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This Is Totally Safe v.2

Last we looked, the College of Agriculture at Artshall was safe. Totally safe. Especially after having fended off a rather large group of angry attackers. But some time passes, a few weeks and a troubling report finds its way to the main seat of the duchy: 'college under attack, trapped inside, send help' delivered by one exhausted messenger. Who will help?

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April 19, 2019, 9 p.m.

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Norwood Gawain Ian Iliana Olivia Kedehern Arcadia Amari Rhiannon Shae Rysen



Outside Arx - Oathlands near Artshall - Barracks of College of Agriculture

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Comments and Log

Several weeks ago, a force of some one hundred or so Abandoned soldiers made a move on Artshall's College of Agriculture. It was swiftly rebuffed by those there and the Laurent forces claimed the field in a stunning victory. Since then, all has been peaceful and quiet... until this week. Several days ago, a frantic messenger from the college stumbled into Artshall proper with an alarming message. That the duke's pet project was under *siege*. That the Abandoned had brought nearly two hundred men and women and were camped outside of the gates. That they were planning on battering the gates, that it could be any day that they made it in.

Forces were quickly dispatched from castle, taking with them whatever people of note happened to be visiting and wanted to take up arms as well as other travelers on the road who heard the news and wanted to help. It's an interesting combination of heroes that arrive today, leading Artshall's reserve army to the rescute.


A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Gawain before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Gawain before departing.

Kedehern wields Grief, an ancient great sword made from rubicund steel.

Norwood is particularly fond of his horse when they have to take sudden long rides. Steadfast lives up to his name and is very steadfast the whole trip. Norwood arrives only mostly tired from the ride and muttering something about... "Not as young as I once was..." under his breath. When his soldiers on horses arrive he pulls them to a stop far enough away from the enemy that absolutely probably doesn't have red eyes, so they can survey what they have before them. More under his breath, "What do they have against //farming//?" Seriously.

Kedehern puts a steel breastplate in an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Kedehern puts a set of steel leg guards in an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Kedehern puts a set of steel gauntlets in an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Kedehern puts a steel helm in an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Kedehern puts a set of steel sabatons in an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Kedehern puts a set of steel pauldrons in an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Kedehern puts two-handed war mace in an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Gawain happened to have been paying attention to events, every now and then swinging near to the area to see what is going on, so as people are making ready to come to the defense of the college, he sits on horseback, off to the side perhaps and behind Norwood, respecting the man's authority. He has his visor open, and a bright smile on his features. "A pity that there are so many of us - it means that we will have to share more of the lessons of learning we are about to offer today to our eager students." He has a bright smile, looking all the ready to get involved and protect those that need it.

In the effort to scrounge up and transport a defending force, Laurent turned to Kennex, and Kennex dug up a river ship or two from somewhere and also dug up Ian, since he's the one married to the woman with the kinship ties to Laurent. The ships are laden with supplies, so that nobody had to screw around with wagons breaking axles on the way over. He's been careful to keep pace with the land force. With direct access to the wall, it wouldn't be hard to resupply the college this way, or even sneak some people inside.

Iliana never much expected to be back here. While she is a fan of expanding one's agriculture and likes to peek in on Laurent doings every now and again, she is not a botanist. And yet, here she is - with her young cousin Arcadia, to boot. Clad in her steel commander's armor, she draws up her horse near Gawain and Norwood and glances aside at Arcadia. "I /was/ hoping to see you shoot at a tournament before I saw you shoot for real," she says in an undertone. Her eyes focus on the formations they are facing and she whistles quietly. "I wouldn't worry. Looks like there's plenty of students out there to be taught," she adds to Gawain.

Olivia opted to ride on the boat with Ian. She likes the Kennexi (Kennexesses?) and doesn't much like horses. So boat it is. She heard people were coming back here, and last time she had to stop bleeding, and she was the only one trained to do so, so she had better come again I suppose. This time she brought Rhiannon, so as to not get in as much trouble if she isn't as good at dodging arrows this time. She smiles up to Ian. "So glad you brought a boat."

Kedehern's player has no idea what's even going on really, but likely Kedehern himself does despite this handicap! Regardless, he's here in some capacity, likely having arrived on his horse, along with and the others, presumably.

Arcadia having somehow managed to talk Iliana into letting her come along and ditch her guards is on cloud nine. Bouncing down the road, tapping a stick along the ground, she promises Iliana "You've got nothing to worry about. This will be amazing! Well, not the attack. Attacks are bad. But adventures are fun!"

Amari rode out with Norwood, her horse a sturdy white palfrey named Clopsy who plods along without a complaint. Her rider doesn't have anything to say, really, her expression neutral to the point of almost annoyance somehow. There's a feeling of quiet exhaustion about her too, and it's possible she's nodded off once or twice on the trip. Her hood is up, the snowfox fur obscuring her face from view from every angle but straight on. As Norwood stops, she pulls up alongside and yawns. "Cabbage haters."

Rhiannon tolerates the boat. Eurion makes her travel by boat, so at least it's not as bad as it could be. She spends most of the time on deck, watching. She's is fully armed and armored, though she looks very out of place in green and brown outside of the forests.

Norwood looks about the group, raising an eyebrow at Gawain, but choosing not to say anything to that. Instead he responds to Amari, "Is that what they were studying this month? Cabbages?" Very serious question. Under him Steadfast drags a hoof along the ground leaving behind a nice hole. "Did those Kennexes bring a horn so we can know when they're in place?" Someone, anyone?

Like Amari, Shae is riding along with Norwood, Kedehern, and her cousin. On her War Elk, with her hound, Daegmund following along side her. And much like her cousin she seems very reserved, and has looked a touch haggard and tried through out the ride. At times starting to pass out and then wake up with a sudden start, as she falls foward a bit on her elk. Her amber gaze exhausted looking around her and their surroundings. Her war elk stoping with the group when they do. Blinking a little, she taps her cheek a touch.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Shae before departing.

It would seem, at least on the surface, that Ian is here with logistical support. Supplies, an infirmary, maybe even infantry. The ships are rigged with lateen sails, allowing a limited amount of sailing when the wind is right, but the rest of the time, the strong Kennex oarsmen fight the lazy river current. Dressed in leathers and with no visible sword and an unstable gait, it's questionable how useful he'd be, beyond moving supplies and people.

