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Words: "Everyone wants something but nothing is free."
Sigil: A bag of gold sitting upon a dagger.
Nicknames: Cutthroats

The most vicious and lowest born of the families associated with criminal activity in the Lower Boroughs, the Ulbran has long taken advantage of the transient populations coming to Arx, preying upon visitors, prodigals, and foreigners alike. Most of the poorest immigrants have no place to turn but the Lower Boroughs, and the Ulbrans ruthlessly exploit this by recruiting the most vulnerable to their criminal enterprises.


Name Rank Title Description
Theodoric 1 Boss King under the Bridge
Raymesin 2 Shadow Knifeman
Wagner 3 Scarred
Lilyth 3 Scarred
Valarian 4 Blooded
Orland 4 Blooded
Tanith 10 Associate