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Redrain Pajama Party (Early Edition)

Breakfast foods, booze, and games - oh, and really snazzy pajamas! Come dressed in your best (or worst) pajamas or lounge wear for a little socializing over booze and delicious Northern breakfast foods and a helping of fun games like truth or dare.

Open to all members of the Redrain fealty and friends and family.

(ooc: There will be two of these - one earlier in the day and one later in the day)


Oct. 27, 2018, 2 p.m.

Hosted By

Elgana Artur


Luca Gwenna Helena Ysbail Alessandro Vercyn Lance Margret



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Villa - Central Solarium

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Comments and Log

Rodrigo, 1 Greenmarch Guard arrive, following Alessandro.

1 Greenmarch Guard, Alessandro arrive, following Margret.

Today the Central Solarium has been cleaned up to a polishing glow, but that's normal. It is the strewn about piles of furs and silk pillows that are new. The buffet-style tables laid out with all manner of Northern (and southern) breakfast foods and drinks. And also a lovely bar of alcoholic beverages running the range of options. Servants are on hand to serve food and drink, and also to stand at the ready at a large and somewhat suspicious piling of blankets near the entrances of the Solarium.

Elgana is bare-foot and running about, well, not so much running as moving from location to location checking on the state of things. Breakfast foods look good, check. Alcohol is ready to flow, check. Servants and their piles of blankets are double-checked. She pauses and then looks around. "We're ready!" And then she lets the guests pile on in.

Khaavren, a dutiful assistant arrives, following Gwenna.

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Artur is here right on time, though in truth it is not a rare thing to find him wandering around the villa in his pajamas at any time of the day or night, so it is no great hardship! He comes padding in from the direction of the bedrooms with a plushie tucked under one arm and, having taken a moment to wave enthusiastically to anyone else already here, he makes straight for the delicious looking breakfast foods, snatching up a delicious looking pastry, before heading on over to secure himself a lovely, hot, steamy cup of cocoa with more than a little shot of whiskey added to it for purely medicinal purposes.

Rodrigo, 1 Greenmarch Guard leave, following Alessandro.

Rodrigo, 1 Greenmarch Guard arrive, following Alessandro.

It's been some time since Prince Luca has shown up to something without being late for it, and yet wonder of wonderous things, here the man is, closer to the start of the gathering than the end of it. Perhaps there's something to be said for not making him crawl into real clothes for the day. The southerner wanders in, easy and graceful, a good-natured smile on his face that's still shadowed by just the smallest bit of trouble. "This is even better looking than I'd imagined in the last hour, since finding out it was going to happen!", he says, announcing himself, those dark eyes of drifting around in their languid way. "All this time, and I've never been to a House Redrain gathering! I thought it time to change that.".

Donning fiery snowflake inspired seasilk lounge-wear and carrying a purple plush bunny under her arm instead of the usual ledger book, Gwenna seems delighted as she enters the solarium. Glancing around until she espies her cousin (or a particular one!), she beams. "Princess Elgana, you have truly outdone yourself! I can hardly wait to have some day wine and light pastries," she says and moves toward the table boasting the alcohol first. Luca's words lead the princess to laugh. "We are the richer for your presence, your highness," she offers and then wiggles fingers at Artur. "Thank you, dearest brother, for the loan of the bunny. I haven't the slightest idea where any of mine might have gone."

Giuseppe Gallo of Lenosia leaves, following Luca.

Giuseppe Gallo of Lenosia arrives, following Luca.

Helena steps into the room, glancing around a little uncertainly until she sees this is not a prank, and indeed everyone is in their pajamas. Well, Artur is always in her pajamas. The blond Redrain princess looks even a little more fae than usual, leaning into her joke that she's part dryad. She wears an iridescent, ethereal green nightgown of sorts, the bottom hem fashioned to look like leaves of varying sizes that drop down at her knees and down her calves. Her feet are clad in the palest of green slippers so thin and fitting like a glove; she may as well be barefoot. She too joins Artur by the cocoa, grinning at her cousin. "Don't forget marshmallows."

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They aren't quite pajamas, but it's certainly not normal day wear, either. Ysbail is wearing loose linen pants and a similar shirt, the clothing very clearly meant more for comfort than style. It is entirely likely the pale cream cloth is actually what she sleeps in, given the wear and tear along one of the hems. She's bundled up in her cloak and enters a little slowly, taking everything in before she ventures very far past the entrance at all.

Next to enter the solarium are Alessandro and Margret, arm in arm, the former with a wide smile on his face. He is clearly quite excited for this gathering. "Hello, Redrains," he says with a wave that encompasses them all, and then Luca as well. "Luca, I thought you were joking about coming. I am not sure I have ever seen you up this early before."

"Artur! Helena!" comes the enthusiastic greeting from that really too-cheerful-to-be-real Redrain that is Elgana. Those dark umbra pajamas make her stand out like a shadow in sunlight as she moves toward the pair to give each a hug of greeting. "I'm so glad you are both here. More Helena than you Artur as you are always /here/," she teases her cousin before her attention gets snagged and tugged away. "Gods and spirits who let that one in here?" she exclaims as she points toward what might have been Luca but in truth seems to be Alessandro. "And he's with my best friend!" That gets Elgana's smile even brighter. "Bestie!" And then off toward Margret and Alessandro she flits. Hugs have to be given.

Luca laughs, offering over to Gwenna a rogue's grin, "With the way I spend silver lately, it won't be that much richer for long..". There's a wink for the woman, one he doesn't recognize, even if he should, but he's no less the outgoing for that. Those dark eyes of his drift still, over to where Elgana is, especially when she's named as the one who has outdone herself. "You really have outdone yourself! I think I remember /you/ from the Black Fox. Olive night, wasn't it? What a night.". The man's opening his mouth to say something else, but more people are coming along, people he doesn't recognize for the most part. "I haven't been around so many people I've never met since Velenosa rolled out the latest horde of newly birthed cousins..". He says, thoughtfully. Ah, but then there's Alessandro's voice in the room, "I'm not sure I've ever been up this early, but I hadn't slept yet, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. What's the harm, right? Clearly, I'm here as Grayson's representation.".