Gawain isn't exactly oblivious...per se. He's just who he is. In truth he'd have made an -amazing- Knight, one to point in a direction and use their conviction to encourage them to do whatever needs to be done. Sadly, life had other plans for him and now he is a House Sword and heir. He just nods to Iliana, "Indeed. Fitting that they are near a College, in truth. While we will teach them a lesson, I more hope that their poor life choices will be modeled and others will reflect upon them so they do not make nearly the same mistkae that these unfortunate souls have. It's going to be a bloody day, methinks, but their families and cohorts will hopefully tell this day's deeds as a cautionary tale for the future." He nods sagely as he sits atop his large Chevalle vanner, waiting.

As the Laurent forces approach the valley, they can see that the messenger (who was one of the Top Guard) gave a pretty accurate summary of events. The walls of the college look battered, but they're new and so they stood up to the abuse. The army is roughly twice the size of the one that attacked last time, but today several of the key leaders seem to actually be involved. There appears to be a bit of shouting match going on between the enemy and someone at the wall next to the gates. The person on the wall can be seen shaking their head and then they're gone. It's too far away for anyone to hear the sound of it, but soon an arrow protrudes from his chest and he topples over many feet to the ground.

For those keeping note by the way, there is a squire-type fellow with his shirt on backwards named Josiah. He is over with those at the infirmary ready to help. It's a yellow shirt, and yes, it's facing the wrong way. He's tall, he's gangly, he's young, and he's not allowed anywhere near a horse.

"I'm not sure how much adventure you'll get," Iliana says, looking aside at Arcadia with some concern in her expression. "It looks like it'll be /all/ battle. And you don't have a blade," she adds. "So if I see you outside the archers' lines ..." then she pauses and sighs. "Never mind. I know you're not crazy." She /thinks/.

Gawain gets a low chuckle. "Knowing human nature ... I'm not sure I"d lay coin on it." She peers through the lines at the confrontation near the wall. "Someone trying to bargain?" she guesses as the body falls from the wall. "They're not here to talk."

Olivia wanders around the deck of the boat organizing all her medical supplies. To ensure she has plenty of everything she might need. She Turns when the college comes in to full view though. She glances over to Rhiannon, "I will try not to get hit Cousin. I managed it last time." She starts going back through all the supplies again. Double. Triple Check. "Lord Ian your stewards did a great job with my list of supplies, Thank you."

Arcadia inhales when she sees the man go down. Her whole expression turned serious "I won't move from the archers. Promise." She already pulls her crossbow from her back and starts checking her arrows.

Arcadia wields sleek, detailed, wooden crossbow.

"We had a lot of it on hand," Ian explains to Olivia. "Because of the way things are in Mourning Sea. I assume that's the college on the horizon there." As the group draws up (?), Ian orders anchors to be dropped. Additional mooring lines draw the ships close enough to the bank of the river to make it possible to get off.

Rysen wields a keen-edged longsword.

"Well." Norwood says slowly, watching that man get shot with an arrow. "Charging in is a bad idea." His eyes peer about till they focus on Gawain's yellow-shirtted man. "YOU. JOSIAH. BLOW the horn to let Lord Ian's people know where we are." Surely Josiah can blow a horn to lead Ian's people to the main group for a pow-wow.

That said he looks about the gathered. "Who do we have who can get a closer look without being shot full of arrows?" His eyes are looking specifically for a daughter-in-law of his (Shae). She's sneaky enough to have sunk up on HIM many a times. How much harder could be a fully armed and aware enemy?

Arcadia immediately raises her hand "I can do it! pick me! pick me! " She waves her hand about enthusiastic. Ready to prove herself useful.

Norwood mutters, "Of course ... Arcadia..."

"Shae, do you feel alright with scouting forth?" Kedehern asks, having been engaged with some of the squad leaders from the men that had been sent with them." A glance to Arcadia, "Perhaps along with Arcadia here," assuming they've made introductions and so forth.

Ian clamors off the ship clumsily, with the help of a couple of the sailors. No gallant leaping onto shore for him. He manages not to end up knee deep in mud though, so he's ahead of the game. "I can get a few people inside if you want to relay orders. If we have time, I can rig something up where they can be hauled up the wall."

Olivia glances around as she follows Ian off the boat, "There are likely wounded inside. I need to get in there." She looks to Ian. Can we not sail further south and use the other gate my Lord?" She looks to the group forming a scouting party. "Rhiannon is Ashford's best scout. I would suggest taking her along."

"I don't know." Amari helpfully replies, to both of Norwood's questions about cabbages and horns. All the while she readies her bow, and makes sure her arrows are in reach. Watching the shavs, she tilts her head slowly and narrows her eyes. She doesn't volunteer for anything, but frowns instead. "I think some of us ought to ride to their rear so they can't retreat so easily. We shouldn't let their leaders ride off like they did last time."

Ian checked command + war at difficulty 35, rolling 14 higher.

Iliana checked command + war at difficulty 35, rolling 40 higher.

Kedehern checked command + war at difficulty 35, rolling 8 higher.

Arcadia checked perception + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 25 higher.

She was right there to the side of Norwood, surprise! "Yeah, I can do that." She replies to Kedehern, a glance to Arcadia as she jumps on the chance to help scout forward. Giving her a smile sne nods, and then she would move to head off to scout further in with Arcadia and whoever else was joining them.

Norwood checked command + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 16 higher.

Shae checked perception + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 35 higher.

Norwood checked command + war at difficulty 35, rolling 3 lower.

Kedehern checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Arcadia immediately joins Shaw, her energetic manner slowing to super stealthy light feet and sneaking between the trees as they go.

Ian comes to the decision that he'll be taking anyone who wants into the besieged college over the wall via clever rope and winch engineering. He'll also work on moving some supplies in there, and get a sense of what the situation is, inside. "I'm going over the wall. Any messages I should take with me? Orders? The postern gate isn't safe to go through."

Olivia stands firmly up to Ian. "You are taking me with you. I have patients in there."

