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Keaton Welcome Bash

The Keatons are hosting a party to welcome Sir Daemon Dracone to Arx! Come to meet the new guy, eat delicious food, drink like an Oathlander (But also booze) and have a great time! This is an opportunity for the Knight to meet others of Valardin (non-Oathlanders are welcome too!) and see how welcoming we can be.


Sept. 12, 2017, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Kael Reigna


Jael Cambria Corban Caelis Rey Shae Edward Edain Clover Hadrian Valerio Cristoph Samantha Katarina Desiree Korka Gaston Mira Daemon Eirlys(RIP)



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Keaton Hall - Main Hall

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Comments and Log

Keaton Hall has undergone a transformation for the welcome party of none other than Sir Daemon Dracone this evening. The windows have been blackened out with heavy fabric, needless perhaps given the fact that it is the later evening, but it is certainly not dark within. No, instead the area has been lit by no small number of candles. Each mantle and shelf holding numerous ones, brightly lit to cast light from a multiple number of sources.

Those that have dined at the Hall are likely familiar with the buffet style common here, however the spread that is set out tonight is truly formidable. Not only is the dining table set up with a heavy amount of food on it, but the kitchen counters are also set up with food for the taking.

Thick venison steaks fight for room between a brace of roasted and stuffed chickens and an enormous spiced boar roast. A full roasted goose is set beside a half dozen fillets of salmon with slices of lemon and sprinklings of dill. Bowls of Brussels sprouts dressed with bacon and vinaigrette share a corner with platters of roasted vegetables and salad greens. At the end of the table are the breads, rolls and desserts, ranging from a creamy custard with winter preserves to a massive later cake with decadent frosting.

Servants mingle through the guests carrying treats, small amuse bouche, bites of creamy goat cheese rolled in spicy pepper and flavored with red bell pepper, artichoke bites, figs drizzled in honey and wrapped in bacon. They also carry trays of beverages, from juice and citrus flavored water, to wine, cider, ale and whiskey.

Kael has taken on the role of the doorman this evening - or at least that is where he is greeting people as they arrive - with his wife, well, she's off either attending to some last minute business for the event, or else their unborn is misbehaving at the moment.

Camilla, Luigi arrive, following Hadrian.

Hadrian arrives, following Cambria.

Ain't no party like a Keaton party, because a Keaton party doesn' stop -- or so the saying goes as Katarina drifts into the familiar halls of her practically secondary (or is teritary) family home, her lips spreading into a vibrant smile toward the Keaton couples as she moves in to greet them with gracious zeal. "I can smell the banquet from here already," she enthuses, undoubtedly hungry, as painted arms curve around Reigna's shoulders in a gentle hug. "Has the man of the hour arrived? I wanted to at least make his acquaintance and give him a gift to welcome him to the city before he's set upon by everyone else!"

Pellinor leaves, following Alarissa.

Arriving in freshly polished armor with a sweeping crimson cloak draped over his shoulder, Sir Daemon arrived all smiles with a basket draped over his arm. Those clear emerald eyes slowly peered out across the room, the festivities within and those attending tonight. It was almost too overwhelming to be in the company of such a welcoming family, as much was evident by the way his face swelled with pride as he walked inside. Immediately his eyes danced to hold Count Kael himself within their gaze. He holds the basket aloft for the man as he walks inside, his free hand moving so he might shake his host's. "For you and the wife. Please, it's the least I can do for the hospitality you're showing me tonight." His teeth glint in the light from just how widely he's smiling, doing his best to retain that polite demeanor among such kindness.

Rey is guided inside by a servant, and lingers at the door, thanking the young woman until she realizes that she's blocking the entry. She walks backward into the hall, then turns around.

Desiree arrives to the event and goes to greet Reigna and Kael. "It's wonderful to visit your home again, and I'm looking forward to tasting whatever you have for us today. Everything smells so good."

Mira is a little shadow, flitting into the hall on the heels of more famous and noteworthy arrivals. With fox red hair fluffed and flaired into two bangs that threaten to become poms, the Lawyer of Merchant Road is skirting along the edge of the hall to get out of the way of the high nobility rolling through. She's wearing crimson seasilk and midnight umbra in the form of a curvy dress, sheer stockings, and a long jacket with a clasp at her throat, leaving a bit of a window at her chest. Glancing about furtively with deep blue eyes, she wanders inobtrusively closer to the roasts and geese and steaks. Hands clasped behind her nervously, a dull red stone sits at her throat, held by a black silk choker.

An ever-so-slightly frazzled Reigna slips into her own house, clearly running late -- and runs right into a hug from Katarina. There is a laugh as the Countess returns the embrace, even as she is trying to slip from her thick fur overcoat and pat hurriedly at her hair, which is, as ever, up in that fiercely tight bun of hers. She slips in deftly against Kael's side and smiles at Desiree with a bright grin, "Thank you so much for coming! And I can't take much credit this time, it is all Marie, our cook. She is amazing."

Rey pushes back her hood and does a slow piroette, her pale green eyes wide and bright, just taking everything in. Somewhere along the course of that turn, wonder turns to trepidation.

Walking in alongside Prince Edain, Caelis rests her hand on her sword belt and glances around. "So then the captain rushed in and folded me over his shoulder, I was so shocked I dropped my blade! Last time I fell for that maneuver." she chuckles and looks about. "Ooooh, this is lovely. Let's go say hello and grab some seats." She suggests to Edain, guiding him over to the hosts.

Arriving together, if not exactly side-by-side, are the Marquis and Marquessa of House Mazetti. Perhaps by some earlier agreed upon tactic, or because they each have just enough etiquette, the Hydra couple first move in to greet the hosts of the night's festivities and then, with Cambria looking this way and that, points out (discreetly!) Sir Daemon and directs Hadrian towards the knight in order to introduce the pair.

Jael strides in, just a little late and not in the process of putting on earrings this time. She throws the hood of her cloak back, then lets a servant take the garment away entirely before squeezing through the crowd, offering greetings as she goes.

"Have you prepared your stomach," says Kael toward Katarina as he greets her, offering forth a grin before he inclines his head and offers forth a more formal, "Your Highness, always a pleasure -- I, oh, there he is." He tips his head toward Sir Daemon, before squaring up his shoulders and looking toward the man head on. He shakes his hand, his grip a firm thing, even as he is saying in a most solemn manner, "You honor us, Sir Daemon Dracone. It is the least we can do for your service to House Lyonesse, House Laurent, and House Valardin." He accepts the wooden crate and inclines his head low to the man. "This is Princess Katarina Valardin, good Sir, if you have not yet met." Turning toward Desiree, he is welcoming her with an easy, "Lady Desiree Wyrmguard, my wife's cousin, a pleasure as always." Yes, this is evidently going to be formal titles so that Daemon is introduce. He catches sight of Rey and nods toward her in welcome. "Come, join us and make yourself at home." A similar nod is offered to Mira, even as he is beckoning her in closer. "Choose any seat you like." Oh look, as soon as he spies Reigna, the Count looks horribly relieved.

Eirlys arrives giving Kael a warm smile and a handshake. She is in a fancy dress, her hair done up in an intricate braid, the way the dress is made you can see blue ink of her tattoos around her upper arms and along her back. She also seems to have forgotten you don't need a sword at a party. She has her sword at her side the belt around her waist. At least it looks good with her dress? Eirlys looks around then sees Jael and she smiles. "Jael!" She stops to say hi to the woman and link her arm witht with Jael's if the woman allows it.

    Golden eyes set upon the polished armored frame of Daemon with ease. "Speak, and we shall summon him, it seems," Katarina quips in soft-spoken humor toward the knight, pulling from Reigna to allow the Countess to resume her duties alongside her Kael. "Yet again, my friend, everything has come together beautifully," are her well-mannered, heartfelt compliments upon the decor of the great hall. "Please, give my thanks to Marie, the cook! I know she's snuck something lovely and spiced into the meal somewhere for me!"
    She's spoiled, rottenly so. Caelis and Edain don't even get to see the hosts before they're set upon by the high lord's youngest adopted sibling, the princess bowing gracefully before him before she tugs Caelis into the tightest of hugs. "Caelis, it's good to see you! I hope you're taking good care of my brother?"

Cristoph strolls in with a little box tucked under his arm. He's arrived solo for now, though he looks around for the rest of his family. Anyone? Anyone? Not spotting his wife or his sister, he rocks on his heels and steps towards Kael. But the man seems quite surrounded by guests. He lifts his arm and gives the man a brief wave before wandering off to find the food. And maybe Daemon. Since this party is about him!

Rey starts to look nervous as the room begins to fill up, and winds up withdrawing in a random direction, towards the edges and away from the center.

Edain ooofs as Caelis pulls him over to the host. But his hazel eyes are looking longingly at the food table. Roast boar and.. oh my! Brussel spouts tossed with crumbled bacon and a vinigrete? It takes some willpower, but Edain manages to refocus as they reach Kael at the door, "Count Kael, you and the Countess have put on an amazing spread as always. It is good to see you again! Thank you for the invitation. I look forward to greeting the man of the hour as well."

Mira eeks quietly when she's motioned closer to the center by Kael, and she's heading that way when she notices Rey heading the opposite way. Stepping aside deftly to put herself in the way, she leans forward a bit to whisper to Rey, glancing sidelong at her, "A little daunting, isn't it?" She nods a bit, looking back at the clamouring crowd. "I wasn't expecting this many people...I've never even heard of Sir Daemon. Have you?"

