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Jousting: Thrax Edition

Valardin may rule the roost on knightly jousting but Thrax is putting it's own spin on it. Citizens of the compact are invited to spectate or partake in the first ever Water Jousting tournament. Carried on the prow of a specially designed rowboat, crewed by steady armed men and women, it's a joust upon the water to the last man or woman standing. Prizes to be given, accolades to be doled out. Entry is a donation of any amount to Thursday's child of silver or resources. Some come joust for the kids upon the shores of the city and take your mind off the perils that plague us all. Ooc: Entry to participate is a donation of silver/resources of any amount. It will all go to Thursday's Child. Please send a messenger to Alariss so we can get you on the signup sheet. Rules/rolls will be posted a week before the event as it gets hammered out. Come out and have some fun on a Sunday night as we wait for cron!


Oct. 28, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Alarissa Caspian


Lisebet Isabetta Sparte Thorley Reese Ouida Philippe Faelan Rinel Victus Klaus



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Lisebet arrives, along with the two usual suspects. She's on the beach, not getting involved in the jousting. Though she is in fact wearing armour. Ish. Mostly? Wait, she's got a cloak, it's hard to tell. And a drink in hand, as she finds hopefully a good vantage point to watch.

Isabetta is not dressed for this. She is clearly not dressed for a joust. She arrives with Reese and probably they both might look a little confused. "Reese.." She tugs on the princess sleeve, "I think we might have been a little confused," she whispers loudly and clings closely to the pink princess knight.

Sparte is dressed in simple clothes with his pants rolled up to the ankles and feet bare. The pants are still getting wet of course, because he is walking through the shallows. There is a big grin on his face as he seeing Reese and Isabetta ahead of him, a hand being lifted in a friendly wave.

Warhorse, a white Oathlands Vanner arrives, following Philippe.

Armor? For sparring in a boat? Not a chance. Thorley's dressed down to a pair of linen britches and a shirt - and not much else. It's a return to his days as a sea knight and he couldn't be happier about it. With him is a six year old girl, his adopted daughter, Tala. Seeing Lisebet, the knight offers a bow to the woman. "Would you mind watching little Tala while I joust, my Lady?" he asks the Farshaw noble.

Reese has her horse and looks ready to actually joust! She turns to Isabetta, nodding in response to her words. "Maybe." She says toward her even as her cheeks warm with a pink hue. "But, I will still join the event." She says while keeping close to Isabetta. She then smiles over to Sparte. "Oh, Sparte, hi." She greets.

Alarissa drops Rules for Water Jousting.

Lisebet looks at the kid. Hey look, someone shorter than she is. That thought brings a grin. "I would love to watch Tala, if she's okay with it," she says. "And it's good to see you, Sir Thorley. Good luck!" She is wearing armour, but the catch of course is that she is totally not jousting.

Sparte grins at Reese. "Princess Sir." A dip of his head to Isabetta. "Lady Isabetta. Very good to see you both." Sparte glances over to the boats. "I've been taking swimming lessons. Today I get to see if they've paid off, because I'm likely falling off of a boat whether someone knocks me off or not."

Close on Lisebet's heels is the Harthall Sword, unarmored. She does wear an umbra cloak and leather leggings to ward off the chill, however, and her expression is one of warm curiousity. "Why, my lady," she murmurs to Lisebet companionably once she draws close enough, her Harthall guards moving back to a more respectful distance. "Are you here to enjoy the festivities?" And then there is Sir Thorley, as well, who gets a gracious bow of the head in respect, and then in brilliant smile. "Sir Thorley! Congratulations on your new arrival. Do give Violet my warm regards!"

"She would be here tonight, but she is home tending to Sorcha." Thorley admits with a chuckle. "Remind me to tell you how she came into the world sometime." he offers to the pair with a bow to Ouida. "Lady Ouida, a pleasure as always. Are you jousting as well?"

Reese looks over to Thorley, smiling to him. She then smiles to Sparte. "I know how to swim too."" She adds.

Isabetta waves to Sparte and asks him, "Did you know this was going to be a swimming event? Reese is going to get all wet isn't she? I'm wondering if Thrax are just crazy or if they don't mind being a little chilly? It is going to be a little chilly in there isn't it?" She peers toward the water "And Thrax are crazy, of coruse."

