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The Oathlands: A Tale of Snow & Ice

In honor of the generosity of House Valardin and it's vassals who've welcomed Princess Katarina Al'Muraq-Subbat into their domain with welcome arms, she has put together a special event that blends together the traditions of her people and that of the Oathlands; interactive storytelling in the midst of wintry games Prince Edain so loves, hosted by herself and Princess Alis Valardin.

The premise of the story: In the far Northwest, where flatlands give way to the rugged landscape of snow-crested foothills, there is said to be a place of mysticism and wonder nestled deep within a vale guarded by treacherous cliffs and rivers with the thinnest veneer of ice that easily give way to rushing rapids; a place where treasures of immense wealth, and tomes of knowledge untouched or molested by eyes of man since the Reckoning lay hidden deep within a cave. Many have tried to reach it, only for their efforts to end in vain. But you, my dear adventurer, have been given a map and compass said to be imbued with the blood of dragonlings that bypasses barriers put in place to prevent those who would covet these fortunes of wealth and knowledge for themselves.

Dare you venture forward, through the treacherous snows of the distant Oathlands and endure war against blood-thirsty foes in the name of fortune and valor?

(OOC: Usage of teams are highly recommended, with the turn based decisions and their successes represented by the +checks system.)


March 24, 2017, 7:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Alis Katarina


Edain Niccolo Alis Desiree Acacia Rook Valencia Eirlys(RIP) Maude Vanora Katarina Sameera(RIP)


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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Comments and Log

With the sun nestled low within the eastern horizon, the lightly clouded skies overhead are bathed in a myriad hues of soft oranges and pastel violets, while torches and burn barrels provide a beacon of light and warmth in the midst of the bitter cold of late winter setting in across the stands and fields.

Bundled tight in the warmth of a heavy woolen blanket draped over her shoulders and scarf-wrapped head, Princess Katarina has sequestered one of the several seats within the judges' booth for viewing pleasure. A burnished bronze flask is nestled within a hand, undoubtedly filled with some warm drink or another with the way the metal is held in a protective sheath of linen to keep it from burning her bare palm.

Acacia pads into the tournament grounds with a careless stride, flask already in hand which she readily sips from. She provides a lighter squint about the area, assessive and thoughtful, before she turns to trek unabashedly after Sameera's quiet steps away. "Wait, wait, wait. Don't go. I need a partner. You look perfect for it. No armor? No issues." The very notion of being invasive is readily employed when she tries, rather rudely, to crook an arm about the shoulders of the gorgeous stranger and haul her alongside and away from her corner. "The plan is that you distract anyone with those long legs of yours-- and I'll ... well. Do something else that's likely useful. What do you say? The sunset is perfect."

5 Velenosa House Guards, Vanora arrive, following Niccolo.

Ceol, the old raven arrives, following Maude.

"Thank you -- all for coming out tonight,"Katarina projects her dulcet with an innate grace, though the common tongue of the land is still somewhat tedious on the princess. "I have a special treat for you all; a merging of foreign traditions into something unique, fun, and light-hearted for both spectator and participant."

Katarina motions toward the field, where an impressive obstacle course forged of ice, compacted snows, and white cloth draped over wooden constructs spans its center.

"If participants could please step down onto the fields, and arrange themselves into teams of three to four, -- ah, would be most appreciative," calls Katarina, after a beat. "Will explain the story and rules in ten minutes."

Edain has joined the Field.

Edain removes his helm as he moves out onto the field. He looks around. First to the left, and then to the right, and then he kneels and stumbles back onto his back side with a clatter. He starts gathering up armfulls snow and packing them into snowballs with gaunleted hands. No harm in being prepared.

When she notices Acacia tries to put an arm around her Sameera flinches and tries stepping away enough to resist any sort of physical contact. She might try avoiding the contact but she, at least, lets herself be guided, untouched, by Acaia, "I am not a good distraction. I do not have interest in people." The jeweler is pretty blunt. She is, however, also pretty easy to get to do as desired. Though, the idea of participating and having eyes on her, entirely, does not seem appealing to Sameera.

Katarina glances down onto the fields when Edain begins gathering armfulls of snow to make his snow ball ammunition, barely smothering in her giggles as she nudges Alis and points down to her brother, "He's really prepared, no? Such enthusiasm!"

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Alis has been arranging blankets and stuff, altogether trying to make herself comfortable in the judge's booth as people start filtering in. Katarina's nudge captures her attention enough for her to look around for her brother to see what he's up to. "Hah! Of course he's prepared." She giggles right along with her friend at that, looking delighted.

Niccolo leads Vanora to the grounds, the young woman on his arm. His guards walk behind them and once they reach the grounds, the archduke lifts a hand for his guards to fall back. He rubs his chin, considering and then turns to the young woman at his side. speaking quietly to her. Seeing Edain, he dips his head in his direction, a gesture he extends also to the judges' booth. Finally, he spots Acacia, and lifts a hand to her.

"You won't have to talk to anyone. A lot." Acacia's two-word addendum to Sameera is far softer and she seems unmiffed when her invasive arm dangles without sport near her side instead. "Thank you for this. We just need to find a third though. And we'll... Oh, I don't know. Grab one. And I'll introduce you. Kind of like--" A cluck of her tongue has her surveying the crowds once more, the soles of her boots trekking lightly through the snowfall. "Oh look. A High Lord. What could go wrong with that?" Chipper and casual, she /waves/ at Niccolo, before stepping towards him with Sameera beside and only then trying to provide a bow. "Your Grace. Your two upstanding citizens have come to join your team. Myself and--" She pauses, dark eyes turning upon Sameera when she lightly inquires, "... What's your name again, love?"

On the arm of her illustrious uncle, Vanora walks into the grounds with slow, confident strides. She glances around just as he does, but being so newly ingratiated to the city there are none she recognizes to nod, smile, or wave at. Instead she hovers closely to Niccolo, listening to his soft words and murmuring her own in response, though something mentioned makes her nearly laugh and shake her head.

Desiree makes her way toward the benches and looks out to see who is here.

Sameera keeps carefully placed so that she can avoid being touched as much as humanly possible. Acacia's suggestion of more people gets a wary look from Sameera, "I would rather watch." she mutters, even as she follows the other woman to where she goes. "Sameera Coldrain." says the jeweler, saying nothing more than her name. To Nicolo and his companion she stares, at them but not directly on them. She doesn't look directly at many people.

Edain looks up from his work making snowball amunition. There's a forming pyramid next to him. He calls out to Eirlys and says, "Lady Eirlys. I need a partner! Care to join me?"

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice, Quiet, the Grayward champion arrive, following Rook.

