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Archery Party

Lady Amari Keaton and Lady Jael Laurent invite archers of any skill level to attend their archery party on the scenic grounds of Keaton Hall. There'll be no serious competitions, no prizes, no fundraising, no raffles, just a little casual fun for beginners and masters alike.

If you don't know a bow from an arrow, or a nock from a rock, but are curious to learn, stop by anyway and watch a short demonstration. Enjoy some honey roasted sunflower seeds, sweet teas and fine conversation while learning proper technique, or showing off your skills on the field.


Sept. 6, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Amari Jael


Sable Thorley Waldemai Shae Lethe Brogan Violet Skye Caius Norwood Zoey Nuala Eddard Tyren Kael Reigna Gaston



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Keaton Hall - Commander's Field

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Mal, a devious raccoon, Daegmund, an Oakhaven Shepherd arrive, following Shae.

Erin, Crimson Blades Private, Jin, Cranky Crimson Blades Sergeant, Gale, The Mighty Pupper, 2 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, Private Fane, Crimson Blade Assistant arrive, following Violet.

Wulfwin, the Ambitious Squire, Violet arrive, following Thorley.

So, right, Amari is here. She has her bow, she has her arrows, and most importantly, she has a cup of tea which she's carefully sipping at, despite it being still rather hot. She's standing front and center though, ready to greet those brave souls who decided to join her and Jael for an archery party. Smiles will be generously dispensed.

Sable is short on smiles today, it seems. She also might look wildly out of place, dressed as she is in shav'arvani-style leather armor. Her longbow in hand, she has a quiver of green-fletched arrows slung over her back.

Thorley's expertise in archery is that it was how he met his wife. And that the pointy end goes towards the enemy. Escorting Violet, the knight arrives with the pregnant commandant as he grins. "I'll make sure to stock up on the teas and seeds and what not." he says with a chuckle as he watches her go to prepare for her turn at the rounds.

Waldemai pulls up a seat on one of the benches, giving him a good view of the targets (and something relatively safe to dive under).

Shae drops down from the Hall, mostly curious, hearing about the party third hand from a servant helping to set it up. The Kennelmaster noses around quietly, spots Amari and plants herself right next to her cousin, dropping her cheek to Amari's shoulder in an affectionate, companionable manner. But at least the Keaton doesn't do something weird, like bark.

"You were at the Spirits the other night. Hello!" Lady Amari greets the smile deficient, but appropriately armed and armored Sable, "Welcome. I'm Lady Amari. I'm not sure we were properly introduced in all the craziness." There's a wavy gesture of her free hand to illustrate how crazy it was. It was a lot crazy. When Thorley and Violet arrive, she dips her head to the pair, hearing a bit of the plans, she encourages him, "Please, help yourselves. If there's nothing on the table to your liking, just let me know. It's very light fare, but the tea is good." This is also directed to Waldemai since he's already seated there. Then Shae's next to her, so she grins, and chimes, "Shae!"

Jael has been puttering around in the background, helping with the setup as well, and is just about to join Amari with a cup of tea when the guests start arriving. "Lady Shae," she greets the kennelmaster Keaton who is destined to become her sort-of-in-law. Unfamiliar with most of the rest, she offers a genial and general "Hello!"

Waldemai says, "Food? Don't mind if I do. Thank you, m'lady."

Sable's frowning eases just a touch when she peers at Amari. Oh. Right. "Yes," she agrees. "I did see you there." There's a pause, like she's trying to think of something polite to say, before she adds, "It was a very strange night." A nod. "Thank you for having me as a guest. My name is Sable. Just Sable." She peers at Thorley and Violet curiously, giving them a slight nod. Shae's nodded at, too, and Waldemai. Sable reaches up to rub the back of her neck.

"I'm Sir Thorley Sandreef, the Sword of Westrock. The lady is my wife, Commandant Violet Sandreef of the Crimson Blades. We're close friends of Baron Norwood and Lady Margerie." Thorley offers to Jael and Shae. "We're looking forward to the wedding in a few days, and made sure to offer.. a proper gift." there's a wink at that. He clearly has a //plan//.

Shae is not the best at social cues or splitting her attention, so while she nods and makes eye-contact with the newcomers, she doesn't say much of anything to anyone. When Sable introduces herself, however, Shae tilts her head, and simply remarks, "Black." Then she's looking back to Amari, straightening and squeezing her kinswoman's arm. She looks to Jael and nods to her as well, before saying to Amari, "Hello, cousin. I heard about this event belatedly. Is there anything you need aid with?"

Amari reaches up and rests her hand on Shae's nearest shoulder, as if to anchor her there a little. "You'll need to defend House Keaton's honor, I'm afraid. I'm not actually that great at archery. Lady Jael is the master." She smiles at her cousin, before nodding to Sable, and Sir Thorley. "Pleased to meet you, Just Sable. You look quite skilled, I love the green fletching." Then to the husband and wife, "I'm sure we've met. Any friends of Baron Norwood and Lady Margerie are friends of mine, by default. I've been helping Lady Jael with the gifts too. I can't wait for the wedding. It's so exciting."

Lethe gives a wave to Amari when she arrives and walks over toward Waldemai. "Waldemai hi! Are you an archer? I've forgotten all of your many talents."

Jael drops a curtsy. "Sir Thorley. I have heard of you from Norwood. My apologies, I haven't been far from the Manse for awhile. Welcome, both of you." She chortles when Amari mentions the wedding gifts, then inclines her head to Sable in greeting.

Waldemai is seated at one of the benches. "No, m'lady." He taps the hammer hanging from his belt. "I'm best at close-in work. No, I came up to watch." And, you know, free food. "How about yourself? Do you shoot? I've forgotten who we saw at the Sip 'n' Spars."

"Yes," Sable tells Shae with a nod. She nods to Jael as well and then eases closer to the table to examine a tart. It looks delicious. She has a glance around, like she's making sure she can have one, and reaches for it slowly.

Lethe shakes her head. "I don't know how to shoot or fight at all, but I thought I'd come watch too. My brother is the archer in the family and Lady Amari too now I guess."

Shae's face is its typical mask of neutrality, her features relaxed and even and unsmiling. She nods to Amari. "I will defend it to my best ability," she vows, watching Sable reach for a tart, gray eyes riveted, waiting to see as well if it's allowed.

"I'm just a knight, my Lady. Nothing special." In fact, it is Thorley that bows for Jael and the others. "Violet is the archer of us. I'm just here to watch." he comments. He has no compunctions - there's a tart snagged, and a tea.

Forging onward onto the Commanders Field. A wild mountain man appears, nearly human bear-like in appearance, Brogan stalks his way over to the spectators area to start observations. There is a brief pause in his motions, clearly seeking hosts to torment/speak with.

"As Lady Amari said, a friend of Norwood is a friend of ours. He's almost like a father to me." Jael certainly doesn't seem to be guarding the tarts.

Sable picks up the tart she was reaching for and guides it toward her mouth. Brogan makes his appearance, and Sable bites down into the tart. Her eyebrows go up, and she chews thoughtfully. Very thoughtfully.

"You're welcome to try, Lethe." Amari offers, and sneaks an encouraging smile to Sable so she knows the tarts are fair game. Thorley is grinned at, "Pull up a cushion and get comfortable then, Sir Thorley." With some saying they're not very good archers, some being outed as excellent ones, the Keaton lady starts to do a count, then just asks everyone, "So, what is everyone's skill level? I'm middling at best, to be honest."

Shae seems relieved that there are no repercussions for tart-taking, and reaches for one herself to nibble on. At Amari's question, Shae says, "I'm proficient." And munches. Mmm.

There's a mountain man too, hard to miss Brogan looming. Amari lifts her teacup to him in greeting, "Lord Brogan. Hello. Have some tea, take your shirt off if you'd be more comfortable."

Violet returns from the loo adjusting her tunic and smiling at her husband. The question of skill gets a small smile and she says, "I make my living at it, so it's probably one of the things I am best at..." The way she says it is humble, eyes downcast, voice soft. "Brogan?" Her head turns around and a big grin breeches her fact. "Brogan! Where have you been?!" And suddenly she is moving towards the mountain of a man, her face lit with obvious joy.

Shae chokes on her tart at Amari's casual comment, surprised. COUGH.

Jael has fetched her own self a tart and is mid-bite when Amari invites Brogan to partially disrobe. Her blue eyes go wide and she sort of chokes decorously on the crumbs while staring at Amari before recovering herself enough to say, a bit thickly, "I'm a pretty good shot."

Sable chews her tart and seems less grumpy now. She looks away from Brogan and tells Amari, "Expert, I suppose? I've been hunting since I've been able to draw a bow."

Lethe shakes her head as she looks to Amari. "I'd rather not. Archery is really more Archeron's thing. I just came to watch."

"Apparently even Violet can't resist." Thorley rolls his eyes and drops onto the pillows, snacking on the tart while she runs off to greet Brogan.

Waldemai leans back on the bench, sticking to the tea and staying away from things like tarts. "Can't shoot," he says, cheerfully. "At my age don't have time to learn."