Little Tala is more than happy to go stand next to Lisebet to watch the festivities. She doesn't get to watch dad in action after all!

Reese hms softly. "They are both good at swimming and a little crazy." She says. "I guess I shouldn't wear this in the water." She murmurs and starts to strip down to her white linen camisole and whit linen bloomers.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice have been dismissed.

Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette have been dismissed.

Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman have been dismissed.

Lisebet reaches a hand out to Tala, with some amusement. She nods to Ouida. "I am indeed, and to cheer on those of you brave souls who are going to joust." She pauses and then adds, "And of course there's food, drink and companionship, so I think it's a good call all the way around."

Sparte laughs in response to Isabetta. "Well anyone who'd joust is a bit crazy, on a boat or a horse. I was raised Grayson though, so afraid you can't blame it on my fealty." Sparte gives a wink before stepping away to look elsewhere while Reese adjusts her outfit.

Philippe arrives wearing black riding leathers and as he approaches the group, he dismounts and continues the way pulling his horse on foot. As he walks to them, he studies the crowd gathered but mostly keeps to his own as Philippe settles on a spot to watch the joust.

"Truth be told, I wasn't sure I would be able to come until the last moment," Ouida admits to Thorley. "So alas I am unprepared--though I am most interested in seeing the spectacle. I shall look forward to the tale, though perhaps I should hear it from your dear one's lips as well?" She winks at him. "I shall cheer you on, sir!" Her smile to Lisebet is accompanied by a gentle laugh. "So it is, my lady!"

Reese murmurs softly to Isabetta. She peeks over to Sparte. "Yeah, the Graysons can be a bit nutty too." She says while now looking ready to get into the water. Reese doesn't seem to really know Ouida, but she has a smile for greeting for her that touches her blue eyes.

It's merriment and frivolity, banners flying and pennants as well. Food in abundance, the kind of food that one eats at these sorts of events, easily taken in hand and walked around. Alarissa having waddled down earlier and now resting on some comfortable, very comfortable seating. Heralds walk around reading out the rules to those who need to know them and another starts taking names and compiling lists. Other nobles and commoners alike have gone forward and the water jousting is well on it's way. More than a few people have toppled into the drink with those lances and riding those boats that are crewed by some of the finest rowers of Thrax. More than a few are probably former thralls. "Soon up! Count Philippe and Sparte Fatchforth!" Is called out by a herald, giving them warning that their turn is approaching.

Reese cheers when the first match is announced.

Isabetta cups her hands to her mouth to cheer, "Sparte, if you don't win then I lose my bet to Reese." She lowers her voice to tell Reese, "I bet that Sparte wins."

Reese looks over to Isabetta and her blue eyes widen. "Naw, I think the count will win." She says, seemingly willing to join in on teh betting side of things.

Isabetta tells Reese, "You know what will happen if I win right? What I will make you do?" She looks serious.

Faelan arrives a little bit late, though since he's not competing there's no real hurry. He arrives right before the first match is announced, and throws a cheer out with the rest of the crowd before he moves to find himself somewhere to sit. He's not picky, the sand will do if he can't find something else. Though he definitely needs drink. A mug of something will come before finding a seat. Once he's got his drink though he's looking around the crowd for familiar faces. He's been gone from Arx a time.

Reese sighs softly as she looks toward Isabetta. "I am sure it will be something frustrating. Flooding my tower is now allowed." She adds. She glances over to Faelan, having a smile for the Lord. "Greetings."

Philippe has not eaten at the event, having eaten at his own ward a light and carefully planned meal. He looks over his shoulder and at the herald calling his name and turns to make his way to board the boat after securing his horse. Before boarding, he would wait for Sparte.

Isabetta rolls her eyes, "No silly, you have to wear blue." She turns back to call out to Sparte, "Sparte, if you lose this I will have to wear pink! I am counting on you!"

"That's too bad, next time you should compete, Dame Ouida," Lisebet says with a nod. She smiles, glancing down at Tala, and then over to Thorley. "And yes, I do want to hear that story too, but perhaps Violet should be present." Just to make sure the story is the right one, of course, without a lot of embellishment.