Hadrian idly waves Cambria off with a flick of his wrist. He shoos her for a moment before he turns away and continues onward into the thick of the gathered nobles and commoners. Long fingered hands clasp together at the small of his back while he casually meanders this way and that in search of familiar faces. Of course he takes note of Sir Daemon, given the Mazetti's Marquessa pointed him out, but for the moment it would seem that Hadrian had little intention of swarming the crimson cloaked knight.

"Eirlys, hello!" Jael allows the arm linkage, but seems inclined to linger near Kael, probably because her brother's headed that way as well. "You look very nice, the sword is a good look. Perhaps I should have brought my bow. Count Kael, you've outdone yourself."

Reigna leans up and in to kiss Kael's cheek as she takes her place beside him, just in time for Edain and Caelis' arrival. There is a bright smile offered to the High Lord and his intended, "Your Grace and his lady are always welcome sights. You know I specifically put that brussels dish our for you, Prince Edain." There is a grin from Reigna and then she beams to Caelis, "You look lovely tonight my lady! Thank you so much for coming!" There is a little wave to Mira, a friendly smile sent towards her and Rey as well, a little waggling of the fingers before she spies Jael and Eirlys, both women getting equally bright grins, "Lady Jael! Lady Eirlys! Good evening to you both!"

Desiree looks to Reigna with a grin. "I'm always happy to come to any of your parties, and I do love to meet new people too." She looks to Daemon with a friendly smile. "I'm excited to get to meet you Sir Daemon. I hope that you've been enjoying your time in Arx so far." She steps back and takes a glance toward the food.

"Oh, no, it... it seems very nice," Rey stammers to Mira. "Only... It reminds me of a dream I had last night." From the slight quaver in her voice, it was not a good dream. "But Sir Daemon! I have met him. He's very nice. I can try to point him out to you. I'm sure you'd like him." She says, knowing absolutely nothing about Mira. "He's very hard working."

"Your Grace, Prince Edain Valarin, a pleasure to see you and your lovely Lady Caelis Malvici," rumbles Kael. "Or is it that he is your lovely Prince..." Kael? He tries. He tries so hard to jest, and yet clearly as he thinks the better of it, his tone was floundering and he can do nothing more but send an apologetic look to the pair of them. Combined with a low bow of his head. Spying the Marquis and Marquessa, he is swift to greet, "Marquessa Cambria Mazetti and Marquis Hadrian Mazetti. I am pleased to see you both so soon. This, however, does not count as our official dinner within Keaton Hall." The pair are offered a grin even as he is gesturing to the man of the hour. "Sir Daemon Dracone."

Katarina has joined the Keaton Main Dining Table.

Well, technically Samantha isn't a Valardin, but she married one. That totally counts, right? Right? The Crownlands Marquessa is sans husband and child tonight, apparently intent on enjoying an evening of leisure andn taking advantage of this social occasion to do it.

"I've not had the honor of meeting either beauty yet." Daemon announces toward Katarina as he gives a deep and proper bow to the lady. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, your highness. I can't thank you enough for attending this party. It does me honor to know I attract even the most royal of company." His head turns on a slow swivel to regard Desiree next, a similar bow offered as well as a hand is extended. "Charmed to be meeting you as well, my lad. This city has been nothing but kind to me and it does my heart good to know more is on the way." So many people, so many many people to greet! Next it's onto Marquessa Cambria and Hadrian each. "My lady Marquessa Cambria. I'm so glad you'd managed to make it after all. I am to presume this is your husband? I've heard many good things about you sir." Bows and handshakes, all are offered here as he keeps his wits about meeting everyone he can.

Eirlys grins and allows Jael to lead her for the most part. When the sword is brought up she looks down and mutters in Oathlands Shav before looking up. "Well you know I do like to be fashionable." She offers with a slight blush on her cheeks. Her attention turns to Reigna and Kael. "Hi! It is great to see you again and especially when I am not wounded in the middle of the night."

"Count Kael, Countess Reigna." Caelis beams. She has an arm about Katarina still from returning the hug. "The best care." She assures Katarina with a glance to Edain. She nudges the high lord. "Want to share a plate? Oathlanders seem to embrace different food." She glances to Kael. "I would argue his Grace is quite rugged with his beard." She answers. Catching sight of Hadrian, she starts to untangle from the group with a "Pardon" to go say hello to her cousin.

Mira grins a bit, showing some white teeth as she beams at Rey, "Well, a hard-working knight is better than a lazy one, one would hope." She plants a fist on her hip and wags a finger playfully, "Though it would be nice if pure hard-work were always rewarded this richly." She nods a bit, causing her fluffed bangs to bounce above her brass glasses. "Sure, lets go meet him. ...And hope that your bad dream doesn't have any sinister merit in this one." This one what? Mira doesn't elaborate.

"Reigna! I missed you at the reception but Kael said the Squall was giving you trouble. I'm glad you're up and about." Jael turns and grins at Eirlys. "I mean it, it does look nice. Very Valardin. Oh, you got injured"

Cambria does not seem to notice as Hadrian waves her off. She is too busy smiling and greeting Daemon, saying, "Yes, yes, that is him over..." Idle wave of her hand without actually looking. "There. It is so good to see you again, Sir Daemon. And my, sporting a new set of armor, too..." But Cambria does not detain the man of the hour, allowing him to meet and greet as he must.

Hadrian eventually drifts back around to rejoin Cambria, just in time to be called upon by Kael. Hadrian's casual expression soon blossoms into a full-fledged grin as he greets both Kael and Reigna, "Count and Countess Keaton... I hope that you're feeling better, Countess?", Hadrian asks with a hopeful loft of his brow as he glances back to Reigna specifically. Though Daemon's presence soon snaps Hadrian's attention to him and his eyes alight with cheer and his charcoal-whitened smile grows yet further as a hand lifts to sweep the half-cloak across his shoulder. That completed he steps forward to Daemon and offers a bow, then a handshake, "I've also heard a great deal about yourself, Sir Daemon. The Marquessa has had nothing but the best to say about yourself as well." Hadrian does for a moment flick his green eyes beyond Daemon to regard Caelis momentarily, before his focus returns to Daemon, "How are you enjoying the city thus far, Sir Daemon? Is it as wonderous and exciting as you'd have imagined it?"

"You won't be overlooked forever," Rey assures Mira, apropos of nothing. She goes up on her tippy tippy tip toes to try to scan the crowd for some sign of Daemon. It doesn't take her long. "There he is." She points him out for Mira. "In the wonderful cloak." Her face splits into a warm smile, trepidation, at least for this moment, forgotten. "I love seeing him so happy. He's practically dancing. He -did- say there might be dancing."

    Katarina squeezes gently at Caelis while the lady admiral and she are twined by the arm, gracefully transitioning on into mingling with Daemon as he receives her with such compliments - her cheeks warming with a light blush as she erupts into a tinkling laugh. "You are far too kind, my lord. Truly, the honor should be all of ours to have such gracious hosts aiding us in becoming better acquainted with you," she surmises in good humor."
    JAEL! Katarina's expression of inner squeeing says it all, even as she tames herself to a vibrant smile and wave of the hand. Jael knows she's going to get hugged before the night's end. Eirlys becomes her next victim instead, with the young girl gliding forward to link an arm through Eirlys' own. "Eiry, I haven't seen you in far too long. Have you been hiding from me?"

"I must say I'm glad as well, Lady Eirlys." There is an almost impish grin from Reigna at the banter and she looks to Katarina with glimmering dark eyes -- "The roasted boar has a collection of spices that is quite dazzling. Marie made it with you in mind, Princess." She grins then to Caelis and bows her head with that bright, friendly grin. She turns then to Jael and makes a pouting face, "My insides felt black and blue and I hadn't slept in a day. Trust me you would not have wanted me at the party. I think I might have faceplanted in my food." Reigna opens her arms to hug Jael happily, laughing, "Poor Kael came home to me trying to make a bath and there were tea leaves evvverywhere." She turns to look at Hadrian and nods, with a laugh, "Yes my lord, I was just telling Lady Jael I was not fit for public consumption last night, but I am feeling much, much better after a today, thank you!"

Cristoph finds his way by the food, where he begins to pick at things along the way. It's on this pass that he notices Samantha enter, stepping out of the line to give her a wave. "Marquessa Deepwood. I'm surprised to see you out there- Did you leave your husband home?" There's some faint tinge of amusement to his voice and the corners of his mouth tug upwards.

Kael responds to Eirlys' handshake quite firmly, sending her a grin in turn to that warm smile. "A pleasure to see you as always, Lady Eirlys Greenmarch. Lady Jael Laurent!" See, he picks up her queue to call for Jael and thereafter a broad grin is flashed her way. He's well aware that Daemon is aware of the woman. So too does he spy Cristoph from his vantage point and inclines his head toward him before doing an awkward little hand wave to go along with it. Caelis' little quip has him grin somewhat even as he moves a hand to stroke his own beard. "Keep Princess Katarina and her Laurent beard wax away from it. Though I thought I looked fair in it."

Mira twirls about at Rey's mention of dancing. "Wonderful! I'm atrociously bad at dancing, but that doesn't mean it won't happen." She stops her twirl with a nod and a hand on her hip, "Well, I'm off to meet the man of the hour then. Wish me luck!" Wandering off from Rey, Mira makes her way over toward where Sir Daemon Dracone is entertaining well-wishers. The curvy, meek little redhead patiently waits her turn, eyes bright but hands clasped behind her back, nervously.

