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Empty Oceans Part 2

A mission to discover why ships are being lost with or abandoned. Rumors and lost shipping have brought worried merchants to East Light, and Solace, to help discover how to protect their cargo, and their sailors but really they care about the cargo. This investigation has led them to a very strange place. An island called Paradise Island. It's here that they expect to find the answers that they seek.


Sept. 18, 2018, 7 p.m.

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Auda Reese Alexandre(RIP) Bashira(RIP) Harper Rey Rosalie John Victus



Outside Arx - Lyceum near Esterhold - Middle of the Ocean - Paradise Island

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Comments and Log

The trip to Paradise Island has been so far a rather arduous one, upon finding that abandoned vessel in the midst of the water, an a starving and broken young man that had led them all to that place called "Paradise Island". The two corpses that had had been posed up to hold those signs still hanging in the back of everybody's minds, and their requsts seeming all at once innocent and ominous.

"Welcome to Paradise Island!

Rule 1: Be polite!

Rule 2: Be Respectful

Rule 3: Do not leave unnecessary trash or corpses behind

Rule 4: Do not disturb the natives

Rule 5: Do not spread non-approved religious beliefs while on the island.

The price of admission will be collected at the end of the trip! Welcome and happy visiting!" The signs are then completed with happy faces and hearts. The group had moved along a path, and some had split off to look around in their own directions, some had stayed behind on the ship. They're moving along a path to who knows where.

((Freeform RP for now, I will tell you when to pause for the next emit!))

Auda Is just.. following along. She's been quiet so far, watching and learning, studying everything. Sandy blonde hair has been pulled up into a bun, and she's just wearing linens! Nothing overly protective, oddly enough.

Reese is still injured, but she has been bandaged up and taken good care of. The Princess decides to leave the ship with others and she tries to make light of her injury, fake smiling though the pain and everything. "Okay..." She says, looking to the sign with a frown. "This cannot be good. I wonder what the price is?" She murmurts.

Alexandre is here! He had been busy watching over the survivour they picked up floating on his lonesome, but here he is now, never far from his beloved Rosalie! Or from his latest charge, Princess Reese. While her wounds have been treated enough for her to come along, it's always best to keep an eye on one's charges. Especially if they're warriors. Especially if they have a tendency to charge at the scary-looking monsters encountered. Still, for all of their challenges thus far, Alexandre seems calm. Clad in his steel armour, wielding sword and shield, he seems ready to protect the party of adventurers against... whatever can be expected on Paradise Island. Happy thoughts? "I admit I'm a bit confused." He glances to Rosalie.

Bashira had read that sign a few times and there's a shake of her head as she does, "I don't like it at all." the Shaman states to the rest of them. "The price is probably your tongue." she states. "Or that is my best guess." she grimaces to that. Then she looks to see what else can be seen from their spot.

Harper wanders up by Reese and eyes the sign skeptically, saying, "Nope, and sure sounds real bad. I mean a price can't be good, cause I don't think they're talking silver." She glances around the area, then wanders off a bit to start looking around curiously. She muses, "I gotta admit this doesn't seem like much of a paradise."

"It can't be good," Denica says with a nod to Reese. She'd also been wounded on the way over, but she was rather stubbornly moving herself forward, holding her bandaged side while her guard keeps close at her side. "We might want to be careful, maybe we can avoid direct conflict?" Denica suggests. "Fuck if I know. I'm just trying to keep putting one foot in front of the other."

Rey is dressed head to foot in white, her wound not even showing on the Mercy's clothing as her arm is lashed inside her robe so not to overly jar the two arrowed shoulder. She eyes the sign and shakes her head gently, "Nothing good, you do not offer happy and joy in such a way without death trying to enter..." Her eyes are clear still and she has not wondered off in day dreams, so thing seem well enough. She says near the other wounded, like Denica and makes sure she is cared for, but she is not happy the Princess is putting herself through the walk!

Rosalie strides along the path in her shimmery aeterna gown, glancing around as if to try and determine where the 'natives' are so they can better avoid them. She glances back to Reese and offers, "Probably our tongues. Maybe our free will, if whoever is in charge thinks we would make good bait for the next group that comes out." She looks back to Alexandre and gives a small shrug, "I have a few theories, but I'm seeking more data before I settle on one. I don't want to pigeonhole myself unnecessarily."

Reese glances over to Alexandre, seemingly grateful to have him close. She then looks to Bashira. "Yeah, it won't be anything good the price. Also be careful about about talking religions. It sounds like they might like that. I doubt their believes are in line with our own." Reese then turns to Harper. "I don't think it will be silver. If only it were that easy." She adds. She then turns to Denica, nodding. "We can try to avoid such." She says, but doesn't sound too hopeful. She sucks in a soft and nervous breath at Rosalie's words. "Free will is the worst thing to lose." Reese then starts forward. She even tries to take point.

"..Tongue, or.. maybe they need new sign-holders." She glances to her companions, but then looks to the path ahead. "Anyone know who the locals are? That's probably a good start. "I could scout ahead a little bit? I'm pretty good at that." Lots of shady work in the Lowers would probably translate well to the task!