Reese looks over to Isabetta, nodding in response to her words. "Count Philippe!" She cheers.

"How would one flood a tower?" Faelan calls over to the Princess. He lifts his mug in salute to her, then drains well... probably about half of it before he calls out a greeting. "How are you Princess?" He calls over to the warrior woman.


into the drink goes some nameless noble, a commoner still standing and triumphant, tucking the lance beneath his arm and pointing it upward as a herald calls out the winner.

"Next up! Count Philippe Blancharde and Master Sparte!" The boots move to shore to deposit the combatants that were and to pick up Philippe and sparte and row back out to their respective starting spots.

Philippe introduces himself to the sailors as he waits for his opponent but upon hearing his name called again, he turns to see Reese cheering him on. With a thin smile, he raises his hand as you would at a joust. Once the sailors are ready, he comes aboard and rides with them to the starting spot.

Sparte climbs up into a boat, says a few friendly words to the sailors before cupping his hands and calling over towards Philippe's boat. "A pleasure to do battle with you, Count! May the best swimmer lose!"

Isabetta shouts to Philippe, "You don't have to fight anymore Count Philippe. Let go of your battle, let go of winning!" She tries counter cheering to the opposition then shouts to Sparte, "I've got him flustered for you Sparte, no mercy!"

Reese looks over to Faelan. "I am doing well." She says toward him, before looking to Isabetta and then back to the Lord. "You make a very good point. Lady Isabetta always threatens to flood my tower, but doing such would be pretty hard. She then then gasps as Isabetta speaks. "Don't listen to her Count Phillpe! You got this!"

2 Harthall house guards have been dismissed.

Philippe waves to Sparte from a distance and shouts back in response, "Likewise Goodman!" The knight does even accept that those words came from a noble lady! Bribing a knight like him! He gasps and then turns to the competition at hand.

Philippe checked strength + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

And like that, A flag is dropped, a shout of "start" and both boats start heading for one another

Sparte checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Philippe checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 60, rolling 46 lower.

"Flooding a tower sounds an awfully difficult prospect. Short of dumping it into the sea. Or hauling a great many gallons of water up to the top and pouring them down through the tower." Faelan finishes his mead off with another large gulp. "I guess if one were very very determined they could get it done. With a great deal of help." Faelan turns though as the next bout begins, watching Philippe and Sparte go at eachother. On boats. The concept still confuses the raider, but hey, it's entertaining at least.

The lance and shield in Sparte's hands are a familiar weight, and he seems to have been on enough boats to know how to set his feet as the crew rows him forward. You know, at a rowing pace. When the clash comes he does the small thrust and shift of the tip of the lance expected in a joust, shield raised to deflect the blow in turn.

Philippe applies what he knows about jousting but even though he holds himself steady, he is unable to outmaneuver Sparte and he spins on impact and fails to keep his balance as the boat begins to sway side to side. The old count flips over the side and falls into the water with an audible gasp of air and grunt. After a moment being stunned under the water, he raises up and attempts to swim his way to safety.

Reese looks to Faelan, nodding in response to his words. "It would be alot alot of work." She says, before turning her attention to the joust. She watches with all this avid interest. When Philippe falls, she sucks in a soft breath. "Good Joust!" She says, seeming cheering for both Philippe and Sparte.

"Winner! Master Sparte Fatchforth!" The herald calls out and Philippine can toon enough with some strokes, get back to where he can feel the sandy bottom and make him way back onto the beach where a servant waits with length of cotton and hot drink as well as guide him to a brazier to warm up and dry off.

"Next! Sir Thorley! Princess Reese!"

Reese rises to her feet upon hearing her name called. She makes her way toward the boat, climbing out on the plank. She has a smile for Thorley that reaches her blue eyes. "An honor to go up against you, Sir Thorley." She says.

Kissing Tala on the top of the head when his name is called, Thorley laughs. "This will be short. Do make sure you have towels ready for me." the knight offers with a chuckle as he leaves the group. "Oi!" he calls out to the herald, and then glances over towards the slip wearing princess. "Good luck!" he calls out to her as he moves to climb up in the boat and takes his position on the stern. "Rowers! I will buy you a round for your straight steerage and if we dismount the Princess!"