Iliana swears helpfully under her breath as ARcadia scoots off. Probably at a point where Arcadia can't hear ... probably "Godsdamn that child. She is going to kill me." While others marshal the troops, Iliana herself pulls her steed back a ways, to the crest of a rise where she can see better over and around the massing Laurent and Laurent-adjacent forces. "They've concentrated their forces heavily on the gate," she calls to the loosely gathered knot of plotters. "But there's almost no activity south of here. It's strange that they would converge so heavily like this. If we can spare troops from the main formation and from guarding their retreat," she nods to Amari, "we should scout that way."

While the Laurent forces begin to mobilize out of sight of the enemy, there's much screaming coming from the college. They saw the guard at the top fall over to his more-than-likely death. And now, the screaming intensifies because a covered battering ram is being leveled at the main gate.

Ian looks Olivia over, and nods. "They're probably trying to bait someone into opening that gate," he suggests to Iliana. "I'm not great at looking for people hiding on land, but someone who has an eye for that will probably see someone. Alright, it's unraveling there. Let's get going."

Kedehern brings his mount alongside Iliana's, and spotting the same... Lack of harassment at the southern gate, the general gives a small nod. "Quite. We needs eyes to the south, to be sure. Let

"Well. That's won't do. Amari!" Norwood calls out, "Archers! Shoot at that thing and get them to stop that." The thing being the battering ram.

Kedehern brings his mount alongside Iliana's, and spotting the same... Lack of harassment at the southern gate, the general gives a small nod. "Quite. We needs eyes to the south, to be sure. Let's see what the scouts say on their return, and if possible, we can send them to take a gander."

There is a silent smile, though a touch haggard, to Arcadia as the two slip off to sneak in closer to the enemy. Scouting out the surroundings and their current positioning as they do move closer to them. While Shae has a limp, it doesn't seem to stop the Keaton Huntsmen. Her perceptive gaze noting what she sees of the enemies current positioning. And of the tracks that she finds as well. She will make her way back to the gathered Laurent forces and friends. "The bulk of the appears to be at the first set of gates, but I noticed some tracks that go *further* south in the surrounding woods that face the second gate." A pause as she looks up in thought, "I'd say around 75 of them in the nearby woods."

Olivia stays close to Ian. She has been bossed around by him before. She trusts his judgement. She tightens her satchel to make sure it is ready. She likely has a lot of healing to once she gets inside. She turns back to the group as she heads off with Ian. "Please stay safe out here. I might not be able to get back out. I will see if they can leave me a way back out though."

Riding up on a Crovane war horse, Rysen offers Ian a quick salute as he prepares to enter the college. Glancing towards Iliana and Amari, he says "I'd like to join whoever's headed where the fighting will be thickest. I'm not an archer, but I'm happy to join a flank attack, or join the vanguard at the gate."

Ian checked command + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 20 higher.

Gawain is quiet now, waiting for orders. His hands rest on his saddle, and his hands cross at the wrists as he looks out, letting out a little sound -- is that a whistle? He does look over though and reaching into his bag he pulls out a white shirt and waves it. Josiah sees it and immediately hops up and trips in the process cause...inevitable. He gets up though and runs towards the horn and blows. That should at least alert the archers inside per Norwood's desires!

Olivia checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 35, rolling 18 higher.

"Right," Iliana says, resting a hand on the butt of her wicked spear. "The majority of the men are here, and that ram is going to ruin the men inside the walls if we don't get it stopped." She glances at Amari. "Can you shoot the bearers? Our cavalry can take their lines if we buy ourselves time removing the ram from the equasion." She glances at Rysen. "I'd say the fighting might be heavier here. But there's a contingent south in the woods I'm worried about." She nods her head to Kedehern. "I'd say we need a force down there to keep the gate clear and figure out what they're waiting for, if it's not just to slaughter people who flee out that gate."

"75 in the wood... Hmmmm. The question is, lying in wait as a reserve to take us by surprise, or something else?" Kedehern murmurs. He sighs, and shakes his head. "Well, if it's a trap, sometimes the only way to escape it is to set it off." He looks to Norwood there. "Baron Norwood, would you be so obliged as to take some skirmishers and split them off the for the rest of us, in case those in the wood come out to play, when the rest of our forces make contact with the enemy at the gates?"

Arcadia begins to bounce on her toes, waiting for her next order. She checks and rechecks her arrows and then looks to Iliana, "Can I go shoot with Amari? Or do you want me to shimmy up a tree and shoot the smaller group? "

Rhiannon makes sure that Olivia is taken care of, heading into the College and then she melts into the trees that are surrounding the area. She's a tree scout and so she scouts in the trees. It's time for her to do what she's trained her entire life to do: move silently in the trees, collect information, and kill when she gets an opening.

Norwood listens to the intelligence that the sneaky people, Shae, Kedehern, Arcadia, about the forces trying to be sneaky. He inclines his head to them, then turns to raise an eyebrow at Gawain and Iliana. "Shall we go cut off some support and make some noise for Lord Ian and them?" Norwood isn't really asking, just kidding. He urges on Steadfast to go and head of the 75 people off to the direction they are coming in on.

Rysen nods to Iliana. "Then I'll remain here with Lord Ian, and defend the college." He moves to the winch and makes prepares to join Ian and Olivia inside.

Arcadia already edges towards Norwood and the group edging towards the forest. "Alright. I can do that."

Norwood checked command + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 3 higher.

Amari is quiet, nodding to acknowledge Iliana and then Shae's report on the additional group hiding in the woods to the south. That's definitely something to consider. The inside of her cheek is chewed on, and a plan of attack formulated in her head. "Right. Bearers then, to slow the ram." She can do that.

Iliana's gaze drifts upwards into the sky for a few beats as she thinks. "Go with," then she sees ARcadia is headed off already, "yes. Do that. Don't get hurt, or I will kill you." Rhiannon is out there, and Iliana is confident that between the tree scout and the other bigwigs here it should be okay and no young archers are getting carried off on litters...

This settled, she kicks her steed into a canter and catches Norwood up. "Let's go spring this trap."

