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Igniseri Wine Extravaganza

House Igniseri opens its doors for food, wine, and entertainment. Some of the newest selections will be debuted, and it will be an evening of fun.


Feb. 16, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Gianna Videl Juliana Sebastian Carita Theron Olivia Alarissa Duarte Lucita




Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Great Hall

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Quenia is standing close to the door so that she can greet potential guests. Meanwhile, the servants have just completed putting the finishing touches on the room. She's dressed in a flame licked aeterna dress and a torque of a phoenix being reborn on a dark night, as well as other phoenix themed items for the evening to go with the Igniseri theme.

Gianna sweeps in, clad in burgundy and lace with bright green garnets set in gold. She immediately inclines her head to Quenia and greets her with, "Marquessa. I've been looking forward to this for some time. Thank you for having us."

Videl was already here, sitting near the fireplace and only raising from her comfy seat when people come in. She's dressed in relatively straightforward seasilks, and smiles at the first guest to appear. "Thank you for coming."

Quenia smiles warmly at Gianna, inclining her head to the woman. "I'm more than happy to have you here, Gianna," she tells the Whisper and head of the Bard's College. "Thank you for coming. There's plenty to eat, and plenty to drink. Wine has been set to chill in the barrel over there," she motions toward the barrel, filled with Igniseri wines. "Feel free to try a bit of each, should you like. Zephyr's of Spring has been presented before, but we've a lovely peach, and a lovely black cherry and black currant as well debuting this evening."

Tyce the gruff and disapproving, Honore, the proudest and prettiest peacock ever arrive, following Juliana.

Quenia smiles warmly at Gianna, inclining her head to the woman. "I'm more than happy to have you here, Gianna," she tells the Whisper and head of the Bard's College. "Thank you for coming. There's plenty to eat, and plenty to drink. Wine has been set to chill in the barrel over there," she motions toward the barrel, filled with Igniseri wines. "Feel free to try a bit of each, should you like. Zephyr's of Spring has been presented before, but we've a lovely peach, and a lovely black cherry and black currant as well debuting this evening." (repose for Juliana)

"Those sound lovely," Gianna tells Quenia, touching the tips of her fingers together. "Though I'll admit, I'm distracted by that clavichord." A glance thataway, but Videl is addressing her. "Thank you. I love your dress. Do you know who made it?"

Honore, the proudest and prettiest peacock ever have been dismissed.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: OOC: There are wine bottles in the barrel. Please do not take more than one of each kind.

"I believe his name was Vincenzo? The owner of the pins and needles, I showed some paintings of a dress I have back in Granato, however, so it's not his design, just his tailoring." Videl answers Gianna with a smile, then heads towards the barrel and gets herself a glass of black cherry. "You should try this one." She encourages.

Quenia's eyes light up a bit when Gianna mentions the clavichord. "We had it made for Lucita when she was living here. I believe she has a like instrument at home. You are more than welcome to try it out, should you desire to do so." The offer is made, though Quenia does not insist she play, given that Gianna is a guest. She motions servants forward to start handing out drinks now that people have begun to arrive. Though, she does cast furtive glances to the door every now and again to see if others are coming, light worry lines showing on her forehead. "Yes, yes do try the wine, and if you like any of it, we're giving bottles out tonight for free to our guests."

"I think I'll try the clavichord, yes," Gianna tells Quenia, with a satisfied nod. "And... is that the black cherry?" She peers over at Videl. "Yes. The wine first, then perhaps the clavichord." Another gracious nod for Quenia, and then she's off to join Videl and collect herself some wine. "I've heard that name fairly often. I usually have my clothing done by Aurora Thornburn and her assistants, but I'm starting to get curious about Vincenzo."

Gianna gets The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Gianna gets pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

In yellow, the gown is ratehr simple actually, deeply cut with a meadow of embroidered wild flowers scattered around the full skirts, paired with simple slippers and only her rings and thin braclet for adornment. With her dark curls loose down her back and those summer blue eyes, the whole assemble tended to cast Lady Pravus in a younger, brighter light than she is typically found. Stepping in from the Atrium, the dark shadow of her Eurusi guard sliding off to the side. Juliana pauses as her gaze sweeps the room and a small furrow finds her brow for a moment on not finding Luis or Sebastian in attendence. It doesn't last long however, just long enough for her to turn, saying something to Tyce to send the man off then she is back her smile blooming again.

Gianna gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

"There's an abundance of skilled tailors in this city, makes it hard to choose who to turn to." Videl answers Gianna, and turns her attention to Juliana when the latter comes in. "Welcome, thank you for coming." She greets, taking a sip from the black cherry.

5 Redoubt Buccaneers, Bengalo, a sneaky black kitten, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant, Francis arrive, following Carita.

2 Pravus Honor Guard arrives, following Sebastian.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants arrive, following Theron.

Quenia gives Gianna a pleased smile when she says she'll try the clavicord. "It should be in tune. We have someone come around every so often to see to it, just in case Lucita comes and wishes to play," she tells the Nightingale. She glances between she and Videl as they converse, saying, "I usually make use of Aurora's shop, or also Petal's. Though, of late, I've been finding rather lovely collections at Josephine's shop here in the Lyceum. I was able to pick up a lovely dress and a pair of boots there just this week, that I'll be saving for a special occasion." She is presently standing near the door, bit in a mingling sort of fashion, so she can greet new guests. Juliana is the first to get her attention. "Lady Juliana! How wonderful of you to come, and you look quite beautiful today. Come, join us, have some wine." She motions to the barrel full of Igniseri wines.

Gianna collects her glass of black cherry wine and has a sip, nodding to Videl. She turns to regard Lady Juliana as the other woman enters, giving her outfit a once-over. "Oh, I nearly wore yellow, too," she remarks. "Very pretty." Wine glass in hand, Gianna eases over toward the clavichord to inspect it more closely.

Gianna has joined the an unfretted clavichord.

When one is late to an event, and one is Lycene, they are, thankfully -- just /fashionably/ late. Sebastian's hair is damp when he steps inside, running a hand over it as his eyes flicker over the crowd. Familiar faces are spotted, and it's perhaps unsurprisingly that the Pravus artist makes a beeline for his twin and the hostess. "Marquessa," he greets Quenia warmly. "What a wonderful event. Jules," he kisses his sister's cheek. "Sorry I'm late," he looks irrepressibly amused despite the words. "But not /too/ late for all the good wines, I hope?"

