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Songs for Hope

Evaristo Arterius has yet another concert at The Unkindness in the Upper Boroughs. Come hear the song about Copper, written by Princess Sorrel Thrax and the Commoner Heroes song. Learn more about who Copper was and what she did.


Jan. 30, 2019, 1 p.m.

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Miella Renata Malcolm Aerwyna Valenzo Delilah Niklas Gunther Rinel Reese Ysbail Harlex



Arx - Upper Boroughs - The Unkindness

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Comments and Log

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Having had a week or so when he didn't play at all, because he actually wasn't in town or was otherwise busy, Evaristo is ready for another performance. The Unkindness, mysteriously named, is a good place for it. He's set himself up on a small makeshift stage so he's somewhat raised up and more visible. Sporting a brand new looking outfit for the evening, umbra and blue silk being the theme with wave-patterns - is that a Magenta reference, or just the fact he's a sailor? Perhaps a bit of both. Either or, he's daringly left his armor behind for the evening. The lute is leaning up against chair for now as he's standing up, waiting for the crowd to settle in first. He is nodding, smiling, waving at people, even if he doesn't really know them. "Welcome!" he's calling out now and then.

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Miella sits at a table, quietly sipping her drink and enjoying looking around at all the interactions around her as Evaristo gets ready. When he calls out she looks his way expectantly.

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Renata had heard about the performance tonight, and having missed all previous iterations of Copper's Song, has ensured that she's going to be at this one, and in good time too. Wearing a heavy wool cloak over a simple linen dress, she pauses at the entrance to The Unkindness, checking that her carriage has indeed actually delivered her to the correct place. Fingers lift down the hood of her cloak and she scans the room, hoping to find a friendly face amongst a sea of strangers.

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Malcolm's here for the musical - the singing thing. The musical thing and the Commoner's heroes that Evaristo took the idea of and ran with. It's the latter that's more likely why he's here, what he's waiting for, and what he might be thinking about and smiling all wide and whatnot. He takes a seat at a table with some others, lifting a hand in a friendly ol' wave, "G'day, folks."

"Good day." Aerwyna greets as she makes her way inside with a bit of a hustle, her hazel eyes roving to those already gathered as she moves to keep herself out of the way.

The captain of the Terrapin is sitting at one of the tables with a mug of dark beer, puffing away at a whalebone pipe with a short stem and looking surprisingly well-rested, if still a little haggard. His shirt and leather tunic are unlaced to catch the warm weather, revealing a hint of crude tattoos just under his collarbone, and his hair is unbound and properly wind-tossed. When Evaristo sets up on the stage and calls welcome, Val grins and cups a hand around one corner of his mouth. "KNOCK 'EM DEAD, EV!" His eyes are drawn to Renata as she enters, and he lifts a hand and waves her over, grinning; his spirits high as they are, the others entering also get a broad, warm grin and nod as well.

Those Graysons and their friends or fealty, all gathering relatively at once. They can hardly be trusted. Delilah, however, knows how to blithely blend into a crowd when she wants to. Want being the operative word. Slender fingers buried deep in her skirt enable her to wisp and manoeuvre gracefully through the crowd, and settle into a gap in the seating at the raven table. Corvids unite! Albeit the girl with the copper hair has about as much chance as being part of that parliament of darkness as she does of being Platinum himself. Her nod to Mirella and Malcolm is friendly, "Good to see you," added warnly afterwards.

Miella gives Malcolm a deep nod, "Duke Malcolm," she greets quietly, though she keeps most of her attention on the stage, only glancing over when someone sits or enters.

Evaristo checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Niklas comes bustling in with his assistant Sam at his side, regaling him with some story or another. "...scansion, but there are times where you have to decide that intent wins out over singability, you know?" Niklas glances around the room and offers a cheery wave to Malcolm and Delilah, heading over to plop down at the impromptu Grayson table. When Evaristo starts up he calls out a cheer for the captain, always on hand to support a member of the College.

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Cautious and tentative an older man enters The Unkindness. Gunther peeks in and squints; crows feet stretch out as his heavy brow knits tight towards the bridge of his nose as he checks out the place. He is short and squat. Maybe only a couple of inches over five feet and with a bit of a one pack that hangs and stretches out the fabric of his poor commoner cloth attire. He has a peak around before he commits to spending his time here.

