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Princess Katarina Valardin

The man who says his evening prayer is a captain posting his sentinels. He can sleep.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Runaway Princess
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorative mariner
Height: 5'1
Hair Color: sable
Eye Color: Golden
Skintone: dusky

Titles: Valardin Minister of Population, Exploration Admiral of House Valardin, Disciple of the Sentinel

Description: Hers is a most startling, extrinsic beauty to behold; sleek lines and dusky skin, silken in its youth, are the canvas of which features so delicately refined are formed. Expressive brows give way to the slant of almondine eyes hued a shade reminiscent of molten gold in which it is so very easy to lose oneself in; at least, until long, sooted lashes lower demurely. The gentle round of cheeks curves down toward the natural pout of lush, bow-shaped lips, while rich golden brown curls spill free in their riotous cascade. Possessed of an endearing smile invoked at nearly all of life's simplest of pleasures, one would be hard-pressed to catch her in anything but good spirits. In regards to her shape, she is naught but a spritely thing of lithe muscle softened by feminine curves, while an intricate array of vibrantly hued ink painted upon her skin is an ever-changing artwork when bared.

Personality: One would think a foreign princess so far removed from her home would be inclined to sulk and pout about her current lot in life, but that most certainly isn't so with Katarina. Quick to smile and slow to anger, she is one to disregard her own travesties and misfortunes to embrace positivity in all its forms around her; be it the delight of yet another small discovery in her time immersed in a culture so very different from her own or cresting the tumultous waves of the high seas on another explorative expedition, there is very little that can incite her ire. That being said, if there is one thing she cannot stand, it is one who shamelessly inflicts wrong-doing and injustice upon those undeserving.

Background: The daughter of the last true and current Suj'Abbati ruler, Katarina was born amidst the turmoil and upheaval of an entire kingdom still reeling from the aftermath of a failed attempt to usurp the throne that left many of her kin slain, and many more taken by the Magisters of the Mirror in the months to come for retribution of their crimes against the throne. Hers was thusly a childhood spent confined behind gilded walls of the palace, where her days were seldom spent beyond the watchful eye of the few entrusted with her care.

It was in one of those few times some years later that she disappeared in the night from the Dune Kingdom of Suj'Abbat, along with an entire crew and ship. On the distant western shores of the Oathlands, at the end of a voyage wrought with peril, did she and her crew finally turn up in an explosive debut one would be hard-pressed to forget; it was with quick wit and great sacrifice of her own vessel that won her a battle against two Abandoned ships in the Eventide Vast.

Half-starved and badly wounded, Katarina and her few surviving shipmates would've surely perished were it not for Princess Alis Valardin and her war party saving them that day. They were taken back to the city of Sanctum where she was then taken not as a prisoner, but a protected royal ward of House Valardin.

Although she remains close-lipped of her ordeal and Eurusi origins with anyone but with her liege, Katarina proved herself to be devoutly loyal to the family who protected her as their own in the two years since her arrival. For her loyalty and hard work in the war against the Silence, she was given the name of the Dragon and adopted officially into the family.

Relationship Summary

  • Eirlys - Educator of Ice Treats
  • Malik - Eurusi Painter & Whisper
  • Ywaine - Training Nightmare, Passionate Mercenary
  • Tobias - Mercenary Enigma
  • Cristoph - Not so Nautical Honeyduke
  • Tesha - Number Crunching Genius

  • Family:
  • Beaumont - The Bro
  • Aurelian - Sweet Cousin
  • Fiachra - Valorous Brother-In-Law
  • Tristram - Dear Cousin. Magnet of Trouble
  • Valerion - Honor-Bound Cousin
  • Sophie - Merciful Healer
  • Sasha - Sweetest of the Cousins
  • Isabeau - Questionably Insulting Cousin
  • Valerion - Valiant Cousin w/ Fantastical Hair

  • Lyceum:
  • Niccolo - Stately Archduke, Kind Mentor
  • Cassius - Duke-General of Setarco (The Grump)
  • Antonio - Captain & Owed Countless Dates
  • Lianne - Mysterious, Engimatic Pravus. Cool Lab!
  • Vanora - Enigmatic Mirrormask
  • Nicia - Silver-Tongued, Law-Affluent
  • Alrec - Pirate. She's Sure of It.

  • Sibling:
  • Edain - The Heroic Big Brother
  • Alis - Ever So Protective
  • Marian - Another Protective Sister-In-Law
  • Alarissa - Socially Adroit Sister-in-Law

  • Friend:
  • Calypso - Lady of War
  • Max - Dearest Friend
  • Sameera - Knighted Lady's Maid & Confidant
  • Ansel - Sweetest of Telmars
  • Percephon - Lord of Scholarly Pursuits & Best Friend
  • Samantha - Most Adored & Cherished Friend
  • Juliana - Ethereal Beauty, Fashion Whiz
  • Ford - The Dearest of the Kennex Bunch
  • Rook - Financially Adroit Courtier

  • Spouse:
  • Caelis - Forever Tide-Locked
  • Belladonna - Impenetrable Bonds
  • Aiden - Unexpected Friend & Confidant

  • Crownlands:
  • Reese - Pinky Princess
  • Mason - Enigmatic Prince of the Gray
  • Orazio - Gracious Legate of Concepts
  • Rymarr - Stalwart Marquis, Compassionate Ear
  • Name Summary
    Cristoph I didn't have the opportunity to speak with Princess Katarina before we all were shipped out to our seperate posts for the Pirate War. I'm happy to see that she's returned with her usual enthusiasm for exploring and uncovering the truth. It's good to see.
    Ectorion Quiet and supportive, thoughtful and kind. A wonderful cousin to have, frankly.
    Gareth She knows how to play the game, at the very least. However it remains to be seen if she can master the board, or not.
    Gwenna Princess Katarina Valardin is an exceptional beauty, both in features as well as warmth of soul. While I am sure our paths crossed at one event or another, happening upon one another at Venturo's brewery proved to be immeasurably delightful. She has a way of making people comfortable, as though one might be a long-known friend, and I truly enjoyed her company.
    Jordan Her Highness is definitely friendly and while she tends to be secretive with her adventures, I'd like to know her better. She is also very pretty, but that goes without saying. There are few Princesses in the city that aren't. Still, she stands out, with her sense of adventure and the fact she is a ship captain.
    Margerie She has shed the illfitting shoe of a marriage that didn't quite fit. She's stepping into the wonderfully made boots of her labors - duty, faith, and family. I think there is an excellent chance that she is going to wear this new look very well, and hopefully much more comfortably.
    Norwood I am unsure what to make of her. She is patron to Lady Tessa? I will attempt to not judge her on that account, especially as Countess Regina seemed to respect her.
    Reese She is awesome and fierce as ever
    Renato A very kind and welcoming Princess, those eyes though, they inspire a man to sing alone... sometimes I wish I was more than a mere commoner when confronted with such beauty.
    Rook Though the anullment is a change of pace for life between the two of us, Katarina and I will undoubtedly work together still, and through our transformation we will find new strength. To help each other, to help the Compact, and to help - of course - ourselves.
    Shae Dignity. Untouchable. Veneer or truth?
    Terese While born of different heritages, we've each had our own past trials and tribulations in life that have ultimately converged as that of family. I find myself at ease in her company, as if we've known each other for far longer and relish that bond of kinship.
    Venturo An enthusiastic woman, and one who is clearly a great hostess in her own right, given the effort she takes to see to the comfort and welcoming of others.