"Ah, what I would have given to have something like this when I was a young girl," Ouida remarks companionably to the Farshaw lady. "I can only imagine what fun we squires would have had with it!" And perhaps siblings too, from the decidedly mischievious glint in her eye, well known to older siblings who have pesky troublesome younger ones. "Though I daresay a fall from a height to the water is just as bruising as eating dirt from a tumble from a horse." As the Harthall catches Reese's smile, she lifts a hand back in warm greeting, though just as gallantly she turns to clap for the victor at the current tilt.

Isabetta claps her hands together and then shouts at Reese, "Reese, you can do it, if you lose then I lose a bet to Princess Reese and you do not want to know what happens then, but I have to wear something pink she picks out! Please win Reese!" She turns her attention back toward Thorley and says, "Don't worry Sir Thorley, you can give up, no one will judge you!"

Isabetta draws a stare from Thorley. "Giving up? Surrendering? That is an //insult//." the knight offers, feigning the hurt of his pride.

Reese has her perch and looks all ready to joust. She glances over to Thorley. "Oh, dismounting me, is not going to happen. None Greater!" She says, but there is an edge of playfulness to her words. She smiles over to Isabetta. "I won't lose!" She says and then blows the Lady a kiss.

Sparte settles back in his boat, speaking quietly to the rowing team and pointing towards Reese and Thorley while they go about their match.

Thorley checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 62, rolling 19 lower.

The competitors are loaded onto the boats and the boats go out and turn to get into place. The shout of start has the rowers rowing furiously so the jousters can joust.

Philippe nods to the servant, drying himself off. He waves to Sparte in passing to show he is a good sport but almost instantly drags himself to his horse to watch the rest of the jousting.

Reese has her lance drawn and is standing upon the edge of her plank with her knees slightly bent for better balance. As the boats go past each other, she tries to direct her lance toward Thorley, but the knight gets a better hit. She is sent off balance, balancing on one foot at first and trying to stay standing. Such is quite the epic failure and she ends up failing her arms as she goes falling into the sea. Luckily, she did remove her expensive stuff!

"Row! Row! Stroke!" Thorley calls as he chuckles. "Are you sure you do not need a bath, Your Highness?" he calls out to Reese as the two approach and the knight steels himself to prepare from the hit from Reese as he prepares to try to remain standing, instead, he finds that it is the Princess that goes into the drink. Immediately the knight sets aside his lance, directing his rowers to guide back to Reese so he can offer his hand to pull her up into the boat.

Isabetta lets out a cry of dismay that Reese is felled in battle. "No Reese! /Reeeese/" She's really pouring the drama on. She goes into covering her face to hide her fake sobs. "You were so young ang so full of life. Now we shall never forget your pink ribbons."

"The winner, Sir thorley!" The princess offered to be hauled up or she can swim to shore like Philippe did and the boats deposit their individuals back to the shore. "A ten minute interim, and then it shall be Master Sparte Fatchforth and Sir Thorley!"

Reese is totally soaked now. She let got of her lance and such is floating around in the water. She starts moving her arms, keeping herself from sinking. The princess then sees Thorley's boat coming closer, when he is near enough she reaches out for his offered hand.

Sparte averts his gaze when Reese falls in, ears reddening a bit. His eyes are carefully cast towards the sky. His ears are still a bit red as the rowboats come around and he starts to get into position for the next match.

Thorley fishes Reese out of the water, and pulls off his shirt to offer to the Princess, if she wants it. The knight remains with her as they make it back to shore where he assists her out and back onto the dock, and goes to find something warm to drink to prepare for the next match.

Reese accepts Thorley's offered help and his offered shirt. "Thank you, Sir Thorley." She says in his direction, seemingly grateful for the assistance. When the boat arrives, she climbs from such and heads over to Isabetta. "Congrats and well Jousted Sir Thorley!" She says once sitting. "This means you are going to wear pink?" She asks of her.

Philippe climbs on his horse after gathering his strength and reaches into the saddle to pull out a canteen from which he drinks once and then returns into the saddle sack of his large but short horse.

