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Prince Rook Valardin

A smile and a few honeyed words can open gates that would be shut to a thousand swords.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Sophisticated Courtier
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: male
Age: 25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Deep green
Skintone: Fair

Titles: Minister of Coin

Description: Moving with a sly grace, Rook possess the assured charm of the truly devastatingly handsome. Dark hair like shadows at midnight constantly sweeps into his eyes, so he can ruggedly brush it aside, as he smiles a rakish smile. A strong jaw with persistent rugged scruff lends a roguish look to the twinkle of his deep green eyes. His form is lean and athletic, like a long distance runner, rather than the large bulk of a hardened warrior, but make no mistake, the man seems capable enough, in whatever undertaking he decides upon. The emotion he puts forth seems so genuine, it's hard to tell if it's a mask, or his interest in his current companion is just as true as the one before, but his entire being makes it difficult to resist his charms.

Personality: Rook is a man who wants, knows how to get what he wants, and knows how to best utilize what he wants. His ambition is only outshined by his utterly unnatural, instinctive charm. Those that resist his swagger and smile are those that avoid him complete, which amuses him to no end. There's nothing supernatural to him, merely a sense of self and confidence that makes him fun to be around. He plays the games of politics and proprieties well, careful not to endanger the reputations of others too much, lest he bring dishonor to the Whisper House. He simply makes sure he is in the right place at the right time with the right person to further his goals and ambitions, and come out on top of any situation. His world is far more complex than a warm bed, and such pursuits are often the last resort, or the afterthought. The games and goals he has are more than a pretty face, and in his mind, the sky is not only not even the limit, it's completely attainable in its time.

Background: Some men always hunger for something more. Rook knows he should have been born to nobility, to exercise the sort of power and control derived from that accident of birth, but he's not about to let that stop him. He had at least the minimal good fortune to be born to wealthy merchant vassals of House Grayson, allowing the ambitious young man to deftly dodge all attempts to saddle him with the family business and smoothly transition to the capital city of Arx to move ever closer to power. Once there, it was a simple matter of charming the right people in the right places, saying all the right things to the potential patrons to become a well-liked courtier at court. Rook's burning ambition to make a name for himself was not about to be satisfied with being a liked courtier, and he has steadily expanded his circles of acquaintances to continually include potentially useful individuals to make ever elusive power all the more obtainable. Whether he's doing work with the Whisper House acting as an escort for high born noblewomen, or acting as a patron of the arts for the Black Rose Mummers, Rook seems to have a hand in just about everything.

Name Summary
Aiden Rook believed in the project that I was building, providing a sum of money to begin it and to host an event to further it's progress. Watching him marry Princess Katarina was a blessing and he is a lucky man to have found her. It is unfortunate we haven't crossed paths much since but I'm sure as Minister of Coin, he is a very busy man.
Alaric A reliable and detail-oriented courtier-turned-Prince, harnessing his ambition to make something of himself to the Compact's benefit has had nothing short of spectacular results. It's often the Generals that go down in history with the fame, but no less important are the ones who buy the Generals all their shiny new swords.
Bliss Prince Rook may no longer live at Whisper House, but he's proven he's still a friend to all of us. I look forward to our lessons.
Calista The man has impeccable taste and an incredible mind for business. I might be envious of his ability to rise among the ranks of nobility, but rather I could not be more in awe of him. He's delightful company and one of the best Arxian tutors on economical matters.
Clover Proud, vain, aggravating and he knows it! He's a Class A brat and I'm sure he's /proud of it/!
Darren I haven't spent an overly great deal with Lord Rook, but I have appreciated our talks together. I think he is an interesting person, who could do a great lot of good for the Compact.
Joscelin There's no one Joscelin holds in better regard as far as finances and the advice and aid in such than Rook. He has her respect and her trust.
Juliana Surprisingly not uptight for a Valardin. And one that can out drink a Pravus!
Katarina Infactuation at first sight with the piano he'd been playing, Katarina found the lord courtier to be a very interesting man.
Leola The Minister of Coin certainly spins on his namesake. As with all folk of particular interests; once you relate your own fields with theirs, they quickly grasp the use. He's smart, and certainly intelligent. I don't know him terribly well, and I suspect it will remain so. Our fields are very different.
Margerie A late and oddly quiet evening at the Ambassador Salon. There is something remarkably exact about him and his preferences. I am so used to etiquette being a tool, but he seems to breathe it, to swim through it. I'm not entirely sure if I admire it or fear it.
Monique Smart, but of course he is. What I didn't expect was those hands. Those are magic hands.
Morrighan Prince Rook had extended an offer to assist Morrighan with improving her linguistic skills. It didn't take long for him to start correcting her manner of speech, and she's a mixture of curious and amused to see how long he'll keep trying before giving up entirely.
Sameera Rather irritating. Politics makes the world go aorund? Sameera doubts this. Maybe she'll learn to find him, at least, tolerable. He is married to Princes KAtarina Valardin.
Silas The Minister of Coin, Dawn's former protege, one of his brother's merchant associates and a friend. He started as a commoner much like himself and is now a prince of the Oathlands. Not bad! He's likely very good at math, and Rook seems to always offer support when the seas get choppy. Silas hopes to one day repay the favor when he gets the chance to.
Skye He's smart, charming and gifted at putting others at ease. All the qualities that I do not have. I want to impress him so he'll take me on as a student but I can just feel my sadness pulling me into the darkness and making me appear silly and awkward. Oh goodness, why do I struggle to make a good impression when it's important. Maybe he'll just take pity on me.
Sorrel He is genteel and charming, as one might expect from a Valardin prince, particularly one who is also a scholar. His manners are impeccable, and he wishes me well in marriage. He comes off as very intellectual, and he has ties to the Rivenshari, speaking their language even. I hope that I may continue to spend time in his company.
Theron A forthright Prince, and one willing to do business. I look forward to further dealings with him, and showing the potential that Ostria has; both as a trade partner, and as a fief itself.
Yasmine Yasmine has never shied away from the attention of high-born lords and ladies, so receiving such from Lord Grayward was not unusual. What has made her interaction with Rook unique is the finding of a sense of shared goals, enough so that when he asked her to be his protegee, the dancer eagerly accepted.