Carita gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

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Carita gets pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Carita gets The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Quenia easily turns her attention to Sebastian, smiling. "Lord Sebastian," she greets warmly. "Thank you for coming to our wine extravaganza. And no, you are not too late for any of the good wines, though we've only three this evening. We've Zephyrs of Spring, which I think you've had before, our new peach wine, and the black cherry and black currant wine. You are also welcome to take a bottle each home with you, should you like." A pause, as Quenia looks him over. "How have you been?" she asks.

Juliana's smile warms to Quenia with the greeting, her nose scrunching a little. "Thank you, Marquessa. I am afraid with all the work I have been doing on clothing for the wedding. I have forgot to make time to update my wardrobe for the season." a nod to Gianna and Videl knowing neither. But it's Sebastian that will steal Jules' attention looking up to her brother. "So you decided to make an appearence." her arm sliding through his even as he kisses her cheek. "Hope it wasn't anything too distressing. If so, wait until after I have had a drink."

Carita's arrival is most notable thanks to her small entourage, but it's her warm smile as she accepts a glass of wine from a passing servant that becomes her more prominent trait as she pauses to let her eyes scan the room for familiar faces. For Quenia she makes a beeline, dips a respectful curtsy, "Marquessa, your party looks aaabsolutely delightful, truly." there's an apologetic smile at interrupting a conversation at hand, her attention quickly turning on Gianna who gets a dipped head in her direction, respectfully.

Videl was already looking cheerful and enjoying herself, but somehow her face still clearly lights up when Sebastian comes in. "Lord Sebastian." She greets warmly, cheerfully. "I'm glad you could make it." She greets, and gets out a glass and the black cherry, filling the glass and taking a quick sip where Sebastian can see it, before handing him the glass.

"Yellow is perfect for summer," Gianna tells Juliana breezily. The corners of her lips turn up into one of her flickers of a smile in Carita's direction. "Countess," she greets. Sebastian is given a nod as well. Gianna takes a seat at the clavichord, makes sure the skirt of her dress drapes prettily, and sets her wine down. Then she begins to play.

Gianna checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

"Lady Juliana, Lord Sebastian, may I present to you my cousin, Lady Videl Igniseri and Gianna Whisper, Nightingale of the Bard's College," Quenia makes introductions where she can, motioning to Gianna and Videl respectively, of course. This she probably says on top of Videl's greeting of Sebastian. She then easily turns to Carita, who is next to enter, offering her a customary warm smile as well. "Lady Carita. Thank you for coming. Do please have some wine, and if you like it, do please take some home with you this evening," she motions to the barrel, filled with chilled bottles of wine. "I absolutely love your gown," she tells Carita.

"Oh, the Zephyr was positively delightful -- it's hard for me not to remember that one," Sebastian assures Quenia easily. "I'll definitely be taking a bottle home." Juliana's query earns a hearty, reassuring smile. "Either way, wait until you've had a drink." When Quenia's glance lingers with that question, straightens, chin lifting inadvertently as if by way of reaction. "Oh, quite well. I imagine you heard a tale from Jules, but everything's quite fine," he assures her. "Thank you for asking." Videl's approach earns a pleasant smile, and he takes the glass from her without a qualm. "Lady Videl and I are acquainted -- mostly through the discussion of art. Good to see you. And you, Nightingale," he nods towards Gianna, even as he lifts the glass to his lips, takes a sip, then offers it to Juliana. Carita is given an interested look, but he steps away -- tugging Juliana with him -- to let her greet their host.

The Sword of Ostria arrives precisely when he means to. The fact that Theron is arriving late is merely a coincidence. He begins by taking a brief moment to study the room under the guise of straightening out his tunic. Striding confidently once again, the bright smile on his face offsets his intense gaze as he apparently seeks out some one. He does give the dancing area a wide pass, as if dancing may be infectious. The young Marquessa spotted, Theron goes to present himself to Quenia. "Marquessa Igniseri." A cheerful tone, and he bows with a little flourish. "What a wonderful event, excellent idea. One can never go wrong with a wine presentation, after all."

"Lady Igniseri, a pleasure to meet you." offered at Quenia's introduction before Juliana watches as Videl passes the glass to her brother, eyes lifting to the Lord with an arched brow. But before she comments, there is Carita and the Pravus girl's smile brightens. "Countess Darkwater, if is good to see you." one hand leaving the light hold on Bas to lightly squeeze Carita's wrist and withdraw. "Have you met my brother? Lord Sebastian Pravus, Countess Carita Darkwater." looking up at Bas. "I have become very fond of the Countess in the last year or so as she rebuilds Darkwater."

Gianna's fingers dance across the keys of the clavichord, coaxing forth a light, tinkling melody that's oh so suited to the evening's activities. She tosses her hair, green garnets glimmering at her earlobes, as she provides some elegant background music.

Quenia grins over at Sebastian when he comments on the Zephyr. "Well, good wine paired with great company, can be an unforgettable experience," she tells him, winking in his direction. "Though, alas, I do not recall Juliana telling me any tales about you," she remarks, glancing between Juliana and Sebastian. And then she pauses as she listen s to Gianna playing, her face transfixed for a moment. "Oh, how wonderful Gianna!" she exclaims to the legendary performer, her face an expression of delight. Then Theron arrives, recalling her to her hostessing duties. "Lord Theron," she greets him with a warm smile. "Thank you, both for your compliments and for coming. Do please enjoy some wine. And, if you like it, do take some home." It's a rote comment by now, after having greeted several others the same way. "Do I need to introduce you to any here?" she asks, tilting her head at Theron.

Sebastian takes Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Sebastian takes pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Sebastian takes The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

"Ahh, Luis' betrothed and Lord Sebastian's sister. I've heard many good things about you, lady Juliana." Videl turns to Juliana with a smile, "And from people I respect, so I guess they must be true." She takes another sip from her wine and glances to Sebastian, "Mostly it involves me praising lord Sebastian's art and feeling really self-conscious about my own, and him being kind and helping me improve mine."

