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Artshall Spring Jousting

The day before the grand spring fete launches, House Laurent holds a tournament in their fields near the family stronghold. The winner will take home the prize of one ingot of diamondplate. House Laurent won't be held responsible if you fall of your horse. But will provide band aids.


Jan. 6, 2019, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Cristoph Jael


Thorley Carmen Danvir Berenice Demura Gaspard Miranda Harlex Gaston Tesha Isidora Jeffeth Rymarr Amari Salvatore Nicia Niklas Samantha Sabella Dominique



Outside Arx - Oathlands near Artshall - Tournament Fields

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Comments and Log

Nevermind any pesky rumors about places in the duchy being set on fire, this part of it is looking really nice! That other stuff was just scandalous rumors. The tournament grounds are festooned with decorations, aptly setting the stage for tomorrow's big celebration. Streamers of silk ribbons and garlands of flowers are draped from the bleachers, poles and fencing. Various vendors are set up all along the edges, selling all sorts of things from kebobs to fried stuff that's then been dunked in sugar. There's also lots and lots of mead flowing, because if there's going to be any primary beverage pushed in Artshall, it's mead.

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Arriving with Tala, Thorley has her settled on the dappled stick horse that he got the last joust and she's carrying around a wooden sword. The young Farwatch is totally here to joust - well, in her own way. Which is mainly to head over to where Carmen is to keep company while Thorley finishes getting ready. Now if only he had his /own/ horse instead of having to borrow one every time.

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Jael seems to have got hold of some sort of fried dough with powdered sugar all over it, which she is trying to eat without getting the sugar all over her fancy leather armor. She's dressed to joust, though a groom in Artshall livery is dealing with her horse.

Carmen looks skeptically over the wildflower-strewn grounds and vibrant, fresh, country air. Seeing Harlex, she tucks two fingers into her mouth and blows a shrill, encouraging whistle before finding a table to sit at, long legs folding comfortably. Her skepticism aside, seeing Thorley's Tala heading her way, Carmen stretches back an arm to snap a stem of small white flowers from a garland, which she presents to Tala with a flourish. "Come have a seat, young miss. You can show me how to use that thing."

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Danvir comes in and looks around at the crowd finding an out of the way corner he leands agains a post to watch the going ons. He pulls out a silver flask and sips from it while watching.

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When Berenice steps onto the field, she seems very /aware/ of the fact that she is not the Oathlands' favorite person. In fact, she rather seems to be enjoying it, draped on Harlex's arm as she is, swathed in umbra and adorned in stygian, iridescite, and star iron. She's full of amused smiles, and she draws Harlex close for moment, pulling his face to hers so that she can press a long and lingering kiss to his mouth before releasing him to his jousting duties. Which leaves her free to make her way to the stands to watch.

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Another rider comes join the tournament. Demura seems ready to the lists. All dressed in metal plates that cover her from head to toe, with her bird shaped helmet promptly identifying her to those who know her byname.

Tucking the flower behind her ear, Tala giggles, "Of course! I'm a good rider! But I want to ride a gryphon some day!" So much like her mother in that department. Probably one too many stories. "You mind keeping an eye on her for me? Sorcha wasn't feeling well, so Violet has to stay home."

Gaspard arrives in the company of Tesha, enlisting her help a little at the last minute to make sure those bits the Lord cant reach in the back are strapped in good place. As people are being called up, he offers her a wink and a lower murmured, "Taller makes an easier target to hit. Wish me luck."

Miranda arrives with an arm through Salvatore's. She glances about noting those she knows who're getting in line for the joust. She motions to the tables and such nearby, "Shall we sit? Or will you be jousting today, my Lord?" The question is aimed towards Salvatore, naturally.

The swordsman is dressed as much in opposition to the Oathlands as the Velenosan princess on his arm; dark, frightful armor with a harsh black cloak. He smiles into the kiss, watching her depart before he shifts to attend to his war horse. A spirited dappled grey mare as prepared to joust as her rider. Harlex hooks a boot into the stirrup, mounting tall in the saddle. He reaches for something from his belt, a favor of aeterna silk which he fastens on his clawed gauntlet. At Carmen's whistle, he lifts a hand and smirks slightly.

Gaston is here to support his towering cousin, and as he steps onto the field he makes no secret of it; he cups fang-marred hands around his mouth and hollers, "GO, Gaspard! Show 'em how our House earned its name!" A feral grin follows soon after, as he strides to the benches and takes a seat near the corner.

Harlex gets a monogrammed aeterna handkerchief trimmed in floral lace from a black swordbelt with metallic studs.

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Oddly, Tesha is dressed in all black. Which is very out of place for the Telmar. Maybe it's to match what her future husband is wearing. She gives the man a soft smile and there's something tucked into his armor as she finishes tightening one of the straps. "You just have fun. And don't fall off your horse. It'll hurt more." she tells him. With that she leaves him to go do what he's hear to do, though she stays where she is to watch the other jousters. Because it's Tesha's favorite thing.

Carmen gives Thorley a quick thumbs up and shoos him off toward the joust. "Can you see alright?" she asks Tala before picking up the young girl and hoisting her onto her broad shoulders with a grin. That grin flashes for Helena and Berenice, although the latter does get a blink, eyebrows raising as she catches the end of the kiss. "Princess Berenice, Lady Helena. Making any bets today?"

Danvir sips from his flask as he watches everyeone setteling and those joining the line.

