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Deepwood-Grayson Lodge Fundraiser

Princess Sabella and Lord Grady are hosting a fundraising party to support efforts to protect the Lodge. Baskets will be offered up, as well as beautiful individual pieces and some rare finds, in a raffle for all those who want to donate to a good cause. Raffle tickets may be bought early by means of a messenger to Princess Sabella. You do not need to be present to win. Each person may win no more than once.


Sept. 28, 2018, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Grady Sabella


Quenia Josephine Agostino Juniper Waldemai Aureth Berenice Gianna Etienne Kaldur Shard Nicholaus Tomwell Amari Monique Lethe Michael Thorley Niklas Violet Puffin Marian Brogan




Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Great Gray Hall

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Comments and Log

Wulfwin, the Ambitious Squire arrives, following Thorley.

Cecily, a coy secretary arrives, following Agostino.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Juniper before departing.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Benvolio, a beleaguered valet arrive, following Berenice.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Amari.

Quenia has arrived early and already sought out a seat within the Grayson's Great Hall upon the emerald couch.

The Great Gray Hall is decorated for the party, and everywhere are the signs of wealth and revelry. And yet there's more to it here - at inconstant intervals are symbols of Petrichor, for this is the fundraiser to help protect the Lodge, after all. And between those the symbols of Grayson and of Deepwood abound, leaving none in doubt of who is hosting the lavish affair. Together, Sabella and Grady stand and greet those who come for the fun, and as people filter in Grady raises his hands for attention. "Welcome all, and thank you for coming to the Grayson-Deepwood Fundraiser to help defend the Lodge of Petrichor! We'll have various announcements throughout the evening, a raffle and games as well, but for now please be welcome, make yourselves comfortable, and enjoy the refreshments."

"Also," Grady continues, "Keep an eye out for the gift baskets Princess Sabella and others have generously donated - they'll be part of this evening's raffle. If you have yet to purchase tickets, please see Princess Sabella for more tickets and we'll auction off various items throughout."

Binky, an asshole crow, Gregory, an unassuming disciple, 2 Templar Knight guards, Tomwell arrive, following Aureth.

Josephine has slowly made her way in, a little more speedier than she's been the last few weeks, immediately looking for a place to sit. That cane Tap tapping as she goes, ornate, bedecked, somewhat at odds with the more calmer dress. But towards the Emerald couch she goes, to settle down beside Quenia.

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Agostino is unassuming as he makes his way into the room dressed in dark colors. He looks about with interest, grabbing a glass of wine as he moves to find someplace to sit down while he observes the proceedings.

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Juniper arrives, arm in arm with the Princess Berenice of Velenosa. One cannot compete with the foremost Lycene trendsetter but the courtier is doing her best, shimmering-bright with diamonds against midnight-dark umbra. Even her hair is captured beneath a net of gleaming stuff. They can't compete with her smile, however, as she dips her head towards Berenice's and murmurs, "Do you suppose they'll raffle the ring last?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Juniper before departing.

Sabella beams out at people as they start arriving, "All the items have been set out for people to view, please note that stool and the picnic blanket belong to Lady Amari's basket, it was just so full she couldn't fit them inside! And thank you everyone for your generosity this evening!"

Waldemai goes to look for Princess Sabella, since showing up and not entering would be pretty boring. "I'd like ten please, your highness," he says and adds, "Master smith Waldemai Isenhu," in case she doesn't know him.

Aureth arrives with a gentleman on his arm, elegant in gold and white with combs glittering in his bright, pale hair. He looks cheerful as he shares war stories with Tomwell, finishing out with, "I would've stayed to continue being horrible, of course, but we had this date, /and/ I bought us a bunch of raffle tickets."

"Of /course/ they'll raffle the ring last," Berenice says with a warm laugh to Juniper as she arrives with her, dressed in a dramatic ombre ballgown with a small train that drifts behind her as she walks, as well as an iridescite tiara and a stygian necklace that both feature oleanders. "It'll keep everyone staying all night." She spots Agostino over on one of the couches and flashes a warm smile, leaning in to whisper something quieter to Juniper.

Gianna sweeps into the room; she makes her way toward Sabella and Grady to offer them a greeting, what with them being hosts, but doesn't linger to chat. They're busy enough. Seasilk and sapphires are the order of the night. Gianna collects a drink and gestures toward Josephine to try to catch her attention before touching the gems at her throat. She looks pretty pleased with herself.

Among the throng making their way into the hall appears Etienne in deep and dark umbra but otherwise unadorned except of course for Lady Monique Greenmarch whose honey silked garments sway and various bits of jewelry sparkle next to him. He points out a seat and begins moving in that direction.

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Confessor Imori, Confessor Warren, 5 Armed Confessors, Ainsley arrive, following Tikva.

2 Iron Guardsmen, Roselia, shy scholar scribe, Planchet, an unrelenting valet, Alejandra, a snowy white hound leave, following Ainsley.

Confessor Imori, Confessor Warren, 5 Armed Confessors, Ainsley leave, following Tikva.

Kaldur is in a corner, fiddling with a metal puzzle that has him completely foxed. So foxed, he doesn't even register that there are refreshments. That's pretty foxed.

Shard does not look as though she's attending any kind of party. She fairly stalks into the hall, even if her expression is a studied neutral, wearing the same black leathers she seems to always wear. She pauses once she's both inside and out of the way of any other entrants, and studies those present with an uncomfortable intensity.

With a careful step, Nicholaus makes his way down the stairs into the Great Gray Hall dressed in a dark grey fitted outfit, Grayson green serving as accents on the edge of a jacket that looks intended for fashion but inspired by something more practical. He glances around the area, noting Juniper and Berenice arm in arm with a raised eyebrow and faint grin, but his first stop after stepping off the stairs is the box in House Keaton's colors.

