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Pluvio's Grand Opening

The newest Apothecary shop in the Lower Boroughs is hosting a Grand Opening event! Come down to the Commons Court for light refreshments and the results of Auda's raffle!


Oct. 22, 2018, 1:30 p.m.

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Nurie Delilah Oswyn Madrien Adora Lethe Braelynn Brigida Arielle Jyri



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Commons Court - Pluvio Apothecary

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Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly arrives, following Delilah.

Lamora arrives, following Auda.

Auda bustles in with one last crate of bottles-- a mix of whiskey, rum and mead. The shop is neat as ever, but one table has been set out with snacks! Mostly just a variety of fingerfoods and suites, of course. Auda herself blinks and starts when she spies -people-, and then laughs at herself! "Oh! You know, for some reason I didn't actually expect people right at the start? Sorry I'm late!"

Oh dear, the Lycenes are not even fashionably late! Perhaps it's due to the spritely excitement that seems to envelop the younger of the two, a young dark haired woman. Nurie doesn't /tug/ the elder Madrien exactly, at least he is afforded that indignity, but she is already chattering at him as they enter. "Minister Daupenne, they're to have some sort of drawing, did you know? I got a ticket for you also! Won't it be marvelous fun?" But then there is Auda, and though by the time she can rush to help the other woman it's well in hand. "It's a lovely shop, mistress," she tells her.

The bustle around new shops in Arx can bring out all sorts: the common folk, crafters off to spend their cash and eye the competition up, and nobles bound to do the same. All the hubbub feeds grist to the gossip mill. With that in mind, two figures unlikely to rouse enormous amounts of such rabblerousing talk come in, the copper-haired Crownlander leading her fellow Scholar. She sees to the door, for a certainty. "Did I remember to tell you that I heard from Duchess Laurent? She would be happy to support any effort to research into that. Waterproofing would have such great advantages. I ought to put a bit of effort into that." The lilting soprano carries clearly if softly, and Delilah pivots to permit Oswyn past. The brief interval permits her all the time in the world to take in the wonders in store.

There was probably a near-bump at the door, what with Oswyn's instinct being to get ahead and open it for the noblewoman. Maybe not the best idea in the Lowers, though, so he stays his hand. Clutching his satchel, he nods his head to Delilah. "I like waterproofing. I had to replace a pair of boots my first time up north when I found out they weren't waterproof. It was rainy and I think those boots are still sort of damp over a year later." He squints around the shop, his nostrils flaring briefly. "It seems tidy!"

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards, Oswald, the war pig arrive, following Brigida.

2 House Deepwood Guards, Tobias, a bright-eyed pine marten arrive, following Braelynn.

Having somehow imagined, when very politely yet energetically pressed into attendance at some sort of event, that he could be both physically present and socially invisible, Madrien Daupenne entirely fails to rush to help. Or to appear to be particularly willing to help. "How delightful," he intones to Nurie, in the same tone of voice one might scold a beloved cat, which is to say, without hope of affecting the recipient's behavior in any degree. He looks about the shop and those assembled for the event as well, hands clasped behind his back.

Auda beams at everyone present, setting out the bottles on the side table and letting Nurie help, since she seems eager to! "Thanks for coming, everyone! I'll admit, this is the first time I've thrown anything like this." A little self-deprecating chuckle, but the woman is clearly happy to have anyone show up at all!

There is a familiar voice, and as Nurie turns towards the entering scholars her eyes widens. "Oh!" she murmurs to Madrien. "I've met the lady before, I think," she admits to him, with an embarassed flush to her cheeks. "But I was...distracted. I don't believe I got her name. I was too busy making a fool of myself by trying to outdance a Whisper. I didn't. Maybe she won't remember me!" She can't exactly hide behind Madrien, because they are of a height, but she instead just takes a gander at the display just on the other side of him. "Is there anything you might recommend for a very distinuished man, who doesn't treat himself often, mistress?" she asks Audra.

3 Tyde Houseguard arrives, following Lethe.

Adora stomps on in, glaring around at everyone, "I see you had shelves made," she comments to no one inparticular AUDA, "They look like shit. Everything's going to end up falling and breaking. You get what you pay for."

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Extra flowers grace the apothecary, the bright colours giving a bit more of a festive air. A table has been cleared of wares so that it can hold a collection of snacks, mostly in the form of finger-foods and sweet treats. Mead, ale, whiskey and rum are all set out as well, along with glasses for those interested.

Lethe takes a curious look around the shop. She looks at those here with a polite smile and goes to get a drink.