"Fair enough." Alexandre nods to Rosalie, before returning his gaze to the sign and its omnious nature. "Well, we won't find out any more by standing here." And with that, the knight steps forward, especially with Reese doing the same. He doesn't move much beyond the rest of the group, however, always making certain they're not all too far from each other. The last thing they could possibly want is splitting up. "Someone with a quick wit be ready to intervene quickly." he calls out. He does not, apparently, consider himself as one such.

Bashira quirks an eyebrow at Reese, "No one mentioned religions?" she states to her in a confused tone. Then there's a bit of a head shake as she steps away from the sign and stands off to the side, waiting to see who is going to take the lead on things.

Reese looks over to Auda. "It could be that." She says with concern in her voice. She then turns to Bashira. "Yeah, nobody has. The sign says not to spread unauthorized religious beliefs so I worry that such might upset them. That being said, if find ourselves needing or wanting to pray, I would say still do such." She murmurs and continues to take point, at least for now.

Harper keeps her hand on her sword hilt, looking around warily, turning her head this way and that to try to take in all that she can. She eyes Alexandre with a slight smirk, but sets off behind he and Reese. A frown settles on her face at the talk of cutting out tongues, and she says to no one in particular, "I'm kinda partial to my tongue. Think I'll be keeping it, if it's all the same to whoever's here."

"From what we've seen, their religion is likely based around whoever is in charge. The pain, the heat, the hunger, the thirst, not worthy, not whole... that's a prayer. And the boy -wanted- to come back here. Willing to hurt himself severely to get released so he could come back. He's a zealot." Rosalie responds to the question of the religion on the island, still moving forward, looking around here and there.

The group progresses forward through the path, the island itself is huge, and despite the rather imposing signholders up front, it's a beautiful paradise to be sure. In fact, the further down the path they go, the less it seems like there is anything wrong with this island, what could there possibly be wrong in such a beautiful paradise after all? As the dock fades from view and further on from memory, the group eventually sees in the distance the first sign of civilization since they arrived, a village in the far distance. Not close enough to see more than the movement of activity within, it looks peculiarly normal. Only the winding pathway and a sprinkling of trees along the way stand between them and this village.

Rey adds softly, "I don't believe he has been here yet, he has hit tongue, so he was being... tested as bait, this is the promise land for him..."

Reese nods to Harper. "We will make that a goal. All returning with our tongues." She murmurs softly. She then turns to Rosalie. "That makes sense, him being a zealot." She continues along then hmms softly. "Shall we continue to the village?" She asks and takes a step in that direction.

"Village... I'm not sure whether I should feel heartened by the sight of civilization of some kind, or dread it." Alexandre murmurs as they catch sight of the village. "The island is huge, and I imagine could supply quite a number of these zealots. Can anyone make a rough estimation based on what we've seen thus far?" he asks, glancing back to the group with his question.

"Sorry, your highness." Bashira tells Reese as they move forward. Then she quietlys and there's a bit of a watch to where they step. She didn't like places like this. They were spooky and she didn't have the lay of the land. Then there's a chuckle to Harper, "I'm partial to mine to, but it's just for talking mainly." she admits. Then there's a look to the village, "I'm good for continuing if others are." she nods to Reese.

"I'm a city girl. I don't know things like how many people a chunk of land can support." Frowning, slightly. She'd never thought that would be something -useful- to know! "Just.. let me know if you want me to try circling around? There's not much cover, but.. Otherwise, I'll just stick near the Princesses, just in case."

Reese continues to village. She looks over to Auda. "If you want to sneak around and try to get a look, feel free, just be careful." She says in her direction. "We could even wait for her to come back and report?" She says and stops her approach. It is a very not sneaky approach. Reese is bright and kind of loud.

Auda checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Harper eyes the village warily, then says, "This whole damned place makes my hackles rise." She eyes Reese, then sets off down the path with her, frowning and looking over at Auda, too, then nearly runs into Reese's back when she stops. Stepping back from Reese slightly, she says, "Sounds like a plan."

"I'm not sure we should go to the village... the sign specifically said to -not- disturb the natives. If there's natives to be disturbed, they're likely to be at the village..." Rosalie voices her misgivings and scoots in a little closer to Alexandre.

Auda simply nods to the group, and peels off to one side. There isn't a whole lot of cover, but somehow Auda seems to make it work. She makes a wide arc, trying to circle around the village and see as much of it as possible.

"True." Alexandre nods to Rosalie. "Though I suppose scouting ahead can't hurt." If quiet. Which is why Alexandre is staying right where he is, and doesn't even try the sneaking approach. Usually doesn't work out well for anyone clad in heavy armor. He does keep a wary eye on the village, his shield, while not at the ready, still able to be raised at the first hint of trouble.

Reese hmms softly. "You make a point, Lady Rosalie." She is still staying put for now.

Auda checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Bashira gives a look around, but she doesn't move anywhere. She puts her hand on the hilt of murky and then stares off, to see if she ccan see if there's anyone moving. She doesn't want them getting ambushed.

At some point while everyone is waiting, perhaps purposely waiting until her husband is checking Reese's bandages or otherwise occupied, Rosalie seems to simply... melt off into the brush. One would think the aeterna would be a hindrance, but she manages to slip off into the jungle on her own. Taking a different route from Auda, she may be trying to come at things from the other side so they can get a full view of what's going on in the village. Rosalie is strangely good at the disappearing act for being a bookworm of a noble.