That aura of calm that surrounds Ian, even in life or death situations like this one -- ESPECIALLY in life or death situations like this one -- is hypnotic. He can be compelling when he wants to be; the electricity in his too-blue eyes catches anyone who he impales with his attention. He starts with individuals, collaring them and giving them specific things to do, carving a path of order through the chaos, always with that sense of serenity. As the panic begins to still around him, like the calm at the center of a storm, he's able to assume more direct command. He stands on a barrel or similar elevated platform, clamoring up clumsily. "Listen up!" Also, when he wants to make his voice carry, holy crap does it carry. He's not shouting, exactly, but that's some impressive lung capacity. "I'm Lord Ian Kennex, and I'm taking command. There's a relief force outside, but they're going to need our help. I know there aren't a lot of soldiers here, but today, you're going to have to be soldiers. Keep your heads and do as I tell you, and you're all going to drink for free on this story for the rest of your lives."

Gawain wields Chevalle's Charge, a rubicund longsword.

"Shae, go with your step-father, if you would? If they've setup an ambush in the wood, I'd feel better if he had your sharp eyes to spot it," Kedehern states. With that, Kedehern signals to the rest of the Artshall Reserve they've with them to start and move forward on the besieging army.

Olivia gets winched up the wall. Emergency Medical supplies delivery. She can't get down off the wall fast enough and inside the walls. She starts barking out orders again. But the common folk here remember her from last time. It doesn't take long before she has people helping her get all the supplies in order again. She turns to Ian and Rysen. "See if we can't get at least some of those supplies off the ship in here. Make sure we leave some on the boat just in case?" Then she makes her way back in to the barracks she had set up in to a Triage last time, the people tried to replicate it and there are some wounded here. She starts directing who she can to get the barracks ready for a huge influx of wounded again. And does her best to check on the already wounded when she can.

Iliana wields Eagle's Talon.

Ian and Olivia manage to successfully get into the college, only to find complete and total fucking chaos. It turns out the man that was on top of the wall when this all started, was the man the Laurent's left as a 'second in command' for when Lord Kedehern had to go on business back to Artshall proper. He's dead now and the rest of the troops are in a total panic. The prodigal village that lives within the walls is very busy praying, so at least *they're* not in a frenzy. They're all extremely surprised when Ian, Olivia and their entourage arrive but also GLAD because things have been looking not super awesome. They're prepared to take all commands and set up whatever they need to.


The Laurent Troops meanwhile are splitting up and preparing to engage with the 75 folks 'hiding' in the woods and Lord Kedehern is leading the full on assault at the gates.

Team Kedehern: Roll Dexterity + Weapon at 35

Team Norwood: Roll Dexterity + Weapon at 37

Gawain spurs his horse after Norwood as he closes his visor. "An excellent plan. It will be good to get the lessons started," he says with amusement, clearly in good spirits now as he starts to move forward in line, following the path that makes the most sense. He draws his blade and seems absolutely ready to make sure that they are in good shape now as he starts to ride.

Gawain checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 37, rolling 10 higher.

Amari checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 13 higher.

Norwood checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 37, rolling 11 higher.

Shae glances to Ililana as she starts to give orders, watching the woman for a moment, then she looks to Kedehern, who is the General of the forces for the college. At Kedehern's orders she nods, and turns her war elk off to head for the woods, that they smaller ambush group was set up in. Moving to perhaps try and counter ambush them if she could.

Iliana checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 37, rolling 14 higher.

Kedehern checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 4 higher.

Shae checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 37, rolling 13 higher.

Arcadia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 37, rolling 11 higher.

Ian rounds up the people who normally deal with bringing in supplies and puts them to work doing something they're good at, bringing in medical supplies, other supplies, and even a few reinforcements to help stiffen the backs of the people left here. He quickly promotes the levelest heads he comes across, soldiers or not soldiers, to command positions, and gets a slap-dash defense put together. "You. You deal with the chamberpots here? Get your staff together. I want all the chamberpots. We're going to give those assholes a reason to think twice about getting near the walls."

Olivia comes back from getting Triage ready and makes her way to Ian. "Lord Ian. Triage will be ready. What else can I do to help?" She looks like a bundle of nervous energy peering over at the gate. She is worried about everyone out there. Also last time arrows came flying at her.

Kedehern's forces crest the hill and come crashing down into the enemy forces with a great clatter that seems to shock them. In that moment, things begin to fall into chaos. Abandoned forces that were just waiting patiently for the gates to be knocked down are suddenly finding themselves being cut to ribbons. However, the folks in the covered battering ram are still crashing into the gate. It gives a great big groan, like it might want to give way at any moment.

To the south, Norwood's crew is finding that it's... oh, it's rather empty over here? Uh..

No, it's not. Because from the treeline comes the first wave of 'spare' soldiers. They come with several 'staircases' that they've been building out there in the woods, with which to scale the walls which they're pushing along to. On the stairs are enemy archers and they begin to shoot at Norwood and his people, heavily guarded by their own soldiers.

Ian checked command + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 6 lower.

Iliana checked luck + dodge at difficulty 35, rolling 12 lower.

Arcadia checked luck + dodge at difficulty 35, rolling 37 higher.

Kedehern checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 11 higher.

Olivia checked command + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 6 lower.

Amari checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 13 lower.

Gawain checked luck + dodge at difficulty 35, rolling 0 higher.

Shae checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 37, rolling 2 lower.

Arcadia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 37, rolling 4 lower.

Norwood checked luck + dodge at difficulty 35, rolling 1 higher.

Rhiannon checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 8 higher.

Shae checked luck + dodge at difficulty 35, rolling 6 lower.

Rysen checked command + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 19 lower.

Into the fray rides Amari, the White Heart of Keaton. Aeterna cloak flying out behind her, her white palfrey galloping along toward the main mass of shav assaulting the gate. She goes wide and takes a curving path rather than running straight at them, readying arrows in groups of threes to shoot one and hold two at the ready in her draw hand. It lets her pepper the ranks with arrows as she speeds by, looping for the front where she stands in her stirrups and lets fly at the shav pushing the battering ram. The thing is a _covered_ battering ram it turns out. The arrows thunk into wood rather than the intended people, and soon momentum and speed has taken her too far along and she rides off to circle around again for another pass.

Those staircases are a large nope. Norwood puts his helmet down, pats poor Steadfast on the side, then yells, "CHARGE!" Time to go and attack the nice/notnice people that are attacking the fortress. "Yell and make noise to alert the people inside the College!" Then, it's all wooping and yelling and hollering from Norwood as he dives in with Queensguard on display.