Isidora walks around as she shows up. Her honeyed eyes move around the area. She sees Miranda and goes to catch up with her. "Miranda. Glad you look like you are feeling better." Isidora says with a smile before she greets Salvatore with a nod. "Cousin."

Leading Friend to the stables, Sir Jeffeth is clank clanking off on his own. Passing a brush over the hair of the massive black horse that surely belongs to him. The towering Knight of Solace is humming quietly to himself until it seems things are ready to get goin. Leading Friend gently towards the lists. Or someone calling. Really he doesn't know where he's going, he's just walking around, rapidly looking for direction carrying a lance and leading a horse.

Harlex whistles and offers Jeffeth a guiding gesture to the rallying place for the jousters. "That's a fine lookin' horse," he offers to the big man.

Rymarr rests easily within his saddle, one armoured hand working at the other to ensure a secure rest of a vambrace. Finding it all properly buckled and prepared his helm dips toward a young squire standing nearby. Satisfied with his findings he's properly armed thereafter and settles in for the wait of the tournament's beginning. Dauntless shifts about for a moment before settling with a reassuring press of an armoured palm to the horses neck. Mount and rider begin to move forward at a leisurely pace until he draws closer to the bird-helmed Marquessa Demura Lyonesse so that the Marquis-Consort may share a quiet word with his fellow rider.

Amari is already safely sat in the stands with her dogs, apparently not jousting on this occasion. Usually one wouldn't in seasilks, without a horse and lance. It just makes it terribly difficult. She just seems to be having a chat with some of the Artshall locals seated nearby as the day's competitors get themselves armed and armored for the fun. " will be. You'll see."

Cristoph likes to joust! Even if it seems to result in him frequently getting unhorsed (and occasionally injured). But today he's in host mode, wandering through the crowds as people begin to arrive for the tournament. He's heading for where the main action is, stopping to greet people he recognizes along the way. He waves to his sister as she spots her, "Good luck, sister! Ah hello, Princess Berenice and Captain Harlex of the ever changing ranks." A child of about two springs up to him and begins to hang desperately onto his leg. "This is mine." Said in the tone of 'this is fine'.

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There's a smirk towards Carmen as Thorley gives a nod. "I'll probably be back very shortly. I tend to have terrible luck at these things." the baron offers as he moves to get in position, as apparently the first in line.

Miranda smiles warmly at Isidora, extricating herself briefly from Salvatore to hug Isidora, "Sister." She grins at her, "I feel much better." She gestures to Salvatore, "My Lord Zaffria here was nice enough to escort me so I could witness the jousting. Don't worry, I don't plan to participate." She winks at Isidora, then looks about, "What? My brother's not here?" She motions to the tables, "I should sit, however." She takes Isidora's arm and leads her, sort of, to the tables.

Salvatore picks his way in with Miranda and his hourse. He leans in to murmur something to her chuckling at a comment. Then he admits more normally, "Will you take notes for me? I usually like to keep an eye out for talent that hasn't been recruited by one of the other organizations yet." He admits. He's kitted out to join the joust leading his horse though he sees the younger woman to the stands and ISidora first. Isidora gets a nod of greetings as he focuses on the setup.

When the call to the field comes, Jael pops the last bite of fried dough in her mouth and hurries over to mount her black warhorse. She wave-salutes at her brother as she canters her steed out to the lineup.

Giving Harlex a smile, Jeffeth makes his way over with Friend. "Thanks. Her name is Friend. Friend, Harlex." Jeffeth rumbles the introduction of the pair before going to lean against the massive horse.

Isidora moves with Miranda towards the tables. Isidora nods glad that Miranda isn't jousting. "Fecundo wanted to come but he got tied up with something." She says softly.

Jousting isn't really something that Nicia is into, or even really understands. But that doesn't change the fact that she is here, supporting the Laurent family, and on behalf of them at the same time.

The call for the jousting starts, with the herald trumpeting loudly before announcing the first match: "Marquis-Consort Rymarr Deepwood versus Lady Jael Laurent. Good luck!"

Miranda nods, kissing Salvatore's cheek, "Of course." She motions to Brenlin, "Keep notes." She winks at Salvatore then. Delegation. It is key! She nods to Salvatore, "Enjoy your joust, my Lord." She sits with Isidora and holds the woman's hand. "He was tied up? Oh goodness, he's made you truly Lycene then!"

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Harlex settles back in his saddle. A palm reaching down toward Scout's neck for a bit, brushing it gently. "This is Scout, she is a brat but a good horse," he says to Jeffeth. "Fine to meet you, Friend." A curt nod is given and a slight smirk before he nods to Cristoph. "Duke, haven't seen you in a spell. Like I said, I'll be Captain for a while longer. Don't worry."

Isidora blinks and blushes furiously. "No ... he is working on something. Not tied up, literally." The poor Valardin tries to defend herself as she stutters out her words. Isidora almost wishes she could hide from that comment. "That is bedroom talk Miranda!" She whispers loudly to the woman.

Gaspard rumbles happily at Tesha and offers a low murmur to her before she heads off, then lifts a gauntleted hand to wave at Gaston's shout. The call to the lists draws his attention over, patting on Jotun's neck while he waits to see how the first run of the day is going to end up.

Danvir moves over to the benches and finds a corner he can sidle up to as he slides into the seat he places his silver flask on the table infront of him.