Tomwell, indeed arriving on Aureth's arm, seems entranced by whatever story Aureth was telling. His pale eyes sparkle as he laughs aloud. "It's a mystery to me why anyone puts up with you," he tells the older man, even as he draws himself closer to the Legate's side.

When he notices Berenice smiling in his direction, Agostino's lips curve in a charming fashion in return as he lifts his glass in greeting to her. He then takes a sip from it and leans back in his seat a bit, getting comfortable as he continues to watch the room, dark eyes glinting as they dart here and there.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Juniper before departing.

Amari arrives by her lonesome and about in the middle of Grady's announcement. She offers a dip of her head to him and angles towards Princess Sabella who she offers a quick curtsey before she joins the line to buy tickets. As she waits, she looks around and smiles or waves at the more familiar faces in the crowd, Gianna, Kaldur despite him being foxed by a puzzle, Josephine over there on the couch with Monique and Etienne, and Lethe. Then right, she was buying tickets.

Berenice's smile warms even wider when she sees Nicholaus descending the stairs, wiggling her fingers the tiniest amount in greeting to him. She keeps whispering to Juniper, but seems to be directing the both of them to the couch Agostino is currently occupying.

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Grady catches Berenice's comment and bows toward the Velenosan Princess. "Of course," he says with a grin as he straightens. "Though you don't have to be present to win of course - and naturally as one of the hosts I'm hoping that it's an engaging enough evening that people don't want to leave early. I could be wrong though. It's happened once or twice before." He gives a wave to Josephine as he sees her step across the room with her bedazzling cane now, and beams at the jeweler.

Sabella starts doling out tickets and collecting bits of paper, smiling and nodding to those that arrive, "Ticket purchase remains open until right before the raffle in case you see anything that strikes your fancy!" she says cheerfully.

The can is lifted to waggle the tip of it in Grady's direction, acknowledging her patron before going back to the conversation at the couch.

Monique arrives with the Archlector of Gild, who clearly outshines her in his splendor and perfect pale hair. She tugs him into the party, lips parted in an eager smile, eyes darting every which way with vivid excitement. "Princess Sabella and Lord Grady really outdid themselves. The war is as good as won," she says emphatically, tugging Etienne over to the emerald couch. "Two of my favourite people! Marquessa Quenia, jewel of my heart, and Goodwoman Josphine, commander of all the jewels on my head! You both look stunning tonight. Do you know the Archlector of Gild, Blessed Etienne?"

Juniper lifts the hand not curled about Berenice's elbow in order to send a flourish of a wave towards Nicholaus. No subtle greeting here, as demonstrated by Berenice. But she's amenable to being steered and finds herself faced with both couch and a dark-clad fellow who will himself be immediate subject to a smile. "Apologies for invading," manages to sound both genuine and utterly without guilt, somehow. Courtier trickery.

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Lethe takes a look around before heading over to Sabella to buy a few tickets.

Gianna inclines her head to Amari even as she nears the various baskets and displays of possible prizes. She nods approvingly at the basket the mahogany lute wound up in and then just stops in front of the dragonweep ring. Her hand comes up to touch the lone orange garnet in her necklace, her eyes narrowing.

Michael arrives /all by his lonesome/. Dressed nicely enough in that vibrant overcoat to putter to a stop near Sabella and grin at her. "I must have /nothing/ to do today to get you to bring me out to here. A social event. With music. And talking."

Shard eventually makes her way over to Sabella, waiting patiently until it's her turn to buy tickets. She pushes something she takes from her belt toward the princess and lowers her voice.

Quenia looks up at Monique and Etienne, offering warm smiles. "Lady Monique, Archlector Etienne," she greets with equal warmth, seeming pleased they've taken a seat at the emerald couch. She looks over at the gifts being offered, "Did you see the dragonweep ring? It was crafted by Josephine. And, there's a bottle of very new, and not yet introduced Igniseri wine in the willow basket. It's made with black cherries and black currents. It's one of the flavors we mean to introduce out our wine extravaganza next month."

Kaldur curses, "DAMMIT!" and turns scarlet, glaring at the puzzle in his hands.

Lethe smiles as she speaks to Sabella. She then looks around to see who is here. She gives a wave to Waldemai and Amari.

Once Amari has a few tickets in hand, she quickly smiles her thanks to Sabella and gets out of the way. Out of the way takes her to Gianna and the baskets that she looks over curiously. Were it not for the Nightingale's scrutiny she might not have lingered long on the dragonweep ring, or have missed it entirely. Though it is shiny. "Well." She says to that with a soft laugh. "I don't think I'll get my hopes up."

"It's a mystery to me, too," Aureth says with a sunny grin. "But how often are you at a party where you're basically instructed to explain to people why you don't like them? Seize the day, and so on. Let's find a place to eat all of the Graysons' provender, shall we?"

Sabella laughs and nudges Michae with an elbow, "Lots and lots of hobnobbing too, don't forget that part." When Shard steps up she pauses, saying something quietly in return before giving the other woman a big smile, "Thank you for your generosity. It will be so helpful!"

Gianna murmurs something quietly to Amari without looking away from the dragonweep ring.

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Shard looks faintly exasperated at Sabella's words, though the expression fades quickly. She moves off further into the hall, again seemingly scanning the occupants.

Apparently satisfied with his study of the Keaton box, Nicholaus looks up in time to catch both Juniper and Berenice heading towards a couch, offering them each a nod in some semblence of a proper greeting before he turns and maneuvers towards Sabella. "Cousin," he greets, giving her a warm smile before he bows his head to Grady. He turns back to the fellow Grayson, grin still in place and says: "I had almost forgotten this was tonight. You've gathered quite the collection." Whether he's talking of the guests or the raffle prizes he leaves unspecified. "How much are the tickets?" he asks, with a curious glance towards one of the baskets.

Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense, Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Roland, the worst bard in Arvum arrive, following Niklas.

