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Marin'Alfar Language Night

Another night for those who know the language of the Elves that reside within the water, to practice and hone the tongue.


Oct. 17, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Waldemai Coraline Reese Isabetta Ruslan Rosalie Mikani Carita



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Queensrest Inn - Main Room

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

There is a gathering within the Queensrest, whether it's the one that's supposed to be happening or not, there is a gathering. The Hostess there at least in all her... round glory. As the time is drawing near though, she's standing up and pardoning herself from the table so she can do her host duties for the night, calling out in that foreign tongue that makes those who don't know it, look askance and then go back to their own food and drink.

Waldemai is sitting at the bar and enjoying an ale, because, after all, isn't anything better than being at work? He listens to the unfamiliar word and says, "That's the stuff, all right."

Alarissa says in Marin'alfar, "Welcome, welcome all those who have come to practice the tongue so graciously shared by the Marin'Alfar. Welcome and join a table, and let the learning continue, commence or just sit and listen and be confused.""

And so maybe now is time for Cora to skedaddle. Freya slips over and whispers in Cora's ear, with a nod she stands, excuses herself, and begins to head off. A grin goes to Alarissa's speaking of some jibberjabber. "I really need to learn that at some point." she mutters then is off!

Prince Biscuit, the seadog puppy arrives, following Rosalie.

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3 Thrax Guards, Freja the long suffering, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant, Behemo, a towering man with humble eyes, 2 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Coraline.

Reese is hanging out at Orazio's table and she has a large mug of mead. She seems mystified when Alarissa speaks in a unfamiliar tongue.

Isabetta isn't paying attention to words in a language she doesn't know and just orders something to drink. Wine? Sure. And starts drinking, she's sticking next to Reese.

4 Redoubt Buccaneers, Bengalo, a sneaky black kitten, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant arrive, following Carita.

Bengalo, a sneaky black kitten have been dismissed.

Ruslan arrives in the Queensrest after leaving his horse outside. Hearing the unfamiliar language brings a confused look to the Marquis' face, but he moves to find a seat to pay attention.

Silhouette, a Volkov courser have been dismissed.

Rosalie says in Marin'alfar, "Greetings and salutations! I hope I'm not too late!" Rosalie offers with a grin as she hurries into the Queensrest, satchel banging against her hip as she moves towards the table. A seat is snagged and she glances to Alarissa with a nod and smile."

Rosalie offers a greeting in the strange tongue before hurrying to find herself a seat. A nod and smile is offered to Alarissa as she does so.

Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "Thank you for your welcome. It's good to hear the language."

Mikani looks over at Ruslan, "It's more fun if you join us ... you can come ... we can help learn ...."

Waldemai listens to the people speaking an odd language. "Say," he says. "How long do you think it would take someone to pickup some of that? You know, enough to sell them a bit of armor, that's all." He IS an armorsmith, after all.

"If that is fine. I know it is not a one night affair to learn a new language. It takes a long while." Ruslan offers as he moves over towards the group. "I am Marquis Ruslan of the Volkov Woods."

Mikani smiles at Ruslan and speaks in her very warm calm voice. "I am Lady Mikani ... Voice of Redreef ..." She introduces herself before looking over at Waldemai, "Depends upon the person and how much time you put into it ...."

Reese looks over to Ruslan. "I don't speak it either. I was just here, because I was here already and decided to stay. Maybe one day I will learn a new language, but I don't know if I have the wits for such. Still it is very interesting to hear. I think we met before briefly?" She says towrad him. She then has a gentle smile for Mikania as well. "Hi, Lady Mikani."

"A few weeks and you can have the basis of it I am sure Master Waldemai." The familiar face nearly everywhere. Alarissa beckons him to join them as she's moving back to her seat, satisfied with the sight of all the others who had filtered in, grouping up. "If you have an interest in learning, there are many here who can teach it."

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Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "Princess Consort Alarissa ... how are you this evening ... taking care of yourself?"