Vim, a guard-corgi in-training, Sir Dalan, Longsuffering Valardin Knight arrive, following Clover.

Sombra, Clover arrive, following Edward.

Eirlys looks at Jael. "Aye, it was a little while back. Reigna helped me. She healed me even though it was in the middle of the night." She explains before Katarina shows up she blinks. "No I have been at the lodge, Kata." She smiles at Katarina before grinning at Reigna. "I try to make a habit of not showing up to parties injuried." She winks then basically will follow Jael.

Edain smiles just a bit as Caelis declares him rugged. "I think sharing a plate sounds like and excellent idea." he bows then to Reigna and says, "Thank you for thinking of me in your food selections, Countess, I am humbled." He looks to Kael and Reigna again and bows to them both but follows Caelis away so they can greet other's party goers. Seeing Katarina arm in arm with Caelis, Edain greets the tiny princess, "Princess Katarina, it is good to see you tonight. Have you had t he ch ance to meet Sir Daemon yet? He is a very skilled knight by all accounts. I was lucky enough to meet him briefly the other day."

Rey sees Mira off to meet Daemon. But then, left on her own again, her smile starts to fade back into a worried expression, and she withdraws towards the wall.

Samantha laughs in delight. "Duke Cristoph!" she greets gaily. "He's giving me a night off, so to speak. I've been caring for Nara while he was on mission, and now he's having a night with her by himself...and you know, all of the servants to help him, so I expect I won't find the manor destroyed. And it's been forever since I've been amongst friends, and made new ones."

Fashionably late, Edward walks in past the guards with the lovely Lady Clover Wyrmguard on his arm. He wears a light smile while they enter the hall and he says something to her, perhaps a continuation of a conversation they had on their way over. He moves them out of the doorway of course so that they can get a setting of the room before they move to mingle.

Desiree takes a look around after she makes her introductions and notices Rey beside the wall. She walks toward her. "Hello I don't believe I've met you before." She smiles as she looks at Rey. "Are you enjoying the party so far?"

Jael unhitches from Eirlys long enough to give Reigna a careful hug, then draws back and frowns. "Blast, I told Kael I was going to send you ginger tea and I forgot. I will do that tomorrow." She finds that she has gained a Katarina somewhere along the way, and flashes her a grin, then grumbles as her brother escapes to the food table. "Typical."

"Friends have been kind and luck has been on my side, Marquessa." Daemon replies to the lady as he taps a hand onto his breastplate. Ding ding ding it went, it was certainly well made. A bow is offered then to Hadrian, the man's hand flourishing over his shoulder and flaring out his cape in a far, far too over-exaggerated motion. "I'm so glad. The Marquessa was generous to offer patronage to a man fresh off the boat. I'm hoping that I prove to be a worthy sort to the potential she sees. She must make you very, very happy." The knight practically beams as he speaks, full row of perfect teeth on display. "To be honest I never expected such a warm response. I'm still not sure if I'm even deserving of one so grand. But by the gods above, the kindness here is greater than anywhere else I've seen. I'm full of pride to be an Oathlander tonight. Very much so."

Ah, but more guests are piling on him. Daemon's eyes set on Mira as she approaches, who he manages to offer an open hand for. "And who is this I see before me? This party has an overabundance of loveliness, no?" A soft chuckle reverberates through him.

Clover's dressed in silk, which mean she's moving very, very carefully and probably clinging to Edward's arm for dear life. The silk is pure white and adorned with green tempered steel scales. It's extra nervewrecking. A smile is given and she says, "Oh, do you know Countess Reigna? Or Lady Desiree, my cousins?" She aims them in that direction, no matter his answer.

"Marquis Hadrian, it's good to see you." Caelis greets warmly and bows to him and Daemon before she starts to move off, hearing Edain would like to share a plate and going about getting one for them. Glancing to Kael she nods. "Oh, I prefer being able to touch his beard, I'll be sure to guard his beard, my lord." She answers with amusement and a glance to Edain.

Mira's eyes widen at Daemon's commentary, and a light blush rises to her cheeks. Blinking a bit in mute shock, she glances left and right before stepping forward with false bravery, eyes still a bit wide. "Mira Matessi, my lord. A lawyer, for the people." Taking his offered hand very lightly, she steps forward only after half-a-moment's pause. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I've heard you are very hard-working. For a knight." She pauses, glancing up and aside, as if mentally checking to make sure that came out right. Regardless, she dips into a formal curtsey.

When Kael spies Rey lurking with that worried expression, he tilts his head to the side and attempts to make eye contact with her. "Good evening!" he calls forth. Ah, but Desiree intervenes and Kael is shooting the Wyrmguard a grateful look. "Lady Clover Wyrmguard," greets Kael when he spies her, as well as her companion. He is offered a curious look before he stretches out his hand toward him in greeting. When Caelis speaks regarding beards, he's flashing her a grin.

A teasing smile beset with faint dimples graces Katarina's lips briefly at Eirlys. "I'll have to make sure I come visit you soon. We don't have nearly enough time spent together," she says, before she's on Edain's arm to share a quiet word with him for the briefest of moments. "No, your grace. I haven't had the pleasure until only a moment ago when Count Kelp made the introduction. Do you think that he likes sailing? I'm hoping that Caelis and I can start an OINK sailor's club when she gets here." Afterward, it's Jael who she's beaming up at, her fingers wiggled once more in soft warmth. "Lady Jael, always a pleasure. Are you enjoying the party so far? There's so many faces, I don't think I'll be able to speak to everyone as I'd like."

Reigna turns and spies Clover approaching, "Cousin! Your dress is beyond lovely and so are you!" She turns friendly eyes on Edward, but there is no recognition there, "Good evening and welcome to Keaton Hall!"

"I'm confident that even without servants, Rymarr could survive a few hours alone with a baby." Cristoph grins and when she mentions making new friends he tips his head in the directions of the crowd. "I believe my wife is swamped with work and won't be making it, unfortunately. Have you met my sister, Jael? I think I was telling stories about her that evening we all met up a months or so ago."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Samantha before departing.

Edward's tilts his head to listen to Clover and he says, "I have met Countessa Reigna at the Laurent festival some months ago but I do not believe I have met your cousin." he says, more than willing to let her lead him along to introduce him.
    When Reigna sees them he smiles widely and he says, "Countessa, good evening. Thank you." he looks around and then he says, "This is a lovely home."

As she chats with Cristoph, Samantha tries briefly to catch Katarina's eye, offering a wave if she succeeds.

Katarina checked perception at difficulty 10, rolling 5 lower.

Hadrian offers a fluid dip of his chin in response to Daemon's answer before he offers back, "The best practice in my experience is to give everyone ample opportunity to make an excellent first impression. Their actions during and after that will speak for them. So far though, you're making a good first impression.." Hadrian pauses however to spare a glance toward Cambria, then back to Daemon before he states a little colder than perhaps intended. Or perhaps it was fully intended. "Yes. Very happy. So very happy." He clears his throat once and then gestures toward Daemon with another nod, "Thank you for your time, Sir Daemon. You're the center of attention, so I won't occupy your time any further. Perhaps eventually you'll visit the manor and we'll share a drink and a tale." Hadrian offers a bow toward Daemon before he turns away and slips off, just as each of his gloved hands again return to the small of his back. Then he addresses Reigna, picking up where they had left off only a moment ago, "Countess Reigna, I'm very happy to hear that you're feeling better and hope that your present wellness persists."

Running late is becoming a trend for the normally punctual Valerio. The moment just he arrives his head cranes about briefly to make sure his armor is in order, and that he is presentable. Even the eyepatch gets a quick tweaking. Ah. The Niece and NIL are present! His next step is to try to make his way to the Keatons and another introduction of the man of the hour.

Desiree grins as she notices Clover and Edward. She takes some steps in their direction. "I love your outfit Clover, and I see you brought someone." She smiles as speaks to Edward. "It's nice to meet you."

"Princess. Yes, far more people than I had prepared myself for," Jael tells Katarina with a little tinge of ruefulness as she steps over towards Cristoph, just in time for introductions. "Hello," she tells Samantha with a quick, bright smile. "Oh lovely. I was being talked about." She eyes her brother suspiciously when she overhears that revelation.

"Lady Caelis," Hadrian answers with a sudden brightening of his features and a grin cast toward his cousin. Then off the Admiral of Southport goes, so that leaves Hadrian to return to doing what he do.

"I don't believe I have." Samantha says, turning her attention to the woman in question. She'll offer a greeting, assuming the woman is not otherwise occupied herself. Events are always so diverting!

Samantha adds with a chuckle. "I promise you, all good things, my lady."

Rey spaced out for a few minutes there apparently. There are a lot of bookshelves here, so that probably had something to do with it. But something or other reminds her that oh yeah! she's at a party and.... oh yeah, it's a party she's not so sure about. She puts the book gently back where she got it.

