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Champion Tourney: Zeb and Sparte II

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! You won't want to miss this round of the Champions Tournamnt that pits Sparte against Zebulon! Steel will clash! Pain will be overcome! Blood will spill! All come out and cheer on your favorite Champion in the amazing match of skill and wits! Who will come out on top? Your own excitement and encouragement may help decide the winner!! Don't miss this match!!


June 9, 2018, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Zebulon Sparte


Waldemai Agatha Lucita Bashira(RIP) Caspian Quenia



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Lucita spots Quenia as she arrives and moves toward a seat beside her though takes time to pause along the way and curtsy to Elgana and Agatha, and murmur an amicable greeting, then speak to Caspian and Waldemai and the others. "Good luck to you both!" She calls out to the contestants.

Caspian moves over towards the commoner stands, beckoning Bashira with him to find themselves a seat. As he does so he peers to Agatha, grinning her way as he calls out, "Hey! Princess Agatha! You're in the wrong seat!" He moves to sit himself near her anyway, motioning to Bashira to sit with them.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

Quenia has arrived a bit early, and is seated over in the noble benches. She smiles politely at Lucita, waving her over. "Cousin," she greets warmly.

Bashira gives a smile to Sparte and a dip of her head, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Sparte. Caspian has told me about you." she tells him. Then there's a nod, "Good luck in your match." she states as she takes a step back. Not wanting to stop him from getting ready for things. Then there's a look to Caspian, "Most everyone has been very nice." she tells him with a smile. Then she's following after him to find a seat.

Zebulon trots out onto the proving ground from the rear side with his curved sword strapped to his back and helmet removed so that crowd can easier see his face and keep the two apart during the match. He pauses at the edge of the ring and reaches down to grab a handful of loose dirt and rub it between his hands, letting it sift through as it clings to his fingers and palm to help his grip. Jogging out to the center of the ring, he waves to those gathered while watching Sparte make his way to the grounds.

Agatha had JUST plunked herself down behind Jeffeth 'casual stretch day" Bayweather. Then someone's curtseying and Caspian is greeting her and trying to tell her where to sit/ "You going to move me, Wild? Wait. Did you draw up assigned seating for the duels? HOO BOY. THat's a -lot- of extra work..."

Zebulon wields Riptide.

Sparte tightens the metal strap on his bracelet and tucks his necklace into his shirt, before taking a moment to tighten his bootstraps. Satisfied his kit is sufficiently snug, Sparte makes his way forward with a hand raised high to the crowd. He approaches Zebulon, taking a moment to bow towards his counterpart before the match. "May our match be an honor to Gloria."

Sparte wields Knothole Stave.

Quenia perks up a bit when she sees Zebulon. A proud smile touches her lips. "I wonder if Zeb will do well this evening," she says to Lucita. She waves over at her protege, offering a loud, "You got this Zeb!"

Zebulon bows to Sparte in return, "To Gloria." As he rises, his hand moves to the hilt of his sowrd and he takes a few steps back while withdrawing the curved scimitar from its scabbard. With his free hand, he raises and lowers it a few times to the crowd, trying to get the energy up before the fight begins. Eying his patron, Zebulon smiles and gives a quick and small bow in her direction. "Let's do this."

Waldemai cheers. "All right, let's get it ooooooonnnnnnnn!"

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Sparte slides his staff off his back, saying a few inaudible words over the length of it before falling into a ready stance. Without his Iron Guard armor he'll be light on his feet, but won't have much protection if anything does hit. The only real armor he has on, is his boots. He gives Zebulon a wink, before moving to meet the man weapon to weapon.

Lucita gives a nod to Quenia. "they should both do well. I must admit to wishing them both well in this.

Sparte's staff is quick and blunt, much like the man wielding it. He slips under Zebulon's opening strike, managing to catch him in the back with a reverse thrust as he passes. A follow up strike is deemed too risky, Sparte quickly backpedaling to escape close quarters with Zebulon's blade.

Perhaps a little overconfidant seeing Sparte with his big stick, Zebulon goes in for a difficult strike, trying to get in a good hit from the start, but Sparte is just too fast with his staff and as Zeb follows through with the missed strike, he lets out a loud grunt as the end of the staff smacks him in the back and causes him to stumble a step forward before gathering his bearing and turning to face his opponent again.

