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Commoners Celebration

It's spring now, and this is a celebration of the blossoming of new life and such. What does this mean? A party for commoners. Who's providing entertainment? The Bard's College. Will there be bawdies? Yes.


Jan. 3, 2019, 7:57 p.m.

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Adora Gilroy Josephine Orathy Bliss Meriah Harper Reynir


Bard's College


Arx - Lower Boroughs - Nightingale Park - The Grounds

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Demetria Arcuri arrives, following Josephine.

The park has been adorned with streamers and other decorations. Nothing too fancy - this isn't some silken affair, after all. The Bard's College is out and playing music for people to dance to. The noble members of the College aren't really invited, so it's commoners all around, which means the mood is much more relaxed than it might otherwise be and no one's complaining about the honour of their house or whatever.=2558

Gianna isn't playing just this second, but has her gittern in one hand and a cup of something sweet in the other. It might be lemonade. It is a bit over-sugared.

Adora stomps

Adora stomps her way in and immediately over to the refreshments. Especially where there might be cool drinks, "You couldn't have picked a cooler day?" she demands of Gianna, "Or paid for something inside?"

Gilroy walks into the park, idly twirling a shop knife between the fingers of his right hand. Once in off the street he pauses and looks around, having never been here before. "Nightingale Park? Is this where Calandra Whisper lives? I've always wanted to see her!"

Jared, an overworked-looking, nervous Apprentice Whisper arrives, following Bliss.

The Arcuri's are out, the shop closed, forge banked and they are enjoying themselces with some merriment. Josephine had walked in on the arm of some gentleman, talking quietly and exchanging kisses and giggling like they were teenagers instead of people in theur fufties. But the man in deepwood livery had to depart and now the matriarch of that clan of jewelers was moving about with an intricate wood cane to find a place to sit. Adira's remarks draw a smile. "Does anything less than sour come out of your mouth girl?"

"I don't control the weather," Gianna tells Adora in lofty tones, sipping her lemonade. "Yet." That's said quietly, so quietly. A clutch of bards are playing a reel, and couples are spinning about. Spying Gilroy, Gianna tips her chin in his direction. She probably didn't hear him. Josephine's given a flicker of a smile.

Orathy isn't the type to be swept up into any sort of celebratory scenes like this... hell he does his drinking alone most of the time these days or in some seedy bar that no one bothers him at. Yet there he was, showing his grizzled face and silver beard, thick hand choking around a bottle of whiskey already as he lumbers about the simply decorated place. His thugs span out to go enjoy themselves, as his eyes latch to the person grousing what he's thinking, smirking with some kindred amusement at Adora's assessment of their current venue. "We ain't worth the shit that rains down on us from the higher courts, aye, so this is what we get-" he hoists a bottle and takes a long swig. The goal here was to get drunk, on some one else's silver.

"Or the Whispers don't think commoners are worth it," Adora counters with a glower Orathy's way as they basically share the same sentiment. "Culler." she greets with flat disdain, getting a mug of something that might have a lot of alcohol in it. Or maybe lemonade. "Not often," she tells Josephine and offers a glare Gilroy's way before turning her attention on everyone else, "Something said there'd be food?"

Whispers? Well, she may not be dressed exactly like most commoners in her brightly colored leathers, but she still counts - Bliss has shown up at the scene of Nightingale Park, a puff of fireweave on her chest and a bevy of weapons strapped to her - two on the side, and one rather new one with the Telmarch seal on the pommel on her back, her fingers still idly adjusting the strap of leather across her front as she tests it. Missing any comments about not caring, she simply makes herself at home, lifting a hand to Gianna and wiggling her fingers at her with a bright smile as she lifts her other to her hand, imitating taking a drink and looking around for where she might find one.

Triage, a blue smoke devon rex arrives, following Meriah.

Orathy has joined the a serene stone bowl fountain with accented grooves.

"A pity." It's spoken with affection by the jeweler. "A lovely affair Gianna. A delightful welcome to warmer months. Spring has not come soon enough."