It's a Vercyn! It is a Vercyn without pajamas. Vercyn doesn't own pajamas. Vercyn would not know what to do with pajamas. What would a Duke of the North even begin to comprehend such things for? Such a southern concept, that. One needs only furs for their sleeping hours. And how convenient: there are piles of such in this very place. He appears in the doorway, fists at his hips as if surveying a recent conquest. It just so happens that this allows the older man to be put all the more on display -- planned or not -- as he makes his own entrance. In all of its... uncovered glory. If you are going to imply that one come wearing (or not) what they sleep in, you have to expect that at least one individual is going to show up without a lick of clothing on. That individual? Is Duke Vercyn Halfshav.

Wine and pastries procured, Gwenna finds a comfortable pile of furs with just the right amount of silk pillows to settle herself on. The familiar Greenmarch pair are given a cheerful wiggle of her fingers. "Lady Margret, Lord Alessandro! Lorenzo is either still sleeping," she says with a nod toward the hallway, "Or off attending to some duty or another before coming to join us." Helena and Ysbail also get little waves in their directions. "Cousin, Lady Ysbail! Isn't this all just beyond?" The princess opens her mouth in what might have been a reply to Luca, but the Duke of Whitehold's entrance is clearly enough to draw the attention away from even the Sword of Grayon. Taking a sip of her wine, she grins to her future uncle-in-law. "It must have been a chilly stroll, my lord, across the ward, though I am glad you have come to join the festivities!"

Adding whiskey to her cup of coca, Helena is about to say hello to the prince and the Greenmarches when Vercyn enters in his birthday suit. The whiskey keeps flowing until cocoa and whiskey overflow from the cup and she squeaks, the hot beverage burning her hand where she holds the cup, and she sets both mug and whiskey down. A servant rushes over to clean up her mess and she abandons the cocoa station altogether.

Looking a touch lost, Lance makes his way into the Solarium. The young blond lord sports his long pale blue nightshirt, embellished with fine furs at the collar, cuffs and hem. The pleasantly light blue shirt hangs down to just above the knees of the tall, lanky young man, leaving his lower legs and feet bare. He moves with ease as he checks out the who's who, offering smiles as he wends his way to try and find his patron.

The servants of House Redrain are fleet of foot and graceful, really. As graceful as any of the North can be but nearly as soon as that Duke of No-Pajamas-or-anything-else shows up, he is surrounded and offered a host of blankets. And offered is a really polite way of saying 'draped in them until he is covered'. Whether they yet remain upon his person, remains to be seen but the servants do their best. Elgana is counting on them! And no one wants to make /that/ princess pout.

Before she can get too far toward her bestie and her bestie's husband, really he's Bestie Number Two, she turns to call toward Gwenna, "It's all Artur, really! He inspired this entire thing!" And then Luca gets noted once more, eyes narrowing as she goes thoughtful. "Oh, spirits, that was forever ago! Olive night!" she laughs. "That was quite a night indeed! I think His Majesty was there too. Wasn't he?" And then the bestie, oh the bestie gets hugs! "Margret!"

Gwenna calls for Ysbail and she turns, lifting a hand to wave. Of course, a beat later she's catching sight of the Duke in all of his glory, and the young shaman freezes. She stares for three heartbeats before she loses it, and a bright bark of laughter escapes past lips that were *trying* to suppress it, but failed. She clears her throat a beat later and turns, her uncertainty gone in favor of prowling for something to drink. The coca is eyed for a moment before she rolls her eyes, pours some whiskey, and splashes some cocoa into it. There. It's cocoa colored whiskey.

Pastry secured! Cocoa secured! Artur takes Helena up on the advice of marshmallows and adds a few to his, before turning to watch the procession of further pajama partiers arrive. Elgana gets a big squishy hug when she comes over to greet him and Alessandro and Margret get a hearty cheer and a big overhead wave that sends pastry crumbs scattering in all directions when they arrive the prince flashing them a bright smile. Gwenna gets a happy grin too, as well as frantic well...looking...from her plushie to his, which is tucked under his arm, since both his hands are rather full! Oh! And there's Lance! Another cheer! Another wave! This is turning into quite the party!

Margret looks a little subdued next to Alessandro. Tired, even. "Hello!" She says, her voice still warm and enthusiastic as she hugs her best friend back. She might have said more, but the sight of Vercyn draws a gasp followed by an astonished, "Uncle Vercyn!" The Oathlander's full cheeks turn as red as her hair, and she shields her eyes briefly as if it is trained reflex. She must realize she is being a little prude she forces herself to put down her hand, but very notably does not look in Vercyn's direction at all. To Alessandro she says, "Well, I didn't expect that from that side of your family."

"Ah, well, that makes a lot more sense," Alessandro replies to Luca, nodding as though his world has been righted once more, though there's amusement in his expression. That amusement turns to outright laughter when he sees Vercyn, and he looks to Margret, which only makes him laugh harder. Sorry, Margret. "Oh, you know my uncle, love," he says, giving her a squeeze before he looks back to said uncle. "How appropriate. I feel as though I am back in Whitehold. I believe I remember my mother chastising you once for this very same thing."

"No colder than a brisk morning's walk in Whitehold," Vercyn offers without shame (for surely he has none) in answer to Gwenna. Besieged with blankets, he can only stare at the servants before he accepts one and sweeps it around his waist, tying it off in a deft knot. Even if he has no pajamas to speak of, he CAN take a hint. Makeshift skirt in place, he begins his walk towards those buffet tables and like so many others present -- it is northern tradition, isn't it -- he takes in the beverages first. There's not even pretense of cocoa for him, either. He simply pours himself whiskey straight up. There is a drink before he is grinning broadly at Alessandro. "The feel of cool air on the skin is one of the few joys a man can have in life, nephew." Which may be an echo of what he said originally.

Gwenna laughs at Elgana's words. "Ah, to live a day like my dearest brother," is drawled out with a sigh of seeming wistfulness. She lifts her glass to Artur, though, and laughs a little. Nibbling her pastry and washing it down with a bit of wine, she then casts her glance around the solarium again. "Lady Ysbail, I have been remiss in welcoming you back to the city. It's been months since I think we've crossed paths, and even then it was just in passing. Soon it will be hard to travel to the north, hmm?" Again the Redrain is lead to laugh, this time it seems at Vercyn's reply. "Ah, indeed my lord. I suspect autumn in Arx is more like the end of spring in Whitehold. I am very much looking forward to winter here in the city, though. At the very least for bonfires!"