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Miranda laughs at Isidora's reaction and hugs her.

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Tesha gives a look down the line and then there's a smile to Gaspard, "You'll do fine." she tells him. She gives a look to Jotun and then debates if she should have had him ride Alabastrine for this. There is a wave given to Gaston as well, happy to see him out and about.

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"Ah, Duke Cristoph!" Berenice's attention catches on him when he greets her, her smile widening. "Always an absolute delight to see you. What a delightful holding you have! I think this is my first real visit." She's settled in at her seat, chattering easily with different people around her.

Danvir sips at his drink paying close attention to the Jousters occasionally glancing over at the oters at the table near where he is sitting.

Miranda is overheard praising Isidora: For that moment when... your sister-by-marriage wishes you were not Lycene!

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Rymarr checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 16, rolling 98 higher.

Forced to accept his fate, Cristoph leans over to pick the boy up and hoise him onto his shoulders. When Harlex confirms he won't be changing ranks anytime in the immediate future, the duke laughs and ducks his head. "Yanking your chain, as they say." To Berenice, he smiles and nods. "Thank you, princess. I'm fond of it myself, but if you'll excuse me." The joust begins and he wanders a little closer, finding Nicia along the way.

When she spots Cristoph approach there is a smile for him, then Nicia leans in to give his cheek a kiss, "Hello." She then looks past him towards the pair that he'd been speaking to, offering Berenice and Harlex both brief smiles before she looks back at the jousting, "Were you wanting to watch, or walk around and speak with people?"

Gaston waves from his spot in the corner to Tesha in return, a warm smile crinkling his scarred eyes, and lifts the same hand in greeting to Cristoph and Amari in turn, smile cracking into a fond grin. "Fantastic season for such an event, Duke Cristoph! Lady Amari, good to see you again so soon!"

Niklas arrives to the tournament with Sabella on his arm, both chipper and in good spirits, having arrived the day before in their borrowed Grayson house wagon. After surveying the grounds, Niklas draws his wife over toward the benches, pausing now and again to offer genial waves to familiar faces. Once Sabella is seated he settles down next to her, then sends an attendant off to find something to drink. "Preferably brandy, but this is Artshall, so perhaps some mead and a honeycomb."

The riding she has down, clearly. But as Jael and her horse thunder down the jousting lane, the line of her lance goes askew and while she keeps her seat, Rymarr snaps her lance easily.

Samantha makes her way into the seating with an eager eye toward the jousting. Unsurprisingly, she is delighted by the current turn of events.

Danvir watches as the lance snap and grins then sips at his flask again.

Demura can be see cheering for her brother from afar. While she quietly flaunting a Lyonesse standard at first, as soon as the lance splinters in many pieces and sends Jael to the ground, the Marquessa chuckles vibrantly, pleased with the results so far.

A clasp of arms is made between Rymarr and Demura, then the former straightens and turns Dauntless' large self away as his name is announced. He urges Dauntless to proceed to the lanes at a trot. As mount and rider settle into their lane, Dauntless shifts to the side in anticipation but is brought back under control. Once both are steadied they begin the wait. When the call is made, Rymarr and Dauntless launch forward with a thunderous charge. The rattle of plate and the tromp of hooves sounds off, followed soon after by the crash of lances striking shields. Rymarr shifts slightly in the saddle but he remains seated, which in turn permits his own lance to strike home with a resounding crack.

"Definitely a honeycomb," Sabella starts to say before she's gasping at the lance snap, clutching at Niklas' arm, "Well! This is already worth the trip! Do you think she's all right?" She sounds a bit worried, looking around for a seat and then pulling Niklas with her, "This is so exciting! It's been so long since I've seen a proper joust. Do you know someone broke an arm last time?!"

The fellow with the trumpet blares it again. He really like that thing. "The winner is, Marquis-Consort Rymarr Deepwood! The next match is Sir Jeffeth Bayweather versus Baron Thorley Farwatch!

Cristoph manages to stop their son from leaning over and patting Nicia on the head. "Sorry, I think he escaped the nannies. Lets watch-" he winces as Jael's lance snaps. "Well, I wasn't expected to see that so soon in the tournament. But also, we'll walk. I think it's Sir Jeffeth next." When he sees the knight from across the field, he waves to him and whistles loudly.

Tesha gives a smile to Gaston, then her attention turns to Jael and Rymarr coming down the lane at each other. She winces a bit when the lance is snapped, but there's a soft applause for the riding.

Thorley checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Harlex leans forward in his saddle, observing the first bout. At its conclusion, with the lance snapped and the round finished he looks thoughtful. He does return Nicia's smile with a slight one of his own. Then offers Jeffeth a, "Good luck," and a steady nod.

Jael wheels her horse around to walk him back towards the crowd, rubbing at her lance arm but grinning. "Well done, Marquis Rymarr."

Salvatore lets out a low whistle watching Jael's impressive riding. Still her riding skills don't seem to be eough to keep her away from Rymarr's weapon work. "Well that's something." He says as he pats his steed. He considers Rymarr thoughtfully even as the next pair move to the line.

Miranda line

Carmen tips her head back to look up to Tala Farwatch, propped up on Carmen's broad shoulders to watch the jousting. "Sounds like your father's next. Yell loud, young miss." Under her breath, Carmen seems to murmur despite her chipper smile, "For he is going to need it."

Thorley checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 24, rolling 31 higher.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 23 higher.