"I haven't had the pleasure," Sebastian murmurs to Juliana, nodding towards Carita. "Countess. Your work in rebuilding Blackwater I have heard of though -- an admirable and tough job, undoubtedly, to be commended." Quenia's response earns a wry smile from the artist, more at ease now, judging by his relaxed posture. "Good to know. Oh, and the Lady Videl does her work a disservice. I felt compelled to add one of her pieces to the Pravus gallery -- for as long as she's willing to lend it, anyway."

Gianna tilts her head and shoots Quenia a bit of a smile. There's warmth, there, as music is just about the only thing to coax Gianna into a real smile that actually reaches her eyes. She continues playing.

Taking the glass from Sebastian as he hands it to her, not having one of her own and not looking as if she intends too. Juliana takes a sip then passes it back to her brother without a word, her gaze finding Videl's with a slight arch to her brow, lips quirking into slightly wicked smile. "I wouldn't my Lady. I tend to blackmail all of them to say good things about me." Looking up at Bas then, there is a small arch to her brow. "I don't tend to talk about your affairs, they are yours. Well except when you get stabbed."

Carita's brows lift at the compliment, one hand sliding down her hip as if to smooth out any wrikles as her smile curls a little higher. "Thank you, Lady Quenia, my assistant handles all those things. She's quite the clever one around town, finding me little nuggets of treasure to wear." Here she leans to faux-whisper, "And you know how Darkwater loves buried treasure," she winks, finally lifting her glass to drink from. "Oh! This cherry wine is remarkable! Your whole outfit, however, is possitively fiery. Did I overhear you mention where you got it from?" There's a glance to Luna, her assistant, as if to say 'take notes.' Then Juliana snags her attention, "Lady Juliana, congratulations are in order I believe? I'm sorry if I didn't make any comments on the proclamation, I always feel as if I might somehow jinx a union by doing so." She shrugs a little, grinning. For Sebastian there's a smile, her head dipped his way in return, "A pleasure, Lord Sebastian." She pauses as he praises her rebuilding, "Well, I owe it all to the help of those that cared about Darkwater, it was a large effort, really, but I'll take the praise anyway."

"Likely we should make a round of introductions, I imagine." Theron comments as he nods to Quenia's question. "Took a nasty shot to the head not too long ago. Memory is a little fuzzy." A pause. "Well. That and the fact I may have started celebrating prior to coming here unintentionally." He looks back to the gracious host. "I am certain your selection in wine will be exquisite, so I will likely take you up on that offer to bring some back to the manor." Subtle as a charging bear, Theron settles to introduce himself loudly almost as random with a big smile and a not-quiet. "Hello! Lord Theron Mazetti, Sword of Ostria." Which includes those that likely already know him. Theron appears to have, and likely did, start drinking prior to arrival.

"Thank you, Lord Sebastian, for helping Videl with her art." Quenia says to Sebastian, gratitude in her voice. She chuckles softly at Juliana's comment, nodding. "She did tell me about when you got stabbed," she admits. "I am sorry I wasn't able to come and visit you while you were recuperating." She looks back to Carita and flushes a bit at the compliment. "Most of my clothing is made by Aurora, and my jewelry by Josephine," she tells the woman. "Josephine is quite talented at making things sparkle just the right away." She reaches up and gently touches a torque of a phoenix being reborn on a dark night which rests around her neck. She starts to turn to introduce Theron, but it seems he's taken care of that himself. She nods in his direction instead, then glances back to Gianna to make certain all is still good with her and the servants are seeing to her needs.

"You can keep it as long as you'd like to have it." Videl answers Sebastian in return, "Consider it a gift, if you like." She is clearly pleased with his praise, respecting his opinion a lot. She glances towards Theron when he recommends introductions, "Very well, Lord Theron Mazetti. I am Lady Videl Igniseri, a cousin of the Countess of the March of Granato. I live to get to know people better, and to capture their essence on canvas."

After his twin mentions bribery for good reviews, Sebastian leans towards Videl and faux-whispers, "She really does," with a low laugh. Claiming his glass back, he takes another appreciative sip. "Mm. I do like this one. Perfect with some cheese, I would think." Juliana's mention of a stabbing earns her a look that is probably meant to be an attempt to hush her, but even he knows that's rather belated now. "Probably for the best. I'm a poor patient, Marquessa," he admits with a tiny wink to Quenia. He hums briefly, caught up -- intentionally or otherwise -- by the tune being masterfully played by the Nightingale. "Lord Mazetti, well met. I'm Lord Sebastian Pravus, Voice of Setarco, my sister, Lady Juliana -- soon to be Igniseri." Videl's offer earn a pleased, quiet smile in return.

"I think you deserve a good deal more praise than you thin you do, Carita. And thank you. Though I do not think you could have sabataged at this point. I have been very patient with Luis for many years. So I don't beleive I have left him much room to wiggle free." Julaian chuckles then leans in against Bas' shoulder as he gives her that look. "You are a poor patient, if you were better I might not complain as much." Then of course a nod towards Theron once the introductions are made. "Good evening, Lord Mazetti. It is good to see you again."

Gianna seems alright. Quite pleased to be playing music, even. There's a nod to Theron in acknowledgment; the elegant tune continues, her fingers dancing over the keys like it's second nature. Maybe it is. The song does seem to be wrapping up, however.

"Playing the clavichord for us this evening, quite voluntarily, is Gianna Whisper, Nightingale of the Bard's College," Quenia points out helpfully to Theron. "And, her skill in performance is rather legendary, don't you think?" she asks, looking over to Gianna again, smiling warmly at her. "I helped support the college when it was first getting underway," she tells Theron, then looks back to Sebastian. He gets a considering look. "I'm still sorry I couldn't make it, all the same. I had intended to," she tells him. She grins at his compliments. "Some wines do pair quite well with cheese." She grins over at Juliana, then notes to Carita. "We're quite pleased to have Juliana joining the family. So, we also probably would not be giving Luis much wiggle room either." She smiles in Videl's direction, noting. "I'd love to see some of your art sometime. I asked Lord Sebastian to paint something for me, which is quite different from what he usually paints, though we still need to sit down and talk about it."