"Of course, Acacia," Niccolo dips his head to his protege, then looks at Sameera, inclining his head to her as well. "Niccolo Velenosa," he introduces himself and then gestures to his companion. "Lady Vanora Pravus, one of my nieces," he makes the introduction. "This is Acacia Culler, my protege and her companion, Mistress Sameera Coldrain" he gestures to Sameera with a touch of a smile to her. His attention turns to Vanora. "Are you sure?" He asks her and then lifts his shoulders and leans in to kiss his niece on the cheek. "I'll seek you when we're done." He unlinks himself from his niece. "To the field then," he tells Acacia.

Hearing her name Eirlys looks up and sees Edain, smiling she nods. "Sure!" She moves over to him easily then asks. "What are we doing again?" She asks then looks around. "Should I be making snowballs?"

Edain looks up at Eirlys, "Why wouldn't we be making more snowballs?" he says as he sends a pile of snow her way with a sweep of his arm. "As for what we are do ing.. I am not completely sure. Princess Katarina will be announcing the rules shortly I believe."

"... Four would've been excellent, my Lady," Acacia insists towards Vanora, even though she provides another bow at her introduction. "Good to meet you." She flashes a bright smile towards Sameera, tugging at her cloak a bit to ward against the encroaching winds and then bends her arm to air-nudge at the jeweler, "Let's go before you take the Lady Pravus' idea and don't join, Mistress Coldrain. Besides. They're already making snowballs." She squints to the field as she begins to head that way, dipping a nod towards Niccolo. "The key to this victory is going to be to distract Prince Edain with syrup and olives," she asserts, continuing to languidly sip off her flask, before offering it to Sameera, "Liquid courage, love?"

Maude enters the tournament grounds, though she does so with a slight limp. That's the only thing that marrs her otherwise long, measured stride and perfect posture. She is, it seems, curious, looking around at the setup and at the people here with her eyebrows angled sharply upwards, trying to make out what exactly is happening.

Acacia has joined the Field.

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Alis waves cheerfully at Niccolo when she spots him and his nod, leaning over to murmur something towards Katarina afterwards. "Hello Eirlys! And Acacia!" Nods or waves start being handed out like candy by the little princess as she spots the people she knows.

Niccolo has joined the Field.

Eirlys looks up and waves at Alis. "Hey!" Before going back to helping Edain. "I literally just found out about this."

Acacia accepts such wave-candy by stopping mid-stride and bowing towards Alis from afar, before continuing again.

Upon soft doeskin boots the footsteps of Rook take him into the tourny grounds at a steady, unhurried pace. In his retinue are his apprentice and champion, each the epitome of their own prowess; social and physical. The lord courtier's green eyes look over the events unfolding as he drifts towards the bleachers, saeating himself in the stands.

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"Now that you have a partner, it seems a good.." Alas, before Sameera can finish her words Acacia is walking back to the field. After a moment she trails behind. he offer of the flask is met with a shake of the head. She really does try and pretend to look enthused by having to take part of the snow tihngs going on.

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"Welcome, adventurers!" Katarina calls down toward the fields, raising her steaming flask skyward in salute to the participants with an infectious laugh. "You have been called upon to join an adventure that could very well change your lives! Some of you may find glory, fame, untold riches, and all your heart's desires out there! Some of you may even die, but what's a life lived without a little risk or adventure?"

"We have gathered for you special tools in which you'll need for this adventure! A map, albeit a really old and useless thing, and a special compass -- that works in very special, ah, conditions... Sketchy, no?" As she speaks, Valardin squires rush forward across the grounds to pass out flattened rocks painted with dubious instructions for each team, and then a brassy contraption filled with water and a tin needle swirling about within, clearly of no advantage to anyone. All the while, Katarina is one breath away from falling into a fit of giggles.

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Maude just stares at the field. "Well then." she pulls her heavy cloak closer over herself, then ascends to the general seating, slowly, picking a higher position in the stands for a better view of the strange obstacle course below.

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Edain takes one of the rocks with 'instructions' on it and turns it hand over hand as if trying to figure out what is the right angle to read it from. "Oh by the gods.... Herald Steve didn't write these did he." he holds it over to Eirlys, "Is this... is this how we are s upposed to read this thing?"

"And do you happen to have maple syrup and olives," Niccolo asks Acacia dubiously, walking alongside her with hands clasped behind his back. Once they reach the field, he looks in Katarina's direction. He accepts the painted rock, raising it and staring at it and the instructions on it. "One of you can carry the compass," he decides, with a little wave to the brassy thing.

Acacia fell into silence at Katarina's introduction, her right arm disrupting her cloak when she planted a hand against her hip. The flask was mournfully shaken towards Sameera, before it was gingerly tucked away. "Whiskey warmth absolutely helps stave off the cold. Look at the Redrains," she amiably insists towards Sameera as her grin exposes teeth. She clears her throat a bit, before remarking more seriously, "Thank you for coming with. Besides, it's all for good fun before-- other less-fun things, I imagine. And worst case scenario, you smack a High Lord with a snowball and don't get in trouble for it." She peers aside towards the map and contraption skeptically, without truly accepting it, leaving the rock and well, everything, to Niccolo's capable hands. "And we have those. Very helpful. Rocks are all the rage these days. -- And thank you, your Grace, but I very much am willing to take your leadership."

As Niccolo parts from her company to go join in the festivities, his more reserved niece Vanora remains behind, finding an appropriate vantage point to watch whatever there is to watch at first. Most of her attention is on her uncle, but eyes drift to the others preparing to take part with restrained curiosity held within.

Alis has an entirely innocent expression on her face at the mention of Herald Steve. She'd never suggest something as diabolical as that to Katarina. Nope. Nuh-uh! "It'll be fun! Nothing can possibly go wrong." she assures all of the gathered adventurous individuals.

Eirlys looks at the rock when Edain holds it and frowns. "Um.. I don't know?" She says in a very unsure tone. She looks it over. "Move it slowly, kind of turning it to see if that helps?" She doesn't even know what they are all doing exactly.

"... Maybe this is more of a tale of wit and thinking on feet in tricksy situations," Katarina says in retrospect, looking over at Alis, her steamy flask pointed toward the obstacle course. "Nevertheless, is untold riches, legendary beasts to slay, and mysterious lands to explore! Go forth, adventurers! Pick an entrance at one of the cardinal directions. There, you'll find a weapon of choice and a trusty steed!"

"Would advise to pick starting location -carefully-, for it has own advantages and disadvantages. Once you're ready to begin story, signal up and we'll continue!"

Taking her seat, she offers a bright smile to Maude as she arrives, "My lady! I'm so very very happy to see you. It has been some time. You look well," she beams, pausing a moment to survey the field and the constants up on it before settling down again.

Valencia claims this

Sameera steps backt to avoid the one being left with compass. Nope, nope. she's not handling that. IT might mean talking.

Edain nods to Eirlys and says, "Well ok... a wise man once told me, 'Always go left' so Lets start with the Westerly entrance. That's kind of the left... cartologically speaking." And so Edain stands and gathers up an armfull of snowballs along with instructions rock and heads to the west entrance.

