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The Salon: To Charge or Not to Charge

The whites exploded today with a debate about the merits (and pitfalls) of charging for lessons. As we discuss the greater topic of nobility and what their obligations are, come weigh in on whether or not charging for lessons is advisable for members of the peerage!


May 7, 2018, 10:05 p.m.

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Macda Denica Niccolo Niklas Eirene Jayanthi Lethe Alarissa Caspian Lucita



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - The Black Fox

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It's silly to limit our conversations to the whites. Why not say it to someone's face!

Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette, Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman arrive, following Caspian.

Eirene is enjoying a quiet glass of wine when there's a hustle and bustle for the preparations. "There goes my gods damned solitude," she grumbles.

Niklas wanders into the Black Fox. " the Black Fox, one of the two best places in the Lyceum ward. They always have the best selection of brand-" Niklas stops when he realizes he's alone and does a slow spin. "Isabelle?" He takes a moment to think seriously about the last time he actually saw her. "Shit. Did I leave her at the Murder of Crows?" He grimaces, shrugs, gets over it and goes to order himself a snifter brandy.

Macda goes and orders her drink from the bar before taking a seat at one of the comfortable sofas by the fire.

Saoirse stands next to the bar, whispering with the barkeep who seems quite friendly with the Velenosa princess. They're sharing quips, snide remarks, whatever. As people start to arrive, Saoirse peels herself away and gives a vague greeting to everyone. You know, a head nod or something. You're not here for greetings! "I thought," she begins, "that given the proclivity for scolding in the whites, we might all sit down--" Saoirse pauses, turning to Eirene when the Malvici speaks. "You can still have peace and quiet," the princess offers, strolling toward the noblewoman. She holds her hands out as if to offer something -- it's a confusing gesture until Saoirse gently moves her hands toward Eirene's ears; oh, she means to cover the lady's ears. How helpful. Saoirse stops just short of completing the gesture if Eirene moves away.

"Anyway, I thought we might discuss what we all think - what the nobility thinks of charging fees may be different from a common voice, and so on. Would you all care to chirp up with how you feel?"

Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, a majestic Ostrian palomino arrive, following Alarissa.

Eirene rolls her eyes as she sets her glass down. "I don't give a fuck about what people write in their whites, sure as Abyss don't want to listen to it here." She motions Saorise away and stalks to the exit.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome leave, following Eirene.

A good duelist is nether late nor early, but arrives exactly when you need one! Not that Caspian was needed or anything, but he comes anyway, stroll on into The Balck Fox and moves to sit himself down at the sofa, looking towards Saoirse curiously as he says, "I really need to follow the whites more. I completely missed this."

"Clearly, we all know how I feel about it." Alarissa points out, having made her way in, the faintest roll of her eyes, stepping to the side so that Eirene doesn't run her over.

Niklas offers as an aside to Caspian, "Princess Tikva has challenged me to a banjo-off. The whole city wins."

Macda s thinks to herself that she missed something. Maybe something major. "We could all just have a few drinks and see where it all goes."

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Lethe orders a red wine and looks for a place to sit. "I haven't been keeping up with what people are saying."

"Oh," Saoirse says to Caspian. "Of course. Briefly, Princess-Consort... Ah! She's here. Princess Alarissa wrote that she would now be charging writs for lessons. Members of the peerage have registered alternating viewpoints: some say it is fine for her to do so, others point out that nobility, and royalty in particular, have a duty to better others and by making something cost prohibitive, she is out of line."

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Stojan, the assistant, 3 Thrax Guards arrive, following Denica.

"Oh, well, that explains it," Caspian says back to Saoirse with a small nod of his head to her. When Jayanthi sits at the sofa with her he smiles her way. Turning back to Saoirse, he notes, "I've not been to one of these Salon debates. Do we take turns speaking?" He wonders towards her. Niklas however gets a grin, "That is quite a challenge. She is one of the best musicians in the city. I wish you luck."

Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Niccolo.

Macda swirls her drink around watching it splash the sides of the bottle. "Why not let the market sort her? If others of the blood don't charge, those of lower standing can go to them and she can just not be paid ..... If those don't wish to pay her."

