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Written By Sudara

April 2, 2017, 8:43 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

It is unlikely to surprise any reader (even one so desperate for diversion as to turn to my own sparsely-updated and incoherent white journal) that I came to Arx without any notion of ever being besieged while here. Yet not only is there a horde beyond the walls, seemingly intent upon wreaking unspeakable horrors on those of us sheltered within; we also have to contend with the on-going spate of attacks by the Bringers of Silence. There is evidently not a horde of them inside to match the numbers of the besiegers outside, but they do still manage to mount a sporadic succession of bold attacks. One such was aimed at my cousin and Duchess: thankfully, our defenders consistently prove remarably effective even when drawn from the disparate ranks of those who just happen to be close to the latest intended atrocity.

Written By Killian

April 2, 2017, 8:41 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

The days and nights are grim, and the house a lonelier place, and with all that is going on I find myself yearning for the company of those who now, through circumstance or duty, are harder company to find.. Cara is married, and I am so very happy for her, but the house is all the colder and quieter for her absence. Aislin is busier even than she was before, which I had not thought to be possible, and I think she seldom returns to her home at this point.. Even the Princess Lark, in whom I found purpose as guardian and defender, has been called away by duty and necessity..and I can no longer stand as her guard, for this time at the least..

The halls are empty and silent, the tables seldom set, and I find myself feeling each day more a ghost amongst the abandoned ruins than ever I have felt before.

Written By Rowan

April 2, 2017, 8:41 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

Relationship Note on Luna

It's almost too damn easy to say that Luna is a colorful character, but there's no turn of phrase quite so apt. I met her shortly after her arrival to Arx, when she joined the Spirit Walkers, but it's not until more recently that our paths have crossed more readily. She stood and raised her with us at the grove when the Silence assaulted our walls, and boldly taken up two jobs for me. The song, I have complete faith she'll accomplish. My children...well, perhaps with the help of Reinhardst she'll survive the brood.

Written By Artorius

April 2, 2017, 8:39 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

Hope yet remains.

We cannot lose here. I refuse to.

If we must, let us buy the world one more day with everyday of our defense.

Written By Leta

April 2, 2017, 8:36 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

I've a new pair of boots. They're made from the skin of some big southern river lizard, and they're the finest pair I've ever owned. I don't know if it's true that the lizard is poisonous or not, or that it can eat cows whole, but the beast's skin makes for good boots.

I like such well-made things, though sometimes I wonder if I ought to buy them. I've the coin for it, and the means to get my hands on fancy hides. These days with all the fighting, though, I've few things that don't need to be mended. The padding I can mend myself, the rest's harder.

It's still worth it. If I die, it won't be because some Shav with a knife stabbed me in the ankle. And also, if I die, I'll go wearing a pair of very fine boots, and that's a better death than some.

Written By Rowan

April 2, 2017, 8:35 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

A small gnat buzzed across a meadow that stretched many acres wide. For the gnat, it was a very long way and a great deal of work. Part way across the meadow, the gnat spotted a bull. 'I will just take a quick rest,' the gnat thought, and settled on one of the bull's broad horns. The bull plodded along, crossing so far as a pond and a shady tree at the center of the meadow with nary a word.

'Here is where I must take my leave, good bull,' the gnat buzzed as it lifted away from the bull's horn. 'You must be very glad to have me go!'

The bull was surprised to hear the mention, and told the gnat, 'It is all the same to me, little gnat. I did not even know you were there.'

Written By Miles

April 2, 2017, 8:34 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

Relationship Note on Benjamin

Not going to lie, I was surprised at how organized Master Carver seem to be. I was not sure if I wanted to follow through and join the Physicians' Guild, but spending some time with him at the hospital convinced me this was the right step. Man has that head of his on his shoulders from the looks of it. And I get my own office. See this Lord Commander? I get my own office and damned right I do. Granted, I have absolutely no coin to furnish it.

Written By Isolde

April 2, 2017, 8:15 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

Relationship Note on Driskell

He may not be the hero my tastebuds deserve, but he is the hero they need.

Of course he is also a man of great wisdon, faith, passion, and strength. But that zucchini bread.

Written By Driskell

April 2, 2017, 8:10 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

I've perfected a delicious recipe for Zucchini and Cheddar Loaf at Darkwater Reach. You're welcome, tastebuds.

2 cups of flour, any will do
2 teaspoons baking powder, see alchemist
half teaspoon baking soda, see alchemist.
quarter teaspoon finest Thraxan sea salt, other salt is poor
quarter teaspoon fresh ground black pepper. Get from Thraxan traders.
eighth teaspoon ground cayenne pepper. Rare hot delight you can get from Thraxan traders.
2 tablespoons of fresh herbs (parsley, basil, oregano, rosemary, chopped), best from the Sanctum of Genesis gardens. Probably not good to be caught by the gardeners.
2 tablespoons shallots, finely chopped
1 cup sharp cheddar cheese, grated. I prefer Grayson butter, the cows are fatter.
2 eggs
quarter cup of olive oil, best from Lyceum groves.
half a cup of milk
1 cup of zucchini, shredded or extremely finely grated. Get these in the City Center market.

1. Combine the dry ingredients, herbs, shallots and cheese; stir to mix well.
2. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs lightly, add the oil and milk, mix it well.
3. Stir in the zucchini.
4. Add liquid ingredients with zucchini to flour mixture and stir just until all the ingredients are moistened; don't over mix this.
4. Pour the mixture into a greased and floured loaf pan or even better, pour in mini-loaf pans.
5. Bake at 350 for 40 minutes, I use a toothpick to check that it comes out clean.
6. Stand for 15 minutes in the pan, turn out onto a wire rack afterwards to cool completely. Don't be stupid and impatient here, taking it out of the pan before it cooled will wreck it, trust me. Patience is a virtue.