Waldemai spots Lady Lethe and waves back. He already has a small handful of raffle tickets.

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Tomwell's chin lifts as he makes a pretense of considering Aureth's question. "Never," he decides. "I've never been at a party where I was instructed to tell people why I didn't like them."

Grady bows to Nicholaus in return. "Good evening, Your Highness. Welcome to the party and thank you for joining us. Tickets are 10 (ooc - economic resources) each for nobles. 1 for commoners, but that's hardly relevant for you I think," he adds with a good-natured wink. "We'll be starting soon, and yes - the dragonweep ring made by Mistress Josephine will be last on the list. All proceeds are going to fund the defense of the Lodge, particularly since there's no small indication that this is going to be an ongoing activity, and while everyone's enthusiasm for the job is excellent right now, resources that won't be used immediately will definitely be used as visibility wanes but the danger does not."

Wulfwin, the Ambitious Squire leaves, following Thorley.

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Wulfwin, the Ambitious Squire, Violet arrive, following Thorley.

"It was an interesting exercise," Aureth adds with a bright crack of cheer. "Did you know I have a stick up my ass? I didn't, but I was told so."

Juniper breaks from the conversation at the couch to call out, "So /that/ is why you prefer robes to trousers, Blessed!"

"Prince Nicholaus! I hope Princess Saoirse was able to find you the other day?" Sabella smiles at her cousin, "It turns out the footman misheard her and sent her to our room by mistake and well, we all had a good laugh about it." She overhears the exchange between Juniper and Aureth and laughs so hard she has to set a hand on her very large stomach, "Oh, Gods, don't make me laugh so hard this early in the night!"

"Between skirts and pantlegs, my dear, I swing both ways readily," Aureth answers with equable cheer.

Not dressed in his armors tonight, Thorley has the new sword of Westrock Reach on his hip, while his other arm is linked with Commandant Violet's. "I was only able to afford a few tickets, and it was the first ones.. so I hope for a low number." he comments with a chuckle as he gives his wife's hand a squeeze. "If you have an economic resources, you can still buy some tickets for yourself."

Tomwell's lips press together - he does not smile - and he gives Aureth a steady look. "I wouldn't take it to heart. I assure you they were mistaken, whoever they were." He holds the Legate's gaze a moment then reclines back onto the couch. "I could give them a whole list of your actual bad qualities, if you'd like."

Nicholaus' focus shifts to Grady and he flashes the man a broad grin, "Ah, simple enough." He then looks towards the ring mentioned, considers it, then looks back to the Deepwood Lord with a nod. "I'm sure you'll both see to it that the proceeds are used well," he answers to Grady's explanation of the event's purpose, "I suppose I should buy some tickets then." He turns to Sabella to do just that, but he grins at her greeting with a slight nod. "Yes, I eventually found the Princess. She told me what happened," he seems vaguely amused by the reminder, but his gaze shifts a moment later to one of the couches. "I will let you get back to hosting, Cousin, Lord Grady. I'm sure you'll be happy for as few distractions as possible."

"That's not where I keep my sticks, but I hear it's a popular space for stick storage!" Niklas walks in from the hall and looks around. "This is a lot of people I didn't expect to be across the hall from where I sleep. Well!" He reaches up and takes off his coronet, then turns and hands it off to one of his little retinue. "I'll take the new coronet, if you please." Then he drops a lattice of iridescite and stygian on his head, adjusting it until it's at a good angle for very expensive head jewelry, then says to his people, "Okay, everyone take the night off. I'm going to show the Nightingale my new hat and make her head explode." Sam and Isabelle head out, though Roland sticks around to make life worse for everyone. He stops and taps Sabella on the elbow, then leans in to kiss her cheek before he moves on.

Violet is dressed in...seasilk? Yes. Seasilk. On Thorley's arm the woman is soft and feminine this evening. "Oh? Who do I buy tickets from then? I've a little," She replies as she lets her eyes drift around the room. There is awe in her eyes and a polite smile on her face.

"From Princess Sabella." Thorley offers to Violet, staying close to her, his hand pressed to her pregnant stomach for a moment and shares a few private words.

Shard picks a spot near the refreshment tables to haunt, which she proceeds to do after fetching herself a glass of whatever the strongest alcohol available is. She leans, sipping and watching. A certain dourness seems to have left her in the past few minutes. She's just being quiet now.

There is a small disturbance outside, and then a hound comes loping into the party. It's not unusual for dogs to be in the Grayson Mansion, but it is -most- unusual to see a dog being ridden by two stoats. One, smaller and looking a little unkempt. The other larger, clearly more mature, and white. Both wearing sashes with the symbol of Petrichor on them. And the white stoat - the white stoat is wearing a monocle. As the dog comes to a stop the two vault off his back and bow to the assembled crowd, but then the white stoat takes his monocle and brushes it against his fur before replacing it to peer at those assembled.

Sir Matthew Stoatingly, Grandmaster of the Order of Petrichor's Fluffybottoms, has arrived.

Well if there was anything that would snap Kaldur out of his puzzle fugue it's that. He registers the silence that falls briefly and blinks, looking up, his mouth falling slowly open as he gapes...

Waldemai laughs and applauds. "Now that was an entrance," he shouts.

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Shard stops mid-sip and stares, blinking several times, at the group of animals that just entered. Most especially at the one wearing a monocle.

Juniper checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Gianna has been speaking quietly with Lady Amari; they're drifting in the direction of the piano. She reaches the instrument and turns, her eyes widening with astonishment. "Oh," she breathes. "Oh, my." One hand reaches toward Amari's arm. "Do you see that?" Her eyes are on Niklas. "What a beautiful coronet."

Violet turns at the disturbance and for a moment she frowns and then she smiles. "Sir Matthew," She says with a less anxious smile. Turning she makes her way to the stoats and gives a little curtsy. It's so awkward. Obviously she doesn't wear skirts. So she just bobs her head and fluffs the flowy seasilk awkwardly.