Atreke, a severe-looking scribe arrives, following Rinel.

Isabetta looks at Reese and then at the ground, "Yeeees," she says wistfully, "But you still have to wear blue because I won the first bet." She blows out a big breath and says, "I was sure you would win too."

"Jousters to your boats!" Comes the call from the Herald. "Master Sparte! Sir Thorley!"

A thin woman draped in black, her face almost bloodless in its pallor, her lips a sharp expressionless gash across her face, makes her way towards Wilhelm with an unusual glint in her dark eyes. Atreke the scribe is interested in something. Or someone.

Oh, also, Rinel is here too. She has a cane. Things are normal!

Thorley had used the time to give his daughter a horsey-back ride as she pretended she was jousting. The knight sets his daughter down, and grins at Tala. "Now if I get wet, don't be disappointed. The point is that we are honorable in our actions." he explains to her before he moves to mount up on the boat. "Well met, Master Sparte, and good luck!"

Sparte calls over to Thorley from his boat. "You as well Sir Thorley! We should talk later, when neither of us are soaking wet!" Sparte bounces slightly as he gets into position, causing the boat to bob. "Sorry, sorry." He gives an apologetic look to the crew as he tries not to bounce any further as they propel him towards his opponent.

The Harthall knight seems to have a soft spot for the sellsword, for when his name is announced for the next tier of the competition, she places her fingers to her lips and offers a whistle that surely could carry across a battlefield, along with a cheer. "And also," she mentions to the child, who presumably comes back to hold Lisebet's hand, "That sometimes there's no shame in receiving an extra bath of the week."

With both men astride their steeds, "Start!" Is called out and the rowers start swiftly.

Thorley checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Reese looks to Isabetta, nodding in response to her. "We will go out like that one night. You in pink and me in blue." She then turns her attention to the joust, seemingly very curious about such.

Sparte checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 53 higher.

Thorley checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 83, rolling 31 lower.

The medium weapon versus Sparte's huge weapon is a mismatch, and Thorley knows it. As much as he tries to get inside on Sparte, it's no use, and there's a colorful string of words unfit for a young orphan as the knight puhes himself up to catch his breath and start to swim to shore in a backstroke as he laughs the whole way.

Sparte checked luck at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

When the two row boats are about to pass, Sparte suddenly bounces again. It causes water to splash up into the boat somewhat, but the motion draws the prow down, and then up so that he has the height advantage over Thorley when they clash. That combined with the length of his weapon is all it takes to leave Sparte with the victory, handily taking Thorley down. Unfortunately, Sparte's boat doesn't just stop moving after the clash. The collision with Thorley has Sparte falling, bouncing once on his 'jousting plank', and falling in himself. There is some sputtering as he swims around to the rear of the rowboat that was carrying him to grab hold and hitch a ride.

Rinel sidles up to a certain foul-looking feline and casually drops a fresh anchovy next to the Claw of Arx. "Oh my," says the scholar. "Do they both lose?"

"The winner! Master Sparte Fatchfor-" And the man goes into the drink again after. The herald looks to Alarissa seated in her little nest of chairs and blankets and a nod from her means he proceeds forward. "A draw. Both shall go again!" He calls out. "Reset!"

Ouida laughs aloud, as yet another round is called for, though it's jovial and warm. "My lady, we should have some warmed cider or something for the knight upon his return," she tells Lisebet. "Two or three times in the water, would be enough to freeze one's hindquarters to the bone, especially on a clear autmn evening. As would the wind, as one keeps one's feet I would imagine!"

Thorley is clearly confused for a moment. He was pulling himself out of the water, about to congratulate Sparte as the victor, when he realizes that the Champion went into the drink as well. "Reset? Oh bloody." he stops any other words, because Tala is right there, looking at her papa with those big blue eyes, and he laughs. "This reminds of the Mangata's blessings back in the winter."

Reese cheers at the jousting match even as a fall leaf blows past her.

Lisebet laughs and cheers. "Look they get to try again," she says sto Tala. A glance over at Ouida, and a shake of her head. "We have more towels, right? We better make sure. I'm positive that Sir Thorley And Master Sparte will both need a lot of towels after this."