Meriah arrives having just finished hiking up her dark purple sleeves to her elbows. Still framed on her hands are tight leather gloves. Germs, you see. And although she smells like blood, honestly, she doesn't have a /drop/ on her person. The one-eyed surgeon is followed by a friendly, if dopey feline who trots along at her heels. She smiles, that mutilated face making it a far more sinister expression then intended, as she sweeps the grounds with that singular violet colored hue.

Gianna inclines her head to Bliss in turn. There are a few places to find a drink. Lemonade, like Gianna has, at one table, and some beer and such at another table. None of it is particularly cool, though awnings for shade have been erected. "The Bard's College just provides the music," Gianna tells Josephine, inclining her head. "The rest of it's the usual." Her shoulders rise and fall in a shrug; she shoots Orathy and Adora a bit of a look and rolls her eyes.

Orathy settles himself down with an absent sweep of his arm underneath him to settle coat and gear, lighting up a cigarillo while placing the bottle of whiskey beside him. He moves slowly enough to suggest the cold is starting to bother him in ways that it doesn't bother younger men. Regardless, the silver bearded Culler watches those who come in, Adora addressing him gets a nod, "We ain't. Get used to it." He takes a puff of his cigarillo, a drift of smoke wafting up after he exhales a haze of it, dark eyes regarding all the assorted accessories on Bliss with an apparent snort his reaction. He settles one hand on a knee and leans forward, smoking.

"Then hail the bards college" Josephine leans on the cane, turning to watch the others trickling into the noisy gathering. Meriah, bliss, newcomers get a dip of josephines head.

Turning her head toward the drink table, a bright smile crosses Bliss's face, even when her eyes meet Orathy just at that apparent snort. She responds with a small scoff of her own, and a greeting of, "Still scraping the bottle of the barrel, Orathy Culler?" as she looks at the beer, taking a glass and filling it from a cask that is presumably there. Her foot taps idly along with the music, taking a slow drink as she nods at Gianna, before saying, "So, what are we doing here tonight?"

"They ought to at least pretend," Adora grouses, taking a sip of her lukewar

"They ought to at least pretend," Adora grouses, taking a sip of her lukewarm beer. When Bliss appears with a sword she gets eyed, "Make sure you show Gilroy what that is. Preferably with the pointy end."

Meriah walks with even more of a feline disposition than her actual feline companion. Triage somewhat wobbles a bit, hopping like a kitten despite being full grown. When they reach the food table, she plucks a fruit and tosses it into her mouth. This draws a mewl from her cat which she retorts with a 'tsk tsk' and wags her finger. Her eye swings toward the others with a flick. Perhaps unnecessarily, she does look frightfully calculating. It fades and a pleasant, respectful nod is given to Josephine, although she does look at the cane. Her movements next bring her close toward the other guests. "Well, you're all looking sharp."

Noble or commoner, they all have one thing in common. Gilroy Grayhope is only too happy to eat their food. So he heads on over to the refreshments table and piles a plate high with free food. On seeing Bliss he eyes the jabot, saying, "Nice ruff," then the sword on her back. "Oh, is that a sword? I've heard so much about them! Is it true that Arn spilled jam all over it?"

Orathy's dark eyes meet the pewter ones of Bliss, remarking with another exhale of smoke, "The bottom be the most interestin..." He sits up somewhat, still leaning ahead on his hand and over his knee, reaching for his whiskey bottle with the same hand that holds the cigarillow between two fingers, "Least I ain't pretending to be somethin I ain't." He smirks at her, "I outta congratulate ya though, on stealin a pretty sword from them Silks." He takes a swig of whiskey then, grumblin afterward, "Aye, what we up to. Drinkin, singin, throwin people through tables?" Not that he looks in the mode for civil disobedience tonight. Interest in Bliss wanes as his gaze settles on the new girl, new to him anyway, "Who are you?"

Gianna inclines her head to Josephine; she downs the rest of her lemonade and tells Bliss, "It's a celebration of spring. The College is providing music. There's drinking and dancing and spending time together." The little clutch of bards start up a new tune, and people pick their dance partners. Gianna watches them with a calculating gaze.

