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Princess Katarina Valardin

The man who says his evening prayer is a captain posting his sentinels. He can sleep.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Runaway Princess
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorative mariner
Height: 5'1
Hair Color: sable
Eye Color: Golden
Skintone: dusky

Description: Hers is a most startling, extrinsic beauty to behold; sleek lines and dusky skin, silken in its youth, are the canvas of which features so delicately refined are formed. Expressive brows give way to the slant of almondine eyes hued a shade reminiscent of molten gold in which it is so very easy to lose oneself in; at least, until long, sooted lashes lower demurely. The gentle round of cheeks curves down toward the natural pout of lush, bow-shaped lips, while rich golden brown curls spill free in their riotous cascade. Possessed of an endearing smile invoked at nearly all of life's simplest of pleasures, one would be hard-pressed to catch her in anything but good spirits. In regards to her shape, she is naught but a spritely thing of lithe muscle softened by feminine curves, while an intricate array of vibrantly hued ink painted upon her skin is an ever-changing artwork when bared.

Personality: One would think a foreign princess so far removed from her home would be inclined to sulk and pout about her current lot in life, but that most certainly isn't so with Katarina. Quick to smile and slow to anger, she is one to disregard her own travesties and misfortunes to embrace positivity in all its forms around her; be it the delight of yet another small discovery in her time immersed in a culture so very different from her own or cresting the tumultous waves of the high seas on another explorative expedition, there is very little that can incite her ire. That being said, if there is one thing she cannot stand, it is one who shamelessly inflicts wrong-doing and injustice upon those undeserving.

Background: The daughter of the last true and current Suj'Abbati ruler, Katarina was born amidst the turmoil and upheaval of an entire kingdom still reeling from the aftermath of a failed attempt to usurp the throne that left many of her kin slain, and many more taken by the Magisters of the Mirror in the months to come for retribution of their crimes against the throne. Hers was thusly a childhood spent confined behind gilded walls of the palace, where her days were seldom spent beyond the watchful eye of the few entrusted with her care.

It was in one of those few times some years later that she disappeared in the night from the Dune Kingdom of Suj'Abbat, along with an entire crew and ship. On the distant western shores of the Oathlands, at the end of a voyage wrought with peril, did she and her crew finally turn up in an explosive debut one would be hard-pressed to forget; it was with quick wit and great sacrifice of her own vessel that won her a battle against two Abandoned ships in the Eventide Vast.

Half-starved and badly wounded, Katarina and her few surviving shipmates would've surely perished were it not for Princess Alis Valardin and her war party saving them that day. They were taken back to the city of Sanctum where she was then taken not as a prisoner, but a protected royal ward of House Valardin.

Although she remains close-lipped of her ordeal and Eurusi origins with anyone but with her liege, Katarina proved herself to be devoutly loyal to the family who protected her as their own in the two years since her arrival. For her loyalty and hard work in the war against the Silence, she was given the name of the Dragon and adopted officially into the family.

Relationship Summary

  • Eirlys - Educator of Ice Treats
  • Malik - Eurusi Painter & Whisper
  • Ywaine - Training Nightmare, Passionate Mercenary
  • Tobias - Mercenary Enigma
  • Cristoph - Not so Nautical Honeyduke
  • Tesha - Number Crunching Genius

  • Family:
  • Beaumont - The Bro
  • Aurelian - Sweet Cousin
  • Fiachra - Valorous Brother-In-Law
  • Tristram - Dear Cousin. Magnet of Trouble
  • Valerion - Honor-Bound Cousin
  • Sophie - Merciful Healer
  • Sasha - Sweetest of the Cousins
  • Isabeau - Questionably Insulting Cousin
  • Valerion - Valiant Cousin w/ Fantastical Hair

  • Lyceum:
  • Niccolo - Stately Archduke, Kind Mentor
  • Cassius - Duke-General of Setarco (The Grump)
  • Antonio - Captain & Owed Countless Dates
  • Lianne - Mysterious, Engimatic Pravus. Cool Lab!
  • Vanora - Enigmatic Mirrormask
  • Nicia - Silver-Tongued, Law-Affluent
  • Alrec - Pirate. She's Sure of It.

