be a snack' and all that." His gaze goes from Jyri to Olivia and then to the woman. Then he's turning, looking for Henry Carver with a frown on his face. A nod to Merek when he spies him.

The woman is trying to brush all the snow off of herself, and from the jumps and hisses, some of it is getting under and inside of, her clothes. She is still scowling when she looks up at Olivia and blinks. "What was that, my lady?" It's a hedged bet, a guess at Olivia's title, but given the look of the Ashford woman it is likely a well placed one.

Ailith clasps a hand over her mouth -- dramatically for the children to chuckle at her overblown expressions. Dame Marra swishes her tail and weaves about to maneuver the toddlers back toward the adult parents -- safely free of the Main Street. Ailith rises from the crowd of children as she quietly beckons the over to a nook for storytime with the Legate. This is a tale of Faith Militant feats. All the while, she watches the Iron Guards and those approaching closely but maintains the children's attentions.

Merek does think on the information he has with knowledge of the 'mother' but most his attention seems to be on some of the others, while he tries his best to keep from others, looking instead for anything out of place within the festival.

Olivia smiles, "Mother of Monsters. This is a new one I have not heard. Care to tell me in case I need to wcare my children a little" A little grin as she bluffs.

One of the children following the Legate asks, "Mother Ailith! Is the Mother of Monsters real?" She gets a pack of young eyes focused on her, expressions expectant. One of the kids says, "I heard she took Mary Hemdahl and ate her up!" "Nooo! She used Mary to feed her children!"

There's a militaristic nod from Jyri to Merek, but he keeps leaning on his spear - maybe just to rest, or make it look like the spear isn't out because he's expecting trouble. "Yes," he agrees with Quintin. "Sounds similar. Lady Olivia will sort that out. Say..." he says and lowers his voice, "you also get a warning note?"

The snow-blighted woman peers at Olivia as if trying to follow the woman's words. Her expression is bewildered as if the request threw her off. After a moment she says, "You know, the Mother of Monsters. She lurks around in the shadows. She gives birth to gruesome creatures of metal and flesh." There is a shrug of her shoulder. "You never got told you'd be left for her, when you were a kid?"

Quintin inclines his head to Jyri and tells the man, around a mouthful of apple, "We did, yes. Hence why we're here. The helpful stamp on the paper is a little too helpful - if it's not someone earnestly trying to warn us, it's a good lure for a trap." Hearing 'Mother Ailith', Quintin glances that way, giving a brief wave.

Olivia shakes her head smiling at the woman, "I grew up in Ashford Keep Mistress? I did not catch your name. I am Olivia Ashford... Perhaps it is a legend local to here? Where do they say she lives?"

"Ashford?" The woman seems flustered and thrown by Olivia's introduction as it is. She attempts a curtsy, her dark curls still flecked with snow. Her cheeks are flushed and the woman shakes her head, "It's nothing, my lady Ashford. Just a little little yarn parents use with their children to try to get them to behave. The open palm will do more I figure."

Ailith gasps in horror as her hand grips at her chest. "Oh no! She's here? Fear not, o Faithful, for we have the Iron Guard and Knights about." She reaches down to link her fingers with the child who asked the question. "And do you know what they're good at? Monster slaying. Best ones, too. And any child left alone will be saved by them and returned home. But you must keep your wits. And say your prayers." She winks and aims to hoist a child onto her hip, twirling about as Quintin approaches. "Look children, a Knight! Why don't you tell him of the monster. Ooo!"

"If it's a trap, it's a bit obvious," Jyri responds, squinting at the children again. "Doesn't matter. I'm not letting it go. Got to catch that monster," he says with determination. "Stop it forever." He rubs his jaw, thoughtful. "Wonder how it's done. What sorta magic."

Ailith checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Olivia smiles at the woman again, "I should very much like to hear this yarn, if it pleases you Mistress."