Alexandre is just doing the rounds of everyone that was wounded, checking on them, making sure they're not hiding worse wounds or that their bandages are clean. First rule of the physician, don't trust your charge. They'll tell you they're fine while they're bleeding all over the place.

Auda and Rosalie both move off from the main group to go off and scout ahead, the main group staying behind for the moment to await a report.

Auda makes her way back, circling the way she came once more. She does make a bit of noise off to the side before popping out of the brush with a grin. Hopefully not having weapons thrust at her! "So, it -is- kind of creepy up there. Everyone's smiling and chanting that prayer, lookin' real happy as they go aboutu their day. No one's talking to each other, though. There's a market, and shops and houses. A normal village, from what I can see. Just creepier."

Harper starts to pull her sword out, but relaxes and slides it back into the scabbard as Auda comes out of the brush. She stands quietly and listens to her report, as a frown grows on her face, then says, "Damned place gets creepier by the minute. Something's real bad off here, that's for sure. Knew it wasn't paradise."

Reese listens to Auda's report, the princess nodding in response. "That sounds very creepy, yeah." She murmurs. "Well, I think maybe we should go past the village and see what else is here." She adds and looks to toward the others as if trying to gage how they feel about that.

"Avoid the natives, aye." Alexandre agrees, and then stops. "Wait. Where did Rosalie go?" The man is missing his wife. The man does not want to miss his wife. "Rosa?" he starts calling. As worried husbands are wont to do.

Alexandre starts calling, and Auda darts over to punch him in the arm. "Shut up! You'll disturb the natives, which we're -not- supposed to do!" She may not actually hit the Lord, but the intent was definitely there. "I can go look for her."

Bashira gives a shudder to the report, "That's really creepy." she mutters. Then she looks to Alexandre and the others and there's a look around, "My lord, please don't shou..." and then her eyes go wide as Auda punches the man in the arm. "You're going to break your hand." she whispers to her.

Harper nods to Reese, saying, "Yeah, let's scope out what we can find, then figure out what makes the most sense to poke into more. Least that's my advice." She eyes Alexandre as he starts yelling, and reaches up to rub her face, muttering about knights, then says, "Stop your caterwauling, please."

Now Auda punching a steel-plate clad arm may not be the best way to keep one's hand unharmed, but it does get Alexandre's attention. While the man hadn't been yelling, his voice raised rather than bellowing it out to cover the entire island, he does stop, frowning at the rest of the group as he asks. "Did anyone see when she left? Did she say anything before disappearing?" he asks.

It takes Rosalie a little longer to make her way back to the group, but she steps onto the path perhaps ten feet ahead of the group and lifts an arm to signal that its her and not to shoot. She approaches with a glance back over her shoulder and then back to the group, "Okay. The village is largely what I was afraid it was. More people happily singing the deathwish song while they go about their normal lives. Shops, houses.. and a temple in the middle of the village. Robed figures, also smiling and singing, going in and out of the temple. Everyone else seems to very much avoid it, though. I couldn't tell if the villagers have the same scars as the boy, it would have required going into the village itself, which was just too risky. But since they still have their tongues, chances are good they are the 'natives' we're supposed to avoid. Thankfully, there are multiple forks in the path that will let us go further into the island and avoid the village completely." Rosalie moves back to stand by Alexandre again, reaching down to give his armored hand a squeeze.

Auda checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Alexandre checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Bashira checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Harper checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Reese checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Rosalie checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Reese listens to Rosalie' report, nodding in response. "Okay, we avoid the village." She murmur softly, still sounding worried. She looks over the party and start counting people. "Where is Princess Denica?"

Bashira's almost golden gaze gives a look around after Rosalie rejoins them and there's a look of concern that crosses her features, "Where is Princess Denica?" she asks as she looks to the others. "Did anyone see where she went?" she asks as she looks back towards the village.

"...are you kidding me?" Auda quietly moves back to the rear, to where Denica -had- been. She's no scout, but maybe she could pick up a trail? Some vague direction?

Alexandre is significantly reassured when Rosalie returns. "So you're going to disappear without notice all throughout our stay on this island, aren't you?" he asks his wife, with the tone of voice of a man who has accepted such fate, although not very pleased with it. "I agree. We should avoid the villagers for now." And then they're missing a Princess. "I was checking on her wounds moments ago." he blinks.

"Quite possibly, my love. But I will always return," Rosalie looks up at her husband with a brief smile before mention of Denica has her casting her gaze around again. Frowning slightly, she moves away from her husband once more and heads back towards where Denica was, her frown deepening as she tracks back a bit further. A moment more and she's looking back to the group, "Her bow is here, along with a Thraxian guard's sword. And there's heel marks, like they were dragged off into the jungle... that way." And she points towards the tracks.

Reese studies the area around her seemingly looking for something, maybe Princess Denica. "Okay, we have to find her." She says and then starts to study tracks. She tries to pick out the Thrax Princess' if she can.

Alexandre is not great at this, but once pointed out the equipment and the heel marks, he joins in the effort of studying the tracks, and follow them as much as possible. He doesn't say more about Rosalie's disappearing act, for after all, she did return. But now they've a missing princess, and a wounded one at that.

