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Archlector Astrid Ulbran

No one's station in life is too high or too low to preclude their rising above it.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Ambitious Priestess
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Ulbran
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 30
Birthday: 2/11
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Priest
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Ombre
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Richly Tanned

Titles: Archlector of Skald

    Astrid can be found with a broad and welcoming smile in all but the most serious of conversations. It's this smile that sets off the rest of her features, from the high cheekbones to the warmth of her chocolate brown eyes. Confidence is seen in her sure movement and stately bearing to give her a presence that's hard to overlook in the short package. Sun-darkened skin either speaks to heritage or a ample time of out doors and mixes with ombre hair in loose curls past her shoulders to paint the whole of her in the radiance of dark golds and warm browns.

Personality: Astrid is the kind the of person that sets her mind to a goal and doesn't stop until it's complete. The first example of this was her complete makeover from an Ulbran-raised orphan to a respectable member of the priesthood. She found mentors and teachers to help with her meteoric rise, polishing off the rough edges and cultivating a reputation as warm, inviting, and earnest in her dealings with the Faithful of Arx and beyond. Very few people aren't met with an inviting smile, and everyone is shown kindness.

Background: Mother? Father? These are terms that Astrid's familiar with but not questions she can answer about herself. She was taken in by the Ulbran family when she was found as a three-year-old orphan in the alleys of the Lowers and was raised with ample cousins, aunts, and uncles but never knew a mother or father per se. At an early age she was taught some lessons that carry through to today: how to read people, how to make impassioned arguments, how to navigate the Streets and its culture. And she was also taught lessons she tries to forget: nimble fingers, insincere speeches, and the brutality of man.

Astrid was twenty before she would find someone outside of the family she had known to inspire her to be something more. A priest of the Pantheon had been spending time in the Lowers, working on some pet project about documenting the histories of the common people. He was always kind to her, always lacking in judgement, and frequently finding an excuse to provide a little coin for a proper tour guide. Through their conversations over the course of a year, Astrid was encouraged to try something new, to embrace Lagoma's change and put what the priest recognized as a sharp mind and indomitable will to work.

Over the next decade, Astrid would study with the aging man, turn her life around (according to the views of most) and leave behind a path that was sure to see her in the stockades to become a Priestess of the Pantheon. Now she still visits the place where she was raised, but she does so with an eye towards proving there's a chance for anyone to do anything if they just give it a real try. And who knows? Maybe one day she'll even be an Archlector. Others have risen to such heights!

Relationship Summary

  • Ailith - Mother by title, friend by choice.

  • Family:
  • Yadira - Great-Aunt I never knew.
  • Yolana - Grandmother; I witnessed your final moments.

  • Parent:
  • Aanisah - Where did you go? And why did you leave me?
  • Name Summary
    Amir A charming and thoughtful member of the clergy, and a fine companion on any day.
    Anisha Sister Astrid of the Godsworn and the Liberators is a lovely woman. In her company, even complex political planning turns into a cheerful stroll as one discusses opinion. Truly, she is one whose company frees you from any shackles of the mind.
    Apollo Sometimes it's exactly who I need to meet that walks through my door. She takes the serious seriously. Hears what's important. I wouldn't hesitate to call her a friend, even having only met the once.
    Cabrera A genteel and courtly Sister with a good taste of politics
    Celeste I am rarely approached for my ability to teach, so of course I had to meet with Sister Astrid when she asked. I'm pleased I did; she is delightful company.
    Evaristo The Archlector of Skald is everything I imagined, and much more. Sharp and quick to get it, charming and endearing all at once. Glad I could help.
    Imi One of the first friends I ever made when I came to Arx. She's a blessing to have.
    Jacali Goodness, that Lorelai gets more business than do I! Bit jealous, me, but it did give cause to make a new friend. That's what we are, Astrid and me, us and we, she and I and all ... sure as sure we'll have plenty to talk about in times to come. Bet she's all sorta secrets rattlin' 'round in that pretty little skull, her.
    Jeffeth She was always so...She seemed a touch above us when we were kids. Unattainable. I still somehow have that thought of her in my head, even though she's one of the warmest people I know. It's good that she's in the Faith, more of us should be.
    Mabelle A sister with clear goals and knowledge. Sometimes we study new things when you least expect it. She's got a lot to teach.
    Reese A intelligent and insightful person who is a rare sort of person who can give advice and thoughts without seeming to judge. She is very interesting and seems worth knowing and hopefully will write books!
    Samantha The Sister is a true woman of Skald and is breathing life back into the Liberators when we had all grown quiet. I am glad to know that there is a woman with purpose behind the First Choice.
    Seren Blessed Astrid was an unexpected visitor, and one I am grateful for. Her visit was the closest to an official welcome I've ever received.
    Sunaia Blessed Astrid is a credit to the Faith: Gentle and sincere, and takes great interest in helping others.
    Theo Certainly a woman of impressive theological knowledge. And her beautiful would suggest that she is truly blessed and beloved by the gods.
    Zara A Sister of the Faith, rooted in the Lowers and working to bring them to flowering. She's courteous and has a fine sense of balancing tensions and conflicts.