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When Violet turns, Thorley looks surprised to say the least. But then, his wife is making with a name and a curtsy and the knight follows with a polite bow. "Sir Matthew, I am Sir Thorley Sandreef." he greets, glancing aside to Violet with the 'you owe me a story' look.

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Juniper might be enjoying the conversation with her couchmates but as hound and stoats steal the stage-- so to speak-- the Whisper whisks through a trio of blinks before recovering herself. She's on her feet in a twinkling and from there to a bout of soft clapping. Admiration, surely, for a trio who /clearly/ know how to command a room's attention by simply arriving. No courtier worth their salt could (or should) resist, though she keeps it brief and soon sinks back onto the couch.

Berenice seems to be in the midst of laughing and chattering with Agostino and Juniper when that /entrance/ happens, and she does a /literal/ double-take before staring rather openly at Sir Matthew.

Gianna checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Finished with her perusal of the raffle prizes, Amari, still having a quiet conversation with Gianna, is heading for the piano when Sir Matthew Stoatingly arrives in style. She sits without entirely meaning to, it's just the bench happened to be behind her knees as she backed up, so with a grin she rises again. That definitely does deserve a little round of applause and a curtsey to the Grandmaster. "A coronet?" She's confused, clearly she and Gianna are enthralled by two totally different things, "But, the Fluffybottoms are here." There's a weak gesture in the stoat's direction.

Quenia is busy chatting at the emerald sofa when the two stoats with the dogs come in. Both her eyes widen ever so slightly and she looks around to find the owner of the dogs and stoats; probably most notably Sparte. She tilts her head at them and says, "What curious pets. I wonder who they belong to." This one knows nothing of Fluffybottoms, it seems. "I wonder how they trained them to do such things." This is mostly said to her seatmates at the emerald couches, but she certainly looks delighted to see them.

Sabella joins with almost everyone else in staring at the new arrivals, but she recovers relatively quickly, giving a nod to the one with the monacle and says, "Sir Matthew, thank you for joining us. I'm Princess Sabella Grayson." She mouths 'thank you' Violet's way for providing the name. "Ah, please help yourself to whatever you'd like! Lord Grady has raised quite a lot so far to help defend the Lodge thanks to the generosity of those around you."

Gianna glances sidelong at Amari, blinking. "The Fluffybottoms?" she inquires. She tears her gaze away from Niklas' coronet and peers at the dog and stoats. "Well, that's... cute? I'm not sure I've ever seen a weasel with a monocle. Really, people need to stop bringing their pets to events like these."

What do you say when stoats show up to the party? Grady doesn't say much but he does take a moment to bow to the newcomers, his eyes going to the sash and obviously taking some time to put two and two together. Violet is the final key to the puzzle and he beams. "Grandmaster Stoatingly, if I'm not mistaken? Be welcome to the Grayson Mansion," he says on behalf of Sabella and himself. "As you see, we are holding a fundraiser to help defend the Lodge - a cause, I believe, near and dear to your heart. Or so I've heard. I do hope you approve." He grins as he straightens, murmuring something to Sabella.

Dogs. Josephine's eyeing the dog and the dressed up stoats on the back of the dog with a look akin to abject horror.

Agostino turns as well to look at whatever it is that suddenly has the attention of his companions, and when he sees the animals making their entrance, he can be seen to blink several times in a row, as if trying to clear something out of his eyes. His mouth then moves, though what he is saying is low enough that it cannot easily be made out.

"Huh," says Niklas, looking at the animals as they come riding in. "Well. Lou wasn't making things up. Not that I assumed she would. Lou isn't exactly a makey-uppy sort of person." He turns, smiling broadly at Gianna's response, "It is, isn't it? Mistress Josephine really went above and beyond." He turns and sprawls into the seat at the piano.

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Violet is known to Sir Matthew of course, and so as she gives him a curtsey the stoat reaches out a paw, takes her hand, and bows over it. Then he bows to the man at her side as well, giving Thorley a considering look and a nod before sniffing. One paw comes up and brushes his whiskers fastidiously, though the other stoat at his back seems to be mimicking his movements more than sallying forth on his own. The dog, his job done for now, finds a place under one of the tables, hidden from view, and promptly lays down for a nap. Grady's comment gets a nod as well - it seems the stoat does in fact approve. As if that matters. And then Sir Matthew is looking around, considering those others present with a curious sort of look on his face.

Shard blinks a few more times, slower, before she glances down at her drink and...sets it down on the corner of the refreshment table. Her now free hand rubs carefully at the bridge of her nose for a moment or two, but not enough to pull her gaze from the stoats.

Violet seems more comfortable with Sir Matthew than she had moments earlier on their arrival. "Hmmmm, I wish I knew how to translate for you," She says as the stoat looks about. Turning to Sabella she smiles and bows politely. "A very fine party indeed...And I need tickets before the draw when you have a moment, your highness."

Nicholaus was just beginning to make his way over to the couch shared by Berenice, Agostino, and Juniper when a stoat entourage with a dog mount arrives. He looks very briefly annoyed and about to find a servant to return the dog to the kennel when he realizes that both stoats are wearing sashes and the larger even has a monocle. Immediately annoyance turns to confusion, then a flash of recognition as memory of some rumor returns to him, then curiosity, but he leaves greeting the two (three?) unusual visitors to the hosts as he continues to the couch. "Princess Berenice, Whisper Juniper, it's wonderful to see you both here," he greets to those he recognizes before looking to Agostino and smiling, waiting for someone to handle introductions.

Quenia just watches as people are bowing to pets, and her brow crinkles ever so slightly. She leans in and speaks a few words quietly at the couches, though some of her words come out a bit too loudly. "And why are they bowing to pets?" Monique says something that gets a strange look from her.

