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Life Is A Near Death Experience

What better way to ring in the beginning of winter and end of autumn than to gather up near the river, have a really, really tall platform built and have a jumping dare into the river, while imbibing copious amounts of alcohol, listen to music and eat great snacks?

Captain and Mockingbird Evaristo Arterius invites people of all stripes to a party. Nothing TOO fancy but he'll provide the drinks and snacks.

*Evaristo takes no responsibility for any injuries sustained while jumping off a high platform into a cold river. However, there will be some of his crew ready on the river with a rowing boat to drag people out of there or jump in to get them up if needed.


April 18, 2019, 2 p.m.

Hosted By



Raymesin Peri Valenzo Yasmine Leta



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Rivers Edge

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Comments and Log

People are filtering in, drawn there by the music and the festive atmosphere. It's a simple enough party but there's no sparing on the drinks and the food, Evaristo having spent a generous amount of money to keep people happy. There's a few guards spread out to keep the place somewhat orderly as well, just in case. Don't want things to go TOO crazy, not even Evaristo.

Evaristo? He's on the platform with the other bards, playing his lute and shouting welcoming words to people that join. "Grab a bottle of wine! That bread is freshly baked and tastes amazing! That's right, you get some of those cookies, they're divine!"

Raymesin, clad in his scuffed and scarred black leathers - with the addition of a blue sash and a black tricorne with purple accents - is lurking quietly in Evaristo's background. His visible weapons are peacebonded, but he's got that watchful air that says he's guarding someone or something, but one of his hands does have some bread in it from which he takes occasional bites.

Peri's friend promised diving and here she is, dressed in a sailcloth vest and knee-length trousers. She waves up at Evaristo, but isn't raedy to ascend the platform yet. She needs to peacebond her hair.

Peri takes a headband from her hair.

Peri takes a hairpin from her hair.

Valenzo and a few of his crew are not long in arriving, bundled somewhat against the growing chill in the air; even Kevin the raven looks hunched and ruffled, swaying on the Southport captain's shoulder and quarking sleepily. Despite Val's own slightly-raw state, he's grinning at the mood here at the river's edge, and at Evaristo's call he nods smartly and immediately helps himself to a bottle and some bread, taking a deep swig right from the neck.

He approaches the platform and squints up at Ev, shaking his head at the damn fool idea of leaping into the freezing water, and then grins and waves up at Raymesin, then down at Peri at the foot.

Raymesin doesn't wave to Valenzo, but he does offer the man a polite nod of greeting. There's not even a frown on his face while he does it; for Raymesin, it's positively warm. Peri gets surveyed along with the rest of the crowd, Raymesin apparently content to lurk guardily near Evaristo and nibble on bread.

Evaristo moves rhytmically to the drums. The music is enticing to dancing and rolls over the area, into the streets beyond. A rhytmic, pulsating sound that vibrates in your bones. He stops playing and asks the music to lower a bit in volume so he can be heard. He winks at Peri and gives her an encouraging gesture, then points at Valenzo in a 'You should do this too!' kind of way before he speaks up.

"Dear friends! The platform there - you can climb up and jump into the river. You can borrow some linen to wear to not ruin your clothes - or haha, drown, if you jump with your armor, but why would you do that, that'd be silly and totally ruin the party. So don't do that," he says with a laugh, smiling widely and charmingly. "Though that WOULD be a quick way to get to meet Death, admittedly, but we're here to celebrate LIFE, so... Right right, what was I saying? Anyway, there's a little bit of a contest for the jumpers. I am the sole judge of who the winners are. But there are two very nice prizes!" He gestures at a box on the bard platform, that hides whatever treasure is to be won. "And yes, yes, I will also jump, but I am not competing, of course. I'll do it because it's /fun/!"

Peri checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Peri nods to Valenzo. She apologizes "Captain, I am sorry about that mishap the other day. I was training new cadets from the academy and, well, they didn't mean to block you in like that. At least your ship wasn't damaged!" Peri definitely is happy no one's ship got damanged. She glances down at the captain to inspect the seat of his pants for any rips. She can't find any.

Valenzo squints at Evaristo's pointing finger, baffled, and then Dietrich bends slightly to mutter something to him and his face lights up in an "oh, right" sort of way for a moment. The expression quickly fades into a dubious glance at the water -- but the big prodigal guffaws and slaps Valenzo hard on the back, causing Kevin to CAW indignantly and awkwardly launch from Valenzo's shoulder, pumping his wings until he's high overhead and circling and probably silently judging the proceedings below.