Gaspard oos softly as he watches the lance break and the solid hit registered by Rymarr, offering a cheer up when Rymarr is declared the winner. He bends down to actually say something to Jotun, perhaps to settle the huge horse as the others go thundering past.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 7, rolling 40 higher.

Samantha decides that rather than go sit at the benches, she makes her way to the fencing that cordons off the lists. She unabashedly loiters there like a jousting groupie.

Nicia reaches a hand up to catch the boys hand, checking it for dirt or honey quickly before she gives it a quick kiss hello. Better than him falling off, right? Then she looks towards Jeffeth, "Then Sir Jeffeth first." She agrees, curling her arm through her husbands so that she doesn't lose him in the crowd.

Rymarr's lance slips into the couched position, supported by the opposite hand. All in the interest of freeing his lance arm so that he may shake it out following the charge and collision. Once he's settled into place the lance is raised and the blunted tip pointed to the sky as he rides along to the pool. A hand lifts his visor to permit ease of communication as he answer Jael's comment, "Thank you, Lady Jael. You and your horse ride together quite well". As they pass by a hand lifts to curl an armoured finger toward Samantha in a silent greeting. Inevitably his attention drifts back to Jael, "Your charge was superb," he offers as a compliment.

Thorley is usually an average soldier when it comes to these things. And he's been woefully out of practice. Lining up in the tilting lane, Thorley hears Tala's calls out. And while he rides and strikes well and true - he's technically proficent at the whole thing, but it's his lance that snaps. There's a bow of his head towards Jeffeth as he moves to lead his horse off. He needs more practice at this all clearly, before he's riding off to head back over to where his daughter is and a, "Well done, Sir Bayweather."

Mounting his horse, Jeffeth goes to don his helmet. A shining alaricite helm in shape of a bulls head. The bull knight rounds over to the lists on top of the horse. A bull on top of a horse. It's fitting, for the size of the two creatures. Rounding the lists, the bull helm dips and his lance is raised in salute to Thorley. When the hooves start beating, Jeffeth's lance starts to lower, tilting that bull helm down until /crack/.

Plowing through, Jeffeth continues riding through the tilt. Rounding around the lance is raised in salute again to Thorley, the bull helm going into a nod and /something/ enthusiastic shouted towards Thorley, though it's muffled by the helm. But his lance wiggles around a little with enthusiasm. It's probably something nice.

Again! The herald anounces the winners of the last round and the competitors of the next, "Congratulations Sir Jeffeth Bayweather! The next jousters will be Marquessa Demura Lyonesse versus Captain Harlex Valtyr!"

"Ah yes! Excellent job, Sir Jeffeth!" Cristoph calls out when the man does well on the field. "Some excellent charges today, very nice riding," he remarks to Nicia. One hand is used to steady Eadric (remarkably clean) and the other goes to her back as the move through the crowd. "And look, there's Marquis Gaston!" His hand comes up and he waves to the Blackram lord over that way.

A bit giddily, Samantha blows Rymarr a kiss. Clearly she finds him going Oathlands to the max charms her. It's followed up, however, by an enthusiastic wave to Demura.

Demura checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 33 higher.

Harlex checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 36 higher.

Of course, when Harlex is announced up for the next joust, Berenice is there in the stands applauding with bright enthusiasm, tossing her dark hair back as she watches the two riders prepare.

Harlex checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 59 higher.

Demura checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 2, rolling 57 higher.

"Oh, yes, nice riding." Nicia offers agreeably, hand lifting to applaud. She responds to the riding comment like she might....have no idea what they are actually talking about. Horses run, that's what they do. But then there is waving towards Gaston as well, and a smile, then she breaks it all, "What is the point of this riding at each other with sticks again?"

The trivial little conversation Amari was having about stuff and things comes quickly to an end as the joust begins with Lady Jael and Rymarr. She watches transfixed, and winces preemptively as the pair meet as they do. There's applause for both, and more again after the next matchup ends with a win for Jeffeth. Between matches she sneaks a quick grin and wave for Gaston, "Tough competition. Are you not one for jousting, Marquis?"

"GO SIR JEFFETH!" Sabella calls out cheerfully, leaning over to the person next to her, who happens to be Niklas to say, "I know him!"

Harlex gets scorched wolfheart helmet of the beast from a dark canvas messenger bag.

Niklas squints into the crowd. "Oh, you mean that little fellow with a mustache?"

When he's called to the line, Harlex reaches over to his bag and removes his bestial helmet, in the shape of a wolf head. Or a creature /like/ a wolf. But there's something distinctly menacing about it. Safety first! Lance in one clawed grip, he raises his free hand and gestures behind one of the perked metallic ears. There's a loud snap, the lower jaw dropping down to seal his visage. Rough-cut fangs connect, causing sparks to jet from the sides in a wild spray. He readies his shield. Bright, cold green eyes peering out from the crooked slots.

At the signal the wolfish swordsman takes off, the two riders nearly extinguishing one another but the sellsword proves to have the edge and smashes through Demura's lance.

Salvatore watches the next joust with clear interest and claps as Jeffeth guides his lance and fells the Baron. He lets out a low whistle at it.

Miranda cheers as well for Harlex, hands applauding.

"Thank you," Jael replies to Rymarr with a gleam of a smile before reaching the groom and sliding off of her warhorse, passing over the reins. She makes her way over to her brother. "Well, then."