"Have you lost something?" A voice rings out in the trees, while the rest of the group seems to be looking along the drag marks of Denica's and the Guard's feet. Upwards a woman, is walking easily among the branches, a curious tilt of her head given to the group. "Oh you mustn't fret! He has summoned her!" The woman has dark hair tied in braids and is wearing a simple linen blouse and breeches. "A pretty one, but don't worry!"

For now, she just picks up Denica's sword. She's not about to just leave it on the side of the path, and assumes that one of the others can take her bow. "..Who has summoned her?" There's a flick of her green gaze towards the village, where Rosa had mentioned a temple, and then back to the woman in the trees.

Reese is standing there thoughtfully and looking quite troubled. She nods in response to Auda's question. "I wonder that as well and of course we worry." She murmurs.

Alexandre doesn't say anything, other than manouver himself to be able to deal with the woman if she were to turn hostile. He doesn't draw his blade, just stands there and lets the more socially capable members of the group handle it.

Bashira looks to the woman that speaks and there's a quirk of her eyebrow, "Who has summoned her?" she asks. "And can you take us to them, please?" she adds. "We are needing to take her home safely." she insists with a smile.

Glancing around nervously at the tohers, Rosalie steps forward and smiles towards the woman that's suddenly appeared. She tries for something warm and friendly, though it likely seems a touch forced, "Hello. We were trying very hard not to disturb anyone, but the rules of the island said that the price would be claimed once we were ready to depart. I'm certain our friend is probably worried about us, since we didn't get summoned as well. Would it be possible to go to her, just so she can see that we're all okay? It would be one less thing for Him to have to worry about since I'm certain she's been summoned for very good reason. We just don't want her worry to interfere in His plan!" This is her first attempt at diplomacy in this sort of situation, and the nervousness is bleeding through at the edges, though she gives it a damn good try.

"Why... HE has. HE has summoned all of you! Oh I am so excited to be having new visitors!" The woman laughs with glee. "Oh you are all so very pretty yes... You aren't going to need any of those!" she points to the weapons, and especially Auda as she picks up her sword. "You will come to them when HE decides!" she than says to Bashira, the smile fading as she shouts out in an animalistic roar, before the smile is back on her face. "No... no no no no no NO!" This woman is pacing on the branches as easily as if she were born in them, and she looks over at Rosalie. "She will let go of her worry! You will all be brought with them soon!" the woman laughs again, speaking out next in a singsong voice. "He will be here, He knows all. He will make the nightmare fall," another laugh. "You are all goooood smart people! Now where do the new acolytes go..." she taps her chin. "Well! I am sure you'll all figure it out! I'll be watching!" she giggles, and she runs back, jumping from branch to branch until she's disappeared from sight.

Reese checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Alexandre checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Rosalie checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Auda checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Bashira checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Auda checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 35 higher.

Reese seems troubled as she listens to the woman's words. "Well that isn't good." She says. "Right or left?" She asks while looking between the two paths.

Alexandre checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Auda wields Steel Knife.

Trying to sneak up on a heavily armoured man is a risky plan. Especially when someone tries to place a rag over the mouth of Alexandre, who's lucky enough to notice the attempt... and struggle. "We're being attacked!" he warns the others, even as he turns to face his assailant and... bash her in the face with his shield, sending his attacker staggering back. He wastes no time afterwards, shutting his helmet, the draconic quality of the helm now evident.

It's reflex, really. A life of living in the Lowers, where every night might be your last. Every mugging might have you bleeding out in an alley when they find out you have nothing. A knife flashes into Auda's hand, sinking into the stomach of-- when did that person get there? Auda's knife sinks deep into their gut as Alexandre announces the attack. Auda spins to face her assailant, but holds herself back from going for the kill.

"Wait! No... shit." Rosalie looks as the woman giggles and disappears off into the woods before turning a crestfallen look towards Reese. "I'm sorry. I'm not used to trying to negotiate with zealots, its very tricky, and I just couldn't guess the right tack to take with her..." she sighs softly and rubs at the back of her neck. "Do you want to go to the village, or away from it? We're still under the rules of the island to..." And then Alexandre is calling out an attack and Rosalie is palming her dagger, looking worried.

Rosalie wields luminous edges of pale gold concealable blade.

Alexandre wields crisp leaves of fading autumn dragon inspired sword with charred flame edges.

Bashira wields Sailor's Delight.

As the man and woman pair off and try to take down Alexandre and Auda both, the man screaming and holding the wound in his side, the woman that had tried to take down Alexandre throwing her hands in front of herself, and both of them having dropped the rags and from the looks of things still looking rather unarmed. "Wait!" she cries out, the man still screaming in agony, she steps back to try to get closer to him and take his hand, still staggering she looks to be ready to try to step back into the woods.

"Well that's just fantastic." Bashira growls out. Then someone is shouting that they're being attacked and in one quick motion there's a rubicund dagger in her hand. She doesn't go after anyone yet though. She just looks to see where people are coming from.

Reese wields Devotion, a silvery pink alaricite short sword.

"HEY! No, that's my husband!" Rosalie steps quickly in front of Alexandre to block the woman from taking Alex's hand. She doesn't threaten the woman, but she's looking mulishly ready to if the issue gets pressed.