"Well... we're here, aren't we?" Quintin tells Jyri with a wry little expression. And Ailith is singling him out, which makes Quintin blink a few times. This will make it hard to look for the little troublemaker Henry Carver, but... maybe they'll tell him stories. So he tosses the apple core over his shoulder and heads thataway, using his serious eyebrows to make a very serious face but hunkering down so he's more or less on their level. "Tell me all about it," he bids them. "And then the beast may be vanquished!" They can be his little army.

Quintin checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Jyri straightens up and stretches a bit and starts a slow circle around the market. He gives Leta a bit of a half-saluted greeting, hovering near the others. He gives a respectful nod to Ailith, watching her curiously for a moment. The dogs trail along with him.

Isabetta arrives, following Teela.

Isabetta leaves, following Teela.

"Um. It's..." Another snowball hits her on the side of the face and she all but roars at the tween boy who is giggling madly. This time, his mother tears off after him, "Why you little!" This leaves the Ashford lady without someone to interview. However the children around Ailith seem willing to share. They all begin telling different stories all at the same time, trying to one up the others as they babble to Quintin. The child Ailith is holding on her hip, however, seems shaken. He buries his face against the neck of the Legate and simply shivers while the others continue their cacophonous telling.

Ailith exclaims, "It's just like in the stories. The Knight and Guard approach to find clues to fight the beast." She smiles at the young one on her hip. "How would you describe this Mother of Monsters?" Silently, she mouthed thanks to Quintin for playing along and nods to Jyoti as he passes.

Quintin has taken to one knee in the snow to listen to the stories, trying to keep the children relatively organized and on topic. They are not so easily directed as soldiers, however, but at least Quintin likes children and is patient.

Ailith rubs her hand soothingly along the child's back, whispering into his ear, "You are safe, sweet one. Did you know the Gods are here listening? This Knight is going to help you. Why don't we both try to be brave and tell what we know? And I'll stay with you the whole time."

Merek seems to be content to listen and watch while others are talking about it, keeping his search while he also looks about as well.


Olivia checked charm + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Merek checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Olivia glances to the children around, "Which of ypu wants to tell me the story for cookies?"

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards, Oswald, the war pig, a lively Ostrian gelding arrive, following Brigida.

Leta lingers by the stalls selling toys. She does listen to the conversations going on around it, catching enough words in the wind to look up and arch an eyebrow. But either it doesn't add up to much in her mind, or she's so thoroughly enthralled by the toys that she doesn't pursue it. Instead, she buys a small rag doll, tucks it away into her gambeson, and continues on her stroll.

Jyri turns his gaze upwards quite often - last time, the threat came from above. He's doing a patrolling circle around the small festive market and shakes his head to an offer of an apple. He stops near Ailith though and watches her with the children, a small smile forming.

Dame Marra, a limping fennec fox, Disciple Ismay, Disciple Fulgence, 2 Templar Knight guards leave, following Ailith.

Dame Marra, a limping fennec fox, Disciple Ismay, Disciple Fulgence, 2 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Ailith.

Ailith runs her finger along the boy's cheek. "That is true. There are stories and then there are those stories. And by Vellichor and the Sentinel, we know those truths. I think this strong and brave Knight And his friends," a nod to Quintin, Jyri, and the others, "would want to fight her so you can dream sweetly and feel safe. Just like when you wake up and the sun is on your cheeks and your momma has breakfast on the table." Then low to the child alone, she says seriously.

Quintin is trying to look stalwart and reliable, nodding solemnly like this is no big deal to him. Like he slays monsters all the time and there's no reason for the children to be worried. His serious eyebrows are a great help to him in this endeavour.

"We will," Jyri agrees with Ailith, giving the kid his most friendly grin. Which just makes him look mostly feral, but he tries his best. "Got the dogs too." As if the animals understand, they look up at him and then look at Ailith and the child.

At the promise of cookies, the children swarm towards Olivia, each one trying to out do the other in telling the most dramatic version of the stories. The Mother of Monsters eats bad little children! She grinds their bones and uses the powder as gruel! No, she uses it to blind children to make them easier to catch! If your parents leave you outside over night, one of her creatures will come for you! Her children are horribly disfigured with spikes of metal and jagged scars!

Olivia doles out the cookies. She came prepared this time.