Spotting Artur, Lance smiles brightly, whole face lighting up. The wave is returned as is the cheer. He moves closer to try and give a hearty backpat, but withdraws quick enough to let him do the hosting thing. He surveys the gathered, fiddling idly with some of the fur on one of the cuffs. He mills his way over to take up some refreshments, keeping busy as he watches who seems to know whom. Fruit and wine achieved, he finds a little spot where he can watch and listen, casting amiable smiles to those who happen to glance his way.

"That's almost right. Except, it's the feel of warm air on the skin that is one of the few joys!", Luca corrects Vercyn, with an amused sort of tone. "Duke Halfshav, it's been a bit, hasn't it? I'm glad to see you're still upright, these days.". Even the thought of cold air against his bronzed, southern flesh draws a small shiver through the cheeky Lycene. There's a small wave for Margret, and a smile that's very genuine, before his dark eyes return to Alessandro. "Aly, I never knew Duke Halfshav was your uncle. You learn something every day, don't you?". He's talking, but true to form, he's also finding for himself a glass of whiskey. Something strong. The strongest, really.

Grabbing a pastry, abandoning spilled cocoa, Helena makes her way close enough to greet people properly. "Lord Moore, welcome. Don't be shy. Have you met the Greenmarches, Lord Alessandro and Lady Margret? And I believe this is Duke Vercyn Halfshav and Prince Luca Grayson, though I haven't had the pleasure of meeting either face to face." To those men, she carefully looks up, up into Vercyn's eyes and *nowhere else* to offer a hand. "I'm Helena, Elgana's sister. I've recently returned from the north, myself," says the fair princess, dressed like a wood nymph in her ethereal fae-like nightgown.

There is perhaps a bit of disappointment across Ysbail's face when the Duke is covered up, at least until he knots the blanket around his waist. That has her laughing again, and she lifts her glass to Vercyn in toast. "I was not quite as brave as you," she says before swallowing from her glass, eyes shifting to again bounce from person to person. The food is eyed, but she does not yet head that way. "I've been in the wilds for -- quite some time," she tells Gwenna, her smile touching a bit vacant and uncertain. "Soon it will be difficult for some, yes," she does finally agree. That's diplomatic, right?

"Your Uncle is a bold man," Elgana says to Alessandro with a touch of humor, and perhaps just the slightest touch of pink to her own cheeks still. "It is so lovely that you both came, it's been a while since we've had a proper party." She gives a gesture toward the buffet lined up. "Please, help yourselves." Artur gets a sneaked hug as before she is making her own way toward food and beverages. She does pause to say to the room at large. "I think we've about made the introductions and greetings. How about a little game?"

"It's not that funny." Margret says to Alessandro with a sheepish little laugh of her own. So, it must be at least a little funny. She shakes her head and recovers enough to make introductions. "Princess Gwenna how are you?" She returns Luca's smile before saying sympathetically, "It's been a late past couple of nights for me as well. I attended to Princess Sabella when she gave birth, and then other duties kept me awake." She looks like she may say hello to some other people, but then Elgana is mentioning a game so she quiets to pay attention.

Artur wolfs down his pastry in a few quick bites, before he's wheeling back around in the direction of the buffet table to see what other kind of delicious breakfast items they might have on offer. The arrival of Duke Vercyn in the most casual of casual wear draws a loud guffaw from the prince, who very nearly sprays cocoa over a passing servant. It doesn't keep him from the food for long however, and Artur is halfway through stuffing is mouth with a selection of candied fruits when Elgana mentions a game, which has him looking up with interest! And bulging cheeks!

"This is plenty warm for me," Vercyn tells Luca with a bit of a grin. He takes a drink of his own whiskey, clearing the way for others to reach the table. "Upright, yes, and I had thought you might be able to help me stay that way. Perhaps we could find some time in the sparring ring soon, yes?" When the Grayson speaks to Alessandro, the Duke laughs. "Don't you know, everyone is either my niece or nephew." Beat. "But then, Alessandro a bit more legitimately than some." He shifts his glass to his other hand as Helena approaches, accepting it. It's drawn closer so that he can do the proper thing (he has some courtly touches! He's not a TOTAL barbarian!) and bow over the hand and offer a brush of a bearded kiss to her knuckles. "Princess Helena," Vercyn says, "a pleasure. The Redrains are trying to compete with my family for saturation within the city." He grins more broadly as he straightens, releasing her hand. "I am sure they are happy to have you here." He does grin to Ysbail at her toast, lifting his glass in turn. "I imagine you are brave in other ways." And he, too, is distracted by this mention of a game: both eyebrows lifting in interest.

"He is indeed," Alessandro says to Luca as his laughter fades, though not the grin. "My favorite uncle, even. But don't tell the others, as I know it would hurt them deeply." It's said a little dryly, before he turns to Helena. "Princess Helena, how nice to see you. I hope you're well." He has to laugh again at Elgana's words, though, and he nods. "He is," he says, and he quiets as Elgana explains the game, too, though there's a grin to Artur and Gwenna as well, and a nod to Lance and Ysbail.

Gwenna gives a few nods of her head to Ysbail. "I am very sorry for your loss, Lady Ysbail, and that of House Blackwood. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. For now, I am quite grateful you came to join us." Her smile returns at the end of the words and then she sips a bit more of her wine. Margret's warm voice broadens that grin and her dimples are quickly pronounced. "I'm well, my lady, thank you for asking. I hope you are as well?" If there's a lingering pause at the end of the words, it might be hard to catch. Elgana's remark about a game, though, tug the Redrain's attention that way. Brows arching in a betrayal of her curiosity, she sits up a little bit straighter.

When Vercyn speaks to her Ysbail drifts a few steps closer, but then Elgana is mentioning the game and she too is distracted, perking up a fair amount. "A game?" She takes a good swallow from her glass, just in case she's going to need her hands here in a second.

