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AoW: Meet the Liaisons & Roundtable

A meeting for the membership of the Academy of War, both to meet the liaisons and to discuss current and pressing threats and make some connections between people for the purposes of those threats.


Sept. 9, 2018, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Natalia Kael


Rohran Monique Corban Reigna Calypso Alis Rymarr Alaric


Academy of War


Arx - Ward of the Crown - Academy of War - Headquarters

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Dauntless, 3 Iron Guardsmen, Patsy, Garen, the Iron Hound arrive, following Rymarr.

3 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Dauntless have been dismissed.

Garen, the Iron Hound have been dismissed.

Right at the moment, people are gathering and getting settled. There is quite the meal laid out on the buffet tables, a random sampling of mostly-finger foods from around the Compact. Natalia is standing just off the stairs by the stage, watching people as they gather up and settle, a light smile on her face. Sis and Podraig both linger nearby, though right at the moment they're sitting back and watching. "Thank you for coming, everyone," Natalia speaks up, lifting her voice to ensure that it carries. "We'll get started once everyone has said hello and settled in with some food. Please make yourselves comfortable. Drinks are available, just flag down one of our many staff and they'll get you seen to."

Monique arrives to the meeting with a smile on her lips and her copper-bright hair loose and spilling down her back like a fiery waterfall. The gown is one of honeyed silk, letting exposed skin kiss the fading summer sun. The Minx has a book tucked in the crook of one arm and a backpack slung over the other shoulder, and her emerald eyes slide around the room avidly, like she's looking for someone, but then oh! Buffet!

Corban makes his way into the Academy of War headquarters, clanking along in his bright silver armor of the King's Own. He considers a drink for himself for a moment, but then opts just for a glass of cold juice, taking a sip as he waits for the meeting to begin.

Reigna has been here for a while, as evidenced by her half-full glass of whiskey with wedges of orange and swirls of honey within it. She is standing near Natalia, their conversation halted by the announcement made to the room at large. She sends Monique a friendly wave, calling out to the Greenmarch lady, "Your hair is lovely, Lady Monique! I am so glad to see there was no permenant damage!"

The Duchess of Malvici arrives dressed in her armor, though she looks like she is just arrived after a day around Arx and has not had a chance to upkeep yet. No matter. Function over form today. She's wearing her blade as usual as she moves around the room, a glass of wine in one hand while she samples a few of the foods provided. Seeing Reigna gets a low smile from her just at hearing the voice. She sips the glass, listening to Natalia before drifting for something perhaps a bit stronger.

Alis appears much like someone who has tromped from one meeting to the next all day, and is grateful for both food and drink being available so handily like that. A quick wave, a bit of a smile, or maybe a nod to those already gathered and she quickly piles up a plate so that she can go sit down. Obviously, she's Calypso's shorter, white-haired, doesn't look at all alike twin today.

Monique's eyes, bereft of their original target, find Reigna. That smile nudges brighter. "I think I lost most of it on the field, Marquessa. Still, it was worth it, if only to find such comfort on your lovely bosom." This time, there's not even an apologetic glance to Kael as the Greenmarch finds her own whiskey and a selection of food. "I do hope I didn't leave a bruise? My brother often tells me how hard my head is."

It is from the courtyard that Kael comes in, his focus on a missive that he just received. He shakes his head, his jaw set, and there is a fold of the parchment before he tucks it away. Similar to his wife, he also has a tumbler of half drained whiskey, however unlike her there are no additions. Plain liquor is the answer this eve, evidently. No food at all. He'll be taking his place near Natalia, rumbling a low, "My apologies for being -- well, almost late." This catch is met with a wry twist of his lips before he shoots Monique a quirked brow. Reigna is the recipient of similar.

"Oh, I'm positively purple, but it was certainly worth it to keep your head intact, dear lady." Reigna replies to Monique with a cheeky grin that is soon enough passed onto Kael. She does spy Calypso, sending the Duchess a wide grin and offering Alis a warm greeting, a smile, paired with a cheerful, "Hello your highness!" As Kael approaches, she leans in against her husband's side. "Hello, husband."