Juliana gets The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Juliana gets pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Juliana gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

A rogue's grin for Quenia and a mouthed 'Sorry!' from Theron. He turns first towards Videl as she introduces herself. "A pleasure, Lady Videl! An artist? Painting, yes? Excellent, even I can appreciate different forms of artistry." His gaze settles onto Sebastian a little more studiously, but it is brief and the smile never wavered. "Lord Sebastian, Lady Juliana. Well met indeed. Yes it has been some time. Though my memory fails to the specifics. One too many drinks already I suppose. Or blows to the skull. I am not certain which." For Gianna there is a sharp nod in return, smile still present. With Quenia's introductions Theron is forewarned to be patient enough not to interrupt the performing whisper. "Well done indeed, Lady Quennia. A sharp idea."

Olivia wanders in with a warm smile on her face. If there is something involving new wines... well at least one Ashford should be here to see the new veritals... Olivia happily volunteered. She does look a bit nervous being in a new place, with new people, but rarely nerves are enough to keep her from smiling.

Sebastian makes a noise at the back of his throat that might be protest at Juliana's words, but clearly he doesn't mean it in any serious way since her lean earns a quirk of lips and the offer of the glass again. "The peach next. I think you might like that even better." His gaze lifts to Quenia, smile lighting his features. "We do. I could use a distraction from having to leave the great titan behind at Setarco, so I welcome the challenge."

Carita laughs softly, "No one can say Lady Juliana Pravus isn't a clever one, for sure." She lifts her glass in a toast, "Then to your upcoming capture, Lady Juliana." Then to Quenia, "And yours, I suppose." Her blue eyes dance between the women, before Theron's words catch her attention. "How did you get hit on the head, if you don't mind my asking? It certainly sounds like a story worth telling, no?"

Olivia gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Gianna finishes the song with a satisfied air, still smiling as she reaches down to collect her cherry wine once more. She raises it to her lips, having a long sip as she turns on the bench at the clavichord to face the gathering more properly. Olivia, once spotted, is given a little nod. She does seem interested in the tale of head-thumping, too.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat arrive, following Alarissa.

"Well I just learned some of my art is on display in the Pravus gallery, Quenia, so perhaps an excuse to visit that gallery." Videl answers Quenia with a glance to Sebastian, taking a step and finding herself a drink, approaching the new arrivals. "Welcome, thank you for coming." She greets Olivia, "I'm Lady Videl Igniseri, I hope you'll enjoy the wines."

"Then poor Luis is doubly sentenced I am afraid." Jules nods to Quenia with a smile then winks to Carita. "Lord Theron is a Sword, Countess. He is a good one but he is also one that practices a great deal. I used to see him fight our late brother." thus answering both questions that had posed. Then her attention is stolen back to Sebastian as he presses another glass into her hand, taking a dutiful sip and nodding lightly in answer to his comment of her liking it better before she passes him back the glass.

Late, very late. Alarissa doesn't tend to be late to events but tonight she is and the retinue is dispensed with before coming into the room and looking around to see who all is present.

Olivia smiles warmly at Videl as she is greeted. "A Pleasure Lady Videl. I am Olivia Ashford, Duke Harlans baby sister." She dips in an graceful curtsey with her usual smile. "I shall indeed enjoy some wine, I have not found many I do not enjoy" She grins a little. Looking around, "This is a lovely home."

Aaaand then there is someone new to greet. Quenia is still standing close to the door, even with the event in full swing. She smiles warmly at Olivia. "Welcome to Domus Igniseri. Please come in and enjoy some wine," she tells the Ashford woman, whom she's never met before. "I am Marquessa Quenia Igniseri. Feel free to try some wine, and if you should like any of it, do please take some home with you." That introduction done, she looks back to Sebastian a moment, giving him a considering look. "It involves the Nefer'khat, and will take great imagination, which I know you possess in great quality from the artwork I've seen upon your walls," she tells him, her eyes smiling. And then she spots more movement from the corner of her eye. "Princess Alarissa!" she exclaims, delighted to see her friend has come. "Do come in, get some wine. I already know you'll be taking a few bottles home," she winks in Alarissa's direction, waving her over. "I present to you my cousin, Lady Videl Igniseri," she motions in Videl's direction. "Lord Sebastian Pravus and his sister Lady Juliana Pravus, soon to be Igniseri." She motions over to Gianna, "Gianna Whisper," and again to Theron. "Lord Theron Mazetti, I think you know Lady Carita already..." her voice trails a moment, and her eyes fall on Olivia. "And . . " Olivia introduces herself. She smiles and nods in her direction, as she's busy with Videl right now. She grabs a glass of the peach wine for herself, taking a sip.

Gianna has another long sip of wine, finishing her glass; she raises the glass to look at it, one eyebrow arched. From the way the tip of her tongue sweeps out over her lower lip, she likes it. A nod for Theron and one of her faint flickers of a smile for Alarissa, as well as an inclination of her head for the Princess-Consort. Then she's on her way back to the wine, glass in hand. Next up: peach.

"There's no need to present me to Princess Alarissa, Quenia. We're already acquainted." Videl answers her cousin with a bemused smile, approaching Alarissa and curtseying, "It's a pleasure to see you again, your highness." Then she returns her attention to Olivia, "A pleasure, lady Ashford."

Having turned turns the selection of glasses offered. His hand hovers near the Black Cherry and Currant, then darts to the Pale Peach wine to start. "I may be over cherry-ied from our Third Wall. Though I plan to try it for sure." He sips at it almost delicately and gives pause to consider. "Oh, I do like that. Not too heavy on the peach side, subtle and yet very very tasty." Lycene's know wine. In theory. For Carita he gestures towards Juliana's explanation of what he is. He flashes that smile of his. "Honestly, Lady. It would be a matter of which time?" He starts ticking off the fingers holding the glass of wine. "Cultist bouncing a truncheon off my helm, a bar fight, a thrown bottle not meant for me, there was the angry husband." A pause to add a mumbled 'Husbands' under his breath. Clearing his hroat he shrugs. "As a Sword, and a member of the Society of Explorers, I do tend to get a lot of time in combat." He turns towards the sound of his name from Quennia and inclines his head in greeting right before tasting of the wine again. His free hand waves wildly towards Alarissa.

While his sister's sip may be dutiful, Sebastian's enjoyment of the wine is obvious. It doesn't take much longer before he's finished off the glass. "I always enjoy visitors to the gallery. Though I prefer I'm there -- not because I don't trust anyone, but because I selfishly like to see people's reactions. They're almost worth more than the paintings themselves." Quenia's comment earns a pleased smile and -- after a brief nod of greeting to both Olivia and Alarissa, he murmurs something to Juliana and moves away for a moment to secure himself a glass of that peach wine, just behind Gianna. "Your music is lovely, Nightingale," he murmurs to her.