Clover gestures between Reigna and Kael and Edward. Her smile sunny as ever, "Cousin, it's great to see you." She lets go of Edward so she can steps forward and kiss Reigna's cheek. She steps back a moment later and says, "My lady and lord, this is Baron Edward Stormbreak." Oh and there's Desiree too! Her other cousin gets a kiss to her cheek, even though they presumably see each other at home. "Desi, you look beautiful tonight. This is Baron Edward Stormbreak. He kindly agreed to be my escort and keep me from spilling anything on my silks." Clover's eyes dance with amusement. To said Baron she says, "My lord, this is Count and Countess Kael and Reigna Keaton, and Lady Desiree Wyrmguard, my cousins." She beams proudly, clearly quite fond of her family.

Filling a plate, Caelis looks a little overwhelmed with people, many she clearly needs to get to know better. She retreats to a wall, putting her back to it and letting people come to her as she tries one of those brussle sprouts Edain was so excited about.

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Edward gives a polite bow to those he is introduced to, "A wonderful occurance thank you." he looks at Regina and Kael, "We did meet at the Laurent festival but if only briefly for introductions." and then to Desiree, "I am glad to finally put a face to the name. I have heard good things of you from Lady Grimhall." he smiles to Clover as she rejoins him after her kisses and he turns back to the crowd, "I am to believe there is a man of the hour as well?"

"I think I was just telling them about the time we had to go out and fetch you on one of your uh... camping trips. When you were young." Cristoph explains to Jael, wise enough to lean away from his sister even if his words are playful and more or less innocent. Gesturing now towards Samantha, "This is Marquessa Deepwood, Rymarr is her husband. I can't remember if you've seen him recently. They just had a child."

As soon as Kael is spotting Valerio, he is lifting his chin somewhat and grinning toward the taller man. "Good evening, Lord Valerio Mazetti. Come, have you met Sir Daemon Dracone yet?" This is in his audible voice, mind, carrying well. When the man approaches, he lowers it and adds, swiftly, "While you are here, you must see the kennels." Turning back toward Edward, he offers forth a welcoming bow of his head before he is remarking, "You did look familiar! Welcome, welcome. Do enjoy the food, and if you care to, come by some other evening to enjoy a more typical Keaton meal." His voice once more picks up a bit, meant to carry: "Our home is always welcome to those that wish to join a meal in the evening hours."

"I would be remiss to never spend a day in your home after the kindess your family has given me. May you enjoy the rest of the party, please." Daemon sees off Hadrian with another dip of his chin and an almost overly polite bow. Edain and Caelis receive equal greeting as they pass him by. He was clearly having his fill juggling guests but by god he was reveling in it too! His clear green hues turn upon Mira again as she approaches and she too gets a signature bow. The ,ams spine must have been constructed out of steel. "

"Lady Mira Matessi. A name I';ll commit to memory. Lawyer, you say?" He takes her hand in his and brushes his lips against the back of her palm. "Charmed to make your acquaintance. I like to believe that I am as hard working as anyone of my station would be. But I have been in the city very few days, I still have much to prove. Much more to learn, no?" Daemon grins. "My thanks for attending, truly."

"Oh that is right! We did meet at the Laurent Autumn festival! Well met again, my lord Sotrmbreak!" Reigna offers a bright smile and then looks from Edward to Clover and gives the latter an approving wink. "You have chosen an excellent champion cousin." Reigna gets a patently playfull stern expression as she looks back to Edward, "You have a challenging task ahead of you, Lord Stormbreak, but I have faith you are well able to handle the task!" She looks then to Lord Valerio and offers the scarred man a warm smile, "A pleasure to see you again, Lord Mazetti. Thank you for coming!" She turns herself to spy a glance to theman of the hour, and if possible send Daemon a laughing wave of her hand.

The Prince of Sanctum mingles around the room, bows of greeting to people he knows and has not seen in a while. "Marquis Hadrian, Marqueesa Cambria." he says greeting them briefly. A bow for Clover and Desiree and Edward. "Marqueesa Samantha." he greets. "Sir Daemon, Enjoy a fine evening and fine food." And of course that's when he sees that Caelis has retreated to a qu iet corner and he says, "I feel it my be my most honorable d uty to assist Lady Caelis with those brussel sprouts." And he fades back to the wall and siddles over to sit next to her.

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Katarina has in deed become distracted by all manner of food, especially when Caelis comes skulking past with a plate. She quickly steals a piece of brussel sprout off her sister-to-be's plate before beelining her way toward Samantha at last. She waits for her introductions with the Laurents to lull enough for her to slip in for a gentle hug, eyes bright with gentle warmth and delight. "My dearest Sam," she squees girlishly. "It's so good to see you! How is your son? I imagine Lord Rymarr must be beside himself tonight, watching him while you have your much deserved break, yes?"

"One moment, my lord." says Clover to Edward, to excuse herself. Because Edain is /not/ getting away with a bow. Nope. The Prince of Sanctum is getting himself a great big Clover hug. And probably Caelis too. Her arms are too short to hug them both at the same time, mind, but she MIGHT JUST TRY if she can get them squished together.

Katarina is overheard praising Edain for: Brussel sprouts are the most disgusting Arvani food -- My brother likes them? I like them, yes. They make you VALARDIN STRONG.

Mira smiles demurely, flashing Daemon a slightly embarrassed look, "Just Mira Matessi, Messere if you must. I wear no noble title." She nods with a warmer smile, though, bowing right back to him, "And if you should ever need instruction in the finer arts of writing letters, the law, or, well, other things, you need but call. My Law Firm is on Merchant Road, two blocks east of City Center." And then Mira is stepping back, to give Daemon some room.

"Gods, did Cris tell the story about running off to be a bear? I bet he did...he /did/!" Jael is too polite to hit her brother at a party...who are we kidding, she's not, but he's learned the lean and she doesn't attempt it. For now. "Lovely to meey you properly, Marquessa. And congratulations!" She glances at Cristoph and shakes her head. "I knew the Marquis stopped by a bit ago but I wasn't here...Artshall perhaps? You had a playdate, right?" Totally innocence in that tone. Total.

Cambria nods absently to Hadrian as he excuses himself to go speak with Reigna. Instead, she spies her uncle, Valerio, and waves him over. Valerio, is, of course, already being hailed by several others...that's no reason to not join in!

Rey lingers on the edges of things, watching the people with wide, pale eyes. There's a sense that she's looking for someone, but who she sees instead are Clover and Edward together, and for the second time, she forgets her trepidation and smiles enough of a smile to bring a little bit of color to her cheeks.

"We did!" Samantha replies agreeably, adding, "I'm trying quite hard not to be one of those mothers who simply has nothing else to talk about but her newborn. Which I've just failed at by explaining it." Her mouth quirks in a rueful grin, and then, "Prince Edain." she says, "I hope you'll be prepared in a decade or so, when Nara comes to squire under you." Hell, in for a penny, in for a pound. "You recall your promise, I hope!"

"I think I am up for the challenge," Edward tells Reigna and then he nods to Clover as she steps away. Of course Edain would have gotten a bow and a, "Your Grace" attached to it before he escaped. Standing there then Edward looks around the room and he gives Rey a smile and a wave of his hand before he turns back to look at Clover.

Rey inexplicably gives Edward a thumbs up.

Desiree continues to be cheerful and smile. "I'm glad to meet you too. I don't believe I've heard much about you, but if my cousin Clover here likes you then I do too." She notices Edain as well and shows him a smile and a small wave.

Clover gets a brief hug in return, flushing. "Thank you." She offers quietly. She looks to Katarina and sets a brussel sprout aside for her with a grin.

Katarina stares at Clover, slowly reaching for the brussel sprout left for her and eating it slowly. She does not make a face of anguish, nope. She eats her greens and mingles like a champ.

"Count Keaton! A pleasure as always, yes, I have met the man of the hour. I confesss I did not initially put this reception and him together." Valerio winces a little and mimes smacking his head with his palm. "Sir Dracone, a pleasure again. Welcome to Arx, come now. How many times have you gotten lost in the city? I've been here a month, still make wrong turns." His head turns to the left more and with a smile, he is able to put his right eye on Reigna. "Countess Keaton! I hear Congratulations are in order! Also, I made sure to not tell my Niece when I found out, so she could have a little surprise. Girls are like that." He winks at her, or with one eye maybe it is a blink? "You're both very blessed, children are a wonder. They'll make you want to bash things and maim people, but they are a blessed wonder. Ah, Speaking of the Niece!" He waves as if hiswaving off her intentions and ignoring her, though there is this rather big grin that appears.

Hadrian's attention seems collected by another individual. A fox-haired lawyer which he seen begins to approach until he can draw in close enough to share a quiet word.

"'Till we meet again, Miss Mira. Do enjoy the party, please. I insist." Daemon wiggles his steel fingers toward her as she departs. Alright, another one down and a few more to go. His sights are locked next onto Reigna when he catches the tail-end of her humorous wave. Oh she wouldn't be escaping that, he makes sure of it as he approaches so he might greet her with a bow. The most strong one he may have have given all that night as well. "My thanks and eternal gratitude for you and your husband to host such a grand party in my honor. Truly, it means a lot to me to know that there are some who would consider me in such high esteem. A stranger, no less."

Daemon's attention splits to Valerio, the familiar visage of the man earning a smile from the knight. "The city was great before, now it is near perfect. I've never known such an outpouring of support before, not even when my family still had a plot of land to call their own. It's magnificent, truly."

Rey seems to have plucked a little bit of sunshine from seeing Edward and Clover, and she floats on that sunbeam for as long as it lasts... in the direction of the food. And while she doesn't float literally (although it'd be a good trick if she had) she walks almost on her toes, with her heels just barely touching the ground, which gives a sense that she's right on the edge of flying away.