"It's a common misassumption that it was jam," Bliss says to Gilroy without missing a beat. "It was actually a marmalade, and what was really bad was that it was a fresh one that was meant to go on a biscuit for Good Ansel. The dog was terribly disappointed, and things only really spiraled down from there," she tells him with an easy flick of her hand, before looking back at Orathy with a little smirk. "Darling, I don't pretend to be noble. I just like flashy clothing. I get bored of..." and she extends her hand toward Orathy, motioning over what he's wearing. Her brows waggle, clearly playful, before she takes another long drink of the beer and considers Meriah. "Can you, by chance, tell me which one here is Gilroy?" she asks ... Gilroy, leaning in toward him and adopting a conspiratorial tone.

Lystra Voss - The Quiet Assistant arrives, delivering a message to Josephine before departing.

Gilroy points after Lystra Voss, who is probably Derovai's cousin, and says, "There he goes. You just missed him." Gilroy gives Bliss a chagrined smile, then shoves a truffled quail egg into his face and wanders off.

Dot, the war-wiener, Judy, an investigative assistant arrive, following Harper.

"Meriah Gascoigne, Master Physician. I work at the Commons Clinic," she says by means of introduction to Orathy and her singular eye flicks to that cigarillo. "Have you had any heart problems since you been on those?" A thoughtful, curious darkness sweeps over her face before she is caught up all in Bliss. Especially that hat. More than the swords. "Uh," she murmurs briefly. "Hello. I mean yes. That one," she points to Gilroy with a pointy finger. Her clothes are not flashy, but they are finely tailored.

Nothing fancy about this cane. Just wood and iridescite handle. She hasn't set about to making another yet. Josephine seems content to eventually limp with the cane toward a place to sit. No dancing for her likely. Just enjoy being out of tge shop.

Adora makes a big show of rolling her eyes, though at who she doesn't specify. Perhaps everyone? She then glowers at a young man that maybe had been moving over to ask her to dance but bravely decides to get a drink instead. When Meriah makes her introduction and asks Orathy about his smoking habits she snorts, "Cullers don't have hearts unless they've stolen them. Nit even gold ones. Usually tin."

Orathy glances down at what he's wearing when she motions a finger to him to suggest his display is drab - which it was. The bit of colour that had been there was muted by dust and dirt. He shrugs a shoulder and doesn't look terribly interested in drawing Bliss away from being playful, surprisingly not taunting her further about it, rather sayin, "That be fair." His eyes selectively wander back to Meriah, "Reckon yer the most interestin person 'ere tonight. Heard somethin bout ya, but ain't ever cross paths with ya yet." He takes another drag of the cigarillo, looking at the thing when she asks about heart problems as he exhales a breath, "I ain't so fast as I were but it ain't these Doc, it be called gettin old." The sneer he wears for the moment is wolfish, as he ashes the cigarillo, looking up to Meriah once more and seemingly not at all sympathic to her horrible scar that leaves her with one eye. He considers Adora with a nod, "Aye, she be right. I like rippin 'em out of people's chest 'n watchin their eyes bug out as they get to watch it beat it's last beat." He rises up from the seat he had on the fountain, flickin the cigarillo into the water as the music starts, "Eh, supposin if ya wanna test out me heart Doc, ya gotta dance." Hand extended to her.

Meriah gets a metal, clean scarificator from Oak-Handled Physician Bag.

Harper makes her way into the park and pauses to look around at those assembled. She waves generally to everyone, but gives Gilroy a grin in greeting. "Heya! Sorry I'm late, Whisper Gianna!" Gianna gets a polite bob of her head as she heads farther into the park, finding her way over to wherever the drinks are. Securing a mug of ale, she takes a drink and peers over the top of it at those gathered to look for a likely place to sit.

Lystra Voss - The Quiet Assistant arrives, delivering a message to Josephine before departing.

Adora has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Orathy has left the a serene stone bowl fountain with accented grooves.

Gianna looks about as affronted as someone with a magnificent ego can be when she is not deemed the most interesting person here. She is distracted by Harper, whom she nods to. "Not at all," she tells the woman. "It will last for the afternoon and most of the evening, I believe." She has her gittern in hand, but she's not playing. Or singing. Not right now, anyway.