Carita's smile widens, "A Sword? Ahh, that explains it then. The gory details need not be hashed out," she tells Theron and Juliana both. The arrival of Alarissa earns the Princess a curtsy and a smile shot her way, as well as her glass lifted in greeting before she turns her attention returning to Theron at his explanation. "Goodness, it certainly sounds like you've been active. Did you say /cultists/ bounced a truncheon off your head?"

"Most everyone present, I already know. Lady Videl will be joining me on the pilgrimage. The finest carriage for her." Alarissa presses a kiss to either of Quenia's cheeks. "It looks lovely" And to each that she is introduced to, known or relatively unknown, she dips her head. "I shall be sure to leave a few bottles for his grace in front of his bedroom door. Whisper Gianna, a delight, Lady Olivia. The big day draws near for the Duke. I had a feeling the Lady Lisebet might be the best fit. I'm delighted to see my match matching suggestions still find merit. Now, how good is this new vintage of the Marquessa's?" She asks the group.

Juliana leans in to Sebastian as he murmers into her ear. Whatever he says getting a roll of the matching blue eyes before she lets her twin go and turns toward Quenia and Alarissa. "Ah, the Princess-Consort has no need of introductions to us, my Lady. I would not be surprised to find out that we might be called "Those Pravus Twins" throughout the house as we are either sibling or first cousin to most her household." at which point, Jules nods her head with a grin the the Thrax princess.

Gianna pours a glass of the peach wine and offers it to Sebastian with a hint of a smile. There's still just a touch of warmth to it. "Thank you. It's a lovely clavichord --- I couldn't resist. I understand congratulations are in order for the statue of Procella. Always a favourite of mine, Procella."

Quenia gives Theron a consoling look. "Oh my! Does that ever sound like a long list of potential seeming tragic adventures!" she exclaims lightly. "Though I am glad to see that you are quite skilled enough to return home each time." For a moment, Quenia is distracted, as though she is remembering something. Her eyes go to the door once more, seeing if there are any other arrivals. From the way she frowns for a moment, and the expression in her eyes, she's somewhat disappointed. A soft sigh, then she goes back to being all hostess face again. She glances between Videl and Alarissa. "Oh, right! I do remember Videl mentioning something about that. My mind has been all about the new project I'm working on these days, and trying to get support for it. But, that's talk for another time. No business tonight." Because that would ruin the whole purpose of having an evening of fun and drinking!

Olivia smiles to all she passes as she makes her way to Marquessa Quenia and Alarissa after getting herself a glass of the Black Currant wine. She curtseys again, "Marquessa, thank you for allowing me in your home for a lovely party." She turns slightly to Alarissa, "Ah Princess if that was your suggestion I owe you dearly, you have brought me a new sister! I have rather had missing one to torture Harlan with" She grins a little bit. "Plus now I should never have to worry about being Duchess."

"As you have an undeniable urge to play, so too, do I to create, so I well understand," Sebastian murmurs to Gianna. Truthfully, the Nightgale couldn't have picked a better subject with which to engage the Pravus artist -- it's obvious in the animation and warmth that lights the artist's gaze at her words. "And she is of mine, understandably. In truth, being given the opportunity to design a titan like that... knowing she'll outlast me, is a wonder I'd never hoped to be given. I sincerely do hope you have an opportunity to sail into the Drowned Bay and see her. She's worth it." The Lord accepts the offered glass with a murmur of thanks, a slight tilt of it in toast to the Whisper, before he drinks. He takes his time, looking pleased. "Oh, this is exceptional. She really has outdone herself this year."

"He sent a letter some time ago, asking if I might know someone tolerable. I gave him a few names but the Lady Lisebet was the top of that list. I thought she would make a very lovely wife and be precisely what Ashford would use. Now to just find someone for Lord Archeron." She grins as that. "Lady Olivia, your hairpins are lovely."

Gianna pours a second glass of the peach wine, just in time to share Sebastian's toast. "That would be something, wouldn't it? I'll have to do that whenever I go south next. I imagine I can't miss it. I almost dressed as Procella for the Legendary Gala - wonderful outfit."

Quenia glances between Alarissa and Olivia, a curious look in her eyes. "So that's how that went?" she asks. "I hope that the two of them make a good pairing. And you seem happy for it, Lady Olivia, so there's something to be said there." She takes another sip of the peach wine, then starts to wander toward the leather sofa.

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"I'm pretty much done preparing for that journey, your highness." Videl answers Alarissa, listening to the others talk, observing them keenly and sipping her own wine. She raises her eyebrow a bit at this continued talk of arranging marriages, and sends Quenia a half-skeptical look.

"Did I say Cultists?" Theron coughs and looks quizzical. After a brief hesitation he corrects himself. "I meant Bandits." A sharp nod at this, and then his free hand waves about in a vague idle gesture. "Comes with the territory. Most recently though I helped look into the Lenosian Red issue." He selects a new glass, the Zephyrs this time. He gives another flourished bow to Quenia. "I do what I can. Yet indeed, I have been fortunate enough to continue to return home, when unfortunately others have not." Theron considers this new wine after a sip. "Things would become too dull without me around, I think. I imagine I would be so bored myself in the great ever after. This is a good wine!"

"It really is," Sebastian assures Gianna. "There's a casino boat that runs down to Setarco every month -- the Rising Sun, run by Captain Tris Magaldi, if you want to do it the proper way," he gives a wry smile, as if there weren't better ways. The Whisper's mention of her Procella outfit earns a pleased, genuine laugh from the Pravus. "If you ever do, I hope you'll tell me -- I'd love to see such an outfit. She really was a striking woman."

Olivia smiles at Quenia, "She makes my brother happy, I really can not ask for more.... Well except for nieces and nephews." She giggles a little. Turning to Alarissa, "Thank you. I think they fit me. Too bad I can not use them very well" She thinks for a moment, "Oh we are hoping we found a possible Lady for Uncle Pharamond. Now I am working on Rhiannon." She grins a little, clearly she thinks if she keeps pushing weddings on other people she might get overlooked for a little at least.