There is a sharp nod, almost curt but it doesn't seem personal. "Just Brogan, will do." There is a brief pause and a nod of approval at Amari. "Good idea! As you wish! Also, do you have something besides this tea you speak of?" Brogan does the very thing that was briefly discussed. Reaching up there is a tugging, and of course flexing, and then another tug and the shirt comes free to be tossed aside onto a cushion. A little pec-popping action happens, and another nod of self-satsifcation at feeling freed. "Ah, feels good to have air on my skin. Now then. I am curious about the ability to shove sharp sticks into people from a distance." Then there is a voice and he turns towards his name being called again. He rumbles towards the call. "Oh! Hello there Violet. It has been a spell, hasn't it?" After a pause, he adds what sounds like he is stating the obvious, though in a friendly tone. "Mountains."

1 Navegant Marines, Dahlia, a confident red and white corgi puppy, Winter, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Skye.

"I heard that," Comes Violet's comment to Thorley. Sent over her shoulder as she greets Brogan. As the shirt is pulled off and the man shows off she can't help but chuckle and shake her head. "Since when did you pick up skill with bow and arrow? I thought you were more for wrestling? And I figured the mountains, you big dolt." A friendly punch sent towards his shoulder.

Jael's eyes widen even more as the mountain main pulls his shirt off right there in the Valardin Ward and she half-turns away. "Gods almighty." No she is NOT peeking YOU are peeking.

Sable is watching. While eating a tart. Unabashed.

"No, Violet, I'm not removing my shirt." Thorley offers dryly, as he glances down at the tart and takes another bite of it.

"Fair enough, try some of the sunflower seeds. They've been roasted with Laurent honey." Amari smiles at her soon to be sister-in-law and Waldemai, then having heard everyone, or nearly everyone, tell of their skill, she mms thoughtfully, "Well, it sounds like you're all very good. Perhaps, we should arrange a challenge, but first go ahead and warm up." She gestures to straw targets that are roughtly man-sized, but not Brogan sized because that would make it a bit too easy. Speaking of, he takes his shirt off, and his pecs pop again. She watches with a speculative expression, her head tilted a touch to the left. "That does look more comfortable. Uhm. Right, I didn't think mixing alcohol with archery would be the best." She has to admit, sipping her tea right after, definitely not smiling at all.

Skye arrives just as Brogan takes off her shirt, and there is a wide-eyed look given as if she doesn't know how to process the sight of a man shirtless in front of her. She flushes bright red in her cheeks. She then quickly looks away and then tries to find the host while fumbling her skirt with a gloved hand.

Shae is standing with Amari and Sable, also observing, unabashed. "You remind me of my friend, Geralt," she says to Brogan calmly. Then she's looking to Amari, listening, watching her cousin smile. And then she looks back to Brogan, and back to Amari, realization setting in. "Oh. You had wanted him to take his shirt off. Because you think he looks nice without a shirt." She turns her head back to Brogan, watching him for some long moments, before finally nodding, pulling her bow from her shoulder and heading to the practice targets. "I can see why. He's very symmetrical."

Sable laughs quietly as she finishes her tart, using a finger to poke a bit of filling into her mouth and then licking it clean. "And actually old enough to grow a proper beard," she comments in an amused tone. The huntress pulls an arrow from her quiver and starts to walk, moving to set up across from one of the targets.

Lethe nods to what Waldemai says. "That's right, at my age too." She looks over the food and shakes her head. "I'm not very hungry, but maybe I'll have one." She doesn't show much interest in shirtless Brogan.

Remaining half-naked, Brogan crosses his arms. Either his is oblivious to the show, or is subtle as a chainsaw about it. "No skill yet. Just curious. Time on the mountain meant the occasional throw of the axe, or being too slow to snag a critter or fish. Rare, but it happens." Brogan gestures with his left hand to the archery display. "Heard about this. Was bored, nothing else to do." A brief pause. "I /might/ pick up some knowledge, or might just enjoy a show." He looks to Amari and looks incredibly confused as she mentions alcohol not mixing with archery. "I do not understand those words together like that." Brogan is rumbling in honest confusion. "Alcohol goes with /everything/." Then a shrug of the shoulders from the big man, and he is looking to Shae next. "Is your friend amazing looking too?"

Somewhat late to the party, or late to the warm up to the party, Caius follows the sound of Amari's voice and strolls to the spectators area with it's array of tasty provisions. "Did someone say sunflower seeds?" the dark haired Valardin wonders with a glance around. "Looks like quite the turn out."

"As long as the archers don't get drunk and shoot..." Violet says with a faint chuckle. She shoots Thorley a glance and for a minute almost looks like she is pouting. But she leaves Brogan's side to move back to her husband, bending to give him a kiss before picking up her bow and quiver. "Warm up time."

"I'm just going to go over here!" Jael proclaims chirpily, taking her honeycomb-decorated bow from one of the tables and heading towards the targets.

Sable wields huntress' bow.

Violet wields DarkFell.

"You don't have enough lip to pout. And don't forget we have dinner tonight." Thorley reminds Violet as he settles back and starts to snack on another tart. He's eating for three, yo.

Jael wields a rubicund bow with honeycomb pattern.

Skye manages to keep her eyes averted from Brogan and shyly asks, "Ummm, hello I'm Baroness Skye Blackshore. I was looking for Lady Amari or Lady Jael." She seems reluctant to jump right in, "I was hoping they didn't mind me just coming. I heard about the party from a friend."

Shae gestures to Brogan in a vaguely squared shape. "Yes. He is like you. Tall and big and symmetrical. You'd have to take your pants off for me to know for sure, but I worry about my cousin should you do that. She may drink her tea too quickly." She's out aiming at the practice targets in about four more minutes, knocking an arrow and letting fly a few.

More guests! Amari has a small look of gratitude for them, "Prince Valardin, Baroness Skye, welcome! There are sunflower seeds, tarts and tea, please help yourselves. We have a few spectators and the archers are just going to practice a bit before we decide on possible challenges." She grins at Brogan's confusion and question, "He has a prize winning beard actually. Not sure how he looked with his shirt off, I suppose there wasn't enough drinking at the previous beards and brews night."

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Shae pipes up from the field to Amari, "Shirt off, he was also very symmetrical."

Waldemai applauds the good shot.

Offering a cordial bow to Lady Amari and, with a sidelong look and another smile, he shares the same cordial gesture with Baroness Skye. "Ladies," he straightens and sweeps a look around, "everyone. Archery contest, that's what the word was. Who's competing?" is wondered as he makes a subtle gesture with one hand to Skye, "Ladies first," paired with another nod.

Shae checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Skye murmurs shyly to the Valardin prince, "Thank you." Then she turns to Amari, "Oh, I was hoping to participate in the contest and perhaps get some tips on how to improve." She motions to herself, "I've only been doing archery for a short period of time." She glances to see the shots by Violet and Shae, "I'm nowhere near their skill..."

Violet does have to stand a little different then the rest, given her belly, but it doesn't seem to disrupt her aim any. As she pulls another arrows she hears the clap and glances at Waldemai when he claps. A faint smile and nod and she turns back to the targets. "I give lessons...gladly. More people should learn how to shoot I think." And she lets an arrow go.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Waldemai applauds another good shot. Applauding is the price of admission and pays for the free food.

Shae checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Sable checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

"I think our child is going to come out carrying a bow and arrow." Thorley says with a small laugh as he watches the shots starting to fly. "Baroness Skye, the whole point is if you want to learn, you can have the chance to do so." he points out as he sips on the tea.

Jael checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Lethe watches the archers with a glance to Waldemai. "These archers are all really good. I'm glad I'm just watching now." She claps for them.

"Oh, I'm so glad there's someone else who's just learning. Stick with me, Skye. Hopefully we'll learn something from these masters." Amari offers with a bright smile as she finally sets her cup down, picks up her bow with its hawk-motif and the quiver next to it. There's a quick look at the spectators to make sure they're settled in and looking happy, and if so, she'll head for the line to watch the others practice.

It's one thing to shoot at targets that are holding still. "Lord Brogan, if you will?" Gesturing to some ropes strung between the targets, Thorley moves to take up one of the sets of ropes to start to move them back and forth, causing the targets to sway back and forth, making it harder for the archers to hit. (Skill at 30).

Waldemai admits to Lethe, "I wanted to be near the bench so I could duck under it if needed, but they are shooting really well."

"But getting drunk and doing dangerous things is akin to a pasttime!" Brogan protests Violent pointing out no drinking and shooting. As Skye introduces herself, he looks to Shae, and other faces he realizes he does not recognize. "Oh. Brogan Nightgold." He even thumps his chest as he announces his own name, skipping the title nonsense in the process. He grunts at Amari. "I too, have a prize winning beard, or so I am told. Not official though I do not believe. We did run the contest off the track slightly." Since there is no hosted booze, Brogan sips at his own! Then after a moment he is looking back at Shae as her comments register. "Oh. Well. I can remove them too, then!" Fortunately for those wishing to not look, Thorley calls for his aid. "What are you do- oh. Hey I approve of moving targets!/

Sable fires a few shots at the unmoving targets; when the ropes are pulled, she cocks an eyebrow. Makes sense. The huntress pulls an arrow from her quiver, nocks, draws, aims, and releases with an exhalation. THWIPPPPPPPPP.

Sable checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

Lethe nods to Waldemai. "It's a good thing I'm not shooting then. You might have had to make used of the bench. I might have actually tried it, but I didn't want to look bad." She smiles "It's nice to see everyone having fun."

