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The Lycene Liquor Cabinet

That old clunky majestically (ugly) fancy liquor cabinet in Joscelin Arterius atelier... it's catching the attention of historians, and those enjoying a good puzzle. It's an old piece, with an odd painting on it and its backstory is hidden in the annals of history. It's travelled the world quite literally and ended up right there. There just is /something/ about it...

OOC: This is a PrP for scholarly types, Society of Explorers, bookish types - non-combatants preferred, and needed. This is a placeholder to see who signs up, and then I'll coordinate. This is a PrP for those that like riddles, delving into old musty tomes, studying history. Rather than trying to coordinate a bunch of scenes, it'll be done by rolling to me, needing a required amount of 'successes' - and I will hand out clues based on how far you are getting to find the surprise at the end! I will run scenes when able though!

Skills needed are investigation and riddles. Streetwise can add a few bonus points! Rolls will be done a few times a week (not all at once), to indicate progress - or no progress :)

If you sign up for this, I will send out mails and we'll work it out. You don't even have to work together! The amount of rolls that can be made are set per time (one of each, so you can be all working together OR split up as you wanted.) You could team up and compete against each other - who will get to solve the puzzle first kind of thing.


Nov. 3, 2018, 4 p.m.

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Alessandro Rosalie Delilah Rowenova Draven



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Atelier

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Comments and Log

There's many reasons to visit Joscelin Arterius' famous shop - mostly it's to buy jewelry, to browse jewelry or to sigh longingly at jewelry. It's possible she gets even more customers because of the oddity that is on display in her shop now - an old piece of furniture so big it makes one wonder how it was ever moved and travelled as far as it did, and who /bothered/ to move it. Cause it isn't pretty. One could, if being generous, call it 'majestic'.

It is labelled as a liquor cabinet, but in truth, you could so much stuff in there you'd forget what was in the back if not being careful. It is also a bit of a mystery. Lycene in origin, changed over the years and rebuilt and repaired, but retaining most of its original state so it is clear where it's frome. The artwork on the cabinet is strange and puzzling. It is clearly a rendering of a piece of the Arxian city wall. The colors, the rooftops, the stonework, all details suggest it must be from Arx, but where? People have started to wander around the walls and have small picnics to figure it out, but no luck so far. And why paint such an odd thing in the first place? It's not a very beautiful view for one thing.

Rosalie puts Pointy-Eared and Princely: A Tome on Tyrval Ael'Noctis in a cross body-strapped soft black leather satchel.

Rosalie puts a short sleeved column dress with seasilk floral embroidery in a cross body-strapped soft black leather satchel.

Rosalie can be found within the atelier, perhaps she came to see Joscelin, or to deliver something. But she seems to have become distracted by this singular monstrosity of a liquor cabinet, her dark eyes travelling over the object, running her fingertips here and there, perhaps seeking where the item has been built upon and trying to determine what is original and what is newer. The painting itself is being saved until she's finished her perusal of the object itself. "Hmmmmmmm... ow!" sighing, Rosalie straightens up and rubs a hand over her belly with a wince, "Sorry in there. I'll not get so close again since it apparently makes you uncomfortable."

Alessandro is curious. Who wouldn't be? So, he has come today for the express purpose not of buying jewelry, but of studying the liquor cabinet in question. He arrives ready to inspect it -- so that is, with his eyes open. He doesn't really need much else, at least not for the moment. When he sees Rosalie, though, he smiles, starting toward the cabinet, and by extension her. "Lady Rosalie," he says, "how nice to see you. Intrigued by this as well?" He gestures toward the furniture in question.

Multiple reasons are why Scout Rowenova and Sir Floppington show up, but the major one might be possibly discerned from a slender boquet of three irises which are white, yellow, and pink along one armored arm of the wolf scout. "Greetings." says she to all those who are already here. "What is the deal with that liquor cabinet? Is there any booze inside?"

Alessandro checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

Rosalie checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Rowenova checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 13 lower.

Customers come and go but leave the trio at the cabinet alone, the assistants showing jewelry or taking in repairs or selling. The cabinet stands there mockingly 'mysterious'. About two hundred years old or so, Lycene, has made its way to Arx somehow, a long route travelled over the centuries.

"Hello Lord Alessandro! I'd actually come by to see Mistress Joscelin, and if there was anything I could get for her or if there was anything she needed... but this -has- caught my attention now." Rosalie responds with a warm smile for the Greenmarch lord. She offers a bright smile for Rowenova as well, waving her over, "Scout Rowenova! How have you been? Those flowers are lovely." But even as her eyes have been roaming over the painting, she's drawn to something in the corner, leaning in to puzzle over it. "Hmm... artist's signature?"

"Ah, yes." Alessandro's smile does fade a little bit at the reminder of recent events for Joscelin, but he nods, and adds, "A very good thought." He turns to look over his shoulder as Rowenova arrives, and there's a nod to her as well, as he greets, "Scout Rowenova, very nice to see you." He turns back to the cabinet then, though, and whatever Rosalie's seen catches his eye, as well. "Hm," he says, leaning more toward it. "It could be," he agrees. "A ladybug is an interesting mark, but, artists." You know. //Artists//.