Waldemai does join as beckoned. He always likes it near the fire. Thin blood, doncha know?

There's a smile offered to Mikani. "It is nice to meet you, Lady Redreef." Ruslan offers before he nods to Reese. "Yes, when there was the spar the other day, I was training my horse."

"Lady Rosalie Redtyde, Voice and Minister of Finance for Redtyde. A pleasure to meet you all that I haven't yet met, and lovely to see all of you that I have!" Rosalie offers with a bright and engaging smile before giving a nod, "I'm not adverse to teaching if anyone would like!"

Alarissa says in Marin'alfar, "Always lady Mikani." Alarissa smiles to the other woman. "How are you finding your tutors in preparation for the minister position?""

Carita arrives fashionably late, pausing just inside the door to let her eyes find the group and she makes for the table to settle with everyone else. She dips a curtsy for Alarissa, "Your Highness," is said warmly, smoothing her skirts out behind herself before she settles.

Reese looks over to Ruslan, nodding to him. "Oh, I remember, you have a fine horse." she say softly. "I should get going though, it was very nice to see you all and you Princess Alarissa."

Isabetta looks at Reese with a pout, "Oooh where are you off to?" She takes another deep drink of her wine.

"Maybe we can take a ride sometime, Your Highness." Ruslan offers to Reese with a bow of his head as she rises to leave. With that, his attention returns to listening in on the language lessons.

Reese looks over to Isabetta. "Oh, you can come with you want Isabetta, but have to do paperwork and its going to be epic boring, I think."

Carita puts a hand to her lips as she realizes everyone is speaking the language, "I apologize for being late!" She dips her head respectfully Reese's way, "Princess Reese, good to see you at least for a moment before you run away," is said with warmth.

Isabetta nods to Reese and starts to rise, "Oh I am so coming. I'll just busy myself with your art, or your books or your toys."

Carita has joined the Orazio's Table Nearest the Fire.

Reese looks over to Carita, having a smile for her. "Take care, Lady Carita." She then zoom off.

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Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "I'm finding them well enough .. I'm not used to a more formal education ....... it's new to say the least."

Isabetta leaves with Reese giving a friendly wave to Carita on her way out.

Mikani smiles at Alarissa and nods to Carita.

Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "Countess."

Waldemai just listens carefully, trying to make out the basic sounds of a new language. "I wonder if not being able to read helps me hear better," he remarks.

Alarissa says in Marin'alfar, ""I have faith that you'll come out with flying colors and make the finest minister that we have.""

Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "s Second finest."

Rosalie says in Marin'alfar, "Oh, is there anything I can assist with, by chance? What sort of tutoring are you seeing, Lady Mikani?" Rosalie inquires with a bright smile, eager to help and join in."

Mikani looks at Waldemai, "Can help with that too ...."

Alarissa looks to Waldemai. "Given that there's no written language to their tongue, it certainly wouldn't hinder it. Master Waldemai, did the scholars of Vellichor never visit where you were raised and teach you and yours to read and write?" Carita's entry has Alarissa carefully rising and she lifts her teacup. "Salutations and congratulations to the newest Countess Carita Darkwater. Long may she reign, long may she reign."

Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "I am learning about populations and trends ..... How to make sure people are happy ... and the mental processes of ensuring happiness."

Carita's smile is warm for Mikani, "You know, Lady Mikani, I believe you're the first to call me that." Her cheeks redden just a touch as Alarissa rises, a hand lifting to her cheek in an effort to hide and cool it as she dips her head in gratitude, "Thank you, Your Highness, I vow to do you proud in the position."

Mikani Rosalie = Domain Population

"Congratulations, Countess." Ruslan offers in response as he continues to try to listen for common terms in the language being bandied about and match it up with what it could mean.

Waldemai waves his mug. "'Course they came your highness, but I was apprenticed already, and was learning to read what I needed to read." He points at the fire. "The heat of a fire...I need that every day. The color of hot steel. Too hot and it melts, too cool and it's brittle." He touches his cheek. "The look in a man or woman's eye, so I know who plans to cheat me. That's the reading I need."