Arcadia flings herself out of the way, shooting up at those staircases. Following Norwood's orders she shouts and Hollars, making as much noise as she can.

Rhiannon makes her way into the trees, sneaking up into the foliage. She finds commanders. Those who stand out in this 'army' and she works on sniping them from the trees. Take out the command and the army will fall apart.

Kedehern crashes into the forces at the main gate, as he tries to lead a group of men ever closer to the battering ram. "To me, men! Break their will!" he bellows, as he lays about with the massive, rubicund greatsword. When--if--he sees the siege towers, he bellows again, looking for a commander on the flanks. "Archers! Stop those towers and get them off the skirmishers! Make them bloody duck!"

Kedehern checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

After seeing to Olivia's supplies, Rysen makes his way down to the front gate. As the timbers shiver, he draws his sword and utters a prayer to Gloria and the battle spirits of the North. He kisses his sword, and lets it rest against his shoulder. A slight grin plays across his features.

Riding out into the fray, Gawain has the look of the happy wanderer. This is life's purpose - to protect those that need it. He rids into battle with his sword drawn, steed beating down quickly into the forest and there's....a looking about, turning before there's a simple sound:

Plink. Plink plink. Arrows bounce off of his armor and he laughs, loudly, audibly even. "Very good! Nice shooting," he says as they hit him and yet it does nothing as he works towards those stairs. His blade is swinging as those close will tell the tale of his attempt to redeem those who hvae made ill judgement today. "MAKE." *swing* "BETTER." *swing* "LIFE." *swing* "CHOICES!" *swing swing* It is indeed tough work, trying to convince those one is cutting down to abandon their doomed efforts before the sword cuts through their flesh but he is suited to the task.

It was all going so well until, "Lord Ian WHO? KENNEX? IS THIS AN INVASION? ARE WE GOING TO BE MADE SLAVES?" Member Number One of the Top Guard shrieks and once he starts in on it being a Kennex invasion, it just seems go downhill from there for the next ten minutes. People are shouting at each other that 'it's not slaves, you idiot, it's thralls!' as well as 'Everyone knows the Kennexeses don't keep thralls anymore!' and 'For fucks sake, Lloyd, get away from the wall!' No chamberpots are collected for now and even the medical team seems confused. Is Olivia ALSO a Kennex? Why is a Kennex here?? WHO IS THIS RYSEN PERSON?

Iliana tosses her head back, howls like a champ, and kicks her mount into a charge. On horseback and with the long spear in hand, she has a range advantage ... against soldiers. Archers, not so much. But she catches several on the lower tiers as she goes by, and then lays into the soldiers pushing the mobile units. Here she /does/ have an advantage. They're on foot, and she has tons of warhorse underneath her. She uses that to as much effect as her spear. She lays one open with her spear, and her horse tramples another who couldn't quite keep his feet, and on she goes into the thick of things.

Cristoph has rolled 1 20-sided dice: 17

Cristoph has rolled 1 20-sided dice: 15

Shae joins the fray in the woods, her own bow out, and put to use as she fires arrows at the soldiers that are pushing the siege towers. Can't really go anywhere if you don't have some to push your have ass.

An arrow from one of the archers strikes Iliana in the shoulder! 85 inflicted and Iliana is harmed for severe damage.

An arrow from one of the archers strikes Shae in the top of the thigh. 65 inflicted and Shae is harmed for serious damage.

Gawain checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 6 higher.

Ian checked command + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 35 higher.

Arcadia has rolled a critical success!
Arcadia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 155 higher.

Rhiannon checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 27 higher.

Amari checked luck + dodge at difficulty 35, rolling 6 lower.

Rysen checked charm + diplomacy at difficulty 35, rolling 8 higher.

Norwood checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 14 higher.

Kedehern checked luck + dodge at difficulty 35, rolling 14 lower.

Olivia checked command + etiquette at difficulty 35, rolling 1 lower.

"My name is Rysen Crovane. I have come from Stormwall to lay down my life if necessary in defense of your college. This man," says Rysen to the defenders, gesturing at Ian, "has stood against foes beyond count, in dire situations where none thought to survive. He is your best chance to survive! Join us! Fight with all your strength and will and spirit! Gloria watches over us, and it is time to risk everything for glory, life and everything you hold dear!" He ceases speaking, and resumes his place before the gate.

Shae has rolled a critical success!
Shae checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 51 higher.

Somehow, Norwood is managing to NOT get hit in all of this. It's helpful to when Norwood starts actually being able to slice into people with Queensguard from on top of Steadfast. "GAWAIN, DOES JOSIAH HAVE A TORCH? WE SHOULD BURN THOSE." Yelling is helpful, did Gawain get hit? Norwood doesn't know. People are getting shot with arrows around him. It's a little confusing.

Arcadia seeing her cousin go down to an arrow, suddenly narrows her eyes and shoots off a bunch of arrows, aiming high and taking out a bunch of archers. Clearing a path with her arrows she shouts at others, pretty cluelessly "Go! Do something!"

Okay, so it's a bit of a rough start. Ian's used to dealing with soldiers, after all, and he's used to Islesmen and women who're used to dealing with violence. He creates pockets of order where he can personally compel people to take specific actions. It looks like the walls are about to be assaulted, so he works on putting together a defense. Are there pikes and shields here? Pikes and shields would be good. He hasn't given up on the bees as an ohshit button if it seems like the gates are going to fold.

Iliana checked luck + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Perhaps Kedehern shouldn't have sent those archers... Sure, the skirmishers he sent with Norwood seem to be doing far better, but... Kedehern, perhaps not so much. But then, the Laurent Knight is encased in massive rubicund plates, so he can probably take a few whacks, as he continues to hammer his heavy blade into the foes that he's entangled with in the melee. "Keep pushing!" he roars, as he wades ever closer to that battering ram.

Olivia grunts and hopes the conscripted nurses do a good enough job with what they were told. Maybe because Ian is such a good boss they will fall back in line. But there isn't much more she can do here for now. She runs her way over to the gate. She sets a hand on Rysen's shoulder and smiles. "I got your back Lord Rysen." She pulls one of her hairpins out and tries to prepare. Either for the gate to be broken or Rysen to yell at her for being at the Gate... or maybe Ian... who knows. She gets yelled at alot.