The boy in Ailith's arms turns a pair of oh-so-serious brown eyes on the Legate and whatever it is that is whispered to him seems to bolster his flagging spirit. He nods and looks up at the others, even as his peers are clamoring for Olivia's attention. "I saw her once." He gives a somber nod. "She moves like a spider. And she was crouching over the man, and he was screaming. She wound him up with webs and dragged him down the street towards her house. The house was a monster too. It had legs that bend like a sea bird's. It was crooked and there were sounds."

A serious knight is no match for the allure of cookies, and so Quintin is left behind in favour of Olivia and is thus there to hear the child talk to Ailith. He exchanges a glance with Ailith and Jyri, and gently asks, "Where was this house on legs?"

Olivia leans down to the last boy and smiles "Two extra cookies if you can tell us where that was."

2 House Velenosa Guards leaves, following Leta.

Merek slides up next to Ailith, and speaks to her a moment, while he leans to the woman.

Jyri doesn't disblieve the storey about the monster-spider-woman, he's seen her. The part about the house has him a bit dubious however, but kids are kids and they see things differently. "Aye, can you tell us where?" he asks, sharing that look with Quintin and Ailith. "I'm Lord Jyri Whitehawk," he introduces himself to Ailith. "Pleasure to meet you."

Merek then nods to Ailith after his words, looking to her from the hood, "Your call."

Ailith lifts a pendant from her neck to let it dangle within the boy's hands. "Goodness! How frightening that must have been. And you were so brave to keep a safe distance. This spider is definitely what Knights hunt. Lord Quintin and Lord Jyri," she angles herself to let the boy see both men clearly, "with those hounds sniff her out. Lord Quintin does have the right idea. Where did you see the house last?" And she once more murmurs in the boy's ear but it's a child song taught of the light and strength of the Faith against darkness and fear. Little lyrics to soothe. The comment made by Merek raises her eyebrows. "Uuh. This isn't a festival ran by the Faith. I assumed the locals did. I believe," she motions to stalls, "is where the committee is if you wish make the suggestion. And I will try to help as I can."

"Yes, but the offer to the committee would still sound better from you, I'm just... Some guy," Merek motions a bit, then he walks to the stalls with a bow for Ailith, speaking then to the people there. "If I put my money into it, how would you all like to move this party to the main city with the festival? The kids should enjoy some expense."

That pendant is held carefully, and the boy looks shyly at the nobility watching him. He shakes his head and murmurs, "No thank you," To Olivia at the offer of the cookie. "Mamma said not to take from strangers. That's how kids get took." His mop of blonde curls falls into his eyes and he says, "I wasn't s'pposed to be there. I'll get in trouble."

Quintin glances up at Merek, nods, and then back down to the child in Ailith's arms. "You'd be doing us a great favour," he tells the child solemnly. "And help us stop the creature from taking anyone else." There is snow soaking into his knee, but he doesn't move just yet.

Olivia checked charm + empathy at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Quintin checked charm + empathy at difficulty 20, rolling 9 lower.

Olivia smiles at the kid, "Oh I understand. My brother yells at me about stuff all the time. How about you whisper me, and It will be our little secret? No one gets yelled at."

Ailith gulps. "Uh-oh. That's rarely a good thing for your mom to hear, but let me tell you--" she grins wide in Olivia's direction, "She's the best keeper of secrets. She won't tell that your mom hears of it." She tries to help out Olivia's attempt.

The little boy wrinkles his nose at Quintin a bit and hides his face again. Olivia, however, seems to have the key to drawing the lad out and he looks between her and Ailith, as if weighing the odds. "It was down in the docks. In the Lowers?" He swallows, "There are folk down there that give me silver to deliver things. Mama said I shouldn't. But... we need the money."

Merek checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 45, rolling 10 lower.

One of the organizers looks at Merek and frowns. "We got permission! We don't want to move all of our stuff all the way to the Ward of the Compact! We're already here! Go on with yourself, go. Go have an apple." He shakes his head at Merek and goes back to his group.