"I'll almost forgive you this time," responds Natalia to Kael's apology, shooting him an amused smile. She takes the few steps she needs to collect her own glass of (surprise surprise) whiskey, padding back. There's a glance sent over the people settling in before her attention returns to Reigna and Kael.

Corban spies Alis and makes his way over towards her, nodding his head in greeting. "General Alis. A pleasure seeing you again. I hope things are going well with the organization at the pasture?" he asks, making idle small talk with her as they wait for the meeting to begin. "I know I sent Lady Fianna your way."

Head up and eyes forward Rymarr marches onward and inward. In a reversed grip an armored fist curls around the hilt of the blade worn high on his left side, though he obviously makes no motions to draw the weapon; it appears more a simple gesture that is more habit than intent. Patsy shuffles along after the Marquis-Consort's marching pace, though that same pace slows enough that Rymarr isn't left trampling over any toes that may incidentally venture into his path. A familiar face here and there, Rymarr offers a nod toward them after a hand lifts and scoops from his helmet. The helm is soon tucked away beneath his arm, pinned into place against his side, and his perpetual case of helmet-hair is let loose upon the world once more. A simple cup of water is requested and delivered, which seems enough for the stern-faced Marquis as he soon finds himself a seat and settles into it with his usual reserved silence.

Natalia has joined the an exquisite wooden stage.

"Sir Corban." Alis inclines her head politely, keeping balance as she spins around to greet him with plate still in hand. "My part in the planning goes well, thank you. My team has been picked, and orders sent out. Lady Fianna is of course among those that will be with me." is assured. "We had such a wonderful array of volunteers. Some will be working with Marquis Keaton. And Marquis Gaston will be setting up ambush traps as well. I believe we'll be well covered." There is pride in her voice, of course, that so many volunteered. Reigna's warm smile is returned likewise too, and Rymarr is given a nod. Normally it might be a playful salute, but hands full with plate and glass of liquor. Sorry. Or tea. Liquored tea.

Alaric strolls in fashionably late, because of course he does even though he lives practically next door. "Good evening, everyone!" he declares sociably with a bright smile. It's hard to tell if he's been at meetings all day or not, because he always looks so damnably chipper whether he has or he hasn't. Damned extroverts! "Wonderful to see so many esteemed faces here tonight. And even more wonderful to attend a meeting where I don't have to do any bit of directing the agenda at all," he quips as he makes a direct path for the wine. Priorities.

Monique dips a curtsey to the other arrivals, including Kael, who receives a completely earnest 'I'm innocent of all wrong-doing, trust me' flutter of lashes. "Ah, Marquis Deepwood. So good to see you," she greets Rymarr with a grin. "I spoke not so long ago with Marquessa Demura, who said you might have mentioned some of my past exploits to her, in seeking a connection for those visions." As she speaks, the Minx of the Marches pours a glass of wine for Alaric's arrival. "Your Majesty. How's the painting?"

"That is wonderful to hear, General Alis. I am glad it progresses so well." But then the King enters, and Sir Corban instinctively drifts over to his side so that he might be attended to by fourteen instead of just thirteen knights. "Your Majesty," says the Knight Lieutenant, taking up a spot just over his right shoulder. Loom.

Calypso spots Alis and moves that direction slowly. "Business suit, Princess?" she offers to the Valardin with a cheeky smile. "I wish I could be involved with the defense but we have other issues that we need to be on guard for." There's a little less of a levity to her voice. Almost worded as an unfortunate apology. Spotting the King, she dips her glass to him and raises her glass in cheers.

Rymarr glances up from his cup of water in order to take note of Alis' nod. He returns it, again, with a stoic bow of his head in her direction. One hand shifts to deposit his helm before himself atop the table, where his eyes fall to it for a moment. Then comes Monique's greeting and Rymarr's cold blue-eyed stare turns up and aside to regard her. He watches in silence for a long moment before his chin dips, "She asked. I answered. If you've a problem with it? Do please let me know". Rymarr's attention then shifts back to Alis and an alaricite wrapped hand lifts to gesture toward her, "Princess Alis? I owe you my thanks for your efforts on my behalf. I've already heard from some who have an interest in aiding my pursuit of honor and glory and potentially an early grave. So thank you very much for lending your voice to my effort."