I prefer the small loaves then slice them in triangle halves, warming the sliced side until it is golden then serve with fresh salted batter and salt flakes.

Written By Khanne

April 2, 2017, 7:52 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

I found myself caught in a momentary sadness today. A pointt in time where a memory flashed through my thoughts and dragged me to the past. It was like walking into a place and suddenly smelling something similar to the herbal tea often brewed over the fire when you were small. Only, it wasn't quite close to that scent, was it? It was something small, one herb, perhaps, that stood out and took your mind on a trip to bygone times. It was like that, but different. Not all hauntings are unpleasant or ghostly in nature.

Written By Darrow

April 2, 2017, 7:51 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

Relationship Note on Rymarr

Fought with the skilful Sir Lyonesse at the gates- he lent me Calamity, which I brought to the Shav'arvani. And through it - my first engagement with a Bringer - which ended poorly for it.

Written By Darrow

April 2, 2017, 7:49 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

If we do not weather the storm...ill things lay ahead.

Written By Rymarr

April 2, 2017, 7:29 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

Relationship Note on Calarian

A Grayson prince who has recently arrived within Arx. Reportedly brought a substantial number of Abandoned with him. I assume of course that they chose to bend the knee and become Prodigal. He informed me that his arrival preceded the siege by only a short period of time. I hope that he remains safe at the very least. Arx is a wonderful place this time of year, but it currently has a few uncouth visitors who should rightly be summarily sent back northward. Preferably in some nice sealed jars with a politely worded note to inform those far, far to the north bring closure to their aggression. Ideally these sealed jars bearing the Bringer ashes would be militarized in some manner.

I digress, of course. The prince showed ample respect for my service to the Crown, which I of course appreciate it. It was a sacrifice made. Even if it was a necessary sacrifice. Time moves forward though and here we are now. I'll say a prayer to the gods on the prince's behalf and encourage them to ensure his safety. Or at least put appropriate parties in place at the right time to ensure that he remains safe.

Written By Valery

April 2, 2017, 7:12 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

Drinking won't help.
I don't know why people drink. Even worse, why I do it.

I know I'm forgetting something but I don't know what...

I want the siege to end.

And I want him to be himself again.

Written By Eirlys

April 2, 2017, 7:06 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

I don't talk about this much because I know that in the end? I am one person. However I am still so in awe of something that happened to me. Something that made my faith deeper and my spirits lift. I didn't know what I wanted to say and I am still not entirely sure I have the right words.

I wrote a prayer down because I meant it, because before every fight, every battle. I pray. I pray for the safety of our people, for the hope that people will come home to their loved ones. All of those things. I wrote this prayer in my journal because I wanted people to see that maybe I am shamanistic and maybe I am a heathen but I care. That I fully believe that The Gods of The Faith exist. I have seen proof of it. I have seen a blessing. I know that people have gotten visions.

Well I wrote a prayer. I got a vision, a reassurance that the Old Gods and Spirits would lend us aid, that Arx would not fall. I heard them the night of the siege. I heard their voice and I knew they had come. I saw them. They came, they helped as they promised they would. I prayed for their safety while they were there. I heard them again telling me not to worry.

So for that Thank you, Gods of Old, Spirits and the Gods of The Faith. Thank you for all that you give, for all that you bless. Thank you for hearing my prayer and blessing us with your presence. I for one will forever be grateful for all that you do for us. Thank you for everything, for listening to me. For hearing my words and caring for us.

I know I put all the Gods in there but now is not the time to shun someone for being different. Now is the time we band together and fight.

Eirlys Heathen Greenmarch

Written By Alis

April 2, 2017, 7:01 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

Relationship Note on Anze

I'm glad you and Calypso both could be present. And, will be able to travel to Sanctum once we kick Bringer ass.

Also, giver of red wool hats. Yes I will wear the brightly dyed hat if we travel north. I would not want to get lost in a random snowdrift. It matches absolutely nothing I own, so it will be like a bright, shining, out of place beacon.

Written By Shadow

April 2, 2017, 6:38 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

This certainly isn't my first siege, though I have to admit I much more prefer to be on the other side of the bloody fucking gates or harbor. Bloody fucking mess this entire damned thing.

Written By Shadow

April 2, 2017, 6:35 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

Once the Shamans gathered and called together a great thunderborn, Brought to fight the darkness. But now paths are lost, People are lost. The old beliefs slowly dwindling like the last light of a fire in the early hours of the morning. Is the strong belief of a few enough? Or like before are many needed with true belief.. and two selves.

Written By Arcelia

April 2, 2017, 6:25 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

Relationship Note on Karadoc

As a young girl I enjoyed being around Karadoc a lot, we were close. I could keep up with him and he let me play with him even though I was several years younger. When he disappeared I was quite sad but as it tends to, life went on. Now he is in Arx with me again and I am finding that even though it has been many years and we are different people now we are growing close again. I have missed him more than I would have thought, it is nice to have him back in my life.

Written By Remi

April 2, 2017, 6:24 p.m.(3/14/1006 AR)

It would seem my efforts to use the outlaws, rogues and pirates seemed to help. Not that I had my doubts, I know others wouldn't hear me on my thoughts.. But perhaps showing them spoke louder than words ever will. The fight though is far from over, More enemies lay in wait just beyond the horizon. Fucking bastards are gonna bleed, The seas made to flow red once more.

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