Niccolo exhales and takes the compass as well, studying it, eyes narrowing as if he can see something in it others might not. He looks up to the audience and seeing Vanora and now Valencia settled there, he waves in their direction with a hand that holds a rock. "We'll choose east," he says, with a glance towards Edain as he announces going in the opposite direction. "Someone else might want to gather the snow," he points out. "They're doing it, we might as well do so too."

Eirlys shrugs. "Well I don't have a better answer than that so. West it is." She says and also gathers snowballs before walking with the prince. She falls into step easily as she tries to focus on what might happen.

Rook might be seen from the stands lifting his hands upward, palms to the sky, shaking his head. "I don't know!" is the international Arxian standard, here.

Approaching the eastern side, Acacia winks at Sameera and then lazily waves a hand towards Katarina in signal of their position. She then turns back towards Niccolo and Sameera, crouching down within the snow as she untucks a pair of gloves and slides them over her hands. "It'll be fun," she promises. "And they're burdened now with Prince Edain's enthusiasm for snow."

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Ceol, the old raven have been dismissed.

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Alis leans forward, resting her elbows on the tops of her legs and propping her chin in her hands. "I hope he's not referring to our brother Valen while he was drunk as that wise man." she quips at Kat, clapping as people choose their starting points. "There's a song I remember about the cardinal directions. 'If you like the oceans best, travel east or travel west' o/~" she sings, though it's obviously terribly off key. She's probably tone deaf.

Edain looks over at Acacia and says, with great confidence, "You are going to be sorry you don't have a bu nch of these, I am sure."

Vanora has joined the General Seating.

"I have no experience with snowballs, your Grace. I wouldn't dream of stealing your ideas." Acacia calls back to Edain, squinting suspiciously up at both Niccolo and Sameera as she dredges her gloved hands unceremoniously through the snow. Scooping up bits and beginning to slowly form her own compressed balls.

Eirlys grins. "You never know what you will end up needing." She says.

At the Eastern Entrance: At first glance, the path ahead seems void of obvious trickery as it stretches ahead for a few feet, then veers suddenly to the left between two massive piles of hay that vaguely resemble the start of foothills. A waist-high gate made of flimsy, snow-covered wood serves as a starting line, with a rack of comically small weapons better served in the hands of a child than grown adults providing an array of weaponry: a wooden staff with a straw-stuffed macehead mounted atop, a pair of dulled wooden swords, and a miniaturized bow matched with a quiver of blunt-tipped arrows are some of the options.

At the Western Entrance: The playing fields stretch far ahead, at least a good several feet, before divvying down into a makeshift vale where torches bathe a fiery golden glow over the icy, snowy grounds, and the shadows are deceptively long. For weaponry, the team find themselves severely lacking in any. In fact, all that awaits them is ... a toy horse.

Maude is engaging the others at the benches in conversation. Judging by the way she looks between her fellow spectators and the field, the questions have to do with the exercise itself. She rubs one leg, then produces a small flask from somewhere under her cloak and takes a sip.

Valencia squints a little, "It seems they are to play through a puzzle. As though it is an adveture come to life, I believe." The little princess watches the game unfold. "I am sure more will be revealed as the game goes on, yes?"

Edain throws a snowball at the toy horse. Clearly it is some dangerous beast!

Eirlys peers at Edain. "I think you may have killed our mount Edain." She says quietly, her voice laced with amusement.

"If you're looking for snowball experience, you're looking at the wrong person," Niccolo points out to Acacia. "Not such a thing where I come from, my dear. Now if Deva was here..." he muses and lifts his shoulders, looking heavily amused himself. He continues moving through the eastern entrance, eyes narrowing. "This is too easy," he points out. "I call swords," he says, putting the rock and compass in a pouch at his belt and taking both swords. He looks at his companions. "You want one?" He speaks of the wooden swords.

"... We can make use of this." Acacia has successfully made three snowballs, before the prospect is abandoned in order to squint over the instruments themselves. That wooden staff is picked up, a gloved, snow-dusted finger prodding at the straw-stuffed macehead. She looks to either side of her and then seeks to break the thing in half upon the upwards jut of her knee in order to make smaller objects. "There. Perfect," she decides optimistically, with the shards of splintered wood looking just as terrible as imagined. She skeptically looks over towards the bow, before questioning towards Sameera, "... It'll be like playing with dolls. Just pretend you're an assassin." She begins to head a bit closer towards the hay, extending one leg to kick skeptically at the base of it, "I probably should've used the staff to prod at it, but either way. It's cover."

Eirlys walks over and looks around the stand of 'weapons' obviously trying to make sure nothing is going to fall apart or that it is rigged in any way before lifting one of the 'swords' from it. She looks at Edain. "Maybe we should pick a weapon and you might be able to save our mount?" She asks with a grin, her dimples showing.

There's a pause, as Acacia crouches near one of the haybales. Tucking her staff-pieces beneath one arm, she scoops up one of the three snowballs and without aiming, lobs it in an upwards arch into the general vicinity of Edain's team. There's a very good chance of it missing horribly.

Niccolo watches Acacia lob that snowball over and lifts a brow. "I like your strategy," he muses and like her, for now decides to use the hay as cover. "You see any other paths we're to take from here?" He asks both his protege and Sameera.

A blink is given by Sameera at the suggestion that things will be like playing with dolls. "Playing with dolls." she murmurs, as if it were a novel concept to her. At the weapon choice she stares, "No knuckle dusters?" she wonders of her companions. "I only know how to use those." Yup, her weapon choice is one of close range. She picks up the bow at the questioing look from Acacia. It came off as a bit of an order to Sameera. Around Sameera looks for the paths that Niccolo asked about, brow furrowing slightly.

Edain looks at Eirlys and says, "Well.. I think I reconize an evil horse when I see one... but lets try it your way." Edain says, armful of snowballs still awkwardly held as he approahces t he toy horse.

"Often times, adventuerers find themselves in rather unfavorable situations, without fine weapon or -- now, since Prince Edain killed it -- a trusty steed to make ardous journies easier!" Katarina narrates to the crowd as she watches. "And, others, fortune shines favorably upon adventurers in the beginning, with a seemingly easy road ahead and a surplus of supplies to tackle any situation -- or is it? Only time will tell, as our adventurers set forth."

"From the west, Prince Edain and Lady Eirlys have seem to have their work cut out for them, without proper arms to defend themselves, nor a steed to hasten the journey. So, what will they do next to advance their story? Without foothills nor obvious landmarks to guide them, they are without an easy way of navigating and are open targets should an enemy decide to attack them."

"But look to the east, and Prince Niccolo and his companions are both well-armed and outnumber their enemy adventurers. Yet, the foothills are known for their trecherous passages and dangerous tribes that attack foreign tresspassers viciously. Will they safely find a way through unmolested?"