Alexandre holds. His shield is up, ready to protect his companions, and his sword is drawn, the similarly draconic-inspired blade at the ready. But he holds. "You tried to attack us." It's spoken less like a question, more like a statement. "Were you trying to take us to Him?" He looks at the wounded man, then at the woman. "I can see to his wounds if you answer the questions of my companions."

Reese seems confused as the attacks start. She draws her silvery pink blade and looks around for further attackers. "Is everyone okay?" She asks of her party. She then looks over to Alexandre, giving him a nod at his words. She keeps silent for now.

Auda quickly steps forward, brandishing the bloody knife at the woman. "We've got healers, but we also have questions." Echoing Alex again, as she doesn't step -between- the two attackers, but definitely steps up so it's harder for the woman to get to the man on the ground. "I don't like being kidnapped. It'd be good if you just answered us. Honestly."

"He wants you all," The woman says nervously, her eyes darting back to all of them. "Not attack! We need you to sleep so you don't get hurt," she pauses as Auda gets in the way. "DON'T TOUCH HIM!" she yells then, and as she seems to slowly regain herself, a smile appears on her face. "What questions?" she says nervously, looking around at all the drawn weapons, and she looks decidedly unarmed.

Rosalie looks between all of the adventurers before looking back to the woman. She's the first to sheathe her dagger, tucking it away and holding up open, empty hands. "How would you make us sleep? Where would you be taking us once we were asleep? Are we going the same place our friend was taken? Will we see Him? Will we be taught your religion? What will be expected of us? Why do we need to be asleep to stop from being hurt?" That pragmatic mind taking over at mention of questions, a flood of them tumbling out.

Auda seems to relax as the woman calms down, and she steps a side. She even finds a place to wipe off her blade on the groundcover, since she doesn't want to stain her clothes. She even tucks the knife away, though she still watches. Ready to pounce.

"No one is putting me to sleep, no." Bashira shakes her head in a way that makes someone think that if it's something that happens without her consent that there will be people hurt when she awakens. She does put her knife away though. So she's less threatening for the moment.

"This is Paradise," The woman says, slowly moving to try to help the man to his feet if Auda allows her. "But you have... weapons," she smiles as she speaks but she looks rather warily at all those brandished weapons, even Rosalie after she'd put hers away. "You will be fixed. You will be taught the truth!" she says, and she points to the cloth. "Sleep juice so you don't fight. Hurt us, make us hurt you," she continues to explain, though at the question of going to the same place, the woman nods, blinking slowly. "You will be brought before Him. No weapons! Weapons forbidden! Unless... chosen."

Alexandre does not seem all that troubled at wielding forbidden weapons. In fact, he hasn't moved much at all, still waiting, wary, as the others interrogate their would-be attackers.

Reese keeps her weapon a well and she makes no attempt to conceal that she is openly carrying such. "Take us to him." She says to the woman, sounding frustrated.

"If you use that, uh, sleep juice... it might hurt some of us. We have wounded that the sleep juice could be harmful to," Rosalie responds to the woman in a somewhat shifty tone. She's not lying, she's just not telling the WHOLE truth. Because Rosalie's are TERRIBLE liars. She flicks a glance to Alexandre.

"No!" The woman shouts towards Reese, the man's hand in hers she steps back. "She's fine... guard too. Sleep juice filters weak! We will not take you to him unless you drop your weapons!" she says. "We... we..." she looks over her shoulder at the woods and back at the group, stepping away and looking like she might turn and bolt if nobody stops her.

"No weapons, see? I can just tuck this sword, uh.. -here-, for later." Audua smiles to the woman, holding up her hands to show them otherwise empty. The small blades are concealed-- or, the one is. The one she'd drawn might not be as well hidden as she'd hoped. The sword is tucked into some foliage, carefully hidden for later retrieval. "..The sleepjuice is poison, then. Good to know."

"Not poison, its just... harmful to the infirm, the very young, the elderly... possibly to our wounded." Rosalie corrects gently and turns towards Alexandre, giving him a significant look. Still being cagey. Turning back to the woman, she parses out, "You mean you want us to leave our weapons behind? But wouldn't that be littering? The rules say we shouldn't litter. But we can't go see Him unless we drop our weapons?"

John is normally the kind of guy whose so dead quiet, that you come to a point, if you aren't actively focusing his attention, that he kind of blends out. People talk. Argue. All that interesting stuff. And John just doesn't seem like he is even there. Well unless someone did something stupid. Then you can say John was there. As he seemingly steps out of this hazy background of arguing with a simple, but very effectice trip... (assuming he manages it)

Bashira gives a look to the others and there's a nod of agreement with what Rosalie says, "What she said." the Sailor says. "We don't want to litter." she states.

"They might steal our expensive weapons." Reese says and then sighs. "Maybe some of us should just take this sleep juice and go to her. I can take it. Should be fine." She says.

"We are not taking sleep juice." In case it was still on the table, Alexandre spells it out. "We are not taking the unknown substance that would put us completely at the mercy of dangerous zealots." The man, it seems, has caught Rosalie's look, as he's looking rather impatience. One might even say annoyed. And then the woman looks like she's about to flee, and he... stays where he is. He's not the fastest in his plate armour, someone else can run after the stranger.

She makes a face at Alexandre and than looks at Reese. "Hold rag to mouth, and than I catch you and take you to Him," She promises, eyes widening as she looks over Reese. "You will be safe, you'll see! When we are finished, you won't even want to leave!" The woman declares happily. The man tripping behind her seems to escape her notice completely and she just watches Reese to see what she does.

John checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 25, rolling 19 higher.

Reese seems deeply conflicted. She looks over to Alexandre and sucks in a soft breath. "I don't know. I think we need to reach Denica sooner rather than later." Reese then reaches out for the rag and she lifting such to her mouth.

"I could go with her, if she's set on going." Looking to Reese to include her, so she wasn't talking like she wasn't there, and then to Alexandre. "It's not a great plan, but.." It's also maybe the worst, but they wouldn't know unless they did it!

Alexandre checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Looking to the island woman, Rosalie shakes her head and steps back towards Alexandre, "I can't risk the sleep juice, I'm sorry. It won't hurt me, but I'm pregnant and it could hurt my baby." She looks towards Reese and Auda, then over to Bashira, and finally back to Alexandre. Shifting around to step somewhat behind him, Rosalie is resolute. No sleep juice for her!

Well, the woman is tripped as Reese picks up that rag, she's too distracted by what's going on that she doesn't see that foot and she falls backwards, screaming as she does so. "Oh no. No no! They are attacking!" she says from the floor, and sticking her fingers in her mouth, she lets out a shrill whistle that pierces all around them, and from that moment over, silently but for the sound of breaking branches, a group of guards, carrying those forbidden weapons emerge, marching silently towards the group.

John has joined the line.

Alexandre has joined the line.

Reese has joined the line.

Auda has joined the line.

Bashira has joined the line.

Rosalie checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 40, rolling 19 higher.

Okay, so this was not the plan. At all. Poor John... Boy too eager... To green in the field. Maybe he should have let someone figure that one out a bit better, and not go on pure impulse. And there is no way he can outrun noise. Ever. So John messed up. So he was re-evaluating his whole strategy. Cause he has no idea what the weapons do. So he backs out into a corner... (because he wants to go into counter mode. Do the check when its my turn so I can even figure out where to run. Or you know get backed out by someone who clearly does "JOHN YOU BETTER GTFO THEIR WAY."

Auda checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 40, rolling 2 higher.

By the time the guards appear, Rosalie has disappeared once more. She melts into the brush even as the guards advance. NINJA VANISH! Chances are good that Rosalie will not be seen again until the fighting is done.. or something drastic happens to her husband.

Oh good, people are attacking. Alexandre loses little time "Those with armor, stand fast! Non-combatants stay behind and watch our backs if they try to flank us! Anyone else... just do what you do best." Apparently he figures Rosalie is one of those, as after glancing her way, and seeing she's gone, again, he turns his attention to the oncoming guards. He steps forward, prepared once more to hold the line and protect. Alone if he needs to.

It isn't quite as graceful as Rosa's disappearance, but Auda manages to fade into the underbrush, as well.

John is still backing up with two daggers drawn. Too close to attempt a bow attack. That was suicide if he attempted that. No. The tactic is the most cost effective one. Draw his two knives and pretty much edge back while getting ready to attack...

The guards quickly close that gap, a pair each moving to attack Alexandre and Reese, an a single soldier each bearing down on JOhn and Bashira, swords drawn they attack. The woman picks herself up as the guards move through. "No kill! Only capture!" she alerts them, as she drags the other bleeding man away from the ensuing carnage.

Denica GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Denica GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Denica GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Denica GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Denica GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Denica GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Reese has her silvery pink blade drawn and is adorned in her steel silk. She is still injured so that is possibly a factor, but she seems to be okay. She look toward the two on her and gets ready to fight against them.

Bashira wields Sailor's Delight.

Alexandre has joined the line.

John checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 19, rolling 21 higher.

John checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 25, rolling 18 higher.

Auda has joined the line.

John checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 1 higher.

Bashira has joined the line.

Alexandre checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 21, rolling 26 higher.

Alexandre checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 12, rolling 26 higher.

Alexandre checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 28 higher.

Oh Denica so weapon one right?

Reese checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 19, rolling 31 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 19, rolling 36 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 31 higher.

Bashira checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 17, rolling 24 higher.

Bashira checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 30 higher.

Alexandre holds the line, the attacks of the two guards that have chosen him as their target evaded. In retaliation, he stabs one of them with his blade, meeting flesh, though not a killing blow just yet. But that's fine. His aim is not to kill them as quickly as possible. It's to keep them occupied, and away from the others.

Victus wields Cyclone, a wicked battleaxe.

Victus has joined the line.

Auda checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 18 higher.

Auda checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 25, rolling 12 higher.

All right... So this was a very difficult thing. Reaction. Timing. Split decisions that are encoded in your brain. Like your reflexes sometimes do the talking. There is a fine point in where a person can dodge the incoming attack of an enemy and actually counter attack... happens all the time... just different results... That meant his brain decided what to do. Sword comes in, John utilizes a slight combination of a parry. Not the kind daggers could even attempt. No... Parrying a bigger weapon tends to mess up your dagger. He'd take a hit. No. He needed to slightly dodge in the time he can react. Because humans do things at most three seconds to six seconds interval. Counter weight slightly by thrusting the dagger at an angle where he can actually deflect it without sacrificing the dagger's defense. Or it would completeley break. And his dagger is at the neck of his enemy soldier. And he says very loudly: "Okay! I'm sure we could kill each other right now..." While having pressed his dagger's hand into the combination to aim for a very specific part: the neck. And just pause shy of that neck. "Your boss said no killing, capturing..." And he drops the knives and raises his arms.