  • Sibling:
  • Edain - The Heroic Big Brother
  • Alis - Ever So Protective
  • Marian - Another Protective Sister-In-Law
  • Alarissa - Socially Adroit Sister-in-Law

  • Friend:
  • Calypso - Lady of War
  • Max - Dearest Friend
  • Sameera - Knighted Lady's Maid & Confidant
  • Ansel - Sweetest of Telmars
  • Percephon - Lord of Scholarly Pursuits & Best Friend
  • Samantha - Most Adored & Cherished Friend
  • Juliana - Ethereal Beauty, Fashion Whiz
  • Ford - The Dearest of the Kennex Bunch

  • Spouse:
  • Rook - Prince Courtier

  • Ally:
  • Caelis - Forever Tide-Locked
  • Belladonna - Impenetrable Bonds
  • Aiden - Unexpected Friend & Confidant

  • Crownlands:
  • Reese - Pinky Princess
  • Mason - Enigmatic Prince of the Gray
  • Orazio - Gracious Legate of Concepts
  • Rymarr - Stalwart Marquis, Compassionate Ear
  • Name Summary
    Alaric She seems placid, like gentle waves lapping onto shore in a protected cove, but gentleness isn't necessarily weakness. Still waters run deep.
    Corban Was not expecting the invitation from the Seaborne Princess. A fighter like Alis? This will necessitate further watching, for of course a Valardin Princess is a capable fighter.
    Cristoph Katarina has a rather mysterious background. All that I've ever seen from her in our limited encounters has been kindness and light. I would someday like to call her a friend and I'm excited to embark on the upcoming expedition with her. I expect it to be a grand adventure.
    Darren The adopted Valardin, she is quite the social butterfly even if she claims to be uncomfortable in large groups. There is a certain grace and appeal to her; but I think it is because there is quite a bit to her underneath the surface.
    Eirlys Sweet, funny and glad to have her as part of my extended family.
    Fatima Exotic beauty, the Valardin princess with a touch of delightfulness and willingness to throw down with the Thraxians from what I hear. My brother is fond of her, so I think her and I will become fast friends.
    Fiachra Foreign princess, seems to have a certain joy in life and a stubborn streak a mile wide. Can't complain when she's using that stubborn streak to watch my back, though. I'd fight beside her any day.
    Gaston She seemed to show great for Princess Alarissa on hearing what happened. It's always heartening to hear that your friends have others who care about their well being as well. I'm simply glad I could help in this case. And she seems to ejoy the prospect of an upcoming hunt as well! It's nice to find that even in the city, there are still those with a thirst for the outdoors and adventure.
    Lorien The Princess seems to be interested in learning archery. I would be happy to impart what I know and look forward to meeting her brother in law. It's always nice to meet more who are interested in the hunt.
    Malik It is nice to know that others from the Dune Kingdoms have come to Arx. It makes being in a foreign place a little more comfortable.
    Marian When Marian first met Katarina, she was struck by the life this girl carries in her small frame. The vivacious smile and swirling of skirts hides a deep and precious soul that begs to be protected. Marian considers Katarina one of her own and strives to see to the girl's safety, even when she insists in putting it in danger.
    Merek %bMerek met her a few times within the past. She is a curious person, wishing to know a lot about the world. He hopes to have time to sit and talk with her someday about different subjects and such.
    Reese I don't know the Princess Katarina very well, but I would like to know her better. She seems like very pleasant company. I also couldn't help but to notice that she also helps to lead troops in battle. This gathering is fun. I am glad she did it. It is well needed after all the many battles.
    Rook An exotic princess and a beauty who walked into the Whisper House, eyes full of wonder. As cliche as it would've been to say he'd 'show her the world', in truth she'd probably seen more of it than he. Either way, he took a liking immediately.
    Saedrus Princess Katarina, of House Valardin, seems to be kind souled young woman. I have not had overly much to do with her, though we have met at regular intervals, briefly, at social occasions. Her presence is one of sweet exuberance and youth. Though I have seen a more thoughtful side of her tonight at the Rectory.
    Shae She is a very delightful Princess of House Valardin. Caring, kind hearted. I am sad that my first real meeting with her was telling her about what had happened to her sister, Princess Alarissa. But I am glad at the same time that I was able to do so and bring her some relief as well. As the worry over her was lifted some, and she was able to smile and feel relief.
    Tarrant Cordial, cheerful, and the owner of an impeccably trained owl. Hers seems a merry and kindly spirit.
    Tesha Every bit as elegant as they say and as wonderfully young. I can see it in her; the drive and need for justice to reign and for evil to be vanquished burns. One day I will have to ask her what injustice sent her to the waters and to our family - only vengance burns with that kind of fire.
    Victus The Valardin princess with a heart for the sea. Good company, good food.