Sabella nods to Violet with a smile, "Of course!" though to be honest she's still stealing glances at the stout. "Ah. How do you know...each other?" she asks both Violet and Grady of Matthew.

Gianna laughs quietly at something Niklas says at the piano, peering over at the animals. She trails off, blinking several times, and sits down on the piano bench. She looks vaguely pained.

"I believe that Sir Matthew is the representative of the Lodge." Thorley offers, glancing to Violet for confirmation. "Unfortunately I do not know his companion's name." he admits, before Violet turns his attention back to the party at hand.

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Berenice looks in the midst of a good bit of staring -- both at the stoats on display, and then at Juniper for something she's sad. She looks positively, distressingly baffled, but when Nicholaus approaches, she manages to collect herself. She rises, those frothy skirts shifting gracefully, and offers him the warmest of smiles. "Nicholaus! Darling, how wonderful to see you again." She steps forward, reaching for his hands and leaning in to press a kiss to his cheek. "You know Juniper, of course! And this is Messere Agostino Alonso, a retainer of House Malespero."

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"/Petrichor/," Juniper can be heard stressing to her companions. Their bafflement earns a glint of confusion from the Whisper as well, but Nicholaus' approach smooths things over all around. Like Berenice, she rises but unlike the princess, she makes no approach. Instead, there's a deep smile for the man and a tilted hand to invite him to the couch. "A good evening to you, my lord Prince!" An inside joke, perhaps, given the way her eyes twinkle. "Her highness just introduced us, he's proving as excellent a conversationalist as she claimed. Will you join us?"

"The Crimson Blades are working with the King's Own and the Fluffybottom chapterhouse to protect the Gray Forest and Lodge," Violet says. At Thorley's comment she says, "No, Sir Matthew is the Grandmaster of the Order of Petrichor's Fluffybottoms. His squire is..." The woman pauses and it is obvious she takes a second to find the name of the younger stoat.

Kaldur only slowly regains his wits, there aren't just a ton of them to gather, so more's the better for the young Seliki lord. He gives himself a shake, rather more like the canine the Grandmaster and his companion rode in on, and advances haltingly, a look of wonder stealing across his face. Wonder and doubt. He's pretty sure at some point he'll wake up from this and it'll have been a dream. "It's an honor to meet you and your companion, Grandmaster," he'll fit in in the flurry of greetings, standing back to give Stoatington his space. To himself mostly, "Kalani is going to kick herself for not being here."

"They want rats dressed as children?" This can be heard from the emerald bench, Josephine looking terribly concerned. "I mean, if they want rats... they just need to go to the lowers. We can catch a great many of them and hand them over to those unruly Shav's."

"I make a habit of always looking pretty and acting like I know what's happening," Aureth says with the crack of a laugh, his arm stretched out on the back of the gryffonny sofa, and then drops his voice to a lower murmur now that he's given up the ghost.

Sabella clears her throat to be heard at all the tables, "Absolute last call for raffle tickets! We are about to start the drawing!"

Agostino was in the middle of a good bit of staring...and his own right before draining what was left of his wine, which was most of the glass really, all at once. He then sets the empty vessel aside so that he can stand up when Berenice does, bowing to the newcomer. "Your Highness, it is wonderful to meet you," he greets the other man upon straightening, a smile on his face, then turns to the Whisper and adds, "You are too kind, Mistress Juniper."

"Princess Sabella," Aureth calls, "may I purchase some tickets in honor of our Petrichoran guests?"

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"Of course!" Sabella says with a bright smile and a look to Sir Matthew as if already imagining him in an aeterna gown.

Amari shrugs back at Niklas. "Neat." Is all she murmurs about that, gaze following the be-monocled stoat as she gives a distracted nod to whatever Lethe's said to her. After a moment though, she shakes the spell off to smile at her piano benchmates.

Shard slants a narrow look toward Josephine before she looks back toward the stoats. Her jaw works for a moment. Then she snatches her drink back up with a certain amount of defiance, and takes an unwisely large swallow from it.

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Marian strides into the great hall, fashionably late but not wearing her usual armor. The unique gown around her flows as her blood red locks are pulled up in a twist with hairpains. Sounds follow her as she walks from the many adornments on the gown. She takes a moment to view the room before making her way over Sabella to purchase some raffle tickets.

"Messere," Nicholaus greets when he's given a name, nodding his head to return Agostino's bow. "He's that good, is he?" he asks of Juniper, glancing over to Agostino with faint bemusement before he moves in to take the remaining seat at the couch. "High praise from the Whisper," he informs the other man before looking to Berenice, "Have you purchased tickets?" Though he starts off looking at the Princess, his attention turns to Juniper and then even Agostino in the process, including them all in the question.

Nicholaus has joined the Plush Couch.

Tomwell can't quite hide his fond amusement as he directs his attention aside to Aureth. "It doesn't work as well if you announce that's what you're doing." One hand raises to press lightly against his chest. "I, for instance, definitely know what's happening and am not acting whatsoever."

Aureth sends one of his templars over to Sabella with some notes and seems remarkably pleased with himself when he gets raffle tickets in return. "Great," he says. "Now the Order of Fluffybottoms will have some-- fur? -- in the game when the raffle's going off."

Quenia seems to ask a question here or there at the emerald sofa, and then looks around as each person mentions this Fluffybottoms thing. "What are Fluffybottoms?" she asks no one in particular, though both of her brows arise in curiosity. She looks over at Josephine. "At least they are well behaved?" she offers.

Monique spies Marian's arrival and beams brightly to her older sister, lifting a hand in the Redrain's direction.

"All right, that's it!" Sabella says, beaming at everyone. "The first item up for raffle is the box put together by Lady Lisebet! Remember that each person can only win once, so here we go!"

