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Marquessa Quenia Igniseri

'Need to know' is a concept for people who don't need to know everything.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Sly Spymaster
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Igniseri
Gender: female
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: dark
Skintone: olive

Titles: Countess of the March of the city-state of Granato

Description: Quenia cuts a lean figure, toned and trim, with clean athleticism to her sculpted muscle and tawny skin. The dusky warmth of her skin tone is frequently enhanced by her clever eye for color, in makeup and dress. Her eyes are wide and dark, framed by a sooty thickness of eyelashes, beneath suggestive, communicative eyebrows. Her facial shape is a classic heart shape with high cheekbones and a narrow chin. The bow of her mouth is full and soft, often caught in the midst of a smile. Her hair is a riot of lush black curls, clouding around her face and neck.

Personality: Curiosity is the curse of the Igniseris and Quenia has it in spades, tempered by a level of sensibility and thrown into sharp relief by an active sense of the ridiculous. Clever, quick and full of sass, her sense of humor is her mask rather than any cooler or starker reserve. She is warm and easy to relate to, slipping smoothly through most social situations with the grace of a dancer through the dance floor. Flirtatious without being licentious, irreverent without being outrageous, and nonchalant without being untouchable, she is a balanced, smooth young woman who applies her wink as a weapon as often as her will.

Background: The third child of Emilisia Igniseri and the first daughter, she was born shortly after her father, the Count, died; not subject to bastardy, since her mother was pregnant when he died, but still in that window of time where there was no father to celebrate her. The Countess of the March found it vastly frustrating to have another child at this time, and the pressures of having three very young children were more or less shunted onto her staff while she focused on ruling. Emilisia's sister had a child at roughly the same time, so Quenia went and stayed with her cousin and, both wetnursed and nannied in the lesser house, was more or less forgotten at home until she returned beneath her mother's wing when she was six years old. Her new half-sister Iovita was born, and Quenia regarded the baby as an object of curious interest more than as a family member; she felt closer to her cousins, even as she grew older and was trained with the boys.

When she was ten and the twins were thirteen, their stepfather died suddenly, and supposedly it was her mother's fault somehow, which Quenia didn't really believe. But during the uproar over this, the twins were suddenly fostered with Duke Rubino's household. Quenia and Iovita were sent to foster with Duke Zaffria's household. Quenia spent her teen years watching young Iovita make a mess in the ducal garden and watching young Sylvie grow and flower. It was easy to see which of these sister figures it made more sense to attach herself to. Quenia followed Sylvie more or less like a duckling.

When her mother's third husband died, Quenia gravely advised her not to marry again, and stayed as her support and assistant in Granato while the twins went to Arx. Her mother abdicated, but still served as castellan for Castle Granato, working in a quiet retirement. Quenia served as her brother's agent in the Lyceum proper, keeping track of all the rumor and scandal and gossip happening at home for him.

Relationship Summary

  • Dafne - Liege, Family Friend
  • Grazia - Liege

  • Friend:
  • Laric - Family Friend, Master of Questions
  • Cara - Former Fiance of Vincere, Family Friend
  • Aurelian - Prince of Valardin, Family Friend

  • Acquaintance:
  • Lysander - Lord of Rubino-Zaffria
  • Ian - Lord of Kennex
  • Wash - Lord of Kennex
  • Valencia - Princess of Velenosa, Proprietress of Golden Hart

  • Deceased:
  • Pietro - Brother, Furyborn Hero of the Battle of Pridehall
  • Vincere - Brother, Former Marquis, and Hero of the Battle of Pridehall
  • ??? - Father - Remains a Mystery
  • Oberion - Step Father #1
  • Jalawyn - Step Father #2