"Thank you for having us," Delilah replies as she, too, takes in the details. Orderly shelves meet with a nod, their contents a point to be circumspectly considered at a distance. The trail of her fingertips along her cloak dashes it back over her shoulder, a result of avoiding the showers and cool temperatures outside no longer necessary. Pulling the pretty pin free, she drapes it over her arm. To Oswyn, she says, "Shall we go introduce ourselves?" Without missing a beat, she can do just that, nodding politely and warmly to Auda. "I'm Delilah Whitehawk. Everything shows how much effort you've put into your preparations."

Oswyn trails along after Delilah, offering a close-lipped smile at Auda. "Hullo! It seems like a lovely shop. Er. Scholar Oswyn Spencer. My family owns an archery shop near here." Hearing a familiar voice not being complimentary, Oswyn turns and squints over in Adora's direction. Hesitantly, he waves.

Braelynn arrives with a pine marten on her shoulder, the pair of them looking around with rapt curiosity. She reaches up to idly scritch the mammal's head before wandering around the establishment. No obvious attention is paid those present or speaking, save for the occasional murmured 'excuse me' as she slips past one of the other attendees. It is only after she's poked around for a while that she seems satisfied, drifting over to the refreshments. A crumb of something or another is passed up to her pet, and she pours a glass of whiskey for herself with her gaze frequently returning to Auda. As introductions begin, she wanders closer, a little smile on her lips. "Lady Braelynn Deepwood," she states easily. "Well met."

"These two," Auda points out, "..are all I have at the moment. I was hoping to have a bit more stock, but life got in the way a bit." She happily points out both Tempest and Rainstone, smiling to Nurie and Madrian. "They're the fresh scent of rain, on stone or the sea, respectively." Adora tromps on in, and Auda can't help but smirk over at the craftswoman. "Well, you see Adora, I wanted to wait until a bunch of things broke and smashed so I could be properly desperate and sheepish when I try to commission you." She's definitely teasing, even if the 'commissioning' bit of it sounds genuine! "I'm Auda, it's a pleasure to meet you both," to Delilah and Oswyn, and then extended out to Braelyn as well.

Auda flashes a smile and nods to Lethe, as well!

Clack, clack, clack. Here comes the Archlector of Petrichor, bringing down her walking stick a little harder on the floor than she really needs to, a warning to all that Brigida Fidante is on her way and she's bringing the judgiest of judging glowers and most dubious of dubious glares in Arx with her. Her disciples stick close to the single templar guard, given that they don't often head into the Lowers. Brigida glances behind her at the pair, eyes narrowed, and snaps, "Don't crowd back there. You look like children." More afraid of the Archlector than they are of criminals and ne'erdowells, both girls move into the room and head over to get snacks. A little bit of everything for the former Golden Rose of Tor.

Wandering in with a cheerful bounce to her step Arielle looks postitively excited as she enters the establishment. The honey blonde haired young woman wears a stylish lavender silk dress and has her hair expertly done up in an elegant style that features loose spiral curls that soften her features nicely. Peering around she smiles warmly at those who look her way. Curiousity shows in her eyes as she wanders around a moment now, taking everything in.

Madrien nods to Nurie as she imparts information. "Your participation was probably not that memorable," he says to her, as though that would be a comforting thought to someone of her age and temperament. He does listen to the explanation of the prominent wares, as well, pulling back a bit to allow space around the shop owner very shortly thereafter.

Adora fixes Oswyn with a narrow eyed glower, then moves over to the free drinks. "You have something on your face," she tells him as she takes a gulp of whatever was nearest to grab. "Did you get a pet?" She eyes Auda at her explanation, pointing a finger her way from around her glass, "Make it sound good and I might cut you a break from usual markup." There's a heavy stress on the word 'might.' She then snorts at what Madrien says, "Ain't that the truth."

3 Tyde Houseguard leaves, following Lethe.

Oswyn reaches up to touch his mouth when Adora tells him that. "Oh, no. Do I have breakfast roll flakes again? It's the beard, I... oh." Realization dawns. "You mean the beard." He sighs faintly but rallies enough to give friendly nods to Madrien, Nurie, Arielle, and Brigida. "Archlector, hello." He dips forward in a shallow bow. "I hope you're well."

"I regret leaving that challenge early," murmurs Delilah, probably catching the tail end of Madrien and Nurie's conversation. She inclines her head and curls her fingers. "Did you enjoy yourself?" Her own glass of liquor is taken in kind, raised to her lips to quell any response to varied other samples of chatter. She does, however, grin as Arielle shows such enthusiasm. Hard not to appreciate that. "Your beard looks very nice, Oswyn. It's different." Damning praise? Apparently so.

