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Duchess Clover Farshaw

If the point is sharp, and the arrow is swift, it can pierce through the dust no matter how thick.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Hilariously Inept Archer
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Farshaw
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Ranger
Height: 5'0"
Hair Color: White Gold
Eye Color: Bright Green
Skintone: Tanned

Titles: Deputy Warden of the West

Description: Standing at 5'0" in her stocking feet Clover Wyrmguard is definitely "tactical sized". She's delicately slender without much muscle definition to her form though a hint of baby fat remains. Her evergreen eyes shine with a bright spark of intelligence and warmth. Her smile is wide and easily given. Long white-gold hair is often done up in a Valardin style; braids, or buns, with ribbons mixed into the golden locks.

Personality: Clover is a young woman of broad smiles and hapless positivity. She's entirely too clumsy but at ease with it. She's full of laughter and bright smiles. Rarely does anything bring her down. Even if she's just ruined another dress, or lost her shoe to a mud puddle-- nothing gets her down.

Background: Clover Wyrmguard was born to Annaliese and Damien Wyrmguard, a lesser branch of the family; distant cousins. She's the youngest of her particular branch. One of her older siblings is quite good with a sword, another with a spear. She decided she wanted to take the bow and arrow as a young child... unfortunately she is not blessed with grace. If there is anything that Clover is not is graceful. She's broken more bones in her life than either of her more combatant siblings-- just from falling off of things. Her parents put her into dancing lessons once and she ended up breaking her instructors nose AND her own arm.

She does, however, love to be outside. Even if it means she's probably going to cause herself some amount of harm. She's also been the type to be outside; growing up in Blancbier this meant being outside of the cities walls either in the mountains or out in the forest. She's got a deft hand with dealing with the less combat-centric aspects of being outdoors; she knows well what is safe to eat, how to navigate a forest, and how to handle an animal.

Growing up in Blancbier also meant that she had some training in medicine though she has never joined the Mercies, she has thought about it off and on.

Relationship Summary

  • Bianca - Cousin! Oh goodness Archscholar?!
  • Dominique - Cousin! Marquessa!
  • Desiree - Cousin! Pretty lady!
  • Damien - Papapapapapapa.
  • Annaliese - Mama! Sorry I tore another dress.
  • Isabeau - Second Cousin and princess!
  • Beaumont - Second Cousin and Prince!
  • Sophie - Second Cousin, Princess, and Mercy Who Healed Me Lots
  • Caras - Cousin and Godsworn!

  • Oathlands:
  • Percephon - The most scholarly of the Telmars. Currently reclusive and missed.
  • Corban - Bright, earnest Telmar Voice.
  • Alexis - Sword of Blancbier, and champion of Wyrmguard.
  • Alis - Champion of the West!

  • Sibling:
  • Reiker - Older brother, sometimes difficult. Well meaning, usually, I think.
  • Sorrel - My beautiful, fierce older sister.

  • Spouse:
  • Ryhalt - My unexpected, but delightful husband.

  • Friend:
  • Roland - Sir Roland The Most Magnificent Knight To Ever Knight
  • Zhayla - Zhay-Zhay The Best Pen Pal
  • Killian - Frostbite's human.
  • Aislin - Lady Adventuress the Pathfinder
  • Silas - Still a dear friend.
  • Mae - Friends?

