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Words: "We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails."
Sigil: A set of grey sails against a black background.

The Corsetina family is a ragtag group of commoners from Setarco. Their family was split up by tragedy in the past, and is just recently coming back together in Arx. Many of the Corsetinas are sailors, artisans, or soldiers. In Arx they are banded together under the guidance of Mailys Corsetina, to build themselves a home and perhaps a foothold in the merchant world.


Name Rank Title Description
Mirari 1 Dominara
Mailys 2 Voice
Rosalynne 3 Family
Miella 3 Family
Jackson 6 Away
Rickard 6 Away
Myira 6 Away
Nazwadi 6 Away
Cato 6 Away