Meriah eye(s) Adora at her comment and her smile becomes toothily wicked. "That a fact?" Then it switches back to Orathy as he speaks and his offered hand. She reaches into her bag for a moment, after holding up a finger, and removes the metal cylinder. "I would just need to test the sluggishness of your blood. Only a small sample will be needed but, you know," and she pumps the scarificator a few times to show those steely tips. "So very hard to be /accurate/ with this thing."

Holding up her hand, Bliss wiggles her fingers for Orathy in recognition of the fair enough, but also just lets that topic of conversation slide right on by. Her head turns to Meriah, and she's really not shy at all about letting her eyes wander over the woman's scarred face and missing eye, smiling warmly at her still from underneath the hat before she meets the good one. "Oh, was that one him?" she asks as Gilroy wanders away. "Tsk, and here he was, misleading me. I'm entirely shocked and appalled that someone would do such a thing. So offended," she says with an overdramatic sigh, bringing her hand up and flicking her hair back. Then the smile curls a little, and she adds, "Hello," even as she watches the implement be pulled at Orathy's offer.

Orathy checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Gilroy shoots a venomous look in Meriah's direction. "Tattle tale." He plops himself down at a bench, settles his food down in front of him and digs through his pockets for a set of personal cutlery. He looks between Meriah and Orathy. "She's the most interesting person?" He squints at Meriah. "I guess she's kind of interesting, but the most? Pfft." Harper gets a genial wave. "Hello, Guardian Grayhope! So good to see you! I've sung your praises from the Honor Gate to the Sovereign Bridge! Tell your friends." Then, finally, Bliss again. "What "

If anyone wonders upon Orathy's response to wicked looking instruments, no longer is it a wonder. Orathy's hand rejects backwards so fast he may not have even offered it in the first place. "Shit - I were only askin fer a turn, it ain't like I be askin ya to flip yer skirts up. Shit woman, ya only had be sayin no, not bringin out yer inquisition torture devices-" because that's what it looks like, to him. He promptly steps around her, with his bottle of whiskey, grumbling, "Little looney in the head ain't ya?"

There is a soft chortle of laughter from Josephine at the banter.

"That's a Grayhope for you," Adora drawls to Bliss, taking a pickle out of a large jar of them. Where did that pickle jar come from?! There were no pickles on the refreshments table. Maybe it is better not to ask.

Harper raises her brows and makes her way over to a bench near Gilroy, "Sung my praises? What for? You got me curious now." She quirks a slight grin and loops one leg over the bench to straddle it before taking a set. Setting her ale down on the table, she looks over at Gilroy her face alight with said curiosity. "Can't much imagine why you'd be doing that for me, I reckon, Gilroy." She shrugs and seems genuinely puzzled by it. Spotting Josephine, she tosses her a friendly wave, calling over to her, "Still got the jewelry you made me! Wore it to my wedding!"

"Oh, yes. The dance. Sorry, a bit carried away." Meriah looks bashfully at the device and then plops it back into the bag as Orathy recoils. "I always ask permission before bloodletting, I'll have you know. I bet the Inquisition doesn't do /that/." She retorts, clearly proud of the fact. "So this heart of yours, Mr. Culler. When you die, who does it go to?" There's some brief consideration of him. "Clock is tick-tocking or whatever clocks do." Her attention drifts toward Bliss and then Gilroy, "I mean--look at her, I'd be a dull wit to refuse such a creature." Although she seems to concur with Adora on the 'That's a Grayhope for you' sentiment. "I have other tools in here if you'd like to see," she offers Orathy with that unintentionally sinister smile, "You may like some of them. Some are constrictors. Lots of /good/ pressure. Unless I twist too tight. Then its bad pressure. Very bad."

Meriah puts a metal, clean scarificator in Oak-Handled Physician Bag.

Gianna's eyebrows arch. She looks from Harper to Josephine and back. "Ohhh? Are you wearing it now?" Gianna is immediately looking Harper over, seeking out the pretty, shiny thing.

