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Empty Oceans

A mission to discover why ships are being lost with or abandoned. Rumors and lost shipping have brought worried merchants to East Light, and Solace, to help discover how to protect their cargo, and their sailors but really they care about the cargo.


Sept. 6, 2018, 7 p.m.

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Coraline Reese


Reese Alexandre(RIP) Ronja Victus Rosalie Rey Harper Bashira(RIP) Denica John Isidora



Outside Arx - Esterhold - Middle of the Ocean - Abandoned Ship

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Comments and Log

Rumors and stories, they start so small and yet they grow with a speed and ferocity one could scarce imagine. So it comes that this is true for this particular set of rumors, across the waters speed stories of empty ships, or splinters where once were flotillas of merchant ships. It comes that merchants can't get Captians or crew for their ships. It is for this reason the newly minted Order of East Light is sent to find out why, of course being close to their sister order the Knights of Solace, and the Physicians Guild, because injuries happen, our brave crews set sail to discover the mytery behind such seeming madness.

It takes days of sailing, days of searching, and consumate skill but at last one single ship is found floating silent, sails flapping mid unfurled, food left partially eaten, clothing as though someone was about to change. Truly as though day to day life were just halted, the crew wandering off to somewhere, in the middle of the ocean. There is no sign of struggle, no violence, just....silence.

Reese is aboard the East Light ship while adorned in her normal pink and toting her normal weapons. She looks over the empty ship they find and seems pensive. "Well, I guess we should go check it out." She murmurs softly.

Alexandre of course takes part of the journey, though his experience with sails is... well, inadequate, Wyrmguard not being known for their sailors. Yet what else can one who belongs to the Order of the East Light, Knights of Solace AND Physicians Guild do? Thus, he is among those who step upon the ship, clad in his armour, possibly stubbornly, to survey the abandonned ship. He glances back to Rosalie, the scholar of the couple, and murmurs. "You will probably see more than I." To Reese, he nods, agreeing with the Princess' suggestion.

Bashira checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Reese checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Any excuse to get out to sea was a good one for Ronja. All cheer and pep, she climbs aboard the deck of the abandoned ship and takes a quick look around. The first order of business for Ronja is to get a head count on the number of missing people. She starts counting, out loud, the number of seats reserved for the rowers.

Harper checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Victus Thrax, usually a Prince but today a knight, knelt close to the prow of the ship as they drifted ever closer to the abandoned vessel. His axe turned upon its head while he used its size as a counterweight to lean upon. A quick glance back to the rest of their crew today, scanning the faces for memory's sake before they got any further. "It's a common tactic of the less-than-legal-crews to leave vessels adrift for someone unsuspecting to find. Eyes on the horizons before we board. All directions, preferably." The man clad in stormy grey leathers stood up slowly, kicking his axe back up to rest against his shoulder.

Alexandre checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Clad in no armor at all, Rosalie has been at the railing and being rather silent, looking almost peaceful as she stares out over the water. Blinking, she looks back to Alexandre when spoken to, nodding with a smile and moving towards the the other ship. "There's nothing out there yet, Your Grace. Its calm. Almost eerily silent." Then she looks to the other ship, "Do we have a way to get onto the other ship? There's only so much we can see from over here. Any small or hidden details will likely be hard to see unless we board the other ship."

The small white haired, white clothed Mercy was standing as close to the prow of the ship that got them here as possible, feeling the wind in her face and speaking something to who knows what. But now that they are on the other ship Rey has a serious look on her features and moves slowly along different areas, looking for signs of the Gods, in that all ships have something to someone on them.

Harper isn't a stranger to sailing, but she's no sailor as of yet. As Victus gives them instructions, she nods and starts watching the horizon. But as the ships draw closer to one another, she carefully makes her way over to the other ship and starts poking around with an obviously curious expression on her face. She says warily, "This place's creepy with no one around!"

Bashira was a sailor before anyhing else, so there's no surprise that over the days of sailing that she'd helped out with making sure things were taken care of and all that entails. The raven haired shaman had switched to her leathers when they had finally discovered a ship and she was on deck looking over things. "Well, figure we should head over when we get the chance." she agrees. There's a look to her High Lord then and a nod of her head to him, "Yes your Grace." she tells him. She finds a rope and swings over to the other deck, because...she's not done it in awhile. She then gives a few moments of looking around as she crouches, "No one put up a fight from the looks of it." she says to them. "But this bloods not that old." she states.

So far, Denica had been silent, she's looking around the decks of the ship, hand resting on her bow as if to remind her that she has protection nearby, biting her lip. She has a concerned look and just silently investigating small corners, to see if she can find any sign of life. "Is that what this is?" Denica asks Victus, she moves to the side, eyes on the horizon to see if she can see any upcoming ships, bow removed from her shoulder, ready to nock an arrow.

Reese heads over to the abandoned ship by climbing aboard once their boat is close. She walks around and studies the deck so pensively with all this seeming focus. The Grayson princess seems rather clueless and she fails to turn up anything. She actually seems a bit clueless. Maybe Reese has a weakness when it comes to investigating and noticing things!

Harper wanders around on the deck, then heads over to peek at the blood that Bashira is pointing out, nodding in agreement with her assessment, saying, "Yeah, maybe a few days tops? Doesn't seem like a lot of blood so I wouldn't reckon it was more than one person most likely." She looks at her then points over and says, "I'm gonna poke my nose in the common areas. See if we can find anything else."

The only sound aboard is the creaks of the lines, the waves upon the side of the ship, the buzz of flies. And upon the back wall of the galley written in blood as Bashira and Harper noted, is a note. It is stuck to the wall by a very unusual knife, a dagger of incredible beauty, with a subtle menice about it. It is entirely mundane, but eerie as the empty ship in its own way.

Tis jolly fun I've had

but please don't be sad

Some still remain

So please abstain

From getting too mad.

Below there is a gift

to set your mind adrift

A place to go

to give a show

Bring all you have

*Written in what looks like symbols is a pictograph, presumably how you find the author*

The heavy air laden with the smell of rotting food and dirty clothes only briefly helped by the occasional sea breeze curls the yellowed paper lovingly penned by a rather nice flowing script.

The only sound aboard is the creaks of the lines, the waves upon the side of the ship, the buzz of flies. And upon the back wall of the galley written in blood as Bashira and Harper noted, is a note. It is stuck to the wall by a very unusual knife, a dagger of incredible beauty, with a subtle menice about it. It is entirely mundane, but eerie as the empty ship in its own way.

Tis jolly fun I've had

but please don't be sad

Some still remain

So please abstain

From getting too mad.

Below there is a gift

to set your mind adrift

A place to go

to give a show

Bring all you have

*Written in what looks like symbols is a pictograph, presumably how you find the author*

The heavy air laden with the smell of rotting food and dirty clothes only briefly helped by the occasional sea breeze curls the yellowed paper lovingly penned by a rather nice flowing script.

Victus turn his head toward Denica first, the shark-helm he wore following his gaze as if it too were looking right at her. "We won't know 'till we board. But they'd have to move fast if any of them are awaiting in the distance..." He scratches at his bearded chin, looking between the rest of their party. "Keep yourselves quiet as you move about. If there are survivors, they might not be friendly. Hunger will do strange things to the mind and I'd bet this thing has been stranded a long time yet..." He keeps a hand covering his nose with all that rotting smell as he falls in behind Rosalie and Harper.

While the others look around, Alexandre takes the time to look over the various remains of the ship's passengers' possessions. Yet whatever he's trying to do, it is for naught, for he eventually shakes his head in frustration. "Blood?" he asks when Bashira makes mention of it, and listens in to Harper's own assessment, filing the information away. Investigator he is not, but physician? Certainly, and thus he goes look at what the blood might tell... apparently quite literally. "Oh." He reads it over, frowning. "Sounds like a trap."

Rosalie checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Reese checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Rey checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Victus checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Ronja's counting of the oars quiets when Victus speaks his warning, and she offers a quiet nod in agreement with him. She keeps a hand cautiously on the hilt of her sword as she continues trying to gather some idea of just how many people would have been required to get this boat moving.

Alexandre checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Harper makes her way into the galley and spots the note. As she reads it, she scrunches up an eye and wrinkles up her freckled nose in disgust, muttering, "Just had to be riddles." Stepping back to let the others read it, she keeps poking around the room instead, obviously not even trying to attempt to decipher it. Grinning slightly over at the others, she says, "Hope some of you like it when people talk in circles, cause I sure don't."

Reese finds the riddles, but only because others did first. She probably wouldn't have found such on her own! She looks over to Victus, giving the High Lord a nod. "Silent, got it." She says softly, very softly. She then looks over the riddle, seemingly all thoughtful.

Stepping almost daintily across from their ship to the abandoned one, Rosalie is quick to dig out a small square of linen to cover her nose and mouth, breathing in small sips to avoid the rotting stench as much as possible. Picking her way carefully across the deck, she approaches the note, taking a moment to admire the dagger before reading the the poem on it. She looks to Harper with a grin, "Its something of a specialty of mine, actually. I very much enjoy puzzles, riddles, and word problems of all sorts." Looking back to the note, she goes back to parsing it.