Shae catches part of what Amari is saying, and drops her stance to move over to her cousin, swapping practice for teacher-mode. "Here-" she begins, giving her bow to Amari to hold, and gives her a quick, quietly spoken lesson.

Violet pauses in her own shooting to watch the others. Eyes following Sable and Shae, then Jael's as well. Then she turns to Skye with a smile and small bow to the baroness. "I'd be happy to give you some tips if you would like?" She offers, gesturning to the targets. There is a pause as they start to move though. "Oh I do love a moving target..." And she quickly pulls an arrows and shoots.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

Waldemai applauds the more difficult shot.

Jael checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 11 higher.

Waldemai applauds politely. Applauding after every shot means not holding a tea cup. What a shame.

Amari checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Jael takes aim at that tempting moving target because aiming means not looking at pectorals. She nods in quiet satisfaction as the arrow hits, then applauds Amari's shot. "That wouldn't have hit anyone's butt at all!" It's meant to be encouraging.

Amari isn't great at this archery business, so when Shae gently takes her aside to show her a more proper stance and technique, she follows along, very intently. Forgetting for a little while that she's the host and all the duties and worries that entails. When she thinks she's got what's being imparted she draws and lets an arrow fly at one of the closer targets, hitting it squarely. "That's so much better. Thank you. Archeron was trying to show me, but, thank you, Shae!" She grins over at Jael, pleased, "Not accidentally!" She's encouraged.

Skye wields golden seahorse rubicund bow.

Skye takes out her bow and notches an arrow, taking a careful look at the target. She gives a shy smile to Violet and then looks at the target again. She takes a deep breath, aims and then releases the string. Then she stands there with baited breath to see how she did.

Shae wields Cavall, an Oathlands redsteel longbow.

Skye checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Amari wields shadows of the hawk oathlands forged steel bow.

Carrying a cup of tea with him and a plate with other snacks balanced on his other hand, Caius wanders over to stand alongside Waldemai. "Will you be taking a turn on the firing line?"

Violet nods her head and watches Skye's stance and how she aims. Taking it all in. As the arrow sails into the unmoving target she smile and nods. "Nicely done. Now try and hit the moving ones. When aiming, you want to move your bow ahead of the target by just a bit before you fire," She guides, taking out an arrow to show the difference between aiming at the moving target and aiming where it will be. Then she releases.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 51 higher.

Waldemai is just watching. "No, your highness," he tells Caius. "I know that the pointy end of the arrow goes out, and that's the length of it for me."

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound arrives, following Norwood.

Waldemai applauds Violet's shot.

And takes the moving target through the head...

"And you wonder why I never get you mad at me, Violet." Thorley says with a wink. "Even pregnant, you're damned accurate." He's clearly teasing her.

Sable's bow just looks like a bow, and it seems to work well enough despite its lack of style. She's not particularly chatty, either; she sometimes watches the others take their shots, as if gauging their ability. She watches Violet for a time before nocking a new arrow and letting it fly toward one of the moving targets.

Shae's lips curl at the edges at Amari's quickness to pick up the knowledge the woman offers, a bright grin for one such as Shae. "Well done." She looks over at Thorely as he speaks to his wife, then turns to Amari, confused. ".... does pregnancy effect archery skill?" she asks quietly. "Is this one of those Things I'm not understanding again...?"

Sable checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

Skye gives a sweet smile to Violet, "Oh I haven't had much experience shooting at a moving target." She bites her bottom lip and turns to look back at the target. She aims carefully and then releases the arrow again. This time she's a lot less confident that it will hit.

Skye checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 11 higher.

Shae checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

"Do you make arrow heads?" Caius wonders in a low voice as he continues to observe the contest, quite content to be on this side of the firing line and now on the end where the arrows are landing.

Waldemai calls, "Well shot!" He does not, however, stray too far from the heavy bench, just in case.

Norwood is deliberately late to this party and absolutely looks around at who is shooting before moving deeper. He's just in time to hear his soon to be step-daughter Shae, "It depends on if the man in question wishes to get his head shot by the woman he insinuates is hampered by his comment." A wink to Thorley, good luucckkkk~

Violet shrugs a shoulder and laughs at Thorley's comment. "The belly only took me a short time to figure out how to shoot with and around," She tells him before turning back to Skye with a warm and open grin. "There ya go!" She says and reaches to smack the woman jovially on the back. "A solid hit. Being able to hit a moving target can mean the difference between going hungry and not. Or surviving the charging shav...lots of good reasons to practice on moving targets. The Archery drills we run involve blunts and men in armor and lots of bruises usually."

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

Eyebrows arch upwards. "Damn, Violet." His arms work to keep the targets moving. Brogan has forgotten for the moment, that technically he is within range of Bad Things Happening. But watching the display, regardless of the skill is keeping him pleased and entertained. Though often he does take a nip of his own little drink supply. "Everyone seems to be doing well."

Waldemai shakes his head. "I suppose I could, your highness...Nails and spearpoints, too, for that matter. But most people prefer a fletcher to make arrows and that includes the heads."

Skye admits to Violet with a bright smile, "Oh I've used archery for mostly target this. I've never shot an animal or a person before..." The she has to admit, "Oh well I did once but I used it to trap her rather than hurt her. If that makes any sense."

Alizarin, an ethereal bard arrives, following Nuala.

Thorley smirks. "If this one's the archer, Tala's going to learn to use the sword." he comments playfully back at Violet and then snorts. "So says the man that will find himself in a similar situation in a few short days! Are you prepared, my lord?"

"Norwood!" Jael whirls around and heads towards her mentor and the Sword of her family. "Hi! Look, I got a new dress." She did. It has a bee on it.

Zoey strides in, tucking a bit of loose hair back into her fillet. On her back is Dawn's Light, immediately visible due to the lack of silk coverings this time. She spots Norwood and Jael and heads immediately in their direction, smile growing on her lips. "Hello, you two. I'm not too late for the party, am I?"

Violet nods her head and says, "It does. Sounds like an interesting story too. Maybe you'll never need to shoot someone or your dinner, but it is a damned fine skill to know and have." Brogan's praise earns a grin and she takes another shot. Wait, there's a Norwood? She glances over her shoulder towards the man and grins, raising her now arrowless hand to wave. Not even caring if her arrow hit.

Violet checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

"You're all so good." Amari compliments while watching Sable quietly put her arrow into a target. Violet and Skye's shots are also regarded with awe, before the question of Shae's has her lift an eyebrow. "I've never been, so..." She ahs softly, upon hearing that it just takes some adjusting to, to accomodate the belly and all. She's laughing softly when Jael calls out a familiar name, so she turns too. Luckily for Norwood, she does not have an arrow readied, just a bow in hand. He is not menaced, but waved to. "Norwood! I don't think you'll be safe from now on. Shae taught me." Zoey spotted is also waved to, "Welcome!"

"People prefer a great number of things, good or bad," Caius remarks with a chuckle. "I'm only curious, I promise."

Shae looks up as Norwood offers his suggestion, absorbing it with a serious expression before nodding, slowly, then looking to Thorely as he speaks to Lord Clement. She looks back to Norwood. "Are you going to impregnate my mother?" she asks seriously, her features relaxed and neutral, her voice probably louder than it ought to be.

"First time fathers always make a few mistakes. Vivian only made me sleep in the barn once before I learned my lesson about making //any// comments about pregnancy." Norwood sounds SAGE and WISE as he says that, with all the nodding that he can possibly do. The greetings from Zoey, Violet, and Amari have the baron bowing with that smile sticking. It's Jael he responds to first though, "It is //quite// lovely. I lo...." except then Shae is opening her mouth and Norwood turns to her. (Sorry all else) and, "My dear. Yes."

"As often as he can. He's got to catch up to Violet and I." Thorley adds cheekily.

Shae frowns a little, looking to Thorely. "Why? Is this a competition?" She looks to Norwood again, confused. "She has me. That's one. If you have another, you'd be in the lead."

Zoey sort of blinks at Shae's question and then grins faintly at Norwood's reply. She moves over to Jael's side, pressing a light airkiss to her cheek. "That's an amusing note to walk in on."

It's not too late apparently. Who is Nuala Redrain to judge? She walks in with no archer's gear or bow at her back. Enough to be in comfortable, dull grey silk and a friendly smile. Sooty hair falls in a fat braid over her shoulder. "Evening to everyone," she calls out in a friendly way. Because being friendly works well here. Her pace is slowed, figuring the right place to go. Or not to go.

Violet will not be shooting for a few minutes because she is overcome with giggles. Shaking her head she manages, "Keep practicing," And goes to get herself some tea and a tart.

Eddard doesn't know Nuala very well. Enough to know that she is VERY pretty at least. So he talked himself being her escort in less than two minutes as they walk in. So he must know what he is doing. She has a hand wrapped around his elbow and resting upon his forearm as they come onto the field. Things are acquiring. This is the place to be. "My name is Eddard Clement, actually. Nor...Baron Norwood is my uncle. Oh. I'm /Lord/ Eddard Clement. Isn't that silly?" ISN'T IT?

"Zoey, welcome. Not at all, we're just having snacks and taking shots. Arrow shots. Amari thought having alcohol at an archery party might be a bit hazardous." Air kisses for Zoey and then Jael beams at Norwood...only to fishmouth a bit when Shae chimes in on her dad-like figure's reproduction.