Val grumbles, but it's with good humor; by the time Peri's apologizing, he is stripping out of his gear and into the provided linens with a small smile. "No worries, Lady Peri! The lads had a few bumped noggins from the sudden stop, but it wasn't anything a few more grog rations couldn't clear up."

Eina, Peri's guard, is standing near Peri watching everyone. A corner of her mouth turns up every so much at Peri's words.

Evaristo checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Evaristo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Peri checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Peri checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Evaristo glances at Raymesin with a lofted eyebrow. "What about you, Raymesin? Harlequin and all," he tries to cajole the man, grinning widely at him. He's moving to get out of his expensive gear himself, to get those linens on. An unamused Alena Sparks and a hired guard is keeping watch over all the gear so nothing gets lost. The Mockingbird Captain looks between Peri and Valenzo, looking quite curious about what they're talking about but keeping that for later. "I'll go first," Evaristo says and he starts climbing up that ladder. "Nothing to it!" he calls down and then he makes a run and LEAPS off the platform... he soars for a few, then makes sure his feet are coming down first as he breaks the surface of the freezing water. He sinks down, then comes up fast and splutters and gasps for air. "WOOAH THAT WOKE ME UP!" he calls and swims towards the boat, so they can pull him up into it.

Valenzo checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Peri checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Valenzo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

All that talk and Peri missed diving first! She scrambles up the platform before anyone else can beat her and dives. Head first style. She arrows down into the water and comes up sputtering. Eurgh. Water down her nose and in her windpipe. She swims over to Evaristo and grins. "Come on in everyone!" She waves. "The water is fine!" THE WATER IS NOT FINE.

Raymesin eyes Evaristo at the suggestion that he too jumps off a perfectly good platform and lands in cold water. "Sod that," he says, though it's with the hint of a smile. "You ain't payin' me to go jump, Evaristo - in fact yer kinda doin' the opposite." He watches Peri's jump, then goes back to watching the crowd, only turning to glance when Valenzo takes the plummet.

Valenzo says in Thieves cant, "s the next to ascend to the top of the platform, grimacing dutifully as Dietrich and a few of his crew cheer him on and whistle between fingers, and he shivers a little through the linens as he scoots to the edge and peers down. It only seems to be the cold that intimidates him -- he chafes his arms vigorously through the cloth and allows himself a resigned sigh, and then takes a few steps back.

The man's a longtime sailor, and he's taken a dive before; his form is decent, if a little rough with lack of practice, and as he hurls himself off the edge and extends his arms it looks like he's going to make a fine entry -- when outta NOWHERE Kevin comes diving claws-first at his face and nearly collides with his head.

"YOU SHIT -- !" Is all Valenzo has time to yelp, bringing his arms up to shield his face -- but it's thrown him off, and he mostly bellyflops into the water with a loud SPLOOSH."

Val's the next to ascend to the top of the platform, grimacing dutifully as Dietrich and a few of his crew cheer him on and whistle between fingers, and he shivers a little through the linens as he scoots to the edge and peers down. It only seems to be the cold that intimidates him -- he chafes his arms vigorously through the cloth and allows himself a resigned sigh, and then takes a few steps back.

The man's a longtime sailor, and he's taken a dive before; his form is decent, if a little rough with lack of practice, and as he hurls himself off the edge and extends his arms it looks like he's going to make a fine entry -- when outta NOWHERE Kevin comes diving claws-first at his face and nearly collides with his head.

"YOU SHIT -- !" Is all Valenzo has time to yelp, bringing his arms up to shield his face -- but it's thrown him off, and he mostly bellyflops into the water with a loud SPLOOSH.

1 Silvershields arrives, following Yasmine.

Watching the others go, Evaristo throws his head back and laughs in particular when Valenzo belly flops. Peri does much better there, for certain. There's a few others jumping, shouts and laughter, with various degrees of 'success' - but the point isn't to do a fancy jump, the point IS to jump. The rowboat picks people up and then brings them back to land where people are quick to hand out towels. Evaristo gets back on land too and goes to get dressed - he's jumped once and won't jump again, but others sure as heck can jump as much as they want while he watches to see who will win the prizes.