The young lycene woman is undeterred, smiling at Madrien fondly. "Oh, certainly it was not! Also I think I spilled someone's beer, but they didn't slay me, so it was all right!" Cheerful young woman drawn to cheerful young woman though, Nurie's gaze then rests on Arielle, and she offers her a gentle smile. The archlector's stern voice has her taking a half step back, not even aware of it, and she looks on her with wide eyes, though not long enough to be impolite. She is going to look very VERY closely at anything that she purchases, though! Delilah's comment restores some of her sparkle. "Oh, it was delightful. Though I think perhaps not so much for those whose space we invaded," she observes, with a note of regret for that offense. "I may not be made for dancing, but I'd love to practice some more."

So many people. Auda fetches herself a glass of whiskey, doing her best to mingle. It feels strange when you're the hostess, but she does her best. "Archlector! Thank you for coming to my little grand opening." Smiles are flashed to Arielle, as well, as emerald eyes skip around the room to make sure she greets everyone as the arrive.

Arielle peers at Oswyn thoughtfully. "Its not a bad beard. But I could trim and style it and it would look even better." She admits this in a cheerful tone before adding. "I'm actually hoping to open a shop to offer that sort of service. Hair styling and such." She smiles brightly to Delilah and Nurie in return and dips her head politely.

Madrien nods to Nurie then also does his very best to mingle, making his way over to stand next to a wall he has not yet been able to stand next to.

Oswyn flushes slightly, having been rendered self-conscious with all the attention. It's a lot of attention for him, anyway. "Thank you. It, um, was easier than trying to shave on the road." he tells Delilah. "And thank you," he adds to Arielle. "That's an interesting idea! I imagine the nobility would love something like that, what with all their, um, fancy attire. And such. And a kind offer for my fledgling beard as well. You can style them?"

Onida, a boglands wolf-hound, Tero the Iron Hound, Outi the Iron Hound arrive, following Jyri.

When Arielle says she's going to open a shop, Adora's dark eyes dart her way, "You need any shelves or woodworking done, I'm the best woodworker in all of Arvum," she declares, heedless of the fact that it's probably bad form to pitch your own business at another's opening. "But you should take her up on it, Spencer. You look fucking ridiculous. That's not a fledgling anything. You look like you tried eating barley soup and missed."

"Are you?" Nurie comments to Arielle with excitement. "Where are you going to locate it, Mistress? Have you had the opportunity to contact the Crafter's Guild? Guildmistress Joscelin is so welcoming, and can help! I'm soon to open a shop of my own too. It's so wonderful, isn't it? How you may walk the streets here and see so much? It is not that there were not a variety of shops in Iriscal either, but the offerings here are truly wonderous." Oswyn receives a quite justified admiring gaze too. "Are you a companion of Lady Whitehawk?" she asks him, curiously.

"Mistress Auda," offers Brigida to Auda, giving the woman a thin, more-or-less smile. "I am always glad to hear when a new apothecary opens up. Especially one run by someone who is less likely to call me 'diddums' or 'aul sot' or 'top o the mornin to ya' or whatever it is that other woman insists on talking about." When Oswyn greets her, Brigida gives him a searching look. Then just sends a half-nod his way. One of her disciples comes over with a plate and Brigida looks it over before taking one item and then sending the girl away. "It would be nice if someone opened one in the uppers, of course. This much walking is a demand at my age."

"One of the better people to teach you to dance," Delilah replies, "though I think they offer conventional means to practice at Whisper House, too." The playful tone to her voice is met with the need to press herself a little tighter to the wall with so many people about. She laughs behind her hand, though the swirl of motion finds her gently edging away from the impression. "I think you're quite right, it would be enjoyed. Master Oswyn, forgive me, but I need to take a little air. Let others have a chance to see everything." She gives a dainty wave, and slips away.

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly leaves, following Delilah.

Jyri doesn't bring the dogs inside, but lets them stay outside, leashed to a post. In Iron Guard leathers, it's clear he's either coming directly from work or is on a break, taking the chance to join the grand opening. He looks around curiously with his one eye, studying the shop itself and the people gathered, before homing in on Auda with a growing grin.

Auda certainly doesn't seem to mind the talk of other new shops and Adora's work, bad form or not. "What will your shop be, Nurie?" Curious, and happy to use her own event to get a little talk for other places. Then, Brigida is talking and Auda's listening. "There are a few in the city proper, I believe, though I don't know how active they are. The Lowers is where I grew up, though, and I'd like to help improve things down here, even if it's just with a little shop." Jyri steals her attention then, and Auda smiles brightly. "Jyri! You made it!"