Macda takes a deep swig.

"I'm a pretty," Saoirse pauses, looking for the word, "Liberal," Lazy, "moderator. The conversation goes generally where it goes. Pipe up when you like, though I do --ask that you pick a side-- to argue one way or another. If not enough people are prepared to argue on one side, I'll assign."

"Is it charging though? In exchange for relaying my knowlegdge, I am requiring that one donate a small amount, that is it's a small amount to a noble, to a charity of my choice." Alarissa points out. "I'm not demanding coin, but writs that would be of use to, in this case, children. Am I any differnet than a noble who is part of the scholars, but takes a salary?" Alarissa makes her way to a seat. "I wrote in my whites,to record for my future. It would seem a great many others not only read my whites, but seem to take grave offense."

Caspian checked intellect at difficulty 8, rolling 2 higher.

Niklas checked intellect at difficulty 8, rolling 36 higher.

Macda speaks into her glass before humming a song, "Small for you may be a pile for someone without means."

Lethe checked intellect at difficulty 8, rolling 4 higher.

Macda checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Denica considers the room and curiously looks around, she sidles over to get herself a drink and she tilts her head towards Alarissa curiously. "I can't help but feel as though I missed something," Denica says, smirking slightly.

Jayanthi checked intellect at difficulty 8, rolling 23 higher.

After Alarissa lays down her defense, Caspian pipes up from the sofa, "Let me just start by saying a few things. One, if you think that Alarissa's actions are so far below a noble, issue a challenge to her. If Alarissa is offended by the critisms that other give her, she should challenge them. Us duelists exists for situtations like this, there is no slight too small that we won't fight for." He gives a little grin, "Second, scholars have The Academy, where you can be connected with teachers who will teach you for free. If you are interested, please talk to me after this. And with that out of the way..." He takes a deep breath, "If she wants to charge to give to charity? Fine then, I don't see why not, though if it's charity she wants she should perhaps not strictly limit what she will accept, to avoid pricing anyone out."

"I don't have a strong opinion here, except that the furor over this so soon after the furor over Pravus oathbreaking really has me thinking there are a lot of bored people in the city today." Niklas gives a shrug and glances over toward his Princess Consort. "That said, if these wealthy nobles are so concerned surely it wouldn't be hard for them to set up a scholarship program where they will pay the Princess' fee. Hell, I'll say right now that I will pay the way of the next four people who want her to teach them something if they cannot afford her tuition."

Alarissa checked intellect at difficulty 8, rolling 6 higher.

Macda checked intellect at difficulty 8, rolling 8 higher.

Alarissa looks to Caspian. "Princess." It's so quietly pointed out to him. "Master Wild."

Niccolo strides into the Fox, hands clasped loosely behind his back and Romina at his side. He only makes it a few steps before noting the crowd. Arching a brow slightly as he watches the group for a moment, he eventually sees Saoirse and nods once, as if to himself. He moves to the bar, where Julius has a whiskey waiting for him.

"I'm hearing," Saoirse points to Caspian and Niklas, "that she should be allowed to charge and who cares." Saoirse points to Macda and ....Niccolo, "I would like to make sure we have debaters covering the other side of the argument, that it is a noble's job to care for the common man."

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Macda tilts her head before taking a deep draw. "No my point is that the economy would tell you if the commoners feel that if it is our job to care."

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"My mistake," Caspian says back to Alarissa with a bow of his head to her, then sinks back into the seat. When Denica joins them he gives her a bright smile, speaking low as not to speak over anyone.

Niccolo checked intellect at difficulty 8, rolling 5 higher.

Lethe considers. "I think someone can charge what they want, but it is important to consider who is being taught."

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To Macda, Saoirse nods slightly, "I understood, but in order to have an effective debate, sometimes some people have to argue something they may not entirely agree with, for the sake of argument itself. The question here is really about a noble's role, so let's rephrase the question a bit: Is it the job of members of the peerage to ensure the education and betterment of commoners?"

Hearing that people seem to be on Alarissa's side, Caspian pipes up, "Princess Saoirse, if you are looking for someone to counter the popular opinion, I think I have an arguement that could possibly convince a few people that Princess Alarissa should not be charing lessons."