Roll Wits/Perception + Survival at 20, depending on choice.

Eirlys grins wider. "This is very true, what was I thinking. I ride elk. I wouldn't know if it was an evil horse or not. You saved me, Your Grace." she might be being silly but she is obviously not making fun of Edain at all but instead playing along with him.

Eirlys checked wits + survival against difficulty 20, resulting in 13, 7 lower than the difficulty.

Niccolo checked wits + survival against difficulty 20, resulting in 20, 0 higher than the difficulty.

Sameera checked perception + survival against difficulty 20, resulting in 37, 17 higher than the difficulty.

Rook is overheard praising Eirlys for: Riding elk is... interesting.

"... You could stick your fist into the straw-stuffed mace head," Acacia skeptically offers towards Sameera, keeping her balanced crouch near one of the hay piles and peering past it. She begins to pile together snow once more, leaving sweep marks against the ground as she gathers up another two to add to her previous pair. She drags a tongue along her lower lip, gathering up three of the four - because there's a limit to what she can carry. "Sameera and I will scout ahead and you follow behind, your Grace. We'll skirt through the haybales and head towards the uh-- opposite end."

Acacia checked perception + survival against difficulty 20, resulting in 25, 5 higher than the difficulty.

Edain checked wits + survival against difficulty 20, resulting in 36, 16 higher than the difficulty.

Sameera does ot have good survival skills but she is an observant little thing. She steps a little in front of Niccolo and Acacia and gives an indication towards one of the ways that might be a little safer than the rest. She doesn't talk but she, at least, assures the two with her know which way to go that may or may not be correct.

Alis glances back and forth between the competitors and Katarina, her expression one of fascination as the Eurusi Princess starts weaving a tale based on the choices that the others are making. Her role appears to be 'cheerleader', which is also obviously not one she's entirely comfortable with playing, since her calls of. "Strategic thinking!" and "Way to not retreat!" aren't really.. you know, all that good when one isn't on a battlefield. Even then, really. Rallying troops, yes? This... no :(

"Very well," Niccolo replies to Acacia, with a look to Sameera. "Think about it Mistress Sameera, at least if there was a place to be stuck with a bow, this would be it," he points out. "Just point and shoot at our enemies, I'm sure you'll do just fine," he encourages her, letting the two women do as his protege said they would. Using his belt to hold one of the swords, he finds the rock once more, in case there is anything useful written on it. With a nod to Sameera he follows her the way she indicated.

"Everything looks the same in snow," Acacia whispers, seeming to have no issues after a blind squint to trekking gingerly behind Sameera and leaving Niccolo to pick up the rear. She keeps unnecessarily low to the ground, wondering lazily as they continue, "Anyone want a drink?"

Edain moves past the toy horse that still has snowball stuck to it's face. "I'm watching you." he says to it direly. He nods to Eirlys and they start trying to find their way forward. "A good brisk walk never hurt anyone. Well except for evil horses."

"Can only blame yourselves if I shoot you with it." says Sameera to her companions, looking all the more uncomfortable with being in the lead. She seems to have been the only one to notice the path, though. The bow and it's companion arrows are held gingerly and away from herself. She is definitely not a fan of the weapon.

"I am trusting you on this one because apparently you know your way around evil horses." She peers at the horse and points to her eyes with two fingers then to the toy horse then back before she follows Edain.

"I'm standing right behind you, Mistress Sameera if you shoot me with your bow, I'll be impressed," Niccolo points out to Sameera and offers a nod to Acacia. "I'll have some," he replies to the offer for a drink.

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2 House Wyrmguard Guards leaves, following Desiree.

As Niccolo, Sameera, and Acacia set forth cautiously through the foothills, it becomes apparent that a plethora of traps have been cleverly hidden amongst the shadows where the path suddenly branches off into several small troughs between walls of piled snow and hay; simple foot-snare traps that may leave one of them embarrassingly dangling from one of the supportive beams ahead, and small buckets with contents unknown dangling precariously above may be discernible down one or two of the paths, while others look clear, and all lead toward the west where the vale is to lead.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, from the west, Edain and Eirlys advance forward past the felled, questionably evil horse, the field bereft of traps and obvious trickery until... Eirlys' foot lands upon a patch of ice hidden in the snow. A loud crunch resounds, followed by the whisper of a pulley before a rope tightens around her ankle and she finds herself being snared up and dangling in the air. But that isn't it! The distant wail of children, rambunctious and eager, echo through the obstacle course with the pitter pattering of feet as they come charging down the distant paths, their lanterns faintly glowing in the distance. It looks like an enemy is approaching!

"You have a lovely voice," Acacia lightly remarks towards Samerra, with only a hint of her roguish grin visible from where she treads behind her. She untucks her flask, sipping from it first and then offering it back towards Niccolo after some juggling of her armful of items. "Sustenance is important." But she's squinting at some of those traps that Sameera has mostly led them around and then upwards at those buckets. "I can't tell you how glad I am that you're on our team, Sameera," she adds, words spoken genuinely as she pads with a bit more care now.

Niccolo's response actually earns him a choked down chuckle. Laughing is not something Sameera does, so someone making her almost chuckle is foreign to her. "Could happen. I don't know anything about bows but it seems possible." When the path splits she walks a couple paces down each one to inspect them closer then she returns to Acacia and Niccolo and gives them a questioning look.

Katarina leans forward against the railing, cupping a hand over her eyes as she peers down at the obstacle course, her zest infectious while her narration rolls on, "It appears that one team of adventurers are quite literally at an impasse! Seven paths, each seemingly bereft of any -real- danger, lay before them! Which will they choose? But -- What is having over here? Prince Edain -- It looks as though you'r team mate is a little, ah, how do you say? Up in the air? Hands tied? You have an enemy fast approaching! And your fellow Valardin down! Will you save her first, or fight the enemy? Or run? Decisions! So little time!"

Eirlys lets out a very unknightly squeal as she is suddenly flipped upside and hanging in the air. She is laughing to hard to breath. She finally manages. "Edain help me down, I see light, we might get ambushed, hurry!!"

Valencia blinks as Eirly's is hefted off the ground by the trap and held upside down, slowly turning in the air like a snared rabbit. "Oh dear. I did not expect that /that/," she says, her expression one of shocked dismay. "I am so very glad I am a spectator suddenly."

Niccolo accepts the flask and in what is a very marked show of trust for a Lycene, he drinks from it and passes it back to his protege. "Very important," he agrees, and with a look to both Sameera and Acacia, he turns his attention to the paths. "You scouts see any paths that look better than the others?" He asks both women.

Edain frowns as he realizes this means he is going to have to drop his armful of snow balls. And they go toppling to he makes his way to where the snare is tied off and tries to untie it and lower to the ground. "Ok hold tight! Tuck your chin!"