"I am delighted to hear that Mistress Grayhope. I am sure that it sang even more loudly and proudly during the occasion" Josephine calls over. "Those are my favourite events to make pieces for" Fingers tap on the handle of the cane. "The ring on your finger now sings just as lovely."

Gilroy wields Dinner Time, a set of diamondplate cutlery.

Harper chuckles and shakes her head at Gianna, saying, "Nah, I don't wear it except for real special occassions. Never been much for jewelry, I reckon. Course that could be because I never owned any until Josephine made me a set for the last commoner's ball." She shrugs a bit then picks her mug of ale up and takes another deep swallow. She looks down at her ring at Josephine's comment and grins wide, answering, "Yeah, Magpie had it made for me. Josie made it. She's real good too and if I said any different then she'd box my ears." Her eyes sparkle impishly and it's plainly obvious that she's very fond of Joscelin just from the expression on her face.

"Hmm. Does that extend to things beyond simply asking which one of us here is a Grayhope?" Bliss wonders to Meriah, shrugging a single shoulder at Adora and saying to her, "I'm used to them. Fussy creatures, but all of them useful in their own way. Good to point in a direction and not supervise too closely, I find." Her hand comes up as she steps past Meriah, a fingertip sliding along the back of the physician's shoulderblade as she walks by, taking a long drink of her beer before asking Gilroy, "What what?" with a raising pair of brows. She walks over to Gianna, then, wondering to her, "So will we get to see the Nightingale dance tonight?"

The offer is presently rescinded with where Orathy's hands are now and he has put sufficient space between himself and the Doctor with strange dastardly devices being totted around in her satchel. "The inquisition doesn't ask, nay, they take... only ever take," Orathy's sentiments are fused with personal grudges on that, the hatred for the order heard with every rasp of his Lower Borough Brogue. The question of his heart has him sneer, "Uh... reckon it goes to the worms or the rats, which ever be gettin there first." He takes her next sentiments as some sort of veiled threat, the way his expression darkens, "Aye..." And then he starts to leave, whistlin sharply for his crew to round up with him and head out.

"I forgot there was a commoner's ball," Adora says in a tone that implies she's not terribly thrilled to remember, "Nothing like a bunch of have-nots pretending to be silks for a night. I bet they had a shit ton of fun laughing and awwing at the dirty little dolls dressing up trying to make good." She finishes her first mug and gets a second, sitting there crunching on pickles and eyeing the seventeen or so salads people brought. "Can anyone fucking afford anything other than lettuce?"

Turtle, 2 Culler Brutes, 3 Culler Hoodlums leave, following Orathy.

Gilroy probably has a response for Harper, but he's got a mouthful of whatever. After a brief struggle to get it all down he says to her, "Proof of concept. You just wait and see. People will be saying to one another 'that Harper, the guardswoman on everyone's lips!' I'm not sure what that will do for you, but I charged Lady Ysbail ten thousand silver for generating that kind of buzz." Gilroy rolls his eyes at Adora. "You prefer the silks who show up all smiles because they're secretly one of the people?"

Gianna wrinkles her nose, clearly a bit disappointed. But Harper's other ring is exceptional enough to get her attention, and she peers over at it. "Stygian? Joscelin does fine work." There's a hint of envy there, but she sniffs and turns back to Bliss. "I hadn't planned on it. Besides, no one ever asks me."

Does Meriah make a sound at that brushing touch? Not quite. Although she does shiver a bit, despite the spring warmth. "Oh, certainly extends to things. Lots of--things." Her very pale face just a /little/ red before she is drawn back to the retreating Orathy. "Well--think of me! Those worms wouldn't know what to do with it and rats, I mean rats are nice but," she watches him depart and wrinkles her nose. Below, at her feet, Triage arrives and mewls; rubbing his big dumb head against her leg. She lowers down to stroke his back a bit before rising, moving toward the table to fetch herself a bit of wine. "Lettuce is not very good for you. It's mostly made up of water," she tells Adora.

