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Courtkeep 1010

The Holy Day of the Sentinel is very low key, but it typically is celebrated with scholars of Vellichor, lawyers and judges offering instruction on law, and discussions on truth. Typically considered among the most boring of feast days, most commoners enjoy the day off and have little to do with that.


April 5, 2019, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Avary Octavia


Alessandro Madeleine Kenna Lisebet Margret Nigel Amari Preston Grazia Petal Teagan Domonico


Faith of the Pantheon Scholars The Court


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Vellichorian Academy - Hall of Tutelage

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Comments and Log

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel arrives, following Kenna.

Avary stands as the focus of the lecturing platform, all chairs arranged to face forward. Her hands are clasped loosely before her and she wears a rare lingering smile, "Thank you all for coming to Courtkeep 1010." She lifts a finger to count, "I do believe this is nearly a record!" But there's no mention of what.

Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, 2 Armed Confessors, Rary the Lycene beauty arrive, following Grazia.

Balian, a Templar squire, Guy, a hunting kestrel, 1 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Preston.

Alessandro arrives with Margret on his arm, murmuring something to her as they enter. However, he takes a seat relatively quickly, a little amused sound escaping him at Avary's words. He settles into the chair as his expression becomes a little bit more somber for the occasion. Though not completely.

Madeleine toddled into the Hall of Tutelage, a smile on her lips and spring in her step. She paused upon entry, straightening out the silks of her robe and giving a quick glance about her surroundings. As Avary began the greetings, she lifted a hand in a wave from the back then moved to take a seat.

Standing behind and off to one side of the Archlector, Chief Magistrate Octavia smirks slightly at the comment about a record. Folding her hands together in front of her, she scans the faces among those gathered, then turns back towards Blessed Avary to listen to what the godsworn has to say.

Madeleine has joined the couches embroidered with an ivory rose.

Kenna is quiet and oh-so-respectful for the start of this.... holiday. She also has the faint scent of haze upon her, but it's nothing too overwhelming. She's perfectly demure as she listens to Avary.

"In strict honor of the tradition of Courtkeep, I had the thought we might do something new this year," Avary says hopefully.

"But then I decided against it. And so, with us today, we have some of the brightest legal minds in Arx and we will begin by holding a panel where questions on legal procedure - if any - will be fielded and answered by the Chief Magistrate..." Avary lifts a palm, "And I suppose whoever she might ask to answer any particular question."

2 House Riven Soldiers arrives, following Nigel.

Lisebet slips in quietly, listening to what is going on. She's curious, but not all that aware of what goes on here. So, she's here to find out, settling into a seat and smoothing her skirts.

Margret arrives on Alessandro's hand, and sits down next to him with her hands folded rather primly in her lap. She murmurs a whisper to him softly and smiles softly before turning her attention to the proceedings.

Nigel joins those present, though he makes no overly broad gesture with his entrance. Deferentially, he moves to the rear wall, prepared to listen. His eyes blit towards the front of the room, his hands resting on his thighs.

Amari enters with Kenna, and without her usual canine companions. Her entourage is cut down to a pair of Huntsmen who stay out of the way to keep a watchful eye and no doubt wish they'd been detailed to a member of the House who didn't want to attend Courtkeep, of all holidays. They have that sort of expression, the pair. Amari though? She doesn't. Her look is a pleasant one, her smile small but amiable. "Finally. Lawyer day." She quietly enthuses to her friend as she tries to find them a place to sit together.

Preston doesn't slip in quietly - largely because armour is a clangy-rustly affair, and he is wearing his, albeit with his helm held by Balian behind him. I mean, this is an event involving Vellichorians, and lately a gathering of vellichorians can prompt people to get a tad stabby. But he does linger somewhat near the etrance to listen as Avary offers to answer legal questions. Oh, ths could be interesting.

Preston is overheard praising Avary: Huzzah for the Blessed in celebrating her God in such a proper and nicely orthodox manner.

Kenna blinks ssslloowwwlllyyyy as she sits next to Amari. Promptly there is going to be a whole pile of whispering going on between the two women.

Grazia slips in quietly but regally, pleased to hear the format of the discussion. She moves to find herself a seat, straight-backed and quite formal.