Denica checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Harper checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Victus checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Bashira checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Alexandre checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Rey checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Bashira brings her red scarf up over the bottom of her face to keep the smell away and there's a look around as she tracks the blood, or what is left of it. Then she looks over the note and there's a bit of eyebrow furrowing, whispering something in the Isles Shav as she reaches up to take the dagger. Hey, small stabby objects are here thing! The paper is held out to the riddle master though, "Lady RedTyde." she looks to Rosalie. "Did you want to hold onto this?" she asks her in her quiet tone.

Ronja checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Alexandre frowns the more is uncovered, and as riddles are puzzled over, he keeps a wary eye upon their surroundings. It is why he is able to stop some journals, apparently left in mid-writing. He kneels and gently picks one up, gazing curiously inside to see what might have been written, possibly even during the disappearance of the ship's passengers.

Rosalie has rolled a critical success!
Rosalie checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 130 higher.

Reese checked intellect + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Ronja notes a few journals as well, but seems more interested in the personal effects. After a few minutes of digging through the missing crew's personal belongings, she seems to satisfy whatever theory she was working through.

Harper continues poking around, meandering her way through as she looks for anything out of place. She picks up little odds and ends of clothing then puts them back and sticks her nose in a few cupboards. Not really seeing anything of note in the galley she makes her way on farther. Stopping near a journal left laying open, she picks it up and thumbs through the last few pages, reading quietly for a few minutes.

Coraline checked dexterity + sewing at difficulty 9, rolling 4 higher.

Smiling faintly towards Bashira, Rosalie nods and takes the paper, then adds, "I wouldn't suggest taking that off this ship until we know for certain what's going on. Just as a precaution." She nods to the dagger before turning to confer briefly with Rey and Reese over the riddle on the page. After a few moments, she drops the linen square from her mouth long enough to smile at them both before raising it again. While everyone else is busy looking at things topside, Rosalie manages to just... vanish. Not really, of course, but Gods must be blessing the person that sees where she went!

Reese seems all focused on the riddle right now. "Well some of the crew is still alive and the sailing coordinates show us what direction to go."

Denica checked perception + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Bashira gives a nod to Rosalie, "I'll leave it on the ship, my Lady." she tells her. Then there's a moment taken to study the dagger and there's a soft frown to it's composition, "This is a really nasty looking dagger. Probably matches the attitude of whoever had it made and put it in that door." the Shaman states.

Denica eyes Reese curiously. "So, is that where we're headed next?" Denica wonders. "If some of the people are alive, we should try to help them."

From their own ship comes a call, "High Lord, ye might wanna come see this." Is called from the first mate, Smitty. Smitty Smiles is his nickname. Ol' Smitty looks a bit concerned, "I dunno ifn' I should shoot em er let em aboard but I ain't doin nutting till I has yer say so."

Ronja approaches Reese. "You think we should be sailing elsewhere, then? I'm ready to go, but I don't think we have to spare crew to move both these ships so we better be sure we're done here." And just as she finishes speaking, her attention is stolen by Smitty Smiles' shout.

Rey was close enough to look at the riddle and nods in agreement to what is being said. But that means she can peek at the dagger that Bashira holds and she tilts her head to the side, clearly being curious for now. Her ears perks, well when Smithy calls over.

Reese looks over to Denica. "I think her best idea is to head back to our ship and follow these coordinates to where they lead/" She says and then hears the call from their ship. "Yeah, lets the grab the journal, the dagger and remember the riddle and head back to our ship."

Harper looks up from the journal she's reading and snaps it shut then tosses it onto a bed. Making her way back to the others, she gets there just in time to hear the talk about the dagger. Glancing over at Bashira curiously, she asks, "Are there any markings on it? Anything real unusual?" Shaking her head, she starts to say something else, but stops as she hears someone call out. Turning, she heads up to see what is going on without waiting on an answer to her questions.

Reappearing suddenly, Rosalie seems none the worse for wear, moving to rejoin her fiance with a smile. Murmuring softly, "Princess Reese is right. We should get back to our own ship and..." She pauses to look towards Smitty, then over to Victus. Tucking the page into her satchel, she squeezes Alexandre's hand then moves quickly to get a peek at whatever Smitty has spotted.

Bashira checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Bashira checked mana + occult at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Alexandre, for some reason, doesn't see his beloved disappear... until she's suddenly back again. Or maybe she was always there? Alexandre does not ask questions, only squeezes back, and nodding to the suggestion of going back to the ship. "Sounds like trouble." he mutters.

Smitty is pointing at a rowboat, where did /that/ come from? In the boat it can be seen is one young man, clearly no older than 14, but come on, 14 is so to a man, just ask him! He looks dehydrated, sunburnt, and rather beaten up but alive and looking worried, as well he should be! He has guards pointing crossbows at him.

Bashira's head whips up when there's the sound of Smitty calling and there's a bit of a look to Rey, "Can you get a better look at that little mark right there." she points to it on the dagger.

"Let him up," Denica says then. "But keep a close eye on him!" she says, heading back to the other ship and taking just a little bit of charge as Victus seems busy or something. "You there, lad," she calls to the young man. "Keep your hands where we can see them!"

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting arrives, delivering a message to John before departing.

Rey checked mana + occult at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Rey checked perception + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Harper makes her way topside and moves over to to the rail. Leaning on it she looks over at the rowboat and studies the young man closely, a frown clearly evident on her face. Without even thinking about it her hand goes to rest on the hilt of her sword as she looks off and starts scanning the horizon, saying in a baffled voice, "Where did he come from? And why'd he show up just now?" But she stays back and lets the others tend him, keeping a wary eye on him.

Alexandre checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Rosalie checked perception + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

John gets a pair of griffin pride leather bracers, a griffin embossed grey leather vest, a pair of black and green leather boots, a griffin engraved leather headband, a pair of griffin pride leather gloves, black leather pants with green trim, a black leather griffins pride long-coat, a long sleeved hunter green silk shirt displaying a slender regal border, a simple unadorned long sword from A Nondescript Package.

John puts a simple unadorned long sword in A Nondescript Package.

Alexandre leaves the abandoned ship to go back to their own, once Smitty gave the alarm. Seeing the young man, Alexandre is right there. Not to add yet another crossbow or sword aimed at the weakened survivour, but to offer medical aid. And some much needed water. "Don't talk just now." he advises the young man as he treats him, taking his time, not allowing the boy to choke on either water or sick himself with food. He appraises his condition even as he works, frowning. "Could someone with a good eye and mind for riddles join me please?" he asks.

John puts The Knights of Solace, Silver Order: Who They Are and What They Do in A Nondescript Package.

Rey bites her lower lip and narrows her eyes, "It says it is a key.." She tells Bashria before rubbing her eyes slowly to get them to focus again, it's a tiny thing after all. "I'd love to study that script more after all this.." She says in a soft voice to anyone who might be listening.

The silence of the boat possibly creaking somewhere or another, doesn't seem any indication that there is actually someone who seemingly was running some investigation. But the presence of Prince John is unmistakable as he mutters a few colorful curses and he finally joins up with those who are in this to find a solution. A much warmer smile delivered to Coraline, "I guess... That I was about in the neighborhood..." He looks around, "Well ship. And then decided to join your adventure."

Rosalie checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

The silence of the boat possibly creaking somewhere or another, doesn't seem any indication that there is actually someone who seemingly was running some investigation. But the presence of Prince John is unmistakable as he mutters a few colorful curses and he finally joins up with those who are in this to find a solution. A much warmer smile delivered to the others, "I guess... That I was about in the neighborhood..." He looks around, "Well ship. And then decided to join your adventure." Boy was this young man green. He looks over to the youth "Maybe we should get him into the ship and hopefully he will talk."

Reese looks over to her cousin. "Hi, Prince John." She says in his direction. She doesn't step up to help with the riddle, likely thinking she will not be great at such! She does give Alexandre a smile though. She heads back to the East Light ship.

Harper makes her way over to their ship again to get a better look at the young man. As Alexandre looks him over and calls for someone, she snorts softly, saying, "Well that sure as heck isn't me." She moves over to the rail, and continues scanning the horizon for any signs of movement, while the others try to figure out the riddle.

Rosalie stares at the young man, both with pity for his condition, and a slight frown for what's ON him. She nods to Alexandre and steps in closer, crouching down and getting into the young man's personal space, duck-walking all around him to try and decipher the 'decorations' on his skin. "This is.. unusual.."

"What can you make out of it all?" Alexandre murmurs, turning his attention back to Rosalie momentarily.

Rey calls from the other ship, as well she can hear things and questions for they echo on the sea. Assuming the boy is still in his own ship, since permission was not given to bring him aboard, she does not try to jump from ship to ship to ship. "What does it look like?" This to Rosalie/Alex.

"Aha thank you!" Bashira states as she squints at the little thing. "My eyes might be going on me." she muses. Or it might be from lack of good sleep. "For now. He'll go somewhere safe. Until we figure out what it's a key to exactly." she tells Rey. Then she heads over, to look and see what the shape the boy is in. Though the colorful cursing from Prince John makes her look curiously to the young man. Though she gives a bow of her head to him and a smile before she goes back to looking over things.