Renata spots Valenzo's raised hand, the relief evident upon her face at having spotted someone she knows. Fingers work to loosen the fastening of her cloak where it's fastened with a chain across her chest, and he's the recipient of one of her smiles as she quickly heads for his table. "I can't tell you how lovely it is to find you here," she confesses. Did she just join a table set aside for a particular family? Who's to tell! She doesn't recognise anyone else at it apart from Delilah, so a smile is quickly cut her way. "My Lady. It's been a while." She drapes her cloak over the back of one of the chairs, and settles herself in.

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As the place is filling up, Evaristo takes the lute up and plays a melody on it but not overwhelmingly - just some background music for the audience as they settle in. Once people are comfortably seated, he flashes a grin around the place. He's not wearing the copper scarf tonight, but the large copper brooch holding his sailor's vest together is such a clash with the rest of the colors of his outfit, it sticks out and makes his stance pretty obvious; here's one that is on Copper's side. Or Ashe's, as it might be these days. "Nice to see so many here," he says and fingers make a bit of a fanfare, to catch attention. "Tonight is not about me standing up here singing and playing, though I love doing that. It's about Hope. About the message Copper wanted us all to remember. The message that Ashe now carries onwards, and which I try to help spread. That the road ahead might be hard, but that we have the strength to stand on our own against the darkness. If we keep Hope." He paces a bit as he talks, and gestures dramatically for emphasis, violet eyes shining with conviction. "The song I sing, I didn't write it - you all probably know that Princess Sorrel has spent a long time finding information about Copper and composing this lovely song. So let us not forget who to thank for this. She taught me the song, I sing it for you. And I will tell the stories about Copper as I've been told, once I'm done."

He clears his voice, stars playing the melody. Those that have heard Sorrel performing it will notice the slight differences - it is the same melody, of course, but this is on a lute, and Evaristo does his own spin on it. No performer will do it the same way. His voice is strong and practiced. He is rough around the edges, the voice is a bit raspy, but he sings with feeling.

"Duke Malcolm. I am looking forward to the performance." With the round of introductions underway, Delilah touches her throat in something of a greeting. "Delilah Whitehawk, erstwhile wanderer and scholar." The mirth of that lingers on the dulcet tone of her voice, and she tucks herself tighter into the table for people to find an easy place to sit. The curve of her smile brightens upon noting Niklas, whom she dips her head to. Laughter threatens but does not break, retreating back as she gestures to Renata. "Come sit by me, and tell me what you think of Copper's story once you hear it. I would be delighted to discover your opinions or thoughts, if you know of it." Her voice tips down in volume once Evaristo begins, her summer-sky eyes trailing upwards to fix to his features with interest. Her hands brought together in light applause for him adds a gloss of sound.

Gunther for whatever reason starts in and pauses in his retreat and exit upon the promise of a presentation of sorts. The elder man smiles a bit as he makes some assumption about 'Copper' since he had known of the individual before. Being tied to his own sense of loss the mid-fifties fella heads over and sits down at a table close to the music. Interested to hear the tale.

Chunk, a Maelstrom Forest Cat arrives, following Rinel.

Rinel slips in quietly to the concert. An enormous cat is, improbably, resting on her shoulders and snoozing quietly.

Aerwyna retreats to the lone couch and sinks within its feathers as she looks around with an unfamiliar gaze, hazel orbs lifting and rounding as her head tilts this way and that but a smile plays upon her lips as she soaks in the environ and the song before those eyes ultimately return to Evaristo.

"He's real good --" Malcolm agrees with a murmur at the table, nodding enthusiastically, and one may wonder what that rattling noise is. Either the contents of his head (not true) or the stomping of one booted foot off-tempo of the actual music that's being played (true.) The Shepherd Duke may not be musically inclined - and have zero sense of rhythm or timing - but he makes up for all of that with a good mood and a broad grin. He glances back toward the other table occupants, lowering his voice to laugh at something said.

Delilah catches the smile from Aerwyna and returns one in kind, inclining her head to the woman on the couch. Her gaze briefly on the floral-adorned slippers with interest, and she impishly takes note. The music holds her fast after a few soft-spoken comments, attention invariably returning to Evaristo.