Mira blinks, caught in the middle of grabbing a plate to start hunting cooked deer and wild boars. Turning about toward Hadrian, Mira tilts her head, fluffed bangs tilting with her above her glasses and to the sides.

Clover smiles brightly toward Edain and Caelis before letting the pair go, oh dear. She steps away-- "Oh brussel sprouts!" She says excitedly, turning back toward Edward, "Shall we get some sprussel sprouts? Is there anyone else you would like to meet, my lord?" A sunny smile is given. Rey is noticed and she wiggles her fingers. "Oh, look, do you know her? Lady Laveer?"

"I think when your child is only a few weeks old you can be forgiven for talking about them. In fact, I think it's probably the most appropriate time." Cristoph lifts his hand and waves over to Rey. "Lady Rey! We meet again!" He calls to her over the crowd. Because she does just seem to show up /everywhere/ these days. "Yes, yes. I might have talked about the bear a bit. You were gone to Artshall and Nicia and I met them for dinner."

"Always with the bear story," Jael mutters under her breath.

Now that the arrivals have trickled, with a signal from Reigna, drinks arrive on silvered trays, each guest offered a glass. Reigna turns to look around from face to face, her smile a warm and radiant thing. She taps the side of her glass to allow that ringing chime to cut through the conversation and she waits for those gathered to look her way before she lifts her glass up, as she makes a toast. "I am so glad that each of you has come tonight. Each of you has touched the lives of Kael and I, or someone else in this room, in a positive and happy way. Each day I spend here in Arx fills me with a gratitude I cannot put into words, and it is that feeling, of warmth and friendly belonging that I hope to extend to our guest of honor tonight, Sir Daemon Dracone. Sir Daemon, you have not been here long, but I hope that you will soon feel as if you have been here all along. Welcome to Arx, and welcome to our great and wonderful family."

Mira beams at Hadrian at whatever he said to her, nodding, "That's wonderful, thank you very much." Reaching behind her, Mira suddenly produces...a pad of parchment and a small coal stylus that had been tucked into the lacings of her dress. Scratching something into the surface, she nods a couple times while relaying additional information back to the Mazetti Marquis.

Rey's instinct when she hears her name called is always to smile, as though she's operating under the assumption that of COURSE hearing her name spoken can only mean that good things are coming. This is no exception -- she's been looking over the food, but forgets all about it when Cristoph calls her name. She goes up on tippy toes and waves over her head to him, like someone drowning very cheerfully. When you're as short as Rey is, crowds like this aren't so different.

Samantha chuckles to Jael. "There's always a bear story." Samantha offers this in amusement. "I met my husband while a man was wrestling a bear. I even rode on a bear once. It was marvelous. How recent are you to Arx, my lady?"

Edward looks at Desiree as he nods, "I am glad she asked me to escort her." when his attention turns back to Clover he holds his arm out and he says, "Yes. I met Lady Laveer on the beach the other day and we talked for some while. And again this afternoon in the Crimson Square." he smiles towards Rey again before he adds, "Well I think it would be polite to at least make our introductions to the gentleman over there," he indicates Daemon, "I am getting the impression this is a welcoming for him. I would hate to be impolite."

Kael's grinning most grandly in response toward Lord Valerio, inclining his head toward him. Perhaps he might say more to the Lord, but his wife is chiming the glass to begin her speech. He shoots a somewhat helpless look toward him before moving to stand near Reigna's side. Now, on the tail end of her words, he clears his throat and offers forth in a most grand manner, "Is this where we inform Sir Daemon that we shall be testing him on each and every name that was introduced this evening?" His brows lift in unison before he sidesteps and moves to attempt to clasp the knight on the armored shoulder. He is joking, right?

"I had a perfectly good plan for a brand new bear life and Cris had to ruin it." Despite the annoyed-baby-sister act, Jael still tips a fond grin in her brother's direction. Answering Samantha, "I was here before the Siege for a couple of years, then we were trapped behind Brand's lines for some time during the conflict. So I have only been back here a few months, and I journey to Artshall fairly regularly to check on our mother."

Sir Dracone while sheepish, does his best to puff right up at the outpouring of attention as the Countess arranges a toast. He absconds with a glass of his own and raises his just as high. "And, may we toast to the Keaton's delightful hospitality. Were it not for them, I would not have the honor of greeting all of you fantastic lords and ladies gathered here tonight. May your family prosper forever more and happiness be in the rest of your days, Count Kael and Countess Reigna." With that he drinks. A wine from the taste. He doesn't even shy away from Kael's challenge when rendered. The armored Oathlander takes his time to finally have a seat now that he has a break in greeting guests.

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Clover says, "I suppose brussel sprouts can wait, yes. And we can go greet Sir Dracone." She slides her hand over Edward's arm once more, careful, careful, careful steps given. So they can approach the knight. "Sir Dracone!" She smiles brightly, "Do you know Baron Stormbreak?" She gestures between the two men.

Hadrian considers Mira for a moment as a faint smile slips across his mouth, though he shakes his head softly from side to side before he continues with the quiet conversation.

"That Lady Rey is a character." Cristoph tells Samantha and Jael, pointing to the little woman as she waves over the crowd. "Oh perfect, you want to be a bear, Marquessa Samantha has ridden a bear! You're well suited to one another." He grins and then shakes a little box that he holds in his hands. "Do you think Sir Daemon will think I'm suggesting anything by giving him cologne?"

"Marshal," Cambria says to Valerio. "Come sit with me at the dining table? We'll toast the good night and enjoy some fine food, hm?"

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"If there's something I can do to aid you in making new acquaintances here in the city, please let me know." Samantha says warmly. Looking archly at Cristoph, "Not at all. Perfumes and colognes are a luxury - I'm sure he'll appreciate it. I haven't met him or Lady Rey, but I hope to."

Mira blinks at whatever Hadrian said, looking a bit confused. But she does twirl to grab a drink from a passing server as though she were in a singing play. Lifting her drink to join the toast of Daemon Dracone, Mira cheers, "Hear hear! To Sir Daemon Dracone! May he have good luck and memory in the Naming Test." Sipping quite a lot of the wine, she smiles and turns back to Hadrian, conversing earnestly even though she can no longer write with a wine glass in hand.

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Seated with Edain and sharing a plate, Caelis is smiling again. Relaxed, she chuckles as she says something quiet to the Prince when he claims a brussel sprout off their plate.

Rey lingers around the edges of the dining table, looking at the food with interest, without remembering that the next step in this process is to actually sit down and eat it. But there are so many nice things!

"What the fuck, Cris? Why are you being weird?" Jael gives her brother a wide blue-eyed incredulous look, then flips an apologetic smile to Samantha. "I will do that. I don't get out of the Valardin ward as often as I'd like." She snags a glass of wine from a passing server and lifts it during the brief speech for Daemon, then takes a sip and sighs. "I forgot a gift."

Taking up a glass from a tray, and joins in the toast of Daemon, of course. Valerio, turns his head further to the side and starts making his way through first, a food stop, and then of course the next highest priority, bothering his Niece! The Nephew In Law is spared. For now. It's a long night though!

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Cambria, having retrieved a glass herself, joins in on the toast to Daemon.

Briefly standing from his seat, Daemon faced both Clover and Edward with sunny smiles as well. "Baron Stormbreak is the name? And hello again to you, Lady Wyrmguard. So sorry about your passionate lover, books." He remarks to her with a soft chuckle before he's extending a hand for Edward. "How do you do, my lord? It's an honor to meet another nobleman here." A glance as the toast carries on and a smile spread wide for all who do. "Thank you kindly my lords and ladies! Thank you so very much."

Mira nods to Hadrian and smiles, putting away the stylus and the paper. Now that she's done it, the discreet pocket at her back and under the jacket is more obvious. Wandering off, Mira hmms as she takes up the plate she grabbed earlier, leaving the wine glass for now.

Reigna takes a drink from her glass and then winds her free arm through Kael's, leaning in to murmur to him. She looks around the room again, an expression of pleasure and is that -- yes, there are definite notes of pride there in her expression as well.

"How am I being weird? Don't answer that. I think your opinion is biased." Cristoph makes a 'hmpft' at his sister before looking triumphant. "At least I remembered the gift." He steps back, much in the way that siblings ribbing at each other often do at this junction. "I'll say it's from you too. If you ladies will excuse me." He nods at both Samantha and his sister before going to track down Daemon at his table. "Sir Daemon! Welcome. Again. If I didn't say it enough times the other night."

When Deamon extends his hand Edward clasps him by the forearm and then he smiles, "A pleasure Sir Dracone." he lets him go and then he glances to Clover at the remark from the Knight and then back to the man, "Welcome to Arx. While I did not bring a gift if you ever need a sparring partner please let me know and I will come down to the ring and let you thrash me about for a few hours. And then I promise to get you exceptionally drunk on things you've never had before."

Samantha chuckles, assuring, "I forgot one myself. You can always send something by messenger later." She too plucks up a drink, raising it in salute before sipping. She does take a moment as Reigna surveys the party, to drop a polite curtsy.