"Mistress Adora, I am sure you could. Pethaps you can plan and host the next one hmmm?" Josephine remarks, a look to Harper and a nod. "She does lovely work. I own a piece of hers myself. Gifted to me"

Catching Bliss' question, Harper gives her a wide grin, then pipes in cheerfully, "Me and Gilroy are both Grayhopes." Looking over to Adora, she chuckles then shrugs, "Best part was getting to toss a pie in High Lord Victus' face when he showed up at it. Reckon, not everything's for everyone though. I had fun, and don't much give a damn what the nobles say about me." She eyes Gilroy, then asks, "Damn, you're not gonna try and charge me that are you? Cause if you are, then take it up with Mayir and Magpie." At Gianna's attention to her ring, she holds it out for her to see, turning her own attention back to the Whisper, and says, "Thanks! I'm real proud of it. Magpie came up with the design. He did real good. But Josie's handiwork made it real pretty." She draws her hand back as her attention is caught by Meriah and she waves, saying, "Heya, Meriah! Haven't seen you in a long time!"

"It also tastes like shit," Adora tells Meriah around a mouth full of pickle. Crunch. She shakes her head at Josephine, "I show up for free food, I don't give it away." And then Gilroy gets a flat look, "I'm just here for the food. Silk, commoner, what the fuck ever, I can't stand any one of you."

Reynir sneaks in oh so quietly.

Gilroy shakes his head at Harper. "Of course not. You would get the friends and family discount anyway. Nine thousand seven hundred silver. But I did it gratis, just to show I could. Tell your friends! I'll charge them." And since Gianna is complimenting people he makes a great display of 'accidentally' showing off his compliment of star iron jewelry and his pretty pyreweave waistcoat. Oh this old thing? Tee hee.

"So you are!" Bliss calls out to Harper, letting her gaze linger on Meriah and watching the woman's reaction with an amused lift of one corner of her mouth, though the focus of her conversation is still with Gianna. She leans in, murmuring something to her and reaching forward to take the woman's wrist in a light clasp as she does so, before leaning back again and nodding at her once.

A flash of pyreweave will get Gianna's attention, certainly. She eyes Gilroy, looking him over and raising her eyebrows. "...Is that shadowmeld?" Her lips quirk up at the corner. There's jealousy there, but also amusement. Great amusement. There's a sudden smile (of all things!), a shake of her head, and she looks to Bliss to listen to the murmured words. She nods.

Meriah helps herself to a bit of red wine. Oops. She filled her glass! How does that happen. A quiet sigh leaves her half-scarred lips before she looks toward Harper with a slight grin. "Oh, after the Lodge I--took a bit of time. And I'm focusing on the construction to the Commons Clinic. You know I got the Solace Grandmaster to donate several strapping knights to help out. Its coming along. Are the Iron Guard keeping those holding cells up to standard?"

Reynir migrates in the direction of the flashy clothes. I mean, can you blame him. The Ulbran Jeweler zeroing in on the star icon. "Interesting work." He comments soft eyeing the pieces with a gleam in his eye and a twitch of his fingers.

Harper rolls her eyes at Gilroy, but chuckles and takes another swig of her ale as she looks over at Adora curiously. She comments, "Dunno that I've met you. Not that it matters, since you can't stand any of us, but I'm Harper Grayhope." She bobs her head to Adora, irrepressibly cheerful despite Adora's grumpiness, or maybe even more so in the face of it. Hard to tell which. She quirks a grin to Bliss, then follows her gaze over to Meriah. Chuckling at Meriah, she says, "Well, Thena got a bunch of them recently, I heard. And I reckon the jails are just fine, at least in the upper cells. I'm more worried about the docks these days though with all those extra ships and crowds down there. Trouble's definitely brewing."

After that conversation with Gianna, Bliss takes a step back, then turns and begins heading toward the exit of the park. Her eyes land on Reynir as she does so, and she studies him for a moment with a bit of a curious expression, before she turns and blows a kiss to the crowd. "It has been a long day, darlings, and I think I need to go get very drunk!" she announces. "Where I won't do anything stupid or be ambushed by anyone. So farewell, farewell, I will see you all again!"