Eirlys says. "Wait, you watch for the 'enemy' let me see if I can get myself down, I will tuck my chin." She says.

Eirlys checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 15, resulting in 23, 8 higher than the difficulty.

"... If all else fails, we could have Sameera shoot an arrow and then follow where it goes," Acacia decides with a hint of humor, stealing a look over towards Sameera with a deepening grin. "What's the worst that could happen?" She accepts the flask, sipping from it once more and then squirreling it away. "Sameera, we'll follow your lead, love."

Alis' eyes go wide when Eirlys is swooped up into the air by some kind of trap, and she claps a hand over her mouth so that she can try and stifle a laugh. And for the other team, her eyes dance with amusement as Niccolo plays it safe and directs the others to scout. Someone doesn't want to get caught in a trap; and who can blame him?

A wary look is given to Acacia and Niccolo. "That one." she says, blindly pointing in a random direction, likely to one of the hardest paths.

"After you," Acacia lazily says towards Sameera, with a sweep of one splintered wooden shard.

The pitter-pattering of feet steadily grow louder as the flickering of lantern light bathes the open field in a fiery orange glow. Young children clad in makeshift padded armor joyously scramble forward in an ambitious charge toward the Prince of Sanctum and his sprung accomplice, flailing their minitaurized weapons menacingly as they squeal and shout their roar cries amongst laughs.

"It looks as though the wildings of the Northwest are rallying for an ambush on Prince Edain! Will he be able to stand his ground and defend Lady Eirlys while she sets herself free?" Katarina shouts. "He has no weapons, but there is still snow! Ball of snow? But, he dropped it! He has no defense after all!"

The path Team Niccolo has chosen is, indeed, the hardest of them all, zig-zagging about before coming to a dead-end where the entrance of a cave -- a small opening in a makeshift tent, really -- where they will have to crawl through to advance forward. "It seems fortune continues to shine on Mistress Acacia, Sameera, and Prince Niccolo. They've found a cave! What lays ahead, for them? Will it be riches greater than any man has ever seen? A tome of knowledge? Or a great beast to slay?"

After a time, Rook rises and murmurs a few things to those at the benches, then indicates his retainers to follow. The lord courtier then departs the tourny arena slowly.

Rook has left the General Seating.

Acacia checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 15, resulting in 47, 32 higher than the difficulty.

Falling to his knees in the face of the northman hord, Edain holds out his arms and calls bakc over his shoulder, "Lady Eirlys! Save yourself!" Heh looks then at the giggling horde, "All right all you you.. kind of a adorable fiends.. Do your worst!"

Eirlys slips down then does a decent tumble up to her knees. "Ok, we need snowballs. Sorry you had to drop yours. Let's go Prince Edain. We can't lose yet." As soon as she is down she will start packing snowballs and either hand them to Edain or throw them, whichever works for the Prince.

Eirlys laughs. "Edain! You can't leave me while you die an adorable death!!" She calls out and actually throws a snowball at him before packing a few to throw at the adorable ambush. "Besides what kind of partner would I be if I left you to die on your own! I have my honor, I think my dignity got left in the trap." She laughs.

Niccolo glances at the tent, with a lift of his brow. "Well," he begins and approaches. "I suppose it's time to get on our knees," he notes to his companions, "And crawl." He looks at both women, and then shaking his head, drops down and is going to crawl his way through the tent first, unless one of his companions beats him to it.

Acacia's a bit winded by the time they arrive at the propped up tent, the snowballs having tumbled behind her somewhere on their pathway. Bits of snow peppers her red hair, which she carelessly sweeps back with gloved fingers. She glances over her shoulder to squint up at Katarina at her pronouncement, before chuckling easily. "Aye then. Good work, Sameera," she compliments, bringing her elbow around to try to nudge her companionably and then pausing just before she'd make contact. "... Mental nudge," she decides affably, before crouching down to peel back one of the canvas sides of the tent. "Onwards then!" Dropping down further, she begins to crawl through just after Niccolo, sucking in a sharp breath, "Bloody Abyss, it's cold."

Sameera tries to look excited about crawling through something, not succeeding very well. Once Niccolo and Acacia has gone though she follows after them. For someone who didn't want to play she is taking it as seriously as she can.

As Edain falls onto his knees and braces for impact, he finds himself overrun by the rambunctious wildling gang of children. Several young boys tackle him to the ground with youthful shrieks, wriggling about as they cheer their victorious conquest and lob fistfuls of snow and hay at each other and Eirlys. The battle ensues!

"Prince Edain seems to have valorously sacrificed himself to give Lady Eirlys time to free herself and continue on their journey. But does she have it in her to leave him? It doesn't seem so! She's returning fire, fighting for her companion balls of snow against balls of snow!"

Katarina turns her eyes toward the makeshift cave-tent where Niccolo and his team are now crawling inside. It isn't but a quick shuffle of hands and knees before the trio finds themselves slipping down an incline and into a trough of something sweet, sticky, and brown! It looks like maple syrup, an a lot of it!

[Roll Dexterity + Athletics at 20 to escape, or Perception or wits to be prepared for what's ahead!]

Acacia checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 15, resulting in 30, 15 higher than the difficulty.

Alis should note that there may be some olives floating amidst the maple syrup there. For no real reason at all. There just is.

Niccolo checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 20, resulting in 38, 18 higher than the difficulty.

Eirlys checked perception + athletics against difficulty 20, resulting in 13, 7 lower than the difficulty.

Sameera checked perception + athletics against difficulty 20, resulting in 17, 3 lower than the difficulty.

Alis taps on Rhys' armor to get his attention, since he is of course standing right by the judges booth watching all of this while trying to remain stoic looking. (He's totally failing). "Can you sent for Teldra to make some hot chocolate? Put it in flasks. And uh... some towels. I think people are going to need towels." she murmurs, between bouts of laughter. Obviously.

As the children overrun Edain, There are large clanks and clangs as they literrally run across his armor. "Hey careful! Watch those feet!" He falls back into them snow and says, "I am vanquished!"

"... Your Gra--?" Acacia's questioning voice was muffled from where she'd disappeared within the tent, marking perhaps the moment that Niccolo had first slipped from her sight. But the query was cut off abruptly, a disgruntled shriek resounding before the series of ungainly thumps that had her tumbling head over heels down the escarpement. When she tumbles free on the other side, the sticky syrup drenches her curls, face scrunched up in partial shivers, partial laughter and partial disgust. She dabbed at her mouth with the back of her sugary hand, before she spots one of those floating bits. "Oh, bloody gross," she grumbled, flailing for an edge almost immediately after in an effort to haul herself off the side. Pulling herself out with some difficulty, she flopped unceremoniously on the ground in her gooey state, peering up towards Niccolo and questioning breathlessly, "... Where's Sameera?"