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Hadrian's head tilts to one side after Mira turns and wanders off. He watches her for a moment, his features schooled into a casually relaxed expression. Then, briefly, his brilliant green eyes drift away to regard the room as a whole. Something which he spies, ever so briefly, results in the Marquis of House Mazetti bursting into laughter, "Ha HA!" Abruptly his head snaps upright and with brisk, long strides he begins to cross the hall in a power-walking blur of silk and leather. A passing servant finds a glass of wine casually claimed, which Hadrian continues onward from for two paces. Then he halts. Two steps back and the glass of wine is offered back to the servant. It would seem, to the attentive, that the Marquis cheerfully offers only a handful of words to the servant, "Be a darling? Take a drink of this?" He waits until that is done, then eyeballs the server for a long moment, nods once, and plucks the wine glass from the servant once again as he continues onward in his journey through the gathering, his wine glass raised at one point in reverence of the one called Sir Daemon. Though, eventually, he lowers his glass in order to permit himself a drink.

Jael grimaces a little behind Cris' back when he takes the gift over to Daemon. "Yes, I think I'll do that. I did meet Sir Daemon recently anyway, perhaps that gets me off the hook a little. CRIS! Do not tell that man I got him cologne!"

Clover eyes Daemon as if he has just tried to sell her some lemons. "Mmpf." She responds and then tilts her head toward Edward, "Well, that's all of the people I know here. Shall we go introduce ourselves to a random stranger?"

Korka arrives, following Corban.

Rey was busy staring off into space when Hadrian suddenly breaks into laughter. The sound, coming seemingly out of nowhere as it does, startles her enough to make her literally jump. Thankfully, any surprised squeaking that may or may not have happened is covered by the general crowd noise.

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To whatever it is that Reigna just murmured to him, Kael is inclining his head by way of agreement. He does, however, spy that curtsy from Samantha and thus he begins to head in that direction. Given the fact that his wife has just interwoven her arm with his, she is probably coming along. "Good evening," he offers forth with an amiable tone. "I do not believe that we have met. I am Count Kael Keaton and this, my wife, Reigna."

Edain stands and offers his arm to to Caelis. He looks around the room, and smiles at seeing everyone mingling and eating and having a good time. Pleased that his people are doing well, the Prince of Sanctum quiet starts to make his way out.

Cristoph is telling that man Jael got him cologne.

A firm shake is had for Edward as Daemon regards the pair fondly. "I will be sure to keep that in mind, Baron Stormbreak. I fancy myself at the training center myself some days and nights. Though you'll find I'm a horrible lightweight and I'm terribly sorry for that." He makes a face though not entirely one of displeasure. "Please enjoy the party, both of you." Are his parting words as he sits back down, greeting the table with a dip of his chin as well. "My lord Cristoph, lovely to see you again." He remarks with a bow. "The city is beautiful, the people more so. I haven't been in such fine company in many years, to find it now in such an outpour is... Goodness." Wait, did he hear something about cologne? Yes he definitely did. But he'll pretend he didn't!

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Corban enters the Keaton Main Hall, taking a deep breath to steel himself before he plunges into the crowd of people. He has Korka on his arm, or at least near his arm, the Telmar lord escorting the woman in the red dress. He makes his way over towards the host and hostess, touching the Lady Keaton's arm. "Lady Reigna. I hope I am not intruding, but I had to come right over because I was so looking forward to seeing you. Might I introduce Korka Glynn of my House? She truly makes the place run. The rest of us at her mercies."

"Of course." Edward tells Clover in response as he gives the Knight one more nod, "Thank you Sir Draconis, enjoy your celebration." and then he steps away so that Clover can once again take the lead and direct them to where they mingle to next. He looks around the room and notes the departure of Edain and Caelis and then he says, "I think we have exhausted all the people I might know. So strangers it is."

"Count Kael." Samantha inclines her head. "I do hope you'll forgive me taking the opportunity to return to public society at your welcoming party. Marquessa Samantha Deepwood of Old Oak. You and your wife has made such a beautiful celebration here."

Hadrian soon enough finds himself sidling up to Jumping Rey. He offers out his glass of wine to her before he casually tucks a hand away at the small of his back. He beams a grin at her for a moment before he offers an apologetic bow of his head, "I apologize, I didn't mean to startle. I just saw something, across the room, that I found to be very amusing. And you are..?"

Clover gives a small shrug of her shoulders and says, "Or we could have a seat and eat some brussel sprouts." to Edward, this is said.

Cambria, meanwhile, looks incredibly amused about something. Even so, her attention is largely focused on the party-goers around her. One may note that, even though she made a toast to Daemon, she herself did not drink from the glass. Not immediately, anyway. Instead she appears to drop something into it which neither fizzes nor changes the liquids color. It is only then that she drinks.

C'est la Lycene.

Mira lingers quietly at one of the less populated tables, discreetly chewing on some rare venison. She has some vegetables as well, and a strange bread thing that looks like a duck, but it's mostly venison. Crossing her legs under the table, she eats quietly, avoiding the storm of conversation and gossip for a moment.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Clover before departing.

"This may sound unusual, my Lady," Edward says to Clover, "But what are brussel sprouts." he starts to lead her to the table where the food is spread out, "I am willing to try them since you seem keen on having some."

"It's going to be even more beautiful once spring comes and things begin to bloom. I wanted to get you something, wasn't sure what you liked..." Cristoph hands the little box off to Daemon. "Anyway, I figured that would come in handy. I'm saying it's from me and-" He sighs and looks over his shoulder towards his sister. Then with a resolve he turns back to the other man and concludes, "It's from the Laurents! A little something.' A polite smile is given over to Edard and Clover as well, noticing them even as they move away.

Rey watches Hadrian with wide, pale eyes the whole way that he comes over. Watches mostly Hadrian. Sometimes she watches around him, or just behind him... but probably he's the one he's looking at. "I... no. No, it's okay. I was just... I'm a little nervous." She tries a smile for Hadrian, looking a little bit dazzled. And then, out of nowhere, she drops a surprisingly well-executed curtsy. "I'm Lady Rey Laveer."

Reigna grins brightly at Samantha as she is introduced, "Oh! You're Marquis Rymarr's wife, yes?" Reigna looks up at Kael, "Her husband is the brother of our leige, Marquessa Demura Lyonesse. Oh, my lady it is wonderful to make your acquaintance! You're vassal to Grayson, are you not?" Then there's a Corban, and Reigna is beaming up at the Telmar lord, "Good evening, Lord Corban, welcome! And it is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Korka, welcome, welcome to Keaton Hall, thank you so much for coming. Please, make yourselves at home." There is a smile to Corban and she says, "It is a true pleasure to see you again as well, my lord." She grins then to Korka, "Well, that is some very stiff praise, I know well how stubborn and hard to manage the Telmar can be from time to time. So you must be quite formidable!"

"They're an incredibly healthy vegetable, that-" a messenger arrives for her and peers at it a moment. Her eyebrows twitching together, "Oh dear!" She folds the message up, and looks apologetic toward Edward. "I'm sorry, my lord, but the sword of my house has requested my medical services and I need to go make certain she's already."

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Samantha visibly brightens as Reigna interjects and explains Sam's ties to Valardin. "Yes, just so. Marquessa Lyonesse is my sister-in-law. Rymarr and I just had our first child, which if I heard correctly, the both of you are as well?" Samantha looks between Kael and Reigna in earnest.

The look that Korka gives Corban for his introduction is thoroughly amused. She manages to avoid laughing, but he does get a little squeeze for his arm. Her cheeks color, as well. She doesn't immediately speak up, instead curtseying to Lady Keaton (as much as she can manage without actually letting go of the Telmar lord's arm). Regina's grin and the words offered with it have her smile growing with amusement. "Thank you," she says. "We say 'determined' and 'certain', though."

"Apologies are not required. That is serious." Edward says as he looks at her, "Let me see you out then and you can make haste to where you need to go." he looks around the room for a moment and then he shifts so he can start moving with her so they can step out.

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"There is nothing to forgive at all, Marquessa Deepwood of Old Oak," murmurs Kael, his voice a low thing, solemn, and he regards the woman a bit curiously after a moment. "In fact, I would say that we are quite honored. You would perhaps do us the honor of joining us one evening for an informal dinner that might allow for easier conversation?" When the explanation comes forth from Reigna, his brows are raising in unison and he remarks, "Ah! The invitation to you and your husband both, then." When Corban approaches, Kael's attention is drawn to the man as well as his guest. "Good evening to you both, Lord Corban Telmar and Goodwoman Korka Glynn." To the former, he flashes a vague grin and adds, "One day, my Lord, we will need to have a conversation at length. I did, however, wish to introduce you to Lord Valerio Mazetti if he is still about and there is a spare moment." A pause then, before he adds swiftly, "As well as our guest of honor, Sir Daemon Dracone if you have yet to meet him."

"See? She even lets us believe that we are in charge. The sign of a true professional." Corban leans in and kisses the air near Reigna's cheek, a warm gesture. "We must that tea sometime soon. I am very much looking forward to it." And then Kael is speaking to them, and Corban dips his head. "Yes, I would very much like to have that conversation. I am interested to hear what you have in mind. We would benefit from better communications across the Houses regarding matters of defense. It is why I am an Agent with the Ministry of Defense. We can do similar coordination ourselves, as well."