Macda takes another deep swig before smiling at Saoirse, "If you want I can argue that point."

Saoirse gestures amiably to Caspian. "By all means."

"Isn't the betterment of those of lower birth at the very core of patronage? To encourage excellence and improve?" Niccolo has not been here for the first part of the debate, but as Saoirse calls him out, he offers that question as he turns toward the group, elbow on the bar. He takes a drink from his whiskey.

Upon Saoirse giving him the go ahead, Caspian rises to his feet, stepping away from the couch where most are gathered so that he might face them as he speaks. He looks to Alarissa, nodding to her, "You have taught me in the past. And I am not saying that what you tought me was invaluable. Let me play demon's advocate here a moment." He turns back to the couch. "We are talking about teaching, so why not ask what do the gods teach us? What does Vellichor and Gild teach us? That we should spread knowledge. That we should be charitable. Considering that, Princess Alarissa should not be asking anything for teaching. The act of passing knowledge it's self is an act of charity, a rightous act in fact. To ask for anything for lessons is to put a condition upon what is already an important act of charity."

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"Interesting argument," Saoirse says to Caspian. "Princess Alarissa made a point earlier - is her charging any different than a member of the Scholars drawing a salary? Which... is it?" Saoirse asks the room at large. "I think certainly the optics are different, which nobles do have to consider." The princess gestures vaguely in Lethe's direction, "And would it be different if she did not charge members of the common classes, but only her peers?"

Niklas calls out to Caspian, "So are there no schools in Maelstrom that are opened to the public? Are there no collegia in the Isles to which commoners are allowed to attend? Surely the Princess is not violating her duty to better the lives of the common man by refusing to go plant seed, by refusing to go lay bricks, by refusing to go foal horses? No. She leaves these things up to people whose jobs they are. The same way that teaching 'the common folk' is the job of teachers, not the job of someone whose job it is to provide those teachers with places to teach and money to feed themselves."

Macda leans back and drinks her drink just watching the people chat.

1 Greenmarch Guard arrives, following Margret.

Lethe takes a sip of her wine. "Isn't donating to a charity also charitable? I think it is more appropriate to charge what someone can afford and maybe it depends what someone is learning."

"Of course she should not do that, it's not her job. That's why I said it was an act of charity. She can choose not too, but it is a moral good if she chooses to," Caspian says back to Niklas with a shake of his head. Turning to Saoirse, he moves to sit himself down. "I do not know what full fledge scholars make, but because of the nature of their service to the gods they can not work in the traditional sense, thus need to be paid, less they live in absolute poverity. As for only charing the peers, it would be different, but my argument says she should not ask anything at all from anyone she teaches."

"But she isn't leaving teaching to teachers," Saoirse replies to Niklas as Caspian speaks in kind. "I'm.. not following your argument, could you expand?" She snaps and points at Caspian, "I think that's an excellent point and derails that argument." And to Niccolo, "Does teaching, literal instruction and coursework, fall under that purview?"

Macda finishes her drink before belching loudly, "I said it sooner, what could be a triffle for us as peers can be unsermountable for those that aren't."

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"My argument is that she if she chooses to teach someone, she is doing what Vellichor would want her to do, spread knowledge, and thus should not ask anything for it. Even to give to other charity, because it might prevent others from seeking her out. The act of teaching someone it's self is an act of good that if she is going to do, she should do without restricting it by making a requirement," Caspian clarifies to Saoirse.

Jayanthi, after thinking about it, speaks. "I like your point, Caspian, or me, spreading knowledge is invaluable, and"

Niklas looks curiously at Saoirse. "So would it be preferable that the princess refuse to teach anyone at all than that she only teach those who can afford her services?"

Lucita quietly steps in, leaving her dogs outside with a guard. She Listens and glances around at those gathered, a gentle smile given.

"There are some fairly unfair assumptions though." Alarissa points out. "Floating about. That I am not a teacher, or perhaps lack the skills that an active scholar may possess. "Who dictates that only those of the scholars can teach? I know medicinal arts but I am not a member of the Physcians guild, or a mercy. Am I not allowed to patch up my husband?" Alarissa shifts on the couch. "Furthermore, there's one thing that everyone has failed to ask, a very pertinent question, and I'm really quite surprised. That it's not been inquired about and presumed means that clearly, I'm seen as a particularly greedy individual." There's a look to Niklas. "So it would seem, Lord Kennex."