Bashira watches both of the combatants and there's a curious look to each as they attack. Seeming to watch how they move and see if she can follow them. Seems she's pretty interested in things as she's not seen the fights before.

Quenia lets out a little whoop and a hollar, "Great attack Zeb!" That's right, the patron encourages her protege. She then winces a bit when Sparte counters with a good attack as well. Better, perhaps.

Caspian is overheard praising Sparte for: For a guy who fights with a long piece of wood he is pretty good!

Almost as soon as it has started, the match has reached it's end with only a few minutes of fighting between. Before taking the final, finishing strike, Zebulon manages to dodge to the side and make a strong slashing attack across Sparte's side. The disparity of weapons is just not something Zebulon was prepared for and within sends finds himself on his back, out of breath and hurting in multiple bodily locations. Sword is released from his hand as he reaches it up towards Sparte.

Caspian is overheard praising Zebulon for: What a close fight! It seemed like for a moment there he almost had Sparte!

Waldemai cheers for all. "Well fought! Glory to Gloria!"

Lucita is overheard praising Sparte for: well fought

The battle picked up pace rapidly once Zebulon was dealt that smarting blow from Sparte, the junior combatant not failing to give a good show. The rip and shallow cut to Sparte's tunic falls into a flurry of activity, Zebulon appears to have had the upper hand for a few critical seconds. Sparte must not be fighting with a full deck, he leaves a huge opening right there!

It is halfway through extending for the strike that Zebulon discovers it was a trick, finding himself rapidly downed to the ground. In the mix of battle Sparte had gotten the lower end of his staff in behind Zebulon's legs unnoticed somehow, and what had been a thrust turns into a route.

Just like that, the match is done. Sparte lowers his staff, extending his hand to help Zebulon up with a smile. A few words are murmured to the man before Sparte turns to the crowd. "I thank Gloria for my good fortune against this veteran warrior! May the next time we meet in battle be to settle a matter of honor, as Champions once more."

Lucita is overheard praising Zebulon for: well fought

Bashira gives a wince when the fight is over so quickly, "Is he going to be alright?" she murmurs to those in the commoners stands with her. Proably to her brother mainly. She didn't know how to gauge these things.

"He'll be alright, he'll probably be nursing that for a little while," Caspian says back to Bashira as he pats her upon the back. Looking over to Zebulon, he hums, "Might be worth asking a mercy be on standby for these things for now on though."

"He'll be alright, he'll probably be nursing that for a little while," Caspian says back to Bashira as he pats her upon the back. Looking over to Zebulon, he hums, "Might be worth asking a mercy be on standby for these things for now on though."

Caspian has left the Commoner Stands.

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice have been dismissed.

Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette have been dismissed.

Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman have been dismissed.

Caspian tests

Caspian tests again

Zebulon grips Spartes hand firmly as he is pulled up to his feet and then reaches down for his blade and puts it away into its scabbard. Once he finally catches his breath, he nods to Sparte. "Well fought! I underestimated your wooden stick. Never again.." Zebulon fights to keep himself straight and upright, his body shaking a bit with the recent pains. He raises both hands to the crowd and bows grandly, hiding his grimace as the move was less through out than it should have been.

Caspian one more time

Caspian rises from his seat and claps for the two fighters, calling out, "Good show! Great job you two!" He calls out, grinning widely at them.

Quenia is quietly talking to Lucita at the noble benches. She grins over in Zebulon's direction and waves him over when he's clearly done. She doesn't seem to be in any hurry so he can take his time getting to her as she continues to talk to her cousin.

Agatha has left the Commoner Stands.

Sparte puts away his weapon once Zebulon is up, mirroring the bow of his counterpart before gesturing for Zebulon to follow him off to the side, away from the main focus of attention. A hand dips into his flame emblazoned pouch as he goes, pulling out a small tin of what is probably a medicinal ointment. No time like the present. Sparte lifts his voice to Caspian. "I leave the care of our audience to the grandmaster, to get them all properly excited for the future matches of the tournament!"

Bashira gives a round of applause for the two fighters, "Well fought!" she calls to them. Still, there is concern for the injured, but she wasn't trained in the ways of medicine. So she stays put for the moment.

"Don't go thrusting responsabilities on me! I have to go meet with another potential prospect!" Caspian calls out to Sparte with a grin given his way, leaving the bench and heading out. "Watch the next fight people! It will be great!"

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