Iliana has time to take down one more footsoldier before one of the archers above her gets in a good shot. The arrow lodges in her right shoulder and she reels in the saddle, dragging on her mount's reins and making the animal whinny and rear in surprise. She manages to keep her seat, but blood pours down her right arm and that hand is dead. She switches her weapon to her left hand, fending off swords from below, half-bent ove her horse's neck as she tries to control the beast. She can go back through the continuing hail of arrows, or continue forward with the protection of her fellows. She chooses to continue forward, grimacing in pain as her horse jars beneath her.

Kedehern checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 23 higher.

Rhiannon takes out as much of the enemy as her arrows can reach. She fells one after the other, moving trees between shots so that she can't be located as easily. She's a ghost in the woods, or at least that is the aim and she's trying to take out the enemy force one at a time.

Gawain continues to fight, as he makes his way through the ranks as best as he can, doing his best to slow the progression of the stairs. He's less worried about the archers because, well, , they're not the true threat as much as those stairs getting to the walls would be. He continues to swing his blade, working on down the line as his horse kicks in and he continues to work to make the staris a bit more off balance, to get them to tilt or be less easy to manage. He calls back as lowdly as he can to Norwood, "I know not, good nobleman! I could ride over and ask if you wish but there are still many lessons to deliver in exercising good judgement!"

Thigh's are a nice and meaty, and excellent targets, so says the archer that just shot her. The arrow sticking through her leg. It was a good shot, not like that leg wasn't already scarred up. At least it was not her knee, again. Finding a good tree, she slips behind it to take some cover. Taking quick stock of the the situation out her in the woods, she knocks another arrow and takes aim for some of the archers. Letting loose some arrows at them, trying to stop them before they can harm more of the group. As soon as the arrows are loosed, she pushes her War Elk on, moving to the next bit of cover from some underbrush and trees.

"GAWAIN DON'T BE AN IDIOT." Lessons in exercising good judgement- Norwood has zero patience for flowery talk while they're getting shot at by arrows and people are bleeding. It's the dirty commoner in his blood. "I AM GETTING A TORCH." Norwood wheels his horse about to push back towards where people-who-carry torches might possibly be. He sees Iliana get hit and calls out to her, "Iliana! Can you still fight?"

Rysen's storm grey eyes fall on Olivia when he feels her touch on his shoulder. "Thank you. Fall back to triage, please," says Rysen to the young Ashford. "There will be many coming who need your help." He rests his steel-clad hand on hers for a moment, and then turns to face the gate, taking deep, controlled breaths.

Arcadia is a blaze of arrows, shooting arrow after arrow that remarkably always seems to land exactly where it needs to be at the right time. She saves more than a couple Laurent soldiers from death by downing their enemy before a killing blow can be struck and it's likely that they'll be talking about the Leary woman for months to come. Of course, it's also no surprise that she becomes the target of one of the enemy archers. But their aim isn't as fine, she takes a grazing injury at best.

Shae Keaton shows a remarkable apptitude as well, despite her injury or perhaps inspite of it. Her arrows give enough cover fire that those trying to take down the staircase archers are able to get close enough to do so before they overtake the wall.

Meanwhile at the college, Lord Ian isn't acting like a person who wants to enslave everyone so the Laurent soldiers eventually Stop. Acting. Like. Hysterical. Idiots and get with the program.

Lord Kedehern might be getting hit with arrows, but he's also putting down the pain and his leadership has the bulk of his troops cutting a path to that battering ram.


Olivia kind of glares at Rysen, "There are people out there that will need me first. If they can make it to Triage they are better off than the ones out there that can not." She looks pretty stubborn right now. But she could probably be swayed if Ian makes her. But for now. She is standing stubbornly in place.

Cristoph has rolled 1 20-sided dice: 20

Cristoph has rolled 1 20-sided dice: 18

Cristoph has rolled 1 20-sided dice: 15

Cristoph has rolled 1 20-sided dice: 13

Kedehern checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

Norwood has rolled a critical success!
Norwood checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 125 higher.

Kedehern checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 1 lower.

Gawain checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 11 higher.

Ian checked command + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 24 higher.

Iliana checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 18 higher.

Arcadia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 26 higher.

Shae has rolled a critical success!
Shae checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 70 higher.

Kedehern is struck hard! 75 inflicted and Kedehern is harmed for moderate damage.

Olivia checked command + medicine at difficulty 35, rolling 21 higher.

Rhiannon checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 28 higher.

Amari is struck! 65 inflicted and Amari is harmed for serious damage.

Rhiannon continues to just pick off anyone she can from the trees. If she can't get any from close enough, she tries to sneak up in the grass to get better shots.

Amari checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 7 higher.

Gawain continues, moving about. "Yes m'lord! Less idioting!" And so Gawain turns about now and sees that some are getting injured. Those archers are doing a number so maybe the stairs are less of a thing. It's time to start charging the archers and trying to thin their numbers. Which of course begs the question - if people can walk up the stairs as they are carried and fire arrows, could a person ride their horse up the stairs and push the archers off...or stab them - either works.

"As long as I'm in the saddle I can fight!" Iliana calls back to Norwood as her mount passes his. She's still bent forward over her horse's neck, but shoves herself back upright with an effort, grits her teeth, and thrusts her spear through the unprotected throat of a soldier trying to take her mount out from under her. "Do you need help with the torches?"

Ian is busy with putting together a defense against the siege towers right at the moment, so hopefully Rysen will be sufficient to forcibly instill in Olivia a basic survival instinct. With any luck, by now the 1st Laurent Chamberpot Corps are starting to do their work, and he's giving the hives a very particular sort of look. He's hoping his allies will lift the siege before the doors break, but he's not going to count on it.

Kedehern's perhaps slowing down a bit, on account of the heavy armor and massive weight of his sword. Or perhaps he's just distracted by bellowing orders in the middle of a damn melee. "Get that flank shored up, Robert! Noland! Watch your bloody backside, damn you!" Clank! Thump! Kedehern staggers a bit, and snarls at the Abandoned who struck him, before he engages again. "We're almost on them, dammit!"