"So for the first game, I'd like everyone to pick their favorite number between one and say, oh, five hundred! You'll get something special I had made up for this occasion," Elgana explains. "And then. The real game." Her smile turns into an impish grin as she turns to face them again but this time with her mug of whiskey spiced cocoa, it's tradition. "Truth or dare. But please, try to keep maiming’s and deaths to a minimum. I'd hate my High Lord to have to clean up a mess well before dinner time."

Lance smiles wide as Helena approaches. He dips a practiced bow, practiced enough to keep his own wine and fruit from spilling at any rate. It's a sweeping gesture with a touch of swagger to it. He flashes a gracious smile as he intones, "Your Highness. Thank you for your hospitality," before he turns his attention to the people she points out. He notes the names and faces, offering smiles and respectful bows of the head should they glance his way. As she turns her full attention to Duke Vercyn, he giggles a little to himself and withdraws some to watch. He lifts his glass to sip at his wine, curious to see how the Northerners interact. He flits his attention to Elgana then, listening as she gives instructions on the festivities to come.

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"Truth or dare, oh my," Gwenna remarks with a hint of a smile at the corner of her lips. But first, it seems, she must pick a number for the initial game mentioned. "Four hundred nineteen," is called out and then she finishes her pastry. Glancing over her lounge-wear, she grins. "I actually liked this set since it might not show blood as easily as some of my other outfits," she quips. Lance is given a curious look from the princess, especially as it seems her brother is a familiar face. "I have seen you about the Gold Order halls, have I not, my lord?"

"Lord Alessandro, Lady Margret, it's lovely to see you as well," Helena says to both the Greenmarches, then looks to Margret. "Let me know if there's anything you crave that isn't on the tables, and we'll have someone find it for you." She takes a nibble of the pastry she holds and has yet to eat anything at all. She says teasingly to Lance. "My sister is the hospitable one. I just show up and look sleepy. I didn't do anything but wake up and wear what I wore to bed." That's probably a little bit of an exaggeration, but perhaps not by too much.

Lance has rolled 1 500-sided dice: 143

"Oh, a game. I do like games.", Prince Luca admits, looking down at his tumbler of whiskey, then tipping it back to kill the thing. Well, that will never do. The tumbler is set aside, in favor of the bottle, which he brings along with him, departing from the refreshments. "One-hundred and eighty-four! That's my favorite number! Always has been! You'll never hear otherwise!". But the southern prince doesn't leave Vercyn hanging. A grin's given to the man, "Vercyn, if I teach you to better stave off death, that won't help me in our bet, will it? But then, it will make it more interesting. I do like interesting. We'll do it. After all, I'd hate an easy win.". He laughs, and he takes a swig from that bottle of whiskey he's come into possession of.

Blinkblink. Artur seems to consider a moment, musing carefully over his choice of number as he chews on his overstuffed mouthful of candied fruit. He chews thoughtfully for a moment, tipping his head this way and that as he deliberates the difficult choice of his FAVORITE NUMBER between one and five hundred! There are so many great candidates! "Three hundred and ninety-six...." he calls out, before shaking his head vigorously and correcting himself "No! No! Two hundred and five!" with a bright peal of laughter.

"If you are trying to find yourself named my favorite nephew, Alessandro, be careful," Vercyn playfully warns the man. He takes another drink of his whiskey, listening to the game laid out. The food is considered before he finally opts on a pastry himself. As for his number? "One hundred sixty-one." Whether it's actually his favorite or not is hard to say. He may just be offering one up at random! The idea of truth or dare, however, has him looking mighty amused. To Helena he provides: "If that is how you look upon waking up, you do a disservice to the rest of us." And for Luca, there is a broader laugh. "Of course you wouldn't want an easy win. You're a Grayson. It'd be a shame to your family if you couldn't brag about going uphill both ways for your gold." And as soon as Luca has that bottle, the Duke is holding out his own cup in silent request to be topped off.

Lifting her voice, Ysbail calls out a number that is somehow both her favorite number and one that was selected randomly. She sips from her glass after, a much more sedate drink now that she knows she doesn't need her hands. When the 'real' game is mentioned though she frowns with a sort of thoughtful look, worrying at her lower lip with her teeth for a moment and looking over the faces of those present.

Margret gives Helena a warm smile, "How kind of you. I think I can manage with what's already here, though. Thank you. And Duke Vercyn is right. You look much better than I do when I wake up." And if they are going to play Truth or Dare she is clearly going to need some fuel. She heads towards the buffet to grab a plate, and begins piling it with an assortment of savory goodies like eggs and sausage. And maybe a pastry or two. Grabbing a cup of coffee she settles down on a pile of blankets, and begins eating with gusto.

A servant wanders over toward Elgana and hands off a bundle of red silk to which Elgana tips her head as she listens to number after number get rattled off. She laughs and then points toward Artur. "Closest! My number was two-hundred-and-fifty," she says as she then takes the bundle of silk over toward her cousin. "I almost feel as if perhaps it was just meant to be since this event was crafted after you." She winks as she hands the red silk robe over to her cousin. "Congratulations! And now to start off our real game. Cousin, since you won the prize, you get to pick the first victim in our game of truth or dare!"

"Am I allowed to say thirteen? Or is that too on the nose?" There is amusement in Alessandro's voice, though, and without waiting for an answer, says, "Eighty-four." But sadly, he does not win, and there's a rueful laugh before he turns back to his uncle. "I know I cannot hope to hold that honor," he says. "I am much too obnoxious to be anyone's favorite nephew. I doubt I would be Margret's favorite husband if I were not the only one, so luckily I do not have any competition."

Lance offers his number without too much consideration, choosing, "One hundred and forty-three!" He glances over his shoulder when Gwenna addresses him, as if she might be speaking to someone else. Then a light goes off behind his eyes and he nods his head. "Yeah!" he chirps enthusiastically. "I was knighted not that long ago," he enthuses. He crosses closer to Gwenna and offers his hand. "Lance, Your Highness. If it pleases." His attention is brought back to Helena at her tease. He offers a wink in return, saying, "Absolute radiance without effort is what we all strive for, I think." He grins toothily and chirps, "At least I do!" His attention then flits to the winner of the game, the reward and the start of truth or dare.