Sitting up to watch Harlex's fight, Carmen yells when he scores points on Demura. "One down," she announces, slapping a hand pleasantly on the table.

Amused by Samantha's displays of affection to Rymarr, Demura smirks at her before it's time to take up the lists. The Marquessa raises her lance calculating her movements before spurring horse forward and nearly besting the other rider. Firebird against wolf, it seems the wolf gets the best of her this time, a grunt following after the lance in front of her splints, and she realises it isn't hers.

At the end of his run, he swings about. Offer a salute to the Firebird in the aftermath. "Nearly caught me," Harlex offers with some amusement and lifts the top of his helm so his words don't come out all metallic and muffled.

Gaston puts his scarred hands together and crows with each collision of lance and shield, standing at the more remarkable hits and clapping his rough hands together fiercely. "Fantastic riding, all!" He cries. He waves again to Cristoph and Nicia when he's pointed out, and turns to chuckle in response to Amari's question. "Afraid my cousin has the skill with horses...they'd rather plant a hoof in my sternum than allow me a ride," He calls back in explanation.

<insert trumpet noises> "That was a very close match! But it goes to Captain Harlex Valtyr! Next we have Lord Gaspard Blackram versus Lord Zalvatore Zaffria!"

The tone is noted and Cristoph laughs, glancing down at Nicia. "They earn points and such based on how well they ride, hit, unhorse one another and so on. They do it because it's /exciting/ and /fun/." There's a sparkle in his eye! Because he's an Oathlander that loves horses and hitting things with sticks while wearing lots and lots of metal. "Ah, look at that! Whose broke- Marquessa Demura's? Oh, no. Captain Harlex, you know him, don't you?"

Berenice's attention fixes sharp on Harlex and Demura's match. It's such a terribly close one, the two jousters so evenly matched in their efforts, but when Harlex comes out the victor, she is cheering and clapping with bright enthusiasm.

Tesha gives another round of applause for the jousters as she watches. All the riders seem to be doing a good job. She's looking down the line again, then she hears Gaspards name called and there's a smile given to him. She then stands quietly to watch the man.

As the next match is announced, Miranda stands up and waves a piece of cloth in the air, "Sir Salvatore! Something for luck!"

Salvatore checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Gaspard has rolled a critical success!
Gaspard checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 66 higher.

Gaspard checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 38 higher.

Demura removes her own helmet as well, cleaning the bits of wood that got stuck on its chinks, "No wonder they keep promoting you, Captain." She says, the smirk on her face revealing she's at her natural habitat and not sad about her loss.

"Not directly, but I know of him, yes." Nicia replies, still looking like the logic behind hitting each other with sticks eludes her. But, because she dearly loves Cristoph she is simply going to accept that this is a fantastic thing, and just smiles at him, "Exciting and fun, there is a lot of people that showed up, as well."

Salvatore checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 8, rolling 49 higher.

The line has been dismissed by Cristoph.

"Magnificient riding by Lord Gaspard Blackram, but the win goes to Lord Salvatore Zaffria! Round two begins now! Marquis Rymarr Deepwood versus Sir Jeffeth Bayweather!"

Jeffeth checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Rymarr checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 27 higher.

Gaspard winces at the impact between Demura and Harlex, tilting his head to watch, then offers his applause when Harlex seems to pull out the victory. He glances over when his name is called, and guides Jotun up to his correct place on the list, offering a salute of his lance towards Salvatore. On cue, he spurs the warhorse into motion, lowerinf the lance and taking aim across the line. The Blackram lord DOES make a rather large target, practically a foot of difference on his opponent as the two bear down on each other, so while he seems to maintain his aim, the Lord takes a solid hit and at least manages to stay on his horse.

Jeffeth checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 9, rolling 36 higher.

Carmen cups her hands around her mouth and yells, "Come on, Sir Jeffeth!"

Salvatore watches with interest as Halex wins and even as the two ride away he's mounting up. He guides his horse out to the starting line and salutes to Gaspard before shutting his helm. Salvatore rides easily and leans forward low over his horse. He eems surprised at just how deftly Gaspard handles his horse but he manages to keep his lance in line going thundering down at his opponent. He cleanly strikes and rides away seeeming to relax a little.

Gaston rises from his seat as Gaspard is called, putting two fingers to his lips to whistle fiercely as the Blackram knight barrels down the line. His charge earns a delighted shout of appreciation, even if the hit lands square. "Beautiful form, cuz! You've done us proud! Lord Zaffria, well struck!"

Tesha gives a bit of a soft breath out when Gaspard handles Jotun so well. She was glad she got him that horse now. When the joust is over there's applause for both riders, "Well ridden." she states with a smile. She's not overly exuberant about things.

Salvatore inclines his head to Gaspard, "Excellent riding." He suggests, "Be a pleasure to ride again." He offers though he's wandering to the crowds then and smirking to Miranda and her favor, "It appears at least I'm not too old for this quite yet. Now to hope some of the competition expends their energy on each other."

"We've sparred several times at the training center. He's a very dangerous man, well on his way to being a master of more than just the sword," Cristoph remarks to Nicia before speaking to her quietly. Well, as quietly as one can in a field full of cheering people. As the first round of jousts concludes, he claps soundly for it.

Rymarr checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 8, rolling 42 higher.