Faelan is enjoying himself, sitting with his mead just watching the joust, cheering as people win, and cheering as people go into the water. Really just cheering in general. He's having fun and enjoying himself.

Sparte finally manages to get back up into his boat, twisting up part of his shirt into a terribly wrinkled wad to wring the water from it. He calls over to Thorley with a grin. "Sorry about that! I'll try not to knock us both off again!" Sparte looks to his rowing crew. "Sorry to you as well. Free drinks for all of you when we're done."

Victus hasn't been much more beyond a quiet spectator to this joust. Surprising perhaps that the High Lord has veered away from participating himself, but from the amount of empty bottles of drink he's been accumulating at his spot? It's easily seen why. A grim chuckle rumbles through his chest as they set up for another run.

Rinel nods at Lisebet's words. "Quite right, Lady Farshaw. And something warm to drink, in case the water has dampened their humours." A few leaves have managed to get stuck in her hair; she doesn't seem to notice. She peers out to the sea. "I wonder how far light travels on the ocean at night..."

"Jousters to your steeds!" The herald calls out, the boats ready to take their two riders out to the water again.

Lilybelle in the meanwhile has recognized Rinel's offer. While she's a bit put off by the wind, her fury is abated by the fresh smell of anchovy and proceeding to gnash it with her teeth. Scales are ripped and torn, but the Claw of Arx is pleased.

"Please try not to fall this time when you send me to Mangata's depths!" Thorley calls out as he settles into the boat, shaking off a moment of chill before he takes up the lance again to prepare to charge down Sparte again.

Sparte gets up into position on his rowboat, adjusting his shield on his arm briefly. A big thumbs up is given towards Thorley's craft before he gets the lance in hand and prepares for the next clash-splash.

Thorley checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Sparte checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Sparte checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 44, rolling 13 lower.

2 Harthall house guards have been dismissed.

Reese is still curled-up next to Isabetta. She watches the next round with all this interest.

2 Harthall house guards have been dismissed.

Thorley checked luck at difficulty 20, rolling 11 lower.

That poor Herald. A look to Alarissa who looks a little green from Lilybelle's dinner, and both men are informed to go again.

As Thorley and Sparte collided again, it seems that this time that the knight has the advantage over the ex-champion. But in this case, the knight overextends and finds himself in the drink. "Best two out of three?" he asks when he finally finds himself on shore and back towards the boat.

Lisebet and Tala cheer, and then "Oh no!" almost in tandem as Thorley ends up in the drink again. Lisebet laughs and then she shrugs. "Guess they get one more dunking, hmm?"

There is spluttering as Sparte once again falls off his craft, but laughter as he comes to the surface. He uses his newly gained mastery of the doggy paddle to get himself to shore, taking a moment to catch a breather once there. "Two of three, eh?" Sparte looks over to the Herald with a grin, then over at the people spectating. "We better do it quick, before one of us freezes to death or the audience start throwing fish at us."

Thorley checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Sparte checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Thorley checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 62, rolling 22 lower.

And it was the law of averages. Longer reach - longer hit power. Thorley is lifted off the boat again. "Don't you fall down this time, Gods Dam--" and the rest is lost as the knight is tossed back into the drink to grant Sparte the victory.

Amazingly, Sparte doesn't goof off and manage to put himself in the drink a third time. Maybe the chill is enough for him already. Once Thorley goes down Sparte sets aside the shield and lance, bending down to offer him a hand onto his own rowboat. "I'd offer you my shirt but it wouldn't be an improvement."

"The winner! Master Sparte Fatchforth!" The Herald calls out, relieved that there's finally a winner. Little boats dotting the area have people cheering and others will be waiting on the beach to welcome the two jousters back to shore, though some perchance, cheer a little harder for Sparte.

Reese cheers when Sparte is announced as the winner. "Yay, Sparte!" She says, lifting her voice to carry. She has got back into her regular clothing by now and eventually gave Thorley back his shirt.

Wait, there's fish to throw? Lisebet looks at Tala, but she refrains from saying something so the child doesn't get any fast ideas. Instead she continues to cheer, until Thorley hits the drink once more.