Adora gives Reynir a nod of recognition and then Harpee gets a flat look. It's her trademark expression, "Yeah, I know of you. Mayir's wife. That's a weird way to pronounce Mae." Another pickle is devoured and her name is not offered. "Does anyone want to buy a bookcase or is this all just a big waste of my time?"

Gilroy holds up his hand, index finger and thumb juuust a tiny bit apart. "Only a little bit! Don't tell the faith. They get weird about that." When Meriah and Harper discuss Thena he makes a face but doesn't say anything. Bliss gets a wave as she makes to go. "Enjoy your day in the sun. Don't eat your whole sword in one sitting!"

Meriah returns Harper's laugh with a cackle of her own. She does not though in agreement. When Bliss announces her departure, the surgeon /frowns/ with a lot of disappointment that she tries to /subtly/ hide behind the lift of her wine glass and a deep sip. She lifts a hand, wiggling her fingers to the duelist's departure.

Reynir watches Bliss, a small goofy smile offered in return. He continues staring at - well no not staring as much as he's admiring the craftsmanship of the man's shinies. "Star Iron can be hard to work with, nearly impossible to recycle well, Who did your peices - " Reynir blinks realizing that he doesn't know - well anyone. Adora gets a sheepish wave. "Don't suppose you'd help me find the guild tomorrow would you Adora? I need to get my shop set up."

Amid this particular little clutch of commoners, Gianna is apparently one of the ones wearing the least wealth, and she's got a big ol' sapphire set in gold on her finger. The rest of the commoners are not dressed nearly so finely, and they are certainly the majority. "I won't tell," Gianna tells Gilroy, the smile threatening at the corners of her lips again. It's not one of her vague little smiles that doesn't reach her eyes, either. One of the bards present kind of gawks at the Nightingale and elbows the young woman next to him.

Harper snorts at Adora and looks amused, then corrects, "Magpie's wife. Mae's out, I'm in. Though I reckon I like her real well, so that's no statement on her as a person." Her eyes still shine impishly at Adora and she just grins at her, adding, "And Magpie makes all my stuff I reckon. Though maybe I'll come buy something from you just to tweak his nose sometime." Turning her attention to Bliss, she gives her a friendly wave then looks over to Reynir and bobs her head in a greeting before picking up her mug of ale for another deep drink out of it.

Adora sighs the put upon sigh of someone that cannot even. "Whatever," she replies to Reynir with a shrug, "If I'm not busy. You ought to just send the Guildmaster a message. She'll send you a shitload of paperwork and lots of flowery language that means blah blah who knows, I didn't read it. You might be better off asking Theo for a loan, though. Or just sending silks random pieces and demanding ludicrous payments until you have enough for a shop yourself." She actually snorts at what Harper says, "Same thing," she waves a hand about the names, "But sure, you do that. Maybe I'll only charge you double instead of triple."

Reynir says, "Eh I'm not sure I'd trust silks not to just keep the pieces and stiff me on the bill." He offers somewhat sheepish moving closer to discuss. "I - what was her name again? The Guild Master. I'd hate to put theodoric out, he's already been so generous.""

"Oh, Gods." Meriah says about something, but it seems almost to herself. That stunned look ebbs with a shake of her head and she sips from her glass, shifting to regard the rest of the party. "Did someone say something about a bookcase? I need one of those."

Josephine says, "Or you ask me and I throw the coin at you, no repayment" Josephine points out."

"Mae's the one who..." Gilroy trail off, then shakes his head and looks back to Gianna, narrowing his eyes at just how much she seems to be enjoying herself. That can't be good! He picks up a bean from his plate and flicks it at Adora before looking to Josephine at her mention of thrown coin. "I could use coin!"

Gianna blinks at Gilroy, then peers at Reynir with some interest. "What is it you make, again?" she demands. "I didn't quite catch it."

Harper gives Meriah a curious look at her reaction and asks directly, "You alright, Meriah? You half look like you saw a ghost there." She quirks a half grin and jerks a thumb at Adora at the queston about a bookcase. Looking over at Reynir, she adds, "Joscelin is the Guildmistress. She lives over at the Murder. She's real nice... just write her and I bet she'd get you set right up." At Josephine's response, she chuckles, then adds, "Or just talk to Josephine there. She's a real good jeweler." But Gilroy's half muttered statement catches her attention, and she asks, "Mae's the one who what, Gilroy? Finish your sentences, man!"