Eirlys puts up a valiant effort to keep Edain from dying via wielding snowballs but it seems she somehow ended up near him and close enough for the little kids to get her too. She is also laughing to hard to properly make a snowball. If she gets a moment though she will try to at least move closer to Edain and it probably looks like her trying to help up until she shoves some snow down the back of his shirt. Just you know a little! She is a little sister after all. She turns and gives Alis a wave before probably being taken down by the kids.

While Niccolo manages to slip down that incline very gracefully, it doesn't save him from what's at the end. His eyes narrow as he lands in the syrup, with a loud plop. Suddenly, the archduke finds himself covered in the sticky substance and for a few moments, just stares at it. He purses his lips in amusement. "You look so sweet my dear," he tells Acacia pointedly. He manages to drag himself out, but at Acacia's question regarding their companion, he frowns. "I don't see her, do you?" He asks his protege.

Valencia wrinkles her nose a little as Acacia tumbles out the other side of the tent, emgering out the other side a rather sticky mess. "Goodness. What on earth?" the little princess says looking a little confused as to what on earth is happening in that tent. She glances to what the valiant battle as Eirlys goes to rescue and then.. betryal! A little laugh breaks from he rlips as she puts snow down the unsuspecting Edain's shirt. "And this is one reason why I shall never compete in a contest with my brother," she admits to no one in particular. "The temptation would be too great."

Seeing Niccolo then Acacia disappear from sight has Sameera attempting to back peddle to go down a little smoother, namely turning aorund for feet first. Alas, she reacts too late and down the incline she does, on her butt at least. She made it to turning over, somewhat. Into th vat of brown liquid she goes with as much of a splash that a sticky substance can make. She sits in it looking quite bemused. There si sits with syrup coverign her from head to foot. Her skin and hair is dark enough that it is her cltohes that makes it easiest to pick her out: the black. After the dazed sitting there she attempts to stand but she keeps falling back onto her butt. Finally, Sameera gives a little annoyed grunt in her throat and decides to just sit there.

Alis might possibly give Eirlys a thumbs up sign at the snow stuffing. And maybe wink at Valencia too, after hearing her comment over there in the stands. But maybe, /maybe/, there is an expression of sympathy for for trio of Lycenes that have been dunked in syrup. "All three of you look delicious, really!" she calls out.

Lifting a hand to her mouth to conceal first a gasp and then sudden, unexpected laughter, Vanora's green eyes are locked on her uncle, the noble Archduke who appears to have slid into something terribly messy and sticky as well. Even if his descent into such was filled with poise and grace. It clearly startles, but the amusement follows on the heels of that shock, especially since Niccolo is unlikely to see her.

"... Go get her, your Grace," Acacia complains towards Niccolo, peeling herself from the caramel-splattered snow she'd inelegantly scattered in her fall. She picks off an olive stuck to her shoulder with clear revulsion and then tosses it towards Alis as she sits there, elbows bent over the crests of her knees. It doesn't make anywhere near to the Princess, of course. Utterly slicked in the syrup, she looks anything but sweet. It's kind of gross, really, even if it probably smells fantastic.

As the kids clear off, and Eirlys stuffs snow down his armor he sits up and shoot, "Oh gods! That's cold! Very cold! Very cold!" And he pushes up and starts jumping up and down trying to shake the snow out of him. really it looks very rediculous.

"Someone's feeling a little bossy," Niccolo muses to Acacia, with a lift of his syrup covered brow, but he steps over to Sameera and offers her his hand. "Come on, Mistress Sameera, let's get you out of there," he tells her, and if the offered hand is taken, seeks to try and pull her out of the syryp mess and to him.

"It is a sad day in the Oathlands as Prince Edain Valardin is vanquished by little wilding ruffians of North," Katarina announces as he quite literally is overrun by the bright little faces of evil. Bodies tumble over one another in the cold snow, giggling and squealing about as their fighting turns inward. Somewhere in all the madness, some little lady hardly older than five is trying to score a kiss off Edain, paid by flowers. Talk about ambitious babes!. "But it seems his death is not in vain! Lady Eirlys has window of opportunity! Will she take it before wildings notice she is still about?"

As Niccolo and Acacia manage to drag themselves from the bog of maple syrup and ... olives.. with naught but the faintest flicker of light coming from torches at the opposite end of the cave-tent, it seems that they have quite literally stumbled into a maze of sorts they'll have to crawl through. But, alas, Sameera has been separated somewhere in the tumble down into the bogs! A rattling hiss resounds through the bog, circling around her with wet shlicks as a tail-like appendage of cloth is dragged through the maple syrup.

"And over there! At the cave! Has luck finally run out for Mistress Sameera? It seems she's fallen behind, completely separated from Mistress Acacia and Prince Niccolo! And -- And what's that moving in the bogs?? Is it a snake? An alligator? Or -- Or a dragonling?!"

Maude is merrily imbibing the contents of her flask, and by the time people land in the syrup she lets out a sharp cackling sound. Thankfully short. "I've no idea!" she announces, glancing back to the others on the seats with her.

Eirlys tries very hard to look innocent, it doesn't work at all. She is laughing to hard. "Yeah it's snow, it's cold." She moves to help Edain get the snow out of his armor but he is dancing around and she is laughing to hard. So hard she has to hold her sides and she is bending a little. "Oh Gods! Edain you have to hold still so I can help you get the snow out!" That is coming out in between long laughs and maybe, just maybe, a few snickers.

Alis giggles her unabashed amusement when Acacia throws an olive at her. She flashes the Culler woman a bright smile, even. Couple that with the sight of Edain jumping around trying to get snow out of his armor, and she actually has to lift a blanket to wipe tears of laughter out of her eyes before it freezes there or something.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

Edain holds up a hand at Eirlys, "No. No. I've got this. This is fine. Everything is fine."

Valencia smiles down at Eirlys and laughs quitely at little wink. The smile grows and she shakes her head, an expresssion of great fondess for the woman growing on her face.

Eirlys falls back on her bottom and is laughing. "Yeah, sure you do." She says in between fits of laughter. They so are not winning this but that so doesn't matter. This is freaking hilarious. She can't breathe, it hurts to try to breathe or laugh but she can't stop.

Since she is separated from Acacia and Niccolo she doesn't get the chance to take his hand. which hve likely involved a lot of pondering at whether she could tolerate touching someone long enough to get to her feet. After sitting there in far more frustration than amusement Sameera once more attempts to push her feet.When she sees the rattly hiss soung around her she instinctively goes to her belt but just in time she remembers it is a game. So, instead she turns to the bow and arrow she's some what kept a hold of and uses itt o help her litttle self get up. She jsut remembered it. Once on her feet she uses it to blindly shoot at the rattler. No hesitation there. It's an animal, or a fake one at least. She is not a fan of them.

Acacia checked dexterity + dodge against difficulty 15, resulting in 47, 32 higher than the difficulty.