Grazia has joined the couches embroidered with an ivory rose.

Madeleine is overheard praising Avary: Thank you for providing a lovely Courtkeep and opportunity for those who usually would lack the ability to ask questions of the Chief Magistrate and share knowledge on the whole!

Octavia chuckles softly under her breath and takes a step forward. "Blessings of the Gods upon you all. For those of you who don't know me, I am Marquessa Octavia Kennex, the Chief Magistrate to His Majesty Alaric Grayson the Fourth. Courtkeep is an important time for the Crown Courts, as a celebration of the god of justice and a time to discuss our vital work in the city." With a motion towards Avary, she notes, "Unlike the Blessed of the Sentinel, I /do/ have something slightly different to end today with, but let's begin with the traditional panel. Does anyone have any burning questions about the /truly fascinating and exciting/ world of Law?" Judging by her expression, that was definitely a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Madeleine is overheard praising Octavia: Thank you for making yourself available and doing right by your position and the feast day!

Kenna is not being loud, there's just a whisperwhisper from her to Amari. She's also staring at her like Amari grew a new head.

Preston lifts an eyebrow at the asking for questions, and he clears his throat "If I might ask a question on jurisdiction. And this may be one that garners a different legal opinion depending on whether it is answered by the Blessed or the magistrate, I do not know. But. What would you say if there was some kind of incident, and a house wished to claim jurisdiction to accuse, arrest and try a Godsworn member of the faith? I know it is a matter of some debate, I would be interested in learned opinion. Much as I know what is de jure may not be what is de facto."

Madeleine tilted her head with at Preston's question, curious gaze turning to the speakers briefly in wait for her reply though she nodded with small smile to a murmured conversation between herself and Grazia at the couches.

Amari still has her old head, and she splits her attention between Kenna's whispering and the hosts of Courtkeep. There's a subtle gesture to her friend, as if she's trying to encourage her to do something. Though when Preston puts a question forward she stops that, to turn and listen avidly to his inquiry before neatly turning again to watch Octavia.

Whatever Margret murmurs to him gets a smile from Alessandro, though he doesn't reply for now. He does nod to Amari and Kenna -- though without speaking -- and then turns back to hear the question, and wait for the answer from Octavia.

Lisebet stays quietly, listening. There's a glance to Amari and Kenna, a slight smile, and then her gaze goes to Preston as he asks his question.

"Oh of course /you/ would ask that, Grandmaster," Octavia quips, smirking as she looks over to Avary for a moment. "It's not a question without precedent, or without recent implications. From the viewpoint of secular law, the answer depends upon the crime in question and the Faith's judgement of the godsworn in question." Motioning with one hand, she notes, "Obviously, the law of the Faith is its own, and we do not involve ourselves in it. Additionally, Godsworn are rarely pursued by secular law for crimes of Low Justice. If a Godsworn is accused of petty theft, their superior in the Faith is notified."

Avary largely listens and is still. She serves no indication of her agreement or disagreement with things, reserved on the matter of 'procedure' as much as she would be about any specific incident.

2 House Riven Soldiers have been dismissed.

"For High Justice, it's similarly rare that the courts would get involved. Most crimes of High Justice - murder, treason, abyssal consort - are additionally sins against the Gods, and would be punished by the Faith, and then by the House if the Faith released the accused to them." Octavia continues. "To bring up a past case, Fawhkul was tried by the Faith for his crimes, removed from office, and imprisoned... before he disappeared. However, the Crown and Velenosa both retain the right under the law to try and potentially execute him if he ever appeared in Arvum again."

"Middle Justice tends to be where it gets muddier. Again, we would hope that the Faith would act, but the house does have the right to prosecute crimes committed on its lands. Ultimately, might is what drives our law - the authority to enforce it. The Faith is protected by your order, and so it may be /your/ decision whether or not to release the accused Godsworn to the house for trial. If you did not..." The Chief Magistrate turns towards Preston and pauses for effect, "An attack on the Faith is an attack on the institutions of Arvum, and the Five Houses would not take it kindly. I do not think any house would risk war with the Faith and the Compact over arson."