"Master Gilroy, I have taught you enough and you are wearing what you are aearing. Do not make my heart burst from sheer laughter" Josephine chides the young man, reaching out with her cane as if to rap it against his ankles.

Reynir blinks, shifting his attention to Josephine, "Shucks, but you've never met me Miss. Why would you want to throw coin at a jeweler who hasn't come to town yet. "Jewelry, Fairly decent at it, oh wow!" His attention shifting back to Josephine. "I'd love to see your work."

"Bell Bookcases and Cabinets," Adora says to Meriah, "My shit isn't cheap because it's quality, but I will make you the best bookcase you've ever seen." She clicks her tongue at Reynir and shakes her head, "Just take the money, kid. Never turn down free silver." When a bean bounces off of her she narrows her eyes at Gilroy, "Anyway. I've got better places to be. Like anywhere." she states as she stands, shoves the jar of pickles in her bag, and picks up two of the salads she was complaining about earlier before starting to head out.

Josephine says, "because I like to see young people get a chance to succeed. That and I am a sucker for a young man with a smile and a dream. Ask my children" Theres a nod to Adira's wirds. "Keeps me from making anither cane that sets tongues to wagging""

"She has a point," Gianna says of Adora as she leaves, nodding to Reynir. "Take the coin. The city is willing to provide and you needn't be shy about taking it."

Adora is overheard praising Gianna: Maybe she should have something other than a salad

Meriah blinks and looks toward Harper. "Oh, uh." She says. "Just--thinking about--something. Anatomy, probably." She finishes her wine and sets it aside. At Adora's business pitch she nods, seemingly decided. "Good." Then sets her empty glass aside. "Well! I think this has been /more/ than a fun night. Isn't that right, handsome?" She stoops and picks up her cat, cradling it in her arms. "I think we'll be heading home."

Reynir nods emphatically. "Then I accept your offer whole heartedly Miss Josephine." And he does smile, from ear to ear grin, even as he nods to Adora, "Have a nice night."

"Just come visit the shop and we shall talk numbers. For now, if you need something sold, I've space in my shop to see your things sold until your own shop is open hmm? For now, i have been out here in the cold long enough. my leg will be screaming at me"

Gilroy offers around a mouthful of roast chicken, "She's thinking about the Whisper. The colorful one with the swords." Gilroy washes his food down with a swing of beer and adds, "She's in love with every girl." When Adora makes to go he calls out, "Goodnight, Craftswoman Adora! I hope you have a truly enjoyable evening and tomorrow you wake refreshed and full of energy and a positive attitude!"

Reynir nods, "Absolutely, I'll look for you at your shop. Have a lovely night Miss Josephine." Gilroy's farewell gets an odd look from the young Ulbran, "She has ... good moods?" Incredulous.

Adora has left the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

One of the bards is trying to get Gianna's attention. She arches a brow and murmurs to the others, "Please excuse me." Then she's heading over to where the little clutch of bards is.

Harper nods to Meriah and Adora, then moves to stand up as well. Giving the rest of them a wave, she says, "I oughta be scattering on too. Good to see you all!" She looks at Gilroy and gives him an impish grin, then quips, "And, you, stay outta trouble." She winks then turns to head out.

Meriah lets out a breath and lifts her shoulders to Gilroy. "I'll never fault someone for being right." She shrugs, what's a gal to do?

Meriah is overheard praising Gianna: A great party thrower, that gal.

Demetria Arcuri leaves, following Josephine.

Triage, a blue smoke devon rex leaves, following Meriah.

Dot, the war-wiener, Judy, an investigative assistant leave, following Harper.

Gilroy watches as everyone leaves, finishes his food and pushes himself to his feet. "Gianna, as always you throw a dandy shindig. Messere, good to have met you." He puts his flatware away, offers everyone a nod, then heads for the exit.

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