"It seems, Princess," says Niklas, tilting his head toward Alarissa, "that you should never tend for yourself a garden or else you would owe everyone in the Isles a tomato."

"Your argument assumes that she is compelled to teach, I am not arguing that," Caspian says back to Niklas. He reaches for his coin purse and pulls out a coin. "It would be good of me to give silver to the poor. But I am not expected to give everything I have in my bank to those in The Lowers. Doing good is a choice, not a requirement."

Niccolo lightly shakes his head, "It was an analogy. The duties of nobility in patronage reflect a deeply felt tradition in bettering those of the lower classes." He continues, at a break, "So if the question is whether nobles should offer free instruction, I believe that tradition clearly supports it. So to Lord Niklas, I think that is not the distinction being argued - if it were free, then whether they can afford it is beside the point. I say all of this, however, without even the slightest negative feelings as to Princess Alarissa's decisions. This is merely a debate."

Lethe looks to Caspian. "I think she has the right to teach how she wants to. It takes a lot of time, and she doesn't have to."

Saoirse gestures vaguely to the room. "I am not your fellow debtor," she tells Niklas. "I'm asking questions and for clarifications. But if we're talking selling items a noble may possess, I pose this query: would that not be a trade? And are not nobles discouraged thus?"

Denica with quiet murmurs exchanged between herself and Alarissa, Denica than shakes her head to the rest of what's being said. "Nobility charging for something is not a foreign concept," Denica says. "We work for the house, we work for the gains of the lands that we tend, but it's not all free. The silver has to come from somewhere. If a noble does something for somebody, it shouldn't be expected that there shouldn't be compensation, time is finite and valuable. If I teach somebody, or do anything for somebody and I give it away for free? Consider it a courtesy, not the expectation."

"Master Wild," says Niklas, "perhaps we would be best served with agreeing on whether we are discussing what is a moral good or what is a moral obligation. These are two different concepts and the debate will not always be compatible."

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"I am not arguing that she has to behave in a moral way, which in my arguement would make no requirements of her to give lessons, but that she should," Caspian explains back to Lethe. "That it would be the morally right thing to do an in line with what Vellichor would want of her. Skald has given her the free will to do whatever she wants, moral or not." Turning to Niklas, he says, "I suppose I am arguing that it is a moral good, not a moral obligation. I am in the opinion that moral obligations tend towards preventing harm to others."

Saoirse leans in and murmurs something to Niccolo, eyes glittering. She grins lopsidedly, taps her nose conspiratorially, and adjectives back to the debate.

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'But they can learn it for free Lord Niccolo." Alarissa points out. "Through the scholars. Of which I am no longer a part of for persoal reasons. It's not the only individual that can instruct the finer points of etiquette. They have a few. I am an alternative to those who do not want to wait for the time it will take to get through to them. Though, for those that can pay, it will cost a handful of writs to a charity of my choice. I do not, nor am I obligated to impart my knowledge. Knowledge that I have worked hard to acquire, years of it in fact. My knowledge, and the ease with which it is imparted, means that they will in turn, better themselves and can make coin and writs far easier, and more of it in fact. So one could say that it is an investment in their future."

"Vellichor is honoured by passing along my knowledge that I have have learned, in turn, from someone who taught me. Gild is honoured, by requesting that a donation be made to a charity that benefits children. I am not obligated to impart knowledge. But I choose to. I am not a memeber of the Scholars. If I were, then I would likely never have had that conversation with my husbad."

Lethe looks at her glass. "Perhaps, but I don't speak for the gods. I just think there there is more than one way to do good."

Niklas drawls, "And Skald is honored by us not making demands on how a princess spends her days."

"See, this is why I'm a Champion. I rather someone just challenge you so there can be a duel," Caspian says back to Alarissa with a little smirk given her way. "But I might be biased towards that outcome, since it's what helped me buy a house." He gives a small shrug of his shoulders, "I don't got any good responses to that. I could nitpick the little stuff, but all in all I agree with it."