Again, Shae moves to try and assist with stopping more of those siege towers from making it to the south gates. Moving out of cover she rides along near Illiana and whistles to her hound, to help support the Marchessa and keep soliders back away from her and her mount.

Arcadia hurriedly gathers more arrows, as she shoots one after another after another. She gets closer and closer to one of the staircases, picking off the lower rungs as she goes.

"DON'T FALL OFF THEN." Norwood calls back to Iliana. Falling off horses is a thing that happens sometimes. Norwood breaks out, but not for long. Gawain is yelling back, "GOOD. SAVE THAT FOR JOSIAH." Josiah can be idioting.

Working together finally, the Laurent troops under Lord Ian Kennex are managing to hold the gate together. Which is one step away from breaking completely under the pressure of the battering ram. The chamberpots are assembled and they begin dumping them over the side of the college which results in... well, look. Suffice it to say, there are several Abandoned soldiers that are going to be worried about contracting a serious case of pink eye in the next couple of days. The battering ram actually stops, even as the fighting continues.

Lord Kedehern is already injured, but he's fighting valiantly to the team that's trying to take down the gate. And very soon, he's likely to be on top of them.

Between Shae's arrows and Norwood's skill as a swordsman and possibly Gawain trying to tackle the staircase with his horse, they're able to waylay and STOP the archers on wheels, bringing that particular madness to a close.

Amari slows her horse for the next go around, which is a great idea for aiming, since it allows her to actually hit some of the shav pushing the battering ram, but also a bad idea. Something hits her, and she sags in the saddle, crumpled. She has presence of mind enough, or reflex to squeeze her knees into Clopsy's ribs and that sends her into a gallop away from the fight.

Rysen chuckles grimly at Olivia's stubbornness. He doesn't seem surprised at her response. He suddenly grabs her by her physican's coat and pulls her close, and whispers something in her ear. He releases her, and his eyes remain fixed on her for a moment, but a smile passes over her face. "Please trust me, this once," he says.

At seeing the last tower stopped, Shae wheels Carwyn around and makes for the main part of the battle. Moving in to try and provide cover and support for ther troops. As well as looking for any keey commanders or leaders of the shav troops. Really, that was her main goal, to try and find them and try and put an end to them.

Olivia grunts and wrinkles up her face. She nods though. "Fine. But as soon as that gate opens I am going out there for my friends." She makes her way back to Triage people come to her and she starts giving out orders again. From the sound of it out there, they are going to have a ton of incoming wounded.

Their particular nonsense draws to a close, and Norwood slows his horse to let poor Steadfast breathe for a moment. Not for very long though, because there is still fighting to get the front gate cleared. "To the main gates!" He calls out to those who are all on Team Attack The Staircase Archers. Now Team Help Kedehern

Kedehern checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 26 higher.

Ian checked command + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 26 higher.

Kedehern checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

Rhiannon checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 3 higher.

Iliana checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 42 higher.

Olivia checked command + medicine at difficulty 35, rolling 17 higher.

Gawain checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 17 higher.

Arcadia checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 15 higher.

Rysen checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 12 higher.

Arcadia hearing the new orders and being up a staircase, she starts shooting down at those below her, landing blows on the abandons, to maim but not kill. See Iliana. Promised to stay safe!

Norwood checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 26 higher.

Shae checked perception + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 38 higher.

Amari checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 2 higher.

So as it turns out, this is what it takes to get a laugh out of Ian. When the wave of disgust below causes the battering ram to shudder and stop, he spares himself just a moment for a quick bark of a laugh that's reflected with a sharp amusement flashing in his intense eyes. The moment of good humor from someone who's been so steady and serene so far is infectious, and a few people exchange looks and quirk smiles. Ian DID promise these people that he'd give the defenders a story they could drink free on for the rest of their lives, and he wasn't kidding. It's only a moment of levity, though, before he's back to snapping out orders. The next step is to get a force together to be ready to repel the attackers if the gate goes, and to see if he can get some of the people praying in the village to come and fight.

Shae checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 35, rolling 4 higher.

Iliana wheels her mount as the progress of the staircases slows, then stops, keeping Norwood in the corner of her eye. She scans the field for Arcadia, and nudges the horse into a trot through the downed men, Laurent and abandoned, towards her cousin. On her way by she passes Gawain. "Get stuck up there with that beast and you might live up there for the rest of your life!" Bloody, still bleeding, and clutching the reins with her half-dead right hand and her spear in her left, her eyes are still alight with a certain sort of battle fever that not everyone really goes for.

Once she spots her cousin relatively safe up on the tower she whistles shrilly at Arcadia, raises her spear in the easiest 'good job' gesture to read on a confusing battlefield, and wheels back around to go for the gates.

Perhaps getting clocked a few times resparks some anger in Kedehern, as he certainly seems motivated for the final push to the ram. Carving a path to the now-stalled implement, swinging his large blade in huge, sweeping arcs, and cutting out legs from underneath of the foes around him. "We're almost there, man! Just a bit more, and we have them broken!" Yelling, "Ser Marcus! Bring your men to the south, and they'll route! Try and take some for questioning, if you can!"

He looks to Iliana as she comes back and he chuckles softly. "Dear Lady, worry not. When there is a way up there is always a way down. It just makes good sense," he says, as he starts to charge towards the gates and into the fray. His huge Vanner is a powerful beast, as much a weapon perhaps at times as Gawain is and while he won't be tackling the battering ram, it is highly likely that while his sword does a good job at severing batterers from rams, the horse also does a good job of separating people from standing with its massive flanks.

Olivia continues getting Triage ready, but she is nervously watching that gate. She wants to get out there. People need her help and she knows that. Who needs help remains to be seen.

Shae skirts around the major parts of battle, her eyes narrowed as she keenly looks over it. Gaze swiftly moving over it as she seems to be searching... and searching. And perhaps having spotted her quarry, she pulls an arrow from her quiver. Nocking it quickly to her bowstring, she is already pulling that string back, and then letting it go quickly towards her prey.