"That's what they tell me, but I married into the Crown House, so you'll find I'm not much for uphill in any direction, unless I'm being carried. Now if the hill wants to /fight/ for a little golden wager..", Prince Luca assures, troublesome smirk coming along to hang around his dusky lips for a moment there. He lifts his bottle of whiskey and tops Vercyn off without missing a beat. All the while, Artur is getting some bundle of silk, and he watches that with a bit of interest, ever as curious as he is languid, it would seem. "Goodness, truth or dare in the Red Villa. That should be something else. And with these unfamiliar faces. I should have had Giuseppe prepare some questions. He's not very daring, but his truth is through the roof.".

Helena laughs and waves off the compliments from Vercyn and Margret and then Alessandro, though she does blush a little -- she's a fair thing that shows her color easily, whether it's from anger or embarrassment. "You are too kind, and I did not mean to beg for such words, I promise. I admit I did my toiletry orisons and rituals before coming down stairs," she teases, but she claps for the Artur. "Long live the Pajama Prince!" she calls out.

Whatever it is Ysbail is looking for in scanning everyone's faces, she doesn't seem to find it. The tattooed young woman looks all the more uncomfortable, drifting a bit away from the grouping, looking back to the entrance. She even finishes her cocoa colored whiskey, though she doesn't go bolting for the doors yet.

Gwenna snaps her fingers and grins at Lance. "Princess Gwenna, younger sister and general pest to Prince Artur," she replies with a chuckle. "Surely we will cross paths again for the order and congratulations on your recent knighting!" The winner of the game is announced and perhaps the Redrain is unsurprised when it is that very brother whose name is called. "How wonderful! What a beautiful robe! So fitting, too," is said and then she gives a few enthusiastic claps after setting her wine down.

"Pajama Prince," Vercyn echoes with a deep laugh. He raises his tumbler of whiskey. "Long live the Pajama Prince," he echoes Helena's call to Artur. There is a look to Alessandro and a snort. "I enjoy making Arik squirm far too much to name anyone a favorite in or out of his hearing. He might actually cry." Oh, he knows the young man wouldn't actually do so, but saying as much in a crowd where it might reach the Sword's hearing? Well! It only adds to the fun. There is thanks murmured to Luca for the refill before he takes a long drink. "Mmm. And who would deign to carry you uphill, Prince Luca? I would potentially pay to see that. A couple silver, at least." Now that the robe has been carried out, Vercyn procures himself some more pastries and aims for the nearest pile of furs so as to lounge comfortably and perhaps not entirely worrying about what the blanket may or may not cover, simply tied off as it is. "And what," he directs to Elgana, "are the ground rules of this game of truth or dare?"

There is a loud whoop of triumph, accompanied by a hop in place and an enthusiastic fistpump as Artur is named as the winner of the games! "Yesssss!" he hisses loudly, giving Elgana another great big squishy hug when she presents him with his prize. "This is so cool!" Artur beams broadly, as he looks it over, before immediately putting it on and trying to look over his shoulder to see the bear. He can't of course, but he grins brightly all the same. Looking over the group then, Artur taps at his lower lip with a finger, before spotting Ysbail eying the door and immediately picking on her! "Lady Ysbail! Truth or Dare!" he yells, pointing an accusing finger at her. It's accompanied by his usual broad grin though, to dispel any notions of severity.

The hug gets returned of course! Elgana can no sooner deny the sun its shine than to not hug Artur back. She laughs as she pulls back after a moment to say, "I'm glad you like it!" And then she turns back to the room at large. "Hmm. Ground rules," she says but for some reason she looks rather pointedly at Vercyn for a moment before that gaze then lands on Ysbail, though it softens as the Lady starts to seemingly try to shrink out of the room. Her smile turns warm and soft. "First rule is to be mindful what you ask someone to answer or do. Nothing that is mean will be tolerated. A second rule is, no harm to themselves or another. And third rule, make it light and fun. This is a game after all! We are all friends and family here." There is emphasis on the /friends and family/, heavy emphasis.

When she is directly called on, Ysbail's eyebrows shoot up. Her expression is skeptical for a moment before she looks to Elgana without answering, waiting for the rules. When they're spoken she settles a little, though it's clear that she remains incredibly uncomfortable. Eventually, she manages to drag her gaze back to Artur and ventures, "Truth."

"Well. The Princess Agatha once carried me up a hill on her back, truth be told. The finest steed I ever rode, as I recall it. We crashed into Jeffeth Bayweather at the top, and then all three of us ended up colliding with Marcas down the other side. We didn't earn a single silver off it, sadly. But I didn't break my neck under all those giants when we sprawled in a heap, so that's something..", Prince Luca offers to Vercyn, reminiscing about times in the past. The smile he has is a wistful one, briefly, then a little troublesome again, and after he's bringing his attention around to Princess Elgana, listening to these rules she's giving out. Something about light and fun brings a nod from the southerner, who lifts his bottle of whiskey in agreement. "Hear hear!".

Lance smiles at Gwenna, blue eyes sparkling with excitement. "Probably to pester Artur as well. He is my patron, so I think he mentioned pestering as one of my duties." He nods, bobbing his head animatedly. He flashes a grin and turns to admire the robe as well, leaning over to try and lightly shoulder bump Gwenna in Gold Order solidarity. He grins even a little wider when Vercyn echoes Helena and joins in with his own, "Long live the Pajama Prince!" He flicks his gaze to Artur then, following his challenge to Ysbail, then to Elgana to hear the ground rules. He finally rests his gaze on Ysbail, half grinning as he hears her choice and shifts his weight back and forth on his heels as he waits impatiently for her bit of offered truth to the upcoming question.

Alessandro applauds when Artur is the winner of the robe, giving him an approving nod. "It looks well on you, Artur," he says, moving to Margret's side again, though his eyes find Ysbail as she looks as though she's about to leave. He starts to say something, but Artur calls for a truth for her instead, and he grins, reaching for a drink himself to raise it as Luca does. "Lady Ysbail, you are brave to go first." Though she didn't have much choice, but still.

Helena snorts at the calling of her sister a *steed.* "And therein lies the difference between my fiery redhaired sister and myself. I couldn't carry Lady Ysbial's cat up a hill, let alone a full grown man." She tsks slightly at Artur picking on the skittish lady, but she offers a sympathetic look to Ysbail as she stays. "A brave soul, to be sure," she asides to Alessandro, as she perches on the sofa arm to watch the goings on.