Oswyn sighs faintly at Adora, though he does tell Arielle, "She's very good." Even if she was just mean to him. He waves a bit to Delilah as she goes. "That's quite alright. Um." A bit of blinking at Nurie. "Companions? I'm not... depending on what you mean by that? We're, um, both Scholars and we work together on some, um, research and such."

Brigida wanders over to where the others are. "She's asking if you are Lady Delilah's gentleman-in-waiting." Brigida nibbles on a roll, then asks, "Or lover, I suppose. People these days are rather circumspect about that sort of thing." Looking to Adora she asks, "So did the High Lord end up purchasing a bookcase, Goodwoman Adora?"

"He's not fucking her," Adora translates for Nurie with a shrug, "Scholars, right?" When Brigida steps over she eyes her but nods, "Princess Gwenna's supposed to send the plans. Bookcases. Es." She stresses the s. "Can even sell em at a funeral they're that good."

Madrien shoots a brief, longing look at the door as that one lady leaves. The addition of an Iron Guardsman is briefly noted as well, though possibly only because he was already looking that direction, and he perks up a very small amount when the subject of storefronts and the like are discussed. That's the conversation he ends up being physically closest to, though not actually in.

"Auda, this is nice," Jyri says with his penchance for little flair. But he is quite earnest, it's not just a platitude. "Here," he adds and he holds out a small simple satchel at her. "Some stuff you can use in the shop, I gather." He gives her a squint. "Felt like you were fourteen years old like yesterday. Makes me feel old, all this grown up stuff you're doing," he tells her with a quirky smile. He goes back to studying the others with some curiosity, nodding politely in greeting.

"A tailor's shop," Nurie tells Auda, with a smile. "I am not sure what I might concentrate in, there's so many possibilities! Perhaps concentrating a little more on outfiting the stylish men amongst us, though I do so love a daring gown or tunic." Gods help anyone imagining what that might mean coming from the mouth of a Lycene. she is just about to reply to Oswyn when the Archlector answers, and to say that the young woman is awed in the presence of someone of such stature is an understatement. She recovers admirably, with a shy smile. "Gentleman in waiting, or someone with whom she works. Though it is true that with the Scholars, one's station of birth hasn't overmuch to do with who assists whom, isn't it?" She wrinkles the bridge of her nose a little impishly. "There are randy scholars!" she protests. "There's so many songs about them! But I wouldn't accuse Scholar Oswyn of this! I'm certain he's very finely mannered!"

Oswyn gets a bit pink. "One's station doesn't matter at all for working together, no. I..." he trails off, clears his throat, and then rallies with, "Would anyone like anything to eat? I think I'm going to just... head over there... now." He gestures vaguely in the direction of food.

"Thank you, Jyri." She beams to him, laughing when he mentions how grown up she's gotten. "It really does seem like just yesterday that I was babysitting Ravaas." The conversation around Oswyn is nothing less than hilarious, and Auda's grinning over at the poor scholar while accepting the satchel from Jyri.

Jyri's amusement is obvious as he hears Nurie and he turns his attention on Oswyn now too. Since he's also a bit hungry, he gives Auda's shoulder a friendly squeeze and walks over to snag some edibles. "Scholar, eh?" he says, nodding at Oswyn. "Jyri Tersk, Kennelmaster of the Iron Guard," he introduces himself.

Brigida gives Oswyn a mild smile, then looks back to Nurie. "That would depend, really, on if we are talking about social station or degree of dedication. Whether one is noble or not matters little when one is a dedicant to a godly order. Though Lady Delilah's position in the scholars does outweigh Master Oswyn's, to be true. Though the Scholars of Vellichor are long in need of a restructuring. I am certain Archscholar Sina will see to some improvements." She looks back to Oswyn and her smile deepens, though not in a really comforting way. "Once Scholar Oswyn takes his godsworn vows, his dedication should be understood to outweigh that of ... dabblers."

Nurie's gaze trails after poor Oswyn, with a little pang of worry there, but as Jyri moves in to distract and hopefully cheer the poor man, she breathes a soft sigh of relief. She listens raptly to the archlector's explanation, clearly one who has had station and the respect due it deeply ingrained, her demeanor towards Brigida is quite reverent. Or maybe she just likes severe people, since she seems quite favorable to Madrien, her gaze moving to him now and then to make sure he's happy...ish. Holding up his wall! "It sounds like even taking of vows is an achievement in itself," she admits. "A great sacrifice but also a great honor to cast all else aside but to serve the gods."