The seat that Renata has picked for herself is, quite by chance, the very one which sandwiches her neatly between Delilah and Valenzo. "I've not heard the song actually performed before," she admits before Evaristo commences with his performance. "He does sing well..." she remarks quietly, her eyes falling briefly upon Niklas once she spots him at the table. Oh see, recognition for the Prince does flare in her eyes, but she's distracted back to something that's being said near her elbow at the table, and her attention turns there.

"To rebuild the world for the greater good, whatever you need, they'd do if they couuuuuld!" Valenzo sings along painfully off-key and raspy though with plenty of heart, lifting his mug to Evaristo with a grin, and claps sea-roughened hands in time with the beat -- he's got rhythm, at least. When he notices Gunther, he grins and waves the fellow over cheerily. "Oi, saw you at the Murder the other day! No need to be shy!"

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Evaristo finishes the song with a fading out on the lute, then bows. Though he smiles, the smile is a bit rueful and almost sad, because he sang about a hero that died only a few months ago. "So," he says and he keeps playing a backgdrop to when he talks, so that the stories he will tell will be more dramatic perhaps, or just more captivating. Still not so loud that talking is impossible. "Perhaps you never heard about Copper, or heard about her and know nothing. Fear not! I will tell you about our great Metallic hero. Was she a princess, living in a castle? No, my friends, she was a commoner who lived here in Arx quite humbly. She loved every person in the city, in the compact, in Arvum. She was old - she was there during the reckoning. How is that possible, you may wonder? Ah, but Copper... she'd learned magic. Once a slave, she searched deep inside of herself, knowing there must be something more - and she found magic. She wove time to make the world a better place. Yes, that's right." He looks around, grinning widely. "She was a time mage. And she saved us all from a fate where everything would cease to be. The cost was high though - she sacrificed herself to save us all."

Reese arrives late to the gathering, but is in just enough time to hear Evaristo's words. She listens with close attention and then quietly makes her way toward a table.

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Aerwyna's eyes seem to shine as she listens to the fading sound of the lute at the song's end. She didn't seem to know the one sung about but noted the expressions of the performer and those around as her eyes again shift to observe.

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Ysbail sneaks in, hoping she hasn't completely missed the concert.

Chunk raises his head and looks at Gruffudd. He sniffs the air. He begins to purr a nearly subsonic rumble that has Rinel vainly attempting to shush him. Then he goes back to sleep.

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Evaristo has finished singing the song about Copper, but he's talking instead up there on the makeshift stage set up so he will be easily visible by the crowd. The drinks are flowing and the inn is doing good business tonight. Windows and doors are open to let the summer night air in, but even so, it's quite warm in here by all the bodies and the heat from the kitchen where the cooks are sorting out dinners. "So," Evaristo says, "Copper has been our protector for a thousand years and most didn't even know it. Because she did it all quietly, without needing to be worshipped. She did small things and big things both. She could buy lunch to a tired worker down at the docks whose daughter was ill, so he couldn't afford that lunch. Or she could fight a demon and stop it from ever coming here in the first place. Once, she swam out in the river and saved a kitten from drowning as it barely clung to a log." Maybe seeing the cats inspired this story here. "Another time, she singlehandedly stopped a robbery by freezing them in place in time and removing the one they assailed from the sight, and held them there till the Iron Guard arrived." He smiles widely, looking at people's faces, to see their reactions. "A hero of the people. ALL the people. She left ous a message, and I try to spread it. So, if you do want to show that you have hope, that you believe that we can stand up on our own - put on a piece of copper." He touches the brooch on his vest. "I'll sing my own song now," he says, and looks at Malcolm, "which was partly inspired by Duke Shepherd and co-authored by Carmen Harol."

And he starts playing again, this time a much more merry tune, the song humorous - a hymn to the commoner heroes.

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Gunther was in on this. Here the man thought he was going to hear a tale of love and loss. Something he could especially relate with. The second the talk of magic and what not enters the conversation the limited in his exposure yokel who had just arrived in Arx a few days ago for the first time he was just slack jawed. He remained polite. Beat red in the face. But once the performance is ended he gives a polite cap. He mumbles stuff like 'charlatans' and 'cults' on the way out. He didn't catch the last song.