"Fairly inspiring, recently," Alaric replies to Monique as he takes the wine right on cue with a quiet thank-you. "Canvas time has been hard to come by with all my other duties as of late, so I was very pleased to get some brushwork in." He raises his wineglass back to Calypso and eyes Corban good-humoredly. "Much as I appreciate the diligence, you -are- allowed to have some free time, Sir Corban," he points out encouragingly.

"More of the same from when we fought Gyre forces, Duchess?" Alis flashes a smile right back, though it quickly turns to concern at those other issues. "I wish you could be involved as well of course. We haven't fought side by side, or barked orders side by side, at the same time in quite awhile. But priorities. I would hope everyone understands. I assure you that I do." is promised quietly, as her lips quirk upwards when Rymarr addresses her. "I am more than happy to help, Marquis. I made sure to warn them that they had to be skilled at riding in combat. But I am always proud when so many answer the call." Which of course reminds her to dip her head respectfully towards Alaric after his arrival. "Your Majesty."

Knocking back what's left in her glass, Natalia sends a tight smile at the Keaton pair before she turns and slips up the steps onto the stage. She sends a warmer smile Alaric's way for his greeting of the crowd, giving a few more moments before she settles in at the podium and lifts her voice again. "The first thing I wanted to do tonight was briefly bring up our liaisons, and their role within the academy, now that we have more of them filled. These people serve quite a few roles with us, but most important for everyone here, they serve as go betweens of the academy and their institutions. They'll be carrying back anything that we discover that's relevant to their assigned groups, and providing input at these meetings -- as they can, of course -- based on the needs and interests of the other institutions. If you don't have a connection to one of our associated organizations and need to pass someone along, they will be the people you will talk to. Duke Cristoph Laurent represents the Scholars, Marquessa Reigna Keaton the Physicians' Guild, Lord Kaldur Seliki the Iron Guard, Lord Cullen Greenmarch the Scholars, Lady Veronica Keaton the Inquisition, and Radiant Saedrus Whisper, for the Whispers. We are still in discussion with our other associated groups." It's a mouthful, but she recites it off the top of her head. Mostly. There's only a single quick glance at the end to the podium (and the notes there) to ensure she rembered everyone. Her smile is touched with relief, afterwards. She still sends a looking-for-confirmation look Kael's way.

"Not everything must be contentious, Marquis Deepwood," Monique replies to Rymarr with a dimpling grin. "In this case, it was just conversation to greet you with, and keep you informed. I don't think it was the connection we were looking for. I'm fairly certain it was the painting. Have you seen it?" The Greenmarch Lady asks the Deepwood Marquis before turning back to Alaric, or possibly just his head. Her eyes linger there, for some reason. "You're welcome," for the glass of wine, "and I look forward to the next session immensely." But she falls silent to listen to Natalia then. She asks, "Do we have a liaison for the Faith?"

"Princess Alis, always a pleasure," Alaric replies regally on his way to hang out on the couch before anybody can rope him into doing anything even vaguely resembling running a meeting. Monique gets a cheerful smirk in reply to her lingering look as he settles in, but he too falls silent and occupies himself with having some wine while he gets comfortable and listens.

"True enough, Your Majesty, but if I am to be at the meeting on business anyway, I might as well perform my duties," says Sir Corban, stepping to the touch and moving behind it so that he might scan around the King. But even as he does, he keeps one ear on the Whisper at the front, listening to the talk of liasions.