Perhaps he was too stern seeming, or not heroic enough, or something. Quintin tries not to wince when the little boy hides his face from him, but thankfully Olivia is much more convincing. Quintin shuts up for the time being, glancing between the others.

Merek checked willpower at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Olivia smiles at the boy, "Thank you, but I will give you a whole bag of silver to not go to the docks you know?"

Ailith nods solemnly. "Working hard for your family is a good deed, but I know why your momma would say no. The docks are dangerous. But if you aren't there, we wouldn't know." She pulls from her pockets a few coins to tuck carefully into the boy's pocket. "Truths can be rewarded especially when it's very important to save others. This was brave of you and I am glad you escaped." She gives him a hug and as promised does not let him go.

Jyri straightens up once more and glowers a bit over at the organizers, but he says nothing. "Anything else you remember, about the house?" he asks the boy directly instead. "What else was near it? WHat did the area look like?"

Merek frowns a bit, but knows actually explaining why he doesn't want them all here would be crazier. He then nods a bit from the hood, as he shifts his attention to the others. He does his best not to make a scene as he settles at someplace to keep watch also.

Quintin rises to his feet, taking a few moments to peer about at the crowd, his gaze lingering on the mouths of alleys and occasionally flicking up toward the rooftops.

The child looks torn at Olivia's offer of a bag of silver. Instincts tell him it is a trap, that much is evident by his expression, and yet... she has been kind to him thus far. Ailith's words, however, strike the perfect note, along with the humble amount pressed into his palm brings a gloss to his eyes. After a swallow he says, "It was on the edge, between the Upper and Lowers, built into a corner of the wall. There is a build near it with a black fish on a red wave."

Dame Marra, a limping fennec fox, Disciple Ismay, Disciple Fulgence, 2 Templar Knight guards leave, following Ailith.

Dame Marra, a limping fennec fox, Disciple Ismay, Disciple Fulgence, 2 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Ailith.

Olivia looks up to Merek and Jyri and Quintin with a raised eyebrow as if to ask, 'Did you catch all that?'

Merek nods a bit to Olivia to show he knows, while he shifts his cloak about him. He looks to the skies thoughtfully as he collects snow on the black attire.

Ailith hugs the boy once more. "Oh you are so smart." The commoner in her recognizes that instinct to be wary of bags of silver. "Trust your instincts and the Gods. They'll guide you through these streets. But ladies like Lady Olivia are especially sweet and honorable. You should see her plants." All the talk aims to distract the young boy a bit, put him at ease, as she looks over the boy's head at Quintin, Merek, and Jyri with a serious expression in entrusting them for monster slaying.

Jyri slings his spear onto his back now. "Got it," he says. He too takes out some silver to give the boy. "The Iron Guard thanks you for your service. Your testimony will be kept anonymous. Very nice observations there - consier the Iron Guard when you get a bit older." He grins again, then calls for the dogs. He looks at everyone nearby, raising an eyebrow. "Should we go have a look?"

Quintin glances at Olivia and Ailith before settling his attention on Jyri. "Let's," he agrees. He leans toward Ailith and the child and says, "Thank you for your help. You're very brave." The young Ashford lord offers the child a smile.

Olivia smiles at the boy, "Next time you find me wandering around out here stop me. We aren't strangers any more, well we won't be if you tell me your name." She glances at Jyri and nods. "Right behind."

The boy looks up at Ailith with the eyes of a true believer. "Thank you, Mother Ailith." He releases the woman and has his fist closed tight around those coins. He looks to the others and nods his head. When Olivia speaks to him, he shuffles a little and nods. "I'm Angus. Angus Carver." He gives a last look to Ailith and turns to run off.

Quintin pauses. "Any relation to Henry Carver?" he asks the little boy.

Merek nods, making his way to follow where any of the others are going also.

Jyri turns about and starts marching off then, Iron Guard cloak fluttering behind him and dogs padding alongside. "Could send a whole small army of Guards down there," he tells the others, "but she'd likely just bolt over the roofs. Best we approach cautiously however."

There is a pause as Quintin asks him that question and the boy nods. "He's my cousin." And with that, the lad is off.

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