Auda sips her whiskey, listening to all the conversation floating about the room. The satchel from Jyri is tucked away at the back of the room, and Auda rejoins the socializing. "It's a huge commitment to be Godsworn, regardless of station. I honestly can't even imagine, and it's not like I have a whole lot to swear off."

"Well met, Kennelmaster," Oswyn tells Jyri, making himself smile a little. He doesn't hear Brigida mention Godsworn vows. Or at least he doesn't reply to it and also avoids eye contact with the formidable Archlector. "I was just about to get some food. Have you been with the Guard long?"

Jyri seems content to stand there with Oswyn a bit to the side, not because he's shy - just that he can only take so much socialising at one go. "Yeah, I'm going to grab some snacks while I got the chance, free food is always good," he says with little grace. But, he seems to know Auda quite well, so it's probably alright. He grabs some of the treats on a plate and gets an ale to drink - nothing stronger than that. "Been with them for near five years," he nods. "You been a scholar long?" He is genuinely curious, watching Oswyn with that one glittering green eye with intent scrutiny.

With that pondering, however, there's some little internal reminder that blooms inside Nurie's head, and she straightens. "Please pardon me," she says politely to all assembled. "The time has passed so quickly! I will need to attend to my lady soon. It was very nice to meet you, Mistress Auda. I wish you all success, and thank you for putting on this lovely event!" She will cast an apologetic gaze at Madrien for leaving so soon, though there's no expectation that she needs to be accompanied back. "It was a pleasure to meet all of you. I hope to hear word of your shop as well, mistress!" she offers to Arielle.

Adora stuffs some more food into her mouth, glancing back and forth from one person that's talking to the other. Then she looks to Auda, "Too much free shit, no one's buying anything. That guy said he has dogs? Get them to piss on people as they come in. They'll be all, oh no, I smell like dog piss, what is happening I need some--" she pauses and looks around, "Uh. What are you even selling in here? Bath salts?"

Brigida sits back and just watches Adora at work. Honestly, sometimes it's just entertaining to watch someone with absolutely no social graces attempting to socialize.

"Oh. Um... it must be ten years, now?" Oswyn tells Jyri, selecting various things to nibble on and setting them on a plate. He doesn't bother with any ale, though. "The first couple of years were just, um, paging and such. Then it was scribing work."

"Ya know, I have a petition in for the shcolar, but figure it was a long shot. Either or, I was hoping to find more history on the Abandoned. Err, I mean... the Shav'arvani." He's obviously a Prodigal himself - might explain that interest. "You happen to know someone I could talk to? Or... can I hire you?" he asks straight forwardly. Might as well ask, when he's got a scholar right here. Adora's question has him a bit distracted, and he nods at Auda, also curious. "I'd buy bath salts, that's not a bad idea."

Time continues to pass around Madrien as he himself does little. When Nurie makes her comments and her exit, he doesn't react quickly enough to leave at the same time, but does so very shortly thereafter. With a brief, polite nod to a random woman who is not Auda, or connected with the shop in any perceivable way, he heads for the door.

Adora is always amazing, and this time? Auda can't help but laugh. "Bath salts, perfumes, herbal remedies and such. No soap to wash your mouth out with, yet, though." She grins to the woodworker, nodding to Jyri. "I'll probably get right on that tonight or tomorrow. It's a great idea."

Oswyn shakes his head. "Oh! No need to hire me. The Scholars pay me a stipend to do things like that. And teach, I also teach quite a bit. I'd be happy to help you. Which tribes? I'm admittedly more familiar with the Northlands shav'arvani," he tells Jyri. And pauses. "Oh. Teaching. I... I should actual get going. Please feel free to send a messenger or drop by the shop - that's, um, Scribing Supplies, over by the Vellichorian Academy!" Oswyn looks at his plate, then at someone just meandering to the table; he offers her his plate, which she accepts, and Oswyn waves vaguely before heading for the exit.

"I will come by that shop, cause I use up a lot of paper and ink myself," Jyri says, nodding at Oswyn. "I'll be in touch, thanks."

It seems like she might be about to make a comment, but then the templar whose job it is to guard Brigida runs over to her and says something quietly. "Really." She rolls her eyes expressively, then turns to go.

Keski, a nervous disciple of Petrichor, Aletta, an even more nervous disciple of Petrichor, 1 Templar Knight guards, Oswald, the war pig leave, following Brigida.

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