"How did he manage to escape when it was his song under pen?" Delilah watches Malcolm make his sudden absence with a degree of laughter hidden behind her hand. She nods to Ysbail and gestures to the now vacant seat. "I admire someone with the fortitude to fly away all the same."

Ysbail joins if only for a few moments, eyebrows lifting at the lyrics as they are sung. "Well I suppose it is certainly - hm. cheery? I'd hoped to ask some questions but alas it seems I'm too late. I shall see you later though scholar."

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Miella applauds when the Copper song ends and looks back to her table while Evaristo is between sets, "Did someone say he's a bard?" She asks, "I thought he was a Captain?"

Evaristo's cheerful amusing song hopefully draws some smiles, but once he's done with it, he bows and declares; "No more singing for now, I'll get up and sing some in a bit again, I'll be here most of the night. Instead, I'll try and answer questions about Copper if you have them, just remember I'm not an expert. But perhaps some in the crowd also got stories?"

As always, the tales of Copper's work in the Lowers have a worn a soft melancholy into Valenzo's expression, the good cheer fading somewhat as he lifts the mug and calls, "To the Mage of Second Chances!" He raps his knuckles on the table and then takes a /long/ pull from his mug, and then he's easing back into his seat with a sigh. He nods Miella's way with a faintly wry smile. "Aye, Captain of the Josie, and a better you'll never find. Don't think he'd call himself a bard, but as Prince Niklas said, he deserves any recognition the College will toss his way." As the second song is played, some of the smile returns to his face, and he's tapping his fingers along with the beat. By the time it's over, he claps his hands again. "OI! TO THE BEST NOT-BARD IN THE LOWERS"

Delilah adds her serenade of applause to the conversation while work insists on stamping her ability to write at the moment.

Renata looks mildly uncomfortable at something that's been said, but as Evaristo announces that he's done for now, she joins in with the applause that ripples quickly around the room. "Congratulations!" Her voice lifts above the general hubbub, and a smile is thrown the bard's way.

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Aerwyna also joins with the applause, her brows in a bit of a dance as they lift and lower before ultimately her applause ends and she rests her hands upon her lap and closes her eyes briefly.

Reese gets about four messages in a row. She has the grace to blush while rising to her slippered feet and already heading out. She can be heard speaking praisning of Evaristo though.

Reese is overheard praising Evaristo: Amazing event!

Miella raises her mug to Valenzo's toast and has a drink, setting it down again and looking over those assembled with curious eyes. Almost all of them. Princess and Princesses she mostly avoids looking directly at.

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Evaristo gets himself a drink, chats with the wait staff and promises he will continue playing during the evening. Looks like he's getting free drinks in return. He saunters over to find a seat for now, flopping down by Aerwyna's table, grinning over at his friends at the other table. "Thank you, thank you," he says and raises his glass towards Valenzo. "Not-a-bard is a title, isn't it?"

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Niklas pushes himself to his feet and offers a wave to those he knows, though he says to Evaristo, "Not-a-bard is okay, but bard would be better. You should speak to the Nightingale or myself if you ever feel like going full time." He offers the man a sketch of a salute, then heads for the door.

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Renata taps Valenzo lightly on his shoulder to gain his attention. "Remind me to tell you something of my trip to Luciva when we're in a less public place. There's something I wanted, no needed, to talk over with you." She nods to one of the servers that wanders past their table, and asks for wine to be brought. "I didn't know that Evaristo could sing quite as well as he does. It was the oddest thing, but someone mentioned to me earlier today that they'd been told that /I/ was a singer. I had to set her right on that point."

Miella looks to Renata and comments, "I don't sing either. I've never been able to carry much of a tune or remember how a song goes. I think people who grow up taking lessons and having their parents sing to them might have a head start in that sort of thing."

Aerwyna's gaze goes over to Evaristo when he joins her at the couch and she dips her head gently then continues to watch him interact as she rubs her palms over her dress idly or nervously perhaps and she sucks in a soft breath, watching others mingle now.