Hadrian offers a polite bow toward Rey before he settles in to watch the roaming crowds and speak aside to Lady Rey, "Very well, then I'll rescind my apology. Fine," he jokingly scoffs before he follows the brief touch of humor with his own introduction, "Hadrian Mazetti, Marquis and Voice of House Mazetti. Count of Ostria. Shark Wrangler. Six-time winner of the Best Smile of Southport contest...Librarian of the Third Degree...", his eyes shift upward to consider the ceiling while he continues through his titles, "..Illuminated Master of the Order of Donkey Knights...", he waves his hand dismissively as though to disregard the additional titles. Once that's cleared up, Hadrian's harlequin eyes settle onto Rey anew before his smile twitches while he glances throughout the hall, "Long story short - are you enjoying your evening? Nervousness aside? May I ask what has you so nervous, anyway?"

Mira glances suspiciously at Hadrian when he claims to be a 'Librarian of the Third Degree' and her accusatory stare continues for a few moments before she blinks, apparently realizing he was probably jesting. Looking a little embarrassed, she returns to her meal, poking at some strawberry cobbler.

"You missed a title, I think," Rey tells Hadrian in a solemn voice. And then, skipping right along without a suggestion of what that title might be, she answers his question: "I had a dream like this last night." She pauses, then adds, sounding a little puzzled: "But I know I can't have met you. I would have remembered."

"I'd certainly be delighted, and I'm certain Rymarr will be too." Samantha says in earnest. "The Marquis frequently finds himself surrounded by Graysons and their vassals, and it's terribly important to me that he still feels he has a connection to the Oathlands as well."

Reigna laughs at the air kiss from Corban and she looks to Korka with a grin, "Clearly I must take lessons from you, Goodwoman Glynn." There is a bright and cheery smile offered before Kael's words to Samantha register and she laughs, "I believe this is a first, a dinner invitation while at dinner. I love it! Yes. I second this notion, we would be quite thrilled to host you and your husband for a dinner sometime soon, my lady Deepwood."

Hadrian nods along with Rey's explanation before he answers with a shrug of a lone shoulder, "Missed a title? About twenty three, actually. I figured I'd just keep it short. If you'd like the full, exhaustive list? All you need do is name the time and place, I'll be more than happy to provide you with the full list." Hadrian nods along for a moment, though the mention of a dream about the night they were experiencing? That causes Hadrian to glances around himself slowly and purposefully. Then he takes a casual half-step away by shifting his weight from one foot to the other. He asks as just a little more distance is placed between himself and Rey, "Oh? You didn't suffer an assassin's blade or a stray crossbow bolt, right? It's not dangerous to stand too close?"

Rey shakes her head to Hadrian. "No or -- at least I don't think I did. I woke up when the music stopped. Besides, it would be a terribly incompetant assassin to mistake you for me, or me for you. You have starlight in your eyes."

Letting go of Corban's arm finally, Korka shifts back a step, turning her head enough to glance over those closest to where she's standing. But she's spoken to again, and her attention swings back to the nobles. She smiles warmly for Reigna's words, bows her head for Kael's greeting and dipping into a second curtsey.

Samantha grins at Reigna. "Gladly." she assures, adding, "I'll look forward to it very much. And I don't want to keep you from your other guests, so please enjoy the night and your success." With that, Samantha drifts away from the hosting couple respectfully, heading for the table.

After handing off the gift to Daemon, Cristoph takes a step back. "It was good to see you again, please enjoy your party." At which point, he'll turn and go pursue the buffet line. Pursue it aggressively. Because that's how he rolls. Full plate of food and all.

"Cologne? My goodness my lord, you shouldn't have." Daemon places a hand over his heart in genuine recongition for such a fine gift. Standing, he offers the man a firm shake before he runs off for food. "I'll remember this. My gratitude to yourself and your lovely Jael as well." He takes the gift and slowly sits back down, sat beside the Marquessa as his eyes scan along the party. Seems the man finally has his break from meeting and greeting guests!

Did someone say Shark Wrangler? Why yes, Kael is swiftly glancing to Hadrian with that. It's so very brief though and met with a slight snort. Shaking his head, he returns his attention to the group that he is gathered near. "Indeed," he says to Corban, just as simply as that, though in a most amiable tone before he is focusing on Samantha anew. "Oh, most certainly. Do have a good evening." He tips his head to Korka, in turn to that curtsey, before offering forth, "If you both will excuse us? We have a few more guests to say hello to."

Mira quietly rises from the table, sipping the last of her wine as she does so. Dabbing at her ruby lips carefully with a napkin, she starts to wander toward the exit, with a light toss of the napkin back toward her plate. Her bangs bouncing idly above her glasses, Mira seems to be taking her leave at a leisurely pace.

"Count. Countess. Of course." Corban dips his head to them both, allowing Kael and Reigna to make the rounds to the balance of their guests. He then takes Korka by the arm to lead her over towards the Man of the Hour. "Sir Daemon, is it?" he asks, making his way up. "Lord Corban Telmar. Welcome to the City, good sir. This is Korka Glynn, of my House. Like you, she does the real work."

Daemon stands to receive Korka and Corban with a beaming smile. He extends his hand with a deep and proper bow to them both, respectively! "Lord Telmar, Lady Glynn, you honor me with your presence. Thank you for attending and I do so hope you're enjoying yourselves tonight." He brushes a lock of platinum hair out of his eyes so he might look upon them both with genuine fondness. "It means a lot to me that so many have taken the time to see me here tonight and you two are no exception. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Hadrian considers Rey for a moment. He even leans back, plants the back of his fingers beneath his chin to support it, and studies the Laveer lady for a long moment. A thoughtful sound bubbles up from his throat before he offers a faint shake of his head, "I don't know, Lady Rey. I'm sure an alchemist could dye my hair. I could...walk about on my knees? Throw me in a robe and cloak? Boom. Reydrian."

Rey either completely misses the humor to all of this, or has the best innocent face ever. Her light green eyes utterly full of artifice, she reminds Hadrian: "But you'd still have starlight in your eyes. There's no hiding that."

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Moving along after Kael, Reigna waves to Corban and Korka as they move over towards Rey. Reigna takes a glance over towards Daemon, checking on him before she looks back to the Laveer lady with a bright smile. She keeps hold of Kael's arm, leaning in against him happily.

It is not to be a very long break for Daemon. Korka is prompt to step back further for Kael's words, no protest given to being led over in Daemon's direction. His greeting has her offering up a smile, and she does curtsey again. "I'm glad that we could help make the day for you," she answers him. "It is good to meet you, as well. Thank you." This time she does not make the attempt at retreating a few steps backwards, but she does lean in a bit to murmur something softly to Corban. Briefly.

Corban murmurs something back to Korka in response to her words, and then touches her arm, as if reassuring her, and nodding. "So do tell us, Sir Daemon. What is it that has caused there to be a whole party thrown in your honor? Other than the Keatons' legendary generosity, of course. I am sure you must have stories of daring-do that have brought you here."

Hadrian's head tilts and his eyebrow shifts high before he leans forward to quietly answer Rey's words, "Starlight in my eyes? Merely a reflection of your own, my lady." Afterward his broad smile returns. It persists for a moment before his attention begins to drift throughout the hall, though it promptly returns to Rey following a sweeping glance, "Everyone seems jubilant and merry. Maybe you should indulge in a drink? Relax a touch. I'm sure that you'll enjoy yourself far more should you do so." Hadrian offers up his own glass of wine with a little wiggle from side to side, causing the deep maroon contents to slosh lightly in offer, "Already tested too. I'd never suspect the Keatons of such nefarious asks, but servant staff can be infiltrated," he explains casually.

"I don't have a single story worth sharing, Lord Telmar." Daemon says in good humor as he spreads his arms and bows deeply with a respectful nod toward Korka. "The last of a line, maybe? A welcome surprise from extinction? Five years spent aboard a ship to nowhere?" He lists all of these off in a partway jesting tone, but from the pride that shines through it's clear he's not entirely of a joking mind about it all. "As for in the city, I've truly done little of note beyond been blessed with the generosity these people provided. I try to make up for it as I can."

Rey laughs softly. "That's your glass," she reminds Hadrian, as though he needed to have this explained to him. "I can get one of my own. As long as it's just wine."

It is just then that a messenger is coming forth to snare Kael Keaton and speak a few words to him. Kael's brows furrow and he is tilting his head to the side, nodding with gratitude before offering a brief apology to his wife. With that, Kael slips out for a few moments to attend to -- well, whatever that was.

Cambria watches the exchange between Daemon and Corban with a look of mild amusement. She does, however, spare a glance towards Hadrian, the mirth falling away to something cool and mild.

Mal, a devious raccoon, Magnolia, a precocious pygmy goat, Daegmund, an Oakhaven Shepherd puppy arrive, following Shae.

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The reassurance from Corban has Korka glancing sidelong up his way again before she looks to Daemon, then turns her head to glance over those nearby. Her expression is briefly thoughtful, but when she turns back to the conversation her smile reappears as she squares her shoulders just a bit. "That sounds to me as if it is quite the story worth sharing," she points out for Daemon. "Or at least a story worth hearing. Five years on a ship? It must have been...well, I have always heard that ship food is terrible."

Hadrian nods along with Rey's reminders before he takes another sip from the glass, though he offers it forward to Rey once again after a moment, "It certainly is. Which means that's it's the best glass. Though if you'd prefer your own? Just...", he pauses a moment to spare a glance throughout the hall. When he leans forward his voice drops an octave, "...make sure you have someone test it. Don't forget about your dream. Though if it happens because you didn't listen to me? Make sure you point with accusation in your eyes at those two," Hadrian remarks with a faint tilt of his head in the direction of Cambria and the eyepatched Valerio.