Reese has her sword drawn. She darts to one side and then another side, getting out of the way of both attacks. The princess then drives her sword into one of their sides, inflicting a serious wound. When Auda's dagger hits the sam man, he almost falls. She looks to John. "Just take us to Denica and everyone can live."

Bashira dodges the incoming attack and she bares her teeth at the offender. She already has the rubicund blade out in her hand and she buries it into the neck of the same person that attacked her. Then she rips it free. She's not a flashy fighter, she's an efficient one.

She melted off into the underbrush, but she definitely didn't abandon the fight. A dagger whistles through the air, sinkinig into the same man that Reese struck. Auda still doesn't reveal herself, though-- likely moving from the spot she'd just attacked from.

The men don't respond to any of the words of Reese, or John. These men are trained fighters and they aren't going to stop until complete surrender or they all lie dead. They don't make a sound, and the only people that had been willing to speak had disappeared into the jungles. Weapons nick steel and they press themselves forward, ready to keep on swiping at everyone. John's strike hits its mark and the guard bats that blade away from his neck to continue his own onslaught. THe pair on Reese miss their marks and the first man that gets hit, without a sound again, is also struck by a flying blade from the darkness. Bashira herself gives a hard hit to her own target, and really the only sound that has been thusfar has been from our heroes, and the sounds of weapons clashing against each other. The guards fight in complete silence.

Where has Victus been? On the ship, getting a sandwich, doing nature's call behind a bush... All of these are just as likely if we're quite honest. Wherever he's been though, he's returning fully adorned in armor. And with a few loosely hanging fish off his belt. "Alright, alright. Sorry about that everyone, it's real hard to get sand out-" Wait a minute. What's this? Thraxian people intermingled with knights? Fighting, combat, misery?! "Oh what the fucking shit is this? Did we kick-off the goddamn shitstorm vacation already? I mean holy shit, the rules on the sign were VERY CLEAR." He's already pulling his axe off of his back, the massive hunk of alaricite gleaming in the sun as he rolled it off into his hand. "I am very intolerant of impolite bullshit, and attempting to kill my people is VERY FUCKING IMPOLITE YOU OVER-TANNED MASOCHISTIC SHITS." Even if they're silent, Victus certainly isn't it seems.

Denica GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Denica GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Denica GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Denica GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Denica GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Denica GM Roll checked dexterity(2) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

John checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

John checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 9 higher.

Victus checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Victus checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 17, rolling 36 higher.

Victus checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 41 higher.

Bashira checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 17, rolling 47 higher.

Bashira checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 22 higher.

John really didn't want that move. But peace was offered, and it was rejected. That dagger flies off. It doesn't matter. The parry is angled, makes him lose a slight balance, where John takes the first blade recovered from the parry, now driven forcefully into the target's neck, artorial side. Wound? Complete death by the equivalent of 'choking' profusely within.

Reese checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 59 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 61 higher.

Auda checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 13 higher.

Auda checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 30, rolling 9 lower.

Bashira gives a look over her shoulder when she hears the High Lord and there's almost a laugh, but she doesn't. There's someone squaring off against her that's bleeding profusely. She leans quickly to the left when they come back in with their blade and she stabs them in the chest with Sailor's Delight and he finally drops. She wasn't worried about getting bloody. It's what happened in fights.

When Victus charges into the fray, the guardsmen took their swings. For a large man he moves surprisingly quick, deftly avoiding one blow whilst the other is batted away by the flat of his axe. The first poor soul that had gotten in front of him received the brunt of his newfound fury, being cleaved across the front deeply enough to send them straight to the ground. "I /cannot/ abide by such simple rules being trampled on." He growls to his other assailant. "Guests within your homes are always treated with respect. This is topsy turvy anarchy at a clusterfuckin' level of indecency."

Reese darts away from two more attacks, seemingly with athletic and nimble ease. She seems very swell trained. She goes to attack one of the men on her, inflicting another serious wound. She seem somber throughout this all, somber and very confident in her abilities.

Another knife flies out of the dark, joining the first in the back of one of the men on Reese. She'd softened him up, but Auda drops him to the ground as the Princess kills the other dude. Bright green eyes are more attentive to the fight than her own position, though.

Well, John does go for that kill to the neck, and he does manage to nick the skin as the man pulls back just out of the way to get attacked. They press forward, even as everybody falls like stones around them, until only the man facing John and Victus are left. But there is something to be said about Zealots, they move themselves forward no matter what, determined to take down their targets.

Denica GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Denica GM Roll checked dexterity(3) + medium wpn(3) at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Victus checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

John checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Victus checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 45 higher.

John checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 3 higher.

Bashira checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 32 higher.

Daggers were not the best weapons in reach. It took him more to dodge in a way that at least attempts to leverage the momentum in every possible way. Physics. So John follows his brain impulse and training. Enemy goes forward. Best move was lower core immediately. You don't attempt a fancy dodge. Just a simple lowering of his lower body core. Moves in and the dagger is thrusted in wherever it strikes. Thus he was commited in this move...

