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Vassal of Bisland

Words: "Serene as the deepest wood."
Sigil: Three dark trees on a green field.
Nickname: Woods.

Devastated by the Deepwood Massacre that left only Marquessa Samantha Deepwood alive, the ancient Grayson vassal house has since rebuilt and still controls significant holdings on the dangerous borderlands of the Gray Forest.


Name Rank Title Description
Samantha 1 Marquessa ---
Rymarr 2 Voice ---
Mia 3 Countess ---
Thesarin 3 Count ---
Orrin 3 Count ---
Silas 4 Baron ---
Nigel 5 Titled Nobles ---
Tikva 5 Titled Nobles ---
Peri 5 Titled Nobles ---
Oona 5 Titled Nobles ---
Kaldur 5 Titled Nobles ---
Kenna 5 Titled Nobles ---
Delilah 5 Titled Nobles ---
Kerr 6 Notable Vassals ---
Zhayla 6 Notable Vassals ---
Esoka 6 Notable Vassals ---
Irisa 6 Notable Vassals ---
Cutlin 6 Notable Vassals ---
Jeremiah 7 Crownsworn Servant ---
Bethany 7 Crownsworn Servant ---
Edda 7 Crownsworn Servant ---
Eshken 7 Crownsworn Servant ---
Emele 7 Crownsworn Servant ---
Luna 9 Commoner ---

Ruler: Samantha

Minister Category Title
Rymarr Warfare None

Land Holdings

Old Oak

Description: Also known as Deepwood Hold. Devastated in the attack by the Gray Forest Reapers a decade ago, the town of Old Oak that represents the seat of House Deepwood has since been rebuilt, and now is a key trading hub known for its superlative treatment of commoners due to the efforts of the Marquessa of Old Oak.