Sabella has rolled 1 1474-sided dice: 616

"And the winner of the box is...Mistress Calandra! Who had warned me that she might not make it so I shall have it delivered to her!" Sabella announces, making motions for Elizabetta to pick it up. "Next up! Is the basket I put together in the theme of the Seafoam Princess!"

Waldemai applauds politely for the first winner.

Sabella has rolled 1 1474-sided dice: 1017

Marian takes a step back from Sabella after getting her tickets to observe the start of the raffle. When her intense green eyes spy the Fluffybottoms, she gives a bow to their guests out of respect. Then turns her attention back to the raffle. When Calandra wins her prize, she gives a polite clap.

Trying not to look like he is storming in, Brogan storms on in late and mumbling to himself. He's resumed wearing his bear fur appearance, and lighter armor. Essentially skidding to a halt, Brogan looks about at all the seating and Bah's. Then its on to more important things, by the look on his face it is finding the alcoholic beverages.

Gianna sits up a bit straighter at the piano bench, waiting to see who will win the willow basket. She has some interest in it, apparently. Also, she is trying not to look in the direction of the stoats.

Thorley is still whispering with Violet as the first numbers are announced, and the knight's face blanches slightly as he glances aside to her and shows his numbers. 1 through 20. That brings a little smirk to him.

Kaldur grins a the announcement, clapping for Calandra and tipping up on his toes to see if she's in attendance that he may congratulate her himself and then ah, yes, she's not here. He turns his attention to the next call. Also definitely not stealing looks at the stoats. He catches Gianna's eye when she's not looking at the stoats, either.

Sabella starts laughing, "And the winner of this basket is...Prince Niklas! Who most certainly isn't sick of looking at these things I've been putting together for weeks now! And next...Lady Amari's amazing basket of adventuring gear!"

Sabella has rolled 1 1474-sided dice: 860

Sabella picks up a sturdy box in House Keaton's colors.

"And the winner of that basket is...Legate Cassandra! Who I swear I saw here, but perhaps I am thinking of an earlier event," Sabella says, peering out into the crowd.

Niklas calls out to Sabella, "Go ahead and draw that again, my dear! The basket is lovely and someone who hasn't lived with its contents for weeks deserves to win it! Anyway, if I brought home a pretty dress Luca would just steal it."

Marian politely claps for Niklas win and then looks more interested when Lady Amari's basket is brought forward. She glances down at her tickets in hand and gives a slight sound of disappointment when the winner called is not her. Although when Legate Cassandra is named, there is no hard feelings obviously in who got it.

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Sabella has rolled 1 1474-sided dice: 372

"As you wish, my love," Sabella laughs again, pulling another ticket out, "It looks like Master Agostino will go home with a lovely Seafoam Princess package instead!"

Sabella picks up a willow basket.

Sabella picks up a cute little wooden box painted blue and white.

Gianna eyes Niklas sidelong. "He's a bit of an odd one, isn't he?" she murmurs.

Grady groans at Aureth's pun, in a good-natured way. But then he calls out to the Legate, "No tickets, though." And then he's waiting while Sabella raffles off the baskets, clapping for each one in turn, and looking at her for his queue to start his part of the raffle as well. "Congratulations to the winners so far and thank you to those who have kindly bought tickets, and donated to the cause," he says as he holds up star iron, shining in the palm of his hand. "And next we have two beautiful pieces of star iron. Mistress Josephine suggested they might be nice to raffle individually - and donated half of the gems for tonight's raffle herself as well."

Grady is overheard praising Josephine: For her generosity in defense of the Compact and the Lodge!

Grady has rolled 1 1474-sided dice: 22

Grady looks expectantly at Sabella to see who won.

Upon hearing his name called, Agostino rises and approaches Sabella, bowing when he gets near. "Thank you, your Highness," he tells her as he accepts the basket, "I will do my best to see these things are put to good use." He then returns to his seat to get out of the way for the announcement of the next winner.

"That would be Master Caspian!" Sabella announces.

Violet chuckles at Thorley's blanch and pat's his arm. When she spies Marian she gives the warchief a swift bow, "Your Highness," She greets her cheerfully before turning her attention back to Sir Matthew and his squire. "Ragnarr! That was it, I blame the baby for my memory loss, apologies," She says to the younger of the two. Whether they can uderstand her or not doesn't seem to matter to her. She continues to happily talk as if they can. "Would either of you like a higher vantage?" She holds out her hand again towards the pair. As the next number is called she looks up at Thorley and wrinkles her nose. "So close my love, but there are more tickets."

Monique is overheard praising Josephine: The most addictive woman I know

Monique is overheard praising Sabella: Wonderful event!

Aureth tickles his fingertips in a light fluffing through Tomwell's hair, watching the proceedings with easy contentment. He looks like he is possessed of more chill than he usually is. "Congratulations to Master Caspian on his victory," he says airily without stirring from his spot.

Monique is overheard praising Grady: Wonderful event!

Michael is overheard praising Josephine.

Michael is overheard praising Monique.

Michael is overheard praising Sabella.

Michael is overheard praising Niklas.

Michael is overheard praising Grady.

"Marian, thank gods for a familiar face. Quickly, the most important question of all time, I must ask of you." Brogan looks very serious at the Battle-Princess. "Where. Is. The Booze?" Then his beard splits into an unrepentant grin, and he does a quick appraisal. "That's a good look on you, by the way. Odd that it isn't your usual armor. But in a good way, odd I mean."

Kaldur is overheard praising Grady.

Kaldur is overheard praising Sabella.

Amari applauds over from the piano for the winners, even if they don't happen to be in attendance, it's still polite. She's clearly happy when her adventure apparel is won by Cassandra who might well make use of all the stabby and pokey things she included. Mistress Josephine's generosity is well applauded after that. Basically, there's a lot of clapping of hands over there from her. So much excitement.

Amari is overheard praising Sabella.

Amari is overheard praising Grady.