Artur looks shocked for a moment when Ysbail answers. He blinks. Then blinks again! People answer truth sometimes? Artur has never answered truth in his life! He looks momentarily stumped! This leads to a thoughtful moment as he sips his cocoa, coming up with something suitably light. Eventually though, he looks back to Ysbail and asks "What is something you do, that none of us would be likely to suspect?" with a glimmer of amusement in his eye.

As Elgana gives him that LOOK, Vercyn just looks levelly to her in return. There might be a faint smirk from the Duke, but it's largely hidden in his beard like as not. He balances the plate of food he's collected in his lap as he lounges in those furs and sips at his whiskey. "I doubt anyone here would be genuinely mean, Princess." Lifting a pastry to take a bite. "We may tease and play, but as you say: we are friends and family." He washes the pastry down with whiskey, laughing at Luca's story. "I do not know any Lady or Princess who would wish to be named a steed." But he does lift a hand to scratch at his jaw, listening to the question posed to Ysbail by Artur and then shifting his attention to the shaman to await the answer.

Margret listens as the rules are gone over while she eats a sausage link and washes it down with swallows of coffee in-between. When Alessandro settles down next to her she looks down at her plate before looking up at him a little guiltily before she holds it out to him a little bit so he can also gnaw a sausage of he so wishes. Then Ysbail is chosen and she chooses truth. She watches with interest while continuing to chew. No wonder she's gained weight. Geez.

Luca's attention drifts around to Helena at her response, "No, they certainly seemed to break the mold after Princess Agatha. But that can be said of her siblings too, can't it? At least from what little I know. Agatha and I were sparring partners, for the longest time. The woman's a wildfire of adventure and courage.". A smile's given for that, he seems to mean it. Then, to Vercyn, another n'er-do-well's grin. "It's all in the delivery, my friend!". He claps Vercyn on the back, before he starts to wander across the room. "Speaking of Agatha's siblings, I do have a question, Princess Elgana..". That's where he's wandering, but he trails off, or perhaps he just lowers his voice a touch.

"Ah, but my Aggie," Elgana says in response to Vercyn about that story, her smile turning toward a grin. "She'd probably take it as a compliment that she could carry a full-grown man like that! It is not something that Helena or I can boast but she often beat our brother in such feats." As an aside she stage-whispers, "Not that he was much of a challenge for her." But that just gets a her to wink, teasing perhaps. Her attention shifts then to the play between Artur and Ysbail, curiosity there to the answer to that question but even that curiosity gets stolen away by Luca. She gives the only Grayson in the room her attention. "Hm? I might have an answer, but I might also just have another drink too." She grins as she lifts her mug of whiskey infused with cocoa.

When the question comes, it does at least dispel some of Ysbail's discomfort. Unfortunately, it's traded in for frustration. She shakes her head, looking over those present, then looks back to Artur and offers, dryly, "Read." Her answer given, she turns to sweep in the direction of the table and fixes those bright blue eyes on Vercyn. "Truth or dare," she says in the Duke's direction, some hint of a challenge to her tone.

An audible gasp from somewhere, maybe from Prince Luca, at the mention of reading.

There is a flicker of a smile hinted at the corner of Gwenna's mouth at Ysbail's dry reply, the princess seeming a bit amused. The curl to her mouth is soon hidden behind her wine glass and she seems content to watch as the Truth or Dares start making the rounds. Warm brown eyes shift from Artur, to Ysbail, and now settle upon the Duke of Whitehold.

"We definitely are not all of the same mold, at least in looks, our branch of the Redrain tree," says Helena with a smile; it's hard to find the physical similarities at times. She watches curiously as Luca asks Elgana something, before her gaze alights on Ysbail and she smiles at the answer. "You ask next, Lady Ysbail, I think," she suggests. "And I don't think it's that shocking. I never doubted you have a strong mind, nor should anyone else."

A chuckle escapes Alessandro as well at Ysbail's reply as he reaches to take one of the sausages off Margret's plate, so that she can pretend that she got food for both of them and not just herself. What a good husband. He takes a bite as his gaze shifts to Vercyn, amusement in his expression as he waits for the duke's reply with clear anticipation.

Lance munches a little fruit as he watches the interplay of the game. He remains companionably by Gwenna, nodding a little at Ysbail's answer, eyes flitting over her again as if reassessing. He chews his lower lip thoughtfully for a moment and then goes back to his fruit and wine. His gaze lingers a moment longer on Ysbail before it grudgingly moves to her target of truth or dare.

"Does your sister often offer provide such services, Princess Elgana?" Vercyn cannot help but grin broadly in answer to the Redrain woman. He finishes off his pastry, lounging comfortably in his pile of furs. He can't help but laugh when the cycle comes around to him, nor at the challenge he sees in Ysbail's countenance. There is a sip of whiskey before he shrugs, gesturing wide with his arms. "Dare."

Since they are both pests to Artur, Gwenna apparently feels enough camaraderie with Lance to filch a piece of fruit from the lord's plate. "Have you been to the Lair much," she wonders while the room awaits Vercyn's answer - which will be dare, it seems - and then what Ysbail will pose for as much. Dropping drawers already having been sort of done, one can only wonder! "There is a wonderful library as well that Dame Alexis has allowed me a key for. Not much of a warrior, which you've likely guessed by now. I provide more diplomatic services for the Gold Order."

The bit of laughter that sounds for her answer does jolt Ysbail back towards relaxation again, her smile returning as she glances that way. But Vercyn answers her and her attention swings back so she can spend a few long moments studying him. "Spend half a minute dancing as if there were whatever music that you'd like playing," she finally decides on, offering up a smile that only holds a *little* bit of mischief before she turns to prowl back to the hot chocolate and whiskey to pour herself another drink.