If it wasn't for Katarina's commentary, Acacia might not have squinted up towards the trough she just exited. "It's a studied after-effect of the syrup, your Grace," she defends in a faux-proper voice to Niccolo, "To countereffect the sweetness." She groans a bit as she rolls over on her side and then seeks to gingerly shove up to a syrup-dripping stand. "Your valient swords can cut through the olives to save her," she proposes as she waddles with some difficulty towards the edge of the lengthy vat to try to squint into the darkness at it. "Or maybe she'll find her--" A curse breaks off her words when she abruptly ducks those blind arrows, "'ey! Careful!"

Niccolo checked dexterity + dodge against difficulty 25, resulting in 27, 2 higher than the difficulty.

Niccolo checked dexterity + medium wpn against difficulty 20, resulting in 47, 27 higher than the difficulty.

Sameera checked dexterity + archery against difficulty 15, resulting in 14, 1 lower than the difficulty.

Niccolo barely manages to shift out of the way of a flying arrow, side stepping it and watching it just fly past him. "Studied you say," he muses in Acacia's direction his tone dubious, although his eyes remain on the bog as he tries to spot Sameera once more. Off Acacia's suggestion, he swats at an olive with one of his wooden swords and sends it flying towards his protege. "Can you make your way to us, Mistress Sameera?" He calls out towards the so called bog.

"Aye, your Grace," Acacia fluidly confirms towards Niccolo, her hands slowly grappling up the side to arise once more to a tentative standing position. That knocked olive skims the surface of the syrup to strike her abruptly in the face by the time she reaches the top, causing her to flinch a little back. It sticks for half a second, before steadily peeling off like a rotted piece of balled-up skin and dropping to the ground. She looks after it, nose wrinkled and visage scrunched as she sniffs, "That was unnecessary cruel."

As expected of someone who pronounced her lack of skill in archery the fired arrow goes wild. She might even accidently shoot it in the direction of Niccolo and Arcacia. "Don't know." says Sameera in response to Niccolo's question. It's hard to say if he can hear her since she doesn't yell. Yelling means focus on her and she objects to that. Another shoot of an arrow is given at the creature in an attempt to smote it.

Up in the judges' stand, Katarina has fallen into a seat beside Alis, utterly lost in a fit of laughter as Edain is hopping about in an effort to dislodge snow from his armors, and Sameera's misfortune of being stuck in the maple syrup vat of doom with Niccolo and Acacia attempting to double back for her. "-- Is -- Is quickly becoming misadventure like intended!" She nudges softly at Alis, sitting up and peeking over the the edge down onto the field.

A finger swipes under an eye, wiping away a tear before managing to begin narrating through her giggles, "L-Looks like ... l-looks like -- Are they turning on each other?" she asks the crowd, eyes rounded with feigned surprise.

As fake arrows fly through the dimly-lit tent, the rattling increases trifold as three more faux tail-like appendages are dragged across the slimy maple syrup. One arrow manages to land blindly into its intended mark, earning a girlish yeowch as a seven-tailed dragonling barrels forward from the darkness with marbled eyes glinting in the light. From within its hollowed belly, where four sets of booted feet extend, pitter pattering through the sticky mess, voices muffledly roar ferociously as its tail whips out in an attempt to strike harmlessly at the unsuspecting group!

There is finally enough jumping around that at least the snow has melted and started to warm up... which of course means that he is damp and that is problematic. He falls backwards into the snow and starts making a snow angel. "Lady Eirlys... I am getting you back for that."

"That dragonling is adorable, I don't think I want to start hitting it with my swords," Niccolo announces to his companions. "Maybe you can charm it into letting us get past all this, while I try to pull Mistress Sameera out," he suggests in Acacia's direction. "Just be all sweet to it," he adds with a little wave. "There's a piece of olive still hanging to your face," he points to his her cheek, then to his cheek.

Acacia checked dexterity + dodge against difficulty 60, resulting in 50, 10 lower than the difficulty.

"Ow." The dull sound of Acacia's voice proves Sameera's blind, blunted shot struck true with a flicker of the torchlight revealing the woman as having reluctantly scaling over the side of the 'bog' to drop back into it. "That wasn't a very good welcoming," she laughs/laments as she rubs gingerly at the front of her thigh, cutting over the sound of the girlish exclamation from the dragonling in part. "Was that a ... child? ... You can't hit children. ... In plain sight." Clearly thinking through this with her wooden makeshift shards floating somewhere within the mess has her utterly distraction, combined with the syrup goo, and she gets whacked just enough from the cloth tail to plop her right back with a yelp into the goo rather than prove to be any type of savior. "Ugh." She clutches, dramatically at her chest, even as a forearm sweeps hastily at her cheek to remove said olive, "It's all on you, your Grace! Be the hero! -- Or you, Sameera -- cuz really, you should save us too."

Edain has left the Field.

After helping Edain out of the area, Eirlys brushes as much snow off herself as she can then goes over to Alis and Valencia. "Hi." She sounds hoarse from laughing. "So is it ok if I sit down I think I got most of the snow off." She waves to Valencia before asking. "Did you see?" To Alis, she knows Alis will understand the question.

Sameera just opts to keep wildly shooting arrows until she either runs ou or wins. Luckily they are pretty harmless ones, being toys and all. She'll either bean her companions more, shoot at nothing, or the 'dragonling' thing. Although, because she now realizes it involves kids she is not pulling quite s hard on it. She's abrupt and rather anti-people but she does have a gentleness to her and it shows in certain things.

Alis hands Eirlys a flask of hot cocoa once she nears and sits between the judges booth and where Valencia is. "Of course I did! Very well done. You should be on the lookout for stray snowballs though, for awhile." Her smile is dimpled, guessing how Edain will get his revenge. "I have a fear now, that eventually Katarina or I will be ambushed with maple syrup or olives at some point though. I cannot imagine either Acacia or the Archduke allowing their current predicament to go unanswered." She, at least, appears entirely unrepentant about the 'obstacles' that were set up.

Valencia grim grins. "Better snow than syrup," she laughs, taking a quick glance back onto the field. "You fought most bravely," she grins at Eirlys. "I applaud you, my lady. I don't know what I would have done if in our place. Especially with the snare. That might have been a touch awkward," she blushes a little.

Niccolo checked dexterity + dodge against difficulty 45, resulting in 27, 18 lower than the difficulty.

"Mistress Sameera wait--" Niccolo never finishes that sentence, because suddenly he finds himself peppered with arrows that kind of stick to his syrup covered body. He looks at the arrows, then at the bog and decides to just falls to his knees, all dramatic like. "Ugh," that is the archduke's last word. Ugh. Rather than collapse forward he just sits there on his legs, arrows sticking to his body.