"I have one already. Ronja." Thorley responds. "And we just adopted. So, no, Lady Shae." there's a smirk at that as he moves to join Violet, leaving Borgan to Topless Target Tagle.

Waldemai considers Caius' point. "That's true," he concedes. "If Lady Calypso came to me and said the Malvici militia needed a thousand arrowheads, I'd get started before she was outside the shop."

Skye gives a shy nod, "Yes, I'm actually talking to Baron Silas about building some archery platforms around the Lodge to get the archers off the ground and hopefully more protected." She points to herself, "I'm the Minister of Infrastructure for House Thrax." She gives a nod to the target, "And learning more how archers shoot will help me construct a better platform."

Gavin, an enthusiastic scribe arrives, following Tyren.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

Shae points to Thorely and Violet, back and forth. "This is a fair point." She looks back to Norwood. "I hear pillows are helpful for aiming. Aim true, beget her with twins."

Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Marie, chef of Keaton Hall, 4 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Gigi, an apprentice physician's assistant, Orin, a Felhound sergeant arrive, following Reigna.

Echo, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Vern, Devo, an extraordinary Oakhaven bloodhound, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen arrive, following Kael.

Sharing a nod with Waldemai, "That's a powerful amount of motivation Lady Calypso inspires. Trust me, I well know," Caius replies before lifting the cup of tea and drinking the contents. He happens to like tea.

Zoey glances at Shae as she and Norwood keep talking about impregnation. And then, to her fishmouthed cousin... She passes over a bottle. "I have rum and whiskey," she comments evenly.

"I assure you that I have no interest in any such score keeping. But, unless Lady Shae wishes to leave Keaton, it would be in Duskshire's best interest to have more of a padding for the inheritance." One heir is just POOR PLANNING. Norwood shakes his head very very slowly at Shae. Before muttering something that sounds like ... sex advice from ... and then trails off again. JAEL. HI JAEL. Norwood is going to turn firmly towards Jael and Amari and Zoey and EDDARD. "Eddard, come here, will you? And your young lady? Have I introduced any of you to my nephew?"

Violet returns to Skye with a cup of tea and a tart. Her own bow strung momentarily over her shoulders. Thorley is encouraged to join her, mainly to lean against, as she watches Skye shoot. "Oh? Well I can give you some suggestions if you like. And ways you can build them into the surrounding trees so you don't have to build new structures." The giggles are restrained with the occasional snort, but her smile won't quit.

Tyren makes his way out onto the field, his hands gloved and his right hand prone at his side. There's a glance about before his attention turns to Caius, offering a faint smile to the man. "Prince Caius," he greets, wandering over in Caius' direction. "Have I missed the archery contest?"

Zoey gets Special Reserve Darkwater Rum from a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

Zoey gets a limited bottle of Freja Nightgold's 40 Year Whiskey from a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

Shae is making hand gestures at Norwood to emphasize angles and aiming but then he turns away, leaving his step-daughter-to-be alone. All alone. She goes back to her practice shots with a shrug to Amari, like, 'what did I do?'

There's a man wearing his tunic that is tucked into his tights. "Arrrchery contest?"

Norwood checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Waldemai does not quite laugh out loud at Caius' remark. "Well, your highness, I'm up here with my own shop because of Lady Calypso, and not down in Southport living hand to mouth, so if Lady Calypso said, 'Bang your toe with your biggest hammer,' I'd probably do it."

Norwood is very good at ignoring hand gestures. Genius at it.

Skye gives a nod to Violet, "Oh that's the idea. We're putting them up in the trees, making sure they're not perminent so it doesn't hurt the tree or even create an eye sore later when the conflict has been resolved." She takes aim and tries to shoot the target again now that Violet has given her some tips.

Having contiued to watch the arrows zipping to their targets all this time. Brogan apparently sees or hears something that strikes his attention more. Still bare chested, he's making a lumbering beeline. Right for Zoey. And her Soul.

Skye checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

Kael and Reigna clearly are going for a fashionably late entrance. That is at least a reasonable explanation for why the Keaton pair are arriving well in the midst of the party, the Marquessa on the Marquis' arm. At least they are being rather subtle about it, easing into the party from the outskirts and starting to weave their way through the gathering.

Nuala's very much in pace with Eddard. She has long legs. He may need to rush to keep up with her as she falls halfway in. "See, this will be my reintroduction," she says to Eddard. "Being that I haven't been among the Oathlanders in a while, it's a delightful reunion. And you can be happy about the lordly title. We could exchange for a night, but they might reckon that's not very sporting." The Redrain princess grins.

Zoey spots Brogan, and her smile grows dramatically. "Lord Brogan," she murmurs as he lumbers over. "I am -delighted- to see you in Arx again." Without another word, she hands him the bottle of whiskey. It's a bottle he may recognize. Jael gets the rum.

Amari hears what Skye is saying and considers it with a shrewd sort of look, as if she's having ideas. Possibly good ideas. Maybe bad. Of course, all the while she's trying not to let a fit of giggles overwhelm her for the question Shae's asked of Norwood. She's not touching that, but when she returns to practice next to her, she reaches over to absently pat her shoulder. Everything's fine! Still, more guests, so she looks to them, "Your nephew?" She asks, with a curious look to Eddard, "Hello. I'm Lady Amari Keaton." Nuala's alongisde so she slowly smiles recognition, "Ah, Princess Nuala, from beards and brew night."

"A lot of the work of a scout is finding and observing from one place for along period of time. And usually with a bow and arrow. There are ways to weave branches together naturally and to use deadfall to create natural camoflage," Violet says as she watches Skye barely hit the target. "If you want to make it really challenging then walk the line and shoot as it moves," She says with a chuckle.

Reigna glides in at Kael's side, her fingers light on his forearm as they begin to mingle. "Amari is incredible. This is only her second time hosting, and look at this crowd!" She shakes her head as she moves along with Kael, "I wish I had an excuse to keep her."

"Quite right," Caius agrees in a murmurs as he sets the fine boned cup on the plate that he's holding. A bit of a balancing act makes snacks ever so much more fun.

Shae takes aim after Amari pats her, the Kennelmaster sighing softly. She clearly missed something. Oh well. She won't miss this shot, though.

Skye gives a nod, "Oh I don't think I need to make it any more challenging." She pauses as two figures appear in her line of sight. She gets the brightest smile as she shouts out to them, "Kael! Reigna! I managed to make it to the party." She turns to Violet and explains, "Marquis Kael is my cousin."

Shae checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

Oh carp. Crap. Crap. Uncle Norwoodie is here. "Quick. Pretend that you already know I'm hilarious." Eddard turns and directs Nuala from where they were walking TOWARDS Baron Norwood Clement and others. So many people over there, and nobody that he knows. He'll arrive and smile broadly towards his uncle. "Baron Norwood. Thank you for inviting me over." Because this is obviously where he wishes to be. A glance amongst the gathered. "My name is Eddard Clement and this...well.." He hasn't gotten her name. "Far be it for me to steal the chance for a woman to make her mark on a new group of people. Tell us your name, my dear."

Looking like he is restraining himself from making grabby hands. Brogan flashes a bright grin towards Zoey. "Just Brogan, Zoey! I'm glad to see you too. Whiskey not being the only reason, I swear." NOW he takes the bottle and immediately pops the bottle open "Oh yes, Freja's." He downs a modest portion, not guzzing it all in one go. He even waves the bottle about gently in an offering to others.

Violet chuckles and nods at the comment of challenges. Her attention following Skye's to Regina and Kael. The marquis and marquessa are given a warm smile and she bows. "Pleasure to see you both," She greets warmly. "Your cousin? Somehow I think I knew that at one point. In passing somehow." Her eyes fall upon Thorley and something seems to pass between them. "Excuse me, please," and she moves over to talk to him quietly.

"I could start thinking on it." Is Kael teasing? There is such difficulty in telling precisely given the neutral expression that he wears. At least there's the glimmer in his eye that is hopefully a tease and not scheming. Ah, but there's the call of his name and his focus is going over toward Skye. Gone away is that neutral look and he's absolutely delighted, moving in her direction. At least he manages a nod toward those around her before a brawny arm is moved around the Baroness and he absolutely lifts her in an exuberant hug.

Norwood looks skywards when Eddard comes and cannot introduce the lady on his arm. "I do hope you will do your best to remember the Keatons Eddard." Norwood is oh-so-patient with his nephew. "Marquis Kael, Marquessa Reigna," the pair of them pointed to where they stand, "Lady Amari Keaton has introduced herself, of course, Lady Margerie's daughter Lady Shae Keaton." More eyes to see if he's missing any familiar Keatons before turning to the others. "Lady Jael Laurent, my former student and Duke Cristoph's sister, and Lady Zoey Kennex." So many introductions. It's easier than small talk.

Zoey seems to be watching Brogan. Carefully. She only seems to relax when he doesn't immediately down the whole bottle of impossible to replace forty-year old whiskey. "Of course," she replies. "How could I forget? Brogan." Her attention turns to Eddard and Nuala. "Good evening," she greets with a bit of a smile. Back to Brogan. "I also have some of your family's white whiskey back home."