Whatever question is posed to the Redrain gets its answer before she takes another drink from her mug. A plate of sausages and some eggs makes its way to her hands too by Lille who gives her lady a pointed look that all but says 'EAT!' before the cream-clad lady wanders back off to fend off wild messengers. Plate in hand Elgana has little choice but to find a place to plant her bottom so she picks next to her best friend and Alessandro. To Vercyn, as she is stabbing a sausage, she says, "She might! Agatha isn't afraid to show off her strengths and she's as strong as the Red Mountains!" She grins at that but then looks back to Ysbail, awaiting her dare for the blanket-clad Duke. The dare gets a laugh and then she waits for it to be fulfilled. "Gods and spirits this were a lovely idea." And back to stabbing her breakfast she goes.

Ysbai's dare to the duke gets a wide-eyed laugh from Helena, who is still recovering from the man's entrance to the party. At Elgana's words, she laughs. "She *is* a red mountain," Helena quips, eyes sparkling, before she gets up to get a fresh cup of... just whiskey this time, opening a new bottle because *someone* absconded with the last.

Voice rich with humor, Lance whispers, "Thief," to Gwenna and snaps his teeth, chasing the piece of fruit she's stealing a few inches before he giggles and pops another piece of fruit into his mouth to much. He shakes his head and confides, "Not so much recently. I had to go back West for a while to tend Acorn Hill." He shrugs a little and flicks his attention around the room some, hearing the demand of a dare and the one that's given. He grins a little and flits his attention back to Gwenna. "My cousin Tessa wrote me and asked me back. I'll be around The Lair more now, I reckon. I've been going through some of the archives and whatnot." He shrugs again and inquires, "How about you? Get there much?"

At the dare proposed to him, Vercyn lifts a hand to scratch at his forehead a bit with his thumbnail. The man cannot help but laugh quietly. "You are putting some measure of suffering upon these poor people," he intones. "I am a terrible dancer." Still, he is not backing down. Instead, he downs the rest of his whiskey and gets to his feet. There is a stretch. Yes, the man clad in only a blanket is about to dance. To music that is not present. A man who surely only dances in the sense that one might consider being in the thick of battle dancing. This is surely to be something horrendous. Whatever dance it is that he performs is something likely meant to be done with a partner and one that only he -- like the music -- can see and hear. It is surely comical rather than something to be lauded. And in the wake of it, Vercyn points at the hostess herself, Elgana, and declares: "Truth or Dare!"

Vercyn checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

"I don't think it's enough suffering to qualify as mean," counters Ysbail with a shake of her head, glancing briefly over faces to ensure no one else is too concerned about the torment. Once she's got her glass refilled (the whiskey isn't quite cocoa colored this time) she turns back, padding over to watch Vercyn as he stretches. She looks thoroughly pleased with herself as he moves around, and when he finishes she lifts her voice to cheer, raising her glass to him in a toast. Then of course it's on to looking at Elgana to see which that princess will choose. She and her whiskey move to collect a pastry and she drifts back closer to the group again.

Artur has been busying himself at the buffet table, half way watching the truth and dare while working his way through sausage, and bacon, and other delicious breakfast foods. There was even a moment where he was eating a sausage wrapped in bacon, wrapped in a pancake. It was getting out of hand. He is finally done though and, glancing around the room, he spots Alessandro and Margret and makes his way in their direction, flashing the couple his very brightest of smiles as he draws close.

Elgana's head tips to the side as she watches Vercyn in his dance. It is a purely appraising look she gives the Duke while the dance goes on but once it is over she sets her cup of cocoa-whiskey down and settles her plate more firmly in her lap and then gives gentle applause. "Well done! Well done! I am surprised you didn't fall over your beard or trip over your two feet!" She grins but then that man is pointing at her, but she looks left and then right before she points to herself. "Me? Alright. Hm." Thoughtfully her head tips back before she says, "Truth!"

Alessandro smiles at Elgana as she sits down next to Margret, finishing the sausage and settling back further onto the couch. He's barely sitting up at this point, but it //is// a pajama party, after all. Vercyn's dance draws a laugh from him, before he takes a sip of his drink and awaits Elgana's question. That is, until Artur moves toward them. "I may ask to borrow your robe at some point," he says with a wider grin, "so that I can feel as northern as possible."

Margret chomps on her last sausage just as Elgana sits down next to her. She wipes her hands off on a cloth that has been strategically placed for such things, and loosely drapes her now not greasy hand around Elgana's shoulders to give her a loose ad brief bestie side-hug before leaning away so she can declare her truth uninhibited by clingy friends. Artur gets a broad smile, but Alessandro's comment draws a little laugh from her. "You hate robes."

Gwenna beams a smile at Lance, a knowing one at that. "Now you've uncovered my dreadful secret. I whisk through the city at night snatching apples from unsuspecting merchant carts," is remarked with a laugh. "I promise, no more though," is said more earnestly and she murmurs to Khaavren who moves off to, presumably, bring her a bit of her own fruit. "Aaaah. I've not been to Acorn Hill, but have visited around the area, being half Oathlands as Artur and I are. I visit The Lair when I can, mostly because the library has so many wondrous tomes I haven't been able to find elsewhere. I donated a few myself even, from a double-set I had." Vercyn's dance is really enough to draw anyone's attention, the famed Warlord doing rather well. The princess' brows arch as, perhaps, she hadn't expected such. "Well done, my lord," she calls over and then settles her attention on Elgana after her cousin's request for a truth query.

It is shocking that he did not trip over his own two feet. The gods are with him today, it would seem. Vercyn will have to make an offering to thank them later. He lets out a tired breath and grabs his glass, making his way to the tables to get more whiskey. "Truth," he intones, thoughtful. Or perhaps with disappointment for the lack of a dare to issue to Elgana. He tugs at his beard in thought for a moment before deciding: "Who do you wish would show up unclothed as I did?" Query posed, he returns to his pile of furs and regains his reclining position, settling in to resume drinking and eating.

Lance grins back at Gwenna and he says with a soft blush of his cheeks, "You're always welcome to my plate, my lady." His eyes flit towards Artur demolishing that poor defenseless buffet and he giggles as he whispers to Gwenna, "I reckon we'll be sharing a campfire soon enough on one quest or another." His eyes flit back to Gwenna, focusing as he confides, "Acorn Hill is pretty enough, if you like farms and forests. And forests of acorns." He grins crookedly. "I'll give you the grand tour sometime. Show you all of the good spots. Both of them." He laughs softly, a rich full sound that comes from the heart. He nods a little then at the talk of The Lair, questions lingering in his eyes and written on the crease of his brow, but he swallows them after a moment and lets the surprise of Duke Vercyn's dancing consume his attention. His eyebrow raises in surprise and then a delighted smile appears. The question offered to Elgana brings a blush to his cheeks and he flicks his attention to his fruit.