John looks over the riddle for a moment "That's quite interesting."

Isidora moves people aside as she moves forward. "You brought me along just for medical. Mind parting so I can look at the boy?" She comments as she presses them aside.

Ronja joins the original boat, but rather than join the group with the kid (man!) or the group with the riddle, she stays at the edges of the deck, keeping an eye on the surrounding waters.

Denica checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

Rey calls from the other ship, as well she can hear things and questions for they echo on the sea. "What does it look like?" This to Rosalie/Alex.

The crew do as the Thraxian Voice commands and helps the boy up, the crossbows do not move however and the sailors begin muttering to themselves, superstition and suspicion running rampant. Smitty frowns but he isn't about to contradict a House Voice. The boy is more than a little out of it but he is smiling in an almost angelic fashion, as though whatever he sees in his delusional state is pure bliss.

Moves forward to check on the boy even with the crossbows on them. "Hello ... I'm Isidora ... your name?"

John checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Denica bites her lip, looking him over, looking at the crossbows but not backing them off quite yet. "This is strange," she loosk to Alexandre. "Do you think he's under the influence of any drugs, or something? This doesn't seem normal to me," she says, looking him over. "Keep him here, I don't want him moving around until we're sure he's safe." She does do her own cursory examination, to try to see if there's anything off about his health.

John looks over the youth that was rescued and takes stock of the man's condition. "He isn't looking great but his demeanor is as if he was intoxicated."

Rosalie checked intellect + investigation at difficulty 15, rolling 41 higher.

Denica checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

"He's dehydrated, starved, and hasn't had any shelter from the sun in some time. He's also been beaten, with small scars and fresh cuts that looks akin to what we found on the other ship." Alexandre explains to Denica and, in effect, Rey back on the other ship. "Perhaps poison from the cuts? I'll have to look closer to get a better idea." And that's exactly what he does!

Isidora checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Reese starts charting a course to sail. "I'm going to start following these coordinates, unless anyone has any objections?" She says. She seems pretty clueless about what might be up with the boy and she the lets the others tend to him.

Rey checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 40, rolling 19 higher.

"Need any help, highness?" Ronja calls to Reese from her post.

Harper looks over and eyes the group clustered around the boy, shaking her head. She says, "That's probably smart, Your Highness. We oughta figure out a bit more before we haul him below where it's harder to see." She keeps her hand on her sword hilt and keeps a watchful eye on the group. She looks over at Alexandre, and says curiously, "How old do you reckon his wounds are? The blood on the ship wasn't more than a couple days old."

Reese looks over to Ronja. "Oh, I could use help, thank you." She says in her direction. "Although we need to wait for Lady Rey and Mistress Bashira. Don't want to explain to Princess Tikva and Master Caspian that I left their siblings behind, that wouldn't be a fun task."

Denica nods to Alexandre. "I'm not seeing any signs of drugs," Denica says. "He's been starved and dehydrated..." she calls over her shoulder. "Can someone get the boy some water?" she asks. "I don't need him dying on the deck."

After a close examination, with a few winces here and there for the boy's condition, Rosalie looks at Alexandre and murmurs, "This boy was used like a child might use parchment. As a score board, a game board, to doodle on.. but these are cuts. Scars. Gods, how long has he been out here that they've turned to scars?" She points to one, "That's a child's game." And another, "A drawing of a sun..." Shaking her head, she murmurs, "This is so wrong..."

Alexandre checked intellect + medicine at difficulty 25, rolling 15 higher.

Rosalie checked intellect + alchemy at difficulty 25, rolling 30 higher.

"No poison." Alexandre announces. "Neither drugs nor poison, whatever caused this state wasn't due to either." He frowns, his features turning grim as Rosalie shares her own discoveries. "Some of the wounds are days old. Others? Go back as far as three years or even more." he adds when he finishes his examination. "Either the scars came from before the vanishing, or something's not adding up."

A light chuckle rolls from Ronja's lips as she changes positions and gets ready to start adjusting sails. But no work is done just yet, not until she gets the order at least. "I wouldn't wanna leave anyone behind, of course," she answers Reese. While idle, she keeps an eye on the others, and if no one else moves to get their guest some water, will take a moment to do so.

Bashira realizes that herself and Rey are the last on the abandoned ship and Princess Pink is talking about setting course for another place. So there's a look given to the lady, "Lady Laveer, we should get back on the galley. I think we've gotten all we can over here." she tells her. Then she's sort of hen shooing the white haired woman back to the ship politely. Because she doesn't want to offend the nobles!

The young lad no longer looks concerned, if anything he looks like someone gave him the best present ever, when he is given water he takes exactly 3 sips. Just the 3 and starts singing in a little childish voice, "Here he comes to steal your dreams, the one who will make you scream, his voice is silk to smother me, here he comes to steal your dreams." And begins rocking in time to the singing, he repeats each verse 3 times then goes silent again and looks about him like he is waiting.

Nodding in agreement with Alex, Rosalie murmurs, "I can't detect any trace of poison or drug. He is as sober as can be. A bit delusional, but dehydration and starvation will do that to anyone." She glances at her fiance and adds, "We should get him out of the sun. Get him cleaned up and put some aloe on the sunburn. Maybe we can get something from him while we're travelling to the coordinates." Her eyes turn towards looks to Denica, "With your permission, Your Highness. Whatever is wrong with him doesn't seem to be any type of danger. He is... blissfully peaceful. No poison, no drugs.. but he certainly needs treatment..." She trails off as the boy starts to sing, her brows knitting together.

Rey is frowning oh so softly at what she can see, she looks up at the sky for a long moment and sadly poor Bashira kinda has to lead her back to the other ship. A smile though a little ... dreamy, not all there is given and then she wonders towards those around the boy and kneels just outside of that circle, out of the way, but watches the boy as he starts to sing. Her body jerks and that frown appears again as she tilts her head to the side as if listening.

Reese looks over to the boy and sucks in a soft breath of concern. "That doesn't sound good." She murmurs. She has the course charted out, but doesn't start taking off yet, the princess making sure that everyone on the ship first. She seems eager for Ronja's help sailing.

Reese sees Rey and Bashira return. She starts counting everyone. "I think, hope we got everyone!" She murmurs.

John nods grimly to the physicians, "So technically its something else affecting his mind." He listens to the song and looks at the Riddle. "Did people check the ship's cargo and such?"

A deep frown settles on Harper's face as the boy starts singing. She mutters, "Well that's damned creepy." She looks at the others and says, "Should we try and search his boat?" Without waiting for an answer she heads over to start doing just that if she can.

"Let us prepare to set off then after these Coordinates," Denica says, nodding to the crew, and than to Rosalie she nods. "Just keep him under observation, and we'll see if we can get something from him," she hears the little song and she bites her lip. "That's rather disconcerting..." she says, taking a breath. "EVERYONE PREPARE TO CAST OFF!" Denica says, rising and signaling to the captain. "Everyone be on guard, crossbows, only two on the boy, and only if he poses a threat," she warns. "Put them away for now."

"That's not creepy," Ronja comments as she backs away from the kid. "Not creepy at all." She somehow seems even more eager to help Reese with the sailing than before.

"There wasn't anything of note belowdecks on the abandoned ship, and the boy showed up in a rowboat... but, yes.. there, it should probably be checked." Rosalie responds to John and nods to Harper. With another nod to Denica, she looks to Alexandre and smiles faintly, "Shall we get him out of the sun and see if we can't get him into better shape?"

Bashira gives a nod to Reese, "Everyone's here that we took with us your Highness." she tells her. Then there's a look to the boy as he's singing and his CREEPY singing. Because it's absolutely creepy. She then settles in to help with the sailing crew.

Reese starts to get them sailing again! She focuses more on navigation and has Ronja do more of the sailing.

To Rosalie's question, Alexandre nods. "Aye. He's had enough sun for a while, and he doesn't have such wounds as to make the move dangerous. Come along, young man. Let's get you some rest away from the sun, yes?" he tells the youth, helping him up to adjurn belowdecks.

Harper pokes around then makes a disgusted sound as she shoves aside a really disgusting blanket. She gets a really perplexed look on her face as she picks up a waterskin with water in it, "Well that's real odd. Why's the boy dehydrated when he had water with him?" She opens it to take a sniff to make sure that it's really water, then lays it aside and keeps searching. After a few minutes she picks up a strange piece of wood and holds it up to look at it. Calling over to the others she says, "Anyone know what this says?" She holds it up to show them the strange writing on the wood.

Oddly the young man evades attempts to grab him, he seems to be trying to stay under the sun, trying to avoid being touched at all. Every attempt to touch him causes him to sing the song yet again. Now looking less chill and more terrified.

Rey sits back and clears her throat softly, "Please watch him carefully. He's been... set to do things. Not controlled as he's himself, but think of him as a weapon placed here by another hand. Till the time is right, he will be what he is now, later. I am not sure.."

Speaks up, "I can look after him ... you all have other skills better suited for the other stuff we have going on." Her voice is firm.

"Just leave him there, and keep him under guard," Denica says," she draws a breath. "I don't know what this is, but something isn't right. You know what? Keep four guards on him, I don't know. Keep the crossbows away but just keep an eye on him," Denica says, moving away to leave the others to deal with that particular matter. "We have the coordinates, yes? Let us hope we can find some answers there."