"Oh! Thank you." So much for Amari's cautious planning. Jael takes the rum and sets it on the beverage table for others to partake. But not before retrieving her long-abandoned teacup and splashing some in it. "Lord Eddard. I had heard you were in the city. Oh! Rei! Marquis Kael!" She waves enthusiastically.

There's a blink from the knight and he smiles at Violet when she closes in on him and hugs. There's a nod from Thorley. "If you are ready. I know you were enjoying yourself." But there's no complaint as he leads her away.

"Oh, Kael and Reigna!" Amari beams, but before she just leaves Shae standing there, she murmurs to her, "I'll be right back." Then she's off, giving a quick grin to Eddard and Nuala as she zips by, "Pleased to meet you, and see you again. Help yourselves to some tea." While Kael goes for Skye for a big hug, she opens her arms as if to bear hug Reigna. She won't, really, because she has noodle arms, but it's still a big hug.

Caius is overheard praising Amari: For hosting a wonderful archery event and garden party.

Skye gives her cousin a fierce hug, and it's clear she's so happy to see him, "Oh my goodness. I am so glad to see you. I feel like we've been so busy that he haven't talked in person for ages." She gives him a few rapid fire questions, "How is the expansion of your lands going? Did you get my letter on the workshops? How are matters with the Academy of War?" It's very clear that she absolutely thinks the world of Kael as she hangs on his answer.

There is laughter in the wake of Kael's teasing, Reigna shaking her head, even as she gets distracted, looking over towards Skye, "Oh! Look who it is! Hello Baroness!" Reigna follows after Kael, more sedately, but her smile for Skye is as warm as the Summer sun. Soon enough there are more calls of her name and she's looking over to Norwood, "Baron Clement! Lady Amari! Congratulations on the turnout!" And then she sees Jael and beams, "Jae! How are you?"

Skye is overheard praising Amari: Wonderful party!

"That's me, Lady Amari." Nuala nudges Eddard when the hostess descends on them in all her shiny friendliness. "Delighted to get to see you again." So much to keep hold of, the tawnging of bows and the dance of conversation going all around. She basks in it because she can. "I'm Nuala Redrain, princess of the Northlands." There's a fair chunk of connectivity she hasn't made there verbally, notably she was married to a Valardin prince, but that it may be remembered. Her smile is steady as it is. "Whiskey! Ah, they're going to really torment me about that.

Tyren looks out across the field, his attention momentarily settling upon Shae as she lines up to take her shot. He watches her for a moment, before he dips his head in a small nod of approval as the arrow makes his mark. Then, his focus shifts to Reigna as she and Kael arrive, the Prince's lips turning into a bright smile as he walks towards her. "Marquessa,

Amari is overheard praising Jael: Co-hostess with the mostess.

Shae does a double-take at Tyren, observing the nod he gives her in the aftermath of her Very Nice Shot. Her brow furrows, she looks back to the arrow. It's in the target. What the Abyss is he nodding at?

Thorley is overheard praising Amari: Thanks for letting the wife show off!

Violet links her arm with Thorley's and goes on tiptoe to kiss him. "Indeed, but my feet are aching and I still have some paperwork to deal with. However..." She snags two more tarts, "I need these before we go." A wave is given to Amari and then Brogan as she turns to leave with her husband.

Skye is overheard praising Jael: What a lovely co-hostess

Violet is overheard praising Amari: A wonderful gathering of archery enthusiasts. Well done.

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Shae is overheard praising Amari.

Skye is overheard praising Kael: Best greeting ever

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Shae is overheard praising Norwood: If you're going to impregnate my mother, do it efficiently. Twins or nothing.

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Norwood nods to Nuala when she introduces herself, "It is well met. I do hope that Eddard has composed himself well as your companion this evening." That said with a side-eye at his nephew. Just in case Eddard HASN'T been behaving himself. When Reigna speaks Norwood smiles at the woman in return. "It is good to see you Marquessa."

Lowering his voice somewhat, Kael is offering forth a rapid-fire reply of, "I need to set forth with an Academy in Keaton lands, though I am thinking about a physician training ground nearby. Perhaps at Thistle Hill. I got your letter regarding the orphans -- did I, or Vern, misplace another? And they are quite well, with the Academy. We have a round table hosted soon. Perhaps you might be able to sit in or I will see my other Blackshore cousin there again." A deep breath is taken and he counters with, "How are you? I keep hearing from numerous people regarding the rise of New Hope! I knew you could do it!" Yet he tries to not be impolite, there's an Amari near and he nudges her with his shoulder, sends a hearty wave to Jael and Shae before flashing a large grin in Norwood's direction.

Kael is overheard praising Amari: What an amazing party!

"Of course. Princess Nuala. Redrain. Perhaps the loveliest of the Redrain princesses." Eddard doesn't even /bother/ to check to see if any others are around. Because he doesn't know what they look like. "Of course I will. She has been a veritable delight the entire time that I have known her." They are up into four minutes of knowing each other now. He has the scene to fall quiet now, that important things are being discussed by Kael and Jael(was that on purpose?) and Shae. A sidle sideways to whisper offhandedly to Norwood.

Kael is overheard praising Jael: Exceptional!

The personification of innocence towards Zoey is Brogan. "You do really keep the best, then don't you?" He flashes a bright smile at the girl and lookds towards the others as they go about the area. "I was debating branching out. Learning a little about bows." Before she leaves of course Brogan waved at Violet, but was too late to wish her a good night. He folds his arms back over his bare chest again as he continues observing. "I had to admit, there has been some great skill on display. Even if it did not involve punching, bashing or cleaving."

"I'm a Northlands princess, Baron. Today someone said he was utterly shocked I was not wild or presumably uncultured." The forthright way Nuala speaks has an air of absolute good humour about this. Some princess she is - no tiara, no pile of jewels, and no fabulous weapons. Her bear is surely sitting outside getting drunk on mead. "I think I sorely let him down by not swilling mead from the skulls of my enemies. By that standard, Lord Eddard has been the - what you do call it? The noble soul of chivalry?" She hangs on that possibility. Nuala leaves just enough possibility she might not be sure about it. "There are a good number of people to meet. I should really go roll them all down." There will be more waving to everyone. Because they can be. She nods at Brogan. "See," she tells Eddard, "he was willing to sing and try to steal a man's codpiece in the Spirits. Fine man. Lord Brogan Nightgold."

Skye gives a bright smile when her cousin asks how Blackshore's rebuilding is going, "'s going very well. Dycard is working on the upcoming Harvest Festival. We finally found a manor and Isuelet has been hard at work getting the construction done." She gives a motion to herself with a gloved hand, "I'm assisting House Redtyde with some of their rebuilding, and Baron Silas on some fortifications for the Lodge. I'm also looking on setting up some archery platforms." She over hears Nuala's title and gives a shy smile in the girl's direction. She does make a point of telling her, "Oh I have met quite a few from the Northlands that are very kind..."

Reigna spies Shae and Prince Tyren and waves to them both, "Lady Shae! Prince Tyren! Hello!" She leans over to Kael, nudging him gently before she speaks to him in a low murmur, her eyes gleaming with amusement before she turns her attention back to Amari, returning the hug. "Look at what you've accomplished! This is marvelous!"

"I'm about as well as can be expected," Jael tells Reigna with a wry little smile. "Debating moving into your place for a bit but Cris /insists/ that there's no need." She's rather surprised by the crowd as well, and tries catching up with all the introductions.

Shae keeps seeing people nudge and mumble and headtilts, suspecting that yes. She's missing something. Again. She sighs.

Painbow, a militant pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Norwood before departing.

"It is nice to see you again, Marquessa Reigna," Tyren calls over to Reigna, flashing her a warm smile before his attention swings back to Shae. There is a light sigh that escapes him before he strides over to her, inclining his head slightly. "Lady Shae," he utters in an even, measured tone. "How are you?" his brow lifts with the question, as he looks from her, to her bow, and then back to her again. "Are you enjoying yourself?"

Making a face to Jael, Reigna gives a visible shudder. "I do not blame you a *bit*. And you are more than welcome to take up residence here. I can have the Teak Suite redone for you. You know you are always welcome. I cannot promise you, however, that you will not suddenly find yoruself with a dog or goat companion."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Amari before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Nuala before departing.

"Let us know if there is anything that House Keaton can do to facilitate this," murmurs Kael, when Skye remarks about the Harvest festival. He is nodding to her words, to each point, and as the list continues there is no missing the appreciation there. "For the Lodge, I will be assisting Princess Alis, though she with the Cavalry and myself with the ground forces." He's on the cusp of saying more but whatever Reigna murmured to him has him suddenly peering toward Tyren. He regards the man quite openly, considering him with a mild furrow of his brows.

A messenger arrives and Norwood pauses in all conversation before going slightly white at the message. "If you will all pardon me. I must go and speak to Duke Cristoph." Despite it being abrupt and slightly rude the baron bows to those who are higher ranked than him, and then is gone with a quick step.

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Skye gives a grateful look to her cousin, "You know...I wouldn't be where I was without your help. Or Princess Alarissa. Or Turo. I feel like the list just goes on and on. I am so lucky to have both of you in my life." She notices his look to Tyren and then looks in his direction, "Oh there are other people here you should be meeting with. I will let you go. I have to leave myself now. Big parties like this are a little overwhelming for me."