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"I'll be sure to send a messenger," Gianna tells Sebastian lightly. Her attention is called by another woman across the room - looks like another Whisper. "Please excuse me," she tells Sebastian, bowing slightly at the waist before making her way to whisper with the other Whisper.

"He asked for tolerable. I am delighted we managed to find more than that for him." Alarissa's smile seems a fleeting but genuine thing. "Throw Rhiannon at Archeron. If she's willing to marry into Tyde. The Duchess is looking for someone to bring into the fold. Thus far my suggestions have been the Lady Willow or Princess Elgana."

Duarte says, "What the... get this thing out of here Harlen."

Harlen have been dismissed.

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As guest break into little groups of conversation, Juliana seems more inclinded to wander the room. Stopping at some point in front of the great tapestry to stand studying the piece her hands clasped together in front of her pale yellow skirts.

Lucita slips into the area quietly, a glance around given as she smiles on noting... she knows every single person there! At least on sight. A curtsy is given and her smile grows to become beguiling. A note is folded and tucked out of sight. "Oh oh. Matchmaking?" She gives a glance back toward the entry as if contemplating bolting for it but from the amused look in her eyes, that is simply a means of teasing.

Quenia smiles a bit at Theron's compliment to the wine. "Thank you. It's our newest of the two wines we're debuting tonight," she tells him. "I rather like the peach myself. The vintners worked rather hard on it." She looks over at Olivia and nods. "I'm happy for your gain. For myself, I'm rather horrible at marriage arrangements, so I let my family members bring their considerations to me to be vetted." This is probably said as much for Videl's sake as it is for her. "It's worked so far." And Quenia's own track record on making matches for herself is pretty horrible.

Olivia smiles at Alarissa but shakes her head a little, "Harlan is not looking to marry anyone out, they have to come in. We have had bad luck for a few years. Not looking to lose any more Ashfords."

Smoothly, Sebastian makes his way back to Juliana's side, pressing the new glass of peach wine into her hands and murmuring something softly to her.

'Thus, you see my dilemma. No one is marrying out across the compact it would seem. Alas. I shall find them -someone-" Alarissa nods to Olivia

Lucita says, "Small houses do suffer, too. We've lost ... enough lately that contemplating one of us marrying out.. is dismil yet like you observed, none willing to marry in.""

Carita recieves a letter as she steps aside to read it there's a soft sigh, and a little wider smile. "Well, I do apologize, Marquessa Quenia but I'm afraid duty is calling me away tonight. I will rave about your wines to anyone that will listen." For Theron there's a smirk, "Ahh yes, bandits," she's nodding, "well, I do hope your head feels better? A pleasure meeting those I did this evening."

Juliana's quick blue eyes move from the tapestry to the sound of Lucita's voice, her smile widening at the sight of her soon to be sister. Though before she can move that way, Sebastian is back and whispering in her ear, brows arching upwards before taking his arm and whispering back.

Carita is overheard praising Igniseri: For a delightful wine tasting event!

Carita is overheard praising Quenia: Charming hostess!

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"'Save me.' Videl mouths towards Lucita, just before Quenia eliminates all the drama out of the notion by saying such reassuring things. She glances towards Olivia and comments, and then Alarissa finds another non-match for Archeron and Videl just gives Lucita another 'save me' look.

Alarissa looks to Videl. 'Is this you volunteering?"

Duarte takes The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

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Videl is overheard praising Igniseri: Best wines of the compact

Theron gets The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Theron gets pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Theron gets Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

While Sebastian listens to his sister, his gaze -- naturally -- is drawn to the tapesty, like it's inevitable his attention is drawn to every piece of art anywhere he is. When his gaze finally drops, his expression is amused -- wry, even -- leaning to kiss his sister's cheek. "You really will like the peach, I think. I might even order some extra bottles for you," he murmurs, half turning. "Let's go and say hello to Luci?" He slips an arm through his twin's, seeking to guide them back to the group discussing marriages.

Maybe it's fate that Duarte arrives as matchmaking for the marquessa begins to be discussed. Or maybe it's a bad omen. In either case, there is the Count of Bravura selecting an opulent wine from the barrel of freebies. "A perfect end to the day. I can truly think of no better place to be." He turns and faces the gathering. "Just about each of my favorite people are here!" His eyes bounce from Juliana and Sebastian to Alarissa and Quenia.

Olivia smiles to Lucita, "Baroness, it is good to see you again."

Quenia inclines her head after Carita, offering her a warm smile. "Thank you for coming. I do hope you enjoyed yourself." She looks between Alarissa and Videl, giving her cousin an amused look. She neither speaks up for a match, nor denies one could be made. She'd already made her approach to matches clear. When she hears Duarte's voice her expression brightens a bit. She even rises from her seat. "Count Duarte," she greets him, her tone fond. "Do please be welcome at Domus Igniseri," she tells him.

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"Out of the two I have tried. I like peach the best so far, myself." Agreeing with Quenia's appraisal. The rise of the topic of family marriages gives Theron time, and cause to select a glass of the Black Cherry and Currant at last. He takes the oppotunity to sip once again at the full-bodied wine. "Now this has something behind it. I can see it going good with a meal, or a simple snack. Even with a good smoke as well."

Lucita quietly gives Juliana a sidelong glance drifting from she to Sebastian and back then looks toward Videl."Not to worry, Cousin Quenia does pretty well for the family all in all." She murmurs to Olivia. "Good to see you here. Aren't the wines nice this year. Saik has a few new ones too but Igniseri and Saik have a cooperative contract for trade and have been too busy to focus heavily on wines this summer." She watches Bas and Jules approaching and gives them a greeting smile.

"Oh will you?" Juliana smiles at the kiss then turns with Sebastian back heading towards Lucita. "You just want out of range of Quenia's matchmaking." points out to her brother but then as they draw near, hands back the glass he had given her as she lets go of his arm and moves to press a kiss to Lucita's arm. "My champion. You look beautiful Luci."

When Alarissa asks if Videl is volunteering, she manages quite the feat in response. Her already pale face somehow manages to get even paler as all the blood drains from her face and she just seems paralyzed.

Alarissa reaches over, laying a hand gently of Videl's forearm. "Calm yourself. A jest, merely such. Have you met my favourite protege? Count Duarte, come, Meet the Lady Videl. A delightful woman, an artist. Maybe she'll paint you to put up in my library hmm?" Alarissa grins.