The mood is festive down here, with food and drinks and rhytmic music that mostly focuses on drums with accompanying string instruments, but no singing. People mill about, but some are also taking the chance to do the crazy jumping from the high platform right into the river. Prizes to winners have been promised by the host, Evaristo! How he judges the winners? Well, that's anyone's guess!

Yasmine is a latecomer to the river side soiree, already garbed in comfortable linens beneath a warm cloak to engage in the diving festivities. She picks up on the rhythm of the music filling the air, shimmying lightly to the melodies as she works her way past onlookers with a curious look cast over the participants. "It looks as though I've come just in time," she observes with a light lunch.

There's a flurry of bubbles and then Valenzo surfaces, coughing and hacking up briney water and sweeping his sun-kissed hair back from his face with one hand while shouting incomprehensibly and shaking a fist in the air at Kevin after the near-midair collision with the bird. He's yelling something about pie and making a purse out of raven feathers but it's mostly garbled as he forgets to tread water and sinks for another moment. A mocking series of caws echoes from high overhead.

Then the helpful souls in the boat are hauling him to shore, and he's grumbling but chuckling at the same time, waving off the towels. "One more try, gods damn it," He growls, and jogs over to the platform again, awaiting another turn.

Peri swims to the crew of the rowboat. Her form is clumsy what with the water she got up her nose. She scrambles back up to the riverside where Eina meets her. "That was bracing," she tells everyone. She walks up to Evaristo. "He doesnt suspect a thing." She nods towards Valenzo.

There are a few people lurking quietly around as guards, and Raymesin would appear to be one of them. With a natural vantage above the crowd he seems quite happy to lurk, nibble on bread and generally keep an eye out for trouble. He does smile at the raven's antics, albeit with a wince for the belly-flop Valenzo just achieved.

2 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Leta.

Evaristo's gaze is drawn to Yasmine - he's not the only one, likely. He smiles appreciatively, watching her move with the music and gives her a welcoming wave. He watches Valenzo while he dresses, and guffaws again at his and the raven's antics. "Up and again!" he shouts at his friend. He turns to Peri and smiles radiantly at her. "Great jump there, Lady Peri. And, uh... he doesn't suspect what?" he asks, a bit confused. "What did you do THIS time? I mean, your participation in painting his sails was extraordinary, he hasn't figured that out yet, you mean?"

He calls over to Raymesin, again. "Sure you won't do at least one jump? I won't dock your pay, I swear it! Take a ten minute break!" he suggests, laughing again. And to Yasmine, he also calls out; "Got some nice prizes to win for those that jump - though I'm arbitrarily deciding the winners. Cause I can!"

People are jumping into the freezing water under shouts and laughter, while suggesting, rhytmig and festive music plays from the Bards hired on for the event. It's not a huge crowd, but just enough to mingle about in and dance with or just talk near the fires to keep warm. Evaristo has just declared that jumpers can win prizes.

"Have you a new idea already?" Peri lifts a brow. She clarifies, "He doesn't know my part in it." She smirks. She is bouncing on her feet, a bit of shivering frenetic energy from the cold and the excitment of the party. "I'll have another go!" Her voice trails off to Evaristo for she says that while scrambling up the platform.

Peri checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Yasmine laughs brightly at Evaristo's call, her head shaken in light amusement. "There is no complaints here on my end how you choose to give your gifts, so long as I receive one," she jests in light humor, slowly working her way closer toward the rivers edge to look out over the waters in contemplation.

Peri checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Leta strolls down along the docks, whistling to herself as she draws near the festivities. An eyebrow rises, a slight smile spreads across her features as she takes in the cheer, fingers drumming against the pommel of her sword. There's a pair of guards, but she claps the on the shoulder so they head off to make merry, which is to say drink on her account, while Leta herself wanders along towards the platform with a puzzled expression, stopping with hands on her hips to study the proceedings.

Valenzo checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Valenzo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Brrrr! Arx is south of Pearlspire but Peri's acclimitized to the place. She's colder than she expected to be today. She jumps up and down a little building up some heat while she waits her turn. She's up! There are different diving techniques one can employ when diving off cliffs, and this time Peri decides to go feet first. Eina says, "Why is she holding her nose like that? It's an amateur's move." Eina, Peri's guard, is skeptical. Peri once again hits the water with servicable grace, but - despite her efforts - she has even more water up her nose. She comes up sputtering from anger and water and snots what is possible a minnow out of her nose.