"As much as Not-A-Pirate, I 'spose," Val answers with a wry grin for everyone at the table, though when Niklas comments on it as well his expression turns thoughtful, nodding a farewell to the prince as he leaves. "Seriously, Ev, wouldn't be a bad idea, for all that," He muses after a moment. "You've got the talent, and it seems you've got the support." At Renata's mention of something important to discuss, his eyebrows climb, and he nods a little, studying her. "We can step out if you like, and go over it."

Renata is quick to shake her head to Evaristo. "I wouldn't dream of pulling you away from Evaristo's evening. It can wait." The smile which accompanies her reply is genuine, and there's a twist of her head in Miella's direction when she, too, admits she cannot hold a tune. "I told Lady Ysbail that she was surely mistaken, for babes have been known to cry in their cradles when I lift my voice in song." Her wine gets delivered to the table, and she pours a little into the glass before her.

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"Perhaps a class or two at the Bard's College might help? If you wanted to get better," Miella suggests, clasping her hands in her lap. "If that's where the Captain learned his skill they must be very good. I've never heard of a singing captain before."

Evaristo bows to the departing Niklas, and he looks a bit thoughtful. In the end, he joins the others at the table, grinning at them all. "I could possibly be a professional bard, but that means... committment," he notes wryly, downing his drink of whiskey. "I just do it for fun, when I feel like it."

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Valenzo smiles at Renata warmly and nods. "Later then." He downs the rest of his beer with enthusiasm, and then upnods at Evaristo as he joins them, reaching over to clap a hand to his friend's shoulder. "Quite a turnout, Ev! Not quite as lively as the show at the Murder, but...that's the Uppers for you, I suppose." He considers the man's words for a moment, running a hand over his chin. "...If we were all so blessed to do well and earn acclaim at what we consider fun, I think more of us would turn to the Gods," He murmurs, his smile growing a little lopsided. "Mayhaps that's what you need, Ev...little bit o' commitment and solidity, eh? Wouldn't get that mug punched in so often!"

Valenzo is overheard praising Evaristo: NOT-A-BARD SHOULD BE A TITLE

Renata smiles warmly at Mielle, though shakes her head. "I'm happy with not being able to sing. My talents align better with other things." Another clap of her hands for Evaristo when he arrives at their table. "You performed beautifully, Evaristo. And thank you for explaining some of Copper's life afterwards, it helps give the words more context." Valenzo's praise causes her to muffle a laugh, and the wine which she'd begun to lift to her lips, is hastily set back down on the table.

Miella gives Aerwyna a little wave as she also seems the quiet type and a gesture to the table in case she wants to join them. She turns when Evaristo sits to say, "That really was wonderful. I didn't realize when this concert was announced that you would be singing, I thought you'd just be hosting."

still watching, her eyes wandering some, Aerwyna catches sight of the little wave and offers Miella a shy smile before she looks to the others at the table and she gives a silent 'Okay' with her lips before she pushes herself off the soft furs of the couch, being mindful of her dress as she presses herself upwards, then adjusts and steps the short distance to the table.

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"I didn't learn this at the College - I've dabbled since I was a kid and just picked up things here and there. That travelling bard taught me that, this theatre group in Lenosia this, that group of singers in Darkwater Watch another thing..." He waves a hand and really doesn't seem to take it that seriously, rascally smile in place. "I'm plenty committed to one thing; Evaristo's Fun." He jokes a little, but - well, that's sort of his life's philosophy. He scoots over as Aerwyna moves over to join them, giving her an inviting smile. "Miella, good to see you here - and well, I'm firmly on the road of freedom - we need to keep our own path and chose what Ashe is suggesting, which is Copper's legacy. Not join those toffs from other countries, becoming enslaved and what not." He gets his new drink and drinks a large gulp. "THAT is why I sing and play this time around, normally I don't even do concerts. Too much work." He decides introductions might be in order to Aerwyna, the one he has not met before; "Captain Evaristo Arterius, at your service."

Though the concert itself seem to be over, the place is jovial and in a good mood, people are chatting about Copper at various tables. Evaristo, the host, is taking a break and has joined in at the large table.

Harlex checked composure + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Renata rises to her feet, pressing a hand to Evaristo's shoulder as she eases her way past him. "Thank you for hosting the event, I really enjoyed learning about Copper, but work calls." A nod of her head is given the others still grouped around the table, but she's quickly on her way.