"Here he comes to steal your dreams..." Victus would come to repeat, the hand on the High Lord's axe slowly moving up and down its hilt. "That could be a few things that I know of. None of them good, no. None of them good..." The Prince runs a hand across his bearded chin as the boy keeps up his little song and jaunt, especially more so when he's attempted to be grabbed. "The boy could be under a Siren's sway, for one. Leave him under guard if he won't go below deck, if he drowns himself we won't know shit-all." He agrees with Denica, with a little less tact in his words. "Onward until then. Nobody let that kid out of your sight and don't let him move for the rails."

When the boy becomes more agitated as they try to move him, Rosalie steps back with a frown. Rey's words are given a nod and she steps back further from the boy, instead moving towards Harper to see what she's found on the boat. "I might... depending on the language.." And she goes to see if she can decipher the wood writing.

Reese seems pretty focused on keeping them on course, so much so that she pays the boy little attention. She does glance that way with concern though a few times, but for the most part she is watching the compass, the directin of the boat, the nearby waters and etc.

As soon as the boy begins to react negatively to any attempts to bring him below, Alexandre stops, instead moving to stand between the boy and the railings, just in case, while letting the others, more experienced with the more esoteric and occult, deal with that particular mystery.

Ronja's eyes drift to Victus. Had it been anyone else to suggest a siren, it might have begat a roll of her eyes. Given the current situation, however, she's starting to consider finding some cotton to plug her ears...

Harper studies the piece of wood curiously but shrugs and hands it over to Rosalie with a sheepish grin, saying, "Here you go. I'll be damned if I can read it. Hope you recognize it." She looks over at the little rowboat and adds, "Only other things in the rowboat are a flearidden blanket and a waterskin. The boy had water, he just didn't drink it. If he's that thirsty, why wouldn't he drink it?"

Rey stands up gracefully and moves to sit a small bag next to Isidora, "Water, food, medicine, everything you could need. Yell if you need anything.." She doesn't say help, but her eyes have cleared and she smiles to Isidora as she moves way to settle at the side, near a railing, mutte3ring something soft to herself. Something that sounds as if she hates being pulled into games.." But that is muttered out towards the sea and wherever they are going.

Giving Rosalie a glance she adds. "If you can't make that out, let me have a look, maybe I'll have better luck," Denica suggests, though really for the moment she's just focused and casting a nod towards Victus.

Ronja's eyes turn next to Harper. She calls to her from her station sailing, "He drank our water."

"Its... a prayer. Sort of. But not to any religion or cult or anything that I've ever read about or heard of. And I'm currently researching an ancient elven religion for the Scholars. This is... I would say its like the Eater, but it says 'They'. No names, just 'They'." She hovers a finger over the scrawling, "I wish to feel the pain, I wish to feel the heat, I wish to feel the hunger, I wish to feel the thirst, I am not worthy, I am not whole." Because nothing bad every happened by reading a BOOK, right? Or wooden tablet, in this case. Same principle! "It just says that over and over and over again." Rosalie looks back to the boy and murmurs, "I wonder..."

John actually keeps an eye on the young man as well, one hand resting on a dagger. He sits wherever possible, but keeps the young man in his line of sight. At least he wasn't being aggressive, but it might change. At the suggestion of the siren, John looks over to Victus with a polite nod of his head, "Greeting your Highness." Then he follows this with, "If its a siren we need wax to plug our ears. But the youth keeps saying He. I don't know of a male siren."

Softly pulls the cork from the water canteen and offers it out to the boy to get him near enough to look more at the sunburns.

The boy shakes his head backing away looking even more terrified of the canteen than he did being grabbed. His ripped and weathered shirt is ripped off to have more skin to the sun arms stretched out as if to take it all in. Whispered murmurs for those close enough to hear are the same prayer that Rosalie just read.

Corks the water and puts it away. "Do you want to tell me about the hunger and thirst?" She said softly to the boy as her eyes watch him looking for any signs of anything with her trained eyes.

"A theory. Singers and sirens go hand in hand..." Victus' voice grows quiet as Rosalie explains what she's found. So too are his eyes drawn back to the boy as he's in the midst of ripping his own clothing off. "The boy seems to be following that guidance as closely as possible. If he's intent to only harm and bring pain to himself... Perhaps we should move him, see if a minute outside of pain is good enough to knock some sense into his head."

John nods in agreement with the High Lord, "That is true. But why would he use a He? Sirens are female. Is there a male type siren?"

The party continues. Reese seems to be doing okay direction wise, but it takes all her focus and she is pretty much out of the picture. Ronja is helping to sail. Rey and Isidore are tending to the boy.

John checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Alexandre checked strength + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

"Outside of sailor's tales? We don't know jack-shit about Sirens beyond the fact they exist." Victus motions to John. "Chances are male sirens do exist too." With that, the High Lord goes up to assist the sailors. "If you lot are cozy with snatching that kid up, we should try to get 'em below deck."

Victus checked strength + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Rey is listening more than watching those around her or the boy - tho her spot at the rail is very close incase she is needed. Her eyes are on the sea and the direction they are going as she ponders before speaking.

Rey checked perception + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 7 lower.

Ronja checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Bashira checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

The armoured Oathlander? Alexandre helps with the sails, proving that what he lacks in sea-faring experience, he makes up for in sheer strength as he helps with the sails and ensure navigation is as steady as possible. The boy, it would seem, is well beyond medical aid now. Or at least, the mundane kind.

Harper checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Not much has changed with the boy nor does it seem likely anything will. John, Alexandre, Harper, Ronja, Bashira and Victus all join in helping to sail the massive ship. It is a big ship and the help is needed. This crew is pretty good with sailing and such seems to be going well.

Rosalie checked perception + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 1 higher.

The boy turns hungry eyes on Isidora, "The hunger, the hunger and the thirst the thirst and the hunger, it lives, it lives. It brings the joy, it brings the madness." He babbles at the healer now looking at her with a focus of intensity as he drops to his knees, sliding those bare knees across the wooden deck, ignoring any splinters or roughness of the wood along the way. "Make it flow, make it flow, make it flow." he is in full supplication position as he chants, and just keeps chanting. His ripped and ragged half trousers barely on his emaciated frame.

Ronja isn't creeped out. This is fine.

John frowns at the boy's actions. "This sounds like a youth that has been severely brain washed or something. Also he might actually be a beacon instead.

Harper has learned a bit about sailing from Magpie recently. Enough so, that she pitches in to help out wherever she can, especially for anything involving climbing. If she gets even the remotest chance she will badger the crew with questions and try to learn as much as she can about this ship, but definitely staying busy as much as possible. As the boy starts babbling again and starts scraping his legs across the deck, she stops and heads over to keep a careful watch on him, but doesn't touch him.

Victus checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 4 lower.

John checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 12 lower.

Harper checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 28 higher.

Victus has at last had enough when the kid starts dragging himself across the deck. "Don't fuckin' scrape yourself on the fuckin-" He breaths in deep and gives his orders. "Grab the kid. Grab him -now-." And makes for the child, unfortunately seconds too late to actually grab onto anything.

Rosalie keeps a lookout since she's not much of a sailor yet, casting her gaze out towards the ocean and smiling faintly as if enjoying the sheer act of being out on the water. That expression changes, turning first to confusion, then fear. "Your Grace! We're about to be attacked! Two ships! One to port, one to starboard! There's the first one, off the starboard rail!" Rosalie points in the direction of the first ship, though oddly says nothing of just -where- the port side ship is yet.

Harper checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 35, rolling 13 higher.

John is up quickly as he charges to tackle the kid. Such a badass display... atoo bad he actually trips over a rope and lands on his face. He raises a finger commenting in a pained voice "I meant to do that."

The moment Victus touched him the boy exploded into action, wriggling like a freakin eel he slipped and dashed out of victus' arms and ran to climbing the lines like a monkey with no sign of weakness, no sign of pain, he keeps chanting as loud as he can now, "MAKE IT FLOW MAKE IT FLOW." Except that before he got too far Harper snatches him and holds on, it isn't easy as the kid keeps screaming the chant at the top of his lungs and trying to headbutt Harper in the face. He isn't clean, he smells to high heaven, and he is kinda slimy. Definitely he has pests.

In the distance coming at the starboard one can see a large ship. The second ship that Rosalie speaks of can't be seen quite yet.

John gets up slowly. "That sounds like some sort of possession, or like I mentioned earlier, he is actually a beacon."

Harper mutters irritably as she sees the boy slip past all of the others and moves over to step on his pant leg then wrap her arms around him, holding him as he wiggles violently, then yells, "Someone get a damned rope on this kid please!" Keeping her grip on him, she narrowly avoids having her nose bashed by his head, but still manages to keep her grip on him somehow.

John grabs rope, and moves to help Harper, this way he could attempt to bind the youth so he wouldn't move again. Assuming he succeeds that is.

As the child slips out of Victus' hands, the Prince growls out a curse. Though his attention is swayed immediately to the port and starboard sides of the ships. The first vessel to catch his eye immediately springing him into action again. "Knights, hands-on and arms drawn!" He barks out to the sailors who'd come for a fight. "Healers away from the rails, grab yourselves cover. I want eyes on the horizon, and someone get a rope for Harper." His alaricite axe is hefted up against his shoulders as he races toward the back of the ship himself. "Look alive!"