{"Does that answer your question?"

Madeleine leaned her cheek to her palm as she listened to the reply, elbow crooking on the arm of the couch she inhabited to support it. She nodded again, but only slightly, as examples were posed. An unspoken acknowledgment of understanding.

There's more whispering between Kenna and Amari, though the latter keeps respectfully quiet and still while Octavia is answering the Grandmaster's question. Something said, or whispered, is obviously mulled over in the lawyer's head, as her eyes narrow and her faint smile becomes more a frown of solemn reflection. Her gaze eventually wanders, and spotting some familiar faces like Alessandro, Margret and Lisebet, she subtly wiggles her fingers their way in greeting.

"Mmm. A minor correction in that Fawkuhl was not tried for the Faith for his crimes, we handed him to the secular authorities for that. He was remvoed by convocation for the charges against him were ones that needed answers, and he had become a hinderence to the Faith in that." Preston answers, his voice soft though and a smile curls his lips. He inclines his head to Octavia in a small bow "A most enlightening answer though, Chief Magistrate. Law then is a little like a dream in some ways then, it is the believing that makes it - and it is far easier broken than it is to put back together, if the /ability/ to enforce matters as much as the authority, hrm? A reminder of how precious it is, and how we must each with any responsibility act with due care. I feel educated, m'lady."

Avary straightens a bit when Fawkhul is mentioned and lightly clears her throat. She looks to Preston when Olivia completes her answer. "The local Seraph would be the one to liaise with the liege lord or duly assigned deputy of Law in a given locale. I gather only in matters of recourse or severe malfeasance would the hierarchy of the Faith get involved."

Lisebet listens, because this is very interesting to her. Oh, not the boring details, but the process. And the chance to learn something about civilization and how it meshes together.

Margret is listening quietly, her eyes flicking back and forth from Preston to Olivia and then Preston again as his question is answered. When she sees Amari's little finger-wave she smiles in return, and lightly nudges Alessandro with her shoulder to make sure he sees it as well.

Octavia smirks slightly and tilts her head towards the Grandmaster. "Your convocation is what I referred to as the trial, in what little I know of the law of the Faith. It's not my area of study, and I apologize for the error. Fawkhul did disappear, however, and the remainder of my statement about him being wanted for trial remains the same." Avary's comment about the Seraph draws a motion towards her from the Chief Magistrate. "That's the other side of it."

"You are correct in that law /is/ a bit like a dream. Justice is concrete and divine, arbited by the Sentinel," Octavia notes as she looks towards Avary. "The Law is what we agree upon it to be. It attempts to be just, but we are human, with human failings. Law and order are fragile things, and we've seen before how quickly they can fray. That is why the Guard, the Inquisition, and the Courts exist. Next question?"

"Law and Order are primary facets of the Sentinel." Avary expounds. "Insofar as any civilization will honor Gild, any law honors Sentinel as long as there is respect for and obedience to it. And so laws must themselves be just and not inspire revolt." She clasps her hands behind her, and looks to see if any other questions.

Kenna is whispering oh-so-urgently in Amari's ear. There is so much encouraging of asking questions going back and forth.

Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, Violet, a shopkeeper, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 3 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Petal.

1 Blackram novice guards arrives, following Teagan.

Petal arrives in the hall of teaching while adorned in a white linen blouse, kid leather pants and while carrying a large basket. She peeks over the area, trying to get get her bearings.

Petal hmms softly and looks to Octavia and Avary. "Do have any legal recourse if someone orders something from me and I finish it and they don't want to pay because I didn't make the dress sexy enough or something? That does happen sometimes." She says in her heavy accent.

Madeleine rose to her feet in a swathe of moving silks, murmuring something softly to Grazia before she made her way to subtly depart. A bow of her head went to Preston as she passed, moving into the belly of the Academy.

Quietly, Teagan Blackram enters the hall and makes her way towards the rows of seating. She's dressed fairly modestly for the ocassion in a black dress with her hair wound up in a braid that's been twisted and pinned by hairpins at her crown. She holds herself stoutly, carefully, before taking a seat to watch the current proceedings.

Madeleine has left the couches embroidered with an ivory rose.