The Pravus Lord gives a low laugh, like he's been outed by his sister. "Thankfully, it's only our Duchess' matchmaking I'd have to worry about, and neither of us are in any hurry." Sebastian takes the glass back, watching with a smile while Juliana greets Lucita, before stepping in to deliver a kiss of his own to the Baroness' cheek. "It's good to see you, Luci. The peach wine is lovely, indeed." He glances over, spots Videl's paleness, something sympathetic in his gaze. He doesn't seek to draw attention to her, though, just a tiny, supportive smile before his gaze shifts on.

Quenia glances curiously over at Sebastian and Juliana, both brows raised. "I don't make matches, I finalize them," she confirms to the two, once more. "I don't trust my skills in selecting people, not after three failed matches for myself." She gives a small shrug of her shoulders, then sips at her wine again. She grins at Juliana, "Luckily, I have more than enough people in the family that I don't ever have to really worry about getting married. So it works out!" She eyes Juliana like she's sizing her up to be heir or something, her eyes amused.

"I can think of no greater gift to you than a painting of me, your highness." Duarte grins to Alarissa, approaching and then giving her and Videl both an overly flamboyant bow, nearly scraping the ground with the flourish of his hand. "I have net Lady Videl, briefly, once before."

Lucita returns the kisses to the cheeks of the Pravus siblings. "Lord Sebastian...Bas.. I heard of that giant statue you all have acquired, Congratulations on it. Between that and the Setarco Star, you have quite memorial landmarks now." And to Jules she murmurs. "And you are as beautiful and fashionable as ever." Videl is given a gentle nod of reassurance.

Olivia smiles to Lucita, "Yes the wines are fantastic, this reminds me I need to go on a tour of the Ashford Vineyards." She hmms to herself and taps her chin.

Videl relaxes and calms, taking a sip from her wine. "Met, yes, but I can't really claim to have made his acquaintance properly." She answers Alarissa, turning her attention to Duarte, "It's good to see you again, my lord." She smiles, and takes yet another sip from her wine, Sebastian gets a worldless smile in response to his. "So are there any grand plans any of you have for the future, ones I already know about don't count."

Jules grins to Quenia "It is not your skills he is worried about. It is anytime anyone says the word marriage, Bas runs as if he is afraid to get some on him." chuckles up at her brother but Quenia's look just get one right back with a slight arch of a brow and something that might look like a dare in those beautiful blue Pravus eyes. At least until the girl turns back to Luci and wrinkles her nose. "I am a year out of season. I have been so busy with the wedding that I forgot I would have to actually see people before then.'

'Then I bid it be done. Something appropriate to what we are hmm? Perhaps you lounging with a leg thrown over the arm of the steelsilk chair? Holding an octopus aloft, or something equally as puzzling, that makes one want to regard it in detail?" But Pellinor's making his way to Alarissa's side, a bow for nobles present and to murmur into her ear. "And thus, just like that, my evening comes to a swifter phase of transition"

Wearing a face that suggests he agrees with the assessment Juliana gives of Sebastian in the regard of Marriage is Theron. So he buries it into his wine glass to finish its contents.

"Or perhaps me being combed out of your hair?" Duarte suggests to Alarissa with a clink of his glass to hers and a wink.

"Acquired... more like she has my blood and sweat and tears in her very stone likeness. But she is amazing, indeed, and you really must see her, Luci," Sebastian, as ever, is thoroughly easy to distract as to the topic of Procella Pravus. He gives Juliana a mock scowl. "I do not," he lies completely unconvincingly, while downing a good half of that glass. At least he's enjoying the wine, lifting it in silent toast to Quenia when she looks their way. "And getting the best of Pravus soon, too," with a warm smile.

Quenia stands a bit straighter at Juliana's dare. Her eyes take on a sly look now, and her lips quirk into an amused smirk. Then she chuckles at her comments about Sebastian. "Ah, he is safe from me," she assures them both. But it's Videl's comments that grab her attention. "Count Duarte is an excellent dancer," she tells her cousin. "So, now you know a bit about him." She winks in Duarte's direction. She nods back to Sebastian, acknowledging his spoken words, then wanders over to settle down again. This time it's at the ivory rose couches.

Quenia has joined the couches embroidered with an ivory rose.

Alarissa takes The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Alarissa takes pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Alarissa takes Black Cherry and Black Currant Wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Olivia gets pale peach wine from Granato from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Olivia gets The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from barrel of Igniseri wines from Granato.

Lucita says, "Duty seems to always intrude at the worst of times when one is relaxing and having fun." She looks toward Bas starting to say something but then apparently decides not to since she simply takes a sip of wine and remains silent for a few moments. "I suspected it was a project of yours. You are so very gifted. ONe day, perhaps can see it." She murmurs to Jules. "same for me. too busy to come up with a shopping trip for something new, but then, this is still not out of fashion yet.""

Theron is overheard praising Igniseri: An outstanding presentation of wines for tasting.

"Well then we will just have to fix that, will wont we?" Juliana points out to Lucita. "Perhaps after the wedding we will take a trip and see what new fashions we can inspire. I have this idea about the new brocade.. if we are going to have a new medium, then it should have a fashion of it's own." glancing up at her brother and nods. "I am going to have to take a trip back to Setarco after the wedding as well. Since mother isn't coming here."

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"An excellent dancer, you say?" Videl asks Quenia and turns her attention to Duarte with a smile, "If you'll indulge me, I think I'd like to be the judge of that."

Quenia gives Lucita a curious look. "You have that lovely new brocade cloth I gave you recently. That will certainly make something new and fetching," she tells her Baroness cousin. She smiles over at Theron as he lauds praise at Igniseri's wines. "Thank you, Lord Theron, for your kind words," she tells him.

Sebastian squeezes Juliana's arm. "Good. We should make a trip of it. Perhaps you can even bring the children, Luci -- everyone should see the Silken City." It's his twin's latter words about their mother that earns a frown, though he doesn't comment, instead focusing on finishing his glass of wine.

Duarte takes a healthy sip of his wine and then shakes his head as he swallows. "I am not even a servicable dancer," Duarte was apologetically. He motions his glass to Quenia, "She's just danced with some truly god awful ones before me, 'tis all." He passes his empty wine glass to a passing tray. "But I am ever prepared to make a fool of myself." He offers his hand to Videl.