Alexandre wields a broadsword of the Silver Order.

Bashira has rolled a critical success!
Bashira checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 68 higher.

John wields a dagger with etched turn of the seasons stoic hardwoods.

The ship is getting closer and closer. Three men on the deck are getting their longbows ready. The ship is looking like it plans to ram the starboard side. It is it of a ratty looking ship with no flags or anything. The man board look like commoners and are quite sunburned.

Ronja had learned just a week or so ago that second-guessing Rosalie's perceptive skill was a bad idea. She didn't question that they were about to be attacked. She had been prepared for this eventuality, though, and her sword soon joins Alexandre's in the cool ocean air.

Rosalie gets edges of a burning sunrise sailboat themed steel blade from a cross body-strapped soft black leather satchel.

Ronja wields Seafarer's Lament.

Rosalie wields edges of a burning sunrise sailboat themed steel blade.

As soon as Victus gives the order, Alexandre's sword is in his hand. Nevermind that he's also a healer. He makes ready to defend the ship, eyes upon the other ship causing such a spike of activity.

John wields majestic golden griffon dagger with pale leather handle.

Pulls back from the rails and goes below deck to give the fighters plenty of room.

As the boy is tied up and Harper is free to move again, she quickly pulls out her trusty sword, muttering, "Knife, don't let me down." Moving over she finds a spot that needs defending and gets ready.

Harper wields Knife, a grosse messer.

Victus has joined the line.

Bashira doesn't bother to wait on people, there's a length of rope taken and the Shaman makes quick work of tieing the boy up like you do a hog and then making sure it's tight. Then she drops an extra sail over him. "Leave him there." she states. Then there's a look to the ship approaching and there's a sigh. "Well, lets get to work." she states.

Bashira has joined the line.

John has joined the line.

Alexandre has joined the line.

Harper has joined the line.

Ronja has joined the line.

Reese has joined the line.

Turn in line: Victus

Rosalie has joined the line.

Rey has no weapon, so away from the rail she goes, moving back to the center of the ship, but she does not get out of sight atleast of her people, she stays where she can can get to them if needed, but she is not in eye sight of arrows atleast.

Bashira wields Sailor's Delight.

Victus has rolled a critical success!
Victus checked command + sailing at difficulty 20, rolling 61 higher.

Turn in line: Bashira

Tied up and covered with a sail the boy goes eerily silent, all that can be heard from that direction is a heavy thumping against the wooden deck.

Victus takes point alongside the one steering this ship of soldiers, healers and the like. His voice booms over the deck and wind itself. "EVASIVE MANEUVERS! SHOVE US TO PORT YA' SEA-DOGS!" He shoves his axe in the same direction, directing the rowers like an orchestra of don't-kill-us.

Turn in line: John

John pulls both of his daggers and attempts to blend with the shadows, if it works, it would be as if he has become invisible to the naked eye.

Turn in line: Alexandre

Bashira gives a look to the sail covered child and then back to the ship and the raven haired woman rolls her shoulders, "Alright, lets not die today." she tells herself as she takes out her rubicund dagger and waits.

John checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Turn in line: Harper

Harper is a guard, not a soldier, so she does what comes natural and gets ready to protect. Staying somewhat near the healers and other non-combatants she gets ready to defend them. But she keeps a careful eye on her own location, ready to get out of the way of any arrows fired her way.

Turn in line: Ronja

Turn in line: Reese

Turn in line: Rosalie

Ronja takes a quick glance from side to side, checking on the status of her allies. Victus had taken command of the sailors, but the fighters were presently without leadership. She considers her options and simply falls in line beside Bashira. "If there's a second ship, we don't want to leave our deck undefended when that one comes by. Let's see how they play this."

Rosalie being... the least likely combatant, grabs a dagger from her Mary Poppins-ish satchel and makes a mad dash for the stairwell and the area belowdecks. She glances towards the boy, pausing briefly but then hurrying along.

Victus keeps their ship from being rammed with his amazing commanding skills. The enemy ship is close enough to be boarded by this party, but they could also board the East Light ship. The enemy ship is staffed by men appear to be sun-burnt and blank-eyed commoner sailors. They are shooting arrows at those on board this ship. In the distance toward the port side is another ship heading at ramming speed.

Ronja checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

Harper checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Rosalie checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Bashira checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Alexandre checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Victus checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 16 higher.

Rey checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

The line has been dismissed by Reese.

30 inflicted and Rey is unharmed.

The Oathlander way of taking cover, it seems, is to grab a shield and just... stand there. And that's exactly what Alexandre does. Apparently, it works!

John has rolled a critical success!
John checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 112 higher.

Arrows go flying and the party is doing a great job of dodging an finding cover.

Alexandre has joined the line.

Ronja has joined the line.

Turn in line: Alexandre

John has joined the line.

Victus has joined the line.

Harper has joined the line.

Turn in line: Ronja

Bashira has joined the line.

Alexandre continues to stand there with his large shield supplying him more than enough cover to be safe from most arrows. He looks able to supply some cover to his fellows, too! Fancy that.

Sometimes being a battle-line healer means you are in the right place at the wrong time and Rey was never the type of disappear from sight. Which means as the arrows come flying over, somehow one of those arrows slides between the sails, the side cover and pins her in the shoulder. That slams her tiny frame, sliding back by the impact but she just mutters darkly and pulls the arrow out of her armor and slides it into her bag of all things. But now she does try and make herself even a smaller target in the cover of the stairs.

Ronja checked intellect + sailing at difficulty 30, rolling 12 higher.

Turn in line: John

Meanwhile, John, who apparently got blessed by the Gods, is like an unseen shadow. Who will clearly attack those that attemp to board. But he doesn't board the opponent ship. He looks at the other ship about to ram them. He gives a shrill whistle "Better move out of the way:" He says, eerily calm.

Turn in line: Victus

Rosalie races belowdecks, joining Isidora and murmuring, "They haven't boarded yet, but I'm no fighter... not really. Are you any good at hiding? We might want to find a place to hide, just in case..."

Victus checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

Turn in line: Harper

Denica has joined the line.

Looks at Rosalie and nods. Her jaw sets as she looks around for the best hiding spot.

John has joined the line.

Ronja almost seems disappointed when the enemy fails to make an attempt to board their ship. No boarding attackers, just a few arrows that she easily side-stepped. But the approach of the second ship seems to spark an idea, and just as the first ship starts turning away, Ronja drops from the defensive line and calls out a few quick orders, and returns to her own post. With just the right timing and angling, she manages to direct their ship in an arc, clearing the way for the second attacker to ram the first. Now, to hope neither of the enemy ships were nimble enough to avoid each other.

Turn in line: Bashira

Pulls Rosalie behind some large barrels creating a hiding space between the rows of them that are sheltered with a tarp covering it all.

Turn in line: Denica

As arrows whiz by and strike into the structures of their vessel, Victus begins marching back toward the deck. He raises his axe up again. "Archers, form a line!" The Thraxian calls out to their crew as they scramble out of cover. "Draw and take aim!" He directs their concentration to the vessel of sunburnt poor-fellows as they scrape on by. "Fire at will!" The arrows fly and soon several of the baddies on deck begin to fall.

Harper spotting her charges racing for cover belowdecks, she moves out of cover and heads over to make sure that they make it safely. Spotting Rey take an arrow, she winces them motions Rey quickly to get behind her. Positioning herself carefull, she will do her best to insure that nothing makes it past her to the healers if at all possible.

Bashira doesn't see them try to board and there's a bit of a shake of her head, she's not a boarder. She takes the moment to find cover, to help with the next volley of arrows.

Denica checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Rushing off with the archers alongside Victus's orders, Denica nocks back an arrow and looses it into the enemy ship, taking out one of their men. She freezes for a moment, blinking and taking a deep breath. There is that other moment before she nocks another arrow, ready for the next.

Thanks to Ronja's cleverness and sailing skill the East Light ship is guided out of the way and just at the right moment so that the incoming ship is unable to change course quickly enough. The incoming ship slams into her sister ship and the loud sound of crashing wood is heard. Men on both ships are struggling to keep their balance, but a few manage to keep their bows drawn and to still fire upon the East Light warriors. Denica kills one of those who was still standing. Victus orders the archers upon the East Light ship to fire and things seem to be looking good for this party. Some are below deck. Harper is guarding them. Some are taking cover. A few of the remaining enemies are firing upon the the East Light and the rest who are still standing are getting ready to try and board. After all their ships are pretty much ruined.

Denica checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Rey checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Ronja checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Victus checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Harper checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

John has rolled a critical success!
John checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Ronja checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

Bashira checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Denica checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Harper checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 27 higher.

Bashira checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Victus checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 48 higher.

Rey checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Alexandre checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

60 inflicted and Denica is harmed for serious damage.

Rey has joined the line.

Reese checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 30, rolling 26 lower.

120 inflicted and Reese is harmed for minor damage.