1 Templar Knight guards leaves, following Madeleine.

Kenna notes when Teagan enters and her expression narrows. She sits up just a little bit straighter and ceases to poke at Amari's side or whisper.

"Short answer, yes," Octavia replies simply. "If you are contracted to craft something and the other person does not honor the contract, you can petition the court for redress. A magistrate will look into your case, may summon you or the other for testimony, and may order the other party to honor the contract. It obviously helps if you have the agreement in writing."

Preston gives Teagan a bow of his head as the Blackram noble enters "Lady Teagan." He murmers "We do need to speak soon about the next steps, following Gloria's miracle." before he quietens back down and waits for the next questions. Which are fascinating, so he is watching Olivia and the others in rapt attention. For a man raised in the faith, secular law is novel at least.

"I believe there is a mechanism by which civil actions may be pursued in the courts," Avary answers with a nod to Petal. "As well, thievery is a crime and I'm sure very few members of the peerage would like such a public reputation."

Avary smiles again and looks to Octavia, "I believe the Chief Magistrate has an announcement to make, and I think we are all looking forward to it!" 'All' quite possibly being Avary and Avary alone.

Petal ohhhs softly. "I will keep that in mind. I didn't know I go to the courts for help. Thank you Marquesa."

Lisebet listens, nodding at Avary's words, because that's fairly obvious to her. Who wants to be labelled a thief? Certainly not her.

"Of course, Sir Preston," Teagan says quietly to the Templar as she settles in. There's a small smile for the man. She folds her hand in her lap, listening to the discussion on the matter of contention between comissions and someone refusing to pay. There's a small frown; perhaps at the idea of someone deciding thus! Even so, she does not interrupt, but merely looks from Avary to Octavia when the mention of an announcement is made.

Octavia nods to Avary's reply. "Thievery is a crime, and while a member of the peerage can't be arrested easily, it's a bad look among your peers to be known for stealing from a commoner. They'd be ostracized by the Assembly, and the Court could order them barred from the Central Ward. That is one of our main mechanisms of enforcing obedience to the Court," the Chief Magistrate adds. "While the Laws of Alarice require freedom of movement between fealties and lands, the Crown has the authority to bar any person, common or peer, from entering the city or moving between wards for any reason other than to exit Arx or visit the Cathedral. It's a good way to strongarm obedience to the law."

With that, Octavia turns towards her ever present assistant, motioning for a scroll. "Blessed Avary is correct, and has given me permission to make an announcement and compel oaths on this day. Lady Lailah Bisland, Lady Teagan Blackram, Lord Alessandro Greenmarch, Lady Amari Keaton, Lord Cadern Ravenseye. Rise and come forward."

Grazia is just sitting and listening to the conversation, her hands folded in her lap as she observes the goings-on.

Petal looks to Octavia, nodding in response to her words. "Oh, I guess there is more ways to deal with such than I realized." She says in her heavy accent. The girl then falls silent, looking toward the nobles called and seemingly curious.

When his name is called, Alessandro squeezes Margret's hand and stands up. He moves through those seated next to them to come toward the front.

Teagan moves to her feet when her name is called, smoothing her dress at her abdomen. There's a brief smile to the others who are named that she is familiar with before she steps forward.

Domonico had quietly been at the back, listening carefully but otherwise silent.

Amari looks up as her name is called, as she'd been sitting there just listening intently. The whispering between her and Kenna having largely fallen off while the question was being addressed. "There are also levies." She mentions to Petal as she rises, but she's silent from then on. Moving to join the rest of the people Octavia has named.

Avary stands before the prospective magistrates. "Do you each swear to honor and call upon the wisdom of the Thirteen in your judgments? Do you swear to uphold within yourself the discipline of the Sentinel: the discipline to see and hear without prejudice? To give no special allowance or favor to friend or ally in your decision? To give no undue severity to foe or enemy? To regard not coin, standing, rank or birthright in summations? Do you?