After taking that blow, and finding herself leaking blood and her hand slick with that blood, dark Amari takes over. She flings her bow disdainfully to the ground, wheels her horse around and charges back into the melee. From her belt she pulls Tempestuous, the black bladed axe, and when she reaches the back of the shavs pushing for the main gate, she just starts swinging at anyone that gets in range. No fancy style, just savage hacking as she uses the speed and size of the horse to bowl through. She's like little Bunny Foo Foo out there, galloping through the formation, swinging at the Abandoned and chopping them on the head. Only, less funny, because her expression is set in a grim white rictus of rage. CHOP CHOP CHOP.

Kedehern breaks through the enemy lines with his men, overtaking those who would smash through the gates of the college with a battering ram. Because while getting hit with buckets of poo has distracted the, they're now *ANGRY* but it only lasts as long as it takes for swords to begin cutting through them. In the midst of which, Amari seems to be hitting people with a sword and causing all sorts of a commotion. She looks really, really angry. Rhiannon and Arcadia continue to fire expertly at the enemy that's now begin to seperate, portions of the troops fleeing off into the woods as the Laurent army overtakes them. Gawain, Iliana and Norwood have cleared their section of the battlefield and can now chase off whoever is left. The southern gate is opened up, allowing a flush of injured soldiers to be carried into Olivia's waiting triage center. Meanwhile, Shae spots one of the enemy commanders that's about to take his troops and disappear. Except it looks like escape will be futile as he crumples dead out of the saddle.

With the enemy force in retreat and/or pieces, Ian switches on a dime from organizing a defense to organizing the transport of the wounded to Olivia's triage. At the back wall, the non-medical supplies are being unloaded now, food, mostly. But there's also a case of Kennex vodka.

Rhiannon continues to pick off leaders that she sees. She takes care with her shots, Trying to get the most important. She might not make the amazing shots from her spot in the trees, but she does't miss. And so she looses arrows until the field starts to clear and she slides out of the tree and then walks up the open grass to the college again. She has her bow ready, using when necessary. She's looking for those who need help.

Olivia directs the nurses she just now made nurses to take care of the ones they can. Olivia herself once again seeing the gate open of it's own accord goes sprinting out. Surveying the battlefield she takes a deep breath and prepares to go to work. "If they can walk get them in to Triage! Wave me down if they can't move!" She looks around nervously, she hasn't seen her cousin... Or any of her friends yet. But she commands who is free to start treatment on the wounded.

The first thing Kedehern does after the enemy routes, and those trapped by his troops surrender is to praise his men, of course, for a job well done! The second... Is to throw up. Not out of fear, or morbidity, just... The smell. Battlefields don't usually smell like roses on a good day, but even less so after chamberpot ammunition, alas. The third of course, is to delegate to his men, and start getting the wounded inside the walls, where they can be treated.

Gawain does not chase. He opens his helmet visor then, looking to the others as he makes his way around, actually moving to bring the wounded, both friend and foe for those that their are, to the tent. He speaks to them, quietly. And only when he's not passing by Norwood. It usually involves the fact that they will have time to heal and get better, and that once they are capable of being on their feet again, they should consider what got them to here and if they really want to end up in this fashion again - well the enemies at least. Those who were hurt and on the side of House Laurent and the college are commended for their skill. Regardless...Gawain talks quite a bit as he's dropping off the injured, and as he goes back out it's possible that just a few start to stand and walk back to the triage tent on their own rather than ... chat... with Gawain.

Norwood mops up bits and pieces of the battlefield, catching sight of the enemy commander that falls off his horse from Shae's arrows. Then he'll be a good step-father and goes to check on Shae.

Gawain is overheard praising Cristoph.

Gawain is overheard praising Norwood.

Gawain is overheard praising Iliana.

Gawain is overheard praising Ian.

Gawain is overheard praising Olivia.

Gawain is overheard praising Amari.

There is a long looks as Shae watches the commander fall dead from his saddle. Justice served. At least in the eyes of this Oathlander, and Deputy Warden of the West. Speaking of, she then spurs her War Elk forward, moving to help round up what enemy shavs she can for questioning and likely trails and punishment for their actions here today. Though as she is soing so she spots Amari, and there is a worried frown, making her way over toward her cousin. "Amari!" calling out to her to try and break her some from the focused rage she had entered. "Cousin!It is over!" Shae was over by Amari.

Arcadia finally breathes. Her arrows all finished and no more within reach at the top of the staircase. She hurries down, ducking and dodging those around her to assist her cousin as best she can.

Iliana doesn't seem to register that the field around her is clear for several seconds after it actually is, eyes flicking here and there for another swordsman, another archer in the trees. She blinks a couple of times as if coming back to herself and leans on her saddlehorn, fumbling to re-sheathe her spear with her unwounded left hand.

She's expanding her lungs to start bellowing orders to help get the wounded in and get a guard on the wall to survey for any regroup from their enemies, but then she seems to remember that this isn't her job. She's a Leary, not a Laurent. As such, she nudges her mount into a walk and returns to the gates of the colledge, sliding from the saddle and swaying as she lands on her feet. "Gods. This is the part I /hate/ ..." she can be heard muttering, grabbing onto the arriving ARcadia's arm to steady herself. She smiles up at the younger woman. "That was good shooting out there. ... I think I should just go sit down for a bit."

Rysen watches over Olivia as she makes her way among the wounded with a ready sword. There is sadness in his eyes at the sight of all the fallen Abandoned. He assists in carrying the wounded to triage, but refuses to chase down any shavs who choose to flee.

Kedehern is overheard praising Shae.

Kedehern is overheard praising Norwood.

Kedehern is overheard praising Gawain.

Kedehern is overheard praising Cristoph.

Kedehern is overheard praising Amari.

Arcadia realizes quickly that her cousin is way more hurt than she lets on. Eyes wide she starts to bellow "Help! I need help for Ili. Please help!

Arcadia mutters, ""You'll ... fine. I'll get a healer and ... be fine.""

Ian isn't in any state to run anywhere, but when Arcadia yells, he will send some people towards the sound of her voice. He's taken a particular (and morbid) interest in the casualties as they come in, specifically the dead.

Shae is overheard praising Cristoph.

Shae is overheard praising Amari.

Shae is overheard praising Kedehern.

Shae is overheard praising Norwood.

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