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He isn't here to cause trouble. The Unkindness, up the street from his house, isn't a usual watering hole but the black-clad swordsman didn't want to walk and comes through the door with a long shadow and a broad frame. His presence is unintentional in intensity, the way those cold bright eyes look right through some of the jovial good-timers. But, Harlex is just here for a drink and to the bar he goes to saddle up. Rap his knuckles. And sign two-fingers and, "Whisky." With the low steadiness of which he often speaks. His left hip burdened by two swords, angled out from the slant of the studded belt. It takes him a bit of time to get a sense of the place, but he starts speaking up on those little clues. "Crowded," a small comment. Neutral in tone.

"People have so many strong opinions of what's going to happen," Miella marvels, shaking her head, "At the Murder the other day there was a Grayhope there saying what we thought wouldn't matter since it was the nobility that would be making the decision in their best interest and not ours. Do you think that's true?" When Aerwyna joins them she gives the other woman a nod and says warmly, "I'm Miella Corsetina."

"Aerwyna Froic." she replies in introduction, dipping her head as a warm smile creeps over her lips, teeth showing briefly before she looks to Miella then to Evaristo, "Pleasure to meet you Miella." Aerwyna states, her voice husky before she clears her throat, "And a wonderful performance you gave Captain, if not for overhearing you weren't a Bard indeed, you would've had me quite fooled."

"I'll see you later, Renata," Evaristo says and raises his glass in a farewell. His gaze is drawn towards Harlex, studying the mercenary out of the corner of his eyeƄ+3333333333333333333

"I'll see you later, Renata," Evaristo says and raises his glass in a farewell. His gaze is drawn towards Harlex, studying the mercenary out of the corner of his eye, in that way that people that have a reason to keep an eye on intimidating armed figures do. However, he does give Harlex an upnod and that obnoxiously rascally charming grin, reserved for friends, or at least, those he thinks should be his friend. "Nice to meet you, Aerwyna," he says. "Valenzo and I, we're both captains - and truthfully? I can't be captaining my own ship and be a professional bard at the same time. Or well, I could, but I'd soon be one very forgotten bard since I'd so rarely perform. I appreciate your kind words, but for now - captain first, music second." He gives Aerwyna a curious look. "WHat is it you do then?"

As Aerwyna joins them, he nods and gives her a small smile. "Captain Valenzo Vincinatti, at your service as well." Evaristo's words about choices and freedom have an interesting effect on Valenzo's face however; a shadow flickers across his expression, and for a moment he looks just as bone-weary as if he hadn't slept for a week. He sags into his seat a little, brows knitting, and looks into the empty mug infront of him for a moment, before taking up his whalebone pipe and puffing away in silence. Miella's comment earns a tilt of his head, and a grunt. "It's a common sentiment in the Lowers, that the nobility don't give a toss about what we think of the matter...but most silks I've met seem at least to want to lend an ear when the topic comes up. It's certainly not our official decision, like...but we can still make our voices heard." Harlex's entrance earns a careful, assessing glance to the swords at the man's hip, but his comment a small wry smile. "Just missed a lively performance, friend. Tales of the Mage of Second Chances...Ev's studied her life quite a bit!"

Miella nods to Valenzo, "I don't know anything of politics, but it seems to be the only thing anyone is talking about. I can't say that I have an opinion, except that I hope the people in charge choose the right path. It's all us little people can hope for. And pleased to meet you, Aerwyna. Are you new to the city?" She asks politely.

Harlex turns toward the bartender when he arrives with the glass, whisky, and he rolls his fingers to tell him to keep it coming--until its done. There's a smattering of coins. He doesn't turn to face them but they have his profile, his eyes which pop against those tenebrous features. The angle of a side-favoring grin, wolfish and brief and the ghost of an expression. "Oh," is his comment on the missed performance. But he slides off the bar, walks toward them. Not all the way invasive but within polite distance of talking. "Hello, Miella." At least one of them, or remembers one of them. The others given a steady nod. "Harlex Valtyr."