15 inflicted and Reese is harmed for moderate damage.

Reese is busy steering and because of such she isn't focus on dodging. She gets hit on the shoulder with an arrow and goes down. Denica is also hit and she is quite seriously injured as arrow slams into her side. Rey is rushing toward Denica.

20 inflicted and Rey is harmed for serious damage.

An arrow slams into Rey's left shoulder as she goes to rescue Denica!

Alexandre has joined the line.

Victus has joined the line.

Well, the scream that Denica lets out as she receives the worst injury that she'd ever received in her life is considerable. Clenching her side, she falls back. She moans and clenches her side, almost looking like she wants to rip the arrow out. Thankfully she manages to regain enough of her sense to not do it, but with a wince and a stagger back, she starts crawling away, gasps and groans coming out with each motion.

Harper has joined the line.

Ronja has joined the line.

Bashira has joined the line.

Turn in line: John

Turn in line: Rey

Rey is a bad... hider, she simply can not stay out of trouble, with one arrow slamming into her shoulder, she was saved by her armor but there was a whole, somehow as she darts out to rush to Danica's side, the next arrow finds that same whole and buries itself not only in her armor but most of the way into her and through her shoulder. But that does not stop her, unlike Denica she is oddly silent and thanks to her Mercy robes the blood is unseen as she gets to Denica and starts applying pressure with her good arm. "Shhh, Princess it will be fine.." Of course hell is breaking out around them, but still.

Turn in line: Alexandre

Turn in line: Victus

Victus checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Denica has joined the line.

Isidora feels the ship calm. She races to the top deck to see if anyone needs her healing skills. She sees Rey handling Denica. "Who's all injured?"

Denica's scream pierces Victus' ears as much as it does everyone, his head whirling around to look dismay at his bloodied cousin. "DENICA!" He howls, enraged gaze shifting onto Rey as she tends to her. "Find my cousin some damn cover! NOW!" Clenching his jaw, he waves his hands in a signal toward the rest of the crew. "Able-bodies get in line! Shields up! Brace for a boarding! NONE OF YOU SHOULD HAVE CLEAN SWORDS BY THE END OF THIS!" He marches toward the center of the deck, directing the flow of traffic to set up their line of defense.

Turn in line: Harper

Alexandre rushes over Rey and Denica, seeing the Mercy wounded and yet still trying to aid the Princess. "Wait, let me help." And soon the Knight of Solace has at least given first aid treatment to her wounds, getting the arrows out of the way to allow the Mercy to do her job properly. "You should get below decks with the Princess, I'll give you cover." he tells her before facing the enemy ship, shield up, ready to stand his ground.

Harper nimbly twists to avoid an arrow headed straight for her, watching it fly past and lodge in the deck of the ship behind her. She lets out a loud curse as she sees Rey dash out of cover to rush toward Denica then take an arrow as well. Hearing Victus' yell, she dashes over toward Denica and Rey, taking up position next to Alexandre to guard them as they work on tending their wounds. She yells back at Rey with a glare, "Don't do that again, damnit! Keep your head down and listen to Alex!"

Sees an injured Reese and runs up to start taking care of the woman enough to move her down below. Her honeyed eyes going over the wounds finding the best way to treat her.

Turn in line: Ronja

Ronja checked perception + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

"Oh fuck," Denica groans. "This is... worse than I thought," she whimpers as Rey begins applying the pressure. "We... gotta get down," Denica says, looking up as they prepare for the boarding party, and through the pain, Denica herself looks rather ashamed. "I'm -- no good at close range anyway," she says through clenched teeth. "Clean... clean it below deck," she says, mercifully not charging into battle but letting Rey or whoever else, take her, dragging if needed, to cover.

Turn in line: Bashira

There's a moment where Ronja watches the two ships collide with a look of silent surprise in her eyes. She, least of anyone, actually expected that to work. The volleys of arrows were starting to take their toll on the deck and there were a few injuries. And now there were grappling hooks being thrown onto the deck, to boot. Put one fire out and two more ignite, naturally.

"Who the fuck are these people?!" Ronja growled out as the crews of the sinking ships silently continued the fight. She was itching for a fight, but it looked like she wouldn't be able to get it yet - there were more immediate concerns. First is Reese - when the woman drops to the deck, Ronja darts over and covers her fallen form by standing at the ready above it, sword drawn. Once Isidora arrives to tend her, she moves a few steps aside and sheathes her sword, taking over for Reese.

Bashira checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 33 higher.

Turn in line: Denica

Victus is commanding the sailors to get ready to attack. Bashira at the front lines fighting those who are trying to board. Ronja took steering and navigating the ship. Alexandre just treated Rey's injuries. He is also give Rey and Denica cover. Reese has been treated by Isidora. She looks okay now, but is still out of action.

Looks at Reese after she finishes patching up the woman. "There you go ... you should be able to at least finish the fight ...." She states simply as her work makes the woman look perfectly healthy. She presses her hair behind her ear as she runs down to get Danica and help her out of the fray.

Bashira's tensed for the fight, her hazel eyes bright. Then the lion maned woman is charging forward as soon as one head pops over the side of the ship. The Rubicund blade that she wields isn't given a flourish, she drives it forward with force. Aiming for vital organs. She gives a growl as she draws the knife back then pushes the body back. He'll float.

Rey closes her eyes as she is yelled at, just a little wince and a harsh biting of her lip as Alex pulls the arrow out, but she is take a deep breath and mutters to Denica, "Don't move.." She then looks up at Harper and Alexander, "I can't bounce her down the stairs. Tuck us up under the main box..." She nods to the box that is under the wheel area and wraps one tiny arm around Denica's chest. "Breath, here we go.." And she will pull and moves herself and Denica under the cover of guards, out of her way.

Bashira checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

Alexandre checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Harper checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

Victus checked command + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 43 higher.

Ronja checked perception + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Victus is commanding the sailors who seem to be listening to them and are fighting quite well. He fights along side them, being the badass High Lord he is and is helping to take out the boarding enemy. Bashira is at the very front lines, taking on many right when they board. Harper is guarding the door leading down below and takes out those near her who are trying to get past the door. Alexandre successfully provides cover for Rey, Denica and himself. Ronja keeps the ship on course. Isidore has Reese's shoulder bandaged up and can pull her out of the way of combat. Rey is keeping Denica from bleeding to death and has been treated by Alexandre herself.

Eventually the party is victorious. They took out the boarding men. The enemies' ships are crashed.

The line has been dismissed by Reese.

Ronja doesn't mind being at the helm. It's a familiar place for her, and she's comfortable there. She focuses for the moment on getting their ship far away from the clutching grappling hooks of the enemy...

One thing that might have been realized at some point throughout the fight, or perhaps not, is the pirates did not make a sound. No yelling, no cursing, nothing. Those who are particularly observant might realize as well that from what can be seen of the pirate's skin has scars, some fresh, some well healed that look remarkably similar to that wooden tablet.

Alexandre holds his ground, his focus on shielding both Rey and Denica, and at Rey's suggestion, bringing them under the main box. Their way is further aided by Harper's protecting blade, and together, are able to ensure both Princess Denica and Lady Rey remain safe and whole for the rest of the fight. His shield is decorated with dents and arrows by the end, but all are alive, and that's what matters. "All right... Let's have an accounting of the injured, and see to these wounds."

At some point, Denica had stopped moaning, letting Rey do her work, and while she trembles from the rush of adrenaline, the pain also seems to lessen. "It's... not so bad anymore," she says in a shaky voice. Though certainly the pain will return later and she'll regret those words, foolish words that they are.

Harper keeps a careful watch as Rey starts to get Denica to safety with Alexandre guarding them. Spotting someone trying to rush toward the trio, she quickly moves to intercept him and keep the door to the below-decks clear. Taking a running swing with her sword, she uses her momentum to push the attacker away from the others. Then whirling around she catches him off-guard and draws her sword deeply across his chest, leaving him dead on the deck as she turns to look for any other attackers determined to keep them away from her charges.

After some brief clashes with their boarding party, Victus steps between the victorious sailors. His gleaming axe now freshly stained with blood, the Thrax takes stock of their situation. Sunburnt and emaciated corpses littering the deck and two ruined vessels drifting about. His eyes turn to Denica and Rey, their injured crew who he oversees with a stony expression. "Still alive?" He calls, before his gaze travels back down the deck. "Where is the boy?"

Bashira is focusing on keeping most of the enemies from getting onto the ship. There's a rope cut and it drops those trying to climb up it into the ocean. The sharks would take them. The others that make it she greets with a warm flash of red and the cold bite of steel as it slashes and pierces skin. Bodies are kicked back over the railing by the young woman. When everything is done, she wipes a bloody hand across her face and breathes heavily as she cuts the remaining ropes from the men that didn't manage to make it up. Just in case. The Shaman then quietly wipes the rubicund dagger off on her scarf and resheathes it before she hears Victus, "He's tied up and under that bit of sail there, your Grace." she tells him as she approaches the spot.

Rey kneels over Danica and now that her shoulder is banadged, she can work better, though the Princess will hear so mutterings from time to time. Real words come soft and gently though, "Having it bandaged helps and the healing is starting but you will need to have someone check on you for the next few weeks..." As a healer she clearly ignores on her wounds, yep.