"You wouldn't need to redo it on my behalf," Jael tells Reigna, and then with perfect timing her brother's grumpy goat makes an appearance. "Maybe a dog." Not a goat, her expression seems to say. She frowns ever so slightly as Norwood hurries off.

Octavian, a silken spaniel have been dismissed.

The friendly smile given back to Skye by the dark-haired northland princess is hidden half under the cloud of her hair falling over her face. Nuala inclines her head. "We have several fine examples," she says enthusiastically. "Princess Elgana and Gwenna have both done fine things, and Princess Marian is an asset past words. Most of the family is welcoming." There, ra ra Redrain. She has a quick eye for the others nearby, a chuckle escaping her at Reigna's mention of a goat companion. Bright eyed, curious. She is going to have brave walking that way sooner or later. "Open roads and fine fires," she says to departing Norwood. Too late! Well, hmm.

Amari steps back from Reigna after the hug to give a more formal, unnecessary bow of her head. Since Kael shoulder bumped her, she sneakily pokes him in the ribs while he's distracted chatting with Skye about important matters. "I didn't expect so many guests. It's nice though, I just would have set out more places and had more sunflower seeds roasted, and everything." She says when Skye mentions the overwhelming size of things.

Kael is overheard praising Skye: Every busy, ever amazing!

Shae's brow furrow harder as Tyren approaches and no, that isn't her left foot looking like it's going to launch her backward and away. She does shift her weight, though, gray eyes assessing the prince as he approaches. Her bow is switched to her other hand, working over the string, checking it's secure. He speaks to her and she just looks confused. "I am shooting. Yes. I am enjoying yourself." Her tone suggests, 'duh'.

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Brogan takes a moment to sip from yet another bottle. Though Brogan does not appear to be getting intoxicated. Yet. He's lost track of Zoey somehow, and blinks himself back to the present. Since there is a small throng of Keatons and Laurents, he heads his barechested self in that direction to rumble and nod at Kael & Co. "Brogan Nightgold."

Tyren keeps his back straight, a glance of cerulean eyes over his shoulder when he feels the weight of another's eyes on him. The look is apparently coming from Kael, and the Prince gently dips his chin in greeting to the man, before he clears his throat and looks back to Shae. Her answer to his question makes his eyes a bit wider than before, and he just stares at her for a moment. "I.. see," he says, and despite his well-trained features, there is a light twitch to the corners of his mouth that might suggest a smile. It just doesn't fully present itself. "I am enjoying myself, as well," he says after a moment, "And... enjoying .. watching yourself. Shoot, of course. You're very good." Awkward central over here.

Eddard has joined the vow engraved Idol of Limerance.

Shae checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Waldemai ducks under the bench for protection.

Kael snorts softly in response to Skye, but nonetheless he offers her a swift one-armed parting hug and then is busy nudging Amari back again given the poke of his ribs. Maybe she got a little wiggle with that. He's still peering over toward Tyren however and thereafter he's shifting his focus to Shae. There's a back and forth look that is at least halted when Tyren acknowledges him. After a heartbeat, he nods his head and thereafter there's Brogan introducing himself. He shifts his attention appropriately and offers an arm in amiable fashion. "Marquis Kael Keaton, my wife Marquessa Reigna Keaton, my cousin Lady Amari Keaton, my other cousin, Lady Shae Keaton," and he chins over to the archer, "... and my other cousin just left." He grins a bit weakly to that. "There's the fabulous Lady Jael Laurent there, however. Well met."

Jael seems to have gotten all of her Oathlands horror at shirtless men under control for the moment and curtsies to Brogan with something like aplomb as Kael introduces her. "Well met, Lord Brogan. I hope you're enjoying yourself and finding the weather...agreeable."

It takes a minute for Shae to get it. A real, true, full minute, staring at Tyren, not understanding why he's saying those words with such emphasis. And then-

"Oh. OH." And those golden cheeks of Shae Keaton promptly turn the color of ripe cherries. It's not subtle. It's not even pretty, it's a splotchy red blush that goes up from the collar of her shirt, her jaw, and stains her cheeks like the smear of a child rubbing paint on a pale stucco wall. It's awful.

"-MYSELF-," she blurts out, gray eye wide, lips pressing together a moment later. And she turns on her heel and promptly trots back to Keaton Hall. No explanation. Just. Zoom. BYE.

Nuala leads Eddard out of the way of any particular arrows raining down. She is perfectly happy to plunk herself down aside from the range where watching but not being shot is a likelihood, especially with places to perch! Her knees tucked under her means that she can kneel for a moment. Because she needs that kind of respite. She starting to run brings her head snapped that poor woman's way. Clearly she has missed something by it all.

Tyren checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Titus, a young wolfhound, Joan arrive, following Gaston.

"It was.." Tyren begins, lifting a hand as though he could stall the colouring that he sees quickly splotching itself all over Shae's face. But it was too late. The ccolour runs, and Shae is blurting, and then suddenly she is turning her heel and running back to Keaton Hall without another word. Tyren is left there standing awkwarldy by himself, staring at Shae's back. But only for a few seconds, just enough to tell that she wasn't coming back. Then, he slowly takes in a deep breath, rolls his shoulders back and straightens, and promptly turns on his own booted heel to walk stiffly back to the Valardin manor.

Eddard seems content to be lead away. Out of the range of falling arrows and all of that. Archery isn't his cup of tea. Cups of tea is his cup of tea. He'll settle down beside Nuala and watch the ensuing archery competition awhile.

"The Marquis and Marquessa were kind enough to provide us the space for our archery party." Amari explains, before turning to the pair and curtseying, "Thank you both. I think everyone's been having a-" And wait, is Shae leaving? She slowly turns to watch her cousin flee. "Shae?" She tries, but she's well on her way and not stopping. Then Tyren is leaving too and she is plainly confused, but being polite, she slowly raises her hand in farewell to them. Goodbyyyyye. "I'm not sure what happened."

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The gigantic form of Gaston stalks into the field - and much to his surprise, he's nearly barreled over by a quickly dashing Shae. Arrows are everywhere. A prince is running off as well. Green eyes blink slowly, then spot Nuala, to whom the Marquis slowly makes his way over with a nod of greeting to everyone. Titus looks unfazed, at least.

Ah, and there is Tyren moving off from the party. Kael clears his throat and addresses him with a seemingly random (or not), "Your highness? Perhaps you might enjoy coming by Keaton Hall sometime for a bit of conversation." There is an inclination of his head following this offer, respectfully so, before he lifts his chin and focuses back on Brogan and those near. "Of course, Amari. Always. This is your home..." and that 'always' following it, it's silent but easily there. Spying Gaston from the corner of his eye, he is lifting a hand by way of greeting.

Kael's arm is gripped firmly in greeting by Brogan. "Well met indeed. I know I know the names from somewhere. Oh! Yes. Your wife is a reknowned healer of sorts, yes?" Brogan nods a little at his own question/realization. "I've been wandering the mountains for months. So I am a bit behind." He is looking at the bloodhounds in thought. Then the candle lights up. "Oh! Keaton!" He points at the hounds. "Your family does the dog breeding, yes? Or is my memory off?" He turns towards Jael and flashes his teeth. "Well met, yourself. Oh Well. Alas, it summer. Winter would be more agreeable. But I can manage coolness!" He gestures towards his current state of dress.

As the fallout unravels in front of her, with both Shae and Tyren running for the hills, Reigna lifts a hand to cover her mouth as she erupts into laughter. She shakes her head, tears dripping as she continues to laugh. "Oh no. Oh no... that was not how that was supposed to go." Though as Kael approaches Tyren and speaks, Reigna tries to muffle her laughter, giving the Prince a wonderfully warm and friendly grin. "Yes. Yes you should certainly come over sometime soon." Though as Gaston appears, her own expression grows a touch awkward. "Marquis Blackram! Hello!"

Tyren stalls in his step when Kael approaches him, the Prince's features steady and neutral. He clears his throat again, dipping into a subtle bow for the Marquis. "Ah, yes. Marquis Kael," his voice is calm, composed. "Of course. I would love to Hall. Your wife has been a very agreeable host," he nods over to Reigna, even managing to offer her a light smile. "But I should be going. I've.. things to take care of, I'm afraid. It was nice to meet you."

The Redrain princess kneeling not that far from the archery range, out of the way of competitors, takes everything in with those dark, far-seeing eyes. She isn't uncomfortable with her position in the least. Her hair falls like smoke over her face and down her back. So many pockets of activity and she takes much of it in. A smile cuts cleanly if attention shifts to her. The Marquis of Blackram is one such person focused on. Tyren going this way, Shae going that, she has much less comment on. "And they say parties and events among the Oathlanders are dull. They," she asides to Eddard but not too quiet or loud, "really don't know what they're talking about."

Another guest? Amari leans to peer around the big Nightgold man and does spot Gaston, "Welcome!" She calls over, "You're a bit late, my Lord but there's still tea. Please help yourself." The actual archery at this archery party has tapered off, so she looks to Jael, "Should we have a contest? Maybe while you're shooting Lord Brogan can do that thing with his chest. The popping thing. Or some of the spectators might yell to even the odds."

Waldemai volunteers, "I can yell."

Waldemai says, "I just need a little ale to lubricate the old vocal chords."

Brogan begins performing the Pec Pop of Love upon command, of course.