  • Family:
  • Lucita - Cousin and Igniseri Voice
  • Luis - Cousin and Igniseri Voice
  • Ariella - Cousin and Ships' Captain
  • Leena - Artificing Sister
  • Avaline - Cousin, Former Igniseri, Princess of Velenosa
  • Astraea - Cousin, Former Igniseri, Princess of Redrain
  • Amarantha - Cousin, Former Igniseri, Lady of Sanna
  • Echo - Cousin, Former Igniseri, Lady of Sanna
  • Apollis - Cousin, Former Igniseri, Lord of Malvici
  • Emisilia - Mother - The Badger of Granato
  • Name Summary
    Aerandir A Marquessa, yet another woman of blue blood that I was introduced to in the Ambassador Salon; it is becoming a habit, meeting nobility there. Hers is a genuine exterior if I am right in my judgement; she smiles easily and speaks with candour, but is not without the manners befitting one of her stature.
    Aiden She had welcomed me with open arms upon first meeting her at her concert and has been thus, a friendly face to sit with. We may have mutual interests as well, not to mention our love for Lucita and Estaban. I am most humbled to have meet this woman and to know her as... a friend perhaps? At least, an ally.
    Alaric Despite the tragic circumstances of her rising to lead her House, her grace and diligence in upholding the family's duties are quite clear. It's not often you can say a noble's primary characteristic seems to be 'hardworking', but her industry and energy is plain to see.
    Alarissa While I have met her in passing, I have exchanged letters and her generosity and compassion seems second to none. Perhaps she will be a great ally in the future.
    Alban She was very concerned with her families fate, which is understandable. She was most gracious however, and I hope we have more chances to talk in the future.
    Aleksei She came with questions and I did my best to answer. She was certainly polite about it!
    Amarantha A rarely seen cousin! She seems to be a capable Marquessa if her business talk is any indication.
    Apollis My beautiful cousin. She has always been warm and welcoming to me. I know I can always count on her support and she can always count on mine. I'm fiercely loyal to my family. It is difficult times for the Lyceum. I hope Quenia knows I mean well.
    Arcelia A nice woman that has joined the ARRG recently. I can see promise in her as a member of the Organization. She was ambitious and willing to jump right into working on ideas and ways to help.
    Armani THe greeting seemed pleasant. She is loyal to her leige!
    Astraea My cousin is wise and what many would consider a good leader. She has the goodwill of the people and strong allies at her back. I am proud to be an Igniseri with her at the reins. May she always walk with the Gods and keep family close.
    Bianca The Marquessa is insightful. I found myself pleasantly surprised as what was to be a matter of tutoring formed organically into a deeper conversation regarding the ideology of what leadership truly can be. I look forward to watching her success as she carries the mantle of Granato on her shoulders.
    Cadenza So helpful when I first got here. A lovely woman and I hope to speak with her more in the time to come.
    Cambria A fellow Lycene -and- Marquessa. It may sound cliche, but I think those are reasons enough to become friends. She seemed a likeable sort, although I could tell she was still grieving for her brothers. I hardly blame her. Family is everything.
    Costas Like most first meetings with nobility there is only the surface to surveil. I see a polite woman with social graces. Perhaps a hint of some genuine contemplation, revealed in closer contact? Fetching blush, for sure.
    Delilah She knows her wine! I'm going to have to be careful around her because she clearly knows a lot more than she might let on.
    Echo A brilliant host and wonderful cousin. She's got a lot of friends and it's no surprise at all with how sweet and caring she is.
    Edain The new young Marquessa of Granato. She has had a huge burden thrust on her with no warning at all. I know how hard that is. She seems honorable and concerned about her family. Perhaps through her I can make ammends for the the bad blood between me and her older brother Vincere.
    Eleyna Lady Quenia's brother once offered to duel for me when I had been insulted by another. I remember his kindness and good humor, traits that seem reflected in his sister. Yet, I also see something of the other brother in her as well in her obvious intelligence and the way that she seems motivated to better her House.
    Emily Emily finds the Marquessa open minded and interesting
    Grazia Most competent the Marquessa is. She is an excellent vassal and pleasant company with fine manners.
    Hadrian The Marquessa places a lot of concern on her own leadership ability. Who wouldn't? It's a great responsibility that places a great many demands on the ruler. The fact that she has concerns over it is the first step to recognizing the gravitas of the situation though. That is a good sign. It means that she isn't too confident, but not lacking in confidence either. Extremes are never a good stance to take in ruling, so understanding that even the ruler of a House or stretch of land has things to learn? An invaluable place to start.
    Jacque Marquessa Quenia Igniseri, a cousin to Lady Lucita and someone who seems interested in -- sparring? We didn't speak much, admittedly, but perhaps she's approachable for sparring. I would enjoy it.
    Jeffeth A kindly lady I met in the Gardens.
    Katarina A sweet and capable Marquessa. I think I'll like her a lot, I'm glad that Aurelian has found happiness with her.
    Leola Lady Igniseri is obviously troubled by the loss of her family and her rise to prominance, and entirely understandably so. I hope she can find comfort and some peace, and that her new burdens cease to chafe so strongly.
    Logan Quenia kept an eye on me when I kept drinking all the wine at the party. She seemed like a great host. I do not know about the marriage prospects, a lot of ladies do not like the cold north.
    Lorien It is unforunate that she lost her brothers in such a way, but she seems to be bearing up well under her new responsibilities.
    Lucita The new Marquessa of House Igniseri has some interesting ideas in mind for me, helping meet some of the house's social commitments and using my music to help do that. She seems easy to talk with, and has been generous in helping me move in and get necessary supplies. So far, I like her and am glad to be part of her household.
    Margerie I won't say that she seems as sweet as the candied fruits and wines she discussed, but I mean that in the best of ways. She has a sharp and playful mind that is just sweet enough. I look forward to socializing more with her in the days to come.
    Merek From what Merek has seen, she seems to be a quiet and polite sort. He saw her at the Refugee meeting. It's nice to see Velenosians coming together for a cause.
    Mirari A slightly inexperienced Marquessa who had leadership thrust upon her by tragedy. But she has a keen mind of business, and doesn't let set backs stop her. She'll do well.
    Mydas The Marquessa of Igniseri. Whether her family's curse will follow her own union remains to be seen, but she proved to be a worthwhile candidate to join the Silver Consortium, and I expect much from her future contributions.
    Reese She seems like a thoughtful and intelligent woman. I like how she stood up for the missions in the forest. I appreciate that.
    Sameera A little more demure than Samera is use too. She seems well enough of a person.
    Sasha A marquessa I am excited to better acquaint myself with. I love forward to tea and sweets.
    Sebastian A gracious hostess and pleasant conversation. If her mother would fit so well within Pravus, one must wonder about her daughter. Something to perhaps ask more about later.
    Sorrel The Marquessa is a lovely woman with a pleasant personality who keeps charming company. Hopefully, the next time we meet, I'll have the opportunity to get to know her better.
    Talen Having inherited her role, perhaps she is not ready. That said, none of us really ever are. The Marquessa is a businesswoman and her house prospers with trade under her hand. Perhaps all other endeavors will have such success, too.
    Theron Marquessa Quenia Igniseri and I have spoken on more than a couple occasions now, and as always, I come away with the impression she is a resourceful, popular woman and has inherited the Igniseri charm that I've known her cousins to have. She displays it masterfully and beautifully as she reveals how well connected she is, with providing spirits to a party, with being personally invited by the Archduchess to partake in breakfast with the Velenosas. I would like to know her better.
    Victus I don't meet a lot of Marquessa or Marquis' with good heads on their shoulders. Usually the fancier sounding the title the less I like 'em. But this one wasn't so bad and she gives a damn for fellow men and women born of the salt. That I can respect.