"Yep. Still alive. Cora's gonna kill me," Denica groans, holding her side while Rey tends to her. "Gods, where did that fucking thing even come from?"

Walks over to where Rey is with Denica. "Rey sit." She says with a command. "You need to heal just as much." She looks at the woman with eyes of steel not allowing any objection. "The ship is intact and we are all alive ... I doubt Cora will kill you." She mutters as she looks over the bandages and wounds.

Rosalie re-emerges from below decks after the sounds of fighting have died down. She's not medic or healer and so doesn't try to help the injured. She's likely to do more harm than good. Instead, Rosalie moves towards the dead bodies, steeling herself as she starts to examine them. Frowning slightly as she notices markings on the first. Moving to the second, she cheks it for the markings, then the next. So on and so forth. Eventually, her hands as bloodied as if she'd been slashing and slicing with the others. Instead, she approaches Victus and looks up at him. "I think.. I think these men might have been the crew from the abandoned ship. The boy, too. A cabin boy, perhaps. But... I think they're the crew from the ship. No evidence, but they have the same writing on them that is on the wooden tablet."

Ronja checked intellect + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

If it has been anyone other than an Healer, Rey probably would have growled, but as it is Isidora, she gets a long look of those sea-green eyes and she nods gracefully. She moves two inches and settles down with a large wince but her eyes stay on the sea or Denica or both at once. She let's out a sigh. "If that is true, we still have a key to somewhere.." She calls this out softly.

Harper looks around to make sure that no one is still alive or twitching. After checking on the wounded to make sure they are still safe, she finds a quiet place to sit and carefully starts cleaning the blood off of her blade as she listens to Rosalie's assessment.

"Yes, she probably will." Victus muses back to Denica. "But I'm more in a position to kill you first. Rest." The Prince steps back keep an eye across the deck, flicking his attention between Rosalie and Bashira. He answers the former first. "It seems whatever this, vile cult-shit is, they were all taken by it. Something or someone with the power to sway their minds has done this. I've not seen sailors go mad this badly since the Gyre still roamed the Deeps..." A sneer slowly blossoms across his face as he gestures to Bashira. "Check the boy, he may be the best clue we'll have if we can just find a way to stop his madness long enough to get some answers."

Ronja wasn't the smartest or most observant of people, but thankfully the encounter with the two aggressors had been brief enough that she still knew what direction they were supposed to be going in. She wasn't in charge here, but for the moment she assumed that returning to course was what the leadership would have liked her to do. So that's what she did. She was sure someone would tell her if there was some other plan in place, after all. She was just happy to be back on a boat. And no one was dead! Bonus!

"Hey, Rosalie?!" Ronja called down to the deck from her perch at the helm.

"Like hell I am," Denica winces. "Help me up," she says to Rey, looking over to the bodies and everything that had unfolded around her. "Princess Reese said the dagger was a key. I think we'll find out what it's a key to at the coordinates," she winces, holding her side as she tries to get herself to her feet, little whimpers let out as waves of pain roll through her.

Bashira takes the knife out of it's temporary resting place, "Wherever this key goes I'm guessing isn't a nice place." she tells them. Then she heads over to where the boy is tied up and she gently lifts the sail, not letting any light touch the boy though, "Hello." she smiles to him.

Reese is sitting the deck with her shoulder bandaged. She looks to be out of it, but thanks to Isidora, she will be okay given sometime. Still she seems too overtaken by the injury to help out much.

Helps Denica back to sitting down. "Now now I think you are going to do just fine from here helping with words and encouragement." She says to the other princess.

"They, um... they also have no tongues. They've been cut out. I can't tell if its self-inflicted or done to them but... its why they were so silent." Rosalie adds to Victus before looking along the deck towards Ronja, "Yes?" She flicks a glance towards where the boy was and sighs, "I could hear his head banging along with the fighting. He may need some medical attention before he's in any condition to do anything. If he ever will be." Then she's moving along towards Ronja.

As Bashira lifts the sail she will see the boys face look up at her, wide eyed and coated in blood. He has clearly been slamming his head into the deck of the ship as hard as he can, managing to break open the skin, thankfully he was weakened enough that is all he could do but his too wide smile and wide wide eyes in that blood soaked visage is the sight that greets her.

"Four things," Ronja answers, "First: you are my favorite person today. Second: I would be making all sorts of unmentionable promises to you if I didn't know you were taken. Third: THANK YOU. Your early warning probably saved all of our lives. And lastly: you seem to have a really good grasp on what the hell might be going on here, better than the rest of us. What do we know so far? Is following these coordinates a good idea?"

Bashira gives a look over the boys face and there's a bit of a headshake to him. "I'm not going to hurt you." she tells him as she kneels down. Thank goodness the knives are put away. She takes a look at his arms and there's a frown, "Looks like...doodles? Like someone was keeping count of something." she tells the others. "What's your name?" she asks him.

Denica tries to resist Isidora but after a few moments she's found sitting down, unable to find the strength to push any further as some waves of pain remind her that the healers probably know what they're talking about.

There is no answer verbally, a look of confusion as though a name was something unknown or if not unknown unnecessary. If anything the look he gives her is pitying, as if Bashira is missing the understanding of just how unnecessary such a thing is.

That sneer turns into a full grimace as Victus travels back down the deck. He points toward the other sailors. "Gather the bodies and someone wipe this blood off the deck." He orders, looking back toward the boy as well. "Extra bandages from below deck too." Then up toward the wheel. "Who's been steering this boat...?" The lack of Reese causes his brow to raise when he sees Ronja in their place. But seeing as they were still sailing straight, he just shrugs. "Looks like we're gonna have to wait for answers at our destination."

Gives Denica the look that she better stay seated. Moving softly she goes to check on the boy. She pulls some relaxing aromatics from her medicine bag to help keep him calm for her to fix his head. "It's okay ... I have you ..." She said softly as she falls to her knees to get a better look at the wound allowing Bashira to distract him.

Bashira gives him a shake of her head, "No, don't give me that look." she tells him. "Names are important things." she states in a quiet tone. He's just going to have to suck it up. "We're are going to call you...Roth. There we are. That's a good strong name for a growing boy." she smiles brightly to that. "And this nice woman here isn't going to hurt you either." she tells him. "Are you hungry?" she asks him as she moves forward to wrap the boy up in the sail so he can't struggle too much.

Harper looks up from cleaning her sword and raises her brows slightly at Bashira. In a curious voice she asks, "Does the boy even have a tongue you reckon? Did anyone check?" She looks over at Victus as he talks, listening quietly, but then asks, "How far away is it from where we're at do you reckon?"

"Oh, um. You're welcome. I guess I have sharp eyes from doing all the digging around." She pauses, considering Ronja for a long moment before letting out a sigh. "I think its the best chance we have of finding out what happened to the ships that have been disappearing and this... They, that the boy keeps talking about. Lady Rey says he was planted here, like a weapon to be used later. Which explains why he still has his tongue. He's likely supposed to scare us into turning back. Or possibly more if we let our guard down. And Mistress Bashira and Lady Rey were saying that dagger is a key. Keys open doors, though that's not saying that we would like what we find on the other side. So chances are good that whatever we're sailing towards is a door of some kind, one the dagger opens. Beyond that may well be the 'They' that have driven that poor child mad. In which case I would -strongly- suggest we don't let the dagger anywhere near the door. I had hoped the dagger would stay on the other ship but.. its too late to be angry over that now. So we should keep the dagger on -our- ship, and guarded, along with the boy, whenever we reach our destination." Rosalie glances towards Victus, lifting a shrug, then looking back to Ronja. "That's the best guess I have so far. The problem is, we're still missing data."

Rey does not go far as Denica does not look as if she will stay put long, but she does carefully make her way to the railing and once more looks out over the sea, her eyes then move up to the sun and she judges something before she looks back to the sea, "He was singing, so he's not lost it.." she offers as she keeps her eyes between Denica and the sea.

And lo the wait for that is perhaps not too long, from the crows nest comes a cry, "Land ho!" Indeed it can be seen that they are headed straight for an island, and not a little island either. No, this is a massive island, still recognized as an island but it is huge.

The boy sees Isa coming, sort of, the blood obviously causing sight issues and no doubt a concussion to boot, but regardless he squirms away as best as the bindings will allow. Of course the newly christened Roth is now wrapped in a sail, squirming for all he is worth but keeping his mouth shut, he looks rather like a child told he must eat his greens or else.

As could be predicted, Denica does wait a few moments after Isidora leaves her alone, and than takes the moment then to rise to her feet, spurred on by the call of 'Land ho'. She seems eager to see the land that they're approaching and moves to rise to her feet and check it all out.

Opens the aromatics to relax the child. She mists him softly to allow him to breathe it in. "Roth ... we are good .... we are okay." She sings in a soft lullaby fashion.

Ronja listens carefully as Rosalie reiterates to her all the pieces of the story she had missed. Any explanation that requires more than a few sentences doesn't usually settle into Ronja's flighty little brain, though, and she's visibly struggling to put the (very clearly and concisely worded) explanation together. She seems to get the gist of it, though. Probably.