Miranda waves her cloth before Salvatore before offering it to him. She smiles warmly at him, but with a playful look on her face. "Well done, my Lord. Hopefully, this will help spur you on to victory."

Samantha holds her breath during the joust, finally resolving to return to the stands, but staying near the partition.

"You must scare them." Amari decides, but given that sounds maybe a touch rude, she holds her finger and thumb apart to measure a teensy amount by their distance from each other, "...a little." She smiles and notices then it's a Blackram up and deduces that must be the cousin Gaston's mentioned. She watches the duel rather intently and nods to herself after they've struck each other and rode on, neither sporting any new holes.

Gaspard manages to make his way off of the field, offering a bow of his head towards Salvatore, "Well ridden, m'lord. I hope the next time we are on the field, we are on the same side!" He grins and rubs his chestplate lightly, before making his way over to ease off of the animal and give a wave to Tesha and Gaston, before turning his attention to watch the next run.

Dominique arrives late to the joust. Or, realistically, given the journey out to the Artshall lands, she just arrives late in general. There's a great deal going on and the trip itself is something of an effort. Having settled in, she now makes her way to the tourney grounds. "Oh, it seems I'm not too late to miss some of the entertainment. How are the standings?" she wonders, generally, upon assending the benches.

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Miranda just smiles at Salvatore before turning and heading back to sit beside Isidora.

Salvatore chuckles softly at Miranda and admits, "Well... this is certainly better than when Silvio decide to dress up and offer his favor." He says chuckling as he ties the cloth to his garb and returns to the line to wait. Gaspard gets a chuckle, "I think that would definitely be preferable. I wouldn't mind getting any suggestions on horse handling you have as well." He says agreeably.

Whatever Cristoph whispers has Nicia tilting her head thoughtfully, then she nods, smiling at him, "Wonderful idea." She agrees, not bothering to whisper her answer back, since it is hard to bequiet, and be heard, in this noise.

The big man thunders down the lists once more tilting forward. The bull knight gallops down list, Jeffeth goes to lower his lance. Taking a solid hit, the big man's lance breaks and Jeffeth is nearly dislodged. Riding towards the end of the list, the big man raises his broken lance in salute to Rymarr after Jeffeth's defeat. There's another muffled yell from the bull helmet that is unintelligible. But it's pretty happy sounding.

Sabella claps loudly for both jousters, "Good show, Sir Jeffeth! Congratulations, Marquis Rymarr!"

A fresh announcement of Rymarr's name has Dauntless and the Marquis-Consort returning to the lists. He lowers his visor into place - safety first. When the horn is blown to begin the joust, Rymarr surges forward with his lance settles well into place. Dauntless seems to have recalled precisely why they're present and accounted for, as he very nearly launches down the list with the sound of hooves rumbling along as mount and rider hurtle down the lane. Rymarr's lance slips easily into position and he charges toward his opponent. The blunted head of his lance lines up at just before impact. Rymarr remains seated as a lance strikes against his shield. As he slows Dauntless toward the end of the lists, Rymarr shifts in his saddle so that he may lift his own visor in a returned salute toward Sir Jeffeth Baywather.

Tesha gives a smile to Gaspard as he heads off the field and makes his way over. She reaches out to give his arm a gentle squeeze, "See, your riding was excellent." she tells her soon to be husband. "And now you can just sit back and relax." she teases him gently.

Danvir continues to watch the jousting taking occasional sips from his flask as he does.

Rymarr and Jeffeth collide on the field and again, the announcer makes his call: "Another win for Marquis-Consort Rymarr Deepwood! Next we have Captain Harlex Valtyr versus Lord Salvatore Zaffria!"

As Harlex rides by the stands, he offers a glance toward Berenice when she cheers, and a wink. His lance, damaged in the close match, is discarded and a fresh one is taken up before he moves back toward the line. "Good ridin', Jeffeth," he calls to the bull knight as he comes out on the other side defeated. But its his turn again, another gesture made to close the wolf helm with the same sharp clamp. He takes a breath.

Salvatore checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 20 higher.

Harlex checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 54 higher.

Harlex checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 1, rolling 64 higher.

Salvatore checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 10, rolling 56 higher.

Fingers tucked into her mouth, Carmen gives two shrill whistles: the first as Rymarr and Jeffeth depart and the second as Harlex and Salvatore mount up.

Miranda watches as the next bout occurs between Harlex and Salvatore! She leans forward a bit, watching with rapt interest.

"Aye...I scare them, or Princess Berenice suggested it's that I stink. Both fairly likely options, I suppose!" Gaston responds with another chuckle, and he turns back just in time to see the results of Rymarr's and Jeffeth's charge. "Very close! Well struck, Marquis!" He's taken his seat again, so as not to block anyone's view with his broad shoulders, and he waves and grins to Gaspard as he makes his way off the field, wincing sympathetically as he notices him rubbing the cuirass.

Samantha has joined the several tables and benches.

Harlex rides hard. As masterful on horseback as he is on the ground, the mercenary adjusts his lance and just at the right moment deflects Salvatore's tilt and crashes his weapon into the Lord with a resounding crash. Then the dark armored wolf is riding past, turning in his evident victory, and signaling a salute to his bested foe.

Gaspard grins at Tesha and murmurs, "You mean not get my arm broken by the next run. And yes." He takes a moment to steal her hand and kiss the backs of her fingers, holding on to Jotun while he watches the victors spar off to determine the final winner, "There is a lot to learn and I am impressed at the skill I see."

