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Lady Evonleigh Whitehawk

That which we find beautiful is often merely a trick of the light, a half-truth, artifice -- Acting no more so than anything else.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Cynical Actress
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Whitehawk
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Actress
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Golden
Eye Color: Stormy Blue
Skintone: Fair

Description: Soft, rounded features, a subtle sprinkling of freckles, and wide gray-blue eyes combine to lend this young woman a somewhat naive and innocent countenance and girlish charm. But on closer inspection, there's something a little sharper in her gaze than the gentle curves of her face suggest. The most striking feature are those stormy eyes, not made of a single clear blue; they seem to hold constellations of a myriad of grays and blues within. Her long, wavy hair shimmers with a mixture of tawny and golden strands that coalesce into a color the less poetic might simply call "dark blond." Tall and long-limbed, there's a coltish quality about her, though feminine curves keep her from being anything one might call boyish. She favors rich fabrics in greens, blues, golds, and whites; her hair, she prefers to wear in loose tumbling waves or somewhat messy updos.

Personality: Evonleigh's personality is a mercurial one, depending on her mood and her intentions. A natural actress, it's hard to tell when the charm is sincere and when it is feigned. At either rate, Evonleigh's charm is very rarely the sweet and evanescent sort, but rather one with a sharper edge. She doesn't fawn but instead banters; she doesn't giggle, but smirks. She's a bit cynical but has a good heart despite her somewhat sardonic outlook on the world. From time to time, her mood grows melancholy or her temper flares, but it seems to pass quickly enough, like the a cloud passing the sun in an otherwise clear sky. She often wears a mask, metaphorically speaking, but when she lets herself feel, it is intense, no matter the emotion. Some days she's better at masking it than others.

Background: Evonleigh Mercier was born the third of four children in the merchant family, sister to Delilah, Kenna, and Gaius, and cousin of Silas Mercier, who would one day be ennobled as Lord Whitehawk. Evonleigh was always just a little dramatic, with a flair for tantrums or flights of fancy. She was fond of writing and putting on little plays for her sisters and cousins to perform -- a common hobby for many children, it became something she was rather good at. As she had no head for business, it was little surprise that she chose to become an actress rather than follow in the mercantile footsteps of her parents.

Evonleigh joined an acting troupe that traveled extensively, though she stayed in close contact with her family. She forged a close, if tumultuous, relationship with the leader of the troupe. The two usually played opposite one another in the leads of the plays they performed, and their chemistry on stage and off was undeniable. It was rumored they might become betrothed. She chose at first not to join her siblings in her cousin Silas' House, because she was so in love with the actor Aurelius. Unfortunately, he proved less devoted than she, making excuses for putting off engagement while soaking up the attention of his fans wherever they traveled -- there were whispers of indiscretions, a "woman in every port" so to speak. Evonleigh, heartbroken, confronted him at a party in a bit of a tantrum. After a heated argument, he stormed off. It was the last she saw of him alive, because Aurelius died later that night -- intoxicated, he fell down a long flight of stairs to his death. Luckily there were many witnesses, and Evonleigh nowhere near, for otherwise Evonleigh might have been a suspect.

The last words Evonleigh had spoken to the man had been unkind ones, but that seemed to make her grief all the deeper, full of regrets and guilt. The troupe disbanded without their leader, and, along with the loss of Aurelius, Evonleigh lost some of her friends as well -- those who felt he might not have died if she hadn't fought with him that night. The feelings of loss, betrayal, hurt and guilt were a complicated mix that she hasn't truly dealt with. She shut herself away for a time, returning to her childhood home, before accepting the invitation to join her siblings in Arx as a Lady of Whitehawk, eager to put the past in the past.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Aethan New to Arx -- sort of -- and still finding her way around. But seems pleasant.
Aiden The fact of the matter is when I brought forward an idea, a pitch to her and her cousins and her family, she didn't hesitate. She knew she didn't have the strengths that she assumed I would need but what I need is a diverse set of allies and Evonleigh will certainly be one of those!
Alessandro A Whitehawk, and an actress. A good vocation to have in Arx, for any number of reasons. She shall fit in here better than she imagines, I think.
Col A beautiful young lady who is looking for canine protection. She seemed rather impressed with Grail, which indicates a pleasant demeanor and a good person to know immediately.
Coraline Very fun companion to spend a fun evening of riddly fun. I am so pleased to be able to meet!
Delilah I adore my sweet sister, and fortunate currents bring her to the city away from the eddies that consumed her in the back. She embodies the heat and vitality of high-noon. I watch and worry after where her path leads her, certain she will always land on her feet.
Denica A wonderful co-host, and master of Monique related puns!
Elora Fierce and kind. The kind of woman that other women aspire to be. Proud to call her cousin.
Etienne Lady Whitehawk possesses an unrepressable spirit and determination, and can be surprising when least expected.
Jyri I like all the Whitehawk ladies and didn't take me long to like this one too. Looking forward to getting to know her more.
Kenna I didn't realize how much I missed Evonleigh's spunk all these years we've been separated. She's so quick witted and ready for just about everything. I think things in Whitehawk are going to be a tad more exciting with her about. Hopefully she doesn't mind too much when Sally gets into her things to explore, or Tiny Tom steals them straight up.
Lisebet She shows just enough mischief that I think I'd like to get to know her better. Though we might get into somewhat too much trouble ...
Lorenzo A friendly and cheerful woman, and a delightful drinking companion. I hope she finds the canine company she is looking for.
Melody She saw right through my little bit of fun! Or maybe she's just not at all scared of spiders -- One of the two. Both of them only kick up the desire to play a more elaborate trick next time, but -- I'll refrain, and concede this one to Lady Evonleigh.
Niklas A noble with a love of the arts and the stage. I hope she will do me the honor of being in one of my plays!
Sabella It's always so wonderful to meet lovely people that share your interests! I am quite keen on seeing her display her talents on the stage!
Silas Delilah's and Kenna's sister, and a great addition to the household. We still get along splendidly, though she seems wary of sullying her reputation. It's difficult for me to imagine her getting into a scandal that may result in the House's ruin, though. I hope she has fun and doesn't worry too much.
Simone Such a lovely young woman from a lovely family. She is a delight to talk to and I very much look forward to getting to know her even better.
Sparte Another Whitehawk, there seem to be a lot of Whitehawks. Each one has been an excellent person too. We ran around town in a mob wielding merriment and good cheer instead of pitchforks and torches, which is hopefully an indicator of how most of our encounters will go.
Tabitha Evonleigh, my lovely cousin! I've always been in awe of her grace and confidence, of the way she seems to make everything look so easy no matter what it is she's doing. Her talent will take her far in life, because she has so much of it! She's one of my favourite people.
Talwyn An aubade to greet the dawn: golden and soft, capable of dazzling the eyes. Another lady of artistic talents recommended to me, swept into the broad social circles of the ciyt. I believe she will go far.
Thesarin She made me laugh.