There's a greeting of Reigna with a swift kiss to her brow before Kael is easing back and thereafter moving closer in toward Natalia. Her ribbing earns her a wry look in turn, complete with half grin, and thereafter he is tipping his head toward the stage. If she goes, he'll be following along after and taking a spot off to the side, and a little bit back. Ah, but there is Alaric. Kael is executing a low bow and rumbling, "Your Majesty," before keeping the pose for several long beats. He straightens when Natalia speaks, nodding his head to her and thereafter turning to address Monique with a simple, "Duke Laurent for the Knights of Solace, though at this time, no others have come forward. We hope, in time, the positions will fill and our ranks will grow. I believe that this might occur naturally as our organization expands and further colleges and universities move into our fold."

"Not more of the same, Princess. Perhaps a larger force. We're still conducting reconnaissance to be sure. We need information before we have anything confirmed to report. As much as I'd like to put my forces to the Lodge, ...'there be pirates.'" Which may say enough. Though she has grown a penchant for understatement. The wine gets a hearty sip and the smile is gone, though. Moving over towards Alaric, she tilts her head to him to whisper then back towards the wine she is heading for. All business this evening.

"Good. I wouldn't want to think that someone of your history would take offense in someone seeking clarification," Rymarr offers back to Monique. Where she's dimpled grins and what not, Rymarr is his usual stone-faced self. Soon enough his attention drifts to Alis, offers a simple nod of acknowledgment and then adds, "I've likewise been warning each of those contact me that death is a distinct possibility. Each has made their understanding clear, but I'll not have their deaths on my conscience should the worst occur." Then Rymarr goes silent in order to glance to both Alaric and Corban. He considers him at length, a glance given to Alaric's wine glass, a shifting of Rymarr's jaw, and finally his attention drifts away to observe Natalia while she speaks.

"That couch looks like it would make a fine pillow fort, your Majesty. You might even feel as if you aren't being smothered by all your guards if you can't see them as you peek through the cushions." Alis suggests playfully, tipping her drink just slightly towards him before she turns to listen to Natalia an continue any conversations quietly. "You will let me know, Duchess, if there is anything I can do to help. I hope?" And then to Rymarr, a more grave nod. "I completely understand. Having the deaths of others on your conscience is a heavy burden to bear. I would not wish it on anyone."

Reigna spies the King (He's rather hard to miss and all) and falls into a proper curtsy, offering him a joyous sort of smile, that only dims as her attention shifts to Kael and Natalia up on the stage. Reigna picks up her drink, sipping from it and brightening a bit as her name is called as one of the liaisons.

"I am in discussion with several of the discipleships of the Faith as well as those we have representatives for, already," Natalia clarifies for Monique's question. "We do not have -- and are not likely to until it seems needed based on our size -- one general for the Faith, but instead we will have several representing different arms." More to the room at large, "If anyone has any suggestions for those to serve as liaisons for those associated groups that we have no one for yet, please do feel free to send them my way."

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Monique moves to join Alaric upon the couch, nodding at the answers received to her inquiry. "Should you need another, I was speaking to the Archlector of Gild about our endeavors here, and he was more than a little interested to be a part of them in some capacity."

Calypso stops at the whisper in reply from Alaric. She blinks and looks down, then back to her glass. Continuing on to the bar, she stands there frozen for a few moments while she considers something. The Duchess Malvici is certainly the General tonight. The wine is left abandoned and exchanged for a whiskey. She steps away from the wet bar and looks to Alaric, stone-faced.

Alaric acknowledges the Keatons with a smile and a little at-ease gesture amidst a quick quiet discussion with Calypso. "Now now, I'd never describe the King's Own's diligent attention as smothering. But I definitely agree about this couch's fort potential. Perhaps I'll have to lead a pillowforting seminar here someday after I do one on diplomatic topics," he quips to Alis. "That said, mid-meeting is possibly not the most optimal time to workshop fortbuilding techniques." He glances aside to the newly arriving Monique. "Unless -you're- volunteering to see how many cushions we can stack atop you in the name of military science," he deadpans.

"If I may, my brother is really the pillow fort building expert in our family your Majesty. I'm sure he would be delighted to assist in any such workshops." Alis' lips curl upwards a bit, as she finally takes a seat somewhere to begin listening more quietly. A quizzical look is given to the strangeness going on about wine; eyebrow is quirked at Calypso.