"Prince," Saoirse says lightly, vaguely, glancing at Niccolo. The word HANGS there, HANGS, and then Saoirse adds, "Niccolo's point is well made, and I think touches the broader topic at hand: what is our obligation to our people?"

"Are we talking about in general or nobility to commoners? Dispite how much I'm confused for a lord, I am not one," Caspian says back to Saoirse with a little grin given her way. He looks around, "Please, tell me what your obligations are to me, everyone. Love to hear them."

Niccolo glances up from a quiet exchange with Saoirse, who earns a -look- at the correction of his title. But his focus shifts to Alarissa, "Your highness, I would respond above all that your argument is well made. I suppose my only point would be that the question was not whether a noble is -obligated- to impart his or her knowledge, but rather if in so choosing to impart it it is appropriate to ask for compensation? But I may have misunderstood the prompt."

Macda laughs and orders him a drink. "I'm good for a drink, a laugh and a song. Even a dance if I'm feeling charitable."

Denica speaks up with a shrug of her shoulder. "My obligation is to my people, those of the Mourning Isle, as a whole. But I cannot be expected to walk up to every individual and provide them with exactly what they need. There simply aren't enough hours in the day. Should any commoner be able to just demand the time of the Princess Consort of all of our lands?" Denica asks. "Does this mean that if King Alaric knew something I wanted to know, should I expect him to just teach me because I asked and expect nothing in return?"

Niklas chuckles at Denica's comment. "Even Caith can't hug /everyone/."

"Perhaps," muses Saoirse, smiling a quirky little smirk at Niccolo before hearing Caith and hug and shivering. Ugh. Hugs. Caith hugs. "Perhaps the error was less in the decision to charge and more in the publication of it."

"Before people continue to answer this, let me remind you that if you're ever in danger and I am near, I will remember what you said," Caspian says with an impish grin given to everyone. "Just kidding. If you are in danger and I'm around we were probably doing something ether stupid or fun together."

"You do fight a lovely fight Master Wild. One of these days, I will find another silly thing to challenge over for a lark, and hire you." Alarissa promises, smiling at the man. But Saoirse piggybacks a question. "I pose that question to you, Princess Saoirse. Thus far you have asked questions, but now, I think, it's time that you answered one." Caspian asks out loud. "My obligation is to ensure you've a mourning isles to sail the waters of, and as safely as possible. That my people are not suffering and if so, to cure that. To which I am. Through my teaching. It hasn't changed. I have in fact, been charging. But I asked for support of small projects here and there." Alarissa shifts in her seat once again, looking to Niccolo. "If I am obligated by Vellichor to impart my wisdom to all who would walk up to me and demand it, then that violates Skald, who gives me the right of choice. The two are in conflict." Something saoirse says has her turnng her attention to the woman. "But I didn't publish it. I never advertised." There's a gesture to the door. "Where all post thier calls for solicitations and such, did you see an advertisement and publication, making a demand?"

"I misspoke," Saoirse acquiesces. "Not advertise, but publicize. For the whites are public."

"This could also be put back on the seeker. To see the princess as an unlimited resource of knowledge is to see her as the means to an end rather than an end in and of itself." Niklas shrugs and sips his brandy. Then more than sips it, because the Black Fox does have the best brandy. "People expecting the princess to give up her time without owning its value are the ones who are acting out of moral norms."

"No one said solicit," Saoirse points out. "But the whites are public, ergo: it was publicized. Published. In public."

Niccolo takes another drink from his whiskey, and then places the glass on the bar for Julius to replenish. In the meantime, he raises a hand over his heart and responds to Alarissa: "I am no theologian, your highness, I will admit. I merely offered the viewpoint requested." Ever tactful, the former grand duke gestures with a hand to the barkeep and another round of drinks is brought out to the guests. "Princess Saoirse..." He offers, "I wonder whether the debate topic should be more ... abstract? I fear we have put Princess Alarissa on the defensive."