"That's entirely fine. I'm an awful dancer myself." Videl answers, and of course the rather substantial difference in size will complicate matters some. Still, she's ready to give it a try for the sake of seeing for herself.

Gianna returns from her conversation with the other Whisper, who takes her leave. Gianna has procured herself a glass of Zephyr, and she offers a faint smile in greeting to Lucita. "Baroness, it's been some time," she remarks. Duarte is given an inclination of her head in acknowledgment.

Quenia is overheard praising Gianna: Thank you for your wonderful playing at the wine extravaganza. It was extroidinary.

Quenia is overheard praising Igniseri.

Lucita says, "Oh, it will indeed, just have to get it made up in a design I like. I saw several that looked spectacularly like an upholstered armchair. I just haven't found quite the right pattern I'd like to have made up yet. It is beautifull." To Jules and Bas she murmurs. "Perhaps so. They have not been out of Arx since returning after they were born in Saikland. I'd like to see Setarco under more peaceable conditions, expect Luis will enjoy you taking him to meet his in-laws there, too." To Giana she smiles It has been too long. I seem to miss seeing you when teaching there though admittedly sometimes I teach in my music room."

Olivia is overheard praising Igniseri.

Quenia glances between Videl and Duarte, nodding encouragement. "Count Duarte jests. He did just fine with the dancing. I've just managed to learn how not to step on feet, more recently. Not that I have much opportunity for dancing," she tells the pair. She smiles over in Lucita's direction. "You've been working rather hard. A pleasure trip to Setarco might do you some good."

Juliaa leans in and kisses Luci's cheek again, whispering for a moment before she straightens. "But speaking of which, there are things with the family Bas and I are trying to get finished before the wedding. So I should take him off to deal with that before he is to drunk to make sense." then she smiles to Luci. "Well dear, that is why we bring nannys but if you would rather a vacation to Setarco, we can always go back with the children when they are old enough to appreciate it?"

Duarte checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Sebastian makes a non-verbal protest at Juliana's words about him, glancing down at the wine remaining in the glass and draining the last of it. "Thank you, Marquessa Quenia, for the invitation. It was delightful, and I'll treasure the bottles, I'm sure."

Quenia sets down her glass of wine when Juliana mentions they are about to depart, and rises from he seat. "Thank you both for coming. Having you here has been lovely," she tells them, smiling at Sebastian's words.

Videl checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

"I really ought to have another dinner to gather us all together again," Gianna tells Lucita. "The College, that is. Or perhaps my birthday celebration will serve just as well. Alas, I ought to be going. Marquessa," Gianna now addresses Quenia, "These wines are wonderful. I'm taking a bottle of each with me to add to the liquor cabinet in my office at the College. I'll be sure to say where I got them."

The heavens open and the gods smile on Duarte as he miraculously does not mangle Videl's little feet and - by some manner of occurances best known to the sacred and holy - actually appears to deftly lead her in a dance of some grace.

"Thank you for coming, Gianna," Quenia tells the Whisper, offering her a warm smile. "And also for playing the clavichord. I try not to bug Lucita with playing it too much, so it mostly stays there, collecting dust."

Videl checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 10 lower.

Quenia has left the couches embroidered with an ivory rose.

Videl follows along with some semblance of being able to follow cues, it's not exactly graceful, but it works. It doesn't take long to show why she doesn't have a lot of practice dancing, however, as even this relatively modest exercise causes her to have to force herself to manage her breathing and she tries to nonverbally signal Duarte to stop.

Lucita watches the couple dance and gives a little grin over the rim of her glass. A nod is given the departing couple and "lots of loose ends it seems, we all have to cope with daily. "OH, you did not hear me Quenia, I was here just days ago and played it a while before Cousin Videl and I visited for a while. Luis was busy and so were you but I do come and visit family here." She nods to Gianna. "If in Arx, will try to be there. I've a few trips planned so it depends on the timing."

"No thanks needed Marquessa. Indeed, I will take up your offer of taking bottles with me. I wish to bring them to the manor so my Cousin and her Consort can enjoy them as well." Theron is smiling as he studies the bottle of Black Cherry and Currant. Then he hands it off to Garibaldi to go with the others. He turns to bow to their Hostess. "A lovely night, and excellent wines. Well done, Lady Quenia." For the others he gives a sharp nod fo the head in farewell greeting. Gianna gets a quick little bow for her skillful playing and he moves to withdraw.

"It was my pleasure. All of it," Gianna tells Quenia with one of her faint little smiles. A nod to Lucita. "Do try! If not, another time, perhaps." The Whisper inclines her head and gracefully sails over to claim some wine bottles. A little nod for Theron, too. She seems pleased by the bow. And then she's gone!

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Juliana hugs Lucita tight, then turns towards Quenia as she stands. Smiling holds her hand out to the Marquessa and presses a kiss to the woman's cheek. "It is lovely. Thank you for having us." nodding to the rest of the room. But lifting her voice with a. "Good night Count" off towards Duarte, smirk curling her lips before she turns back to Sebastian. "Okay, ready."

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Olivia smiles to all who are left and curtseys, "Thank you for allowing me to enjoy your wines, and for the fabulous company. I should head home though."

Quenia inclines her head to Olivia. "Thank you for coming," she tells her. "And do please enjoy the wines."

Duarte slows to a stop at Videl's signal. He takes a step back and bows to her. "You took your life in your hands and got lucky! I applaud your courage."

Lucita quietly watches the others as they depart, giving the appropriate bows and nods as she bids them goodbye. "I can understand that Lady Olivia. I was late getting here so missed some of the conversations regrettably, but at least I did get here. And though have only been here a short while, it is about time for me to go, too.

Olivia hugs Lucita before she poofs

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Quenia chuckles warmly at Duarte, "If I had thought you'd put my cousin in danger, I'd never have allowed the dance." She winks at him again, her smile broadening a bit. She then turns her attention to Lucita and nods. "And you've children to get back to. Have a good evening, cousin."

Lucita gives a hug and cheek kiss to Quenia and slips out.

"I wasn't in danger of anything but extreme discomfort, lord Duarte. I'm not quite that frail." Videl answers Duarte with an even pace, still working on regaining her breath. "But after that excitement I should probably retreat to my chambers."

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