Rowenova gently rests those three flowers onto the counter top, doing so with careful placement before turning back toward the Lycene cabinet at which the wolf scout curiously peers. Besides its interesting looks, she does not seem to really know too much about what all has been going on. "I have been doing quite well! Those nice irises are from the Redrain Gardens. I initially came to mayhaps ask Guildmistress Joscelin what her favorite foods may be, since Master Draven really wishes to cook up her favorite ones for her." With a curious gaze at the fugly cabinet, she pipes up, "I have heard this is a Lycene Thing. Is there anything to learn from it?"

Rosalie checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 31 higher.

Rosalie checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 30, rolling 72 higher.

Alessandro checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 40 higher.

Rowenova checked perception + investigation at difficulty 20, rolling 8 higher.

Alessandro checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 30, rolling 7 lower.

Rowenova checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 30, rolling 18 lower.

There's a few things that suddenly strike Rosalie, based on knowledge of history in general and having the mind for riddles and a good memory - she remembers having seen in some book somewhere, on Lycene history, about a family of artists that used various bugs as their signatures. She is fairly sure she knows what book it was even, and can investigate that further.

Alessandro is struck with another idea - it's clearly a Lycene piece, it DID belong to a family down along the coast prior to ending up here. It's possible to find out more about its history through them, if a family member can be located.

Rowenova realises that the scenery is as old as the painting on the cabinet. Maybe some there's some scholars or books about the old Arx that could lead further, maybe paintings of the city, or sketches in old books?

Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

Rosalie giggles softly and glances sidelong to Alessandro, "I happen to enjoy painting in my downtime, my lord. Admittedly, I tend to paint abstracts more than vistas or portraits." She looks back to the cabinet and hums softly, obviously captured by something about the mark. "I think... I'll have to go see if its still there..." Looking to Rowenova, Rosalie smiles softly, "I can ask her if you like and let you know. She's part of the House that I work for, I can try to find out." Then she's blinking once more and giggling, "Oh yes, there is much to be learned from it. This is perhaps one of the longest-standing pieces of furniture in the Compact."

Nova gets out a new piece of beige paper from her map case which she lays out over a protective template before getting out her black ink and crow quill, scribing down a new note which she passes off to the messengers outside then soon returns to pack up the various items. "That would be very kind of you, please." says she to Rosalie before again regarding the liquor cabinet, "Apparently, Dame Morrighan says this was given to Guildmistress Joscelin by her cousin person. I think I am going to go hunting for those city scapes, mayhaps at the Vellichorian establishments. I feel like there might be some older sketches which might match up from an older time in Arx."

"Do you? Well, then I am sure you have an even more artistic mark," Alessandro says to Rosalie as his smile widens once again, without any sort of indication that he feels bad about casting vague aspersions on artists and then finding out that she herself is one. "Having almost no creativity myself, I am sure whatever you chose would be lovely." Some thought or other seems to strike him then, and he looks back at the cabinet a little more thoughtfully. "Hm." He looks to Rowenova when she speaks, then to Rosalie, and then back to the cabinet.

It might very well be one of the oldest pieces of that kind, more 'fancy', anyway. Though it sure has seen rough times. The painting itself is in decent condition even if the colors have flaked a bit at the edges. The rest was once a bright shade of blue but much of that paint is missing now. In fact it looks like it was once repainted and that paint too has started to come off. Still functions perfectly fine for what it's meant to however, the repairs have been done with some care so that it will last another hundred years if careful with it.

Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

Rowenova says, "I have also heard there might be white journals about this, so I am also going to pull those when at the Vellichorian establishments, too."

Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

"Oh no, I don't have a 'mark', I just use my initials in ink against the painting. Nothing fancy or whimsical like this," Rosalie chuckles softly and lifts a shrug. Straightening, she puts a hand to the small of her back and lets out a breath. "Alright then. I think I will take my leave. The baby is demanding a warm soak in the tub and some grapes," She offers a smile towards Rowenova and offers, "I'll send a messenger as soon as I've been able to find out. Good luck with your research at the Archives. Don't get discouraged, things aren't always where they should be. So if you don't find it there, look somewhere that you would never think to look." Offering a small nod towards Alessandro, she smiles, "A pleasure as always, my lord. I'm sure we'll cross paths again soon."

Rowenova ayes quietly, "I will hit up the academy, the archive, the shrine, and then the library at the villa. Well, I better get going, too. See you both!" says she before waving goodbye just in time to snatch up the new letter from the fat corvid who flies through. "Take care!"

"Good idea." Alessandro continues to look at the cabinet for another few seconds, before she turns back as Rosalie begins to take her leave. "Lady Rosalie, I am sure we will. Have a very pleasant afternoon, and rest well." He nods to Rowenova then, "Scout Rowenova. Good luck in your search." He turns then, though not to the cabinet, but to browse some of the shelves. May as well shop.

Rowenova says, "Thank you!"

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound leaves, following Rowenova.

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