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Silver Consortium

Words: The road on which the wheels of commerce turn is paved with silver
Sigil: A spoked wheel chased with silver
Nickname: Wheels

The Silver Consortium is a collection of merchants, ship captains, freighters, and nobles who pool resources and contacts for the commercial benefit of all involved all over the lands of the Compact and beyond. A network for the various networks that each of the members have garnered, the Consortium seeks to gives its members efficiency and synergy with their endeavors. The ships' holds always full, buyers for their goods already arranged before they arrive and new cargo waiting to be loaded as soon as they make it to port, the Silver Consortium and its members see to the continual flow of commerce from north to south, east to west and back. Constant, never ending, like the circle of a turning wheel


Name Rank Title Description
Remy 5 Representative (Spoke)
Cicero(RIP) 10 In Memorium (Dead)
Gailin(RIP) 10 In Memorium (Dead) House Fireviper
Seth(RIP) 10 In Memorium (Dead) House Steelhart
Jordan(RIP) 10 In Memorium (Dead) House Ober