Glory, the proud and fickle warhorse, Doreen the curious red-tailed squirrel arrive, following Klaus.

Taking back his shirt, Thorley slips it on. Sparte gets a grin and a salute. "Well fought!" he calls out, but then he's turning on his daughter. "The terrible sea monster has come from the depths for you, Tala! Rawr!" Tala, Thorley's daughter, squeals and starts to run to hide behind Lisebet as the terrible Thormonster approaches and he pauses before his charge. "Ha! You think Lady Lisebet can protect you! I know her secret weakness for coffee!"

"master Sparte! Sir Thorley! Prizes for the both of you await." Alarissa calls out. "Though Sir Thorley, send your daughter, for she may enjoy it far more than you." Alarissa states with a smile.

Rinel claps politely as her attention returns to the contest.

Lisebet chuckles as Tala hides behind her. Though then Thorley mentions her secret weakness and she gasps. "oh no! my secret weakness! I'm undone!"

"You heard the princess." Thorley responds, stepping back to let Tala collect the prize. The young blonde comes over to the Princess, and escorts a poor attempt at a curtsey. The girl collects the Duskstone and then grins. "I have a magic stone! I can win!" she croons and runs over to Thorley, showing the duskstone to him. "Oh no!" he cries, "My weakness. Pretty stones wielded by pretty girls!" he laughs and collapses dramatically onto the sand, before opening one eye, and looking at Lisebet. "Too much?"

Klaus is late, its no surprise. What might be is how he arrives late this time, all wet and water dripping down him. Also wet is his squirrel Doreen, and if a squirrel could look disapproving, and if she could cross her arms, she would, her tail a sopping mess. Lastly trudging along is wet is his horse, Glory, but unlike the other two does not look put out or angry at its current state. In fact, if a horse could look smug and pleased it would be Glory, with her head held high and whipping its wet main back and forth.

Sparte goes to find Wilhelm waiting for him at shore with a change of shirt and cape. There is a change of pants as well that Sparte declines, prefering a soggy bottom to changing that here. Once he is in a less soggy state he makes his way over to PRincess Alarissa, bowing his head deeply before accepting his prize. "Thank you, Princess. Most generous." Sparte holds up his own duskstone to the sky, looking at the light through it a moment before giving a whistling noise over towards Thorley. "Hey, she should have a matching pair, don't you think?" A gentle underhanded toss and the second stone is headed towards Thorley.

"Maybe a little," Lisebet replies, raising her hand to indicate, just a smidge. Of course, then Sparte is being very generous, on top of Alarissa's generosity, and Lisebet smiles. "Well done, to all the jousters," she calls. "And congratulations, Master Sparte."

Lisebet is overheard praising Sparte: True chivalry

Thorley catches the stone and his smile towards the ex-champion is warm. "Thank you, Master Sparte. What do you say, Tala?" he asks his daughter. "Thank you!" Again, Tala curtseys. She's figuring this out still. "I will make sure her mother gets these so that they can make her her first piece of jewelry." Though that might be a little expensive for a six year old commoner.

Ezekiel the Crownlands Shepherd, 2 Sea Rover Bodyguards arrive, following Artorius.

Philippe finds himself staying for too long and after a moment, he leads his horse back to the Valardin ward.

Reese is curled-up on the beach not far from Isabetta. Her golden locks are damp from her swim and she is back her normal clothing.

Glory tosses her head again and all Klaus can do is glower at the horse. "Glue. Do that again, and I am leading you right to the tannery and letting them use you for glue. I said get their fast, I did not say take us for a swim. I do not care if you thought it was faster. You just wanted me late, and wet."

Lisebet watches quietly, but now that Thorley has his daughter back, she makes her way over to Alarissa with a smile and a curtsey. Or well, as much as she can in these crazy leather armour things. "Your Highness, this is a wonderful idea. Thank you."

"I blame Edain, Lady Lisebet. He always makes comments about finding a way to joust horses on the water. And while it is not horses, I think, perhaps it might just work? He had signed up to do such, but had to tend to other matters." Furs headed on her, Alarissa smiles at Lisebet. "You looks lovely, how are you Lady Lisebet?"

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