"I can see that," Jael replies to Brogan with a certain pertness to it, though she chortles when Amari makes her suggestion. "I think most of the other archers have gone, though I'm willing to fire a few shots if you are." She lifts a hand in greeting to Gaston. And then the pecs are popping and she averts her gaze very politely.

Waving at Marquis and Marquessa Keaton with a smile, the towering Blackram rumbles out a greeting. "Wonderful to see you both, Marquis and Marquessa. I thought I would stop by after talking with Lady Tesha. It appears I missed quite a contest here...arrows and tarts both, not the most common of combinations." A feral grin appears, teeth showing, that wave continuing to Lady Jael and Lady Amari. "Lady Laurent, Lady Keaton. Always a joy. And of course, Princess Nuala." Taking up a spot next to the latter with Titus loitering about him, "I hope you're staying out of the range of the arrows. And tarts."

"The Oakhaven hounds are trained by a method that was started by House Keaton and we keep a good stock, yes," murmurs Kael with an inclination of his head toward the other man. When he is indicating his wife's skills, there is another nod in amiable fashion toward Brogan. His eyes once more go to Prince Tyren and he nods to him, as simple as that. "Do have a good evening, your highness." It's the Pec Pop however that has him offering a skeptical look to Brogan. "It is like it is waving," he finally declares of said chest before his head inclines toward Gaston and he offers him a smile.

Eddard is overheard praising Amari.

Tyren is overheard praising Amari.

Eddard is overheard praising Nuala: A wonderful party companion.

Reigna looks over to Brogan, her brows lifted, eyes glued to that dance of pectoral muscles. She seems fascinated, leaning in a little closer, "That is a remarkable display of control over muscles that most do not... wait, can all men control their pectorals in such a fashion?" She tilts her head and looks to Kael, eyes widening, a bud of hope unfurling in those guileless eyes of hers.

Amari finds Brogan's bouncing pectorals endlessly amusing, and watches them until Jael accepts her challenge, and then perhaps a bit longer after that. They're mesmerizing. It is like it is waving, as Kael said. "Kael doesn't do that for you?" She asks Reigna after giving her head a little shake. With that and a grin, she takes up her bow, makes sure she still has arrows in the quiver over her shoulder and nods to her friend. "Let's just have fun then. Anyone else, or is it just Jael and I facing off? And definitely be as distracting as possible when it's her turn because she is vastly better than me at this." She's counting on Waldemai, she looks at him very seriously.

Waldemai clears his throat. "Parched," he gasps.

It was a request after all, so of course Brogan is just being a good polite guest. He raises a hand towards Princess Nuala in greetings, and looks towards Reigna with a sharp incline of his head and a rumbling. "Marquessa, pleasure." His attention drops back onto Kael as he speaks of the hounds. "Well. It is a form of greeting, truthfully." Brogan grins boastfully. His gaze flicks to Reigna and the smile remains. "Not all men no, Well. They have the potential to do so. Though with exercise and practice, and discipline of course." He looks to ponder a moment, and then gestures to Kael genially. "Is it your wish I help instruct your husband in such a matter? Certainly I could. Marquis, now if you would just remove your upper obstructions." To Waldemai, he tosses a small bottle of whiskey. "Here! Catch!" Catch is said rather sternly.

Waldemai has rolled a critical success!
Waldemai checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

Oh! Tea, that was what she forgot. Nuala crosses her arms at the wrists over her knees. Casual pose for her, at least by the standards of just about every corner of the Compact. "I am doing quite well for myself. I deserve it if I'm hit by an arrow or a tart." She unfolds her legs, and without much thinking shifts, rocking onto her knees and then back to a straight standing position. It comes easily enough she doesn't have to think about it, or use much to keep her balance. Easier than it looks. A hand extended to Titus permits a sniff because dogs deserve greetings do, even if they are the size of some carts. Or will be. "I'll be the first to say that I will watch this whole business of a contest before I get involved with it. Better to know what the rules are. And the hostesses will inevitably be much better, right?" She's fully awake and present. "Careful, Lord Brogan is a devastating partner in mischief. It's probably mischief, where he is involved, even when it isn't."

Waldemai acks when the lord tosses him a bottle out of nowhere. It's a definite two-stager, but he manages to hang on. "Whiskey? Thank you, m'lord," he says and takes a swig. "There were are...I'm ready to make some noise."

Jael reaches for her bow, but...she looks from the targets to what looks like what's shaping up to be a pec-off to the targets...and shakes her head briefly to Amari. "I'm sorry, I can't shoot until this is resolved." She turns to perk a smile at Nuala. "I'm starting to realize that."

There is a sidelong look offered toward Reigna from Kael. It's a skeptical thing, perhaps a bit wary, as though he senses where her question might lead before actually getting there. Prophet, thy name is Kael. At least in this instance. When Brogan is making his exceptional offer, Kael shifts his weight a bit uncomfortably before gesturing a hand and considering his words. "I--" a pause. Now, for those that might have known Kael previously he was much slower in speech. That's returning in spades. "Thank you for the offer. I shall practice later with my wife, however." Is the Marquis avoiding something? He very clearly is!

"There is a flush on Reigna's cheeks as she looks around at the group and at the vague discomfort in her husband's posture. "Oh! Noooo. He is not allowed to take his shirt off in public." Reigna nods firmly, "It would not do for the ladies to be overcome by his beauty and find themselves the subject of my jealousy." She is grinning, even as she says it, though she sets a hand on the small of Kael's back. "I am fiercely possessive of my husband's beauty."

After turning back to watch Brogan and Kael, Amari lifts her bow over her head and stretches her arms absently. With the Marquis' refusal to tear his shirt off and start a pec pop showdown, she smiles and interjects after Reigna's claim of prohibiting his bare chest being shared with the world at large. "This is an archery party! The no shirt party is next week. He'll have time to practice."

Nuala's unable to keep from laughing. She tries, she really does. "We don't know about jealousy in the north." A dangerous claim on her part, aimed squarely at Reigna. "You should indulge yourself in it. This is healthy for you both. Substantial happiness comes from discovering unexpected talents!" The grin builds through half her face eclipsed in the dark shadows of her face. "We have the skirt parties, what about a no shirt party? When is this supposed to happen? We haven't time to muck about, important facts are required here."

"Well done, young man." Brogan speaks of Waldemai making an artful catch, more importantly not commiting alcohol abuse by dropping the bottle. His display carries on for several more moments until Kael's polite refusal. Brogan furrows his brow clearly contemplating what he is about to say when Reigna speaks up. Then his bear-like grin reappears. "Well. He /is/ very." There is a brief hesitation. "Pretty." He nods sharply at Reigna. "You are wise to be jealous and possessive of such a pretty man." Two nods now, and that wide grin and the briefest of winks. His head turns fractionally back towards Kael. "Well played, My Lord." Then there is Amari and her declaration. "I shall cease part of my display, but I am not putting my shirt back on yet!" Another pause. "I even behaved and kept my pants on without a lecture this time." Solemn nod, and he's plucking his bottle back from Waldemai, though there is a point as Nuala speaks up on a no shirt party. "See?" Brogan does his best to look relatively innocent and well behaved, which means abject failure there.

Jael lets out a wistful little sigh as the feats of pectoral dexterity are canceled. "I suppose we may as well shoot, then."

Waldemai has another swigs of whiskey. "Don't miss that shot now. No pressure, not with everyone watching...What?" he looks around. "Too soon?"

Reigna's addition to this mix has Kael look sidelong toward her once more, a sort of skeptical relief present though he is still a bit lost for words however. His throat clears and there's a look of gratitude flashed toward his cousin, Amari. By the end of it, between Nuala and Brogan however, Kael just might be turning a bit red. Another throat clear and he is moving to snare a drink from attendant. Something far more potent than tea or water!

Lifting up a hand as if to shield the sight of her mouth from Kael, Reigna mock-whispers to Nuala, "Your highness, if you were married to Kael Keaton, you would discover swiftly what jealousy was. I had no experience myself with the emotion. And then I was married to this one." She gestures to Kael. "I cannot in good conscience suggest any imaginings because then I would do something even more foolish. But I cannot help myself. He is more beautiful than I am."

"I'll need to find a larger venue for a no shirt party. I imagine it will be wildly, wildly popular." Amari decides, so she doesn't have an exact date for Nuala. Brogan and Kael both get smiles, though the latter is a bit gentler. Right, back to the other thing, that wasn't pec popping. Nevermind that she encouraged the display to begin with, which is probably why she doesn't strike with her mighty hostess hammer of propriety +5. Instead, she nods to Jael and strolls off to the line, readying her bow when she gets there. "Let's just shoot three, the closest, next closest and that far away one."

"Rei, eww," Jael says before following Amari amiably. "Sounds good to me." She shoots a little blue glare at Waldemai. She SEES you there.

Waldemai is supposed to be disrupting someone's shooting. "Roll me over/In the clover..." and so on he sings. Note for the listening public: he does not sing well, but makes up for it with enthusiasm.

Amari checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Jael checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Jael checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 21, rolling 25 higher.