"I see that now, Captain Evaristo and a pleasure to meet you, Captain Valenzo." Aerwyna smiles to the latter and her smile still holds as she answers the questions posed to her, "I'm a seamstress mainly, just got my shop sorted out earlier but yes, I am new to the city so it has been slow going in getting myself acclimated and meeting people but this event was nice to get to know a few faces." She smiles still, looking around slowly, "Makes it seem a little less strange." Her eyes look up to Harlex when hearing the introduction and she dips her head his way.

Evaristo's interest is immediately peaked, staring at Aerwyna with more focus. "Seamstress, hmm? I always look for a good outfit," he notes - and those that have a trained eye would probably see that the outfit he's wearing today is brand spanking new and quite costly. For all his commoner ways, he seems to have money to spend. "Captain Harlex Valtyr," he adds and gestures invitingly. "Another captain - just a different one. The Crimson Blades, is it not?" He takes another sip of whiskey, shares a look with Valenzo in a rare show of empathy, and adds; "That's why I do this. The more people that show that they want us to stand on our own, the easier it is for them making the decision to take the right one."

Miella gives a nod to Harlex, "Master Harlex," she greets, glancing back to Aerwyna, "If you need any help let me know. I've just been placed in charge of Corsetina Mercantile myself and I'm learning the ins and outs as I go. I've got some connections at the market though if you ever find yourself in need of materials and I'd be happy to help you along."

Harlex offers Aerwyna a slight smile and a similar greeting, he grabs a chair and drags it to him. He settles in with a wide-stance, a drink in one hand, and a forward lean. "It is," he says in agreement to Evaristo's introduction. He sips from his drink, quiet not just in his choice of words but in his presence as well. Back to the Seamstress he offers, "Arx is a vast and strange place. But you will come to live lifetimes in short order. When I arrived, I was a vagabond swordsman." And now, well, he doesn't quite go into it but despite his dark clothing they appear made from the finest materials. Well-lived, however, and as honed to the wilds as the wolfish mercenary.

Her eyes follow Harlex and she seems to have a continuous smile on her face as she answers, "You -were-? Hmm.. this sounds like a tale I would be interesting in hearing, Captain considering what you are the Captain of now.." She gives a quick grin before her eyes look over to Evaristo at his words, eyes trailing over his outfit with an impressed expression before her gaze slides over to Miella, responding with a squint of her eyes, "I do think I may have seen you in passing, Miella..and I do thank you kindly for your offer, I'm sure we will be chatting quite soon then. But.. I unfortunately have some work to get back to.. I do hope you all have a good day."

Aerwyna has left the Raven Table.

Nodding at Harlex's introduction, Valenzo opens his mouth to add something to the conversation -- but at that moment, a red-faced sailor with an enormous beard comes puffing in, and bends over to mutter something into his ear. "Dietrich, what the-- ...ahh. Shit." Val mutters. (Dietrich looks quite grim as he nods at Val's curse, though he does have a gap-toothed smile to spare for Evaristo, and a wave of his hand.) The captain of the Terrapin stands, bows to everyone with a tight smile, and follows his cook to the door. "Great work, Ev! Hope to catch the next one as well!" He calls over his shoulder.

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Harlex offers them both a nod. For Aerwyna he adds, "Anytime, darlin'. I'm cheap. Just make sure I got a drink."

"Oh.. is that so.." Aerwyna grins at Harlex then nods, wiggling her fingers, "Until next time."

Evaristo is getting into this drinking thing here, now that he's mostly done his part. He'll play some more soon and maybe make a drunken fool of himself, but his important part is done. So, his friends leave one after the other, ending him up with Harlex, the mercenary eyed a bit warily. "Sooooo," he notes. "You people must be quite busy these days," he says with a faint wry smile.

Evaristo is getting into this drinking thing here, now that he's mostly done his part. He'll play some more soon and maybe make a drunken fool of himself, but his important part is done. So, his friends leave one after the other so it is now just a trio at the table. He eyes the mercenary a bit warily. "Sooooo," he notes. "You people must be quite busy these days," he says with a faint wry smile.

Harlex settles back in his chair and sips from that glass with no special haste. "I keep busy," he comments. Obtusely. There's a look around the tavern. "Hope it works," he says to Evaristo, "People hearin' about Copper. Hope it leads to the right choice."

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