Bashira gives a look around and there's a guy dead at her feet. Then she realizes that there's still someone squaring off against Victus and she charges over towards the guy that's threatening the High Lord. She jabs the rubicund dagger into his throat and slices across, a spray of blood going across her face and then she pushes him backwards. "Someone get the one on the Grayson Prince." she points out as she wipes the blood on her coat.

Auda checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Reese checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 23 higher.

Well, shit. Looks like Auda needs to invest in a few more daggers, doesn't it? Her two are in the back of a guard, so she darts over to the mostly-hidden Thrax sword she'd stashed, and then just lunges in a pretty unrefined attack on John's assailant. She's used to daggers, not swords! At least the basics carry over.

Reese hears Bashira's words and rushes over to try and help her cousin. She gets in good hit against the man, taking him down with a powerful strike of her blade. She then looks over to John, giving him a nod. "You okay?" She asks and quickly checks him out for injuries.

Victus strikes without any extra vocal scalding this time, pushing his opponent far enough back for Bashira to come right around with her stabbin' skill. He almost seems surprised by this as the fellow collapses in a heap. One kill to his name nonetheless, he looks satisfied as his axe, Cyclone drips with crimson. His eyes move now toward the rest of their field, just as Reese finishes the deal. "Hmph. Paradise. Paradise my soggy ass."

The guard that John is fighting seems to be very stubborn. It's a bit of a team effort as John, Auda and Reese all team up on him to finish taking him down, the sword cleaving into him and leaving no survivors amongst them. Victus and Bashira's teamwork taking him down. When the dust has settled, and they're all fine, and none the worse for wear, they can see the pair from earlier had escaped in the commotion into the woods, a trail of blood from the wounded one leading into the jungle.

Reese looks over to Victus, having a somber glance for him. "Denica is missing. I don't now if you caught, but they took her." She says and then looks to the trail of blood. "I think we should follow of that."

"Your Grace.. they've taken Princess Denica. We can't go just yet..." Rosalie steps back out of the brush, unscatched and largely just appearing from out of nowhere. Because ninja skills are awesome. Glancing around to check that everyone is whole and intact, she looks back to the High Lord and Princess Reese. "She's likely been taken to the temple in the village."

Victus checked composure at difficulty 50, rolling 13 lower.

Reese looks over to Rosalie, nodding in response. "Oh, that makes sense. Lets head that way then."

"We could always follow the blood, as well, from our 'friends'." Auda, being who she is.. Begins riffling through the dead cultists. They might have useful things! She's also definitely checking if they're all in the same clothes?

"They've done WHAT?!" The High Lord bellows the moment that bit of information reaches his ears. The white-knuckle grip on his axe now surging that weapon up into position all over again. Even without the enemy to fight. "Those savage bastards! I'll take every head on this fucking island and make the ones responsible face the sea! Until their cult is ground to dust!" Victus' sneer is ever-present, snarling along with his unbridled anger. It turns on Rosalie. "Show me this temple and I will show them the Leviathan's jaws."

Bashira breathes carefully for a moment and there's a look to Victus, then she looks to the others as they explain things and she takes a moment to resheathe the rubicund dagger. She doesn't jump when Victus bellows, but she damn sure doesn't want to be the poor bastards on the receiving end of the anger. "Temple sounds like the next destination." she nods to this as she tries to wipe the blood from her face.

Also noteworthy, the guards are all, like the pirates from before. The guards are all missing their tongues, and covered in scars all over their bodies. Silent as they were before.

Shaking her head, Rosalie looks to Auda, "These people are His toys and mouthpieces. They do His bidding, but you can tell they dont' get to see Him often at all. Chances are good they'll go back to the village to get patched up and resume their lives, not go to Him. They think He is a God. He will already know what has happened." She winces when Victus starts to bellow and clears her throat with a nod, "As you wish, Your Grace. The village is just down this fork in the path, the temple is in the middle of the village, one entrance, you can't miss it. There will be guards at the edges of the village."

John wields majestic golden griffon dagger with pale leather handle.

Reese looks to Victus, sucking in a soft breath. "Okay, to the temple." She says, before looking over to Rosalie. "You are pretty smart. That all makes sense to me." She adds, seemingly eager to head to the village now.

First thing John does... is quickly get his dagger and change modes.

Victus is sucking in a deep breath, his thunderous voice tapering down to a low growl. One could see his shoulders heaving with barely held restraint, his jaw locked tightly. "Any who stand in our way will be dealt with the same." Equal parts a command and a promise. Already anxious to set away, he's the first one stepping toward the forked path. Although still restrained enough not to go trouncing off on his own of course.

John wields Clarity of Vision, a longbow of golden yew with cat's eye gems set in the grip.

Bashira follows after her High Lord without a word. It's not something she's going to argue with and she's not really objecting to the methods, because they took a Thraxian Princess and they need to be stabbed!

So, with Victus leading the charge towards that village, followed by the rest of the people, Reese, Bashira, Auda and John, along with Alexandre whom is still part of the group. They follow up, to retreive what they lost, Princess Denica and Lady Rey whom had both been taken in the journey. Towards that village, to the temple, and perhaps some answers to the riddles that have been plaguing them all this time.

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