Nuala cannot help but to laugh warmly - happy. There is no mistaking to all of it though Kael endures the ribbing in good nature, the other Oathlanders tolerate it warmly, and Reigna comes to her husband's defense. "You see? Here are two very happy people and they speak not only with warm words, but with their eyes. Your hearts are written with a language of affection and respect. Though beauty always helps season that." On rare occasions the hot Lycene blood in her veins actually shows up. One time is such now. "I will promise not to let your opinion of your husband's beauty go to his head. It will be our secret, safely witnessed by Lady Amari. Who is the very wit of law, so I trust her as a witness. A good judge of character." She's put together a pun, all hail the dusky princess with the laughing eyes. She looks past, fingers wiggled again to Titus. Here, pup. "This kind of happiness is powerful to see. I'll smile about it while you shoot your arrows."

Waldemai finds that to be an excellent reason to make even more noise. "Well shot, well shot indeed! But now the target gets further away...Will the next shot be better? Inquiring minds want to..." Blah blah blah. At least he's not using the words he uses when he gets himself on the thumb with his hammer.

Jael lines up her sht, but despite herself her lips twitch and a laugh bubbles out at Waldemai's singing. Still, the shot finds its mark!

Amari is actually decently okayish! Shae's instruction from earlier has obviously not been completely forgotten already. She draws, nocks and releases smoothly and strikes the straw target somewhere that looks moderately lethal. She breathes again and looks pleased. While Jael prepares, she stares straight ahead and leaves her be. No distractions. Waldemai seems to be putting his heart into it. "It is sweet." She agrees with Nuala, about that kind of happiness she's a witness to. Otherwise, totally quiet.

Amari checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 20 higher.

There is a look cast to Jael and she shakes her head, "I am not so vain as to think otherwise. As much as I love you, my friend, he's prettier than you too." There is a wink to Jael before she goes to start the shooting, and then looks back to Nuala, "Yes. I do love him. More than I ever thought possible. It has made me extremely lucky. And happy." She looks up at Kael, her eyes lingering on her husband, "So very happy. And lucky."

Jael has rolled a critical success!
Jael checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 52 higher.

"Thank you," says Kael, and oddly enough this is cast toward Jael in offering given her 'eew.' Why yes, he'll just thank her before focusing on drinking more of his beverage of choice. With Nuala's praise however he is lifting his glass toward her by way of silent toast. Reigna is continuing however and Kael, he's turning more red. His throat clears a bit. "Well." A pause then. "How about that shooti--" and Jael, she's likely about to do something spectacular!

Waldemai applauds in spite of himself. "Well shot!"

It's strange and confusing. Somehow Amari makes the second, much farther shot look even easier than the first, as if she's finding her groove with this archery thing. Or, she just had a really perfect arrow for that shot. "I wish Norwood had stayed. I really wanted him to see this... so he wouldn't be scared when we went to Duskshire." With a mild sigh she stands aside and one step back, so she's not distractingly in Jael's periphery vision. Of course, she absolutely kills it with her shot, so that warrants a polite round of applause. "Amazing."

The power of looooooove! Jael's arrow sails an arrow and hits right smack dab in the middle of the target she was aiming it. She looks mildly smug, mainly because she got the shot off before Waldemai could start singing again. "Yes!"

Amari checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 27 lower.

Waldemai watches as they set up the furthest targets. Then he finishes the whiskey. "There once was a lady from Southport," he sings. Loud.

Waldemai ...and then dives for cover under the heavy bench.

Jael checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Brogan does indeed look a little smug at the conversation at hand. Then turns slightly as the competition starts topping itself. At the great shot by Amari, Brogan is clapping in appreciation of such a display of martial skill. Then Jael is employing the Patriot Arrow and blasts the target in an amazing shot. "Damn!" Is bellowed before he can stop himself. Then the misfire, and suddenly Brogan is SO glad he stopped being a target mover!

Jael checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 5, rolling 59 higher.

Waldemai checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 5, rolling 16 higher.

Look at all the fine archery displays! The shots lined up, the arrows sing. How satisfying is the noise where their heads impact the targets. Nuala prefers to watch the archers with their form, pulling on bows. Observing the effects of each woman who pulls on the string. The way the air sings in harmonic vibrations. Her hands are brought together when Amari and Jael quarrel with arrows and fletching. Jael's shot is going to make her beam - and perhaps hop up to her feet. "Oh yes!"

Reigna claps at the fine display of archery skills. "Well shot Jael!" There is a loud cheer for her friend, clapping loudly. Amari does not escape the praise, "You've gotten so much better, Amari! You haven't accidentally --" And there one flies, making Reigna duck premptively.

The last shot of the impromptu competition is a difficult one. Amari chose the target set the furthest away and she's just not got the pull for it. Her arm muscles, they are too smol, and she aims for too long so by the time she releases, things have gotten very shaky. The arrow goes up in a high arc, and drops many, many yards short. If there was anything in the dirt there, it is probably dead though, like worms or ants or something. "Ah." Silent expletive. She steps back. "It's yours to lose, Lady Jael."

The party is spared the possibility of Jael running after Waldemai like an angry fish wife by Jael actually making the final, long distance shot. "BEES STING!" she bellows because Laurents get loud sometimes and now everyone here knows it. Then she turns to Amari with a brilliant smile and offers a hand. "You did great!" Sure, some ants are dead but no one likes those anyway.

"Wasps also sting, but bees are the nicer insect," the northern princess asides to anyone not shooting things with arrows. Easy for her to say when she's armed with a sword. Unless she's the watery tart hurling it at a target, there will be no need for her to stand out there. "Faith, Lady Amari. You did a fine shot all the same!"

"You did great!" Amari counters, if it's going to be a compliment fight between her and Jael. She considers the hand offered to her and instead steps in to offer a one-armed hug, holding her bow out and away with her other hand. "Thanks for hosting this with me, Jael." That said, she announces to everyone remaining, "That was it! Everyone applaud for Lady Jael, archery party victor. Please stay and chat, take some tarts when you leave. There's still a few left and they're so good."

Waldemai applauds Lady Jael's fine shot, fairly and sincerely, without excessive noise.

Jael returns the one-armed hug in a similar fashion, bow held out of the way so as not to bean Amari. "It was fun, we need to shoot things more often." She extracts herself so her co-hostess can foist tarts on everyone.

Zoey was, for some ungodly reason, talking with longsuffering patience to a servant in Kennex livery holding a ledger book. After a long while, she pats the poor man on the shoulder. "Go ahead and rerun the numbers. That should solve the accounting issues with lost cargo." She turns away then and drifts back to Jael and Brogan, wherever they are. "Sorry. I recently put new policies and documentation proceedures in place... We're still ironing out the kinks." She looks around. "Who won?"

There is loud applause. "That was amazing!" Brogan is actually impressed. "By both ladies, well done! Take a bow. You may have inspired me a bit!" Clap clap. Shirtless Clapping for Brogan to concede. "Arrows do travel a little farther than thrown axes." At least he resists from trying to hoist the ladies up for a victory lap. Brogan glances as Zoey returns and gestures at Jael. "Jael did. You missed a pretty amazing shot at the middle distance."

"Lady Jael! She is an excellent shot. One of the best in all of Arx, I'd wager." Reigna says, clearly feeling some pride in her friend's success. "Lady Amari did exceptionally well also!" She tucks her arm through Kael's and looks up at her husband. "So. I feel it is time that you show me your version of the wave. What do you say?"

Zoey grins at Jael. "-One- day," she promises, "we'll get to have a shoot off. Congratulations to you both." Clearly, she's addressing Amari and Jael at the same time now.

"Well done," Kael offers forth, applauding to the archers as a whole and offering a smile their way. Then Reigna is making that suggestion however, he snorts softly and shakes his head before nodding to those near him. "A good evening to you all." With that, he'll sneak off with his wife.

Still looking rather amused and more than a little glad that he is wearing a shirt, Gaston applauds the two archers with slow, resounding claps before nodding. "An excellent display, truly. You both are marvelous, and would make fine rangers. Congratulations to you both." Snickering at Kael and Reigna, he shakes his head before canting it forward to gaze at Nuala. "So. What is your estimation, Your Grace?"

Jael isn't /quite/ scuffing a foot in the dirt of the grounds, but she has that look about her. "Well, the wind was good." She seems pretty pleased though, with all the acclaim. But her arm is sore and she needs more tarts, so she gathers a couple and tucks them away before dropping a little curtsy. "Thank you all so much for coming. I should head back to the Manse." And away she goes.

Nuala gives the requested round of applause for Amari and Jael. "My ladies, you did fabulously well. Thank you for sharing the experience. It's fantastic to watch." Her smile widens to something a proper grin. "Very clever both. I am sad to have to take my leave but it's late, much as I don't want to admit it." Her rise will be slow to make, but satisfied. She rubs the corner of her eye, stark and bright jewel shut for the moment. "This is really another level, masterful to observe. Congratulations to all!" Her title is tolerated well, shoulder tipped in an uneven twist. To Gaston is approval. "I'm rather sad I hadn't thought to learn more of the bow. One day! A fine demonstration though."

"Thank you all for attending!" Amari says cheerfully, as if she's had a good time, even if she lost and should be sulking. She doesn't though. It's all smiles from her, especially when she hears something about a wave. "Good night, Kael. Reigna. Thank you again for letting me borrow your field. Good luck with the... wave." Her index fingers bounce up and down. "Thank you Princess Nuala, Lady Zoey. Bye Jael!"

Zoey pats Jael's arm. "Go and rest." She looks at Brogan. "And what are you up to after this?"

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