Corban nods his head in agreement with Korka, viewing it as a welcome story to be told. "Do go on, Sir Daemon. At a party in one's honor, one must expect a bit of attention on one's self."

There's a laugh as she spies the interaction between Hadrian and Rey, smiling as she lifts a hand to wave, "Greetings and good evening, I hope everything has been pleasing?" She looks to Hadrian and his glass of wine, before looking to Rey and saying, "I don't think I've had the pleasure of meeting you. I am Countess Reigna Keaton, welcome!"

"Hmm..." Daemon's brow furrows and he clasps his steel hands together for a brief moment. "Well, in the advent of trying to find my father, I did happen across many strange islands outside of Arvum's border in my time. Some were Filled with such strange people and religions. Others just had nearly nothing but the untouched nature swallowing them near whole. The men on the boat were... a little less than friendly to an Oathlander, but not something I'd call wholly unwelcoming either. I learned many shanties during my days and how to swear the most horrendously in as a few words as possible. It was great fun, though the food was... horrible. The worst suffering in all of those years beyond the nothingness was the food. Think of it, only filling the void with slop day in and day out. Was a bugger."

Rey gives Hadrian a quizzical look. "Test it? To make sure it's not whisky, you mean?" She says this like someone with Recent Life Experience. She follows Hadrian's gaze to Cambria and Valerio. "Oh, she looks nice," she says of Cambria. "Does she like to read?" She's forgotten about the wine again. Doubly so. once Regina comes sweeping over. She blinks at the Countess, and gives her an oddly sympathetic smile. "I'm Lady Rey Laveer. Rey with an 'e'. I'm not made of sunlight."

Cambria, listening as she is to Daemon's tale, does not notice the exchange between Hadrian and Rey! Otherwise she just might have had something to say.

The main hall door opens, Shae along with Gaston enter, the two conversing quietly as they do so. The two surrounded and followed by a mini zoo of animals; two puppies, a raccoon, and a baby pygmy goat. Closing the door behind them, the two make their way into the hall proper. Shae slows some as her eyes flit around, looking towards windows and then toward those gathered. Speaking of sunlight the faint smile on her lips grows to a bright beam, her hand raised in cheerful greeting. "Good evening!"

Echo, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound have been dismissed.

"Oh lovely! My cousin calls me Rei, but with an e and i. Lovely to meet you!" She smiles ot Hadrian before she glides off with a wave over toward Daemon and his group. She waves when she spies Shae and Gaston, beaming at them before she inserts herself into the group near Daemon.

"You could probably get a story out of each of those islands," Korka points out for Daemon so very helpfully, offering up a playful smile to go along with the words. "Not that I'm going to prompt you to tell them all right now, because I know that the only thing worse than the suffering from terrible food is the suffering from being put on the spot unexpectedly. You'll have to share a sea shanty or two sometime, though. I am quite sure it would be entertaining for everyone involved."

Hadrian's eyes lift to the ceiling for a moment, as though he were looking imploringly to the gods. He lowers his chin again when Rey comments on how nice Cambria looks. Then Hadrian's jaw shifts and he glances back toward Cambria, again to Rey, and again he answers, "She's mostly not. Incredibly patient though. Tell me..." Hadrian begins with a sharp look to Rey's eyes, "...have you had any dreams about her falling down a flight of stairs?", he asks inquisitively. Clearly very interested in the possible answer. Hopeful even.

Gaston flashes a razor's edged smile to those present as the pair enters, giving a nod to the room as a whole. "Not too late to this little gathering, I hope?" the man rumbles, feral eyes staring just a touch too long at each occupant before moving to the next.

Rey starts to say something more to Reigna, but then she's leaving already, so Rey just looks baffled. "Does she usually do that?" She asks Hadrian, probably of Reigna, but maybe not. "Stairs? I don't think I've ever dreamed of anyone falling down stairs. That sounds awful." She thinks a moment. "I once dreamed that I fell up a flight of stairs, except it turned out I was going sideways, so I didn't get hurt."

"Indeed! I am sure Korka can take you for a whiskey some time, if you are the sort to drink whiskey, and for tea if not." Corban looks between Daemon and the woman next to him. "And you are always welcome to come practice at the Gauntlet in the Telmar estate from time to time."

Hadrian takes a half-step back before he tilts himself forward and down as though to quietly ask a question of Rey as he casts a furtive glance around the room.

Rey gives Hadrian a quizzical look, but since he's whispering, she goes up on tippy toes and does the same.

"The gauntlet! I've heard much about it." Daemon motions to Korka in the same breath, "And I'd be hard-pressed not to find something to describe about those islands. From the tribes that inhabited them to the sprawling trees and vines... Some terrible places. Some beautiful ones. Sometimes, beauty in terror." He spreads his arms wider and even more welcoming as he slowly sits back down. "Thank you both for coming, again. I'm certain that I'll be finding my way to this Gauntlet soon and assuredly enough!"

"Oh, no," Korka is quick to say, smiling. "Part of the entertaining bit of the idea for me is him teaching those songs to you. Ideally with the involvement of a great deal of whiskey, though, yes." When she catches Gaston's voice she shifts on her feet a bit and looks his way, gaze tracking he and Shae for a moment before Daemon's words draw her eyes back. "You're very welcome. We'll let you breathe for another twenty seconds before someone else notices you've been allowed to stop talking. It was very nice meeting you."

Hadrian lifts a hand and places the back of it to the corner of his mouth, furtive glances cast around the hall. As though he were conspiring or whispering secrets of the city-state to Rey.

Over hearing that conversation about the gauntlet, "I enjoyed Princess Marian's Birthday party that she had there, it was very entertaining and enjoyable." Shae pipes up cheerfully as she pauses by the group speaking with Daemon. Which also lets her give her cousin a hug. "Oh, which islands? We recently went to some islands, off the western coast of the Oathlands. A chain of them in the Eventide Vast."

Reigna moves over to Daemon and offers a bright smile to the guest of honor, "Forgive me for interrupting, but I just wanted to finally say hello to Sir Dracone!" Reigna looks to the others nearby and then offers her hand to Daemon and beams a smile, "I think the night has come along very well, have you had a chance to meet everyone?"

The illusion of Hadrian and Rey conspiring would be about a hundred times more believable if Rey looked like she was capable of telling a lie worth a damn or, for that matter, it'd look more believable if Rey looked like she was capable of remembering that there WAS a conspiracy. Because you KNOW that the first time she sees something shiny, this is all going out the window.

Daemon tilts his head to regard Shae with the same warm smile he'd had on all night. "Then you likely went the same way I did. Though the trip became quite muddled after awhile. Before long I'd almost forgotten where we were half the time. It all blurs together now, much more than I'd like truth be told." Then his eyes shift to Reigna who he offers a fine bow for. "The honor is all mine, my lady. I've shook hands with those who were here and greeted all that greeted me. I like to think I did an alright job, but I must say all the credit goes to you for organizing this affair. Thank you so much for your generosity."

Rey also would look like a better conspirator if she didn't have to go up on tippy toes to conspire. And if her ankles weren't starting to get wobbly from that.

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Hadrian lowers himself yet more until the point arrives that he's standing with one hand resting atop his knee, like he's talking to a grown child. They may not be conspiring. He could very well be warning her of the adverse effects of drug use. Or something else that adults tell their children in the Oathlands. It's improper to sniff it before you eat it? Who knows.

Shae has joined the Comfortable cushions around a low table.

Cambria smiles towards Daemon as she gets to her feet, excusing herself from the dining table. A word is shared with Valerio, and then...Her brows lift as she watches the amusing, and quite possibly awkward exchange between Hadrian and Rey. Surely she shouldn't interrupt.

Only she does. She completely does. Stepping up to but not quite between them to say to Hadrian, "I am returning to the manor," and there's not much love lost for having said it, either. And then? Then she's out, in a swish of skirts.

Rey goes down off of her toes in perfect tandem with Hadrian lowering himself; it could be a dance. Now she's standing like a normal person for once, and STILL taller than he is, if only by a little bit, and that's a novel feeling. Whatever he says to her initially makes her give him a sad look, and then a confused one, and then finally dubious.

Having taken care of -- well, whatever it is that he was summoned away to take care of -- Kael Keaton is making his way back within the Hall with all due haste. It seems he is not one to dawdle and let his wife attend to matters alone. At his heels pads along Echo, though he is shooting the bloodhound but a look and, regretfully, she settles down at the entryway. At least she heeds his command with care. Thereafter he scans the group, only to catch sight of Marquessa Mazetti depart. He inclines his head in a low manner and rumbles, "A good evening to you, Marquessa. Thank you for joining us."

Rey starts to say something to Cambria after asking Hadrian a question, but like Reigna, she's gone before Rey can get the words together.

"It was very much my pleasure," Reigna says, smiling broadly to Daemon. She makes a gesture with a hand and says, "I am so glad that you have had such a good evening. It makes my night to hear that you are happy." There is a little face made and she looks around, as if searching for someone. "Do forgive me, and please, enjoy your evening." With that, the Keaton Countess retreats to the background, moving on to continue organizing the evening.

Nodding slowly in understanding of his Niece' whisper. He gives her a quiet 'good night' in parting. Then Valerio turns that one eye towards Hardian. At Cambria's brief statement towards her husband, it is probably only coincidence that the man that carries a warhammer looks upon Hadrian as if he is a nail.

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