Now all cleaned up and letting her thick auburn hair go free, Demura moves besides Samantha, watching as Rymarr is called to the lists again and manages to fetch another victory. "I still remember when Rymarr and Marcorr taught me to how to ride." She recalls, "Ever since, I have dreamt about tourneys and victories."

Salvatore sets against Harlex next squaring up and saluting the other man. He guides his lance down well again but doesn't seem to maneuver his horse quite as well on the jousting field. He passes after the rough crash of lance on shield. He returns the salute, "Well done." He calls out as he heads back to take his horse for settling.

Miranda cheers for the joust, "Well done both!" Oh she's enthusiastic, though not jumping to her feet at the moment.

The trumpeter sounds his horn again before announcing in a loud voice, "Captain Harlex Valtyr wins again! He faces off in the final round agaisnt Marquis-Consort Rymarr Deepwood. Will a son of the Oathlands come out victorious against a captain of the Crimson Blades? On the field of jousting, anything is possible!"

"Excellent riding, Sir Jeffeth!" Cristoph calls to the man after the last joust. Eadric is occasionally patting his father on the head in excitement, when he's not staring forward open mouthed. Occasionally he demands to know where 'pop' is. Only for Cristoph to look confused and mouth the word to Nicia before shrugging. "Marquis Rymarr is doing well today. We'll see if he can best our friend in the Crimson Blades."

Rymarr checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

Harlex checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Rymarr checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 9, rolling 45 higher.

Harlex checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 31 higher.

Tesha gives a soft smile when Gaspard kisses the backs of her fingers and there's a chuckle, "I'm glad that you were not injured. Duke Cristoph's arm was broken the last time. An accident of course, but it happens." she states. Then she turns her attention to the last two on the field and gives a round of applause for them.

Samantha smiles aside to Demura. "You know, Rymarr and I have talked about naming a child after Marcorr in the future. I don't often get to hear stories about his childhood. I should visit you and Ana more oftn when you're in residence in Arx and hear some stories." A look to the field, watching the final pass intently.

At Gaston's reply, Amari arches a brow speculatively and sniffs at the air. At first it seems she smells nothing out of the ordinary, but then her eyes narrow and she tips her head, following the source to... Barf. It's her dog that stinks.

What, does she speak two year old? Nicia has no idea what the boy means with his questions. So when Cristoph mouths the word to her, Nicia just shakes her head blankly. But then perhaps the try and make it so that the boy can see his father, she reaches for him to take him down and hold him instead.

Amari mutters, "... ... smell that pungent! You must ... ..."

Although close to it; it was not his day it seems. Harlex replaces his lance for the third and final match, setting up near the start of the line. He comes in fast but loses a bit of speed in his horse's gait. Perhaps the fresh war mare wasn't /quite/ use to this much action in a row. His blow errant despite his good handling of the weapon, glancing off the shield of his opponent before its smashed to pieces. He sucks in a breath, gritting his teeth behind the helm, before he reaches the end of the line. The commoner sellsword lifting the top jaw of that wolf helm to catch some air, saluting to the Marquis for his victory.

"Well struck, Marquis Rymarr, and a hard-earned victory! Captain Harlex, fantastically ridden each time!" Gaston calls after the last round reaches its thunderous conclusion, and stands to clap his calloused hands together, scarred expression light and openly delighted for the first time in weeks, semi-permanent raincloud temporarily shattered. He grins back up at Amari and Barf, and stretches out a hand to the enormous bog-hound for a fond pat.

Unusually, inordinantly tall, Carmen stands for the finals. And she goes up on tiptoe anyway, even though there's not an obstruction in sight. "Come on, come on, come on, come - NO!" she groans, defeated and slumping back onto her seat. She flings a hand in the direction of Harlex and his horse, "Someone give that horse a shot of whiskey before he went out? Looked tipsy to me." Clearing her throat, she adds, more loudly and clapping a few times, "Well fought, Marquis! Well fought."

Danvir looks at his flask when he hears about someone giving the horse a shot of whisky and takes a sip before putitng the cap back on and not saying anything about errant sips of Whiskey.

When Rymarr's name is called to the lists again, he and Dauntless answer. The pair approach the lane. Win or lose, the pair settle into place with a calm demeanor. Visor down and shield up, they wait for the bellow of a horn to announce the start. When it comes a muffled shout rises up from Rymarr as Dauntless initiates his charge. As the two war horses thunder toward one again, Rymarr's shifted in his saddle with Harlex's lance tip graze against shield and shoulder. Rymarr's lance point remains true however as it hammers into his opponent. He follows through the joust to the end of the list before shifting around to raise his lance in salute to his opponent, Captain Harlex Valtyr.

Rymarr mutters, "Gloria take the reins!!!"

And just like that, Berenice's mood plummets. It would be /polite/ to still clap for Rymarr's victory, but she's sniffing in an utterly indignant manner instead, entire ungracious and impolite. Well, she never had a reputation for /moderation/.

Miranda applauds! It's polite and it was a fun event! "Well done! Well done, everyone!"

Tesha is overheard praising Rymarr: To the winner!

"Oh, we'd love that. Jenessa is quite young, but she should have one story or two." Demura says, eyes following as her brother prepares himself for the final tilt, "Though you will probably find that he hasn't changed much, he's always been awesome like that." She smiles, leaning to see the contact made by the lances and emerging from her seat to clap for her victorious brother.