There is a nod from Kael before he is saying a simple, solemn, "Indeed. Natalia Whisper is in charge of handling all matters regarding the liaisons." This is just a momentary commentary though, slipped in before Monique is offering forth the Archlector of Gild. Note the way that his brows go up by way of appreciation and he is inclining his head toward the Greenmarch Lady. Thereafter he toasts her with his tumbler of whiskey and adds, "And thank you for speaking up. This is a roundtable, for discussion, concerns, suggestions, and tactical considerations." A momentary pause. "Now, though the Academy's foremost purpose is the education of the Compact, to strengthen the people through knowledge, many of its key members take active roles against threats that loom. There is currently a large threat looming, and if there are any one of you that feels as though you do not have a role to combat it -- and you wish one -- please see us and we will see to it that you are introduced to those that you might wish to assist. It is through our active engagement that we might grow, and thus, be able to further teach."

Corban smothers the King from nearby, apparently, his eyes flicking over to Kael when he speaks of the looming threat. "Yes," says Sir Corban, speaking from from behind His Majesty, adding to Kael's remarks. "The King's Own and Iron Guard are both coordinating the defense. If you wish a role and do not have one, I can place you in touch with the point people for many areas, based on what groups you are part of or what special skills you might have."

Rymarr inclines his chin toward Kael, though it lowers shortly after in a nod as he answers the final portion of Marquis Keaton's words, "I've a plan in mind regarding the defense of the Lodge proper. Dangerous. If you or the Academy encounter anyone that is a competent rider, doesn't fear great risk to themselves, and all the rest involved in a daring effort that will hopefully cause Gloria to swoon? I'd appreciate your directing them to me. Allow me to emphasize again: it will be dangerous". Then Rymarr falls into silence again as he puts his cup of water to his facehole.

"Thank you," Natalia offers Monique's way, dipping her head to go with the words. She falls quiet then to let Kael speak, looking over Corban's way for his words. She frowns faintly after he's finished and glances to Kael again, though for the time being she doesn't speak up again.

Calypso holds her eyes on the King for a few more moments before she looks up to Kael on stage. She listens, holding her deep frown. Whatever is on her mind, it isn't the defense of the Lodge. Its probably been a long time since Alis has seen her this stoic. A heavy sip of the whiskey and she looks back towards Alaric.

"I will be very jealous if you make Gloria swoon, Marquis Deepwood. I have been trying to do so for years." Alis quips.

Reigna giggles, as she is looking around the room, her eyes gleaming, and then she looks back to the stage, focusing htere.

Monique flinches on the couch and shoots Alaric a dirty look, leaning to mutter something to the King before returning her attention to Kael. "There is, too, a necessary defense of something in the Greenwood, should you wish something maybe a little less dangerous. Maybe," the Greenmarch adds, tossing her crimson hair over one shoulder. "Probably."

"I'm sure our jousting field would be unparalleled in pillow fortification history," Alaric observes to Alis with a bright grin before he glances to Rymarr. "So just to clarify, what you're saying is that there will be some degree of peril involved, if I have that right," he deadpans. Insofar as the actual meeting goes, he just nods approvingly at the offers made. "I would presume to say that the offer doesn't only extend to those who are here; if you find anyone willing to assist and not sure where to direct their efforts, I am sure they are equally willing to assist."

"As we all have, Princess Alis. One can hope and dream," Rymarr answers after he concludes his drink of water. Onward Rymarr's attention drifts aside to an empty space on the floor. He stares for a moment, squints, and exhales a long breath. Alaric's question results in Rymarr's attention snapping abruptly back to the King of the Compact and a stern nod is given in return, "Yes." Again he returns to his water.

Kael nods briefly toward Corban and then Rymarr is acquiring his attention, the Keaton's focus a respectful thing even as his head cants slightly further downward. The more that Rymarr speaks, the more that he is frowning thoughtfully. "Of course, Marquis Deepwood. I shall do so. Is this a plan that is best kept is secret until the time is right, or for strategic purposes are you able to share it with us present?" He pauses to sip at his whiskey, ah, just in time to catch Alis' little quip. Kael snorts. He totally snorts, in that 'I was not expecting that' sort of way, followed by a choked sound. And a quick turn. There may have been whiskey coming from his nose. It may burn like the dickens.