Marian makes her way over to the emerald couches and takes a seat, giving a polite smile to others there as she joins her sister. She gives a polite clap not just for Caspian's win but also the woman that donated the gems.

Sir Matthew moves to one side with his squire beside him, letting the raffle continue without further interruption from the Petrichoran crew. For his part, as Violet remembers his name, Ragnarr bows to the Crimson Blades' Commander as well, giving the woman a wink as he does.

Amari is overheard praising Josephine.

"There are. I've not yet given up hope. And you have tickets of a higher number." Thorley admits and then grins at her offer to the stoats. "I'm a bit taller than her if it helps."

Amari is overheard praising Lisebet.

Kaldur is overheard praising Deepwood.

Quenia has, for the most part, stopped talking at the emerald couch. For now she's paying attention to the numbers being picked for the raffle, looking down at her own every now and again.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Amari before departing.

Berenice is overheard praising Deepwood.

Josephine lifts a hand as others start looking at her but drops it soon enough, a murmurs to those at her couch.

"Master Caspian it is then," Grady says. "Congratulations to the Grandmaster of the Champions Guild!" He looks quite cheered to say it, even though he peers around to see if Caspian showed up himself. "Ah well. I'm sure Mortimer can find him. So - next is for two pieces of beautiful epiphanite, and again - half donated by Mistress Josephine, the other half by Marquis Rymarr on behalf of House Deepwood. Both Grayson and Deepwood believe very much in the defense of the Compact and the Lodge, so we are pleased to be able to contribute as we can."

Josephine is overheard praising Deepwood.

Grady has rolled 1 1474-sided dice: 591

Grady is overheard praising Rymarr: For his generosity in contributing to the defense of the Compact!

At least he has the sense to be polite and start clapping, even if he is at a complete loss to know why. Brogan doesn't let the lack of knowledge deter him, and after heavy clapping looks about, following after Marian for the moment. A big beefy wave towards Violet and Thorley, another towards Amari. Then a relieved look as hes found something to drink before flopping into a couch.

Grady looks at the paper Sabella hands him and nods. "Ah, we'll try again, because you can't win two things and Mistress Calandra has already won once."

Grady has rolled 1 1474-sided dice: 182

Violet catches sight of Brogan by his wave and turns her smile on the man. He is given a wave in turn as she stands off to the side where the Fluffybottoms are. She says something softly to Thorley.

Grady looks at Sabella and grins. "It seems, Mistress Josephine, that the stones themselves have declared their preference - and you've won the raffle for the epiphanite." He chuckles. "Congratulations, and well done! I can't wait to see what these become under your talented hands."

"To the Marquessa here to my left and the Lady to my right. It would be unfair to win that which I have gifted and I have enough of those loud things in my shop." Josephine declares, fingers shifting on her cane toward Quenia and Monique.

"What amazing generosity is on display tonight!" Sabella marvels, inclining her head towards Josephine. "You all are such a credit to the Compact to be here to aid in such a wonderful cause! And then for two of you to give away your winnings! How amazing this all is! And inspiring!"

Quenia's eyes widen ever so slightly at Josephine's gift. She inclines her head, appreciatively. "Thank you," she tells her, and takes the gem as it is offered.

Monique looks as though she's died and gone to whatever awaits her when that happens. The adoration she bears Josephine is clear, and even more markedly pronounced when the master craftswoman gifts her epiphanite. "Thank you, Goodwoman Arcuri. You know I'll be bringing it back to you to craft into something exceptional," she teases the woman with bright eyes. "Which makes you a bit of a masochist."

Monique is overheard praising Josephine: Love you even MORE, like that's possible

Marian gives a smile at her sister, Monique, and Quenia as they receive their gifts from Josephine, "That is very generous of her. I know my sister will put it to good use Goodwoman Arcuri." She stifles a chuckle as Monique admits she'll bring it back to Josephine. She gives a wink to Quenia, "I imagine you'll bring it back as well."

"Sadist dear. Strictly a sadist. I do, after all, make people weep as they empty their silver onto my counters and take great glee and happiness in this." She points out. But Josephine settles to see what else is being won.

Grady beams. "Generosity sublime," he says in cheerful agreement with Sabella. "Though I have a feeling this last item won't be given away - a purple and red dragonweep ring, made by Mistress Arcuri herself. If you haven't had a chance to see how fine the workmanship is on this beautiful piece I hope you'll take a moment to do so before it is whisked away and worn by someone worthy." He waits now, giving it a dramatic.......... pause.

Gianna sits very still. She is quite possibly holding her breath.

Grady has rolled 1 1474-sided dice: 328

Grady has rolled 1 1474-sided dice: 218

Grady has rolled 1 1474-sided dice: 947

Already a bottle is being knocked back and the boisterous Brogan pauses to observe the gifting. "Very nice, congratulation ladies! I meant to be earlier and toss in some money. Figure it is basically just like betting, so fun and games right?"

Grady has rolled 1 1474-sided dice: 227

Grady has rolled 1 1474-sided dice: 56

Grady has rolled 1 1474-sided dice: 1181

Amari has left the a mahogany grand piano with an ornately carved cabinet.

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Grady has rolled 1 1474-sided dice: 1349

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Grady has rolled 1 1474-sided dice: 1396

Gianna wields fashionable silver hairpins.

Grady keeps pulling tickets, and pulling tickets until they don't have duplicate winners. There's a small pile of paper on the ground now around his feet, and he's laughing more than a little when he finally consults with Sabella's list and comes out with a triumphant, "Archlector Etienne! Congratulations on winning this beautiful ring!"

Nicholaus has joined the Plush Couch.

Grady picks up a purple and red teardrop dragonweep ring clasped within a purple dragon claw.

And it's said that Monique's heart grew ten sizes that day.

Gianna mutters, "He could just scrape one off his altar!" Someone is sour.

Quenia grins over at Etienne. "It seems you've won!" she needlessly tells him, as she claps in his favor.