Demura is overheard praising Rymarr.

Gaspard winces again at the last hit and sways a little, leaning against Tesha while he watches the last round. Glancing back at her and Gaston, he nods and chuckles softly, "Enough to make me happy I'm on THIS side of it." then joins in with tesha in he rpraise of the winner.

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Isidora waves to Carmen. "Have a good day."

Gaspard is overheard praising Rymarr: Joust winner! Well ridden and won!

Amari is overheard praising Rymarr.

With a bit of work, Cristoph is able to remove Eadric from around his shoulders and hand him to Nicia. The boy is happy enough to fling his arms around her too. He still occasionaly kid-mutters about pop, but his attention is on horses mostly. There's a fair bit of clapping going on as the jousting tournament concludes. "Congratulations Marquis Rymarr! Nicely won!" he calls out, whistling. To Harlex he calls across the noise, "Well done, Captain Harlex! Most impressive, I didn't know you were a horseman as well!"

Samantha is promptly on her feet applauding, calling out a "Yes!" time alongside Carmen's emphatic "No!" She too is on tiptoe, but Carmen and Berenice's expressions leave her puzzled and slightly reticent, her enthusiasm dimmed a touch.

Amari is overheard praising Cristoph.

Samantha is overheard praising Rymarr: He's good on a horse!

Gaston is overheard praising Rymarr: Wonderfully ridden, and well-earned!

Samantha is overheard praising Harlex: A formidable opponent!

Gaston is overheard praising Cristoph: Great fun, and the perfect season for it!

Gaston is overheard praising Gaspard: Beautifully ridden, cuz!

Tesha gives a look up to Gaspard and there's a smile to the Blackram lord, "There will be another contest. Maybe you'll get to have a pass another time? I'd like to give it a try sometime." she admits as she looks to the field.

Isidora is overheard praising Salvatore.

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Isidora is overheard praising Miranda.

Still casting Harlex's horse skeptical glances, Carmen cuts through the crowds to get started on the trip back to the city.

Miranda grins in amusement at Isidora as the pair speak quietly. Her eyes watch everyone as they depart or cheer and what not.

Danvir stands up and moves over to a clear place and kneels down laying his hands in the grass for a few moments watching the going ons

Harlex removes his helm and fastens it to his saddle. He takes off a gauntlet, combing it back through his rich black hair to clear the loose strands from his features. "Much obliged, Duke," he offers toward Cristoph with an appreciative nod. "I do alright in the saddle." He looks thoughtfully aside toward his broken lance on the ground and then reaches to pet Scout's neck.

"Who is pop?" Nicia is going to just have to figure this out, because she's got no idea what this might be. "Your stuffed puppy?" She settles the boy on her hip, ignoring the horses because they are just horses. What other need is there for them?

Nicia is overheard praising Rymarr.

Nicia is overheard praising Harlex.

Nicia is overheard praising Cristoph.

Nicia is overheard praising Jael.

Gaston is overheard praising Harlex.

Sabella stands to applaud for Rymarr, letting out a cheer, "The Marquis is invincible upon his horse! Wonderful showing by all the competitors!"

Rymarr guides Dauntless around to present mount and rider before the crowd, whom he lifts his lance in salute. He holds it there for the span of a few breaths before the lance is lowered and a squire steps forward to accept lance and shield from the Marquis. Soon enough his helm is removed and settled onto the saddle before himself. He lifts a hand in answer to the audience and from behind his silver-streaked beard a prominent smile presents itself on Rymarr's visage. The moment passes and Rymarr drops from the saddle with practiced precision as he drops to the ground with a rattle of plate. He draws his helm down to himself and tucks it away beneath his arm, pinning in at his side. Once he's situated on the ground, Rymarr offers a bow of his head toward Cristoph in answer to the announcement, "Thank you, Duke Laurent. I had a need for a good ride and stiff competition against exceptionally capable opponents."

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Amari gives Barf a reassuring pat so that he knows that he shouldn't remove Gaston's hand from arm. He dutifully does not. The Keaton then is laughing, which seems an odd response to people soundly hitting each other with lances, but that's what she does. "Very scary and completely dignified." She says quietly to Gaston once she's recovered, then gives the tournament winner a hearty round of applause.

Rymarr is overheard praising Harlex: A fierce competitor in the joust. I foresee many a tournament win assigned to his name in the future.

Miranda is overheard praising Salvatore: Way to represent RZ during the Artshall Joust!

Danvir turns and strolls out looking back one last time at everyone gathered

Miranda hugs Isidora, "Bye, Sister. Send my love to my brother, won't you?" She grins a bit at her. Then, she slowly rises from her seat, as well.

With the tournament drawn to a close, the various attendants run around picking things up. Apparently it's someone's job to clean up all the broken lances! There are still food booths and vendors and mead running freely. But as for this particular part of the spring festival, it seems to be winding down for the evening.

Harlex rides toward the small staging area for the horses. He dismounts, gauntlets hanging off his swordbelt as he brushes Scout's neck a bit more as he feeds her an apple from his hand. "You did alright, girl. That's my fault there." Often a very imperious creature, Scout moves to brush her snout against the sellsword a bit after the treat. He pats her side and hitches her to the hitching post.

Isidora hugs Miranda back warmly. "Of course. I apparently must untie him now." She winks slightly at Miranda before leaving.

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