Kael makes a wavy motion near Monique too, as though prompting her to speak further if she wishes. You know, while he composes himself.

Alis may have her very serious face on when murmuring with Calypso. But, when Kael snorts whiskey she looks quite particularly proud of herself and flashes him a bright smile. "I don't believe I have ever managed that before. Point for me!" She obviously has no commentary about the Lodge and its defense, since her role in that is already well under way.

Monique watches Kael with some amusement. She knows that burn. It's a good burn. He'll be smelling whiskey all week. Side benefit. "There's not much else to tell. There have been visions, darkness creeping up on something in the Greenwood, likely the same enemy looking for a weapon. Protection is needed. We have the aid of the Templars, I believe, and some others, but there's always room for more. And it is a sight to see, I can promise that," the flame-tressed Greeenmarch adds with reverence.

Alaric discreetly applauds approvingly for Alis so as not to derail the meeting any further than he already has.

Calypso and Alis have been sharing a few quiet, serious words. Not quite grim, but there is a lack of levity in any of it. As the two finish, she looks ot Kael before looking back to the Princess. She reaches out to grab her shoulder in a good comradely way, squeezing it. "We will. There is no doubt in my mind. Gloria willing, we will have many more chances to try and yell over the other. My prayers and thoughts for you, if you'll keep them for us." She winks, giving another squeeze. "I'll keep you informed." The discussion is quiet for the most part, but no longer whispered. She then moves towards Alaric once more, like an armored tank, then stopping there and looking back to the stage.

"The specifics are best left unspoken for the time being, Marquis Keaton," Rymarr's attention shifts away from Kael in order to glide over the gathered bodies. Then back to Kael his unblinking gaze goes before he adds, "I'm sorry that I'm unable to elaborate further at this time." Patsy approaches and bends in to take the Deepwood Marquis' ear. There's a brief exchange and Rymarr's gauntlet reaches out to reclaim his helm which he draws to himself, "Now, if you all will please excuse me." Rymarr moves to his feet, lowers his hand to rest atop the pommel of his worn blade again, and onward he goes to make his departure.

For the time being, Natalia is quiet. She's attentive, her frown giving way to an expression that is more thoughtful than displeased now. At least until she realizes her whiskey is still empty. The glass gets a face made at it before she passes it off to Sis for a refill. Once that's been taken care of, her quiet is back to being a content one.

"A good evening to you, Marquis Rymarr," Alaric declares pleasantly, then turns a smile over his shoulder for Calypso's extra defensive presence. It's still not smothering! "Well, everything does seem very well in hand. If there's any particular logjams to break or otherwise a task related to our ongoing defensive efforts that could use a little royal finesse to resolve, do not hesitate to send word to me and I'll see what can be done about it."

Composing himself just in time for the Marquis' departure, Kael is turning back toward the gathering and inclining his head toward Rymarr. "Of course," he says easily, accepting the words as that. "Perhaps after." He smiles a thin smile, nose red, and then bows his head deeply with the man's departure. His throat clears and he is turning back toward Monique. The mention of darkness creeping up on something in the Greenwood has his brows snapping together quite severely as he regards her. "House Keaton would hear more detail and see if they could aid," he murmurs, though his attention lingers for a heartbeat or two. "House Keaton also has been pressed with matters," and his eyes flick briefly toward Reigna, there. Alaric's offer though has him nodding to the King, offering forth, "You have our utmost gratitude, Your Majesty."

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Patsy leaves, following Rymarr.