"Alas, my efforts to award a startling gift to our stoatly friends are thwarted," Aureth asides to Tomwell in some regret.

Etienne hears his name called, and he looks up from his conversation, having not really been paying attention. "I'm sorry, what has happened?" a moment later he seems to have figured it out. "Oh, really?" normally so full of words the Archlector seems to be at a pause. "Are we sure?" his voice contains a small note of panic.

Sabella is laughing so hard she has to sit down, "Mistress Josephine, Mistress Calandra and Legate Cassandra ought to go gambling together!" She nods to Etienne, "I've the list here if you'd like to consult it!"

Grady laughs. "I could keep pulling numbers, Archlector. If you don't want it." He laughs. "I don't think anyone here would mind."

Giuseppe Gallo of Lenosia arrives, following Luca.

Giuseppe Gallo of Lenosia leaves, following Luca.

Marian gives a polite clap for her sister, not as much as Etienne, as the archlector wins the lovely ring. She gives a not so subtle wink to her sister. Then laughs at Sabella's remark since their names were pulled many times before Etienne.

"Luck was truly not on our side this evening," Tomwell answers Aureth in a dry tone.

"Absolutely /no one/ would mind if you refused it," Berenice agrees emphatically with Grady.

Gianna raises her eyebrows, her blue eyes big and hopeful.

Monique might glare at Grady. It's uncertain. She's very busy clapping for Etienne and looking thrilled. She asides to her sister, Josephine and Quenia with a low laugh, "I may not have won it, but I will get to look at it a lot, and that's nearly as good."

With the raffle over, the dog reappears and the stoats leap aboard, waving cheerfully to all and sundry as they lope out the door. This raffle has been a strange, strange animal indeed.

There is a moment of consideration, truly, Etienne seems slightly conflicted. "No, that will do." still seeming somewhat bewildered. "I've never been one to turn down the generosity of the Goddess."

"Oh," Quenia says with amusement, looking at the occupants of the emerald couch, then back to the others. "I can think of one who might." As she says this, her eyes follow the dogs and the stoats as they leave, her lips pursing together slightly. "I think I may need to ask Dame Leola about them," she declares, having not gotten the answers she was looking for earlier.

Shard watches the stoats go with the tiniest shake of her head. Her attention shifts back to the raffle results, although she seems far less intent on those than the bizarre visitors.

Aureth cackles out loud at something Tomwell says.

Marian gives pause in her conversation to watch the dog leave. She then turns back to them, giving a smile to Quenia, "I haven't had much of a chance to interact with them since I'm working on the defense of the Grove. However, it was nice to see our allies at this charity event."

With the raffle over, Thorley grins over at Violet and after a short conversation, the pair make with their bows and goodbyes, heading off to return to their home .

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Quenia glances over at Marian, giving her something of a confused look. "The pets are allies?" she asks, quite serious! And looking quite dubious.

There is a soft mutter from Brogan. "Ok that is weirder than the White Hart." His head shakes and he focuses on Quenia. "Yup. Stranger things have happened." There is a solid nod at this addition.

The corner of Tomwell's mouth lifts up in a half smile at Aureth's laugh. He gives a little unrepentant shrug, but doesn't say anything else for the moment.

Grady consults with Sabella, and momentarily looks a little stunned. "Everyone, thank you so much for coming together tonight. For Mistress Josephine, for House Grayson and Deepwood who handled decorations, hosting, and wrangling items to raffle, for House Velenosa for their generous donation, for Princess Sabella for her generous personal donation as well - can we all get a round of applause? We have managed to gather a million silver worth of donations to help fund the defense of the Lodge this evening." He still looks stunned and takes a moment to run his hand through his hair as he collects his thoughts. "I'm so humbled and impressed at the generosity of all of you. Thank you."

Marian gives a shake of her head Quenia, "No, not pets, they are aware, just like you and me. Just in a different form." She gives a motion to herself, "I don't mind what form they come in as long as they help defend the Lodge." She pauses to give a round of applause for those who help put together the event, giving praise to the organizers of the event as well.

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Nicholaus is overheard praising Deepwood.

Shard drains the rest of her drink, then sets the glass down and joins in the clapping. Not enthusiastically, from all appearances, but she /is/ clapping.

Gianna has regained her usual aloof air; she dutifully applauds before rising from her seat at the piano bench, murmuring something to Niklas before she goes.

Gianna has left the a mahogany grand piano with an ornately carved cabinet.

Berenice has regained so such composure as Gianna. She's flung back on the sofa in a pile of frothy skirts, looking like she's taking the loss of the ring as melodramatically at possible. Woe is her, etc., etc.

Sabella looks equally as stunned as Grady as the numbers were calculated, then looks like maybe she might burst into tears even though there's a huge smile on her face. Pregnant ladies and their hormones. "Thank you, everyone. Sincerely. Those of you that bought tickets, those of you that just contributed out of the kindness of your hearts towards such a grand cause! You should all be very proud of your generosity! It will go far to protect our loved ones."

Quenia says a few words to those at the emerald couch and then gracefully rises from her seat. She makes her way out now that the event is winding down.

Quenia has left the Emerald Couch.

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Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense have been dismissed.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise have been dismissed.

Roland, the worst bard in Arvum have been dismissed.

Nicholaus is overheard praising Sabella.

Nicholaus is overheard praising Grady.

Grady looks around happily as people start to filter out. "Stay as long as you like," he calls out. "Dance, drink, enjoy the libations and the food, be welcome as long as you want to be. Though the raffle is over, the party continues!" And it will, long into the night for whoever wants to stay.

Grady is overheard praising Deepwood.

Grady is overheard praising Deepwood.

Finishing up his bottle quickly, Brogan grumbles loudly. "I knew I should have gotten up earlier. Next time. Huh. My shirt is still on. Well, first time for everything I guess."

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