Peri checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

"I always got new ideas," he jokes with Peri. "Yes, go jump! Jump for Life!" He gets himself a bottle of wine now and drinks thirstily straight from it. Setarcan red, from the looks of it. Lowering it, he spots Leta and he perks up and waves. "Leta, good to see you again. Want to jump? And play with me a bit perhaps?" he asks her, sidling closer. He winks at Yasmine. "Life," he declares loudly, "IS a Near Death Experience. My good friend Harlequin Raymesin said this," he says, "and truer words have rarely been spoken. It's the sort of phrase that goes right through to your soul, isn't it? And its meaning... is so punny. Death surely approves."

Peri cups her hands and yells out to the crowds, "Jump in!" She lies, "The water is fine!"

Kevin is circling high overhead, just waiting for his opportunity to strike again; Valenzo peers up at the bird as he reaches the top of the platform, scowling. But! Dietrich's given him a secret weapon this time.

As he takes his run for the edge, his right hand flicks out hard -- and a silver coin goes sailing in a high arc.

Kevin's already diving, but at the flash of silver he veers off-course, and Valenzo's dive is much smoother this time -- he enters the water with a clean splash, and surfaces soon after, laughing hard.

Harlequin Raymesin is apparently conversant with all sorts of meanings; the tall man apparently helping guard the event demonstrates his mastery of a rude gesture in Evaristo's direction, though said gesture does come with a hint of a smile.

Leta watches with a very, very dubious expression as folk climb on the platform and drop down on the other side, furrowing her brow. "That's how you get killed! If not from the jump, then from the coughs and the chills!" She calls out to Evaristo after glancing over and cracking a smile. She sniffs. "Well, better be something warming to drink after," the woman mutters, and pokes her head into the booth before stepping in to change. There are layers, so this takes a while, but she finally emerges, brawny body down to her linen undertunic and braies. Brawny and soft, one arm bearing a rather uncivilized tattoo (in that it is a tattoo). "Well then, uh..." she looks up at the platform.

Leta has rolled a critical success!
Leta checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 84 higher.

Leta checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Evaristo is fully dressed again but the wet hair shows he's done a jump too and he IS looking tempted to do more, watching all the jumpers near jealously. But he IS watching them to judge. He moves to the side to see better, and gives Leta an encouraging shout: "You'll do great!" He laughs and waves at Peri and Valenzo there in the water. "If you stay too long in there you'll be ice. Hey maybe you should, we can chill the wine on you."

Valenzo's managing a decent breaststroke back to the shore, though he seems glad of the help when the boat meets him halfway and he's hauled aboard; this time, his lips are fairly blue and he's shaking hard, glad for the warm towels.

"I- I'll chill /y-your/ wine," Valenzo grumbles as he makes his way to one of the fires, plopping down and shivering. His crewmembers amble over and give him fond slaps on the back and shoulder, chuckling. He tosses Lena a friendly grin as she moves to take her turn on the platform, recognition in his eyes.

1 Silvershields have been dismissed.

Leta climbs up the ladder, tugging on her rolled-up unmentionables to ensure nothing's doing anything untoward, but her garments hold all the way to the top. There she stops, briskly rubbing down her arms to warm up. "With any luck there ain't no rocks or watery beasts down there, that's what!" She calls out as she nears the edge of the platform and leans over for a peek down below. "I suppose it ain't so tall," she admits, then rolls back her shoulders, leans back, leans forward, leans back again, leans forward. And finally jumps. Leta's not fancy. There's only one flip, and that's largely due to excess enthusiasm! Once she's out, however, she aligns herself perfectly with the surface below, going *ploof* rather than *SPLASH*. A thin spray of water spits up and she vanishes quietly beneath the surface for a good long while. At long last she emerges. "Anyone lose a boot? I got a boot?" She holds it up. It is, indeed, a boot. It's a nice boot, too. But first she checks to make sure there's no foot in it, this being the Lowers and all.

Peri returns to to see Evaristo wearing new clothes. She points at his brocaded vest, "Lookat you." Before she can say another word, her jaw drops at Leta's perfect form. "Who is she! that dive was amazing." Peri does not recognize the boot.