"And do you know humility? And do you swear to withhold judgment until all evidence has been seen and heard? And to rule on the standing of evidence alone. Only and alone. And to let neither vengeance or specious mercy sway or nullify your rulings, or bring undue harshness to your sentencing? Or weaken your directed disciplines? Do you swear this, before the Sentinel: that you will, to the best of your ability, yield no injustice upon the accused, or prevent a victim's justice due? And to rule upon the law as it is and has been decreed: not as you wish it to be?" Once so sworn, Avary would yield back to Octavia to administer oaths to the Crown.

Domonico quietly slips out.

Alessandro nods to those standing with him at the front with a little smile for each, before he turns to Avary, becoming more solemn as the oaths begin. He listens intently, none of the usual amusement in his expression present now. Once it's come to him, he nods, a replying, "I swear."

Lisebet perks up as she listens, watching to see what happens. "Oh, how exciting," she exclaims as she realizes what is happening.

Octavia motions for the five to stand before them and continues with the secular oaths. "And do you each swear to uphold the laws and the justice of His Majesty Alaric IV Grayson in every decision you make? Do you swear to leave your personal and house quarrels behind while you wear these chains, and speak each ruling without bias or favoritism? Do you swear to recuse yourself when you feel you are unable to avoid bias, and do you swear to always uphold the honor and dignity of your office in public? Do you swear to never malign your office or use it for unsavory things?"

Teagan is solemn as Avary reads the oaths, hands clasped before her. "I do so swear," she says, in an echo much similar to the others. There is a small smile upon the woman's features; one not smug or overly self-prideful, but pleased in the sense of someone hopeful. When Octavia continues with the oaths beyond those of the Faith, her expression becomes focused once again. "I swear," come the words once more.

Preston is overheard praising Octavia: If the law is in part a shared dream, then that dream is made stronger and more vibrant by adding more voices to the choir that sing it.

Amari's reply to Avary is a simple and serious, "I do." The oaths to the Crown are accepted in the same manner once Octavia has finished speaking them.

When Octavia speaks the oaths to the Crown and it comes to him, Alessandro replies just as solemnly, "I swear."

"Then before the Gods and in the name of the King, I name you all magistrates of the Crown Court of Arx." Octavia motions, and five other magistrates step forward and turn to face the newly sworn. Each of them unfastens the brooch from their chain of office and removes it, before draping it around the shoulders of their assigned newcomer. "Honor these chains. Feel the weight of your office. It is cold, heavy, and uncomfortable," Octavia warns. "Ours is a badge of duty, not of glory, but if you honor your office, then the city will honor you in return."

Motioning the five to turn around, she proclaims, "Your five newest magistrates! Gods blessings upon them!"

Preston claps politely for the new magistrates, huzzah. But no-one seems to be stabbing anyone, so Preston pushes himself to his feet and heads out of the door to go and find mischief.

Balian, a Templar squire, Guy, a hunting kestrel, 1 Templar Knight guards leave, following Preston.

Margret watches the swearing in, a proud smile crossing her face when Alessandro in particular swears to abide by the oaths set before him. She claps enthusiastically.

Teagan takes a deep breath once the chain settles on her shoulders, after having ducked her head to make it easier on the one placing it (she's tall; it surely helps). There's a smile for the other before she thusly turns to the assembly. There's a look to the others gathered as well, a smile for them, in turn; her fellow new magistrates.

Avary smiles proudly and bows her head to the new judges. "And this concludes Courtkeep. Thank you all for honoring Sentinel's day and may the Gods gift you wisdom."

Kenna rises quietly with a smile for Amari, and then slips herself out of the room.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel leaves, following Kenna.

Octavia is overheard praising Avary: Thank you for a wonderful Courtkeep!

Octavia is overheard praising Amari: Welcome Lady Magistrate!

Teagan is overheard praising Octavia.

Teagan is overheard praising Avary.

Amari should definitely not smile, because the weight of the chains and duty, and responsibility and she's smiling. Drats! She offers a respectful dip of her head to the magistrate bestowing her chain, to Octavia next and after a turn towards the small crowd, they get the same. "Gods bless us." She murmurs mostly to herself.

Octavia is overheard praising Teagan: Welcome Lady Magistrate!

Amari is overheard praising Octavia.

Amari is overheard praising Avary.

Octavia is overheard praising Alessandro: Welcome Lord Magistrate!

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