"Well, looks like we're about to find out," she comments to Rosalie as the call for land is made. Her attention turns then to Victus. "Are we dropping anchor and paddling over there?"

Bashira gives a look to Harper and there's a nod to what Rey says, "Yeah, he's got his tongue. For now." she tells her. Then she manuevers behind the kid she just named and helps wrap him up. "Everything is going to be alright. We aren't going to let anyone else hurt you and I'm sorry that we've had to tie you up. It's for your safety and you tried to hurt one of our friends." she tells him quietly. "This'll all be over soon." she whispers as the healer works.

Slowly works at cleaning him up and patching him up. She uses her oils and ointments to numb the wounds so she can stitch him up without him feeling it.

Harper grins sheepishly and nods, "Yeah sorry. Forgot with all the chaos of everything going on." She goes back to cleaning her sword and staying out of the way for now.

"Someone here keep a close eye on the boy... We're either gonna have to completely strap him down or bring him with us in that condition." Victus states as he runs a hand against the rails, taking a good look at the massive plot of land they're slowly hurdling towards. His eyes go back to Ronja. "Sounds like it's our only choice if we're gonna figure this shit out, eh? We drop anchor and row over once everyone is ready."

Roth fights and wiggles and is making this as difficult as possible to do, but eventually his face is cleaned. His expression the entire time clearly states he wants the /opposite/ of no more pain but as these sorry sods just don't understand...bring him with them. Suddenly he is still, staring at Victus with a hunger, a need clear as day in his eyes and he nods, and nods and nods and nods. "Paradise!" He whispers reverently.

Ronja nods to Victus and directs the ship to run along the shore of the island until a good landing area can be found with deep enough water to drop anchor near enough to 'Paradise' to paddle to.

Ronja will come upon a dock, a beatuiful thing with colorful decorations, lovely archways, a real eye to decorative detail. A lot of effort was put into this dock to make it welcoming and from a distance it looks like two people to either side of the forest path are holding signs.

Rosalie looks to Victus and shakes her head, "Do not let this boy off this ship. Please. Whatever he is to 'They', it will not bode well for us." She looks towards the island, then to the boy. "He's entirely too eager to go there."

Harper snorts softly and eyes the boy skeptically, saying wryly, "The notion that he thinks that island is paradise gives me less than stellar hopes for it being anything but awful." As the dock comes into view though, she sheathes her sword and moves over to the rail to look closer, saying "What in the heck is all this?"

"You know this place?" Bashira asks the boy. He certainly seems to. So she looks to him to see what he says. The look back towards the dock is...a bit more unnerving though.

"What in the fuck?" Denica says, as she sees the dock, very bright and decorated, eyes widened as if she had not quite been expecting that. "This doesn't..." she winces, arm held to her side, and yes she is not sitting down. "I mean it looks nice but that's exactly what I don't like about it. This is a trap if I've ever seen one."

That's a really pretty trap right there. Unless orderd to do otherwise, Ronja will just keep going right on past that dock, all the while singing a tune, "Nope, nopenopenope, nope nope, noooope, nope."

Hearing he can't go with he begins wriggling again, "MAKE IT FLOW!" he howls, tears filling his eyes like someone just killed something beloved to him, heart deep pain permeating through is entire being. He struggles to get free struggles to move towards the dock, like if he just believes hard enough he will break free and go to Paradise.

Rey tilts her head to the side, "It is set to welcome them in. He's heard about, been told all about, it will bring him to what he needs. Those with the tongue gone, they have been here, and then away..." Rey says thoughtfully. "He was sent because he has a tongue, can pull us in, have us feel for him. Whatever is happening, comes from within I believe.." Or she could be talking out of her ...well something

Sounding rather disappointed as she says the words. "Pull in here," Denica says finally. "This is where we needed to look, unless you manage to beat the boy silly?" Denica says, looking to the healers. "We could try to sneak around from a back way perhaps?"

Bashira checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Victus' eyes squint to catch sight of the two people with their signs, his head turning to look upon the boy again as he begins his hysterics. "Strap him down with something strong. Leather bindings or steel clamps, he doesn't kill himself on our watch." As he surveys, he speaks to the rest of them. "If whatever is on this island is the cause of this cult shit, then we're obligated to go deal with it."

Bashira's about as quick on the draw as any and when he howls out, her dagger is flipped around and she whacks him in the back of the head, "Roth, we told you to quit squirming, that everything would be fine. But no. You don't listen." she states as she moves his limp body. Her dagger is resheathed and then she gently bundles him up in the sails and starts to carry him down to the lower decks. "Alright going to go strap him down." she tells the High Lord and the others.

Looking towards the island, Rosalie draws in a deep breath and murmurs, "I don't think conventional stealth is going to matter. Whatever is happening here isn't... mundane." She looks towards Victus and nods lightly. "Well then, lets get this over with. I can't promise I'll be much good in a fight, but I can at least try to help puzzle things out as we go."

Harper follows Victus' gaze toward the boy and nods, saying, "Yeah, don't let him lose. He's a slippery little demon." Looking back over toward the docks, she shakes her head, adding, "Whatever's here just can't be good any way you cut it." She nods in agreement to Victus and Rosalie, and says, "I'll help however I can... fighting or poking around."

There's a notable grimace on Ronja's expression at Denica and Victus's arguments, but she redirects the ship in acquiescence and guides it toward the dock. She's made visibly nervous by it as they approach and simply keeps them steady as the rest of the crew does the work necessary to dock the ship.

"Stick towards the middle of the group," she offers quietly to Rosalie, her attention mostly on steering for the moment. "Same with anyone who's not much of a fighter. Don't get ahead, don't lag behind. We've been attacked once and we'll probably be attacked again."

Follows Basher down to the lower decks. She helps the other woman tied Roth down.

Victus nods toward the gathering group. "Folks who are prepared to start a fight, up front with me. Though not, remain behind us if ya' can. We'll investigate and see whether or not this tricky shit is out of the range of our mortal capabilities to deal with. Hopefully we don't need to put any more madmen down, but I ain't optimistic to say the least." He lugs his axe over his shoulder as he gestures for some crew to start lowering a rowboat. "Anyone who wants to remain is free to do so. Make sure the nothing is gonna surprise us from the waters and keep that boy alive and immobile. If we're all clear, let's hop in and move."

Perhaps rather foolishly, Denica moves along with Victus, moving to retrieve her bow that she'd lost in the chaos of the earlier fighting, a wince as she does so. "Just keep in front of me," she says, wincing a bit. "I'll stay back, don't worry," she says, possibly for Victus' benefit. Whether he or anybody tries to stop her is another matter.

Rey can't keep the boy down if it came to that and while she is... not healthy she is not going to bleed out, so unless she is stopped she slips into the group within the middle and simply let's her tiny pale form blend in.

Ronja, despite earlier reservations, will be joining the crew leaving the ship. She never did get that fight she was itching for.

Bashira heads up from helping tie down Roth and there's a moment she checks over all of the knives and things and then she's heading off after everyone. She's not injured and she can fight. So no real reason for her to stay on the ship.

Harper makes her way up next to Victus, pulling her sword out of its scabbard again. Giving him a slight grin and a nod, she says, "I'm with you. Magpie'd be pissed at me if I didn't at least try and watch your back, I reckon. Even if you did cause me to miss my first dance, Pie Lord."

The two people who are holding signs never move during the entire docking proceedure, in fact they seem preternaturally still. As the team make it to the dock and begin moving to the path they find beautiful posed corpses that have been reserved to look their pest holding signs which request that all visitors be polite, respectful, and don't leave unnecessary trash or corpses behind. To not disturb the natives, and to not spread any non approved religious or beliefs while upon the island. The price of admission will be taken at the end of the trip. Welcome and happy visiting! *drawins of happy faces and hearts are on each sign.

Rosalie joins the group going ashore, sticking towards the middle of the group. She looks over the corpses, the signs, then worries at her lower lip a little more. Something is bothering her but she can't quite place her finger on it.

Bashira looks at the corpses and there's a bit of a moment the Shaman stops and looks around her. She looks over the rest of them and then to the sky and the ground beneath them. She says a few whispered words before she's shaking her head. "Should set it all on fire." she whispers in Arvani.

Works on patching up Roth while he is knocked out. She stitches him up and wraps poltices and bandages around his head.

"Why did I come with you?" Denica wonders aloud to Victus, limping along with her own little retinue as she looks around at the corpses and everything all around her. "Weren't you just saiyng it was about time we went reaving again?" Denica ask Victus with a bit of a nervous laugh, testing the bow string and making sure she has plenty of arrows. A LOT OF ARROWS.

The 'Pie-Lord' comment gets a scoff from Victus, although it does break up the bleakness exceptionally. "For the amount of silver I've pumped into your man, he damn well better think of me as precious cargo." He barks back to Harper before his eyes land upon Denica again. "Because your salty blood commands you to show your mettle at sea. The pain you feel? It's wisdom leavin' it's mark. Though if I had my way, you would've come here in a steel cube."

Rey is along as a healer, no one is going to yell at her. Well, probably.. maybe.. She is Voice and well, anyway, the tiny Mercy is silent as the group moves, those sea-green eyes looking over the corpses and the wording. Why she keeps looking at the sky.. well who knows with her.

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