Evaristo hooks thumbs into his belt and looks up as Leta jumps. HIs eyes widen a bit at her display, which is nothnig but remarkable after all - a perfect dive. He lets out a cheer and so does the rest of the crowd. There's a roar of laughter at the boot and people are shouting that it's THEIR boot, even if it probably isn't. It's just a fun memento here. "Thank you. It's nice, isn't it?" he tells Peri, looking quite chuffed about his new brocade attire.

"Time to declare the winners!" Evaristo shouts, jumping up on the bard's stage once more, the music lowering to a faint background sound. "NUmber one, because of a remarkable dive - is Dame Leta Broadbent! Come claim your prize, Dame Leta!" He waves her over to the stage. "Second prizes - cause they're both as good - are Lady Peri Seliki and Captain Valenzo Vincinatti!"

Raymesin blinks at Leta's dive, and when the woman's back on dry land he'll actually offer her a smile of congratulation. Peri gets looked at, one eyebrow lifted, and Valenzo gets a nod. The taciturn Harlequin-come-guard doesn't seem to be one to display a great deal of emotion.

"Couldn't've been down there long, neither!" Leta adds, in case that gets people more interested in the boot. She doesn't seem too intent on sticking around in the water for long, and swims back towards the shore, dripping wet in her clingy underthings, boot in hand. She puts the boot down. "Could be a pair down there," the burly blonde adds, seemingly concerned with the owner of the missing footwear. She manages to wrap herself into some towel and dry off as the prizes are announced. "What now? There's prizes?" She glances down at herself, pulls the towel tighter, and carefully shuffles over towards the stage, fingers brushing back her damp hair. "Should I throw some clothes on first?"

Valenzo's also watching the incredible dive between deep swigs of wine, and he chokes and coughs a little as she flips -- "/Gods/," He breathes, gasping, and then laughs again. He and the Terrapin crew stand and cheer with the rest of the crowd when Leta's announced as the clear winner, and then he steps up to take his prize as well, grinning in delight at the cuff and returning Raymesin's nod happily. "Very nice, thanks Ev!" He calls, lifting it high and nudging Peri. "Better form than I by far, Lady Peri...did you enjoy it?"

"I can teach you better from," Peri offers to Valenzo cheerfully. She nods over to Leta, "But I think we should take lessons from her." She accepts the prize from Evaristo. Her eyes widen a little, "It's one of your cuosins! Oh thank you." For all that she's a noble, she doesn't wear fancy clothese or jewelry. She fastens on the new earrings before they got lost in the depths of her hair.

Evaristo gives Leta a green trinket - it's a praseodymium laughing skull, appropriate for the party theme here. "I /was/ going to give this to the one that jumped despite obviously not having any skills to do so, but that jump really was amazing, so here you go," he notes. He looks at Raymesin next, contemplatingly. "I'll get you a skull too. Soon," he promises for whatever reason. "Hey, I got the EASIEST task finding nice prices - I just get things from my cousin's shop," he says with a laugh, grinning at Peri and Valenzo, "and most will be very happy."

Raymesin nods to Evaristo, then looks around the gathering again. Something catches his eye and he starts moving towards one of the tables with the wine laid out, his hand moving to his belt. Nothing to see here.

Leta, still soaked but at least comfortably wrapped up, walks up to collect her prize. She gives it a curious look, turns it over, then holds it up. "Uh. Thank you. All I did was jump, wasn't it? But - well, thank you. It's very pretty. The green I mean, the skull's not so much pretty I suppose, but it's well done and all," she nods her head politely, flashing a big friendly smile while she shivers. "Think I ought to go and have a drink or two and maybe get some boots on, though."

Valenzo is overheard praising Evaristo: What a damn fool great idea!!

Peri wraps herself in the longcoat that Eina hands her. She walks to up to Leta, "Where did you learn to dive like that? Have you ever been to Pearlspire?" Peri doesn't interrupt everyone in the crowd and so Raymesin is safe from her interrogations.

Evaristo laughs at Leta's comments. The dark silver skull he wears himself falls forward as he does and it seems for a second the eyes on that skull gleam. Light catching from the fire, probably. He gestures for the musicians to pick the music back up. "Now... we drink and have fun!" he calls out and there's another cheer as people start to mill about, dance and drink.

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