Mikani nods softly, "That is a lesson I have learned well ...." She sips her rum and looks at the others gathered around her. There was something about the language that took the weight off.

"Do you want to learn now? The language, or, how to read?" Alarissa's sitting back down, ever in that perpetual state of tired she seem to be, but a grand look of contentment today.

Rosalie says in Marin'alfar, "Hmmm, unfortunately outside my area of expertise.... but you may wish to speak with Lord Mirk Halfshav. I believe either he or Lady Khanne Halfshav are fulfilling that role for their own family. Otherwise... hm. I -think- Lady Amari Keaton is the Minister of Population for the Keaton family? I cannot recall properly, but you might try asking her if you find yourself lacking for tutors. Its definitely a niche role." She offers a bright smile once more and adds, "I can also inquire around the Scholars if you like."

Waldemai sounds pretty confident as he signals for another ale. He knows what he wants. "I'd like to learn to talk some. I can talk to someone, I can sell them something, your highness, or just have a chat. Reading? I can pay someone to do that if I need it."

Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "Then how do you know they are reading correctly?"

Doreen the curious red-tailed squirrel leaves, following Klaus.

Mikani speaks up before shaking her head, "Then how do you know if you are being read to correctly ...." She states again. She watches Waldemai. "People have reason to lie." She doesn't mean to sound overly synical. But her past taught her she needed to be able to read for herself.

Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "Thank you ... maybe I will inquire ... how is married life?"

Sir Dalan, Longsuffering Valardin Knight arrives, following Clover.

"It would be nice to just learn some of the basics." Ruslan offers as he listens to Mikani talking in the other language, bit when the attention turns to Waldemai, he frowns. "I barely know how to read." he comments. "For prodigals, reading was always secondary to handling the woods."

Waldemai shrugs at that. "I tell them to write something and they write it wrong, I don't use that scribe again, and I tell everyone I know they're no good. Starting with the Crafter's Guild." That's a lot of lost business for a poor scribe. "If the mistake's bad enough, well..." He pats the heavy hammer stuck in his belt.

Carita's private messages are a somewhat steady stream, and even with an assistant as skillfully discreet as Luna is, there's a bit of a frustrated sigh through her nose. "I'm terribly sorry, I'm going to go to help keep the messengers at bay." She rises, dips a curtsey for the table, "If you'll excuse me?"

Sir Dalan, Longsuffering Valardin Knight leaves, following Clover.

Mikani looks at them, "I can understand ... I was born a Thrall ... I didn't learn until I was older ... but it helps. I needed to learn how to read ...." She sips her rum.

Rosalie says in Marin'alfar, "I couldn't be happier, really. Alex is a wonderful husband, utterly perfect for me." Rosalie smiles softly and rests a hand on her stomach, "And by spring we will welcome the newest Redtyde into the world.""

Mikani hugs Carita before she goes.

'Oh, go. I know how this is Countess. Go bask and enjoy" Alarissa lifts her hand in farewell to the woman. "Beware women trudging towards the tower with cupcakes, you may wish to take shelter." But Waldemai has expressed interest and so Alarissa with the help of the others at the tables sets into the task of giving them at least the basics.

Rosalie smiles towards Carita, "Congratulations on your advancament, Countess. And best of luck with the messengers!"

Waldemai listens as he is being taught, frowning as he concentrates. His lips move silently as he starts to memorize new words for old ideas.

Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "Anytime you want to talk ... you can come to Redreef ... I will gladly speak with you."

Waldemai spits out a few stumbling words. "Um...Waldemai my name is. Dye no, buy something?"

Alarissa laughs softly when Waldemai manages to repeat back, watching the ones new the language work through it. "Buy" She repeats for him, nursing that peppermint tea through it all, occasionally glancing to the room to make sure everything is fine elsewhere.

Waldemai nods. " Get it will I."

Waldemai adds, "It's a good thing 'dye' doesn't sound like 'die' in Marin'Alfar."

Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "I would like to buy something but I only have 10 silver ...."

Alarissa says in Marin'alfar, "Oh there are some words that sound the same. Lady Khanne was forever asking to dine with goats. And you should ask his Grace to greet you. He has earned a title in their language now. Even Queen Ayllish calls him it. He is the mighty sea cock" Alarissa blushes a little. "I taught him when introducing himself to say I am the mighty sea rooster cock-a-doodle-doo. Ailith taught the king to introduce himself by saying I am a mighty dolphin.""

Waldemai grins and pulls out a ten silver coin, and shows it to Lady Mikani. "Ten, right Did I get that?"

Carita's laughter is soft as she returns Mikani's hug, "It's going to take some getting used to, being called Countess." she makes sure to wiggle the hug in a little more solidly before releasing. "Oh, I -never- turn away cupcakes, Your Highness, I welcome bakery barrage." For Ruslan, she dips her head again, "I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to actually meet more properly. I'm sure we'll meet again though, when I'm not being beaten by messengers." Then Rosalie wins her smile, "Thank you, Lady Rosalie. Congratulations as well."

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Waldemai listens to the Princess' story. "That sounds like something I'd say, your highness. Words are hard enough to keep straight when you're used to them, I'd say."

Waldemai listens to the Princess' story. "That sounds like something I'd say, your highness. Words are hard enough to keep straight when you're used to them, I'd say."

"It is funny. Until he says it to a prince and the prince then turns and looks at you knowingly"

Waldemai considers that sort of situation. Of course, as a commoner, 'Off with his head,' is in play. "Well, everyone's got to have some fun, right, your highness? And in serious negotiations you'd leave things to people who spoke really good, anyway."

Mikani sips her rum and listens to them learn and speak. A faint smile on her face.

"Everyone is very much entitled to some fun and he has happily owned up to it." Alarissa finishes off her tea, setting the cup down. "I never knew you made armor. leather or metal?"

Waldemai pats the hammer in his belt. He's sticking to Marin'Alfar for practice. "Metal, highness...Um, steel not broonze." He stops to think about that one. "Bronze, mean I. Steel, not bronze."

"It is good to know. So metalsmithc A pause. "Can you work Alaricite breastplates?"

Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "Too rich for my blood ....."

Mikani laughs softly and sips her rum.

Waldemai is talking business, so he goes back to Arvani. "Not yet, your highness," he says. "I may get there some day, but I'll be a much older man, I'd guess." He nods to Lady Mikani, having made out what she said. "Exactly. Everyone wants it, but no one can afford it."

Rosalie says in Marin'alfar, "I wouldn't mind an alaricite blade someday. Someday... but that would be like.. years of saving.""

Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "Yes ... weapons would be nice ... but then I'm still wearing low grade leather armor ....."

Alarissa says in Marin'alfar, ""I managed to save enough for four bars, with assistance from the Thrax bank, and am saving for the other two. Should be a few more weeks. So that his Grace may have a breastplate. Picture it. That man, standing upon the prow of the Lady Thunderstuck, his alaricite axe upon his shoulder, that great coat of his, the breastplate shining and the rest of his armor. A fearsome and awe inspiring sight yes? The Onslaught at his back, the Isles Leviathan spread out." Alarissa looks between the three. "So Is hall have to hunt and find someone who can fashion it then." Rosalie's desire brings a smile. 'Some day dear. We shall help." Then Mikani speaks and Alarissa's eyes widen. "Pardon? You are? Oh, oh Mikani....""

Waldemai is still practicing. "Heard of some I have...Lady Joscelin would know, highness."

Mikani looks at Alarissa curiously.

Rosalie says in Marin'alfar, "OH! Dame Alexis can, and Mistress Eithne! Both of them are able to fashion alaricite armor, I know because it came up when I was searching for an armorsmith for Alex's rubicund!" Rosalie pipes back in with a grin. She nods to Waldemai as well, "Or Guildmistress Joscelin would know too." She grins once more to Alarissa, "I'm hoping Rook and Yasmine will help so it isn't -quite- so costly."

Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "I am only a Lady ... your Highness .... You needent worry."

Alarissa says in Marin'alfar, ""You will be our minister of population and represent Thrax in these matters. Don't worry, I'll see that the materials make their way to you for something a little better." Alarissa pats the table with her palm. "Dame Alexis it is then.""

Rosalie says in Marin'alfar, "As am I, Lady Mikani. But I still own a set of exotic leathers..." Rosalie motions to the outfit she has on before glancing to Alarissa, "Shall I contact House Champagne to make arrangements?""

Waldemai nods his head when he recognizes the names of master armorsmiths.

Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "You are different than me Lady Rosalie ...."

Alarissa says in Marin'alfar, ""No, I shall. It would only make Rook worry that his best friend is reaching out through her lady in waiting. For him, always do I deal direct. We have known each other far too long. But if you might reach out to the Marquise Keaton and ask to arrange a conversation?" Her tea is done and other tables are winding down. "Master Waldemai. I see you everywhere, and I am glad you stayed. You need only each out to any here and we shall gladly practice. The more you learn the better you'll be. Who knows what you might learn from them with regards to smithing.""

Rosalie says in Marin'alfar, "We are not as different as you might think, Lady Mikani. I was not born thrall, true, but all was not roses and chocolates either. I was hidden away for a long time, for fear of Donrai Thrax. Its only been a few months since I was able to step forward and claim my birthright as lady of House Redtyde." Rosalie offers a smile towards Mikani. Nodding to Alarissa, she responds, "Of course, Your Highness. I will see to it. Is there a day that would be preferable to you?"

Waldemai has returned to Arvani for the moment. "It's good business even if I don't your highness." He may be illiterate but he knows his business. "I make friends every where, and donate to any charity that asks, and attend all the sermons and cheer at all the games. Being able to talk to someone from someplace else is just part of that."

"You're an interesting man." Flipping back to Arvani, signaling the end of this all for her likely. If the trying to lever herself out of the seat is any indication either. "Any day Lady Rosalie. I make myself available. I have some things to speak with him about and I believe..." A look to Mikani from Alarissa. "They were donating a dog to the auction?"

Mikani looks at Alarissa curiously.

Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "The Redtyde?"

Rising up from her chair, Rosalie offers a hand to Alarissa to help her up. "Of course, Your Highness. And the offer in the whites stated they would be happy to offer some of their goats or dogs to a good cause, I believe."

Mikani nods, "Ah the Keatons ... yes they said they would donate as soon as some were born ... so a suitable one can be found."

'Right, that was you. Not Lady Mikani." Alarissa's pale cheeks start to sport the shade of those embroidered flowers on the front of her dress. "I would lose my head if it were not attached to my neck these days. Thank you Rosalie." A nod to Mikani. "Any day Rosalie, will do fine. I open myself to his schedule. We need to start scaling me back a little more on engagements. Master Waldemai, a pleasure as always. The most polite of commoners that I ever have chance to cross paths with.My regards to whomever raised you"

"Perfectly alright, Your Highness. It has been a very busy few months, with much on your plate. I believe you are allowed a faux pas or two," Rosalie says with a warm smile towards Alarissa. Inclining her head, she offers, "As you wish, I'll send the missive out immediately."

Waldemai rises as well, and bows politely. "That would be my old master back in Southport, your highness. Maybe he'll come up here one day, if his old bones can manage."

"If he does, bring him to dinner in Thrax. We will welcome you both." The bow is met with a dip of her head, a press of a kiss to Rosalie's cheek and the same for Mikani. "And now, I am off to get off my feet, shove my belly into his Grace's back and watch him yelp and run away like a scared child." A wicked smile on her face.

Mikani kisses Alarissa's cheek back, the action new to her. "Be well your Highness .... take care of yourself." She says as her dark eyes look over Alarissa as if making sure the other woman is okay.

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