  • Crownlands:
  • Azhan - Thoughtful, curious man. Always good for a weighty discussion.
  • Name Summary
    Agnarr Some child-sized lady who I used to tease Silas about. Pleasant enough, but would most like not give me a job.
    Aislin I met Sprout when she was lost in the woods near Ashford Keep, while her parents were visiting. She's got the heart of an adventurer, the grace of a wounded buffalo, and the directional sense of someone blind drunk. She's a dear friend, and I'm constantly afraid that someday she's going to blunder straight off a cliff, into a river, and out to sea.
    Alaric Lady Clover Wyrmguard apprently intends to study the healing arts, possibly due to extensive personal experience with minor injuries. She's got a good positive attitude, though, and you can't teach that.
    Alarissa Brave soul to attempt the gauntlet, she is one to watch, for her spirit is strong, even if perhaps, much like myself, she cannot quite get the gauntlet on the first try. She is someone to watch.
    Alban Ahh Cousin, you are idealistic and fiery. Farshaw is young compared to the other Houses, but perhaps we can make them see us yet.
    Aleksei I really can't figure out how she even finds those things to trip over!
    Alis Smol Squad, Unite! Clover's attention to duty, her compassion, and her persistence are things everyone should try to emulate. I am glad to see her back in the city.
    Armand To dismiss her as a bumbling, accident-prone happy-go-lucky woman would be making a grave mistake as to her character. An interesting choice, but not a bad one.
    Arn The girl's a klutz. She'll probably trip on a rock and drown back on Westrock. Can't believe she's lived this long.
    Barric A mysterious woman with a clever tongue and an artistic bent, who is happily not over-awed by rank when rank is not a desirable trait.
    Brianna Artistic and well-spoken, certainly. But one has to wonder what leads a woman to lie about her name first and what that speaks to.
    Calaudrin I don't know who Phyl is. But Clover is a good sort and I'm glad that she didn't drown out there. That'd have been depressing. Also I'm not a good swimmer.
    Clara Funny girl. Likes Ribbons. Cute dog. Throws herself at my brother... sure, I think I can like her.
    Cristoph Lady Clover was /extremely/ helpful with my recent bout of research. It was much appreciated and I'm glad she's directed me towards Lady Ashford for further help. I wish her the best in the immediate future, she's going to be busy.
    Daemon From what I've heard she's a superb artist. Seeing her in person, I believe her beauty may be even better than what her art imitates. Sunny smiles and all.
    Denica My penpal seems to have made a new friend! It's good seeing her again, and perhaps my meeting with her brother will be equally fruitful.
    Echo Aw, this one is /adorable/. She's recently had her own child and though she might be a mixed bag of emotions, she's got a strong heart and is surrounded by lovely family. Also, she has the most adorable corgi. I'm going to die of cute.
    Edwyn I did not recognize her, though perhaps the ring should have given her away. I hope to know her better.
    Fiachra Seems honest, which is a trait I most appreciate in others. I am looking forward to seeing what she can do in her capacity as a Warden, as well as her artwork.
    Fortunato Aspiring hobbyist in the arts, plenty of nobles are excited by a little art. Her hand theme is, hm, interesting, though, I marked it in the archives before I met her. I think there may be something to her desire to self-efface and depict only what she sees, if it's not the route I'd take. Too selfish. Self-ish?
    Galen Uh, to say I was caught off guard would be an understatement, though I must admit, Clover is very lovely I see some of the influence of her sister in her, I can't help but like that.
    Holden She has a fascinating amount of knowledge and was willing to share it. I am intrigued to learn whatever other wisdom she might have to impart.
    Jael I first met her at the Iron Pentathlon but I didn't get a good measure of her until I saw her attempt the Gauntlet. She could use some training, but gods is she /determined/! Very admirable.
    Killian Clover is an old friend, but let's be honest, she really only speaks to me because I bring Frostbite for her to cuddle and spoil. Not that I'm not used to that.
    Logan Two accountant is way too many! Basic economics.
    Lucita Lady Sorrel's sister, they are cute together. She is Deputy warden of the west.
    Marian She's very sweet girl but a little clumsy. Has a good heart from what I can tell. Lisebet is lucky to have her as a potential in-law.
    Monique Clumsy! Also, I can't tell whether she's shy or just doesn't like me much.
    Petal She really loves my shop and she is super adorable.
    Reese She is playful, fun, cheerful and a light in the darkness. She could use some athletics training though. I should introduce her to Jhond.
    Rook Modest, tightly wound Valardin lady. A perfect victim for Class A brattishness and elitist, pompous misbehaviour. Mwaha!
    Ryhalt Having heard her reputation beforehand as exuberant and positive, I thought I knew what to expect, and she was those things, but also intelligent, earnest and kind, which I find rather the better virtues to extol.
    Saedrus Lady Clover Wyrmguard is certainly one to make a strong first impression. Not that she is at all overbearing or anything of the like rather I find her quite an impressive young woman. There is a flux to her nature, settled easily between the serene brightness of summer and the fiery morality of a strong and able woman. Within our first meeting I found more than enough to like about her -- her appreciation of tea and my bathhouse just a few.
    Sebastian Clever Clover of at least two names, now three. She likes to sketch. I'm not used to being the subject in another's work.
    Silas Clover is a clumsy, but golden-hearted archer. She and Aiden had a small romance in the middle of a siege, but it was something Silas still reflects fondly on. They don't cross paths very often any more, but she seems to be doing well for herself, and Silas continues to admire her... even if it's a bit further away now.
    Sorrel My darling, wonderful baby sister. I love her dearly and she brings so much light to every room. We are both sisters and best friends, and there's no one I'd rather pal about with than my Clover.
    Sparte She seems a very nice member of the Wyrmguard. I mean she /was/ a member of Wyrmguard, anyway. Still very nice, though! A person worth meeting.
    Theron Duchess Clover Farshaw. Have done business by messenger with her before. Sister to Sorrel, they seem to love each other very much. Always glad to see sibling affection. It warms the heart.
    Thorley Young. Bright. She is someone worth serving, and it is my hope that she and Ryhalt find genuine happiness in the guidance of Westrock Reach.
    Warrick I fell on her and she DIDN'T MURDER ME.