Reigna continues to be mostly quiet, leaning back in her chair and simply observing the proceedings as she polishes off her drink. As Kael looks her way, she nods and turns to address the room. "We have been gathering information regarding a Shav villain by the name of Braeock Shadowood. He likes to call himself the Heir of the Reckoning and has used multiple tactics to rile up other tribes and Abandoned Houses, by deception. He paints himself as a master of demons and has starved or slaughtered at least three tribes that we know of. He has been active for some time and his area of influence appears to be spreading beyond the Shadowood and into other territories." She pauses, looking to Kael and Natalia before looking back to the others. "I have gathered some intelligence that can be passed out, signs to look out for, to see if he is encroaching into your territories. We believe we have discovered his base of operations and are currently in discussions on gathering further intelligence on the size and strength of his forces."

Monique's lips quirk up at 'royal finesse' but she keeps her attention on Kael. "I'll catch you after the meeting, Marquis?" The Greenmarch offers with a grateful, warm smile. "I didn't want to sully the advent of Baron Norwood and Baroness Margerie's wedding with such talk the other day. And I had to keep myself from murdering his newly arrived Nephew," the Minx grumbles and then falls silent to listen to Reigna. Her expression doesn't improve at the talk of evil Abandoned, for Reasons.

Alis presses her lips together tightly as Reigna speaks of this other threat, a scowl not too far behind as the details are elaborated on. "Master of demons." Snort. "We'll just see about that." That's obviously the signal for her adjustant to start writing things down as soon as papers are passed around.

When Reigna brings up Braeock, Natalia actually grimaces. The dark look she sends the Marquessa's way is clearly not directed *at* the other woman, but rather the topic of conversation. She doesn't have anything to add beyond silent expression of her displeasure though, it seems.

"Why isn't anyone outside the Compact we hear of ever the Master of Puppies?" Alaric quips. "You'd think that would get someone great popularity and influence, if not exactly the sort of influence that lends itself to military domination." He pauses. "Well, I think I've answered my own question there, actually."

Corban seems curious at the statement about the Braeock Shadowood. He arches a brow, looking around. Reedy, it seems, is ready to receive any intelligence that is on offer.

"Because Master of Puppies would elicit an army of drooling, single-focused and mind-numb individuals distracted with the singular thought.." Calypso considers that. "Well.. That's not a bad point." She shrugs it off and looks back to Alis. The Crown and former Minister of Defense share a few more whispers and she nods in agreement before replying.

"Yes." That is Kael's answer to Monique when she is asking the question, his head nodding in a swift fashion. Thereafter he is turning toward his wife and nodding his head to her. "If initial intelligence is correct, he has actually amassed a great many. We have Keaton scouts currently surveying the area to let us know how many are there, but we do know that House Keaton will acquire additional assistance." The tip of his head to Alis likely indicates House Valardin there, or perhaps the Princess herself. "If anyone is versed in the tactics of fighting through a bog, well..." His voice is somewhat wry there. Ah, but there is Alaric and to that, Kael is raising his tumbler. "Perhaps I might attempt, one day your highness, to become the Master of Hounds." That snorted whiskey clearly is getting to his head. Calypso's whispering earns her a tilt of his head, or perhaps just the commentary regarding Master of Puppies. "Are there any other points that might require aid for volunteers?"

Her piece said, Reigna simply looks around the room for others to speak. She takes out a page of parchment and a quill in preparation for any notes that may need to be taken.

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When it does not appear that anyone has any points to make, Natalia steps back the few paces closer to the front of the stage again, lifting her voice. "That will conclude the formal portion of the evening; everyone is more than welcome to stay until the food is gone to be social as desired. Thank you for attending, and if anything we've spoken of this evening is something you would like to follow up with us about, please feel free."

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Alis has been paying very diligent attention of course, and when the meeting is called to an end of the more formal part - she stands up to go mill around and be social for awhile, finish her food, and then clank away quietly (!?) out of the crowd so she can chase her rugrats around before sleep.

As Natalia speaks, Kael is moving in closer to her and nodding to her closing the matter. He does offer a few brief words to her, too quiet to be overheard, and with there's a grim cast to his expression. Thereafter though he is starting to move off the stage. Is it any surprise that he's going to his wife? That being said, his gaze flicks toward a certain Greenmarch to see about the matter she mentioned earlier.

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