Gwenna glances to Artur at the buffet and laughs a bit. "If my brother and your patron leave anything for us to even put on our plates," she jokes to Lance and then laughs more at the remarks about Acorn Hill. But! The game turns yet again as Vercyn poses the truth for Elgana to answer. The princess' gaze settles upon her cousin once again, brows slightly arched in expectation.

Looking thoroughly pleased with the question posed to Elgana, Ysbail finally slips over to settle down to sit somewhere as well, at least vaguely close to where the others are sitting. Nibbling on her pastry ever so carefully, it's clear she's trying to not make a mess of it for all that bits of it keep flaking off. For now, the bulk of her attention is up on Elgana, her curiosity clear.

"Who do I wish would show up as unclothed as you did, Duke Vercyn?" Elgana repeats the question with her own bent upon it. There is a thoughtful look once more those features as she looks down to her plate, transferring all that thoughtfulness into stabbing yet another sausage with her fork. She glances up to look at the Duke and her smile is as sweet as wildflower honey, practically a summer's day. "To show up to a breakfast with friends and family naked seems like something a trueborn northerner would do, and you already did it and quite so well, might I add. So, I do applaud your bravery." She pauses, lips pursing and then she sighs. "But if I absolutely must pick someone then I would pick myself. No one would ever see it coming." She nods at that, firm and final before she takes a bite of her sausage.

Artur laughs happily when Alessandro asks to borrow his cloak, the prince giving a turn and then doing his best impression of a bear roar, with claws and everything, before collapsing into laughter once more. "Of course!" he grins, watching the game curiously as it progresses from person to person, the strange dares performed and telling answers given a source of great interest! Catching Lance and Gwenna talking about him over yonder has the prince glancing their way and pulling a face at the pair of them, before starting to head on over in their direction next.

"And the next victim," Elgana amends after she finishes chewing. "Margret - truth or dare?"

"Is 'no one' a valid answer?" Margret wonders outloud before she quiets to hear Elgana respond. Her friend's response draws an amused laugh from her, and she claps her hands together energetically to support her bestie. Her clapping stops when she is chosen as next to go, and she makes a little face at Elgana. Then she bites her bottom lip thoughtfully before she saying musingly, "I think everyone expects me to do a truth. So I shall do a dare."

Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven, 2 Crimson Blades Private, Voss, an icy-eyed Northlands Malsatian arrive, following Morrighan.

Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven, 2 Crimson Blades Private, Voss, an icy-eyed Northlands Malsatian leave, following Morrighan.

I do not hate them by themselves," Alessandro points out to Margret with a smile, and he gestures to Artur when he roars, as though to say, 'see?' No wonder he wants to borrow it! But then Elgana is answering, and he laughs aloud at her response, before he nods. "Well played," he says to her, turning to his wife as she is asked next. The answer of 'dare' makes his eyebrows raise in slight surprise; clearly he did expect her to pick truth. However, he says, "You hid your adventurous side very well from me when we were courting." His voice is teasing, though.

"To be honest, I've always thought truth was the more dangerous pick. But maybe that's just all my time in the ward of the Lyceum showing.", Prince Luca offers to the room, and lifts his bottle of whiskey in toast to himself, before tipping it up for another long drink. But his dark eyes move between Margret and Elgana, listening still.

The sausage gets finished with plenty of thoughtful chewing, eggs poked and moved about on her plate while she contemplates her dare. "I want you to balance a biscuit on your nose," Elgana says to her best friend with a little glint of mischief in her eyes as she leans her head back to demonstrate how Margret will keep the biscuit poised. "And while you are balancing the biscuit on your nose, I want you to tell the silliest story you know. It doesn't have to be long, but it must last at least a minute. If the biscuit falls off your nose. You have to re-start the story but embellished." She waves her fork around as a servant brings a fluffy but not buttered biscuit over to Margret. "Because I love you and you are my best friend, you only have to try this three times."

It does not take too long for Ysbail to be thoroughly relaxed where she's sitting, lounging against the arm of it rather than staying mostly upright. She grins for the dare given to Margaret, then offers a sympathetic smile that way (before following that with a laugh, of course). "Okay," she says, looking over Artur's way. "Thank you." Not that she precisely says *what for*, but the smile that goes with it looks entirely grateful.

Margret checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

"You want me to balance a biscuit on my nose." Margret repeats, as if ensuring that she's heard Elgana right. Her brow raises ever so slightly. "And you want me to tell the silliest story I've ever heard." She lets out a bit of a put-upon sigh, but her lips still twitch upwards. She stands up a little slowly, and takes the biscuit off of the tray before she tips back her chin and tries her best to balance it on her nose. When she finally gets it she begins, "The silliest story I know has to be our wedding. For it is not the night that I just got myself a husband, but also two best-" She sways just a bit and her biscuit slips off of her nose. "Nuts!"

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There is a touch of disappointment on Vercyn's features for Elgana's answer, even if he does grin at her praise of him. So when Margret queries if 'no one' is a valid answer, he offers: "I'm not sure it is" before taking a drink of whiskey. While Margret works on her dare, he works on eating his meal, watching in amusement.

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"You're welcome" Artur grins at Ysbail, flashing her a quick wink as the game progresses. At the edge of the room however, there is a sort of awkward looking young man in Redrain livery jumping up and down and waving at him awkwardly. It is Daan! The Valet! Poor put upon Daan! "I'll just be a moment!" Artur assures, before wandering off to see about whatever it is that's wanted.

Elgana simply nods at Margret's echo of that dare. "That's exactly it," she assures her best friend and then she simply sits back to watch as Margret plucks up that biscuit and gets to steadying it on her nose. When the story starts and then stops, the Redrain laughs. "Okay, okay. I won't make you do it three times! But at least once more and then you can pick your victim."

Vercyn is overheard praising Elgana: Lovely event, even lovelier hostess.

Ysbail is overheard praising Elgana.

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