"Are they though?" Alarissa leans forward. "Each and every one of you, had to go to the archives, and specifically request my whites. You had to make a concious choice, to seek out the tomes that I write in. A white, that is nothing but a record of my personal thoughts, and musings on my day,a ctions that I have taken. They don't just lay my whites out so casually for everyone to just walk by. You do in fact, have to deliberrately ask for it. So that means you place value, upon my words written and spoken, that you would take time out of your day, to read about mine. Thus, implied value. WHy would my teaching not have implied value?" Niccolo brings a smile to Alarissa's face. "Fear not Lord Niccolo. What's spoken here doesn't change my mind. This has been, if anything, delightful and far better than sitting in a chair and staring down the claw of Arx."

Saoirse seems to consider Niccolo's statement for a weirdly long time. "But discomfort is how we learn," says the NERD. She studies her cousin for a few more moments, narrows one eye thoughtfully, and lifts a shoulder. "If we require a shift in topic, I have repeatedly put forth the understanding of noblesse oblige, and what we are obligated to do, so." And then she adds one more time for the back, "Prince Niccolo."

Macda s yawns, "This is getting boring. Shouldn't Alarissa just do what she wants? I mean .... I like drinking and brawling. I wouldn't like it if you all decided to take up a salon on it."

"Were the naval forces that threw back the Gyre well armed? Well fed? Clothed and armored? Were their boats tended? That is the high princess of Thrax providing her obligation to her people and to the people of Arx. Are the granaries of Maelstrom full? Do her people sleep soundly behind secure walls? Are physicians there when people grow ill, when mothers go into labor, when arms and legs are broken? That is the princess of Thrax doing her duty." Niklas shrugs. "Not charging a nominal fee to teach yet another person to speak elf? Hardly seems to register on the list of obligations."

Morgan leans in to whisper something to Caspian, and Caspian rises to his feet, telling the group, "Semes I need to go meet someone. Enjoy your debate, everyone!" And with that he waves, heading for the door!

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"You know, there was a cushion here in the Fox just for the Claw of Arx." Niccolo points out. To Niklas, he shakes his head lightly as he plucks up his drink again. "While I certainly agree that all of those presumably fall within the duties of a princess of Thrax, I am not sure that logically proves your point. I think to our host's suggestion, this becomes more a question of what is customary and traditional." He arches a brow, "But back to the Claw, can we discuss whether this mysterious monster hound was scouring Arx for her?"

"I feel like I could echo your words back to you and they would be just as valid, your highness." Niklas gives a shrug and finishes his brandy, then pushes himself to his feet. "I think I'll head out to the Shrine of Jayus and practice my banjo work ahead of my duel."

"never occured ot me that it might. Offended that she is the claw of Arx? Was it perhaps coveting the title for itself, and looking to do as her human companion did? Challenge to take it from her?" Alarissa quips back to Niccolo.

Niccolo raises his glass to Niklas, "Good luck. And congratulations on the betrothal." To Alarissa, he grins lightly. "Makes sense. It is a position that comes with many creature comforts."

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Alarissa is overheard praising Niccolo for: For the puns

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Macda looks up at Alarissa, "Not to play advocate for the other side. But if you want to be paid for your services ... then what do you see as your payment for your station in life? Is your peerage something you have earned? Or something you should pay back for?"

Denica looks at Macda curiously at her question, looking to Alarissa instead to answer as she was the one asked. She considers Alarissa for a few more moments and sips her rum. "After all this is done, would you have time to talk for just a bit?" Denica wonders. "Not... a huge rush, it can wait until morning if need be."

Luca shouts from the Out <O>, "Alarissa!"

Alarissa looks to Macda, Denica sliding her arm into that of the pregnant Thrax Princess. She would answer, she opens her mouth to answer but then her name is being yelled from outside the doors and there's a confused look. "Pardon me..." And Alarissa's making her way to the door, her retinue/entourage of guards and champion, ladies in waiting, everything, falling in behind her from their respective corners. "Princess Denica... is that..." heading for the door.

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"Prince Luca." Niccolo offers, recognizing the voice instantly. Looking thoughtful, the former archduke watches the dwindling crowd for a moment as he finishes his drink. He then gestures silently to Romina and turns to go, nodding farewell to the others.

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