Eirlys gratefully takes the flask and holds it for several moments before taking a drink. She sits down pulling her wool and fur lined cloak around her. "I will be on the look out though it is a bit hard for him to sneak up on me if I am walking behind him." She points out with a grin. "Besides he was the one that started it." Totally, he totally started it by sacrificing himself. MmmHmm, that is her story, she is sticking to it. She laughs. "I am really glad I didn't get stuck with the syrup and olive. That just sounds so wrong." She shudders then grins at Valencia. "You can just call me Eirlys, really and honestly I didn't really think about it. It's a good thing I don't normally wear dresses because you're right it could have gotten awkward." She laughs though, holding her sides as she does. "Oh Gods I have to stop laughing. I sparred with a guy who had a war hammer, I still have bruises, the laughing isn't helping!"

The wildly shot arrows manage to vanquish the cute little dragonling, the children within squealing as they stumble over the embankment and rush off giggling, their legs and feet covered in mucky maple syrup, olives, and maybe hay and mud too along the way out of the obstacle course. Niccolo, Sameera, and Acacia are left in a rather odd sort of predicaments, ragged and covered in maple syrup that may very well have ended up in some hard to clean places.

From the center of the tent, a light slowly blooms until the entire interior is lit brightly by lantern and torch light to reveal a small circle of treasure chests.

Katarina manages to her feet after another session of giggles alongside Alis, plucking a bit of hay from Eirlys' head before she clears her voice and speaks down to crowd and remaining participants alike, "Despite, ah, this story... getting REALLY off track! It seems like Prince Niccolo, and Mistresses Sameera and Acacia have managed to slay the dragonlings! ... And now, they've discovered its hidden treasures! But, they can only pick one chest! Which will they choose, and what will await them inside?"

"That was just adorable! I should go on adventures if this is how they go." Maude says rather loudly between sips from her little flask, grinning at the sight of the scene below, even if she looks rather lost at the events. Another sip, then, as she tugs the heavy cloak tighter about her shoulders. It'll warm her old bones.

Breathless, sticky and freezing, Acacia's a sight to behold for all the wrong reasons when the lanterns illuminate the scene around them. Her habitual attempt to rake back her curls gets her no further than her bangs before they become helplessly entangled and the prospect is forgotten. She discreetly tugs a bit on the waistband of her pants, clearing her throat as she does so, and then casts a look towards Sameera and Niccolo. "Mistress, you have an eye for pretty things and you managed to take care of the dragonling with your exceptional aim." She almost manages to keep a straight face, "Pick a chest, any chest, and let's be done with it." She winks towards Niccolo, and then rubs with some agitation at her eye when her lashes become partially stuck in the process.

"Yes, that's usually my story too. He started it." Alis agrees, lips twitching with more suppressed humor as it seems the Lycene contingent with Sameera have won a grand prize; she might really just lose it if the chest contains a bottle of maple syrup though. "Who did you spar against with the war hammer?"

The little princess does not look nearly as convinced. "I think I shall pass, as sweet and this looks. I fear I would come to a rather cold and sticky end. Perhaps that is the lesson one must take from this?" Valencia muses. She wrinkles her nose again, before turning to listen to the conversation with interest.

When she realizes she kind of peppered Niccolo with arrows Sameera looks a little embarassed. "Sorry." she mutters to him. Though, the glee of the children gets an /almost/ smile from her. Thw bow is handed to one of them as they rn off and she finally manages to drag herself out of the maple syrup. She does stop to attempt and pull some arrows off Niccolo. "Not good at such things." she explains to him. "Warned." she adds. When Acacia says for her to pick Sameera looks to her then to Niccolo, letting him decide if he wants to pick or not.

Slowly, Niccolo rises, arrows still stuck to his body. He glances at the chest and looks at Acacia, offering an amused pursing of his lips in return to her wink. He dips his head, "Go ahead Mistress Sameera, you earned this," he agrees with his protege and makes his way to stand next to her. He starts picking arrows and olives off his body, while he waits for Sameera to make her choice.

Acacia grins encouragingly at Sameera, flashing teeth -- which are the only part of her that seems to be clean right now thanks to her tongue.

"This turned out a lot better than thought," Katarina communicates aside to Alis and Eirlys with a hushed titter, golden eyes flickering from her stand-mates to the field as the choice of treasures falls solely upon Sameera. "Am hoping next event is less messy, and more inclusive."

Chuckling softly, Valencia gracefully rises from her seat and smiles, offering a warm and polite smile and incline of head. "My lady, it was most lovely to meet you," she offers to Vanora. "I will send missive when this bad business is done, my lady," she offers a warm and gracious smile to Maude. Lifting her skirts she leaves the stands to give Eirlys a big hug and light kiss on the cheek, "You were marvelous," she grins. "And I am so glad to see you." Bright smiles and nods are offered to Acacia and Sameer, and a more reserved but respectful incline of head is offered to Niccolo. "Princess Katarina, Princess Alis, it was a wonderful event. Thank you so much," the little fox offers, giving a little bow. "Most creative. I may come to ask advice for events at the Hart. It might add some colour to the Arena, yes?"

Sameera gives a bit of an exasperated look to Niccolo and Acacia as they put her, pretty literally, into the spotlight. Dutifully she moves to inspect the chests then just picks a random one to stop at. She idly spends time trying to flick the syrup off her.

"I imagine once things have settled down in the city, more people will wish to attend events." Alis asides, giving Katarina's hand a light squeeze of encouragement. "Thank you, Princess Valencia. This was really Princess Katarina's idea. She's so very creative." is admitted, as she is there for moral support really!

"Well it is a perfectly logical argument. Especially since you know I am the baby of the family so he started it worked." Eirlys points out, not that she actually used it as often as she acts like she did. When asked who she sparred with Eirlys says. "Lord Armel. He told me I was a good fighter. I managed to land hits but he was wearing plated armor and wielding very large hammer. When I woke up it was a little painful." The fact that she is a Greenmarcher should probably make some of that last statement less crazy sounding, right? She chuckles when Valencia says she would pass. "Perhaps we could come up with an adventure that doesn't involve sticky messes or being flung upside down. That one took me by surprise I'll be honest. I think if Fia had thought of that when we were kids, I would have spent a lot of time hanging from a tree just so I wouldn't be able to bug him." She jokes. When

Katarina looks over a shoulder when Valencia speaks, and hers is a truly enamored smile toward the Northern Fox, dimples and all, "Oh, of course! Was wishing to get to know better, but have not yet worked up courage to do so."

Meanwhile, the random chest Sameera has choosen holds a small plethora of goodies for the syrup-and-olive covered crew. Bundles of warm towels, steamed coffee kept warm by hot rocks lain in the bottom of the wooden insulated box, and blankets have been neatly arranged to one side, while small bracelets of beaded glass and handpicked seashells made by children, from the looks of it, awaits them each inside.

Eirlys returns Valencia's hug before she looks at Katarina and smiles. "This was fun, it was very well put together. You did great. Honest!"

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